03x08 - The Botanic Garden

Episode transcripts for the TV show "His Dark Materials". Aired: November 2019 to present.
Lyria is a young woman from another world is on a quest to find her kidnapped friend and uncovers a sinister plot.
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03x08 - The Botanic Garden

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Any sign of them?


You all right?

I'm not sure.

After everything we've been
through, and now we're here...

It doesn't seem real.


In the tower, my mother's daemon...

I saw him disappear
right in front of me.

I think she's d*ad.

I should be relieved.

There's so many things I don't
understand about my parents.

Like what?

Like why they weren't honest with me.

Why they did such horrible things.

Why wasn't she interested
in me for years,

and then suddenly she was?

Why did they abandon me?

When I thought Asriel was my uncle,

I idolised him...

And then I hated him.

And now I can't forgive him, but...

I don't hate him either.

Well, he won the w*r.

And we get to be here, so...

I have the strangest feeling he's gone.

Which means I'm alone.

No, you're not.





I'm just glad you washed,
because you kind of t*nk!


PAN: She doesn't look
like she misses me.

She seems... fine.

She'll be better than
fine when she sees you.

Think how good it'll be to be
with them again, to be close.

What if it doesn't feel the same?

What if it never does?

Lyra loves you.

We're finally in the same world.

We're safe here.



That's not them, is it?

No. You'd know if it was.


It says our daemons are safe...


But there's someone
else we need to meet.

Pan's here, though.

It's like when he
used to hide in Jordan.

I don't know exactly where he
is, but I can feel him close.

I don't feel torn apart.

And I know he's safe.



[QUIETLY]: Listen.

What is that?

They're riding on wheels!


I think it wants us to follow.

- Dr. Malone?
- Lyra!

- I can't believe you're here!
- How did you get here?

I was told to find you.

I knew I'd see you again.

Oh, my God, look at you. Hi.

- Hi.
- Oh, God, you've been through the wars.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Atal, thank you. How did you get here?


Ungodly beasts.

[g*n ECHOES]


Atal's so beautiful.

I've never seen anything like her.

You know, a year ago, this
would have blown my mind, but

now it's no crazier than
talking bears and angels.

You must find this all
a bit disconcerting.

I know I did.

We've been all over the place,

but I think this is my favourite world.

I've learned more being
here in the last few months

than I have in decades.

Atal has taught me so much.

Like what?

Like how to trust my instincts.

How to treat a tree with respect.

How do you treat a tree with respect?

Well, you start off by not
assuming you're better than it.

We have this stupid idea as humans

that we're the pinnacle of evolution,

but we've got so much wrong.

I want to show you
something in the morning.

Is that what I think it is?

It's the answer to the
question you asked me in Oxford.

Do you remember?

Whether Dust was sin?

Well, your Dust, my shadow particles...

here, they called it Sraf,
but it's all the same thing.

It's the spark that means we're alive.

It's consciousness.

So Dust isn't sin?

It's just as good or bad as we are.

Why do you have more
Dust around you than Lyra?

It's the same with the mulefa...

it comes with age and experience.

It's incredible.

How did you make it?

It's the seedpod oil that's the key.

They absorb it, and that's
how they can see Sraf.

They evolved with the trees,
this perfect symbiosis.

Everything was in balance, and then...

Something changed.

It's heartbreaking, isn't it?

The trees are dying.

Is it some sort of disease?

No, it's the Dust disappearing.

It's just flooding out of the world.

Thought, imagination, feeling...

all blowing away.

This beautiful place

where the people are kinder
and wiser than us by far,

and it's just dying.

What can save it?

Some way of drawing the Dust back.

In theory, Dust is drawn to
thought, to creativity, so...

Some great discovery?

Atal says I can't think
my way out of it, but...

Can't help but try.


So, these daemons
what are we looking for exactly?

Well, they look like animals,

but they change depending
on how you're feeling.

So when Pan's a wolverine,
you know you've pissed her off.


But they're a part of you.

Will thought he didn't have one,

because he's from your
world, but he does.

So do you.

I'm still getting my head round it.

Look, nothing surprises me any more.

This whole journey has
been so extraordinary.

I've had to put aside
everything I thought I knew.

But you believe in the soul, don't you?

I mean, you were a nun.

You were a nun?

Like a nun nun, from my world?

There are still nuns in our world.

So why did you stop?


Just a lot of things
all at once, really.

Erm, well, I was at
a conference in Lisbon

Erm, well, I was at
a conference in Lisbon

and I was giving a paper
on particle physics.

My order were really supportive
of my academic career.

It was my first time abroad
and it had all gone really well

and we were celebrating.

So, I suppose I was
feeling a little daring.

You know, honestly, up until that point,

I really didn't feel
like my life was lacking.

And, then, I met someone.

She wasn't like the other academics.

