02x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Alchemy of Souls". Aired: June 18, 2022 –; present.
South Korean series that follows a powerful sorceress in a blind woman's body, encounters a man from a prestigious family, who wants her help to change his destiny.
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02x06 - Episode 6

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I imagined myself sitting alone on top of a tall tree.

I knew no one and I was powerless and alone.

I had hoped someone would come to rescue me.

And then you came.

What… was that about?

That was my story.

It was a thought that I had during my time in that room.

I do not have that stone with me right now.

I must be going crazy… because of you.

Why do you keep confusing me?

What is there to be confused about?

You hold my hand and listen to my stories

only to think about someone else.

If you miss her so much, how about I help you out a little more?

Shall I hold you in my arms and put you to bed as well?

Shall I just do everything she did?

A tree like that actually existed.

A big, tall tree.

There was a tree that we had promised to climb up together.

Is that tree in Danhyanggok?

Is it?

I wonder how I know about that place.

Maybe I went there when I was little?

This is why I have trouble believing that they are yours.

It is your choice whether to believe me or not.

But this is my hand that you are holding,

and it will be me who holds you and puts you to bed at night.


when you are looking at
me, see me for who I am…

just like you did that night.

I am not dreaming.

Do you recognize me?


You woke me up.

Someone just entered.

I can see the energy of a human

behind that tree.

I recognize that energy. I
think it is someone I know.

Someone you know? Is it
someone from Jinyowon?


It is your friend.

Seo Yul?

Jang Uk?

It really is you.

She told me she could
see your energy.

What are you doing here?

I am here looking for someone.

I know how to take out
the blood parasite.

If you tell me who knows, I
will let that person live.

I knew it.

So there is a way to get it out.

Yes. Now tell me who knows.

Tell me.

- It is Jin Mu.
- Jin Mu?


Park Jin of Songrim.



it is His Majesty the King.

I was going to grant
you a painless death,

but you brought
this on yourself.

Let us see if you will be
able to keep your mouth shut

even after taking this
excruciating potion.

Lady Jin.

Jang Uk wishes to
meet you, my lady.

Right now? Tell him
I have gone to bed.

He knows you are
not in your room.

It would be troublesome if he
goes around looking for you.

What brings you
here at this hour?

I came to ask you for a favor.

Please allow me to enter
Jinyowon for a moment.


I thought about asking Bu-yeon
to secretly let me inside,

but that did not seem appropriate,
so I came to ask you myself.

So-i, wake up.

Do you recognize me?

Seo Yul?


Hold on to me.

She said there is a way.

There is a way to save you.

We have no time.

Let us talk outside.

Jin Bu-yeon?

Are you all right? Did
my mother do this to you?

You must really think
you are Jin Bu-yeon.

What do you mean?

She helped me find you.

First, let us get out of here.

This is the f*re bird.

I see it has not hatched yet.

When this f*re bird
hatches out of its egg,

the world will suffer
from severe drought.

And Jinyowon will fall

if this egg gets
taken out of here?


I do not plan to do such
a thing, so do not worry.

Master Lee could have just
asked me to show this to him.

I wonder why he asked
you to come and check.

Because he does not trust you.

You even unveiled
the ice stone once.

It was a choice I made to save
Bu-yeon when I was pregnant with her.

The person who did not
return it after its use

was your father, Jang g*ng.

And in the end,

his son ended up with the
ice stone inside his body.

I guess it will not be
easy for us to get along

seeing that you have so
many reasons to hate me.

That is why I want to put
an end to this relationship.

My daughter was doing
fine under my protection.

Why did you have
to take her away?

I had no reason to

until I saw the
darkness behind it all.

Hiding her in that dark room

and sewing that thread into her back
is not what a loving mother would do.

You really think
she was doing fine?

Perhaps you happen to
enjoy things like that?

Being locked up in a dark room
and getting poked by needles?

I was protecting her.

She is the eldest daughter
of the Jin family.

Her duty is to protect Jinyowon

by giving birth to a daughter
and carrying on the family line.

Are you trying to pressure me?

Then you could have at least
served a brood hen for dinner.

But then again, you
showed me this f*re bird,

so I will count that
as encouragement.

