01x10 - O passado lá fora, o futuro aqui dentro

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Lady Voyeur". Aired: January 2023.
Mini-series follows Miranda, an uncontrollable voyeur and extremely skilled hacker.
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01x10 - O passado lá fora, o futuro aqui dentro

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- One second. Hold on.

- Seriously, move in with me.

- I'll work things out.

- Okay, just hold on.

- I wanna be with you forever

- What the

How weird.

Hey, Rita


Please forgive me, Rita.

They manipulated me. I swear it.

I never thought that this shit would get so out of hand, but

They have Miranda, Rita.

And now I think they're coming after you too.

You need to get out of there.

They have Miranda, Rita.

And now I think they're coming after you too.


Someone, please

Someone help me, please.


Rita! What's going on? What is it? Huh?


Call an ambulance!

Call one right now!

It's okay, Rita.


Comfortable, Miranda?

Go, puppy. Come on. This way.

This way.

Just throw her in the chair, Paulo.

And restrain her.

Sit right here.

I said sit!

What the hell is this?

What did I do to deserve this?

I'm sorry if I did something, Cléo.

- Did I do something to hurt you?

- Shh!

- I'm sorry!

- Don't be so anxious, Miranda.

Everything in due time.

Please remember to be patient, yeah?

Okay. Let me talk to you.


Now let's start here.


Wait a minute, this is

This was my mother's house.

- This was

- A good resting place for you.

So perfect.

But how How are you even here?

I saw you on the floor. You were d*ad.

You know you can't believe everything you see.

What a quaint and cute home.

See? Over here

Isn't this where your mama slept, Miranda?

Oh, yeah

Look. The very same bed.

And look, your toys!

Look it.

This one was your best friend, remember?

And the wardrobe

Do you remember this wardrobe?

Little Miranda would hide deep inside it, her little eyes wide open, peeking at things she knew she shouldn't.

Cléo, who told you all that?

How the f*ck do you know all of that, Cléo?

I'm your sister, Miranda.


Mom is d*ad.

It's all your fault.

How dare you look sad!

f*ck you.

You shit.


Four, three, two, one

Say hi to Mom.


Happy birthday, Mom.

I've been so lonely.

Sometimes I really need you.

Please rest easy.

- Hey!

- What?

How dare you even come here.


You k*lled her.

- You're a m*rder.

- Shut your f*cking mouth.

You deserve to die.

- Let me go!

- Shut up, bitch.

- Somebody help me!

- Shut the f*ck up!

Shut the f*ck up.

Be quiet, Miranda!

Shut up or I promise I'll k*ll you

Mom, it makes no sense

for us to live with him.

You barely even know this man.

Rita, I know he's a good man.

And he loves me.

He can also take care of us


Don't move.

Be quiet and you'll be fine.





- So, uh, what took you so long?

- Hey.

I've missed you, honey.

- That's enough, Rita.

- Mmm

- She can have more food.

- No, she shouldn't.

Ballerinas can't eat like that, you know.

Oh, Miranda.

I guess you reap what you sow.

I've had some years to think about

how best to get revenge on you.

There was so much

anger and hatred bubbling up.

From everything Fábio did to me.

Not just the physical. No.

There was more.




I was so sick of all the abuse, Miranda.

I know you knew about it.

You remember how he used to b*at me?

The constant raping?

I'll show you

who's in charge, you bitch

I was just a child.

If only you had done something

to help me or our mom,

instead of just watching her die.

Look away, dear.

Stop, stop!

- Stop it!

- Shut the f*ck up.

Holy shit.

You were there that day.

And what did you do? Hmm?

You did absolutely nothing, didn't you?

Fábio got what he deserved.

I don't care about that.

I don't care one bit, Miranda.

You're the one I care about.


Move and you die, got it?



Are you locked up here?

Help me escape this place.

And who are you?

I'm Miranda. Fábio locked me up here.

That horrible man k*lled my mother.

Holy shit.

Please believe me.

I really do.

I've never trusted that man.

What now?

What do we do?

He's very dangerous,

so we have to go now.

I have to go, I'm late.

- Quiet, okay?

- Come here, let's have more fun.

We should make a run for it.

