03x26 - The Place Where Planets Are Born

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Sonic X". Aired: April 6, 2003 – April 18, 2005.
Japanese anime series follows the adventures of Sonic and his friends after an expl*si*n transfers them to the human world.
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03x26 - The Place Where Planets Are Born

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Wake up Charmy !

The phone is ringing, Go answer !

But that's not the phone, I notify you it's the small bell No matter, Go answer quickly !

Why is it never you who answer ?

If that's the newspaper seller, tell him we're not interested !

For a detective, never buying newspapers can be bad seen You will end by having a bad reputation !

Yeah, I'm coming !

Good Morning, it's me Good Morning !

And thanks to give us this big pleasure of visiting us, I'm vector, nice to meet you We already know ourselves I am making a point of thanking you for everything you did for me I will never forget it Oh, please, it was really nothing, that's part of our job, do you know ?

Be careful you begin to drool on the floor I've never eaten cakes so yummy !

There's still a lot, then help yourselves as much portions as you want What a generosity !

Thanks to those cakes, we will be able to save up meal tickets Come on, Such things shouldn't be said !

But we did not have any customer since we came back More, we took on too many debts to build again our Detective Agency Then, We still have to tighten our belt In this case, next time I will bring you something more nourishing That's true ?

You will do that only for us ?

You're so kind !

It's so rare to be able to count on someone's help Oh yes ?

Espio, I think you're saying too much You cakes are incontestably the best !

Thank you, I'm happy to have made them It was worth for all the praises I received We already happened to taste cakes made by Cream, but now, I know why they were so delicious You have surely been a excellent teacher I must say you're very talented to flatter people Now I understand why Cream were making so much sweets and cakes all days lately It must please her a lot to receive compliments from you All days you said ?

Yes, All days So, Did something changed here since our travel in Space ?

No, everything is exactly the same Rebirth of Planets It's a cake I made with Mum, I've even given a portion to the detectives today Is it true ?

That's what I call waste And you what did you prepare ?

Surprise !

Goodness, an apple pie, it looks delicious It's Ella who gave me her recipe I think you will like In my opinion, with all the sweets we give him to eat I'm sure Tails will end by getting some weight You're surely right, maybe someday he won't be able to fly anymore Since the time I've waited for But why ?

Because she's dreaming to race against Tails I'd like to see that After all those cakes, they would be advised to make some exercises to burn calories And if we were also joining them to help with motivation Excellent idea, besides it's good for health, and it gives good mood And it's better to be in a good mood If the lost energy is regenerated She should get back to her initial form as a matter of course And will you do as always ?

I beg you Master Emerald, hurry to recover your original form !

Is that what you were meaning ?

Yes that's what I were thinking about But do you think it can work ?

I doubt it I don't know how much we will have to wait But I will use this time to relax a bit I'm ready to let her all the time she will need After all, We must admit she worked very hard, She may take a break Yeah, true Tell me, Knuckles, I would like to build a house but do you know how we must do it in this world ?

But what are you meaning ?

Building here or there is the same, isn't it ?

I'm not talking about the structure I mean the place, the size, and maybe we need the authorization of everyone, right ?

But what are you talking about ?

You can build it where there's free space But if the field already has a owner And what ?

No Name is written on it for all I know What ?!

In your world you're writing names on lands ?

Well, of course no names are written but they imperatively may be registered somewhere Well I think In my opinion All of that seem to me way too complicated Who know, maybe someday we will decide who owns the sky and the sea That'd be all we'd need !

Why do you want a house ?

Don't you guess ?

I won't camp to Cream's house forever I see, in any case, I'm always sleeping out lately You should try, It is quite enjoyable, finally Although, raining days are rather laborious We are the first to feel the seasons changing The grass is becoming our pillow and the sky our roof It may please you !

I would prefer to have a real roof Yeah You're worrying about Shadow ?

It's not like yourself You're all wrong He's surely hanging in a lost place as usual Yes, No doubt, Anyway I don't think there's any reasons to worry Don't forget He's an apart being like the life form created by my grandfather who have been elected the best scientist of the century !

Please, don't tell me you're serious Goodness !

You have a rather ample bosom !

The time for you to leave has come, soon nothing will remain of this ship Hi, Tails, How are you ?

Hi !

We were living restful and joyful days again I already lived such days in the past For once, we were taking the time to live The time were flowing slowly but surely It's just like we were living a dream A dream wich were becoming true It was marvelous But in spite of everything, A memory is still there and will never disappear Cosmo!!!

Thanks, Thank you all for accepting me I always thought I were useless That I was unable to do anything and that I couldn't do something for someone But you helped me to regain trust in myself And this feeling will never disappear Whatever happens I will stay by your side forever Surely Surely Surely Forever Cosmo Chaos Regeneration !

It's strange, I've a feeling that I've already seen this light before It's gentle And also a bit sad Oh no !

No !

There's an anomaly !

The power of the Planet Egg will soon gush out !

