01x16 - The Repentance

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Reborn Rich". Aired: November 18, 2022 - present.
When a loyal employee is m*rder and reborn as the youngest son of the company, he seeks revenge on the conglomerate family.
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01x16 - The Repentance

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(Song Joong Ki)

(Lee Sung Min)

(Shin Hyun Been)

(Kim Shin Rok, Yoon Je Moon, Cho Han Chul)

(Kim Nam Hee, Park Ji Hyun)

(Jung Hye Young, Kim Young Jae)

(Kim Jung Nan, Kim Do Hyun,
Kim Hyun, Seo Jae Hee)

(Reborn Rich)

(This drama is fiction
and people, places, organizations,)

(incidents, groups, and nations
are not based on reality.)

I'll do it if you're not in a hurry.

How do you feel?

Do you remember anything?

Can you remember your name?

You will be fine.

- Don't move.
- Don't move.

- Don't move.
- Stop.

Mr. Yoon Hyeon Woo?

You remember me, right?

We've met before.

I hope you at least remember my face...

because I saved you,

although you probably had no idea.

I know who you are.

The Seoul District
Public Prosecutors' Office.

Prosecutor Seo Min Yeong.

Hey, Hyeon Min.


Sorry. Things suddenly got busy here.

Yes. Father?

You don't need to put him on the phone.

I'll come by and say hi
when I'm back in Korea.

Yes. All right.

Wait, Hyeon Min.


Can you tell Father
that I'm doing well here?

Tell him not to worry about me.

Let him know that I'll make sure
to visit him when I'm back.

Okay, all right.

One's your plane ticket,

and the other one
is your emergency passport...

issued by the Korean consulate.

Check the details.

I'll go downstairs and find out
if you're ready to be discharged.

Prosecutor Seo.


Thank you.

I've never seen that look
on your face before.

"I will never let my guard down."

You looked as though you were clad
in a full suit of steel armor.

But right now, you look like
you've completely let your guard down.

Why? Do I make you uncomfortable?

Are you worried that I'd make you repay me
for saving your life?

Don't worry.

I didn't do it for you.
In fact, I did it for myself.

I really need your testimony.

That's why I reached out to the agents...

at the National Intelligence Service
to help me track you down.

Thanks to them, I was able
to witness the incident and save you.

Did you say you needed my testimony?

Chairman Jin Young Ki.

I plan to indict him
for unlawful business succession.

Since you're the Senior Finance Manager
of Soonyang Group,

the court will no longer be able to say
there's insufficient evidence...

once you testify.

You're here to take care of things
for Soonyang's paper company, right?

To be more accurate, you're here
because of Soonyang's slush fund,

which was created
through illegal activities...

such as tax evasion
and diverting funds to offshore accounts.

That slush fund was connected
to the company's succession process, right?

I thought...

you could only interrogate people
in the interrogation room.

Let me rephrase my question.

Who was it?

Who? And why did someone...

try to k*ll you when you came here
to withdraw the slush fund?

Do you know, Mr. Yoon?

Prosecutor Seo.

I never question the owner family's orders.

I can neither decline nor judge them.

No matter the situation...
And no matter what it entails,

I do...

what I'm told to do...

because that's my job.

So how far have you gone?

You said you never questioned...

or judged the owner family's orders.

How far such a loyal man like you go
for your master?

I'm curious.

(Reborn Rich)

(Final Episode)

Mr. Yoon Hyeon Woo?

Yes. Who are you?

We're from the Eastern District
Prosecutors' Office.

I'm Prosecutor Seo Min Yeong
from the Central Office.

He is an important witness
in a case I'm investigating.

What is this about?

Mr. Yoon Hyeon Woo,
we have a warrant for your arrest.

You're under arrest
for embezzlement according to...

the Act on the Aggravated Punishment
of Specific Economic Crimes.


We received a report that you embezzled...

the 700 million dollars
from the sale of Soonyang Micro.

No way. That money was...

We looked into it
and found the 700 million dollars...

in your personal bank account.

May I see the warrant?

(Arrest Warrant, Yoon Hyeon Woo)

Darn it.

Get him!

It's that way.

Excuse me, sir. May I borrow your phone?

Hyeon Woo, where are you?

Do you know who's here now?

They said they were from Soonyang.
The internal affairs department.

They told me you embezzled
some kind of company fund...

and that there was an arrest warrant
issued against you.

What is going on?

Hyeon Min.

I need your help.

Wait! My goodness.

Here. Oh, dear.

It's pouring.

Mr. Yoon.
If you hear from your son tomorrow,

you have to call us right away.

He should talk to the company
before the prosecutors get to him.

That way,
we can help him avoid criminal punishment.

I feel bad that you're doing all this
to help my son.

I apologize. I'm really sorry.

Please put in a good word for him
when you're back at the office.

My son would never touch
the company's money,

and such a huge amount at that.

You see, my son...