The person Seo Yul was
looking for was severely hurt.

- Who was it?
- A woman.

Her name was So-i.


I guess you received
the message I sent you,

seeing that you came to save me.

Yes, I did.

It is the truth.

Jin Ho-gyeong's real daughter

was Mu-deok from Sari Village.

Does that mean the Jin Bu-yeon
you saw earlier was fake?

That was what I initially
thought when I went there,

but it turns out she was real.

- What?
- Jin Ho-gyeong

took out Mu-deok's body from Lake
Gyeongcheondaeho and saved her.

But the thing is,

inside that body
still lives the soul

of Naksu.



Naksu lives inside
Jin Bu-yeon's body.

Also, Jin Bu-yeon's current face

is that of Naksu.

No wonder she seemed
familiar when we first met.

I failed to recognize her
because I never imagined

that I would meet her again.

There you are.

She is alive.

Jin Bu-yeon…

was her all along.

Are you all right?

You look like you
are about to cry.

By any chance,

do you feel ill?

What is the matter?

Do you feel very ill?

My thoughts have lost their way

due to the confusion I feel.

Let me stay like this

just for a little while.

I cannot leave you
here like this.

I think it is best
that I tell Jang Uk.

Do not tell him.

I do not wish for him to know.

We did nothing wrong.

Young Master Seo
Yul allowed us in.


He is right.

I brought them here. Let him go.

What happened?

I heard the girl
you saved is So-i.

Why would you get
involved with her?

Did she do something to you?

Do not worry.

I was indebted to her.

I heard she was taken away by Lady Jin,
so I helped her to return the favor.

Why were you indebted to So-i?

She looked after me back
when I was severely injured

inside the barrier.

Young Lady Heo also knows.

I see.

I still cannot believe you climbed
over the walls of Jinyowon.

I was able to get out without
getting caught thanks to you.


So is there anything
else I can help you with?

There is something I
must handle on my own.

It is my responsibility now.

He was quick to subdue us,
so we did not see his face.

But it was definitely a man.

Who could it be?

It is Jin Mu.


Park Jin of Songrim.

It is His Majesty the King.

None of them must find out.

I must keep it a secret.

Fortunately, there are
no severe injuries.

Apply ointment on her
wounds, and she will be fine.

Thank you.

Young Master Seo is right.

So-i really did take good care
of him back when he was hurt.

I have no reason
not to believe you.

She even cut herself to
share her blood with him.

She shared her blood?

It did not help much,

but that is how much she cared.

Will you be staying
at Jeongjingak?

I will also stay here so
I can take care of So-i.

I thought

you and Young Master Jang would be
at Jinyowon meeting your mother.

We already went.

We left earlier than
expected to help a friend.

I see.

I guess Young Master Jang cared
more about helping his friend.

Your presence is of no help,
unlike Young Lady Heo's,

so you should go home.

I will escort you home.

I was talking about my friend,
not Young Master Jang's.

Then are you saying Young
Master Seo is your friend?

Yes, I am here for a reason.

I need to talk to
my friend, Seo Yul.

So I should get going now.

What do you need to
talk about with Yul?

She claims to be
friends with him.

Yes, I would like to
talk to my friend.

So are you not going to go home?

No, I am also
going to stay here.

Goodbye then, Young Master Jang.

Goodbye. I will
be going home now.

Just come home with me.

All right. Fine.

Let us go.

When did you become
friends with Yul?

We are both foolish
in our own ways,

so we agreed to be friends.

You may be a fool, but
Yul is far from it.

He gets lost when
he is flustered.

He told you that?

Well, I found out as
we spent time together.

How much time did
you spend with him?

Quite a lot.

We spent time at Chwiseonru
and Gaema Village.

I remember now.

So-i was the girl I
met at Gaema Village.

You met her?

She stole something from me,
and Seo Yul helped me that day.


A lot of things happened
that I do not know about.

You and Yul must
be pretty close.

I thought he was the man
I was supposed to marry

when I first met
him at Chwiseonru.

If I met him a lot earlier, I may
not have thought about running away.

I see.

It must be a pity. It would have
been nice if he were your husband.

He is handsome and kind.

