01x07 - Ela está entre nós

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Lady Voyeur". Aired: January 2023.
Mini-series follows Miranda, an uncontrollable voyeur and extremely skilled hacker.
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01x07 - Ela está entre nós

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[women yells]


[tense music playing]

- [whimpers]

- [man] Easy.

[Miranda] Paulo, what are you doing?

No, Paulo, don't!

- Get the f*ck in there!

- [Miranda] No!

[engine starts]

[Miranda] Get me out of here!


[Miranda] No!

[music stops]

[theme music playing]


[tense music playing]

[cartoonish laughing on video]


[music stops]

[traffic sounds]

[app beeps]

Rita's been screwed over in relationships too many times.

[Rita] Four, five, six, seven, eight.

[Miranda] But this on, with Rafael, it can be a lot worse than just a broken heart.

[Rita] And one, two three, four.

[Miranda] I know she's happy, but I can't let my friend face a thr*at that I might've brought into her life

[Rita cheers]

[Miranda] Rita tells me that Rafael's different that she's never been this happy.

But what about the bracelet?

This thr*at is real and I have to do something.

[dance music playing in the background]

- [Rita] Ooh! I can't believe it!

- [Miranda laughs]

Hey, girl! How nice to see you here.

- [Miranda] Oh, my love

- Did you see Rafael?

Yeah, actually, I just saw him dancing with you.

- Mm-hmm.

- Rita, we gotta have a talk.

I have something

I really need to tell you.

[Rita] Can it be later?

I promised I'd help him.

He lost his father's keepsake or something.

[Miranda] He said that? The keepsake?

[Rita] He said it's actually a bracelet, with a skull charm.

It was sexy.

It gave him a bad boy vibe, you know what I mean?

And I really like that.

- Yeah, you like that.

- [Rita] Mm-hmm!

[line ringing]

The number you've dialed is not available.

Please leave a message after the tone.

- [beeps]

- [Glória] Lorenzo!

Son, why won't you answer my calls?

I'm trying to talk to you

and I'm getting worried. Call me back.

If you're here because of Luísa,

you might as well just leave.

[Glória] No, I'm here because of my son.

I know Lorenzo is lying to me.

He's no longer in the South.

I called his work

and they told me he quit.

Hmm. What do I have to do with that?

[Glória scoffs]

Somebody is supporting Lorenzo.

And I know you used

to pay him a lot of money

so that he would go to bed

and have sex with you.

If there's someone supporting Lorenzo,

it's not me.

- [sighs]

- That's enough.

You can leave, my dear.

I bet you have a lot to do.

[boy] I'm feeling awful

about what my father did to you.

I just hope that someday

you can forgive me.

I already have.

I swear. But like I said,

I'll never be able to forgive your father.

Me either.

Well, I gotta go.

My aunt is waiting for me outside,

I'm gonna live with her.



I just came to grab all

the stuff I left and say

goodbye to you.

I don't think we'll see each other a lot.

And I'm afraid that you won't

want to be my friend anymore.


Yeah, that's true.

I don't just want to be friends.

[romantic piano music playing]

[door lock beeps, clicks]

[music fades]

[Rafa] Hey.

What did you need me for?

What's this?

It's a list of people who

used to interact with Diana

back when we started seeing each other.

Do you remember anyone else?

Um uh-uh.

Helena took

a DNA test regarding Luísa,

which was negative. They're not related

Bernardo isn't her dad.

What are you gonna do?

What do you think, Rafael?

I'll investigate.

Rafa, do you remember anyone else

who was close to her back then?

Or that hung out with her? Anyone?


Hey! Be careful!

[suspenseful music playing]

[Zoe] You're all wet and sexy!

No, I never went

to Vitória's house back then.


look, I don't mean to butt in, boss,

but why don't you

just leave all this alone?

Luísa will always be your daughter.

Forget about it.

[music fades]

[doorbell rings]

- Hi

- Hi.

