01x05 - Crime e castigo

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Lady Voyeur". Aired: January 2023.
Mini-series follows Miranda, an uncontrollable voyeur and extremely skilled hacker.
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01x05 - Crime e castigo

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[tense music playing]


- [Cléo grunting]

- [chains rattling]


[breathing heavily]

[dull thud]



[music intensifies]

[theme music playing]



How could Diana do something like this?

[melancholy music playing]

I spent 13 years blaming myself for it.

Thinking I k*lled Bernardo.

And it was all Diana.

My own wife.

The person that was closest to me!

Sleeping beside me!

That f*cking b*tch Diana m*rder Bernardo.

[glass shatters]

All those years I felt so horrible.

And she let me. She did!

- I did nothing!

- [window smashing]

The cut's not deep.

It just needs to be cleaned.

Hey, Heitor

Take a cold shower. Relax.


Thank you.

The The coffee should be ready.

Clean it up.

[app beeps]

[Miranda]Time has passed, but Heitor's wounds are still raw and open.

His relationship with his family is toxic, Fernando warned me to stay far, far away from Heitor, but my instincts tell me something different.

This confuses me.

Hector confuses me.

[intriguing music playing]

[Helena] Okay, you want it. I want it.

Why can't we just try to make it work?

[Heitor] Helena, I promised Bernando.

Enough, Heitor. Enough.

I don't care what my brother or anyone else will think, okay?

- I want you all to myself.

- [Heitor] Helena, I'm no good for you.

I promised your brother

[Helena] f*ck them.

[tense music playing]


[Bernardo] Heitor, you son of a b*tch!

That's my sister!

[music fades]

Hey. I brought you a towel.

Your coffee's waiting for you.


Thank you.

Of course.

[doorbell rings]

- Hi, Miranda.

- Hi, come in.

Your message really had me worried.

Tell me what's wrong?

What were you saying

about someone m*rder Bernardo?

- [Miranda] There's an email

- Diana k*lled Bernardo.

What's happening here?

What are you guys doing?

- Fernando, there's an email from Zoe.

- What about Zoe?

Zoe always knew about Diana.

Apparently she recorded this video.

What's this, Miranda?

You call me, Heitor's here

coming out of your bathroom shirtless,

and then this?

Is this even reliable?

The video's clear.

There's no question. Without a doubt.

I'm sorry.

It's really hard to believe you didn't

know about the video already, Fernando.

So your sister and your wife hid a m*rder,

and you didn't know about it?

Do you think I'm an idiot?

You're going crazy, aren't you?

[tense music playing]

[Heitor] Well, I've always known

that you have a lot of secrets.

But if this is another one,

I promise you I'll find out.

Miranda, I'm gonna need that video.

[music stops]

[Diana] It's impressive how you like

to use things that don't belong to you.

[tense music playing]

[Diana] The pool, my husband,

don't you have anything of your own?

[Helena] I'm not dealing with you today.

I won't even waste my time

with someone like you.

[Diana chuckles] That's right.

Run away like you always do.

But rest assured, you won't be

destroying any more marriages.

[Helena] Go to hell, Diana!

[music fades]

[Luísa] Hi.

[Helena sniffles]

Hi, honey.

How have you been, hmm?

I've just been thinking about my mom.

And, uh

How I think she might still be here,

if I only hadn't

- [sighs]

- If you had what, Luísa?

I wasn't good to my mom.

- [sobs]

- No. I don't believe that.

You're a very good girl.

Do you hear me, Luisa?

She was lucky to have

a daughter as sweet as you.

- Diana must've been so proud of you.

- No! No!

She wasn't proud.

Know why?

I'm the worst daughter in the world.

[cellphone chimes]



How awful. I don't want to see this again.

I spent years feeling horrible

for the fight we had.


Thinking his death was my fault.

And so I walked away from you.

Back then, I wanted us

to have another chance.

But Bernardo was right.

I didn't deserve to be with you.

And yet, I

I still fought with him.

What I thought I did

It was so unforgivable to me.

I couldn't ask you

I couldn't ask you to forgive me.

We were starting our relationship.

I was so in love.

And ever since I saw this video


all I can think about is us.

About the life we could've had.