He would not have talked about going
crazy after holding my hand like you did.

Do you feel all right now?

You told me to see
you for who you were.

That is what I am trying to do.

Jang Uk,

try summoning fireflies.

That is not an easy
thing to do, you know.

Then try setting
off some fireworks.

Hey, do you know
how much that costs?

Besides, where am I supposed
to find fireworks right now?

Do not tell anyone that
Jin Bu-yeon is Naksu.

Of course.

It needs to be kept a secret for
Jin Ho-gyeong to save your life.

Jang Uk cannot find out either.

I know.

He has gone through enough.

- It is my responsibility now.
- Your responsibility?

What responsibility
do you have for Naksu?

I also knew.

You also knew back then

that Mu-deok was Naksu?

You knew, yet you
kept it a secret? Why?

Your wound is not severe,
so you will recover soon.

I will find you a
safe place to stay.

Leave as soon as you are ready.

Young Master Seo,
are you all right?

Does it hurt?

It was just another nightmare.

Is it her who constantly appears

in your dreams?

I also possess an item that is dear
to me, so I know what it means.

The fact that you
still have that

means you still care.

Then I guess I
should throw it away.

If what you said is true, it
means all my pain and regrets…

derive from this.

By any chance,

are you planning to k*ll Naksu?

Then you cannot receive
Jinyowon's help, and you will die.

I know.

How could I expect to live…

if I plan to get rid of her?


Do not k*ll her if you
wish to live. And besides…

you like her.

Get some rest.

Young Master.


Am now betrothed

to Lord Park Jin of Songrim.

Why are you so quiet?

Are you upset that I
am getting married?

- Should I not get married?
- No, I just…

I do not know what
to call you now.


Just call me Maidservant Kim.

Even if I marry Lord Park,

you will always be
my young master.

No, that is not it.

I am most grateful to you, and
I care for you more than anyone.

I want to be able to say more

than just congratulate you.

Who cares what you call me?

I may treat you like
my young master,

but you are

like a son to me.

I know.

I feel the same way.

Maidservant Kim.


Young Master.

The reason we visited
you last night

was to urgently
show these to you.

Again, congratulations
on your engagement.

- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!

Thank you, everyone.

I will be welcoming
an aunt at last.

Will I also be getting
a niece or nephew?

Know when to stop.

Why is he giving up so quickly?

You found several of these in
dried-up wells around Daeho Fortress?

Yes, these boatmen here also
found some in the canal.

Someone is deliberately trying
to dry up all the water.

I will find out where
they were created.

They contain the energy of a volcano, so
that is probably where they were made.

Thoroughly examine all the items that
come in from the southern volcano.

Yes, my lord.

Songrim will be inspecting
the goods on all the boats?


I can no longer let your
boat pass as an exception.

The boat from the volcano should arrive
at Daeho Fortress any moment now.

Send a homing bird and tell them
to discard everything on the boat.

Yes, my lord.

He wants us to get
rid of everything?

Is it safe to discard something so
ghastly in Lake Gyeongcheondaeho?

What is with you? We just
need to do as we are told.

Just get on with it.

My goodness.

I checked the f*re
bird within Jinyowon.

It was a lot smaller than expected,
but it was safe and sound.

Is that so?

I thought you did not
want to get involved.

I had to go anyway, so I just
checked while I was there.

You never do anything
you do not wish to do,

so that is hard to believe.

I really do not wish
to get involved,

but let me tell
you what I heard.

There are people who are after
the f*re bird in Jinyowon.

The long-lasting drought

has dried up the wells and canals
and is causing dissent among people.

Please allow Cheonbugwan to
gather the Unanimous Assembly

and advance the date
for the lake's rite.

It is strange that all the wells
and canals have been drying up

just because of the drought.

Fortunately, the fear of soul
shifters has died down in the capital

after Jang Uk managed
to get rid of Naksu.

The Crown Prince shall visit
Jang Uk and reward him as always.

Your Majesty.

This time, he deserves
a bigger reward.

Appoint him as the general of the
North Fortress and send him there.

Are you asking me

to make him leave
Daeho Fortress?

Without him, the capital
could become unstable again.

Right now, Cheonbugwan
has more mages

than Jeongjingak has ever had.