When all his peers were busy studying,

he had to be
the breadwinner in the family...

instead of me, his incompetent father.

If he was capable
of being selfish and greedy,

he would've run away a long time ago.

Mr. Yoon, we already told you everything.

The evidence must be false.
My son would never do such a thing.

I swear, Hyeon Woo would never
do such a thing.

Wait, please help him.

- Put in a good word for him.
- Goodness.

Please put in a good word for him.


Please help him.

Please, I beg you.

Please help him.


Why are you standing in the rain?
What if you catch a cold?

Oh, I was... I'm sorry.

Hyeon Woo.

Here's what you asked for.


You should take my phone.
You'll need a phone.

Okay, thanks.


Don't bow to others because of me.

I have to go, Father.


Good work today.

Mr. Yoon.

What are you doing here?

Mr. Kim.

I must right the wrong.

Life is such an interesting game.

You can never predict anything.

When Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun
ditched me...

and chose you,

I thought you'd end up becoming...

Soonyang Group's very first executive
without a college degree.


did I do wrong?

I went there to withdraw the slush fund...

as per
Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun's orders,

and I faithfully carried out the orders.

So why...

Why did I nearly get k*lled like that?

I've been racking my brain,
but I really don't understand.

You, Mr. Yoon...

Shouldn't you know better by now?

You still don't know what
the Soonyang family is capable of?

(Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun)

("Model Case of Business
Succession Strictly Abiding by Law")

I bet they wanted
to conceal the illegal slush fund.

They can certainly hide it
if you're gone, you know.

Then Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun
can say that...

he inherited Soonyang
in a lawful, transparent manner...

as he proclaimed...

and deceive the world.

The truth is,

you weren't sent there...

to collect the slush fund
as the company's Senior Finance Manager.

You were sent there
as the owner family's butler...

and as the Jin family's servant...

to take the fall for the illegal fund
of 700 million dollars.

That's why Vice-Chairman Jin needed you.

That was the only reason.

That's why I need you to fix it.

If only I hadn't met you 20 years ago,

I wouldn't have come this far.

You brought this upon yourself.

If you never told Vice-Chairman Jin...

about the Soonyang Micro ledger,

we wouldn't be talking here like this now.

I suggest you just give up.

If Jin Seong Jun is the one
you're going up against,

you won't get your revenge.

After all, revenge isn't for those
who have been wronged.

Only those with power can take revenge.

Who's here at this hour?

The door is open. Come on in.

Sir, what's the matter?

Go that way.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

The suspect in the Soonyang Corporation
embezzlement case,

Yoon Hyeon Woo.

We've put out an APB on him...

but haven't been able
to track him down yet.

He embezzled 700 million dollars,

so he'll rot in jail for at least 20 years.

What do you mean?

He pocketed 700 million dollars, so...

No, I'm asking you
about the 700 million dollars.

Why are you saying
Yoon Hyeon Woo pocketed the money?

He sent the money from
the sale of the paper company...

to his own account
and withdrew the whole thing in cash.

Are you sure?

All embezzlers conceal the money they took.

The Eastern Office is convinced
that he embezzled the money.

Why would he run away
if he's got nothing to hide?

- Get going first.
- All right.

Yes, Seo Min Yeong speaking.

I'm here to turn myself in.

You said you wanted to indict
Chairman Jin Young Ki and his son.

They set up an illegal slush fund...

through Soonyang Micro.

I'm here to submit evidence to back it up.

You came too late.

You're a suspect now.

You're suspected of embezzling
that slush fund.

So do you think it can serve as evidence?

That money.

To whom did you send it?

You withdrew the 700 million dollars
in cash.

Had I taken that money,

I wouldn't have come here voluntarily,

knowing the risks.

At the hospital, you asked me...

who tried to k*ll me, why they did it,

and if I knew how it was connected
to the slush fund.

The person who needed
the 700 million dollars...

without the name, Soonyang Micro.

To siphon off the money,

that person ordered Assistant
Manager Shin Gyeong Min to k*ll me.

Assistant Manager Shin Gyeong Min?
I suppose he works for Soonyang.

Then first,

let's find him.

This is an attempted m*rder case,
not an embezzlement case.

And you're the victim, not a suspect.

Is that why you're here?
Because you feel wronged?


I'm here because I need power.

Someone told me...

that revenge is for those with power,

not those who have been wronged.

I just sent you a detailed statement...

for the slush fund,
which I had backed up to the cloud.

I also sent you the files
on everything I've worked on...

at Soonyang, including
the ones for owner risk management.

I've done everything I could.

"It's all on you now."

"Let's see how far you can go."

That's what your face is telling me now.

I don't doubt that you can pull it off.

I know very well that
you're Soonyang's Grim Reaper.

I heard the security team
was called to your house last night.

I was just about to bring it up.

You b*at me to it.

I was one step behind.

I heard it was the employee
they'd sent to collect the slush fund.

I also heard Internal Affairs
reported him...

for embezzling the fund.