My mother can't stay with that man.

Well, then we have to tell her.

Now, Mom,

please don't freak out on me.

We have to help her out.

Help who?

Who's this, Rita?

This is Miranda.

Fábio locked her up here,

and m*rder her mother.

He's a monster, Mom. We all need to leave

This is just crazy

It's all true. Let me explain.

He's dangerous.

Mom, you have to believe her.

I'm begging you. We have to go

We don't know

what Fábio's capable of. I'm so afraid.

I don't understand what you're saying

Let me record it.

Gotta document this day, it's special.

Can you recall that one day,

the f*re in our house?

Can you?

I remember.

I remember.

We were so little,

and we were the only ones home.

And all of a sudden, smoke.

I started the f*re

out of hatred, Miranda.

I wanted it all destroyed.

This f*cking house

where I was shamed for being adopted.

Where our horrible grandmother,

who never even loved me,

kicked me out onto the street.

And I had to wonder, little sister

And I couldn't understand, why,

why I didn't just let you burn to death.

I ask myself that question a whole lot.

You're such a monster.

Life could've been so breezy.


Is this Otto? Rita's stalker?

That's him, Inês.

Glória, how are you two related?

How did you know him?


- They They took Miranda, they

- Was Miranda here?


This man took her and sh*t my Lorenzo.

I hid in the bathroom, I didn't see him.

When I came out,

my son was lying in a pool of blood.

- Glória.

- He was

I heard what happened.

Are you okay?

- They k*lled Lorenzo.

- Inês, he was using a fake name

Otto and Lorenzo are the same person.

Rafa, he didn't k*ll Rita, no

There's this letter that he left

It explains everything, Rafa.

I didn't want to give it to the police.

I'm terrified, but I trust you.

Of course. Of course, Glória.

Mom, if you're reading this letter,

it's because I'm probably d*ad.

I regret all the pain I put you through.

I know I ruined the lives

of everyone I love.

I got involved with the wrong people.

And Rita paid the price.

Here's her k*ller's address.

Make him pay.

Are you Paulo?

But Heitor's

Heitor's family have

nothing to do with this.

Oh, but they do, they really do.

Let me tell you.

Let's start with Fernando.

One step at a time now


You're so damn naive. Always were.


Fernando was working with me, Miranda.

The hatred he felt for his brother-in-law,

who stole the woman he loved most, Diana.

He thought they were related, you know?

Isn't that crazy?

So we both thought

that we had a whole lot of potential.

And they say revenge can't be rewarding.

Nothing in the world

feels as good as revenge.

I'm not playing, Fernando.

Because when I put my mind to something

I go all the way.

What I really want to see

is Miranda completely broken.

That's how I feel about Heitor.

I won't stop until I take

Diana, Luísa, and all of his money.

And for all of that, my love

I'm willing to do absolutely anything.

Got it?

And you? Huh?



I would burn the whole world.

We were in it together, Miranda.

Hatred can honestly be

so, so much more powerful

than idiotic love.

- You're insane!

- Yeah, so? I am insane.

Insane with hatred.

And it has never faded. Understand?

It's only grown.

Then finally, when our grandmother

was put into the hospital

How did you know about that?

She got what

she deserved. That's all.

Who the f*ck are you?

You clearly don't remember.

I'm here because of Rita.

Rita? Who is


That will happen every time

you try to lie to me.

So either you tell the truth,

or we'll keep going.

It's quite simple.

- I'm not involved

- What did I tell you, huh?

I didn't k*ll her.

- Ah!

- Spit it out, assh*le

Okay, I confess. I do!

I k*lled Rita.

But it wasn't my plan,

I was only following orders, man.

She was the one who ordered it.

It's all her fault. Not mine.

Rita? What's going on?


Who is "she", f*ck?

- Tell me right now.

- It was all Cléo!

It's Cléo!

Miranda's older sister

This was all her idea.

She wanted to get revenge.

Where's Miranda?

I dunno.

Now I'm gonna tell you

the best part of the plan, Miranda.

I found the right apartment,

directly across from you.

I had the perfect view of you, Miranda.

I was positive you'd spy on me,

like you spy on everyone.

I knew it!

Curiosity is your weakness.