Put the Protect Screen on place !

You seem you forgot only a little detail Doctor We used all the remaining energy barely a few hours ago, moron !

Yes, I forgot then we can't do anything more !

It's getting harder !

The Planet Egg has been released its power will soon gush out I have no other choice Chaos Sha..

shadow Don't be angry, I didn't have other choices I couldn't take the risk to let you controlling the Chaos Chaos Control !

What but what happened ?!

It disappeared !

Shadow Something is shining What does it mean Eggman-sama ?

He certainly stopped time The time-lag is way too lengthy for this distance Isn't this the palm tree which was in front of us just a moment ago ?

Exact, no need to show you a picture, you surely understood what happened Chaos Control I was far from thinking he was still having so much powers Nor me Sonic Don't rush me Sonic Tails Take this I'm sorry, We've been unable to do anything else It's not true!

Just a second ago that was Cosmo!

Answeranswer me!

I thought Sonic, you could have saved her I believed in you I BELIEVED IN YOU!!!

It's unbelievable It's like a meteor shower It's splendid, yeah really splendid All are Planet Eggs And now, they all come back to their respective planet It seems like a marvelous fairytale He's raving, right ?

Like you when you're not in your normal state You were also acting a moment ago, I remark You !

What are you talking about, I'm always the same I'm also always the same Liar !

I never like rookies You should respect us Anyway, you're unable to have a just judgment You make me crazy you both !

I advise to recharge your battery because we're going home Yes !

He ho Daddy !

Don't call me like that !

I thought it would please you, it will make an eternity that I carry this bag with me You were not easy to find, there !

Why do you hide ?!

Because Come here !

I've something to give you Dr.

Eggman told me to deliver you this Eggman ?

You who controls the light is this what you wanted?

You never change you guys.

You destroy planets and try to destroy space.

Provoke the destruction of the whole universe Our descendent's will correct this.

In the future they will try it.

But with everything, you still try to oppose us..

Of course This Planet's inhabitant want to live free We all want to live free and make it last.

Good night, have sweet dreams.

Eggman what does that mean exactly ?

How dare you ask "What does that mean" ?

It's clear never less, it's written black on white !

What I read is true ?

you're offering me a 1 way ticket for Earth ?

Dr.Eggman has put some things in order here and there, he got out very well It proves unlike you, he has a lot right here !

Then, this machine Will help you to transport you to your world And soon, we won't have to tolerate you anymore Then, Hurry to go back to home !

There's only enough energy for a simple way In fact, just enough to get you back home But it may not pose any problems I'm not sure I understood, why are doing all of this for me ?

Don't have any illusions, I created this machine so I need a guinea pig to test it But reassure yourself kid, it will surely bring you back home the only little problem is maybe you won't have the same age as now Maybe you will be 18 or maybe 6 years or maybe you will become a baby It's great, isn't it ?

In fact, I don't care if I'm not totally the same anymore But I absolutely do not want to rejuvenate Then, what is your decision ?

Yes or No ?

It's Yes !

I will trust in your machine !

for once I'll miss you, idiot There's no way to weep tears !

You are so wet blanket sometimes A last detail, Listen to me carefully, you only have 3 minutes before the departure What ?!

You heard us right!

You can't say goodbye to your friends!

Hey hey, this is nice timing, is it not?

I understand What ?!

You're joking ?

You will leave even without saying goodbye to your friends ?!

You're so cold I'm really disappointed Wait, I'm going to come back Are you sure you can trust him?

Maybe he's lying to you ?

Don't you think ?

Maybe a more safe solution is existing And what about a big farewell party ?

No way !

In 3 minutes the position of this planet will coincide with Earth's magnetic interferences At this precise moment, The time and space of opposed worlds will enter into contact Enter into contact ?

The time, the space, people, for everything A meeting moment exists wich determine if things will go for the best or worst Then, you mean, if I have been able to come to this world, it's only thanks to a temporal-space Probably I also resuscitated Shadow this way Even Dark Oak's plantation have been able to grow after a 1000 years cycle I see That's why you offered me this one way ticket If you want a round trip ticket, you will have to obtain it by yourself Wait !

You can continue to live here !

If you don't want to be under my commands I will let you be like me !

And those two will be our subordinates What are you saying ?

You think we are your subordinates now ?

Yeah !

In your place, I would be ashamed to leave like a thief you could thanks us at least !

Since you act like this, I will say to your friends you left without any regrets And with a smile on your face !

Idiot I wonder if my friends will be angry against me for leaving so fast Or will they understand ?

What, he left?!

What do you mean by this?

He didn't even say goodbye!

But he said he would build a new Typhoon with me!

Forgive me Sonic Sonic Sonic!

Perfect, this one won't compromise my projects anymore Now, We can entirely consecrate in the creation of my future Eggman Empire !

Yeah !

What, Eggman again?

I'm really angry now!

He's annoying!

He'll regret this!

Everyone ready, here we go!

I won't forgive you, Eggman!
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