01x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks". Aired: 5 November 1966 to 10 December 1966.
Series is the completely missing third serial of the fourth season of British science fiction television series Doctor Who, and which was first broadcast in six weekly parts from 5 November to 10 December 1966.
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01x06 - Episode 6

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(DOCTOR WHO THEME) Orders received.

- Exterminate all humans! - Exterminate all humans! Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! - Daleks conquer and destroy! -

(WHIRRING) Daleks conquer and destroy! Take up positions, ready to exterminate all human beings.

Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! - GUARD: Move on! - The Dalek! - What about it? - Can't you see it's armed? Keep moving! - This area is restricted.

- QUINN: On whose authority? GUARD: Silence! Repeat.

This area is restricted.

Obey or you shall be exterminated.

I thought they obeyed us.

What do we do now, Doctor? This way.

They will be exterminated.

We've won! The revolution's over.

I'll pass the word to Valmar, Kebble and the rest.


The revolution is not quite over yet.

JANLEY: What more can we do? Hensell's d*ad, you're the new Governor.

The battle's over.

Not quite.

You mentioned Kebble, Valmar and that rabble.

Well, now they must be dealt with.

- But those are our own men.


(CHUCKLING) Of course.

I don't understand.

Do you think I can ever be secure in that chair while that rabble are still loose? They rebelled against Hensell yesterday.

Tomorrow it'll be my turn.

Well, let them rebel.

Tell them the guards have taken control.

Let them att*ck, and then we can crush them, utterly! You say, "we.

" Yes.

We've come a long way together, you and I.

You going to back down now?

(SIGHS) Couldn't you just arrest them? BRAGEN: Every one must be k*lled.

Must they all be slaughtered? All of them.

Well? Are you still with me? - I suppose so.

- Then do as I say.

I'm glad you agreed with me.

Now! - What have you brought me in here for? - Quiet! Whose side are you on anyway? I thought I was going to be on the winning side.

- What changed your mind? - Bragen.

The colony's become too small for him.

He wants us out of the way now.

Yeah, well, it often happens that way, mate, when you follow blokes like him.

Look, I'm going to try and get your friends here if I can.

So wait here!



(BUZZING) - Station One reporting, Governor Bragen.

- Yes? The rebels are gathering.

We've got them under observation.

Don't let them concentrate in large groups.

Hit them before they organise.

They'll be making their move any time now.



(CLICKS ON) People of Vulcan.

This is your new Governor talking to you.

I have to announce that Governor Hensell has been m*rder by the rebels.

I have taken control temporarily until order is restored.

People living on the perimeter and in the interior should stay calm.

We know who the m*rder are.

I shall keep you informed of events as soon as I am able, so listen for the signal to watch your communication sets.

That is all.

Ah! There you are.

- I knew you'd be all right! - Ben! - Polly, you okay? - Oh, yes.

- Did Valmar find you, then? - Valmar? No.

What's this about Valmar? Well, it seems Bragen's gone power mad! He wants the rebels to revolt, then he can finish them off.

The Daleks won't care who they fight.

They'll exterminate every human being on this planet.

Doctor, please let's go back to the Tardis.

Quinn! Keep them both here.

Well, wait a minute, Doctor! All right.

All right.

Now what do you think he's up to? Orders received.

Daleks commence extermination.

ALL: Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

(g*n f*ring) Just a minute, Examiner.

All right.

Hold it! Down everyone!

(SHOTS f*ring) - Don't come any nearer.

- What do you mean? I overheard your conversation with Bragen.

But you can't stand up to the Daleks, so your plan will come to nothing.

Not my plan.


But that's the same thing.

- Not any more.

- You expect me to believe that? Look, Val, he was going to k*ll me, too.

I came here to do exactly what you've done.

Let Bragen see what the Daleks are like.

He doesn't know how strong they are.

He's got to be stopped.

DALEKS: You will lead us to the middle of your party of human beings.


DALEKS: We will fight for you.

Believe me, Val, it's the only way to save all our lives.

Did you know that the Daleks are duplicating? - Yes.

