02x10 - Episode 10

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Romanzo Criminale". Aired: November 10, 2008 - December 16, 2010.
Italian crime drama, set in Rome in the 1970s, tells the story of the Banda della Magia, a prolific Italian crime family responsible for some of the country's most violent crimes.
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02x10 - Episode 10

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Have you got a light? I know what you're thinking: what a lousy tomb for the King of Rome.

This world is lousy, there's no respect left.

People used to bring real flowers.

These days it's an electric candle, and a couple of plastic flowers.

- It makes no difference to him.

- Not to him, but what about the kids who steal the flowers to resell at the gate? - Remember how much money we made? - I certainly do.

But I remember the hit over the head we got from that old woman.

The widow? We were selling the flowers we'd stolen from her husband.

She really packed a punch! "Haven't you got a family to go to?" Libano, tell me something.

What does it feel like when your time comes? - What difference does it make? - It's just to satisfy my curiosity.

Well? Well, wait You'll soon find out for yourself.

It's a 17th-Century church, they won't let you build a tomb here.

They'll agree to it.

After everything I've done for the Holy Roman Church, the least they can do is give me a place on the front row.

- Need anything from the outside? - Wait for me.

I'll be out in a couple of years, and I'll whip your asses.

Take care.

Go on.

- I don't want to see you back here.

- I'll try.

- Were you expecting a brass band? - No, but I was expecting my wife.

She'll have got stuck in the traffic.

Look after yourself, Scrocchia.

That's right.

Carry on, I'm about to come.

What the f*ck! Scrocchiazeppi! I thought you were getting out tomorrow.

I'd have been out four years ago if you hadn't stolen my place.

But that was just a mistake.

I can explain, keep calm.

It was all a mistake.

No, it wasn't.

And stop wasting time.

Finish screwing my wife, she was about to come.

Scrocchia Lucio Lucio! What the f*ck I don't give a f*ck! Remember I paid for the restoration work to be done.

And now you don't like my name? I don't want any excuses.

Get it into your head that that church is more mine than it is yours.


There's no f*ck' doubt about it, once a whore What's wrong, darling? Have I offended you? Forgive me.

What a nasty mix, a whore and touchy with it.

The work's well underway, and so are the expenses.

While the money from your councillor friends aren't moving.

You'd better wake them up, or this will cost us a fortune.

I'm the one who'll lose out.

Don't forget this is all mine.


So it's better you make them a phone call.

Sir A phone call for you.

Buffoni's only just got out, and he's already up to mischief.

What kind of mischief? Worse than we expected.

How much do you hate him? You and I should have a little chat sometime.

I don't know what happened, Dad.

Give Mum a hug for me.


Freddo will have found out about his brother by now.

- It'll be a problem if he comes back.

- A problem for Buffoni.

- I didn't k*ll Gigio.

- No, but if he comes back, he could discover things that would be better left buried.

- Such as? - That if you've got where you are, it's because someone got rid of Libano for you.

Remember that.

- And therefore? - You'd better move before it's late.

I don't like your tone of voice.

It sounds like an order.

And I have stopped taking orders.

Then consider it advice.

I'll think about it.

First I have to sort things out with a priest who isn't listening to me.

It's me.

- Where are you? - At home.

- They can trace the call.

- So what! Buffoni k*lled him, right? Yes.

He wanted to know where you're hiding.

Gigio mustn't have told him.

How do you know? Because his corpse it wasn't a swift death.

Are you still there? Yes, I'm here.

But not for long.

Don't screw things up.

Coming back won't bring Gigio back.

Or Buffoni's brother.

Leave the d*ad to rest in peace.

Buffoni didn't leave me alone! I'll see you in Rome.

It's me.

Freddo's on his way back.

What do you want me to do? - You made it here then? - My legs aren't what they used to be.

Then push this wheel chair to the bishop, to the cardinal and to the Pope if necessary.

Remind them what I've done for them.

And tell them I want that priest off my back.

Is that clear? - I'll see what I can do.

- Good.

And hurry up about it.

Come in.

- What is it? - Soleri's address in Tangiers.

He's made one phone call too many.

- And why are you giving it to me? - Scialoja might be an assh*le, but he didn't deserve that treatment.

If he's still interested, that is.

Make good use of it, inspector.


- It's me, Canton.

My dear Scrocchiazeppi, what can I do for you? - I want my money, all of it, now.

- I'm sorry? You heard me.

I want out of this shit.

Alright, but what money are you talking about? Your wife has squandered all yours, and not only her it seems.

- Forget her, and give me my payout.

- Your payout? Ask Donatella, she's in charge now.

I can put in a good word for you, she might give you a job.

You shit! You got rich with our money! We paid for this f*ck' house of yours! I'm not the one you should take it out on.