Come in. Come here.

Are you okay?

[Miranda sighs]

Sit down.


[Fernando] What's this?

[Cléo groans]

[cartoonish laughing on video]

You see the bracelet?

Rafael wears the same exact one.

The same bracelet.

He's threatening me.

I don't know if it's a coincidence,

that he got close to Rita. Or

I don't know if Heitor

is trying to intimidate me. I

Rafael is the son of

my father's former bodyguard.

When Rafael's father d*ed,

he lost himself in dr*gs.

Heitor paid off his debts

and for his rehab.

Since then, Rafael has been faithful

to him like a little puppy.

He follows his orders.

It could be Heitor.

- And five, six, seven, eight

- [door creaks open]


What are you doing here, Otto?


Remembering us

And all the time we shared here.

In every corner of this place.

- Get going, please.

- [Otto] I know you miss me.

You miss the touch of my skin,

when I make you cum.

You think you're so hot, don't you?

- I do.

- [laughing]

It's honestly really mind-bl*wing,

how men actually think they own

the pleasure that a woman experiences.


Oh my love

It's over.

- Uh-uh

- Listen to what I'm going to tell you.


All I want

can come from her.

See? It's me.

- Mm. Mm-hmm.

- Got it?

In fact, there's already someone

sharing in the happiness that I


achieved, alone.

Bye, Otto.

Fernando, Rita is my

best friend, like a sister.

If anything happens to her because of me,

I'll never forgive myself.

I'll help you.


[sensual music playing]

I'll close the curtains.

- [Fernando] What?

- The curtains.

Oh, okay

I'd love to know

a little more about your life.

Your story

[music fades]

I'll tell you some other time.

- No come on [laughs]

- [chuckles]

Tell me.

There's not

There's not many

good things to say, really

Um I have no one besides my grandma.

I had a I had a sister

but then she she vanished.

My grandma and Gabriela

didn't really get along at all, and

I was so little,

so they hid a lot of things from me.

I'm going back to work.

Because Heitor wants me

to keep investigating more.

More about Diana

But why?

Ah, he found out

that he's not Luísa's father.

And neither is Bernardo.

Because Helena also took a DNA test.

You knew?


Diana told me the day they k*lled her.

Did she tell you who's the father?


[Joca] So here's everything

I got on Miranda.

Her mom d*ed when she was little.

Her grandmother raised her and her sister.

Her sister disappeared shortly after that.

And she was never found.

What a complicated life that she has.

[Miranda] Mmm. Mmm. You smell so good.

- Yes, you do. Hey.

- [whimpering happily]

Oh, look at that.

Let me see what's going on now.

[sexy pop music playing]

Look at him putting on a show

like Cléo used to.

Wait, I just wanna look at you ♪

Wait, I just want to hold you ♪

I'm watching you, I'm ♪

[music stops]

[tense music playing]








What the hell is this?

[music fades]

Luísa barely ate today.

She got home and then

went straight to her room.

[Glória] Mr. Heitor, dessert is served.

- [Heitor] Thank you, Glória.

- You're welcome.

[Heitor] Can I ask you something?

Have you heard from Lorenzo?

Is he still living in the South?

Uh-huh Yes, and he is

He even found a good job there.

It's a start, right?

He didn't happen

to be with you when Bernardo d*ed?

No. His father had taken him.

I don't even like to think about it.

Very good. That's all, Glória.

- Thank you.

- [Glória] Excuse me.

There's no way

it could have been Lorenzo.

I remember him very well,

he was always such

a shy boy, and, so quiet

[cellphone ringing]

Hey, sorry for calling you so late.

But I found something really important.

[Rafa] Mm-mm!

- [Rita] Hmm.

- What a beauty.

Thank you. Hi.

Check out what I got for you.

I don't get it. What's so funny?


I don't know,

but they're pretty, don't you think?

You see, this is the flower of death.

What, so you're a flower expert now?