And all the things we wanted together.

[emotional music playing]

Diana lied to us.

She lied her entire life.

I'm not Luísa's father.

Bernardo was.

Your brother.

Diana was never the right person for you

Not ever.

It was you.

It was always you.

[emotional music intensifies]

[sensual pop music playing]

[music fades]

[Inês] So, she won't say a word,

and we haven't found any evidence.

We can't hold Zoe without evidence.

We need to review Zoe's phone history,

check out her acquaintances, any family.

She's gotta have skeletons

in her closet. No question.


d*ad - WHO DID IT?

[Joca] Ines, what about Helena?

Both of these girls

were close friends of Diana.

That friendship ended

when Diana married Heitor,

betraying Helena.

According to what she said,

Zoe chose to side with Helena.

[Inês] One out for money,

one out for revenge.

They could have teamed up against Diana.

[Joca] And one may be

covering for the other.

[suspenseful music playing]

- [Helena] Don't go. Stay with me.

- I have to.

I gotta go, Helena.

- Hey

- [elevator opens]

[Vitória] Hmm.

We just had Diana's funeral.

You sicken me, Heitor.

Bye, Helena.

[Helena] Bye.

[elevator dings]

[Vitória] And you, Helena?

You certainly don't waste time.

And that's why Diana despised you.

While I'm alive,

I won't let you take her place so easily.

I never wanted to take it.

- Didn't need it. I still don't.

- Hmm.

You don't, huh?

Then why do you try so hard to f*ck men

that are already in relationships?

I don't know what you mean.

I mean Emilio,

my husband,

your plaything.

What on Earth will Heitor think

when he finds out what you

were doing with Diana's late father?

Stay the hell away from my family, Helena.

And we can let yours and Emilio's

many secrets stay buried deep.

[tense music playing]

[Helena chuckling] Emílio.



- [sobbing]

- [music intensifies]

Zoe! Please get over

to my house right now.

Right f*cking now!

[music stops]

[Miranda] I'm starting

to think Heitor is innocent.

Don't be naive, Miranda.

He manipulates everybody.

Or have you forgotten

all the horrible things he's been doing

to Cleo and the other girls?

No, of course not, Fernando.

But he's falling apart.

- He's obviously in pain.

- He's pretending.

He's trying to confuse you, Miranda.

He tricked you.

He got into your house.

He even took a shower here.

And I truly believe

you're only playing right into his hands.

- Oh?

- I don't know. You're acting way too

invested in this.

You're taking part

in all of it like a pawn.

[doorbell rings]

Is there something I can do for you?


May I?

Can I get you water, tea, coffee?

[Inês] No, thank you.

I need to know something.

When Heitor decided to marry Diana,

you two were involved, right?

So he stopped seeing you for Diana.

What I don't get is

why you didn't leave

after this all happened.

Instead, he stayed close with you,

you worked for him,

and lived close by.

Bernardo was a close

business partner of Heitor.

His shares became mine.

And Diana?

Was she jealous that you

were there, close to Heitor?

That happened years ago.

There's nothing between Heitor and I

I've already moved on.

[suspenseful music playing]

Moved on?

It's like I already told you.

Can I help you with anything else?

Nothing else.


[Miranda] Fernando talks

as if he's not just another pawn.

I don't know who will win this game.

But I won't be a simple bystander.

I'll find the truth.

If Heitor is the criminal

Fernando thinks he is,

then there has to be proof.

[music fades]


[cellphone chimes]





[tense music playing]

[cellphone chimes]



[Rita] Now with music. Whoo.

- Hey, give it your all.

- [dance music playing]

Five, six, seven, eight.

And one, two, three, and four,

five, six, seven, and eight.

[music continues]

Four, five, six, and down.

Four, five, six, seven, eight.

And one, two, three, four.

Channel Shakira.

Shakira is so sexy, so sexy. Go!

That's it. Show me that hook. You go!

Three, two, one. Go!

Yes! Bravo! You have my love.

- Practice for the next class,

- [man] Yes.

Okay? Promise me?

[kisses] Bye all!

[cellphone ringing]




Why are you here?

What? I want to learn how to dance.

You didn't delete my number?

You're a liar too, huh?

