05x04 - Troubled Blood: Part 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show "C.B. Strike". Aired: 27 August 2017 – present.
British crime series based on the book series Cormoran Strike (by J. K. Rowling) follows w*r veteran turned private detective Cormoran Strike who solves brutal m*rder.
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05x04 - Troubled Blood: Part 4

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Margot Bamborough. Missing since 1974.

There was a book written

by a man called Carl Oakden.

There were lots of names

of people who knew Mum.

In terms of people we haven't spoken

to, there's Steve Douthwaite..

- Who's the guy in the shirt?

- You're a married woman.

You need to behave yourself.

Margot was a good doctor.

She knew her stuff.

Yeah. I suppose so.

And you've no alibi for the evening

Dr Bamborough went missing?

I can't magic one up, can I?

Talbot was looking for a serial k*ller.

I think he might have found one.

You and me ♪

Me and you ♪

Somehow we made it through ♪

I may be gone ♪

I may be far away ♪

But I walk beside you ♪

Every step of the way ♪

When you're used ♪

Bruised ♪

Black and blued ♪

Don't think about it ♪

Never doubt it ♪

I'll walk beside you ♪

Steve Douthwaite started seeing

Dr Bamborough as a patient.

He complained of stomach aches,


He made six appointments

to see her in six weeks.

DI Talbot was looking for a

serial k*ller.

He was also looking for a pattern.

We think before he got unwell

he found something important.

Talbot links Steve Douthwaite

to three deaths.

Joanna Hammond was married but

having an affair with Douthwaite.

She died by ingesting

industrial weedkiller.

It was ruled a su1c1de,

but there were bruises found

on her face and neck.

Someone could have knocked her out

and poured it down her throat.

Hold up. She had visible bruises

and no-one followed it up?

Her husband used to b*at her up.

There were older bruises

all over her body.

They must have assumed it was

normal for her.

- Different times.

- This is the last victim,

the one Talbot refers to as Julie W.

A year after Margot disappeared,

Steve Douthwaite changed his name

to Steve Jacks and went to work

at Baxton's holiday camp.

He start going out with Julie

Wilkes shortly before she was found

drowned in the camp pool, intoxicated.

The third death linked to him.

We could do with your help finding him.

After Julie Wilkes dies, he vanishes.

I feel like I've read the entire

internet looking for him.

Changed his name to Steve Jacks.

He might have changed it again.

Well, there's no compulsory

register for name changes.

The staff at the practice think

Douthwaite sent Margot

a box of chocolates.

And we believe this is the empty box.

We know the cleaner emptied the bin

before the police searched her office.

So we know Margot didn't throw

it away, even though it was empty.

Now, Gloria Conti remembers seeing

the box unopened on Margot's desk

less than an hour before Margot left.

Did she think they were drugged?

Something odd about them.

Thing is, if you're drugging

chocolates, how do you dose them?

How do you know how many she's going

to eat

or if she's going to take them

home or give them away?

I don't see how you can plan

with that many variables

if the timing matters.

And the timing did matter.

We know that, because she walked out

and she never got to that pub.

We also believe the witness who saw

two people struggling is credible.

Even if she didn't eat

the chocolates, Douthwaite could

have waited and attacked her.

Used something to subdue her.

Do you want us to take a look

at the box?

Yeah, that would be great if you could.

Our prints are all over it. Sorry.

We're going to talk

to the practice staff.

Douthwaite is seen in a home movie

Dr Gupta made at the Christmas party,

so he's definitely someone's guest.

But any help you can give us

I'll get a couple of lads on it.

I said Douthwaite was

a fishy f*ck, didn't I?

I want to ask about Steve Douthwaite.

Steve was a gorgeous man.

He lived in my block.

Always had a joke for you.

I love a man who can make you laugh.

Mind you, he had his problems,

though, didn't he?

When whatshername died.

- Who?

- His girlfriend, Joanna something.

Thing is, she was married.

She k*lled herself and left three kids.

And people blamed Steve for it.

How was Steve when Margot disappeared?

I don't think I saw him.

He up and left. He cleared out.

He didn't even say goodbye.

I thought we were mates.

Any idea where he went?


He liked a drink, though.

And men like that

don't always last long.


He was a bit of a flirt,

I could tell you that much.

