01x16 - Episode 16

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Better than Us". Aired: 23 November 2018 - present.
Russian series takes place in 2029, in a world where androids serve humans in various positions, even replacing them in many menial jobs.
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01x16 - Episode 16

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Well? Is it ready?

I'm working on it.

Oh really? How long are you going to tinker with this?

You think this is easy? You're welcome to try.

I asked you only to erase her memory.

Erase, reset, same thing.

What's important is that now we are nobody to her.

Are you sure? Good afternoon.

My name is Arisa.

Please go through the authorization process to gain access rights.

BETTER THAN US Order me a helicopter, I'm going to the Ministry.

Victor Pavlovich.

Mr.Safronov is here to see you.

Shall I tell him you are busy? Let him in.



Well? I'm here to apologize.

Apologize? All you had to do was lose the bid.

You couldn't even do that.

That's not what I'm talking about.

I came to apologize for not being able to save your son.

I want you to understand, I haven't forgotten who you are and my feelings towards you haven't changed.

But I owe you an apology, and I wanted to come here and say it.

Why now? I guess the time has come.

You're not here to apologize.

You need something from me.

What are you talking about? The question is, what? Arisa, maybe? Arisa, say hello.

This is our guest, Mr.Safronov.

Hello, Mr.Safronov.

Arisa? What's with her? Nothing.

She's been reset.

Would you like to know who the authorized user is now? You wanted to apologize? Your apology is not accepted.

Piss off.

You're just a spiteful idiot.

Victor does not want to speak to you.

It is better that you leave.

Arisa, I'm actually your priority authorized user.

It would be better if you stayed away from here, Mr.Safronov.

- Goodbye.

- Right.

- Thanks.

- Like we agreed.

Good afternoon.

Congratulations, Major.

Great work.

And great news.

Suponev has confessed to Petrenko's m*rder.

His case was hopeless with all the evidence against him.

Come on, don't downplay the achievements of your colleagues.

Come on, what achievements.

It was all thanks to Pavel Borisovich.

I didn't catch your name.

Sorry, I didn't introduce you.

Mikhail Vladimirovich Tukai.

Senior investigator with Internal Affairs.

What did Suponev say? That he k*lled your partner out of revenge.

Revenge? It turns out that the hired k*ller you sh*t in the hospital was Suponev's army buddy.

He even saved his life.

Brothers in arms.

So he's saying that he k*lled Vlad in a state of emotional disturbance? That's exactly right.

You do realize that's nonsense? It's nonsense! Suponev is one of Toropov's men.

That's what you should be investigating.

- It's time for me to go.

- What do you mean, time to go? Didn't you listen to the recording? He mentions Toropov! Borisovich, that's enough.

Calm down.

What do you mean, calm down? Don't you get what's going on? Toropov is going to get away with it again.

Pavel, enough about Toropov.

We can't prove it.

How many copies have you broken? Better to have a closed policeman's m*rder case than a cold Cronos case.

Get it? Sure, let's quietly send someone to prison, write it off as a revenge m*rder, and forget all about it! Of course! And if we reveal that Suponev was a mole, it'll be better for everyone! At least that would be the truth! Listen here.

You haven't taken time off in a while.

You should head to a sea resort or something.

You can't get rid of me that easily.

Everything has to be top notch.

Formal opening ceremony, ribbon cutting, the press.

And everyone must see the first batch of Arisas.

As you wish.

And keep in mind, "Early Retirement" is being supported at the very top.

A lot is expected from this project.

It can't be compromised.

It's not just your name that's at stake.

Mine as well.

Do you understand? Yes, Andrey Dmitrievich.

I really hope so.

It's open.


Caught you just in time.

Moving out? Something like that.

I just dropped by for a minute.

I never got to thank you for your tip about Suponev.

You're welcome.

Well? Time for us to move forward? What do you mean, forward? Your family is no longer in danger, you've been exonerated.

Yes, Cronos's lawyers did a good job.

Depends on how you look at it In any case, now you're in the clear, it's time to tell Arisa to let us into her memories and finally squash Toropov, right? Unfortunately, I can't tell Arisa what to do anymore.

Toropov erased her memory and her previous personality.


How? That's the first bit.

Second, I'm no longer interested.