With our mages' protection and the
leadership of the Crown Prince,

who was born with the
energy of the King's Star,

no one in the capital
will feel unsettled.

When the world suffered from
severe drought 200 years ago,

the ice stone fell from the sky.

It looks like these people

are trying to do the same
by waking the f*re bird.

The royal family and Cheonbugwan
are the ones behind it.

Do you wish for me to
fight against them?

A fight like that would
be considered a revolt.

If you win the fight,

you could even become the King.


You already know that the King's Star,
which is known to be the Crown Prince's,

is actually yours.

That also means you know
who your real father is.

How long do you plan to
keep me locked up in here?

Just because I wish

to keep you locked up

does not mean I can.

You possess the power
of the ice stone.

I know you are holding
back for my sake.

Jin Mu

and the royal family
were behind it all.

- I need to know what they did to her.
- And do what?

Will you k*ll them all?

Like you said, it is not impossible
with the power I possess.

Fighting against the royal family
and Cheonbugwan is a revolt.

Are you going to use the energy
of the sky to disrupt the world?

I do not care!

I do not care for this world.

The one person I wanted
to protect is d*ad.

And in the most…

brutal way possible.


You have always wondered if
Jang g*ng was your real father.

This is the gold plaque and letter
that your real father left for you.

Jang g*ng briefly switched
bodies with your father

using the alchemy of souls.

Your father's soul pursued your
mother, and she gave birth to a baby,

which was you.

You are the son
of the late King.

You were born through
the alchemy of souls.

If not for that, you
would not have been born.

You were not meant to exist.

Are you saying

my birth is a sin in itself?

On the night of your birth,

the King's Star was in the sky.

And to conceal that,

Naksu's father, Cho Chung, died.

Jang g*ng also died to take responsibility
and to keep everything a secret.

And the one person
you wanted to protect

was likely used and k*lled
by those who wanted you d*ad.

If you intend to use your power

gained by being born under the King's
Star merely to bring chaos to the world,

then I, too…

shall do anything to stop you,

even if I die by your hands.

I am guilty of existing

when I should not.

So I have decided to do nothing.

Jang Uk.

"It is better to die
than to do nothing."

That is what your master
always used to tell you.

My master, Seo Gyeong,

was also born with the
energy of the King's Star,

but he did not become King.

Instead, he protected the world.

How can I protect the world
when I could not even protect

the one person I had
sworn to keep safe?

I guess you are not thrilled to
possess the power of the ice stone

since you gained it by getting
k*lled by that one person.

Why did Master Seo Gyeong

leave behind the ice stone?

He wrote in Words of the Heart
that he left it to save his lover,

Jin Seol-ran.

But eventually, she died.

Why did he keep the ice
stone inside Jinyowon?

Maybe it was for you. You were
also born under the King's Star.

I will be off.

We found them.

They really are here.

You are incredible.

I can see why people say you
remind them of Jin Seol-ran.

It is amazing that you are able
to see that kind of energy.

Seeing energy is
all I can do yet.

You said your divine powers will
return along with your memories.

Then tell me.

Have you regained a
lot of your memories?

I have seen several
past memories,

but they are not mine.

I am able to see other people's
memories by touching their items.

I guess my divine powers are
slowly starting to come back.

I see.

I am glad to hear that.

If that earthenware
is dangerous,

I can keep looking for them.

Would you kindly do that for me?

Whoever keeps you by their side

will be able to avoid
dangerous objects.

Some people possess energy
that should be avoided.

Have you ever come
across such a person?

The energy inside people
is not always constant,

but those in a frenzy carry an energy
that suffocates me when seen up close.

People say you resemble spring

as it is the most beautiful
season among the four.

I really do see

a beautiful liveliness in you.

Thank you.

A spiritless person like me

is desperate for the
vitality of spring.

I am quite fond of you.
Come and visit me often.

I would like to get a glimpse

of the spring that
is soon to come.

Yes, Your Highness.

Your Royal Highness, why do you suddenly
wish to hunt somewhere far away?

It is suffocating
inside the palace.

I wish to depart
now, so pack lightly.

Yes, Your Royal Highness.