Standing by my desk,

looking down at my you-know-whats.

Did Steve ever send Margot gifts?

Well, I was there when this box

of chocolates arrived,

and she just chucked them in the bin

straight away,

right in front of us,

as if she's above it all.

Thing is, she's a total hypocrite,

because when she thinks nobody's


she goes and takes them out again.

I have seen her do it.

This is about them chocolates,

innit? Cos I don't honestly think

he sent them.

And even if he did,

Margot chucked them away.

She took one look at them

and tossed them in the bin.

Why would she do that?

Probably showing off she wouldn't

take gifts from patients.

Do you think Steve made so many

appointments with Margot

because he had a crush on her?


Yeah, I reckon.

I was there the last time he came round,

and he'd been in with Margo

and he rushed out.

Hiya, Steve.

He was in a terrible state.

Probably just been told

he's got herpes, eh, Jan?

And I thought maybe she'd turned him

down, or else she'd had her fun

and then told him to scarper.

I mean, you're not going to turn

down that big fancy house

for a double-glazing salesman, are you?

Anything else I should know?

Well, I don't like to gossip, but

..I reckon Margot

thought Carl Oakden was dodgy.

His grandma was Margot's patient,

and she was on bed rest after an op.

And suddenly she's fallen down

the stairs,

and Carl inherited the house.

Well, I'm only telling you this

cos you are working with him.

What makes you think that?

He told me.

He came over a few days ago

asking me all sorts.

If he comes back, don't let him in.

He's got nothing to do with me.


Saul, I don't really understand

your last invoice.

Yeah. Pat's got you covered.

She understands everything.

What I don't understand is why

you've charged for three dinners

when you've been doing surveillance.

Yeah. Yeah, I tried surveillance,

and it was going nowhere.

But I have got a good instinct

about Shifty's PA.

You finished that job.

No. No, Strike put me back on it.

Ask him. The client paid for more info.

I'm not messing about.

I want to do a good job. It's Christmas.

I need this gig.

I'll talk to Strike.

Understood. Thanks, Robs.

Can you call me Robin?

My ex used to call me Robs.

And you divorced him over that?

- All right?

- Yeah.

Sorry I missed the meeting.

- Have you got Carl Oakden's details?

- Yeah.

Why? Do you think he's got

something on Douthwaite?

I want to bloody wring his neck.

He's been telling people

he's working with us.

Can he do that?

He's been doing it. Better make sure

it's somewhere public,

so I'm not tempted to strangle him.

You two are always going off to meet

people you either don't like

or who might have k*lled someone.

I'm just saying, in most jobs,

going out for drinks is a perk.

Excuse me. What's going on?

Jonny Rokeby. Are you a guest?

No, I'm not.

Cormoran, around the corner

I know. Rokeby's party.

Yeah. I clocked it.

I should have checked after Oakden

insisted on meeting here.

He's probably being paid to get me here.

"Estranged son drinks around

the corner as Rokeby celebrates."

Makes it look like I showed up

and then bottled it.

- Is Oakden here yet?

- He's sat at the back.


- Shall we?

- Mmm.


Cormoran Strike.

This is my partner, Robin Ellacott.

Not Robin Cunliffe?

You must have me mistaken

with someone else.

Do I?

Uh, club sandwich and another

one of these on his tab.

We heard you visited Janice Beattie.

Yeah, I did.

I'm thinking of writing a new book.

Maybe you can give me a quote

for the cover.

The last thing of yours I read was

an article about Steve Douthwaite.


Steve Jacks.

I liked him.

The press didn't.

Do you know why? He liked screwing birds

and birds liked screwing him.

That's all he ever did wrong.

How did you track him down?

Mate of mine went on holiday at

Baxton's and recognised him

from the papers. I was trying to

get a job in journalism.

Reckoned I had a scoop.

- How was he when you got there?

- Pissed off.

But he did talk to me.

Did he say why he'd changed his name?

That's obvious.

He'd had a bad time,

wanted a fresh start.

I don't blame him.

You know why he went for Jacks?

It was from a singer he liked,

Terry Jacks.

He wrote a whole list of singers.

Gary Glitter, Neil Diamond, David Essex.

He got some girls to pick

their favourite,

and they went with Jacks.