Okay, I'll take it.

And then, as expected,

you fell into my trap.

And then our Fernando

helped me orchestrate the last trick.

We had sex

in front of the window, remember?

You observed us,

watched us,

getting oh so curious.

Confess to me right now

You got so addicted

to watching us doing it.

It was all part of the plan, Miranda.

The virus on my laptop,

all the clients It was all a big lie.

Mine and Fernando's.

I think things are getting

more interesting, don't you?

They're getting hotter and hotter.

And then I asked you to dog-sit Barbie.

and I gave you a key

to my bugged apartment.


You wore all of my outfits, Miranda.

You looked so amazing.

And of course I knew

you would f*ck Fernando


So you saw me

m*rder that man?

This man? Yeah.

That was the day you officially

became like me, a criminal

Hey, Cléo.

It's all good here.

Someone has something to say to you.

Hey there, Cléo.

You're always having me do crazy things.

But still always fun.

There's my client.

Hi. Is Cléo here?

- Come here.

- What don't you understand?

- No!

- You women and screaming.

You're all unbelievable

- Get off me!

- Let go!

He could have r*ped me or worse, he

Oh, come on,

calm down, Miranda. You were okay.

And the point was, you had to believe it.

- Disgusting bitch.

- Shut the f*ck up!

I don't get it, Cléo.

And the party?

Why did you call me to that party?

You were going to die that night,

but then I saw a new opportunity.

That's when I realized things

were getting a lot more exciting


- It's ready?

- The room's all set up.




Who would've thought that

dull girl would grow into this goddess?

When I saw you there I couldn't resist.

I called Heitor and Diana,

but meanwhile, I wanted you all to myself.

Just for a little bit.

Hi, my dear. I'm just calling

to see how things are going.

- Good, but a little nerve-wracking.

- That's normal.

And it is your first time

I just know that you can handle it,

that's why I left it all in your hands

Do you need anything? How goes it?

It's great, Mom.

Better than I thought.

Now I'm worthy of

being called your daughter.

Can I just say that I

adore calling you my mom?

I really do.

Soon everyone will know all about me.

I can't wait, my dear.

Call me when you're done.


Yes. Ciao.


The plan was that I k*ll you

while Fernando dealt

with his crazy family.

But you know how greedy I am.

I want everything for myself,

including chaos.

Where's Heitor?

- What are you doing here?

- Tell me where he is right now.

Diana, I don't think now is the best time.





It's you.

Heitor's f*cking nerdy bitch.

You stay the hell away from us.

You son of a bitch.

I found your lover in room six.

That's why you called me here?

Huh? Are you insane?

- Diana, hold on.

- You humiliated me!

- f*ck you!

- Stop, I'm not here with anyone

I also got a message. Anonymous.

It told me to come here

if I wanted to know who Luísa's father is.

And I found out.

Listen here

You will not take Luísa from me


Oh, how I enjoyed that night.

Finally, you were all mine,

and I was all yours, Miranda.

But you had no idea.

You don't know what you're doing here ♪

Baby ♪

You're out of space ♪

You're out of space ♪


I was looking for you.

Is that what I look like?

Let's go.

Diana is here.

I know.

I think someone set us up.

Somebody had us come here,

but I have no idea their purpose.

Come on.

That's enough

about that f*cking party.

Time to finish this, Miranda.

Time for you to die.

Right now.

Understand me?


and since you got lucky,

I guess I'll tell you about Diana.


I got your message. What's going on?

Heitor found out about everything.

He knows he's not Luísa's father.

He's gonna take her from me.

- I just No!

- Diana, don't worry. We'll work it out.

My life is going to shit.

I don't know

what's wrong with my marriage,

with my family.

Help me?

Please help me.

You're the only one

I can count on, Fernando.

- Just you.

- I'll help you.

But you need to

tell me the truth, Diana. Okay?

Am I the father?

am I the father?


- Don't hate me.

- No.

I know I shouldn't have

hidden it from you, Fernando

- But you have to understand why.

- No.

You should've told me that

from the very beginning.

Diana, I can't believe that

you would lie to my face all these years.

Why did you do that? Huh?

When I discovered you were Luísa's father

I was already with Heitor.