Would it be okay...

if your sources reported these things
to me first?

Now that you've changed lanes,

it's time to pick up the pace.

When that happened last night,

you should've called me instead
of Soonyang's security team.

I bet that employee
is Seong Jun's Achilles' heel.

We should've won him over to our side.

I'm sorry.

Before the shareholders' meeting
takes place,

we must get Seong Jun ousted
no matter what.

Only then will I get an opportunity.

Do not forget what I said.

She's working very hard, isn't she?

I'm sure you heard everything,

but Mr. Yoon Hyeon Woo
came to see me last night.

It sounded like he went through
a rough patch overseas.

I think he nearly died.

Seeing him,

I was vividly reminded
of what happened 20 years ago.

Do you remember, sir?

The youngest grandson
of Chairman Jin Yang Cheol.

A third-generation member
of the Soonyang Group family.

He suddenly died a few days
before his inauguration ceremony,

but no one...

even talked about that incident,

because I...

took care of everything.

Next time,

you can give me these updates
in my office, Mr. Kim.

Thank you.

I got a lot of work done
while you were asleep.

Pick one. Which one do you want
to hear first?

Good news or bad news?

Let's hear the bad news first.

I suppose you're an optimist.

You seem confident that
you can take care of it.

Okay, what do you need me to take care of?

Assistant Manager Shin Gyeong Min
has already fled the country.

So as for who's behind him
and where the 700 million dollars is,

we can't track down either
of them at the moment.

In other words,

I won't be able to
get the embezzlement charges dropped...

or get the APB lifted.

You're quite impatient.

You haven't heard the good news yet.

Your embezzlement case.

I'm the prosecutor in charge
of the case now.

I went through the files
on owner risk management.

I'd guessed that would be the case,

but the prosecutor at the Eastern Office...

had received the Soonyang scholarship.

We're not concerned that
you'd try to flee or destroy evidence.

And you've been cooperative,

so we'll investigate the case
without keeping you in custody.

The APB on you has been lifted.

Unless there's another evidence
that you indeed embezzled the money,

the charges will be dropped
due to lack of evidence.

Oh, as for Soonyang Micro's slush fund
of 700 million dollars,

I'll continue to investigate
to track down the money.

You said I was Soonyang's Grim Reaper.

I should live up to my reputation.

You can go home now.

I'll contact you if I need
to interview you as a witness.

Go home and get some rest.
Don't think about anything.

It'll take some time
for you to fully recover.

A trainee gave me this as a gift
on his last day here.

I hear music enthusiasts listen
to this vinyl record these days.

I was a huge fan.

Were you a fan too?
Since the release of "I Know?"

Someone I know was a fan.

The woman I loved.

She was a huge fan.

I expected no less...

because this is what I used to do
at Soonyang.


They want me...

to get scared and keep my lips sealed.

I spent a week in the hospital
as Yoon Hyeon Woo.

I lived as Jin Do Jun for 17 years.

Was it a dream?

Or was I possessed?

Or did I travel in time all by myself?

I still haven't found the answer.

Is it my sole responsibility to remember...

this graphic past life?



someone I want to ask.

Director, you have a guest.

He's from Soonyang.

You're from Soonyang?

It's been ten years.

Ten years since I sold all
of my Soonyang shares...

and moved into this forest.

Why did I do that?

So I wouldn't see Soonyang buildings...

or use things made by Soonyang in my life.


you're polluting it all, Soonyang Man.

Must I...

put up with it?

I wouldn't be able to, Mr. Oh.

I'm a former Soonyang Man...

who got sh*t in the head...

while running
the owner's slush fund errand.

These are Midtown Donuts.

Get it out of my sight.

Better yet, just throw them away.


I never thought you'd hate it.

Someone I know loves the donuts from here.

Then why did you come to see me
and not them?

Because I wanted to know.

The real reason you left Miracle.

Do you think...

Korea Discount disappeared?

No, not at all.

This country is hopeless.

Then why are you here?

"It is time for Korea Discount
to disappear from the market."

"Miracle Investment will move up that day."

I remember those words were yours.

But you were the one who had disappeared.

An outstanding value investor leading
a vulture fund,

CEO Oh Se Hyeon.

If you think you know
who I am after reading...

several books of mine, you are wrong.

The one who had talked big about...

knowing all about Korea's market
after writing several books was you.

That is why you've been hiding
in this arboretum for years.

What did you say?

You're scared the world will find out...

that the value investment theory...

you claimed was actually you
behaving as a New Yorker...

who didn't fit in the Korean market.

But most of all,
you're scared it'll be proven...

with money and income.

That is why you're hiding.

And while using your partner's death
as the pretext.

Nobody will know you have failed
if you live while hiding...

among these trees
for the rest of your life.

Wait. Didn't you want me
to get rid of it earlier?


What was I supposed to do?

The smell of it was enough
to make me start drooling.

You asked why I was hiding
in this arboretum.