I told him, "You should have gone

with Steve Glitter."

It's got a real ring to it.


Did he talk about Margot Bamborough?

Yeah. He was her patient. End of.

You're going to need something

more substantial than that

if you're going to write

another book about her.


I'm not writing a book about her.

She's old news.

My book's about you, Cormoran.


I went to see Janice Beattie

to find out how you operate.

Got a tip-off you were working

the Bamborough case.

There's no trick to how we operate.

We just turn up and ask questions.

Me too.

And it's my turn now.

We're not doing that.

What do you reckon the 1970s

did to women?

There was Margot palming off

her kid to a nanny,

even though she never needed the money.

Something went wrong with motherhood.

I mean, look at Leda Strike.

Always off chasing some rocker.

And here we are with the result.


Come on, Cormoran. People are

filming. He's setting you up.

If you write anything about me,

I'll devote my agency

to destroying you. It won't take long.

Standard operating practice?

Pay for your own sandwich.

- Let's go out the back.

- Where's your curiosity, Cormoran?

Don't you want to know what I dug up

on your mum and dad?

Ignore him.

You know your dad's

just round the corner.

Why don't you pop in and thank him

for f*cking your mum

on a pile of beanbags

with 50 people watching?

- Ohh!

- Argh!


- f*ck!

- Ohh

- Robin

- I want you to leave right now.

Did you see that?

He as*ault me. Call the police.

You could be sent to prison.

You'd lose everything.

- I'll take you to A&E.

- Don't be ridiculous.

- I'll take you home.

- Just Just get me something to eat

and a strong drink.

I had a thought about Douthwaite.

If he took his borrowed name

from a singer

Could you just get me something to

mop up the blood? Please.

I've ordered a curry. Won't be long.

- How's your nose?

- It's not broken.

How is it now?

Colder. It's all right.

You can stop fussing.

It was an accident.

Yeah, I know.

But you're only trying

Why did you let him get

under your skin like that?

You knew it was a set-up.

My father's kids have been on at me

about meeting Rokeby.

He's been calling too.

I thought I was

- What?

- I don't know.

You've never met him, have you?

No, I have.

My mum took me to see him once

when I was a kid.

We went down to the recording studio.

I asked her to put me

in my best trousers.

- How old were you?

- Seven.

And did he like your trousers?

We weren't allowed in.

I was saying to the bloke

on the door, "You don't understand.

"He's my dad. He's asked to see me."

In the end, their manager came down

and he took us into a side room

and he was having a go at Mum

saying, "If this is about money,

"you have to go to lawyers,

not pull a stunt like this."

At some point I realised

he hadn't invited us.

It was all Mum.

Oh, God

Rokeby did come down, though.

Probably heard the shouting.

I had snot all over my face

cos I'd been crying.

I was wiping it off.

I didn't want to look like a whiny kid.

I didn't want to ruin it.

Rokeby and Mum were shouting

at each other

and, eventually, he did look at me.

And he said,

"This was a f*cking accident."

I thought he meant the situation.

Even after we left, I thought

he was going to find me and say,

"Sorry about that.

"I'm having a bad day.

"I didn't mean it."

I mean, I was wearing my best trousers.

And that's why I've never

worn trousers again.

That is a terrible thing to

say to a kid.


To be fair to him, he wasn't wrong.

Well, it doesn't matter

where you come from.

You're a good man,

and that's all that matters.

And that's coming from someone whose

nose you nearly broke.

I thought I was

..free of him.

It's obviously not true.


More booze?

Yes. Please.

I'm supposed to be going home tomorrow.

How do I look?

Be honest.



Who's that?

Rohaan with the curry.

How did he get in the main door?

I had a key cut for him. Save me

going up and down the stairs.


I'll go.


You know where the plates are. I'll

Oh. Hi.

Sorry. Erm

I didn't mean to interrupt.

Oh, no, no, no. That wasn't

It's honestly, honestly,

none of my business.

Boss man said he wanted these

before end of play today, so

I needed some ice for my nose,

which is why

Very Christmassy.

Have a good one, Robin.

Erm I'll leave you to it.

- Yeah. Happy Christmas.

- Yeah.

Mrs Strike?

Got your delivery.

Thank you.

Time for a change of shift.

- Martin can do the sprouts.