[Rita laughs]

I asked for beautiful

flowers that would last a long time

and they gave me these flowers.

I get why they'd give you

a cemetery flower,

they last forever!

- But I love it.

- Mm-hmm. I can tell.

Seriously, I love them, they're beautiful.

- Uh-huh.

- You're so cute.

I'm trying to be, but it's tough.

- Yeah?

- Mm-hmm.

Well, you're doing fine for a beginner.

- [Rafa] Yeah?

- Mm-hmm.

[doorbell rings]

[Miranda] Come in.

What did you find out?

Diana had an affair with Rafael,

13 years ago.

That's impossible.

I found some of their messages.


Rafael got involved with my best friend.

I'm afraid he'll do something bad to her.

Do you understand?


[suspenseful music playing]

I didn't know.

As you can see,

there's a lot I don't know about Rafael.

Let me see those messages.

Are you sure you want to?

Rafael is my bodyguard,

my right-hand man.

If he had an affair with my wife,

I need to know what he did.

[tense music playing]





What are you gonna do?

Whatever I have to do.

Will you k*ll him?

Do you think I'm a m*rder?


Why don't you go to the police

instead of working for me? Hmm?

I don't think fear

is what you feel for me, Miranda.

It's something else.

I feel it, as well.

[Rafa] So, will you

invite me in this time?

[Rita] Rafael

[Rafa] Tell me, how much longer

will this celibacy last?

[Rita laughs]

There's still a lot of dating stuff

we have to do before having sex.

Like what?

Like going to the movies.

[Rafa] I see.


Then consider it done.

[Rita] I like that.

[Rafa] I'll see what's

playing at the movies, okay?

- Sure you don't want me to come up?

- [Rita] Yes, I am

Hold your horses.

- Okay?

- Yeah.

- Mmm

- [Rafa] Good night.

You too.

f*ck! You scared me.

I couldn't sleep, so I decided

to do something useful at least.

Why the face?

Did something happen?

What happened is that

I found out you were my wife's lover.

And that you're probably Luísa's father.

Calm down.

Calm, Heitor.

I gave you a house.

I gave you a job, I paid your bills,

and in return, what did I get?

What happened between Diana and me,

it didn't mean anything.

That was a long time ago.

You weren't even with her yet.

- What?

- She was Bernardo's fake girlfriend.

They weren't even a real couple.

It was a f*cking lie, you know that.

No, I didn't know. How would I?

Why didn't you tell me, Rafa?


I didn't have the guts.

I was a coward.

Once you two got together,

I never touched her again.

You didn't even like her back then.


[Heitor] You assh*le!

- [Heitor] Son of a bitch!

- Ah!

You can k*ll me if you want,

I won't stop you.

Do whatever you want, but I'm serious

Don't ever show up again, okay?

Don't ever get close

to my family again or I'll k*ll you.

I'll k*ll you!

[music fades]

[mysterious music playing]

[doorbell ringing]

[music fades]

[doorbell ringing]

[doorbell ringing]

- Good morning.

- [Paulo] How are you?

- [Miranda] Well, you?

- I'm good.

I'm Paulo.

I'm living in Cléo's old apartment.

Do you know Cléo?

Of course I know her. The unit's mine.

I'd been renting it to her.

The doorman said

you're taking care of her dog.

Yeah, she left her a few days with me.

That's right.

Have you heard from her at all?

No, I've no idea where she is.

I actually came to ask

if you happened to know anything.

No. No, she left

Barbie with me and disappeared.

She was never late with the rent before,

and then she stopped

paying all of a sudden.

- I think It's really weird.

- Yeah, it is weird.

I mean, did you report

her missing to the police?


No, I didn't report it to anyone.

Yeah, I didn't really think

she would be gone this long.

Yeah, right? Just strange

But I have a friend

who's a police officer,

I'll ask him to investigate it.

Yeah, let me know if you

happen to hear anything about her.

Of course.