It was to find a way not to watch...

the disgusting and nasty siblings fight
for the management right.

If there isn't any management right,

there won't be a fight.

I almost lost my life
in the owner's succession fight.

It's my turn now.

The management right
they're holding on for dear life.

I'll make sure they let go of it this time.


I have you, Mr. Oh.

Please prove my idea into numbers.

Accurate data...

for investment.


Who are you?

Happy birthday dear Mom

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, Mom.

Let's only put two candles
on the birthday cake.

Because, Mom,

your face looks like
you're still in your late 20s.

Forget about the candles.

I'm a mom who's outliving her son.

It's not a day to celebrate.

I was in a hurry
and couldn't buy a bouquet.

Wait a second.

It's your birthday.
I couldn't possibly ignore it.

After all this time?

When I warned you
that your family was dangerous...

and begged you to protect Do Jun,

you ignored it.

That was why Do Jun...

You're right. It's all my fault.

- But honey...
- Look.

You're still a coward.

You know why and who caused
Do Jun's accident,

don't you?

Using our young Do Jun...

and stepping foot inside Jeongsimjae...

was all because of your greed for Soonyang.

You stole...

Do Jun away from me.

Yes, I am Lee Hae In.

Who are you again?

From what I know,

Do Jun left his Soonyang shares with you.

Three percent of the corporation's shares.

I heard you stepped down
from your position.

I'm sure you came to secure my shares...

as a friendly share...

with the shareholders' meeting
just around the corner.

So whose side are you on?


on Do Jun's side.

I'm one of his people, aren't I?

I'm planning...

to find a new owner for Soonyang.

Your shares and voting rights.

It's time to use them properly.

Is that even possible?

Think about the shares...

Chairman Jin Young Ki and his son has.

Mine aren't a match to theirs.

- Come over here.
- Okay.

(Depriving Soonyang Owner
Family's Management Rights)

Under the current law, everything is fine.

You're right. This is...

what you are talking about, right?

Instead of the board of directors...

dominated by the Soonyang owner's family,

we will convene a shareholders' meeting...

through the minority shareholders'
solidarity conference.

Due to their nature,
minority shareholders...

are not interested in...

equity structure or voting rights.

We will select
a provocative agenda to suit...

the interests
of the minority shareholders...

who are extremely sensitive
to stock revenue.

"While Soonyang owner's family
saved billions of dollars..."

"in inheritance tax,"

"how much did I lose
from Soonyang's stocks?"

- We'd like a comment.
- Please say something.

- A comment, please.
- How do you feel right now?

- What is this for?
- What are you aiming?

We will make them take legal
and economic responsibility...

for the property damage...

the minority shareholders suffered...

and give up their management rights.

This is the first time...

minority shareholders'
solidarity conference...

has convened a shareholders' meeting
against a tycoon's conglomerate.

Do you think it's possible
to strip the management rights...

and voting rights of the owner's family...

with the minority shareholders' power?

It will be a miracle.

I'd like to see such a miracle happen
in Korea's market.

That is why I, Oh Se Hyeon,
have returned to Miracle.

Please say a comment to the owner's family.

- Over here, please.
- Why are you going this far?

(The minority shareholders'
solidarity conference...)

(can convene
a general shareholders' meeting.)

The minority shareholders'
solidarity conference...

is nothing to worry about, Vice-Chairman.

Rather than shareholders,
they are more like speculators.

Is there anything else
as easy as settling it with money?

Do you not know who's leading...

the minority shareholders'
solidarity conference?

It's that Oh Se Hyeon of Miracle.

Who knows what he'll use
to pressure me this time?

That, too,

can be settled with money.

So that nobody dares shake you up,
including Oh Se Hyeon,

you simply have to purchase the shares...

needed to protect the management rights.

The minority shareholders'
solidarity conference...

withdrew their request
for the general shareholders' meeting.

Soonyang Corporation's
board of directors...

provided money
to the minority shareholders.

As expected, they're sensitive
about the profit in front of them.

They get easily swayed.

Do you still think...

the minority shareholders are our hope?

This one...

was bait.

The extraordinary shareholders' meeting...

was the bait we threw at them.

Wait a bit longer.
They'll start biting soon.

Prosecutor Seo. A noticeable flow
has recently been detected.

An organization
has purchased a large number...

of Soonyang Corporation shares. Here.

It's common for organizations...

to exchange shares
before the shareholders' meeting.

But the numbers are not small at all.

Look, it's 600 million dollars.

I don't think this organization
can mobilize this much in cash.

A piece
of noteworthy personal information...

is the head of the organization.

It has been identified as a cousin...

of Director Mo Hyeon Min,
Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun's wife.

A large investment has flowed into
the organization recently.

On March 28,

a total of 700 million dollars.

The person who needed
the 700 million dollars...

without the name, Soonyang Micro.

To siphon off the money,

that person ordered Assistant
Manager Shin Gyeong Min to k*ll me.

