01x01 - Episode 1

Episode transcripts for the TV Show "Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka". Aired: 13 November – 18 December 2003.*
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The Doctor tries to help a village where the residents are in fear of an alien race called the Shalka.
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01x01 - Episode 1

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Mount Ruapehu field campaign
to tracking aircraft, over.

Tracking aircraft, can you hear me?

- Weird.

What's gonna be interfering
with it up here?

Probably a new radio station.
Volcano FM.

Volcano FM, cool.
Rock by day, lava by night.

Is that the aircraft?

No! It's a... It's a meteor! Sweet!

It's going to land just over the ridge!

I've gotta go see this. Come on!

Look at it! I never thought
I'd get to see one of these close up!

- Do you see something moving down there?
- It's just the smoke.

- No. I see it, too!
- What is it?

Some kind of worm.

DAWSON: Cute little guy...

There's a home waiting
for you in Turangi. Come here...

What was that? Where is it?

It burrowed into the rock!
I think it made it molten!

The gases...from the meteorite...
Got to get some air!

Dave, this is huge.

We've got to get a crew down here.
Fence this off.

Give me a second. (INHALES DEEPLY)

DAWSON: You all right?
why have you stopped?

I was gonna ask you that.

I can't... I can't move.

My body's not...

There's something... Can you feel it?
Underneath the ground.

What's going on? Stop! Grab something!

- I can't!
- DAWSON: Stop! Don't go in there!

It's not where we're supposed to be.

I'm going to take a look around.

I don't want to be here! I won't do it!

Whatever it is.

(SNIFFS) From the smell of the air...

England. 2003. Ugh.

But something's odd about it.

And where is everybody?

Oh, for goodness' sake!

There you go. On the house.

I've got a sore throat.
I'm too ill to use a till.

I love you. Marry me, Alison.

You going to take me away from all this?

- Alison, don't give away the beer.
-why not?

We're never gonna get any more.
We might as well empty the cellar.

It might just stop.

And you're not paying me enough
for this, by the way.

Nobody else will come in.

It'll stop. It has to.

Everyone's been saying
it's gonna stop since it started.

Everyone's waiting for it to change
but nobody is doing anything.

Everyone's too scared
to leave their houses.

I don't agree with her.
This is all her. I told her to shut up.

Single glass of Marceau '96,
if you please.

I've heard so much about it.

- Sorry. We only do dry or sweet.
- And I don't do sweet.

Miss Cheney?

Any relation to Lon?
wonderful chap. Hairy hands.

What are you on about?

Haven't seen you around here.

No, in a bustling town centre
on a Saturday night,

I suppose you don't get many strangers.

You're scared.
Less than these two are, though.

That's why they're both
looking at me like that.

They're scared of anyone who isn't.

Scared somebody might talk.

MAX: Do you want to do this, Alison?
Do you really?

So, none of you are going
to tell me anything?

You haven't even thought
to charge me for the drink.

And there's no Pachelbel
on this jukebox.

I'd have thought he'd get
a look in on "Smooth Classics Two."

- But, no.

It's all right, whatever you are.
We're all being good.

Either something very odd
is going on down there,

(SHUDDERS) or the rats have discovered
the delights of the D'Oyly Carte.

Solidified lava...

Never knew what he'd think.

- Who? That?
- No.

My Oswald. He was run over in 1987.

He was such a lovely kitten.
Grew up to be an awkward cat.

He must have used up his nine lives.

Rather like me.
I'm terribly pleased to meet you.

What's your name?

Miss Mathilda Pierce.

- Charmed.
-(GASPS) What are you doing here?

I don't know.

They keep putting me in places where
terrible things are going to happen.

Oh! Right.

Spare change?

- Oh! Let's see.

Uh, I got here...

- Attraxian semble seeds.
- Oh.

You'll need to grow those into a tree
before they'd be worth anything.

Zornic groats.

No, you don't want
currency that talks back.

Uh... Do you lot use Euros yet?

You're being cruel to me!

Oh, never, Mathilda.
I'm a homeless person myself.

It's the first thing I am. Here.


What do you know
about that lump of rock?

Only, you're the first human being
I've seen on the streets tonight

and I was hoping for some assistance.

Nowhere else to go.

I've left my house,
the floor wasn't solid.

- Not solid?