Let me know when
you see the energy.

We will stop the boat.

I will.


Stop the boat.

I remember dangling
from here once.



I have no strength.

What is the matter?

Why did you suddenly
dangle from there?

I once dangled from there

only to realize that
I had no strength.


it seems like you are exhausted.

You should get some rest nearby.

This is my memory.

I even remember my arms hurting.

I forgot to bring
home the turtle.

I almost left it here all alone.

I told the owner to
take good care of it.

Still, I bet it is waiting
for its owner to come.

Go out and get some fresh air.


Go and take a walk.


Yes, Your Royal Highness.

"I have no strength"?

Does that mean I
had strength before?

It does not like that.


You are here.

That turtle only eats
meat wrapped in lettuce.

- Really?
- Are you dumb or what?

It is refusing because it is you.
It never refuses when I feed it.



Here is a piece of lettuce.

Eat up.

You see that?

It only cares for me.
What a clever turtle.

Did you see how fast it moved?

I bet it is the fastest
turtle in Daeho.

That is one lucky turtle

seeing how loved it is.

What is wrong?

Has your husband still not come
home because of that peacock?

He does come home these days,

but I still sleep alone.

Why not do anything?
You are a shaman.

Curse the peacock and make
her leave your husband.

Or feed your husband a potion
that will captivate him.

You are too young
to be so woeful.

How would a eunuch like you
know anything about marriage?

Or anything about
sleeping alone?

I may not know any of that,
but I do know your situation.

If he left home, you could at
least hope for him to return.

But sleeping separately?

That means it is over.

If he never bothers
to visit your room,

you might as well move out.

You are right.

I am done staying in
that room all alone.

There you go. You
should cheat too.

Stop giving me
unwholesome solutions.

I will find a room of my own.

You do not even
have your own room?

I feel anxious because the room I
stay in does not feel like it is mine.

It only ends up confusing him,

which is why he cannot find me.

I shall find a room of my own.

Thank you for your
advice. It really helped.

It did?

If you fail to find your own
room, you can come live with me.

My house has many rooms.

Where were you going?

My house has many rooms, but none
of them make me feel at home.

You could say I am running
away to avoid something.

You possess a very noble energy,

but I guess you also have
a peacock that bothers you.

Yes, I do.

There is this guy I hate
who is too good to be true.

Have you heard of the crow that
placed peacock feathers among its own

so it could act like a peacock?

I am that crow.

If you feel uneasy about
pretending, then why not stop?

I have already come too far.

I am hopeless now.

You saved this turtle.

A man like you can
never be hopeless.

You are a bad judge of character, but
you do know how to comfort people.

Thank you for motivating
me with improper words.

I need to go and finish
what I was doing.

Have a safe trip.

Instead of going hunting,
maybe I should visit Jang Uk

since he even took care of you.

I informed him of your visit.

How dare he not show
up to greet you.

I will go and bring Jang Uk.



The f*re bird.

It looks like Jang Uk
already knows about this.

Are you here to reward me?

You can leave it and go.

His Majesty the King

wishes to give you a
bigger reward this time.

He will send you
to North Fortress

after appointing
you as a general.

North Fortress?

- That is far.
- What will you do?

Will you go?

Will you feel at ease if I
leave somewhere far away?

Do not go if you do not wish to.

It is true that you bother me,

but to Jin Mu, you
will be a big obstacle.

I guess you finally feel uneasy
about holding hands with Jin Mu.

But unfortunately,

I do not wish to become his
obstacle for your own good.

You must think I am trying to
use you to keep Jin Mu in check.

I understand.

You will probably think that
way no matter what I say.

Why are you suddenly
telling me these things?

The turtle.

- Why were you kind to my turtle?
- Turtle?

If you hate me so much, why
were you nice to my turtle?

That turtle was yours? I
thought it was Eunuch Oh's.

I see.

I was foolishly mistaken.

Did you think

I did it out of kindness?

Just because I was
nice to your turtle?

It is more than just that.

It gave me enough hope
to come and talk to you

despite the hatred and
distrust you have toward me.

Forget it.

I guess you will not be
going to North Fortress

seeing that you have been
reading about the f*re bird.

What if I do go?