Wasn't March 28 when you went
on an overseas business trip?

Should we book Vice-Chairman Jin
as a suspect?

No. The other party
is the vice-chairman of Soonyang.

I have no power against him.

It's been ages
since I gave you the homework.

But you only got in touch now.

You're taking your sweet time.

Will you be able to prosecute...

Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun
before the shareholders' meeting?

I didn't know we were meeting
to check my homework.

I thought you were...

going to cooperate
with the prosecution investigation.

There's no need to get offended.

I'm only saying it for your sake.

I haven't heard of a woman...

becoming the Prosecutor General yet
in your field.

It's an uneven playing field...

and a glass ceiling. There's no hope.

So why keep working there?

A woman can't become
the Prosecutor General,

but she can become
the President of this country.

If you want it, you don't have to worry
about getting nominated.

Prosecutor Seo.

It's come to an age...

where storytelling
is necessary for politics.

He's right.

You've got a great character,
Prosecutor Seo.

Soonyang's Grim Reaper, wasn't it?

But it would've been better...

if you had a stronger showpiece.

Suspicion of Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun's
illegal succession.

Is getting him sentenced...

to jail enough to be a showpiece?

Yes, somewhat.

Please don't hesitate to ask
for my support when you need it.

You haven't changed at all
from 20 years ago, Mr. Choi.

It was around when...

Chairman Jin Young Ki
succeeded Soonyang Group.

The car accident that k*lled
Director Jin Do Jun.

You encouraged me to see
the end of the investigation.

But the very next day,

you exercised...

the Minister of Justice's
investigation command...

and stopped all investigations.

- You see, back then...
- So?

What is it that you want?

Suspicion of Soonyang Corporation's
illegal succession.

Please hold a hearing
in the National Assembly.

Why a hearing out of the blue?

Both Soonyang and the higher-ups
of the prosecutors' office...

should know the whole nation
is watching.

The investigation must not get suspended
due to external pressure.

Only then...

will Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun
get arrested, as you wish.

This is the first time Soonyang Group...

has been called for a hearing.

It's a priceless experience...

Grandfather nor Father went through.

It's such an honor, Mr. Kim.

We had predicted such a thing to happen.

I heard Mr. Choi Chang Je...

worked harder than ever
to set up this hearing.

With the shareholders' meeting ahead of us,

Mr. Yoon's accident
was a favorable factor...

for your desperate family members...

to use to damage your reputation.

So it's all my fault?

It means we're almost there,
Vice-Chairman Jin.

The management structure reformation
is almost over.

And we bought enough shares
needed to protect...

the management rights.

Nobody can stop you
from becoming the next chairman.

We can send Chairman Jin Young Ki...

to rest anytime we want. Don't you agree?

In this hearing,

various suspicions related
to Soonyang's illegal succession...

will be brought up as well.

People will now become aware
of what intelligent methods...

Soonyang has used to evade...

inheritance and gift tax.

But not many will think
it's a crime worth punishing.

People believe inheritance
is human instinct.

Rather, they'll feel bummed
for not being that lucky person.

Prosecutor Seo.

The guest you're scheduled to meet
at 5pm is in the reception room.

I can't miss this meeting.

Please ask him
if you have any further questions.


Prosecutor Seo.

We won't see each other
until the hearing, will we?

Oh, right. Mr. Yoon.

You've really done a great job until now.

Thanks to you,
we've come this far against Soonyang.

Let's keep up the good work.

Of course.

Then I'll see you on that day.

Oh, you see.

It suits her well.

Prosecutor Seo's nickname.

You mean Soonyang's Grim Reaper?


People really know how to hurt others.

Prosecutor Seo.

She had a fiance.

Don't be shocked at who he was.

He was the grandson of Soonyang Group.

Amid the siblings' succession w*r,

he met a dubious accidental death.

I heard it was about 20 years ago.

The investigation ended
due to Soonyang's pressure.

That is why she goes all out
to make things right...

when it comes to Soonyang.

She doesn't wear black every day...

to look like the grim reaper.

It's her way of mourning.

I see.

You're having him stand
as a witness at the hearing, right?

He's the sole survivor
and witness of the scene.

Did you find it?

Did I have to find out about the hearing
through the news?

Answer me.

How can you call us a family?

We don't have time for your complaints.

The talk about the hearing alone...

is making the stock price plummet.

We need to come up with a plan
to protect...

the stock price first.

Whether it's a hearing investigation
or a prosecution investigation,

horrible incidents like attempted m*rder...

have nothing to do with Soonyang.
It was an individual's deviance, no?

Let's make a public apology...

and make Seong Jun resign.

Now I finally understand why...

you all came here
in a hurry this late at night.

Seize the chance, right?

Seong Jun has fallen into a trap.

But you're putting pressure on him
to take away the management rights.

So what family?

It's not as if we don't have our reason.

He has a history.

Everyone here knows, right?

Why Do Jun died 20 years ago.

- Back then, Seong Jun...
- Hey.