I just want to live a regular life like a regular person.

- Housekeeping!

- Just a minute.

So that's it? I hope so.

In the near future, Cronos factories will start producing at least 300 new-generation robots daily.

The very same Arisas that got the most viewer votes in the "Early Retirement" state bidding contest.

The first shipment of Arisas will go to kindergartens and hospitals.

In time, every family will be able to have this tech wonder in their own home.

It's important to realize that this breakthrough was achieved in our time, and in our country, by our countrymen You think blowing up the factory is a solution? Why not? Because anyone with even half a brain is bound to start asking questions.


What do you suggest? I don't know yet.

I'd take a look at the equipment they have there.

The products the factory makes.

Maybe we can pass them off as something more modern.

It can't produce anything modern.

The most it can do is enamel toilets, technology from 1956.

Yeah, that kind of factory really should get blown sky-high.

Along with you.


You know what? You have to be there at the time of the expl*si*n.

Along with the Minister.

And with a crowd of journalists.

Are you suggesting we blow up the factory during the opening ceremony? That won't raise any suspicions.

Especially if we make it seem like the Liquidators did it.

I like it.

I like it, but The Liquidators can't be relied on.

I'll have another detonator.

Hi, Grandpa.

I thought you were already asleep.

Egor, I had visitors today.

What visitors? An inspector.

From the juvenile division.

Are you planning on helping Jeanna run away from the hospital? They won't let you in to see her anymore.

- Hi, Jeanna.

- Hi.

I'm all packed, we can go.

When will you get here?

I'm sorry, I can't make it today.

There's a problem.

But I'll deal with it, don't you worry.

I promise.

- Don't be upset, I'll deal with it.

- Got it.

Good night.


Maslovsky! Has anyone ever told you that you're a genius? Maslovsky! Has anyone ever told you that you're a genius? Georgy?

- Hi.

- Hi.

- Can I stay here tonight?

- Of course.

Sorry, I saw that you'd called.

So much is going on.

Did you sort everything out?

- Almost.

- That's good.

Because your son really needs you right now.

Take your coat off.

I'll go into the room first, and you wait for me, okay? Okay, you go in first.

Do I look okay? Don't think about it.

Who are you here to see? Jeanna Barseneva.

You're too late.

They took her away.

Who? Where? The police.

The juvenile inspector came here and took her away.

Who are you? Let's go.

Does inspector Kozhevskaya know that I'm with you? Inspector Kozhevskaya is no longer working with you.

I'm working with you now.

You can call me V.S.

Get out.

Yes, Jeanna Barseneva.

No, not Berseneva.


With an "a".

I should've picked her up yesterday.

I talked to the inspector who was working on her case.

They're sending the police to the hospital right now.

- Why?

- Unless the inspector is lying, they don't have Jeanna.

And they didn't pick her up.

What does that mean? Thanks for agreeing to meet me.

Just yesterday you said that you wanted nothing to do with this anymore.

That was yesterday.

Today I need you.

I see.

A new deal with the justice system? Why are you surprised? We're not friends.

You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

I'm not asking for myself.

For whom then? Someone has kidnapped Jeanna Barseneva from the hospital.

- Bars's sister?

- Yes.

What's in it for me? I'll introduce you to a man who knows much more about Toropov's sins than I do.

Deal? Deal.

Here, eat.

You'll need your strength.

You're going to lead a new Liquidator protest at the Cronos factory.


Don't you want revenge for what happened? The only person I want to get revenge on is you.

For what? Because I gave you and your brother a job? A place to live? A sense of meaning? And where did that get us? You've got your brother to thank for that.

If only he'd listened to me, everything would've been fine.

You could've kept eviscerating bots and hanging out at your Bot-Net.

You wanted to k*ll him.

If I wanted to k*ll him, I'd have done it.

The question is, am I going to k*ll him now? Here, take a look.

This was Bars yesterday.

And this is him today.

What he'll look like tomorrow depends entirely on you.

Think about it.


Are we disturbing you? Are you nuts? What if someone tells Toropov they saw us together? Don't worry about it.

Major Varlamov from Cyber Crimes.

Have you heard of him? I have.

I told him about you.

He'll try to help you and your Svetlana.

Have a seat.

