03x08 - What we know about monsters

Episode transcripts for the show, "Vis a Vis". Aired: 20 April 2015 – 4 February 2019.
Set up by her lover to take the blame for corporate fraud, Macarena, a naive young woman, finds herself locked up in a high-security women's prison.
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03x08 - What we know about monsters

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We both know that Frutos is going to k*ll you.

I have a plan that would set us up for life.

Forty million euros.

I just need you not to transfer me.

No prisoner can be transferred if they can't get on the bus on their own.
- What's the matter?

- They're going to pardon me.

And I'm not going to be here to take care of you, Tere.

You don't know me, nor I you.

The police are going to arrest you as soon as your sister goes near the container.

What do you want? Thirty percent of the container.

We've been watching you for three months.

Tell the f*cking Chinese that the escape's still on.

The doors will be unlocked and the laundry van will be waiting for them.

It was Zulema who kidnapped your daughter.

She made you believe it was the Chinese.

Why did you betray me? Children are sacred.

Tonight's the big night.

And you know what? You're not coming.

Are you going to leave me here? What do you know about Hong Fang

- and the Chinese Triad?

- Get me out of here.

He could be accused of capital flight, blackmail, and attempted m*rder.

We'll be watching you the whole time.

Just give them the number of the container.

How do I know you're not cheating me? You're coming with us.

Let them go.

Hong Fang's the target.

Someday, I'll k*ll you.

Zulema! Let her go! Prepare her transfer immediately.

Millán, the Governor told me to replace you.

I'll have a beer.

A small bottle.

A small bottle, not a can.

So how come you have a Spanish accent, when your eyes are from the East? Very sharp.

Did you come here to hide from the cops? And for a f*ck.

Otherwise, my neck gets all tense.

It looks like today is your lucky day.

I can see you're one of those dangerous prisoners, right? Ask me about any crime you like.

I bet I've already done it.

Robbery? Guilty.

Kidnapping? Guilty.

m*rder? Look at me.

Guil Guilty.

TWO MONTHS EARLIER Unai was k*lled three months ago today.

Three months? Shit, we should have had a minute's silence.

How are you coping? Well three months gives you a different perspective.

What do you mean? I mean that Unai was a monster and he deserved to die.

Just great.



-shit bus.

Of course I know her.

Who doesn't know Zulema? I mean, I know everything you can know about Zulema, which is nothing.

Our paths have crossed.

We just exchange glances.

I was saying to the girls the other day, "I reckon she's a witch.

" It's the way she talks to you.

She whispers.

Look, living with Zulema is like crossing a minefield.

And, it's very likely, at some point, you'll end up losing a leg.

She's like a b*mb ready to go off! She has a kind of aura.

She smells of danger, you know? She should come with an instruction manual.

Like the Gremlins, right? "Don't let it get wet, and don't feed it after midnight.

" I'm not comfortable talking about her.

It scares me.

I don't want to talk about her.

I'm not going to talk about Zulema.

Is that a problem? I don't think she's trustworthy.

It won't start.

When will they send this pile of shit to the scrapyard? f*re it up again and accelerate.

That's it.

Keep accelerating.

Sorted! There was a pipe loose Hit the music.

Alta I'd never hurt you.

It was the Chinese.

Whichever hand you prefer.

Do it! Oh, for God's sake, Alta.

We're friends.


Your friends don't try to hang you in the changing rooms.

We're in a hurry.

It's time to finish him off, Altagracia.

Alta! Alta, please.

For the love of God, think of my family.

Alta, I'm begging you! Don't do it! Now you'll know what I felt like, hanging there for those two minutes.
- f*cking bastard!

- No, Alta, don't do it.

Think of me! Please, think of me, I'm begging you, don't do it! This one here saved me.

But no one will save you! Do it.

Stop, please! Think of me, I'm begging you.

Don't do it! No! Is he d*ad? He's d*ad.

Good! And now? Now we go on with the plan.

I'm going for the Chinese money but you have to get the gypsy out of jail.

Don't f*ck with me.

You have to get her out.

You know that'll cost a lot, right? I know.

I shouldn't be here.

This is not going to end well, Akame.

Get changed.

Just give Akame the container number, so the escape can go ahead.

What's your problem? Get changed now.

The police have us under surveillance.

Stop the van.

Stop! Stop the van.

Your brother Hong Fang sends you his regards.

If you k*ll him, we all die.

We're locked in here, Akame.

I want you to get Saray out of jail.

It'll take them twenty minutes to discover my transfer hasn't arrived.

You're the Chief Jailer, no one will ask questions.

No one will stop you.

You just have to work fast.

We're stopping.

Get out.

If I get out, they'll k*ll me.

Out! Goya, it's your turn to speak.

Me? What am I supposed to talk about? I don't know, whatever you like, maybe how you deal with your emotions here in jail? f*ck's sake, Pruden, you know I'm not a talker, nothing comes out right.

Okay, so nothing comes out.

How do you get things off your chest? Go on.

I No.

No way.

I am who I am, and that's that.

And if someone doesn't like it, I'll punch them in the face.