- DALEKS: But we are your friends.

We will serve you.

Take us to the centre of your group.

- Can we trust them? - We must! The guards have orders to wipe us out.

We must use the Daleks.

Come on.

- POLLY: Doctor! - The window.

Does it open? - BEN: I dunno.

- It better had or we're done for! Out you go.

(YELPS) What's happening? The Daleks.

They're teeming all over the corridors.

We've got to get back to Lesterson's lab!

(SCREAMS) This is Governor Bragen speaking.

A group of rebels is attempting to take over the colony.

It is the duty of all loyal citizens to help the guards resist.

Stay in your homes.

Order will be restored.

Listen to my bulletins.

(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) The rebels are using the Daleks against our people! Well, get back and fight! Why do you come running to me? - What do you think your g*n are for? - The g*n don't work against them! Get back and fight them!


(FOOTSTEPS RETREATING) There and there! Argh! Over there! No! No! Over there! They're our people! - Cut the Dalek g*n off! - JANLEY: No!

(SCREAMING) - I told you to cut the g*n off! - I did! You've k*lled our own people! We have to dismantle the g*n, that's all.

Oh, look at it! Your usefulness is over.

Come on! JANLEY: Quick, Val! Come on! Doctor, it's stupid to hide in here! Well, do you fancy your chances outside in the corridor? No, thanks.

QUINN: The answer must be here somewhere.

- Shh! -

(EXCLAIMS) You must be absolutely quiet.

They know everything that's going on.

Everything! They even know what you're thinking.

Where do they get their power from, Lesterson? Ah, I tried to turn the power off.

But they were miles ahead of me.

Marvellous creatures.

You have to admire them.

But we've got to stop them! Oh, it's too late for that.

They're the new species, you see.

Taking over from h*m* sapiens.

Man's had his day.

Finished now.

(DISTANT RATTLING) The static circuit is nearly complete.

Soon we can abandon the power we are using.

(MAN SCREAMING) The humans are being exterminated.

(g*n CONTINUES) Did you hear that? They're going to use their own power! DOCTOR: The cables they laid.

The trick I tried before won't work any more.

Oh, eh, if that's no good now, we're finished.

All we can do is marvel at the creatures who are taking our place.

(g*n f*ring) - No! - Come on! - Don't be a fool! - Come on! - She'll be k*lled by them.

- JANLEY: Come on!


(SOBBING) - Take it easy, Polly.

Can't we do anything? They're m*rder everybody, one by one! You've done all this.

Why did you give them power in the first place? Well, I could control it, you see.

And then, Janley got one of her men, Valmar, I think it was, yes And he rigged up a secret cable.

It's carrying power directly from the colony's supply.

Where? Where is it, Lesterson? Valmar's the only one who can answer that.

Or the Daleks of course.

They know everything.

Yes, you should ask the Daleks.

Then we must find Valmar! DOCTOR: No! You stay here and look after Polly.

- MAN: Come on! This way! - I'll go.


(g*n f*ring IN DISTANCE)







(SCREAMING) You'll have to leave her now, Valmar.

She wasn't as bad as you think.

(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Valmar! Where is the Dalek power? Get down, both of you! Valmar! Where is the Dalek power supply? We've got to stop them, Valmar.

She's d*ad! There's nothing you can do for her! VALMAR: The main cable's inside the capsule.

But there's nothing you can do.

There must be some way of cutting off the power.

What makes you think I want to do that? We need more time.

I know! A diversion.

Bragen's guards.

We'll have to use them to keep the Daleks busy.

You go to Bragen.

BRAGEN: Section One.

- Where's your report? -

(STATIC BUZZES) Are you there, Section One? Section Two? Section Two.

Why don't they answer? Can you hear me, Section Two? Section Three! Oh, why don't they answer? I'm their Governor.

Why don't they answer? This is Bragen speaking.

I'm speaking to the Daleks.

Daleks, listen to me.

I am the Governor.

You must work for me.

Do not trust the rebels.

I will give you whatever you want, but immobilise your g*n.