Someone else got rich while you were in the can.

Get me that kid with the flowers.

Don't you want them? Then if you don't mind What the f*ck are you staring at? I'm not wasting them.

You shouldn't throw food away, it's a deadly sin.

You sound like my father.

Perhaps if you'd listened to him, you'd have had a different life.

Come here, kid.

- Which tomb did you steal them from? - They're from the greenhouse.

Well done, never own up.

Give the lady the flowers, and go out and have fun.

it's your lucky day.


- Haven't you learnt to say thank you? - What do you want? I want a smile.

I provide you with everything you could possibly want.

You've always got this sad, sulky expression on your face.

These are stolen.

I can still smell the corpse on them.

I'm only going for leak.

Do you want to shake the drops off? Look who's here! My old friend.

What are you doing here? Have they got you cleaning toilets now? No, I've come to see how big an assh*le you are.

- And you followed me to the lav? - You know how it is you're always surrounded by people.

It's easier to talk in here.

- Let's talk then.

What do you want? - A billion lire.

And I'll vanish.

A billion lire? You don't even know what it looks like.

You're right.

Let's make it two then.

Scrocchiazeppi, you lost your marbles in jail.

I don't owe you a thing, and you're not getting anything.

That's where you're wrong.

Because you made all this money behind our backs.

It's time you shared it out, like we did in the old days.

Equal share for everyone.

What will you do if I refuse? I'll rip your head off and stick it down the lav.

The old Scroccia has become a lion.

Yet I hear you're more like a deer than a feline.

I only have to whistle and you're d*ad.


But I don't give a damn about dying.

And I swear we'll knock at Heaven's gates together.

Two billion lire.

And don't take too long thinking about it, I'm in a hurry to leave.

Scrocchiazeppi's just a poor wretch, he'll make do with a lot less.

- 200 million and a plane ticket.

- 200 million? I don't owe him a thing.

In fact next time I see him I'll rip his head off with my own hands.

I don't think that's a very good idea.

Especially now that Freddo might come back and take Buffoni out.

- Too much noise is bad for business.

- Not Freddo again! You've bust my balls with this Freddo business! He's stayed nice and quiet in Africa until now.

Sunbathing and playing with the camels.

Perhaps he's right to.

At least he's having fun.

What do you reckon? - Shall we give him this 200 million? - We'll have to give him something.

He's kicked up a big fuss.

Let's give old Scrocchiazeppi something then.

You see? You should listen to what women have to say.

They're the ones in charge now.

I just wanted to say I'm sorry, I really am.

Cut it out.

Tell me what you came here to say, then get lost.

- Dandi wants to give you 200 million.

- 200 million? - He's offering me charity, the shit.

- Take my advice, and take it.

You're reduced to working as his guard dog, eh? What shall I tell him? Tell him to get the money ready, then go f*ck himself.

Nice view.

Commissioner What the f*ck are you doing here? I've come to take you back to Rome and put an end to this business.

I might just go back to Rome.

But I'm not going with you.

Nice walking stick.

Was it a gift? A present from Dandi.

Come back to Rome with me.

I'm no turncoat.

I've heard those words so many times.

They stole your share of the money, they put you in jail, they even k*lled your brothers, but you all keep silent, because you're not turncoats.

How many d*ad bodies will it take before you say you've had enough? Leave the d*ad to rest in peace.

And get out of here.

If you change your mind Scialoja.

What will you get out of it if I come back? Will you get your leg back? - Where the f*ck is Dandi? - He's busy, but he sent you this.

Is it all there? What the f*ck have you done? Talk to Dandi about it, if you don't like it.

it was his idea.

Why? That wasn't what we agreed.

He would have left town, damn it! And he said not to kick up a fuss, 'cause now you can screw his widow.

No! No! No! Scrocchia! It can't be helped.

it's always the best men who leave us behind.

I'll send a beautiful wreath to his funeral.

The biggest there is.

I don't want people to say Dandi's forgotten his old friends.



Did you sort things out with that priest? They're sending him to a mission in Africa.

Get out now, it's getting stuffy in here.

Freddo, Donatella sent me.

Why didn't she come herself? She told me to give you this.

- Is it a safe place? - I'll come with you if you want.


Good morning, here are today's headlines.

The fall of the Berlin Wall.

Thousands of joyful people walked over to the western sector as soon as the wall was breached.

People went wild as soon as the news came through that the Berlin Wall was to be taken down.

I've been expecting you.

You don't even need documents at a time like this.

The VP, the border guards who were sadly famous in the 60s, barely had time to take a look.

For some it was an amazing trip to the other side of the wall, something that seemed impossible until not long ago.

Many of them returned to East Berlin in the morning, but the exodus has g*n.

We don't know how many as yet.

Who are you? A humble servant of the homeland.