You're unbelievable! For God's sake, you can't fix things like that.
- Oh? So how, then?

- You have to talk Hello? Yes, put her through.

Yes, it's me.

Zulema Zahir? Yes.

Ladies, I need a minute, please.


She was transferred this afternoon.

What's wrong? What do you mean, she hasn't arrived? Councilor Oh, councilor.

Councilor Oh, councilor.

I wasn't expecting to see you here.

Class of Cruz del Norte 2018.

This is a bit like a class reunion.

Don't you think so? Come on, let's play.

Let's do this.

Saray Vargas? Get up, we're leaving.

And where are we going, exactly? For your six

-month check


The bus is waiting to take us to the hospital.

Six months? I'm only five months gone, and the check

-ups are done here, not at the hospital.

Hello, sister.

If there's one thing I hate more than class reunions, it has to be family reunions.

See you never, bitches.

Look, I'm not going to put up with this shit.

Put these handcuffs on and let's go.

I don't know what's going on here, but if you want to take Saray, you're going to have to take us all, by force.

That's right, you'll have to take us all.

Zulema sent me to get you.

So if you want to get out of here, you can either get up now or rot in f*cking hell, okay? Come on! Listen to me, I'll come back for you.

Even if I have to load a van full of expl*sives and blow up the whole f*cking prison.

I'll never leave you behind.

Give me a minute to see what's happened.

Yes, thanks.

Thank you.

You, stay with them.

You, come with me.

Did you really think you could rob your own family?

- Nice and slow.
- Nice and slow.

And why the f*ck are you doing this shit? For money or what? How much is Zulema paying you? What my father earned over forty years working like a dog multiplied by a thousand.

Enjoy your time off.

We'll leave while they're changing shifts, okay? Attention security personnel.

All personnel to module access doors.

Unit Two, on my way.

That's strange.

Altagracia Guerrero, please come to the Governor's office.
- Altagracia Guerrero

- f*ck.

Now what do we do? If you hadn't taken so long to say your goodbyes She's off for her six

-month check

- The Governor's called for you.
- Yes, I heard that.

I think there's a signature missing for Zulema's transfer, but I've been so busy.

So, Mercedes, do you want to see your daughter again? Yes.

This g*n only has one b*llet.

It's either for you, or for her.

You choose.
- Let them wait, right?

- You bet.
- Thank you.
- See you later, Millán.



- Millán, have you seen Altagracia?

- Yes.

She's right here.

Alta? What I really love is dancing.

No way.

I've shared a cell with you and I've never seen you dancing.
- Because there's no music!

- Oh, please.

What are you doing, Pruden? Police! Hands up! Drop your w*apon! Now! Drop your w*apon, now!

- Altagracia here.
- Altagracia.

I just spoke to Maximum Security.

They told me that Zulema never arrived.

But Pruden, we're not allowed to play music! Oh, to hell with them! We're alone now, aren't we?

- This shit isn't working.
- Of course it is.

f*cking hell.

We're going to the bus and we'll do it like a normal transfer.

They won't make it.
- Come on, Tere, help me.
- We're heading for Unit Three.
- Rizos, grab the walkie

- You'd better stay put! Okay, got it.

Where's the key? There.

Christ, they're getting on the bus.

Come with me! We're entering Unit Four.

Millán, can you hear me? f*ck, they're in the corridor.

They'll be here any minute.

Let's go.
- Altagracia, give me a g*n.
- Could you just shut up? Just sit down and keep quiet, okay? No way.

Give me a g*n, in case things get ugly.

Breathe in, breathe out, sit down and shut up.

We're nearly at the gate.

Right, like I'm going to practice prenatal yoga right now.

Will you shut the f*ck up? Hey, Mercedes? Officer down! Officer down, f*cking hell! I'm sorry.

Okay, girls.

I have nothing to lose here but you have your whole lives ahead of you.

So you have time to go to the cell right now, and forget about all this.

And miss out on all the action? Not a chance.

No way.

They'll hit us hard for this, but count me in.


- Are you okay? What happened?

- f*cking bitch.

Are you okay?

- She's gone.
- Altagracia? Where's Altagracia? What's going on? Are you the taxi driver now? If I was paid by the kilometer, and not by the hour, I'd be one rich bitch.

Call the ward.

This is the Governor speaking.

Close all access doors.

I repeat: close all access points.

An attempted escape is under way.

Detain Officer Altagracia Guerrero, she may be involved.


This is the front entrance.

Could you repeat that? Close all access points, an attempted escape is und

- Up against the wall.
- Change of plan, Governor.

Altagracia, I don't know what the hell they're saying on the walkie

-talkie, but I need you to get out.

How embarrassing! Give them the order to open the front gate, okay? Now.

Everything will be okay.

Alta, get out of the bus! Altagracia, sh**t him.
- Come on!

- Okay.

Get the walkie

-talkie and let the girls out, please.

Put the g*n down, Sole.

Calm down.

I can't do what you're asking me.

sh**t him.

You're not going to sh**t me, okay? She might not, but I will! Got that? I'm going cold turkey, and I'm going f*cking crazy! Do it! Let them go.