This is the Governor speaking! He's nuts, trying to talk to the Daleks.

(g*n IN DISTANCE) Lesterson, what's in that cupboard? Nothing.

It's quite empty.

Well, come on, Polly, we'll be safe in there, love.

Do you hear me, Daleks? You will obey my orders! QUINN: No use, Bragen.

The Daleks have stopped obeying your orders.

Ah! Guards! d*ad.

The Daleks have k*lled them.

You still have your guard units in the interior.

How long will it take them to get here? That depends.

Well, get them! Well, they will be intercepted by the Daleks.

Exactly! It will draw them away from here and give the Doctor a chance to deal with them.

I refuse to allow my guards to be sacrificed.

In that case, the Daleks will destroy everything on this colony.

(CLICKING) Guards.

This is Bragen speaking.

All units will report immediately to the capital.

Be prepared to face the rebel Daleks.


Are you satisfied? I hope it works.

Ben! Polly! Doctor, did you hear what Bragen said? Yes, I did.

Well, I only hope the Daleks do go for the guards.

A lot of the Daleks went out just now.

Good! Because we're going inside.

Come on, Valmar.

(DOCTOR MUMBLING INDISTINCTLY) Ben, give us that spare cable over there.

Polly, keep watch at the door.

BEN: Well, do you know what you're doing? Of course I do! Well, why can't you just take all the plugs out and cut the power off? Because I prefer to do it my way! Look out! Static power is being stored.

We can dismantle the human electric system.

The law of the Daleks is in force.

Extermination of humans.

Our cables have been moved.

And I could tell you who did it! What were you doing in there? I want to help you.

Why? I am your servant.

We do not need humans now.

Ah, then, but you wouldn't k*ll me.

I gave you life.

Yes, you gave us life.



(ROBOTIC SCREAMING) There are two.







(POWER DRAINING) Abort! Abort! Abort!

(ROBOTIC SCREAMING) Out of control! Out of control!


(ROBOTIC SCREAMING) Exterminate! What happened to it? I don't know.

It seems that your friend, the Examiner, was successful after all.

(STRUGGLING) Now I shall restore law and order on this planet.

Not your law, Bragen.

That's finished for good.

You'll obey me, or Your day is over, Bragen.

No one will obey you now.

I'm still the Governor, and you will

(g*n FIRES) Valmar!

(SIGHS) He was a m*rder.

Enough of g*n.

There's a lot of clearing up to be done.

We will rebuild together.

QUINN: What is the extent of the damage? VALMAR: Oh, I don't know if it's repairable.

It's the whole electrical system.

QUINN: Are you all right? BEN: Oh, he's okay.

The clot knocked himself out.

Hmm, it's a miracle.

How did you do it? Eh? What happened? What did I do? What did I do? You destroyed the Daleks, that's what you did! - POLLY: No need to be modest about it.


(GRUNTING) Did I do that? You know you did.

You used the power from the colony's electric supply, overfed it, and blew up their temporary static circuit.

Well, didn't you? Did I do all that?

(CHUCKLING) You may have stopped the Daleks, but have you any idea of the damage you've done to the colony? Oh.

There was a blowback, was there? A "blowback"? Our power supply has been destroyed! It'll be months before we can get things back to normal.

- Valmar! - That is unfortunate.

But did it have to be this way? I did a lot of damage, did I? Come on.

I think we'd better get out of here before they send us the bill.

(DOCTOR CHUCKLING) Well, I mean I didn't expect the brass bands to be playing, but I wouldn't have thought a "thank you" would have hurt anybody.

Yes, but Ben, think of all those poor people, all k*lled.

- I know.


(RECORDER PLAYING) But the Doctor saved the colony from being completely wiped out.


Yeah, and he was telling them all along, but would they listen? Mind you, he wasn't very convincing when he was trying to explain it to Valmar and Quinn and everybody.

No, he wasn't, was he? Doctor, you did know what you were doing, didn't you?


(PLAYING RECORDER) Oh, you needn't worry about them any more, Doctor.

Just a heap of old iron now.




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