I'm your neighbor now,

if you need anything, I'm a call away.

- Just call me.

- Mm-hmm.

Yeah. Thank you.


- [Miranda] See you later.

- Yeah.

[Rafa groans] Goddammit.

What happened, Rafael? Were you robbed?

- I wish

- [Rita] Let me see it.

I did something really bad.

- [Rita] What'd you do? Come on, tell me.

- Calm down, it was long ago.


I shouldn't have done that to Heitor.

- Heitor b*at you up?

- Yeah.

Rafael, you really need to

report him to the police.

I mean, he's insane.

To b*at you up like this

I won't report him, Rita.

I deserved it probably.

Rafael, why did you deserve it?

I should've told the truth.

- Um

- [Rafa] Way earlier. One sec.

Hold on.

Is your friend good at, her job?

What do you mean?

I think she found out

and told Heitor everything.

[suspenseful music playing]

[grandmother] She was so beautiful.

- Oh

- [music stops]

Miranda! You came!

- Hi, Grandma.

- [laughs]

Oh, I think today is

the happiest day of my life.

You both came visit me.

Your sister came to see me too.

[melancholy music playing]

Grandma, no, Gabriela left.

- Uh-huh.

- She never came back, remember?

She could be d*ad.

No you're wrong, Gabriela didn't die.

[Miranda] We have no idea what happened,

she was still just a child,

and anything could have happened her.

No, they lied to us.

You don't

[Miranda] Grandma, we did

everything we could. Calm down.

- Please, calm down, Grandma.

- No!

They tricked us.

Shh. [chuckles]

When she was here today,

she was so beautiful.

So beautiful!

[music stops]

[Miranda] You're so cute.

[suspenseful music playing]

- Cléo?

- [gasps]

[Cléo] Hi, sweetheart!

I missed you so much!

Oh I love you so much.

- What happened?

- Oh, Miranda.


So, should we talk?

[music stops]

[Miranda] What happened to you?

Where have you been?

I can't tell you very much, Miranda.

- It's not over.

- What do you mean?

I can't tell you yet, I'm still in danger.

[sighing] God

What I went through seems unreal.

It's crazy!

When did they release you?

- Are you safe right now?

- It's complicated, Miranda.

They did

Yeah, they set me free,

but with some conditions.

We made a pact.


Was it Heitor?

- What do you know about him?

- Was it him, Cléo?

Listen, the less you know, the better.

Do you understand?

- But

- Forget about this story.

How? Tell me how

What do you know about Heitor?

Have you met him?

It-it was Fernando.

Fernando introduced him


I didn't see that coming.

I met him at your apartment.

I, um

I was there to feed,

to feed Barbie and he showed up.


You had sex?

You're together?

Well, we didn't put

a label on our relationship.

It's easier that way.

Be careful with Fernando, Miranda.

He's addictive.

Yeah, okay.

Cléo, tell me,

are you reporting Heitor?

I'm working for him,

but I can still help you, I promise.

- You can trust me, I won't say

- I can't report Heitor, Miranda.

I have no evidence against him.

And I-have to be quiet

if I want to stay alive. You understand?

But listen, I just wanted to thank you,

thank you so much for going to that party.

- I mean, that took a lot of bravery

- You were at the party?

Did you see me there?

Why didn't you talk to me, Cléo?

I couldn't

I couldn't talk to you there.

It's complicated, Miranda.

I was being auctioned off.

[tense music playing]

Actioned? Are you serious?


Heitor was the highest bidder.

He spent the night doing

whatever he wanted with me.

The thing about him that's most dangerous

is how he is.

He is perverse, manipulative

But he's also very sexy.

But it's all over now.

It's over.

I really want to start a new life now.

You know what I mean?

[music stops]

I'd better go home.

[Barbie whimpers]

Come here, baby, Let's go home, okay?

Thank you so much for everything, Miranda.

You're amazing.

[Vitória] Helena,

I need you to do me a favor.

Gather everyone at the office.