- It's all right. I'm happy doing them.

See? Don't ruin Robin's fun.



It's so lovely having

a baby in the house again.

Bathroom smells worse.

They're only nappies.

You can always empty the bin.

The family's expanding.

Technically, we gained Stephen's

baby but we've lost Robin's husband,

so it's zero gain.

Martin, stop being such an arse.

Sorry for being a tit at dinner.

- It was thoroughly enjoyable.

- Hmm

I'm not sure

Robin would agree with that.

When are you going to ask her out?


You're not the first to ask.

Any more questions about the Army?

I think I'm set.

And you should get home and wrap up.

You're getting a cold.

I'm not.

You sound nasal. It's a cold.


PAT: Only me.

Where are you?


Oh. Got you your post, some soup

and a few presents

from your clients and admirers.

They ought to cheer you up.

How are you feeling?


Apple cider vinegar.

My daughter swears by it.

Maybe with chips.

Call me if you need anything.

I don't mind popping back.

- Happy Christmas.

- Happy Christmas.

Thanks, Pat.



SAUL: Robbles. Just wanted to

wish you happy Christmas.

Mine is shite.

I'd rather be on surveillance,

and that is a personal low.

Hi. I'm trying to track down

Steve Douthwaite.

I wondered if you might have

a list of his old classmates.

OK. Well, when you reopen, is there

anyone who might have the records?

OK. Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Happy Christmas. Bye.




We're having dinner

if you could bear to join us.

Oh, sorry, Mum. It's a

It's a really tough case.

There's more to life than work.

I'll be right down.



In what universe is it OK

for you to send me a picture

of your dick?

I'm sorry. I got it wrong.

You made a big deal out of you and

Strike not being in the flat to shag

- What?

- and You know, I thought

that you wanted me to

know that for a reason.

Please. I'm sorry.

I should k*ll myself now.

I can't lose this job, though.

I need the money to pay alimony.

I'll lose my girls.

Please don't say anything.

I won't tell Strike, but only

because he's had a shit year.

Don't you EVER send me anything

other than a case report ever again.

Sorry not to see you, Luce.

I love you but you do not want this bug.

I love you too, Stick.

Come over when you're better.

- Holy f*ck.

- What?

Sorry. Not you.

I think I found Steve Douthwaite.

I hope you'll be very happy together.

Look, why don't you try

and stop working for two minutes

and get some sleep?

- Bye.

- Yeah. Bye.

Happy bloody Christmas.

You look terrible.

I don't care.

I've found Steve Douthwaite.

Thanks for the headphones.

You're welcome.

I am going to get you something.

That's all right. You've given me

the gift of our suspect's location.

That's all I wanted. That or a pony.

So how did you do it?

I went through the surnames

of every pop star in the mid-'70s.

Barry Manilow, David Essex,

Elton John, Mark Bolan,

David Bowie, Neil Diamond.

And I found Steve Diamond

running a guesthouse in Skegness.

Only took me three days.

The Allardice. Donna speaking.

DISGUISED VOICE: All right, duck,

is Steve in? Got a delivery for him.

Is this the sheets?

He told the boss to have us

call ahead, make sure he's in.

He's back in an hour, hen.

Well, I'll do my drop in Seathorne

and come back then. Ta, duck.

NORMAL VOICE: Was the "duck" a bit much?

I enjoyed the "duck".

- Well, we've got an hour to k*ll.

- I know.

Go on. Just try it.

Mushy peas.

Yorkshire caviar.

It's just wrong.

Well, they have to be mushy,

otherwise they'd roll off the chips.

See? We've thought of everything.

- Soft southerner, you are.

- Yeah.

A good sword and a trusty hand ♪

A merry heart and true ♪

King James's men shall understand

what Cornish lads can do. ♪

What was that?

Song Of The Western Men.

Gist of it is

Cornishmen aren't "soft bastards".


Ted taught it to me.

It's good to see the water.

We used to go for donkey rides.

Fight over who got the best one.

How did you know

which one was the best one?

Whichever one Stephen picked.


Poor Stephen.

Go on.



No, no, no, no.


Rest in peas.

- That was terrible.

- That was brilliant.

You're just jealous you didn't

think of it first.

We'd better go.

Are you Steve's wife?