You know how dangerous a f*re bird
is, and yet you are going to leave?

I am glad I kept this book open.

I managed to see that
expression on your face.

If I did not hate you so much,

I might have even thought that
you were worried about the world.

You possess a power so strong,

yet you are no better
than me or my turtle.

That is because there is not a
single thing I wish to protect.

Listen, Jang Uk.

Do you remember what you said when
you saved everyone in the barrier?

You told me that it is better
to die than to do nothing,

just as your master
has taught you.

Back then, you were full of vigor
even though you had lost your energy.

But now you are d*ad despite
the power you possess.


Do absolutely nothing.

After all, you are d*ad.


The tree that I remember
was not this small.

It was a lot bigger and taller.

I was on top of that tree.

I was there all by myself,

and that memory

is definitely mine.

I want to climb up
that tree again.

Young Master!

Young Master, are you all right?

Open the door.

Open this door!

I am all right. Just go.

Why are you not going to
Jinyowon when you are in pain?


Then I will go see
Jin Ho-gyeong again.

What are you thinking?

Why are you doing
this to yourself?

So I can do what
I can to make up

for my ongoing regrets.

Because that pain…

is much greater than
the pain I feel now.

You gave me a chance to do that.

I thank you for that.

So you do not need…

to do anything more for me.

You have done enough.

Young Lady Heo gave me
some medicine for my pain.

I will bring it to you.

Make sure you take
it, Young Master.

The fact that they are still
alive with the blood parasite

in the core of their energy

shows that they have a
very high pain tolerance.


if the blood parasite goes mad after
its energy surges the wrong way,

the pain will drive them crazy
and eventually k*ll them.

They will need my help
if they wish to live.

So they will not be able
to expose Bu-yeon's secret.

But is there even a way to
get rid of the blood parasite

once it enters the
core of one's energy?

Insects are eaten…

by birds.

Jin Bu-yeon really seems like a
priestess with amazing divine powers.

She has started to
regain her divine powers?

You told her that once
she regains her memories,

her divine powers
will come back.


If she regains her divine
powers, her memories will return.

Is there a difference?

Have her find the earthenware.

Once Jin Bu-yeon regains
her divine powers,

Naksu will also retrieve
her old memories

and will eventually be
rejected by that body.


I was given the Spirit
Plaque of Songrim.

They said my skills are on
par with Jeongjingak mages,

so I am allowed to enter freely.

It took me so much
effort to earn that,

but seeing you with it makes it
feel like it was all for nothing.

It took you a lot of effort?

I guess you got bad grades.

What was your class
rank when you trained?

As soon as I opened my gate of energy,
I reached Chisu faster than anyone.

You must have trained very hard.

That is because
someone made sure

that my life was put at risk
if I did not do my best.




My harsh master always put me
on the brink and pushed me.

Thanks to that,

I learned to climb
back up again.

My master never allowed me

to quit and do nothing.

It is better to die
than do nothing.


Did I confuse you again?

Now I really have no idea
who it is that is talking.

But it is strange.

I have heard that
too many times today.

Maybe because I
thought of quitting.

What do you mean?

Were you going to
quit everything?


I figured I finally found a way

to get rid of the
burden I carry.

Is it…

that burdensome for you?

Lord Park told me
I was incredible

as he gave me this.

I will slowly become
more and more powerful,

and I will use that power…

to protect you.

I am also starting
to get confused

about what it is

that I really want from you.

I plan

to find my own room.

I will find out who I really am and
decorate my room with my own traits.

I hope…

that makes it easier
for you to find me.

I will keep you warm

and help you rest comfortably.

I barely managed to advance
the date of the rite.

But you threw everything
into the lake?

I had no other choice. I could
not let Songrim find out.

I will have to put So-i back
in charge of importing goods.

Take him out of here.

So-i has been gone from
the gambling den for days.

She will forever
be under my control

as long as the blood
parasite lives inside her.

Wait until she shows
up and bring her here.

Yes, Gwanju.

Show them this letter.

Then they will take care of you.

When will you visit
Jin Ho-gyeong?

You have no time to waste.

I know.

I hope you come back alive.

You will be returning to Seoho
Fortress once you are better, right?