Fernando, Heitor, and you. It's urgent.

I have

an important to announce to make.

[intriguing music playing]


[Miranda] If Heitor

has done all of this to Cléo,

he could be behind

Diana's and Zoe's deaths

So I have two options.

Either I can walk away

from this right now

or I can keep digging

until I find the truth.

I've never backed down.

[Helena] Rafael?

So is he taking a DNA test now?

You know what?

I'm done investigating it.

She's my daughter. Period.

[Fernando] Good afternoon!

So, do either of you know

why Victória called us all here?

I don't know.

She seems to be happy.

That's strange, right?

Diana just d*ed.

Plus, Vitória isn't really the happy type.

[cellphone chimes]

All right. I'm going to my office to talk

to Miranda and I'll be right back. Okay?

[Heitor] Tell her not to leave.

- I wanna talk to her about some work.

- [Fernando] Sure.

Hmm. Wait, are you

getting involved with her now?


I see, so that's what was on your mind.

Well, Cléo said she won't report Heitor.

She's really scared, I mean it.

She's terrified.

Okay, what's most important

right now is that she's safe.


Are you going to talk to her?

About what?


Are you jealous, Miranda?

Oh Fernando, seriously?

No, it's just you were her client

and then all of this happened

and I'm feeling lost.

[Fernando] Relax.

Stop overthinking so much.

Just relax.

- Hmm?

- [laughs]

[Heitor] Miranda.

- Um

- I mean, you could've knocked, huh?

Door was open.

I need you to check out our new software.

I don't know what's happening,

it's giving us problems.

- Can you do it?

- Sure.

That's what I'm here for,

to get the job done.

I thought you were here to see your, uh


[Heitor] Got it.

Vitória just arrived.

We're waiting for you.

Five minutes.

We're in the middle

of a family meeting right now.

I'll talk to you later.

[Vitória] What I have

to say to you is very important.

And that I've kept it

from all of you for years.

I had another daughter before Diana,

but she wasn't Emílio's.

She was my lover's.

But Emílio was no saint either

so he forgave me.

And he even promised me that he would

adopt and raise her as his own child.

Except I was fooled.

He didn't do what he promised.

He left the girl in a shelter saying

that it was a temporary thing.

Only while he got used to the idea.

He lied to me.

I've never forgiven him for this.

[tense music playing]

And when I tried to find my daughter,

it was too late.

She'd vanished into the world.

But now

I've finally found my little girl.

You're right on time, sweetheart.

[music intensifies]

This is Ana, my daughter.

[dramatic musical sting]

[music fades]


[water dripping]

[chains jangling faintly]

[sinister music playing]

[cellphone ringing]

[dirt thumping]

[cellphone ringing]


[man on phone] Hello

[Miranda] Help! Help! Get me out of here!

[dirt thumping]

- [chuckles]

- [Miranda] Where am I?


[Paulo] Since that f*cking doctor

didn't wanna do the work,

you're going to die now,

and you'll get to do it

along with your baby.


[Miranda grunting]

[whimpering, sobs]

- [sobs]

- [music intensifies]

[rock music playing]


The only thing that I can give ♪

You give me

More than what he used to give ♪

I'll be so crude and you can't deny ♪

And you sure know why ♪

I hate you

And yet want you to be mine ♪

And you should know why ♪

We take, yeah, we take, yeah,

We'll take you to a better place ♪

We take, yeah, we take, yeah,

We'll take you to a better place ♪

To a better place ♪


The only thing that I can give ♪

You give me

More than what he used to give ♪

You can't

You can't satisfy me ♪

Not enough

You can't satisfy me ♪

You can't own me ♪

You don't deserve me ♪

You can't own me ♪

You don't deserve me ♪

You can't own me ♪

You don't deserve me ♪

You can't own me ♪

You don't deserve me ♪

Own me ♪

You don't deserve me ♪

You don't deserve me ♪

[music stops]
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