Ji Na.

Our nephew Do Jun passed away
in a three-car rear-end collision.

You all know it well.

Let's be careful, okay?

If words start to get out,
everything will get out of hand.

It will be the end of Soonyang and us,

not only Seong Jun.

It's the same as 20 years ago.

Just like today,
you were all convinced I had k*lled Do Jun.

There was no evidence, but no doubt either.

But why?

Tell me.


Didn't everyone here want
to k*ll Do Jun?

- Am I wrong?
- Enough, Seong Jun!

I'm sorry, Mother. Excuse me first.

Watch your mouth, will you?

Aren't we a family?
So how could you suspect him?

Don't you...

have something to tell me?

It wasn't me, Father. I swear.

Don't you believe me?

It wasn't me.

Do Jun's accident had nothing
to do with me, Father!

Is that so?

(Soonyang Venture Investment,
Jin Seong Jun)

It was found...

at the scene of Do Jun's accident.

How will you explain...

this business card...
was found in the driver's seat...

of the car at fault?

Even your name was...

on the driver's bank account details.


I know.

I know how much you detest Do Jun.

Everyone in this family knows how you feel.

Yes, it must be frustrating.


would believe you in this situation.

That's right.

Seong Jun. Don't worry.

You have me, your father.

I will not let you live as a m*rder.

For now,

I'd better have the management rights.

Only then will the people not suspect you.

From now on,

only listen to me.

Seong Jun.

Inform them that you can't make it
to the hearing...

if it's stressing you out too much.

It's not a legal obligation anyway.

Aren't you curious?

Aren't you curious about
whether I incited the m*rder...

of our employee or not?

It doesn't matter.

What matters to me... No.

What matters to us is...

not to make any reasons
for having you disqualified...

from being appointed
as Soonyang Group's chairman.

You won't be attending the hearing.

It's been decided.

Mr. Kim.

I've made up my mind.

Let's attend the hearing.

- Here they are.
- They're here.

(Children's Day)

- Please make way.
- Over here.

Make way.

Do you admit to inciting the m*rder?

- I'm from Jaeil News.
- Look over here.

- Please say something.
- Vice-Chairman Jin!

Look this way.

An investigation hearing
on the alleged illegal succession...

of Soonyang Group...

is currently underway...

at the National Assembly's
main meeting hall.

An intensive question-and-answer session...

is expected at today's hearing...

on various suspicions...

surrounding Soonyang's
expedient succession...

and the attempted m*rder discovered...

during the recent illegal overseas
slush funds investigation.

The next chairman appointment
of Soonyang Group,

scheduled to take place...

at Soonyang Corporation's
shareholders' meeting next month,

is expected to change significantly...

depending on the results
of today's hearing.

It's Vice-Chairman Jin!

It's Vice-Chairman Jin.

- Over here.
- Give us a statement.

Do you admit to the suspicions?

How do you feel right now?

Vice-Chairman Jin, any comments to make?

- Please say something.
- Vice-Chairman Jin!

- How do you feel?
- What do you plan to say?

- We'd like a comment.
- Are you ready for the hearing?

Are the suspicions true?

Vice-Chairman Jin!

Are you involved in the attempted m*rder?

Do you have anything to say
about the suspicions?

I didn't know you had such a talent,
Mr. Yoon.

Who would've thought you'd conduct
a hearing against Soonyang?

How do you feel?

Your advice really helped, Mr. Kim.

"Revenge is for those with power,"

"not for those who have been wronged."

By any chance, do you know why?

Soonyang Micro's ledger.

The reason why you went
to Vice-Chairman Jin and reported.

I was wondering if you knew the reason.

Because of your conscience?


You went over to wag your tail
at Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun...

who'll be your new owner.

You needed a new connection
to replace the collapsed chairman.

And you probably wanted to show something
to other staff...

who sneered at you
because you're only a high school graduate.

I needed you to know...

who you really are before you went inside.

That way, you can be yourself
as you give them answers.

(A Hearing for Soonyang Group's
Expedient Succession and Slush Fund)


What were you in charge of...

when you were on a business trip abroad,
Mr. Yoon Hyeon Woo?

I was in charge of reverting
700 million dollars...

back to Soonyang.

Witness, did you succeed?

No, I couldn't.

Why not?

I was abducted by assailants, got sh*t,

and lost my consciousness.

The one who hired local assailants
to sh**t you...

and took 700 million dollars
of slush fund...

was someone you were acquainted with?

- Is that correct?
- Yes, it is.

A staff member of Soonyang Group's
Future Asset Management Department.

He said it was an order from his superior.

Who do you think it was?

I think it was Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun.

- Jin Seong Jun?
- He really thinks so?

- Really?
- He said Jin Seong Jun.

You. How can you be so sure?

Do you have any grounds for your argument?



Recently, an organization bought out
600 million dollars worth...

of Soonyang Corporation's shares.

Were you aware of this?

Yes, I found out through
a public announcement.