- Excuse me? You saw me delete it.

- Ah.

Did all the kissing make you forget?

What? [laughs]

I remembered your last name.

And uh, Google is free. So yeah.

Here I am.

You wanted to see me.

- [Rafa] No.

- Hmm.

I came here to learn.

- Seriously!

- Mm-hmm.

I registered and everything.

- Really?

- Yeah!


[Rafa] So

Do you have any room for me?

Well, I guess there's nothing

I can do to stop you from coming.

Things will be staying

strictly professional though. Yeah?

Just teacher and student, that's it.

That sounds good to me.


You're really good at it.

Oh, uh, in a professional kind of way.

Mm, all right. But you're

really just stalking me, right?

- [Rafa] Hmm

- [laughs]

Rita, you're incredible.

[romantic guitar music playing]

And your job?

Who cares?

Well, my best friend works for Heitor.

Oh yeah?


Are you saying you didn't know?

I really didn't. For real.

Stars in the morning ♪

Hold it. Is that why you think I'm here?

You amaze me, that's why I'm here.

Ever since you and I met.

Because of how

unbelievably cute you looked being robbed.


My God,

I can't believe you're saying this.

I mean it.

All I want

are some dance lessons.

No, I don't know ♪

[music fades]

[suspenseful music playing]




- [doorbell rings]

- [music stops]

- [Miranda] Hello.

- [Rita] Hi.

How are you, girl?

I didn't want to bother you,

everything is just

so confusing to me right now.

Rafael, the rugged prince.

Rafael, my rugged prince.

- Heitor's bodyguard?

- [Rita] Mm-hmm.

What about him?

It's just like I said. [laughs]

He already has my whole heart.

I know I said I wouldn't get involved

with this kind of guy anymore.

I said that. But he's

Oh, Miranda, he's so good.

And he even signed up for my dance class

to spend time with me.

Oh, I know I can't resist him.

Oh, Rita

You shouldn't get involved with them.

I don't know what they're up to.

Hold on, he might be dangerous?

Someone k*lled Heitor's wife

and he's a suspect.


So that means if Heitor k*lled his wife,

then Rafael might know something.

It's his job to know.

So he'd be an accomplice.

There's no substantial evidence yet.

But still,

watch your back.

And be careful.

Yeah. I will.

[intense music building]

- Stay away! Ah!

- It's me! Rita, it's me!

- [man groans]

- Oh!

- Calm down.

- Are you okay?

What the f*ck? You following me?

- What are you doing?

- Sorry, I didn't think.

- I'm sorry.

- It's okay.

I can't forget you.

You're married, Otto.

She lost the baby.

I'm so sorry.

You're the one that I want.

I'll leave her and we'll be together.

Oh yeah?

- I promise you.

- No.

- Come on!

- Not anymore.

It's too late.

And what does that mean?

Have you met someone?

I have.

Bye, Otto.


[intense music resumes]

- [doorbell rings]

- [music stops]

You're stunning.

My life is a mess right now.

But I want to remember the good parts.

- [laughing]

- [doorbell rings]

I didn't mean to interrupt.

I'll be, uh,

giving that video to the police.

- Just wanted to tell you.

- [Fernando] All right.

Bye then.

[door shuts, locks]

[Miranda] Fernando, I think you're right.

Heitor can't be trusted.

I found some strange photos

of Cleo on one of his drives.

I bet you he left those photos there

on purpose for you to discover them.

He's a psycho.

You need to be careful, Miranda.

Be vigilant.

[sensual pop music playing]

I saw you from across the room ♪

If looks could k*ll, I'd die for you ♪

And you know just what you do ♪

[breathing heavily]



[Heitor] Miranda,

did you like what I did to you?

[song continues]

[Miranda moans]

- [groans]

- [music fades]

[door slams]

[Zoe] Get up, b*tch!

- What the hell

- Fernando and I are getting back together.

- You're crazy. Leave me alone!

- [Zoe] You don't know who the f*ck I am.

Fernando's nuts,

but I tell you I'm crazier.

[Miranda] Get the f*ck out of here!

[Zoe] If I were you, I'd be the one

to leave and forget about this family.

Go play hacker somewhere else.