- I loved him so much.

- No.

- I really did.

- No!

You were just obsessed with that bastard.

I'm your brother,

but I know you loved me.

I never minded it.

We could've handled

this situation together, Diana.

What happened between you and I

it was sex.

It wasn't love.

It wasn't love?

Of course it was. We're in love!

I have never been in love with you.

You're lying.

- I know you love me.

- No.

Diana, I know you're only saying

that because you're my sister and

You don't even know!

I'm not your sister!

Fernando's a spoiled brat

who has never been told no.

So when he got rejected

by the love of his life,

and saw his plans all going south,

Fernando lost his mind, you know?

I only loved Heitor.

- I didn't love you!

- Shut up!

I knew if I told you, Fernando,

you'd never f*ck off.

I'm serious, Diana This is a warning.

- Shut the hell up.

- Was I selfish? I was.

I didn't care about you.

I didn't care about Luísa.

I don't care about anyone.

Not at all!

- Shut the f*ck up, Diana!

- Let me go!

- Shut up!

- Oh!

Look at me.

Look at me in the eyes

and say you don't love me!

Say it!


I pity you.

You're my everything. I mean it.

You don't understand my love.

C'mon, Lorenzo! Help me.

There you go, put her in.

No need to be so gentle/

That's good. My purse?

Now, let's go!

Yeah, Fer?

I just f*cked up, Cléo.

What are you talking about?

I m*rder Diana.

- You did what?

- She's floating in the pool.

It all feels like a dream.

I'm either going to k*ll myself

or call the police.

Don't be ridiculous,

you're not doing either of those things.

Have you lost it?

Sit tight, I'm heading your way.

- I can't stand this anymore, it's over.

- f*cking calm down.

Be reasonable, Fernando.

I'm going to take care of it.

Don't be anxious.

There's been a change of plans, boys.

Take us to the penthouse.

Fate truly was

smiling down on me that night.

And there's your salvation, Fer.

Accept it.

There, atta-boy. Amazing

Leave her

Oh wow.

Since she'll be found with the body,

she'll go down for it.

And she and Heitor

will be considered guilty lovers.

She deserves that.

Now, how do we get out of here?

- The service entrance.

- Mm?

It leads to the back alley.

There are no cameras there.

Fernando didn't think twice

before placing Diana's death

on your shoulders, Miranda

No. I can't believe that Fernando would

Hold on, there's more.

Wanna hear the rest of the story?

What is it, Zoe?

I don't have time for your bullshit, okay?

- What the hell are you doing here?

- I f*cked up.

- I f*cked up.

- You sound like a desperate psycho.

I need you to give me money, Fernando.

You gotta help me.

I don't know what else to do.

Or else I'll k*ll you right now.

Come on. Drop the g*n.

Drop the g*n.

I know what you did.

I know all about the money

you stole from Diana.

And I know you're an accomplice

in Bernardo's m*rder

I'm gonna to tell them everything,

you get it, Fernando?

Because I've got nothing to lose.

And I'll take you down with me,

you f*cking miserable scumbag.

You won't do that.

Because you love me, Zoe.

I know you do.



You wanted to know everything, right?

Well, there you go.

You want more? Ha!

You're gonna know so much more

than you wish you did, Miranda!

f*cking look at me.

No! I said right at me!

Fernando wanted to get Heitor in trouble.

Lock him away in jail forever.

And the leader of the prostitution ring?


And I I helped her cover up

her crimes in exchange for her help.

And after Fernando

m*rder Diana, Miranda,

he had no problem k*lling Zoe.

Nobody stood in our way.

And once Diana was out of the picture.

all he had to do was get rid of Heitor.

And get his hands on the assets

that idiot was gonna leave to Luísa.

There was just one thing, you!

It's always you.

- Where are they keeping her?

- I dunno, Cléo took her.

- Cléo took Miranda.

- You know where.

- I really don't.

- Spit it out, assh*le!

She took her to

the home where they grew up.

Why are you doing this to me, man?


I told you everything you wanted to know.

I told you what you wanted to know!

You don't know what she's capable of.

Cléo, she forced me to do it.

It's all her fault, I swear it.

It's all her and that assh*le Fernando!