So you had no idea before the announcement?

When the head of the organization
is your wife's relative?

I've been too busy with work,

so I did not get to look after my in-laws.

Do you mean this has nothing to do...

with defending your managerial rights?

Who would believe that?

Soonyang Corporation's shares
are considered solid, wanted by anybody.

I believe this was simply
a wise investment.

The public sentiment began to change
as soon as the hearing began.

Vice-Chairman Jin Seong Jun
is a hot potato on social media.

His fashion in the hearing.

His composed manners
as a grandson of a rich family.

The public sentiment did change...

in the opposite direction
of our expectation.

Who is the next witness?

This witness will testify
that Soonyang was...

behind the attempted m*rder
of Mr. Yoon Hyeon Woo.

An agent
of the National Intelligence Service...

who witnessed the accident
and saved Mr. Yoon...

The witness just contacted us
that they could not make it...

due to unforeseen personal circumstances.

These people moved the date around
to return to Korea for the hearing.

These personal reasons must be Soonyang.

Without the testimony of the agents,

we have no other way of proving
Soonyang's m*rder instigation.

It happened once before 20 years ago.

A m*rder surrounding the succession.

It was covered up as a car accident,
but it was obviously a m*rder case.

If the hearing ends like this,

it's too unfair for you, Mr. Yoon.

We found the sole witness and survivor...

of the accident.

He'll come and bear witness
to the situation of that day.

Then let us begin the questioning
for the next witness.

Witness, please be seated.

(A Hearing for Soonyang Group's
Expedient Succession and Slush Fund)


What do you think you're doing?

My poor son died an unfair death.

I had to lift his grudge...

before I passed away.

Witness, please tell us who you are.

Well, right.

Ha In Seok.

My name is Ha In Seok.

The grandson of Soonyang Group,

Director Jin Do Jun's secretary.

Wait, so nobody knows who
Director Jin Do Jun is?

Twenty years ago,

he was k*lled.

- What?
- What's he saying?

- He was k*lled?
- Jin Do Jun?

Witness, only answer the questions we ask.


You're going to shut me up again?

I've stayed quiet enough
for the last 20 years.

I still...

I still remember it like it was yesterday.

That car accident.

It wasn't an accident.

It was a m*rder case.

- m*rder?
- Is he serious?

- What?
- What's he saying?

- Can he prove that?
- He was m*rder?

- That car accident?
- Director Jin Do Jun?


Did you just say it was a m*rder case,

not a car accident?

Do you know who did it?

The accomplice is...

sitting here right now.

You remember me, right?

You know, you were there with me
at the scene of the car accident.

Director Jin Do Jun.

Director Jin.

You can't stay here. You must leave.

Let go of me!

You cannot let them take you down
just as they did on that day.

Let go of me!

Director Jin, you can't stay here!

You cannot stay here, Director Jin!

Director Jin! You must leave!

Thank you.

Mr. Ha In Seok is suffering
from alcoholic dementia.

Everything he said on the witness stand...

will not be taken into account
as a valid testimony.

I should have checked his condition
a bit more thoroughly.

I thought this hearing
may be our last chance,

so I got ahead of myself.

Are you afraid the culprits
won't be punished? Is that why?

Because I felt bad.

If I resolved this case...

twenty years ago,

I wouldn't have met you now...

as another victim of Soonyang.

That's why I worked harder on this.

Because I felt bad.

Yes, I just arrived.

Is this the right place?
I don't see anyone here.

Yes, I...

Mr. Yoon.

Mr. Yoon Hyeon Woo.

Yoon Hyeon Woo, answer me!

Someone... Someone just died here.

Someone... Someone just died.

Someone died because of me!

Why didn't you tell me...

that this was my job?

That I was to work as bait
for someone's m*rder?

You should've told me from the start.

What would change?

If I had known,

I would not have followed your orders.

Then your contract with Soonyang
will expire as of this month.

You'll have to go back
to your ragged home...

with your sick brother and dad
who is a credit defaulter,

living as a contract worker
for subcontractors for life,

then bequeath
your disgusting poverty your kid,

proud of the fact that you were a good man.

You only live once.

You should get to live well
like the others do.

Is this the police?

I have something to report.


Please speak. Hello?


When the owner's family gives an order,
do not turn it down.

Do not ask questions.

Do not make a judgment.

When the owner's family gives an order,
do not turn it down.

Do not ask questions.
Do not make a judgment.

When the owner's family gives an order,
do not turn it down.

Do not ask questions.
Do not make a judgment.

That day,

what I wanted to wipe away...

wasn't the scar left on my hand.

It was the face.

It was Jin Do Jun's face...

that looked at me.

I don't know the passcode to your house.


(Set temporary passcode)

(Temporary passcode: 0919)

I sent you a temporary number.
You can check.

(Front door, temporary passcode: 0919)

One and nine.

Zero, nine, one, nine.

It's open.

So what do I have to do now?

