07x52 - 365!

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Teen Titans Go!". Aired: April 23, 2013 – present.
Animated series that follows the adventures of the young Titans: Beast Boy, Robin, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire.
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07x52 - 365!

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[bird crowing]

[cat meowing, mouse squeaking]

[elephant trumpeting,
lion roaring]


♪ Go! ♪

Opening theme playing...

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

[Beast Boy yelps]

Good news, Titans!
We've just hit a big milestone!

Aww, everything seems big
to you, little guy.

No, this is actually big.

We've just reached
the th episode

of Teen Titans GO!

[all] Whoa.

That's one episode
for every day of the year.

Oh, snap. I wonder what
our crew has in store for us?

No. We can't leave an important
episode like this up to those nincompoops.

- [alarm blaring]
- [barking, shrieking]

This episode needs to be handled
by a big-name Hollywood director.

- Steven Spielberg?
- One that's a visionary.

Wes Anderson?

One that's controversial.

Spike Lee?

And most importantly,
one that's super jacked!


There's only one person
that can be, yo!

[all] Zack Snyder!

He's directed
all the great superheroes:

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman!

And the Aquaman played by
the hunky Jason Momoa!


Plus, he's made epic movies
about zombies and barn owls.

Yo, if he can make
barn owls look epic,

imagine what he could do
with us.

And we deserve a th
episode that's truly epic.

We deserve the "Snyder Cut."

Then we better hurry. The th
episode is already underway.

Don't worry, Zack Snyder
can fix it in post.

Indeed, he can fix
the anything in post

Now let's get
that Snyder Cut, yo!

Titans GO! To Hollywood!

Hello. We're here
to see Zack Snyder.

Hmm. You're not on the list.

Come on, brah. It's us.
The Teen Titans.

We don't need to be on no list!

Well, in that case...

That's better.

[all screaming]

This is the awful.
We cannot get the Snyder cut

if we cannot even talk
to the Snyder himself!

Then we'll just have to take
the V.I.P. route.

This is the V.I.P. route?

Yes. No normal person
would go this way.

Of course not.

We're crawling
through the sewer, man.

It does not appear that
the Warner Brothers Studio

has performed much in terms
of the regular maintenance.

Don't worry. I'm sure
this bridge is perfectly...



[rats chittering]

I thinks they got
a rodent issue down here.

Fun bit of
Warner Brothers. trivia:

Back in the s, an actor
complained about rats on the lot,

so the studio let a bunch of

- cats loose to terrorize the rats...
- [cats yowl]

...driving them underground,
where they still live to this day.



I think they want a fight.

Then let's give 'em one.

[exclaims, meows]

Meow, meow!

You are no match for a princess!


You want to chew on something?

Chew on this!


[rat chittering]

There's only one left!

I got it!

[rat squeaking]

Uh, that doesn't sound good.

What are we under right now?

The LA River.

[yells] What are we gonna do?

Don't worry.
I can hold it back!

- Ahhh!
- [all screaming]

- I was wrong! I was wrong!
- [all coughing]

[all coughing]

LA River water.

Look, we made it
onto the Warner Brothers lot!

[all cheering]

Uh, guys?

Oh hey, security man. Can you point
us in the direction of Zack Snyder?

- Out!
- Oh, man!

This bro's kicking us bros
off the Bros' lot, yo!

Then we shall do
the kicking back.


The ow.

[both scream, grunt]


I think I broke my toe.

Ahhh! My ankle!
Oh, my ankle!


Ah! It's not working!

We are no match for this
guardian of security.

Speak for yourself.

Lady Legasus!

We are Titans!


[water splashing]

- [rats chittering]
- [security guard screaming]

We should probably
get out of here.


[Raven] Whoa.

[Beast Boy] They must be
filming a big budget zombie movie.

Why do they look like
they're hibernating?

Oh, they're just zoned out.

They must be waiting
for their lunch break to start.

We can also break for the lunch.

There is the extra food for us.

Ah, thank goodness. All the sneaking
around has worked up my appetite.

[all gobbling]

[all gulp, sigh in relief]

[alarm ringing]

What was that?

That must be the signal
for their lunch break.


[extras] Lunch... Lunch...



This wasn't extra food.

This was extra food.
Food for the extras.


- I think they're hangry!
- Titans, run!

[all] Lunch!

There! A getaway vehicle!


[tires screeching]

Yeah. They're too deprived
of energy to chase us.

Oh, the hooray!

Nice work, Titans.
Now, be on the lookout

- for Zack Sny...
- [tires screech]

Guys, there's Zack Snyder's
parking space!

This must be his office!

[Raven] And it appears he's got
someone standing watch.

That's not just anyone
standing watch.

That's versatile actor,
Patrick Wilson!

What up, Patrick my man?
Can we get by?

We are here to ask for the
Snyder cut of our th episode.

Oh. Sorry, I can't let
you guys in.

I promised Zack I'd be his...

[whooshing] Watchman!

[all] Cool! Nite Owl!

That's right. Now I'm going
to need you kids to go home.

But we came all this way.

Let me speak to this guy

- [hooting]
- Uh, no.

- [hooting]
- No, no.


No, not if you buy me
lunch, either.

Listen, pal, I am not
letting you guys in.

Aw, man! There's no getting
past this guy.

I've got an idea.

Look, there goes Aquaman.

- Where?
- Right over there, Patrick!

Call me... [whooshing]

...Ocean Master.

The throne is mine, Aquaman!



[straining] Two-ninety-nine...

Three hundred!

Whew! That felt good.

Zack Snyder!

A gym in your office?

Pretty cool, man.

Thanks, guys.
Teen Titans, right?

[gasps] He knows who's we is.

Zack. May I call you Zack?

It's the th episode
of our show,

and we want the best
for our fans.

We'd like you to give us
the Snyder cut.

Hmm. Hmm. [clicks tongue]

Sounds interesting.


You have the interest?

Sure. What did
you have in mind?

I could give you
the epic period piece look.

Or the dark and broody style.

Or the post-apocalyptic cut.

Whatever you think
would work best.

Yeah, man, we love your style.

You love my style?

Awesome. Well, I can
definitely give you that.

All right. Now sit down.

Relax and let me work my magic.

Oh, man. This is gonna
be epic!

[Parademons growl]

Let's go wild on these fools!

Titans, go!

Where did the rain come from?

Who cares? The rain makes this
battle look way more epic!


[Robin grunting]


[arm powering up]

Tell me, Darkseid.

Do you bruise easily?

Robin! Wake up, Robin.

- Wake up!
- [Robin yelps]

I'm done. I'm done
with the Snyder cut.

[Robin] I was just
dreaming about that.

Well, you're not
dreaming anymore.

In fact, I gave you
all Snyder cuts.

What? No, we didn't want
your haircut.

We wanted you to direct
our th episode!

I would, you see,
but it's already over.

Can you not fix it
in the post of the production?

Sorry, Titans. Truth is,
it's just not salvageable.


We're not getting
the Snyder cut.

Look on the bright side, Robin.

We may not have gotten
an A-list Hollywood director,

but at least now
we all look like one.


[intense music playing]

Ending theme nusic...
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