- Fernando?

- Fernan Yeah!

The one who stole your bracelet.

He and Gabriela planned

all of this bullshit.

They're both in it together.

Come on, there's more.

Then they just started k*lling everybody.

They started k*lling everybody.

And then, when I wanted out of it,

that f*cking bitch threatened me.

I know you're more than

the tough guy I see sitting here.

Tough guy?

You think I'm tough? I'm tough?

No, I just meant

Stars in the morning ♪

Our star is here to stay ♪

Sky under water ♪

Oh, no

No rules apply for us ♪

You're incredible, Rita

Out of love ♪

Out of love ♪

Inês, we just got an anonymous tip

about where Miranda might be.

Okay, let's go.

But why do all of this?

Why not k*ll me and get it over with?

- Tell me.

- I wanted to, Miranda.

And I tried.

I tried on New Year's Eve.

The universe tried to tell me

you deserved more suffering than that.

I need to ask you something.

Don't be too offended.

The spawn, the one you're carrying,

is it Fernando's or Heitor's?

You don't know, do you?

Miranda, that's so naughty.

But I know you want it to be Heitor's.

Now let's put an end to this.

On the day I dropped you off that balcony,

I told my men to go k*ll Rita.


No, not her.

Yeah, yes, her.

- How could you?

- Was she like a little sister to you, huh?

Too bad you already have one.

I'm your sister, Miranda.

We don't have time, let's go

Hold on. I need to grab my things.

I'm ready, Mom.

What the f*ck you doing?

Let us go, Fábio.

Let's go.

You bitches aren't going anywhere.

Move and I'll k*ll her!

You ready?

This is the ending you deserve, Miranda.

An ending to this miserable life you live.

I'm really doing you a favor.

Your life is so sad, Miranda.

Truly horrible.

Soon you'll get to see Rita again,

don't you want that?

You should also be sure

to tell mommy dearest

So what are you gonna do, huh?

You gonna k*ll me, little sister? Huh?


On the ground! Now!

- On the ground!

- Go!




I'm sorry, sweetie. Forgive me.

Rita, calm down.

Everything's fine.

Sit here just for a bit.

If you hadn't called the police,

we'd be d*ad right now

You saved us, Miranda.

I need you with me always.

Unfortunately, Rita didn't make it.

I'm so sorry, Miranda.


Miranda, can you hear me?

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

What happened to Vitória?

We were able

to locate her through Cléo's computer.

Interpol is tracking her.

Vitoria leads one of the largest

prostitution and human trafficking rings

in the country.

And Fernando, he

Did you get him?


Miranda, uh, Fernando's d*ad.

He was k*lled the night of New Year's Eve,

before your accident.

He got into a fight with Heitor.

The g*n went off.


didn't survive it, Miranda.

- What about Heitor?

- He's alive.

The year I lived two lives

has finally come to an end.

One of them I didn't choose.

And it stole so much from me.

I miss Rita every day.

Especially now that I have

so much I wish I could tell her.

But at least I'm not alone.

Give me a dream

I'll give you the truth ♪

Shout it out

No time to lose ♪

So lay down

I know you can be so cruel ♪

So lay down

And kiss me in the afternoon ♪

Dreams come true ♪

Oh, dreams come true ♪

Just tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Just tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Tell me now

The other side of the story of you ♪

I know it's a boy

and what if it's a girl?

I'll love her.

Especially if she takes after you.

- If it's a girl, I want to name her Rita.

- Mm-hmm.

And I I love that.

I think today you should go back

and spend time with Luísa.

I'm being dismissed?

You're getting bold, huh?

Just sending me away.

No. No. I just

Will you think about me?

- Mm-hmm. I will.

- Oh, yeah?

January 20th, 11:00 a.m.

Going through all of this

made me stronger.


I'm not afraid of the truth now.

I can't be.



It turns out the unknown

is much scarier than the truth.

I refuse to live in the dark.

This Huntington's disease is

only one small part of who I am,

the best part is growing inside of me.

My daughter.

And I'm going to create as

many memories with her as possible.

This is my final recording.

I'm done living in the past.

The future is here, inside of me.

And I'm sure it'll be incredible.
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