You? Well? Are you going to let me in? Would you ever have thought it? The wall that separated two worlds has fallen in a few seconds.

What are you doing here? I've spent a lifetime keeping that wall in place, giving an order to things and preserving it.

And now that order no longer exists.

I said: what do you want? I want you to take my place, Scialoja.

You'll have access to my archives, you will find out the secrets of those in command, those who obey.

You can decide whether they live or die.

You will have the power, Scialoja.

Why me? Why not one of your own men? They've stuck too close to me, they have absorbed my view of things, and now the world has changed we need a different view of things.

A different view of things? What the hell are you talking about? Yours, commissioner.

You have never lost your obsession for justice.

You have the right view of things to give order to the world to come.

Get out of here.

As you wish.

But think over my offer, commissioner.

I was forgetting: Ruggero Buffoni's been k*lled, and Freddo returned to Rome without you.

More elements of disorder that someone will have to sort out.


What do you want? Buffoni's d*ad, and there are rumours Freddo is back.

Freddo's back in Rome and he hasn't been to say hello? - Some friend! - Well? What do you want to do? What's up, Donatella? Are you nervous about Freddo coming back too? What can he do, or find out? What the f*ck are you all so afraid of? Now that the Berlin Wall's down, all this circus will come down too? Did you see to Scrocchiazeppi's flowers? He'll have the best wreath in Rome, the way you wanted it.

O God, Our Father, comfort us with the strength of your love.

Throw light on our suffering with the serene certainly that our brother Lucio, torn from his loved ones by his sudden death, will live happy ever after at your side.

For Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Your Son, who is God and who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, for now and for ever.


There's a friend waiting for you outside.

- Who's he? - You know him.

He's the kid I shared my cell with.

He's right for it.

- Right for what? - For what I am about to do.

What are you about to do? Have you forgotten about going back? Your special permission is about to expire.

Four and a half years with lunatics is enough for me.

I want to get back in the business, set up a new unit.

- You, him and who else? - You.

How the f*ck do we do that? Haven't you had enough of this life? We'll start from scratch.

We'll start off with drugs, then we'll see.

Drug dealing in Rome? We'll start with another patch, we'll get to Rome later.

- What about the money? - That's no problem.

Have you seen the Porsche? A present from Secco.

- He can't wait to finance it.

- What does he want in exchange? What does he want? What we all want.

Just what we all want.

- Why weren't you at the cemetery? - I was doing you a favour.

- What's the meaning of this? - I wanted to save you the effort.

Donatella, what is it you want? - To give you the answers you want.

- I'm not looking for answers.

Not even who k*lled Libano? Nero and Nembo Kid k*lled him.

The order came from the secret services, but Zio Carlo planned it.

They wanted a different boss for Rome: Dandi.

And Dandi knew about it, but he never told you.

- Whose side are you playing for? - I told you not to come back.

Make good use of it.

Wait here for me.

If anyone comes, just bark.

Hello, Freddo.

I've been expecting you.

Do you like it? I'll end up here when my time comes.

It's just right, it's neither Caesar's mausoleum, nor Libano's burial niche.

Just enough to remind this city that Dandi ruled here.

I see you're not alone.

You could have come to the house.

We'd have cooked some spaghetti, drunk a couple of beers.

Called our old friends, the ones still alive.

Our friends are all d*ad, Dandi.

And all of them thanks to you.

No, I didn't start k*lling the boys from the g*ng.

Because you're too smart.

You always got other people to do your dirty work.

You did the same with Libano, didn't you? Let the d*ad rest in peace, Freddo.

Just get on with it.

I'm getting bored.

One other thing Fill the church with flowers for my funeral.

The lads will just love it.

I see you're here too.

What a fine reunion! Your time has come, Dandi.

What do I pay you for? I told you to bark, f*ck you! - Who is it? - Are you on your way home? I need the driver, I have some errands to run.

Get them to pick you up when you've finished then.

He's going to Osvaldo's, the antique dealer.

- Yes? - Let's get this business over with.

Tell me where.

Do you want me to come with you, boss? No, get from under my feet, you and that other bitch.

Good morning.

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

Take a seat.

ROMA - MAGLIANA DISTRICT TODAY f*ck off! I was with Libano's unit! You shit.

- Have you drained my beer? - It was good! f*ck you all! Never had money, never been afraid.

- f*ck you.

- Is it my turn? Go on.

- What shall I aim for? - Try the 10.

- Shall I try the 10? - You have to get under it.

Libano, the cops are here.

What can they do to me, Bufalo? I'm d*ad.

Police, stay where you are! - I'll hit it, eh? - Get those hands up! Get those f*ck' hands up! Hands up! Get your hands up! Get them up! Stop! Drop that g*n! Drop it! Call an ambulance!
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