I'm not playing games here.

This is the Governor here.

There's been a mistake.

False alarm.

I repeat: false alarm.

The transfer of Saray Vargas has been cleared.

Altagracia is authorized to leave.


Good man.
- Tere, you watch him.
- Quick.

Goodbye, one and all.

Put your foot down! Put your f*cking foot down! Go! We're out of here.
- Are they out?

- Shit, they're out!

- Yay!

- They're out! Okay, so what now? Do we have a sh**t

-out and escape? Don't worry, I'm joking.

Well, I don't know about you, but Well, we've come this far, right? So, girls,

- who wants pizza?

- Me! I want pizza! And chicken wings! This is the Governor here.

Please bring twenty pizzas and chicken wings to Unit Three.


What's going on with you? Well, you really need to watch out with Zulema.

That clever bitch always wins.

Zulema? And Saray, well, she seems to be obsessed by her.

Zulema must have something.

I couldn't get by without Zulema.

It's all about the loyalty they share.

I don't have many friends.

Those people with lots of friends may as well have none.

But life's bad on your own.

Well, we haven't had sex so, I guess our relationship is about love? She's my best friend, I'd go to the end of the world with her.

No way! Oh my God, it's Antonia! I've been dying to see you! Come on, gypsy.

Let's go.
- Let's get out of here.
- You got that right! Let's go! Come on, let's go.

f*ck them all! Let's go! Goodbye and good riddance!

- f*ck them!

- Let's go! Here we go! What a song! What a DJ! I'll give it back, don't worry.

Bon appétit! You've reached Nerea Rojas.

I can't talk right now.

Please leave a message after the tone.

Hey, how's my hot deputy inspector doing? I don't know how to explain this But I've got into a bit of a mess.

Well, you know me, I tend to do stuff without thinking.

So they'll be dumping me in solitary for two weeks.

Come and see me.

If you can, make up an interrogation, call the King, whatever it takes, but come to see me, all right? I love you.

Love you, bye! I have a mobile! Who wants to use it?

- Me!

- Me! Go on, you bitch.

Try this, it's really good.

f*cking bastard! TWO MONTHS LATER

- What's up, bitch?

- I'm here.

Having a good time with an 18


-old who's a great f*ck.

Great, well give him a kiss from me.

Start the car.

I have a bad feeling.

If I don't show up in 15 minutes, put your foot down hard, and don't look back.


Listen, girl when I met you, I knew we were either going to k*ll each other or become friends.

I know.

Well, when I met you, you covered me with chicken shit, so you're right.

I'd say things improved.

Take care of yourself, okay? Come on, let's go! You keep nice and still.

Come on, let's go, move it! So, where did I go wrong? All the signs were there.

I mean, who'd have a Dracula costume without a cape? The cape is the coolest part.

Unless, of course, you're armed.

That would be awkward.

And Elvis in military boots Yes, of course.

And a cop, with a standard issue cop's belt and real handcuffs.

Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf haven't looked at each other all night.

Though they came together.

But my biggest slip

-up tonight was not noticing the pirate.

The pirate who hasn't taken a single sip of his drink the whole night.

And it's not as if you don't enjoy a drink, right, Castillo? What did you expect? That we'd just let you escape? Hey, buddy.

We'll have two more here to finish off, okay? Take cover! Everyone take cover! Take your positions! Get down!

- On the ground!

- Get down, get down! I said get f*cking down! Zulema! Castillo's here! Little Red Riding Hood, the big bad wolf, Elvis Presley and a f*cking cop.

And I saw a f*cking army arrive in vans.
- This isn't good.
- You're not wrong.

If we surrender, it's all over.

But if we fight, we still have a chance.

Zulema, you know how you always say that only forgotten people die? Well, I don't know who the f*ck is going to remember us.

I bet this lot won't forget us in a f*cking lifetime.

Let's go for it! Let's go for it! Help me up!

- Stop, Zulema, stop for f*ck's sake!

- What is it? You'll have to take me to the hospital.

I've been hit.
- You're bleeding out.
- Yes.

Let's go.
- Son of a f*cking bitch!

- Zulema just leave me at the hospital.

I'll jump out of the car at the ER, whatever it takes.
- Take this.
- Take me to the hospital! Take it.

Put pressure on the wound.

Go on! Put pressure on it.

Put pressure on it! That's it.

Take me to the hospital.

The blood I can't do it.

What do you mean you can't do it? You know I can't.

If I take you to the hospital with a b*llet wound they'll ask questions.

They'll take the baby off you if she isn't already d*ad.
- No, she's not d*ad.
- And they'll interrogate you.

And you'd end up telling them everything.

What the f*ck are you saying? My contacts, where I've put the money, where I'm running to, everything, Saray.

Zulema I would never betray you.

Saray? Do you remember when the blonde left me hanging in the toilets? You looked me in the eye with the rope around my neck.

Listen, love I came back for you.

I'd come back for you even if you were in f*cking hell.

But there's one thing I can't give up for you.

My freedom.


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