Aye. Are you looking for a room?

We were hoping for a chat with him.

We're private detectives

investigating a missing persons case.

You heard all that, did you?

Mr Douthwaite.

It's Diamond.

Why did he call you Douthwaite?

Your husband was born Steven

Douthwaite, as I'm sure you

When were you Douthwaite?

His name used to be Jacks.

We've been hired by

the family of Dr Margot Bamborough.

Steve, what have you done?


I mean, how many names

does one man need? Huh?

You don't change your name

three bloody times for nothing.

I never did anything!

We'd like to ask about

Margot Bamborough.

What about her?

We heard you sent her chocolates.

I never bought her anything.

She was my doctor.

I wasn't trying to shag her neither.

I was sick.

One witness said you looked

angry and upset after

your last appointment with Margot.

She was

- She says

- Turned you down, did she?

I didn't try it on with her!

Mrs Diamond, if you're feeling unwell,

- perhaps we can speak to Steve

- No. I'm staying. I'm hearing this.

I've got nothing else to say.

The doctor told me to get some rest.

That's it. That's all.

Final answer.

Thank you for your time.

Yours too, Mrs Diamond.

Are you planning on

telling anyone where I am?

Did you hear what

he was saying at the end?

He's worried someone's going to

come after him, isn't he?

Yeah, I think he is.

He was living as Steve Jacks

when he was working at Baxton's,

but then Carl Oakden's article

outed him as Steve Douthwaite,

but he didn't run away immediately.

He can't have been that worried

about someone coming after him.

He only ran after Julie Wilkes died.

Talbot got it wrong.

He had all the right pieces,

but he put them in the wrong order.

And it wasn't three women d*ad either.

If what I'm thinking is right,

the k*ller might have m*rder at

least six people, including Margot.

I'll text you if we find anything.

All right. I'm nearly there.

- I'll be leaving in two minutes.

- OK. Bye.




What the hell?

What is wrong with you?

It was a joke.

I was trying to break the ice.

Would you sneak up on Strike

and grab him?

Would you send Strike

pictures of your dick?

You bitch.

You said you wouldn't say anything.

I don't want your hands on me.

I don't want to see you again.

You're fired.

- You can't f*re me.

- Yes, I can. I am a partner here.

Send in your final invoice.

Your NDA stands. Now get out.

I'll ring Strike.

You're too much of a coward for that.

f*ck off out of my office.


You could have s*ab him.

It's all right. I didn't.

No. I mean, if you'd s*ab him,

I'd have said it was self-defence.

Sending you pictures of his penis.

What a waste of a stamp.

Can I make you some tea, love?

Thanks, Pat.

I'd better go.

Mustn't forget the biscuits.

Thanks, Pat.



Mr Diamond.

My name's DI George Layborn. I'm

with the London Metropolitan Police.

Now's not a good time.


Bang as much as you want.

It's made out of metal.

Can we talk?



Phone call for Beth Spencer.

You going to pick it up?

You are the Athorns' social worker.

So that's what this is about.


Samhain and Delia

are decent people, but

..they'd lose their flat if they

didn't get a bit of help from me.

I never meant to lie.

But people listen if they think

you're social work,

the same as they listen to a nurse.

Let's talk about Steve Douthwaite.

What, again?

Did you find him?

We did.

Oh, you must tell me his news.

Always liked him.

How do you take your tea?

Milk, no sugar. Thanks.

Can you tell me about

the night she died?

We'd been up drinking.

A few of us.

Julie said she'd had enough

and was going back to her chalet.

I wasn't with her.

They found her in the pool

in the morning.

They said she slipped and drowned.

Did you believe that?

I did.

Yes, I did.

Of course!


..as soon as she came to talk to me

..I knew.

Hello, Steve.

You look awful.

That's a terrible thing about that girl.

Want to get a drink?

I never hurt anyone.

All I did was try to get away.

Did Margot Bamborough say anything

to you about Janice Beattie?

Yeah. The last time I saw her.

You need to stop eating the food

that Janice Beattie prepares for you.

Oh, my God.

I'm not making accusations.

Nor should you, but

..take my advice.


Oh, hiya, Steve!

Probably just been told

he's got herpes, eh, Jan?

It was like I woke up

..and there was a monster in my life.