Have a safe trip.

I am trying to pick

a perfect date for our wedding.

Let us get married quickly.

All right.

I also need to pick a wedding
date for Young Master Jang.

Let us invite
every single person

in your family from Wol
Fortress to our wedding.

I will send over a big boat.

Thank you.

Who should I invite to
Young Master Jang's wedding?

He has no family, but I do not
want the place to feel empty.

Maidservant Kim, why are
you peeling chestnuts?

Young Master Jang
loves chestnut rice.

I feel sad.

It seems to you,

Uk always comes first.

That is because he
is my young master.

I am also concerned about him.


If Uk and I were
drowning like this,

who would you save first?

Why would I save either of you?

You two could easily swim out.

What if we could not?

What if we were both struggling
to get out of the water?

Whose name would you call first?


- Ja...
- Of course,

you would call Jang Uk first.

You would only be
concerned about Uk.

You would not care

about me at all.

Look who is talking.

You once said you would
seal the door shut

even if I end up dying inside.

- When did I say that?
- Unbelievable.

Then let me ask
you one more time.

Let us say I was trapped
inside a very dangerous room,

and you had to seal the door.

Then would you seal
that door or not?

How urgent is the situation?

If I did not seal the door,

would the entire
world be in danger?

Listen to yourself!

How could you even care
about the situation

when I would be
the one in danger?

I would die.

Do not speak of such a
heartbreaking situation.


will never be in danger.

I will always be
there to protect you.


Even if you decide
to seal that door,

I know how heartbreaking
it will be for you,

so it does not upset me so much.

So just know that even if I call
Young Master Jang's name before yours,

it is not because my love for
you is in any way smaller.

I was a fool.

That question

also implied that you had to watch
the death of your beloved one.

Both should be saved.

You should save them
both in any way possible.

Neither of them will ever drown.

Tear out the heart and
break it to pieces.

You wish to go to Danhyanggok?


I heard there is a gigantic tree
there, and I wish to see it myself.

There is a gigantic tree there.

I went there with Uk, Yul, and…

We went there together.

The tree I wish to see is mine.


I remember a very big tree,

and I wish to see

if it really exists.

I am not sure if we are
talking about the same tree,

but it is located somewhere high
up, so it will be easy to find.

I would love to take
you there myself,

but I am too busy.

I could have someone
escort you to Danhyanggok.

I will ask if I need someone.

Are you going to Danhyanggok?

Yul knows his way around
Danhyanggok a lot better than I do.

He went there often as a kid.

I also wanted to visit.

Shall we go together?

Great, Yul can take you
there. You should go with him.

I heard it is a dangerous place.

Is that all right?


Let us go there together.


It looks like these people

are trying to do the same
by waking the f*re bird.

You know how dangerous a f*re bird
is, and yet you are going to leave?

It is better to die
than do nothing.

I do not have that
stone with me right now.

If she really does not have it,

it should be
somewhere in the room.

What are you doing?

You came awfully quick.

What is it?

Are you having trouble sleeping?
Do you want to sleep in my arms?

How will that help me sleep?

I am not here because
of what you said.

I am here to check

if you really have not been
carrying that item around.

Look. I kept it in here.

So it really was you

who said those words?

I find it strange too,

which is why I plan to go
to Danhyanggok tomorrow.


To see a tree.

You told me that the tree
you mentioned really exists.

I want to see if the tree I
remember also exists there.

That jade makes things
even more confusing.

But one thing is for sure.

I knew about that tree

way before I even met you.

Seeing that tree for myself will
help me find out who I really am.

All right, go ahead.

- I will...
- I will be going with Yul.

- With Yul?
- He offered to go with me.

He knows the place well.

Why would you bother him?

He also wanted to see the tree.

He is only being
nice as my friend.

He just feels bad
about saying no.

- He is my friend too.
- No, he is my friend.

You cannot be friends
with my friend.

- Why not?
- Yul is my friend.

If he is your friend, that
means we are friends too.

Can we not even be friends?

How can someone who hugs me and
puts me to bed be just a friend?

Have fun

at Danhyanggok with your friend.

I am fine with you
being Yul's friend.

I must be crazy.