So you're asking me to send you
whatever's in here to your phone?

Before we resume the hearing,
I have an announcement to make.

The witness from this morning, Ha In Seok,

was confirmed with
a history of alcohol dementia.

Everything he said in the hearing is...

difficult to be discerned as facts.

Therefore, his testimony
will not be accepted.

Soonyang Corporation and Jin Do Jun...

Someone... Someone just died here.

Someone... Someone just...

Someone died. Can you call an ambulance?

Someone just died. Please.

Someone died...

because of me!

Someone just died!

(A Hearing for Soonyang Group's
Expedient Succession and Slush Fund)

What is this?

Did you say it's difficult to trust
Ha In Seok's witness account...

of the accident 20 years ago
because of his alcoholic dementia?

In that case,

what about the accomplice's confession?

- What?
- What?

What now?

I am the accomplice...

who was on the scene
of Director Jin Do Jun's death.

- What's he saying?
- Is he serious?

The phone conversation...

recorded on my phone
from the accident is the proof.

What is he saying?

Mr. Yoon. Mr. Yoon Hyeon Woo.

Pull yourself together and talk to me.

Is anybody around you?

Leave the area before anyone sees you.

Do not get worked up.
Keep your calm as you move.

Good work.

I hope...

Seong Jun understands
his father's profound consideration.

- Mr. Kim.
- Yes, sir.

I am...

Jin Yang Cheol's son. His eldest son.

(A Hearing for Soonyang Group's
Expedient Succession and Slush Fund)

Mr. Jin Seong Jun! Is this true?

Were you aware of your father,
Chairman Jin Young Ki's crime?

Were you two in this together...

to take the management rights?

Witness, answer me.

- Witness!
- Witness!

- Answer me, Mr. Jin Seong Jun!
- Witness!

- Why won't he say anything?
- Did you do it?

Go ahead and answer.

Did he really do that?

Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Is this your revenge?

You finally managed to live
like a decent human...

thanks to the money Soonyang gave you.

How dare you do this?

Put the cameras away.

Put the cameras away!

- Goodness.
- Get him.

This is why you never treat
your associates well.

The rich man's dog
thinks he became a rich man.

I raised a dog that grew up
to bite its owner.

- You cannot do this!
- Move!

Let go. Let go of me!

Let go!

The world can't take me down!

During the hearing
of Soonyang's illegal succession,

crucial evidence
was presented to prove...

Chairman Jin Young Ki's
m*rder instigation...

of Jin Do Jun's m*rder in 2004.

Boycott Soonyang's products!

- Boycott!
- Boycott!

Do not buy or sell...

- Soonyang's products!
- Do not buy or sell!

The anger against the owners of Soonyang
led to a boycott,

and the group finally caved in.

Vice-Chairman Jin Dong Ki
and other owner's family...

held a press conference.

They announced they will step down...

from managing the businesses
as of this day.

(Divorce Agreement)

(Signed by Mo Hyeon Min)

Hence, the great-grandson
of the former chairman...

will not succeed the group,

and they'll also join
an extensive ethics recovery program.

(Jin Do Jun rests here.)

The special prosecutor
also plans on conducting...

further investigation
on the death of Jin Do Jun...

as it was exposed during the hearing.

During the shareholders' meeting,

Soonyang Group decided
to leave the management...

to a management specialist.

Stock prices for Soonyang
and its affiliation...

finally began to rise in the market,

closing up higher by the end of the day.

Everything unfolded
just as you wanted.

You took the Jin family's
management rights...

without holding
a single share in your hand.

I couldn't make enough money...

to buy enough shares
in 20 years of my days in Soonyang.


I was fully trained
on how the owner's family...

thinks and moves.

So allow me to buy those thoughts.

Yes, Father. I'm on my way home.

Would you like some fruit?

I'm sorry I keep making you pay for things.

I'm sorry that I'm late.
But I'll be home for dinner.

Yes, I'll see you soon, Father.


I finally know now.

It wasn't possession or time traveling.

It was...


My repentance for Jin Do Jun.



for me, Yoon Hyeon Woo.

Yes, Mr. Oh.

I hear Daeyoung
adopted all kinds of expedients...

to leave the group
to the great-grandchildren.

Exactly. As long as taxes are paid,
there is no problem...

in inheriting one's assets.

The problem is
succeeding management rights.

Mr. Oh, let me call you back.


(Seo Tai Ji celebrates
his 30th debut anniversary.)

Have you been well?


You're a bit different
from the Prosecutor Seo I know.

Thanks to you, I graduated from my job
as Soonyang's Grim Reaper.

You look better now.

They're nice clothes.

(Gallery Raon)

Hey, Prosecutor Seo.

Please be well.

You're a bit different
from the Seo Min Yeong I know.

You look better now.

They're nice clothes.

You've reached Yoon Hyeon Woo
of Miracle Investment.


(Reborn Rich)

(Thank you for watching Reborn Rich.)
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