She wasn't interested in
showing off how much she knew.

She was just really easy to talk to.

And suddenly, I was sharing
things I never thought I needed to.

And it just opened up

this whole world of
possibility, of feelings...

I'd never experienced.

And then she gave me this sweet,

this little sugary almond thing.

And as soon as I tasted it,

this memory came flooding back to me.

And I realised...

I had felt this feeling before.

Years ago, when I was at school.

Those butterflies in
the pit of my stomach

that ache to be close to someone.

I think I had just been too afraid

to recognise it before,

but I didn't want to
forget it this time.

I knew I couldn't go back
to the convent after that.

I just couldn't bear the idea of living

without ever feeling that alive.

And I thought, will anyone be better off

if I just go back to the
hotel and say my prayers

and promise never to fall
into temptation again?

And the answer came back.


No-one will.

And I realised...

There was no-one there to
reward me for being a good girl

or no-one there to punish
me for being wicked.

There was no-one.

And it was...

It was liberating.

And it was... It was a bit lonely.

But I just knew I wanted
to experience everything

the world had to offer.

I wanted to experience love.

And did you?


Were you scared?

Oh, my God, I was terrified.

I was risking everything, and
I was sure I'd be rejected.

But it was worth it.

It's rare when it happens.

When you feel that way,
you have to grab it.

It's funny, isn't it?

One little moment.

All she did was offer me a sweet,

and it changed my life forever.

For the first time,

I was doing something
with all of my nature.

Not just a part of it.

[WHISPERING]: Where are you, Pan?

There's so many things I
want to talk to you about.

Eve was weak in body and mind.

She was deceived by the
cunning of the serpent's tongue.

We will cut out that tongue.

- We will...




Good morning.


I've just brought you something to eat.

- Thanks.
- Morning.


I was going to join Atal and the others

at the seedpod grove,

but I can help you look for
your daemons if you'd like.


No. No need, I think.

I mean, we'll be fine on our own, right?

Yeah, fine on our own.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.


- Bye.
- Bye.

It's strange how Pan's here,
but he won't show himself.

I hope...

You hope what?

I hope he's not angry with me.

I think he'll understand.

And she will, too.

My daemon, I mean.

What if she settles for
something really bad like

a mosquito or a slug?

Or a fish?

I heard of a man whose
daemon was a dolphin,

but he's a sailor, so it's fine.

Yeah, imagine me walking around Oxford

with a dolphin in my hand.


You'll figure it out.


Do you find it hard to
answer Dr Malone's questions?

It seems impossible to explain
what we've been through.

I don't think anyone can understand.

Apart from you.


She's great, isn't she?

Mary Malone? Yeah.

I really like her.

I think she's right about...

A lot of things.


What things?


You know.


And, erm, trees.


Dust and trees.

SPIDER DAEMON: Lyra. Eve herself.

Imagine how blessed I shall be

when I succeed where others have failed.

Praise be to the Authority.


Who are you?

What are you?

An angel.

We are on the same side.

No. We are not.

Come closer.

I am your servant.

Let me perform this act of devotion,

and you'll see.

What I'm about to do
will rid the world of sin.

Desire is not sin.

Love takes a million forms,

each of them beautiful,

each of them worthy.

You who judge,

you're just afraid.

I am Balthamos

and I will not let you take
an innocent child's life!





- Is it Lyra and Will?
- Yes.

The flow of Dust is slowing down.

Then the prophecy has been fulfilled.

The love of Eve shall heal the Earth,

and all the world shall feel it.

Nature will be restored.

Hope will spark in darkness.

As innocence turns to experience,

all will be in harmony once more.

They did this.

We can go anywhere.

We can go to any world we want.

Or we could just stay here.

Do you think Pan knows?

I think he guessed.

We'll have to go back to our
worlds for a bit, won't we?

So that they'll be okay.

I want to show you Jordan.

Proper Oxford.


We can go to yours, too.

Go to the cinema again.


It's Serafina Pekkala.

Have you seen how the world is changing?

It's all thanks to you and your humans.

One who has given the world
such a gift deserves a name.



It suits you.

Why aren't you with Will and Lyra?

Are you still punishing
them for their betrayal?

But you love them still, don't you?

And you are not severed.


We're still one.

But it was so painful.

They will need you for what is to come.



You left me.

I've had to travel so
far to find you again.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so grateful.

I didn't want to.

I'm sorry.


Please. I'm sorry.

I've missed you.

I love you.


I hoped you'd settle as a pine marten.

It suits you.

I like it, too.






XAPHANIA: You played the serpent well.


I am Xaphania.

And I'm grateful to you beyond words.

I'm sorry, do...

Do I know you?

We spoke in your laboratory.

I've been watching you and guiding you.

You've been so brave to come this far.

Thanks to you, the
multiverse is healing.

I barely did anything.