[door slams]

[Miranda sighs]

[suspenseful music playing]

[music continues]

[Miranda] I just don't know

what's real or not anymore.

I've been hallucinating, and

Do you think the disease is worsening?

or is this just all in my head?

You've got a decision to make, Miranda.

Think about taking

one of those genetic tests sometime soon

to confirm your condition.

Look at your grandma,

hallucinating about your sister Gabriela.

I'll talk to her.

Gabriela, it's it's so good to see you.

It's Miranda, Grandma.

Miranda. Your granddaughter Miranda.



I've been thinking,

I need to ask you something.

You need to stop hating your sister.

It wasn't her fault.

Gabriela, darling.

[sobbing] It's all my fault.

I kicked you out.

Blame me, not Miranda.

All of your anger should be at me.

It's my fault,

I kicked Gabriela out of the house.

Forgive me, please.

Promise me, Gabriela, for me

You have to.

Take good care of her.

Miranda, she is your little sister.

Promise me, please. Please!

- [sobs]

- I promise.

I promise.

I promise. I will.

[sighing happily]

Oh, Miranda.


[sobs] Oh, my Miranda!

[touching music playing]


[Miranda] It's November first,

I've just visited my grandma.

I don't want to share her fate.

The guilt, the resentment,

the complete loss of control

over her mind.

I shouldn't think that way.

I need to focus on the here and now.

It's the only thing I can control.

I need to speak with Zoe.

Have you heard about it?

[sighs] The video, yeah?

How do you know?

Heitor told me.

[Fernando] Zoe was there,

she saw and did nothing.

Well, she's out,

so let me know if you hear from her.

Sure. Well, then,

I'll pass it on if she gives me a call.

Thank you.

See you later.

[door opens, closes]

[tense music playing]

[Helena] Now get outta here, Zoe.

My debt is paid.

[Zoe] I only have

one more thing left to do.

Then I'll be gone for good.

[music stops]

[Miranda] Hi.


I'm glad you came.

Miranda, things are still very confusing,

I can't behave too rashly.

But the police need that video evidence,


Will you do that for me?

Of course. That's very easy.


- Uh, right now, okay.

- [Heitor] You can get it done now?

Yeah. Yes.

[keyboard clacking]



How are things with Fernando?

[tense music playing]

[cellphone ringing]



Zoe says she's here. I'll talk to her.

She owes me an explanation.



[music fades]





[Miranda] Dr. Alice, please.

Please. Why are you doing this to me?

You're not going to feel a thing.

You'll go to sleep,

and when you wake up,

- you won't be pregnant anymore.

- [cell phone ringing]

- [Miranda] What? I'm pregnant?

- [tense music playing]

You're a monster.

I'm begging you not to.

I'll do anything. Don't do this.

Help me, please.

[music intensifies]

[music fades]

I've never felt so alive ♪

I've never felt so high ♪

I'm glad I finally realized ♪

I've never felt so high ♪

Fly high, touch the sky ♪

Fly ♪

You've never been so high ♪

You've never felt so fine ♪

I was once living in a life ♪

Throwing off what could be mine ♪

Held back down by those I trusted ♪

Like a little girl, scared as f*ck ♪

Faces in the mirror told me ♪

"What are you doing?

Why are you still here?" ♪

"Can't you see how deep you are?" ♪

"Get your shit together,

You were made to fly" ♪

Fly high, touch the sky ♪

Fly ♪

You've never been so high ♪

You've never felt so fine ♪

Fly high, touch the sky ♪

Fly ♪

You've never been so high ♪

You've never felt so fine ♪

[song continues]

Faces in the mirror told me ♪

"What are you doing?

Why are you still here?" ♪

"Can't you see how deep you are?" ♪

"Get your shit together,

You were made to fly" ♪

Fly high, touch the sky ♪

Fly ♪

You've never been so high ♪

You've never felt so fine ♪

Fly high, touch the sky ♪

Fly ♪

You've never been so high ♪

You've never felt so fine ♪

Fly high, touch the sky ♪

Fly ♪

You've never been so high ♪

You've never felt so fine ♪

Fly! ♪

You've never been so high ♪

You've never felt so fine ♪

[music stops]
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