I think we'll skip tea.

I think you might be

the best liar I've ever met.

You never tried to do too much.

Wrong name here or there.

I've always been clever.

Better to be pretty, though.

That's what men want.

I just wanted a chance.

Margot never thought Carl Oakden

k*lled his grandma, did she?

That was misdirection for my benefit.

I did tip him off

you was working on the case.

I thought it might give you

a bit of a headache.

None of that's a crime.

What about the story

you told Samhain Athorn?

That the Riccis k*lled Margot.

You did that so people

wouldn't wonder about

what Gwilherm Athorn was saying.

What, that he k*lled Margot

with his magic?

We both know he didn't k*ll Margot.

You have a cupboard full of poisons.

Steve Douthwaite is being

interviewed about Julie Wilkes.

You have a photo of Julie on your wall.

That's Joanna Hammond.

Did you k*ll all these people?

If you stop recording

..then I don't mind talking to you.

Let's talk about Steve Douthwaite.

When you read Carl Oakden's article,

you found out he was living

in Canvey Island.

What did you do then?

I went on a diet,

I bought a new dress

and I showed up at Baxton's,

and I saw him kissing some girl.

She was the only one I done

without drugs.

She was drunk.

All I had to do was hold her under

in the pool.

How'd you work it out?

The same way Margot worked it out.

I imagine she noticed things

stacking up.

The Imotil capsule in Dr Brenner's

mug that you blamed on Gloria.

People around you always getting sick.

You've been poisoning Irene

for half a century, haven't you?


..she can be annoying.

Why did you start poisoning

Steve Douthwaite?

I only wanted to keep him feeling

like he didn't want to go out.

I liked looking after him.

Then he made a doctor's appointment.

The first of many.

It's cramping.

Margot thought it was stress.

But then he told her

all about his problems.

About Joanna Hammond dying

after drinking poison.

At some point, she must have started

to look at you more closely.

Hoity-toity bitch, she was.

Sticking her nose in.

You fooled everyone.

But not Margot.

Margot was a good doctor.

She noticed things.

Come on, then.

So does it happen

after you eat certain foods?

She nearly lost her job examining

Kevin without your consent.

Why would she do that?

Why wouldn't she want you in the room?

It gets bad after I have my drinks.

What drinks are these?

The drinks that Mum makes.

When did you decide to k*ll your child?

Kev had a tantrum when Steve came over.


I could tell Steve didn't like that.

He took off. So I thought

..Kev needs to go.

Kids don't just drop d*ad, though.

They don't drink weedkiller,

like Joanna Hammond.

You've got to be gradual with a kid.

It took too long, though, didn't it?

Steve Douthwaite was out of there

before you finished the job.

Was that what saved Kevin's life?

Well, there didn't seem any point

in k*lling him after that.

I spoke to Kevin this morning.

You never.

He's going to testify.

How did you find out about Margot?

The box of chocolates.

You told me Margot

threw them in the bin.

Can you grab me my doughnut

from the fridge?

I can open these for you, if you like.

Leave those alone, please.

But Gloria Conti saw them on her desk

during her final appointment.

It was Irene who saw Margot

take the chocolates

out of the bin in reception.

- Of course, she told you about that.

- Mm.

Irene thought Margot did it

when no-one was looking

because Margot was a hypocrite.

But you knew better.

You knew she suspected

the chocolates were poisoned

and didn't want any of the staff

knowing about it.

When Irene shared what she saw,

you knew Margot suspected you.

You knew you were on the clock.

Someone sent me a box of chocolates

at Christmas.

I only had one.

Threw it up later.

How many would it have taken to k*ll me?

Four or five.

If she didn't eat the chocolates,

how did I poison her?

The doughnut.

Margot sent Irene out to get her

a snack to keep her going.

I'm guessing you knew Margot

was due to go to the pub.

She'd probably eat it

just before leaving.

I injected it with

Nembutal sodium solution.

She took her time.

I started worrying

that I'd got the dose wrong.

Need some help, dear?

No, I'm fine.

She made a bit of a fuss,

but it didn't last long.


I needed to put her somewhere,

and the Athorns lived close by.

- Hey.

- Hey. What have you got in yours?


- Chocolate biscuits.

Seems fair.

Only hauled this half a mile.