You showed two innocents
what it was to dare.

And by discovering their love,

they have drawn Dust
back into our worlds.

Is that really all it took?

Something so small and ordinary?

Love is never small to those that
discover it for the first time.

Your task is now complete.

The time has come for you...

to go home.


I'm not ready.

XAPHANIA: For centuries,

Dust has been flowing
out of the universe.

What Lyra and Will have
done has turned that tide.

But their love alone is not
enough to sustain it forever.

Every window that exists must be closed.

Every window I've opened, I've closed.

There are countless more...

windows left open by all the
bearers that have ever been.

Each time the knife makes a cut,

the flow of Dust increases.

And from the tear in
the space between worlds,

some darkness is released,

bringing destruction
across all of the worlds.

It can take the form of many things.

A plague.

A Spectre.

I've been making Spectres?

But if Will can't use the knife

and if we can't leave the windows open,

then how will we...?

We have to choose worlds?

Will's or mine?

You can't live in someone
else's world for long.

Our daemons won't survive.

It means we can't stay in
the same world together.


You can't come here and just say that.

After everything we've
been through, it's not fair.

It's not fair.

I'll ask the alethiometer.
It'll know what to do.

I don't know what's happening.

It's not working.

Don't rush.

Just breathe, okay?

It's broken.

Come back!

SERAFINA: It's not broken, Lyra.

You've changed.

You've grown up.

So that's it?

I will never be able to read it again?

The knowledge still exists,
but you'll have to learn it,

like those before you.

You read it by grace,

and you can regain it by work.

What's the point?

Why did we get here?

Why did we go through
everything we went through

just to be forced apart?

I didn't know it was
possible to feel this bad.

It won't always feel like this.

I don't want to not feel
like this about Lyra.

I only want her.

You're a witch.

You must know some spell or some...

Some way to travel between worlds.

I'm meant to be with him.

This is all wrong!

You know all those stories that say

the greatest love is the one
that you can't live without...

The one that you're
prepared to die for?

That's not right.

That's not what love is.

I know it seems
romantic to die for love,

but it's much more
romantic to live for it.

You will never lose
what you have with Will.

You've shaped each other forever.

And I know it doesn't seem like it now,

but you have a future, Lyra.


It is a great gift that you have given.

But Dust continues to
flow out of the worlds.

Time is running out.

If humanity set their minds to discovery

and their hearts to compassion,

they may create enough Dust

for a single opening to remain.

But you already know
where that window must be.

The Land of the d*ad.

We can't close that window.

It's the most important one.

Ghosts need it.

And, now, the rest of the
windows must be closed.

But how are there so many?

While the knife exists,
only you can close them.

Break the knife,

and we can help you.

I have to break the knife?


Once you've returned to your home,

when it is broken,

we angels will seal the wounds.

The worlds will be whole
and unique once more.

If there's any way we can be
together, just tell us now.

I'm sorry.

There are fates even the most powerful

have to submit to.

I love you.

I'm not going to stop loving
you till the day I die.

I love you.

We will come back here, though.

When we've lived our lives.

We'll go through the Land of the d*ad...

And we'll tell Gracious Wings
everything we've done.

And we'll find each other...


I'll be drifting about...

Until I find you.

And I'll be searching for you.

Every moment.

Every single moment.

When we do find each other again...

No-one will be able to tear us apart.

We'll be joined so tightly.

Every atom of me...

And every atom of you.

And when they use our
atoms to make new lives...

They'll have to take two.

One for you and one for me.

We'll be in the flowers
and in the sunbeams.

We'll be joined so tight...


We'll come with you.

Atal, you can't.


Once all the windows are closed,

each of the worlds will
be properly aligned.

But for now, Will,

Lyra's Oxford should be here.




You will look after Lyra, won't you?

She has a lot of courage,

but I think this will
be very hard for her.

I shall.

She'll be my sister now, forever.

At least Will has Kirjava.

You know, you could
see your daemon, too,

if you wanted.

When you spoke to the
angels in your cave,

you held yourself in a
special state of mind.

Like when Lyra read her alethiometer.


We all see only what we expect to see.

You only saw Dust when you
believed you were able to.

Try it.



There you are.

We can come back here every year.

You in your world and me in mine.

Midsummer's Day.


And I'll be there.

I'll be there every year.

My whole life.

And if we do meet someone we like...

We must be kind to them.

We won't compare them.

When we come here, just for an hour...

We can be together.

Every year.

I promise.

Just do it.


I'll never forget you.

I'll break the knife
as soon as I'm through,

because I know I'll just
want to come back to you.

What is it?

I'm just trying to imagine

what you'll look like when you're old.


Handsome, of course.





Just think of her.








LYRA: We can come back here every year.

You in your world and me in mine.

And we can be together.

I'll be there every year.

My whole life.

I promise.

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