So this is Danhyanggok.

What a wonderful view.

Did you say you came
here often as a kid?


This is where we first met.

We met when we were young?

I came here to see you.

I did not even care
that I had hurt my leg,

and I was not afraid
of getting scolded…

because I liked you a lot.

I could not stop
feeling this way,

so I did nothing even
though I knew who you were.

And that left me with
agonizing regrets.

This time, I am glad I
recognized you first.

I finally have a chance
to do what I need to do.

Young Master. Young Master Seo.

You seemed to be lost
in your thoughts.

Master Heo wishes to see you.

Yun-ok told me

that you helped hide
that girl named So-i.

She is already gone.

I sent her far away,
so do not worry.


have you been avoiding me?

Do you still resent me for
sending you to Seoho Fortress?

You had to carry on the
Seo family's bloodline,

so I did not want you involved
in anything regarding Naksu.

I know.

You do not look so well.

Let me examine you.

- Follow me inside.
- I need to go somewhere.

I will come by…

once I return.

All right. Make sure you do.

If you do not come,
I will hunt you down.

I will.

I am sorry, Master Heo.

I wish you good health.

Madam, what made
you so concerned

that you decided to return?

We shall leave as soon as I
check that he goes to Jinyowon.

Why do you care
so much about him?

Do you like him?

The only kind of
world I ever knew

was filled with
filth and darkness.

I saw him when I
was swindling people

by pretending to be blind.

And for the first time ever…

the world seemed…

clean and bright.

That is just

how I felt.

All right, then.
Let us go check.

I will go buy us some noodles.

It seems like the mages of Cheonbugwan
have taken over while I was gone.

You were trying to run
away, were you not?

It would be impossible to do that
with that blood parasite inside you.

Did you perhaps remove
it from your body?

Tell me the truth if you
wish to spare your life.

Did you take the blood
parasite out of your body?

Maidservant Kim packed us lunch.

What beautiful weather.

It is like we are
going on a picnic.

Did you say goodbye to Uk?

Yes, I did.

He told me to have
fun with my friend.

How is your condition?

Do you feel better?

I did what you asked
and did not tell Uk.

I am sorry.

Young Master Seo!

What are you doing here?

- Did you not get on the boat?
- I…

Madam So-i was captured
by Cheonbugwan mages.

What is a blood parasite?

They keep beating her
saying she no longer has it.

Is she at the gambling den?


Whose body holds
the blood parasite?

Who did you give
the medicine to?

I told you, I took the medicine!

I thought it would
be good for me.

Just tell me the truth.

If I take you to Gwanju, he
will crush you to pieces.

Put that down.

Put that back down!

Put that down! Put it back!

Put that down!

No! Put that down!

A blood parasite?

What is that?

I am not sure.

But that is what I heard.

There is something
I have not told you.

He told me not to tell you.

But Seo Yul is severely ill.

I saw an unusual form
of energy inside him.

I think it was the
blood parasite.

Take out all the items from
Cheonbugwan that So-i brought.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

Were you the person that
So-i tried to protect?

I need to take her with me.

Move aside.

So-i knows too many
of Gwanju's secrets.

If I let Songrim take her,
my life will be at stake.

I cannot let you do that.

Cheonbugwan has been
looking for her.

I told you to move aside.

Why would a man like you
protect someone like her?

I will not allow you

to take her to Jin
Mu of Cheonbugwan.

I must end it quickly.

Using too much of my energy
will put me in danger.

The blood parasite?

The blood parasite given to So-i

is now inside Seo Yul.


I am glad that before I die…

I can see you

who made the world

seem clean and bright.


stay alive.

I do not know how a nobleman like you
got involved with a girl like her.

But now that things
have come to this,

I cannot spare you.




I am sorry.

Not a single person…

will be able to walk
out of here alive.


Who put that thing
in So-i's body?

Was it Jin Mu's doing?

Stop Jang Uk from
entering Cheonbugwan!

If Seo Yul dies,

it will start a great clash
between Songrim and Cheonbugwan.

She said she did not want to
find out, so I plan to show her.

Only three breaths.

You said you have no recollection
of who you are, right?

The blue marks bloomed
in her eyes like flowers.
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