You'll help me? It depends on what you can give me on Toropov.

He'll give you all he knows about Cronos.

It's not enough to know, I need proof, evidence.


Finally, witness testimony.

Would the files in Arisa's memory be enough? But you had erased them.

I blocked them.

I found a way to block them.

What about Toropov? Toropov believes whatever I tell him.

Told you.

I have one condition.

Before we do anything, we get Svetlana out.

Create an ad.

Enter title: Missing person.

Jeanna Barseneva, 16 years old.

Got a chance to think about it? I'll do it.


Change into these clothes.

Height, 165 cm.

Long dark hair.

- I'm ready.

- I'm ready.

- Is something wrong?

- Is something wrong? I don't get it.

Is he going to keep mumbling like this?

- What do you mean, mumbling?

- What do you mean, mumbling? And this is the head of the largest national corporation.

The all-powerful Victor Toropov.

Can barely stand to listen to him.

Igor, give Toropov's microphone to Pavel Borisovich.

Read the ad.

Lost person.

Jeanna Barseneva.

16 years old.

Height, 165 cm.

Long dark hair.

Brown eyes.

Save changes.

Call dad.

Victor Pavlovich, what's wrong? Nothing.

I'm here to pick up Svetlana.

At such a late hour? At least I avoided traffic.

Svetlana is asleep right now.

Plus, you'll have to talk to the department head first.

So call him.

I'm sorry, at this time of day I believe he's already at home.

You know that everything has to be done according to the rules.

The rules, you say? I demand that Svetlana is brought here immediately.

Or I'm calling the police.

And my own security service.

They'll turn this place upside down.

Do we understand each other? Yes, of course.

I'll prepare Svetlana for being discharged.

Will she wake up soon? If we only knew what drugs they fed her.

In any case, it would be good for a specialist to see her.

Well? I held up my part of the deal.

The hospital's security camera.

This is the man who took Barseneva.

I know him.

Oh, really? He's one of Toropov's men.

Why does he need the girl? What is that? Look carefully now.

You drive up here, to the terminal.

No closer than that.

That's important.

You get out of the car, run to the side, about ten meters, and yell a few Liquidator slogans.

hat's it, then you press the button.

Then you get lost in the crowd and run off.

If you go off plan, you know what will happen.

Get in.

That's it.

He can't get away with it now.

Is there anything else? How would I know? There's 13 terabytes of memory.

Just like I said, broken neck.

Yes, Egor.

Dad, I think I've found Jeanna.

Jeanna? Where are you? I'm in Koptevo industrial zone, I'll send you the address.

What are you doing there? I told you to stay at grandpa's.

- I'm in some truck, there's a b*mb here.

- A b*mb? Are you sure? I can't talk right now.

Egor! Call Egor.


Koptevo? What's there? That's where the Cronos factory is.

They're inaugurating a new manufacturing line for Arisas today.

Don't you watch the news? They produce k*ller robots there? Don't worry, there won't be any k*ller robots.

I don't even know why Vic is putting on this show.

The necessary tech is just not there.

So that's what the b*mb is for.

It's not coming, let's go.

We're about to see our factory's grand opening from the main observation point.

Welcome to the future.


You take it from here.

Here's the detonator.

Once you see the signal, you go.

Don't screw it up.


What are you doing here? I came to help.

Egor, go away.

You can't be here.

We've been through this already.

We haven't been through this.

I have to save my brother.

I know.

I'll drive.

I feel this will be our country's jewel in the global science and technology market.

A small step made by one robot will lead to a great leap for all robot technology.

And now I want to ask the Minister of Social Security Andrey Dmitrievich Dnestrov to do the honors of opening our factory.

Thank you.

As they say, without any further ado.

Major Varlamov, call your shift supervisor, fast.

Need the shift supervisor ASAP.

Ladies and gentlemen! In only a few minutes, you'll see the first new generation empathic bot come off our assembly line.

It's time.

- Are you the head of security?

- Yes, what's up? Major Varlamov, Cyber Crimes.

Evacuate the premises now.

Calm down.

We have everything under control.

What control? There's a b*mb at the factory.

Evacuate everyone! Where did you get this information? Do you have a death wish? Do as he says! Gentlemen, do you realize what kind of an event you're trying to disrupt?