You all right?


- Hi, Samhain.

- Who are you?

I'm Robin. We met before.

- Can we come in? I've brought biscuits.

- OK.

Hi, Delia. I came here once before.

We talked about Gwilherm

and how he used to say

he'd k*lled Margot Bamborough.

You said you only met them once.

Yeah, once for work.

But I kept in touch with them,

because I thought it would be fun

to k*ll a whole family.


But what happened with Margot

changed all that.



Gwilherm was a junkie.

He let me give them all injections

if I gave him uppers.

I knocked them all out

before the surgery closed.

Do you mind if we take a look around?

Don't move my jigsaw.

Don't worry, hen. We'll be careful.

Because Gwilherm doesn't want

anybody touching it.

Does the ottoman open?

You can't open it. It's locked.

It's not allowed.

I'm calling Beth.

We're here instead of Beth.

Why don't you two go and have

some biscuits in the kitchen

and we'll call you when we've finished?

Come on, silly woman.

I left the bag of concrete

the night before.


There's nothing here.

Oh, my God.


It's like it's locked from the inside.


Here, we'll move this.

It's not smart to keep things

but I did think about it, though.

You sent a very similar locket

to her daughter.

That was very cruel.

I knew it would stop her snooping about.

Just like her mum.

Couldn't keep her nose out.


It's hard dosing a junkie, because

their bodies work differently.

Oh, Gwilherm.

What have you done?

Eh? I was just walking by.

I told him I'd seen the front door open,

went up to check on,

saw a woman lying there d*ad.

I told him he must have done it.

Magic was the only way he could

understand. He was into all that.

How long did you wait to k*ll him?

Six months.

I did him with pseudoephedrine.

Looked like an overdose.


He wouldn't shut up about k*lling her.


Come on, you bastard



Inside the ottoman.

That left you with

a new problem, didn't it?

Impossible to lift

with all that concrete.

It was practically falling through

the ceiling of the shop below.

If anyone came round to clear up

that flat,

they'd find her.

You had to keep the Athorns alive.

Oh, I've done their admin, all sorts.

It's been a pain.

- And all for Steve Douthwaite.

- Mm.

Will Steve be in court?

Cos I'll enjoy telling him

what happened cos of him.

Useful lesson for men everywhere

..if you ask me.

Actions have consequences.

Time to go.

What did you get out of it?

Sometimes it's to make them grateful

after I look after them.

Sometimes it's because they piss me off,

and other times

I just like watching them go.


It would have been nice

to have k*lled you, though.

That would have been a special one.

They've found Margot's locket, too.

The real one.

You should have that back

once the trial's over.

You'll never know

how much this means to me.

I'm so sorry we ever lied to you.

- We never meant

- I know why you did it.

Mum chose you to raise me.

She got that right.

We have one last thing for you.

- Um

- Dr Gupta found this.

It's not relevant to the case, but

we thought you'd like to have it.


My God.

Oh, my God.

We should probably get going.

I'll see you to the door.

- All right.

- Thank you.

When's Sarah due?

Six months.

And she wants to get married

before she has it,

which is why you finally

decided to wrap it all up.

You are good at your job.

If you knew all that, you could

have had me over a barrel.

You were there when I needed you most.

I'll never forget that.

Good luck, Robs.


How many people coming?

I think about 200.

You going afterwards?

In the morning.

I'll be back soon.

She wanted to talk to you about this

at Christmas,

but Joanie thinks

..you should talk to Rokeby.

She thinks it would help you.

I know he's messed you about,

but he's still your father.

He was never my dad.

That was always you.


STRIKE: Can you meet me

this evening? I've got a job for us.

Might need to dress up a bit.

Trying to blend in?

So what's the job?

Your birthday present.

You already got me flowers.

I should have done better.

If it's not too late, I'd like

to buy you some new perfume.

That's what you wanted, isn't it?

Did Ilsa tell you that?

I don't want to choose it for you.

You pick it out and I'll pay for it.

Afterwards I'll take you to dinner.

I like both of these,

but you've got to live with it.

In the Landy.

This one smells of cake.

You like cake.

This one is


I like this one.

I prefer this one too.

Oh, God, it's not cheap.

I'll cope.


Thank you for this.

It really means a lot.

You're my best friend.
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