I used to have 28 cats,
but they all ran away.

All the cats and dogs
and birds have left this town.

- All the animals.
- Why?

Well, cats get scared
of things they can hear.


You know,
it's how a tiger marks its territory.

- By low-frequency sound?
- Mmm.

A booming in the throat keeps
all the other top predators away.

But what about the people?
why aren't they out and about?

(EXHALES) You seem a nice, young man...

- You should stay off the grass.
- Why?

- It's down there.


- Oh, no! No. Oh! Stop it!

- It's all right. It's all right.
- Stop it!

- Oh... Oh... Oh...
- It's just some sort of earth tremor.

- Hang on to something.

Are you all right?
Mathilda? Mathilda? Oh!

(SNIFFS) All right. All right.

- Hiya.
- Hey.

How was work?

This weird guy came in,
asking questions.

You always get the nutters.

They can tell
you're gonna listen to them.

It won't last long now, though,
there aren't many left.

I was only gonna see what's on.

-It's just...
-I know.

Don't raise the volume
so we can actually hear anything.

Next door hasn't got theirs turned up
and the street's quiet.

-1 like it like this.
- Oh, don't say that, Joe.

Don't say you like it.


- I went into my surgery today.

There were even a few patients,
all throat complaints.

Yeah, I've been getting hoarse

and it's not like
I've had anyone to yell at.

Must be a bug going around.
It'll be the death of me.

-I don't care anymore, Joe.

- This has to change!
- We have to keep on living, Ali.

- We have to keep on going, in case...
- In case there's a chance to fight?

That's not what I meant.

- No.

Don't worry. I'll get it.

What are you doing here?

Around the corner,
a lovely old lady has just d*ed.

Does anyone here care?

Who are you?

- It's the weird guy from the pub.

You care, don't you?

You were going to tell me.
What's going on?

Why is everybody
staying off the streets?

- How'd you find me?
- Your pay slip had your address on it.

The phones don't work,

there are no current newspapers
or magazines, nobody on the streets.

So this town has been cut off for, what?
Three weeks?

And somehow nobody in Britain
has noticed.

What have you allowed to happen here?
As you humans allow so many things.

- We humans?
- How can you come in here and start...

The floor! You're afraid of something
coming up out of the ground.

You're all around pussyfooting around,
walking on egg shells.

If you don't tell me
what you're afraid of,

I'll keep making noise
until I find out for myself.

- You...
- DOCTOR: So...

- One of you is willing to fight?

You give me a way to fight
and I'll fight.

She doesn't know what she's saying.

Tell me!

Three weeks ago, like you said,
some kind of sound

deep underground, a vibration...

It was there when
you listened to the pipes.

It was there when you slept,
right at the edge of hearing.

Alison, don't.

Joe, I have to do this, somebody has to.

I've heard this noise myself.

So it seems you're living above an
angry landlord with a long broom handle

who wants you all
to stay very, very quiet.

I see one of them
on the street sometimes,

keeping an eye on me.

I saw it tonight.

JOE: I don't know
what she's talking about.

I've never seen anything.
Everything here is normal.

Please, leave us alone.

Tell me about the solidified lava.
That was a person, wasn't it?

That was Kim, my mate from work.

Max didn't like her
because she talked too much.

More than me even.

She wanted to get a message out.
Wanted to do something.

Then, one night, on the way home,

the ground opened up and...

She started
covering herself with lava.

Just kept smearing it onto her body.

She was screaming out all the time,
calling out to us to stop her.

- JOE: But we couldn't.
- We couldn't move.

In the end,
she didn't have hands anymore.

And then she...
She put her face in...

And just solidified.

- There.
- I'm so sorry.

I give you my word,
this ends tonight.

Well, thanks for that.

Because we might see
some of those punishments now.

The lava is for ones who really push it.

If you're lucky, you'll just get
your brain fried by the sound.

Do you know what it's like
to be a doctor

and stand by and watch these things
and not be able to do anything?

(SIGHS) So many answers to that.

But, no. No interest in giving them.

No wonder you're all afraid.

ALISON: The sound makes you afraid.

- Oh, no.

Get behind me.

They say they're down there,
in the rocks. They say they're monsters.

- That's why I've been sent here.
- Who are you?

I know about monsters. I'm the Doctor.
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