- The Minister is here, guests

- Who cares? There's a b*mb.

They're about to be blown to bits! Egor.



We have to stop earlier.

Egor, stop.

Let's go.

There they are.

Where is that? f*cking hell! Who let them in? There's a b*mb in the truck.

Where is this? It's the main factory floor.

Mikhailovich! Show them.

All posts.

Code 510.

Listen up, everyone! This factory is a mistake.

You and others like you are trying to replace people

- with heartless machines.

- What kind of opening ceremony is this? But we, the Liquidators, declare Andrey, it's just the Liquidators.

Street kids.

Death to the bots! Life to the living! Death to the bots! Life to the living! Death to the bots! Let's go.




Leave the building immediately.

There's a b*mb in the building.

Run! It's about to explode! Dad?

- Egor.

- Freeze! Don't sh**t.

Well? He drove up too close.

- We're in the impact zone.

- Wait, Gleb.

It won't change anything at this point.

You still have a chance to disappear.


Dad, we have to save Bars.


Please give me the detonator.

You aren't helping Bars.

You're only helping Toropov.

He came up with the whole thing.

He has to destroy this factory.

What does Toropov have to do with this? It's V.S.

He's a Liquidator.

He actually works for Toropov.


Please give me the detonator.

Jeanna, trust me.

Would you really do anything necessary for my safety? Yes.

That's good.

Let's go.

Can you stick this in Safronov's throat? This is necessary for For my safety.

Of course.

Arisa? It's me, Georgy.

Run, Georgy.

Toropov has the second detonator.

You remembered me after all? I never forgot you.


Safronov, don't just stand there.



Son of a bitch.

Stop it, I said.

Hands behind your back.


How was your flight? Got here in one piece.

Everything is fine, Mom.

How are you guys? Good.

Lev is working, I've taken up yoga.

Sonya is going to school.

Right? The neighbor girl calls me Sophie.

Dad, the bugs we have here are this big! Oh wow.

Georgy, let's talk soon.

Sonya and I have to go.



- Bye.

- Bye.

Dad, can you stop here please? Well, see you tonight.

See you tonight.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Sonya asked to give this to Yana.

She really wants to meet her.

Okay, I'll give it to her.

- Say hi to Jeanna.

- Okay.


Why am I not being questioned? Where is my lawyer? I'm talking to you! Igor, why are you still tinkering with that? So much time has passed.

It's obviously a waste of time.

Come on, think of it as my hobby.

All right.

But I think now you should take a break and take me to lunch.

You haven't eaten yet, have you? I don't remember.

Svetlana Alexeevna.

Excuse me, but you asked to be reminded that you have a meeting in ten minutes.

Reschedule the meeting.

I am sorry, but everyone is already gathered.

Reschedule the meeting.

Okay, I will reschedule it.

For what time? One hour later.


Let's go.

Okay, just a couple more minutes.


Come on.

What was that?

- What are you talking about?

- Why did Toropov's lawyer come see you? Oh, he offered a deal.

- A deal? - A deal.

Toropov has finally agreed to give up his accomplices.

Promised to tell us things that would make the saints blush.

He wants a shorter sentence in exchange.

What did you say? Did you make the deal? No, we didn't! Toropov will serve his full sentence.

Screw you.

Pavel Borisovich.

He's your boss.

And you keep yelling at him.

That's okay, my yelling hasn't k*lled anyone yet.

You Want to grab dinner? But it's two o'clock in the afternoon.

Did you mean lunch? No.

I meant dinner.


I'll pick you up at seven.

Oh, give this to Svetov.


Barsenev! Get out.

You've got a visitor.


Yay! Uncle Georgy! Hi.

How are you? Fine.

- How's your mom?

- Very well.

I have a present for you.

- Go show your mom.

- Yay! Look! Uncle Georgy gave me a present! Uncle Georgy spoils you.

It's not Uncle Georgy, it's Sonya, my daughter.

She wants to meet you.

Have you had lunch? We were waiting for you.

You have to eat regularly, you're still weak.

You're a buzzkill.

A tremendous one.

But I like your taking care of me.

Get used to it.

It's just that Come on Excuse me.


Hi, Arisa.

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