02x18 - No Matter How Many Lives

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba". Aired: April 6 to September 28, 2019.
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Japanese anime television series based on the manga series of the same name.
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02x18 - No Matter How Many Lives

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Kamado! Get up! It's not over yet!


He's saying something.

His head...

Did I fail to cut it off after all?

Run! This isn't over yet!

Uzui is...

saying something.





So awful.

The whole place is wrecked.

You were the one who saved me, Nezuko?



What about the others?

I can't...

move my body!

No. Why am I able to move at all?

Why am I alive?

After being poisoned!


That sounds like Zenitsu!


Help me!


I woke up, and my body hurts all over!

Both my legs! Are they broken?

What's going on? Who did this to me, huh?

It really hurts! I'm too scared to look!

You're okay, then? Thank goodness!

I am anything but okay!

Not that I don't deserve pity, too, but Inosuke's in bad shape!

The sound of his heartbeat is getting fainter and fainter!

Inosuke! Where is he?

Over there! He's over there!


Inosuke! Inosuke, stay with me!


I can hear his heart growing weaker!

I have to neutralize the poison!

I know! What about sunlight?

Daybreak's still a ways off.

What should I do? What should I do?

Send a crow to Lady Shinobu? No, there's not enough time!

If I don't do something right now, Inosuke's going to die!

Why was my life spared?

Why was I the only one?

His skin, inflamed by the poison...

It's starting to heal!

I'm starving! Gimme something to eat!


Thank goodness! Thank goodness!

Knock it off! You're creeping me out!


Please don't die! Please don't die on us, Lord Tengen!

Not after you managed to survive!

Not after you won! I can't take it! I can't take it!

How are we supposed to deal with demon poison?

The antidote's not working!

The gods are so cruel!

So cruel!

I have some last words to leave you.

My life until nowââ‚

If you let Lord Tengen die, I'm never going to pray to you again!

No way will I ever forgive you, you hear me?

Come on, shut the hell up!

Can't you hear Lord Tengen talking?

I'm so going to stuff your mouth with rocks, you moron!

Both of you, quiet down!

Makio's tormenting me!

Shut up, dumbass!

You're kidding me, right?

Am I going to die without getting to say my last words?

You really put them in my mouth!

Listen, cut it out, I said!

The poison's making my tongue stiff.

Cut it out!

What am I supposed to do?

Don't spit them out!

I still could've left those last words, but...




What do you think you're doing? Who are you, anyway?

It's way too soon to be cremating him!

How can you burn him already when he's not even d*ad yet?

I'm going to spank you! I'm very angry with you, young lady!

Hold up a second!


How do you explain this?

The poison's left my body!

Lord Tengen!

I'm so relieved! Truly!

You three...

Sorry to make you worry.

I think that Nezuko's Blood Demon Art ignited the poison, burning it away.

Not that I'm really sure how it works.

But please stay still, or your wounds won't heal.

I'm so glad that you survived.

How can this even be possible?

It's all so confusing.

Thank you!

Hey, you better not move either, or you'll die!

Thank you!

I'm going to go search for the demons' heads.

I can't rest easy until I find them.

Nezuko! That way! I can smell demon blood!

Is that a pool of blood?

Demon blood?

All right! It won't be attacking anymore.

I was able to collect the blood of an Upper Rank demon!

Take this to Miss Tamayo.

I'm counting on you!

There's no one in sight.

So Makio and the others managed to evacuate everyone.

That's a relief!

Nezuko! This way!

I want you to head this way!

The demon scent is getting stronger.

Who the hell gets beheaded by those two bottom-feeders?

So you were watching after all!

Why didn't you save me, then?

I was battling a Hashira, you know!

So what if you were? Why didn't you finish him off?

You could've just split his head into two!

I was about to do that!


But that kid with the earrings was still alive, so I was going to k*ll him off first!

Since you didn't do a damn thing yourself, you could've at least finished off the Hashira!

Then you should've controlled me so that I could do that!


But you did nothing! You let your guard down!

You shut up!

They're still alive.

Look, if you're going to call yourself an Upper Rank,

Not only that, but they're arguing!

then you should at least be able to take down two wounded low-level scrubs yourself, idiot!

But it looks like their bodies are starting to disintegrate.

Hey, you're the idiot!

What did you say?

No one as ugly as you...

could possibly be my brother!

I bet you and I...

aren't even related by blood!

Since we look nothing alike!

You're so useless!

Your one saving grace is your strength!

Nothing else!

You have no value at all if you lose!

You worthless, ugly freak!


Don't give me that crap!

If you were on your own, you'd be long d*ad by now!

How many times have I saved you?

You're the worthless one, and you know it!

You're weak, and you have no value whatsoever!

I wish I hadn't protected someone like you all this time!

If it hadn't been for you, my life would've been different!

Right, if it hadn't been for you!

Why do I always have to clean up your messes?

You just never should've been bornââ‚

That's a lie.

You don't really feel that way at all.

You don't mean any of that.

Try to get along.

In this whole world, you two siblings have no one but each other.

There's no one who'll forgive you for what you did.

You'll be resented, despised and denounced by all those you've k*lled.

Nobody will ever be on your side.

So if nothing else, you two...

shouldn't be cursing each other out like this!

Why don't you shut up?

Don't you dare lecture us!

You stupid brat!

Get out of here! Just get lost!

I'm so pissed!

I'm so pissed!

Fix this somehow, Brother!

I don't want to die, Brother!




That's right.

My little sister's name was Ume.

Not Daki.

What a god-awful name.


Ume was pretty bad, too.

Since you were named after the disease that k*lled our mother.

The h*m* Riverbank.

We were born into the lowest class of the Entertainment District.

Children were seen as extra mouths to feed, so we were cursed for just living.

My mother nearly k*lled me more than once before I was even born.

And she also tried to k*ll me numerous times after I was born, since I was nothing but a burden.

And yet, I still survived.

My body was weak like a withered leaf, but I clung to life as hard as I could.

Worm! Dimwit!

Sad sack! Coward! Good-for-nothing!

I was mocked for my ugly voice and appearance,

and rocks were thrown at me for being filthy.

It was as if all of the abuse and insults in the world were created just for me.

Not only was I ugly, but I was filthy, too.

Always covered in grime and dandruff from head to toe.

Giving off the stench of fleas.

I was especially despised in the Entertainment District,

where beauty was the measure of your value.

As if I were a monster.

When I got hungry, I ate mice and insects.

My only toy was a scythe that a customer had left behind.

Things started to change for me...

after Ume was born.


You were my pride and joy.

Even at a tender age, grown-ups would reel at the sight of your beautiful face.

I discovered that I was good at fighting

and started working as a debt collector.

I revolted everyone, and they all feared me.

That made me feel so good.

My ugliness became a source of pride...

and having a gorgeous sister like you dispelled my sense of inferiority.

I had the feeling...

that we were on the fast track to a better life.

Until you turned thirteen, Ume.

Because you s*ab a customer, a samurai's eye with a hairpin, blinding him,

you were bound hand and foot out of retaliation and then b*rned alive.

I wasn't there.

I got home from work to find you burnt to a crisp.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Don't collect from me!

You're collecting from me after never giving me a damn thing?

I'll never forgive you!

I'll never forgive you!

Turn my sister back the way she was!

Or else...

I'll k*ll the gods, Buddha, every one of you!

You're sure he's the one?

Yes! That's him all right!

I appreciate this! I'm so glad to be rid of that troublemaker!

He was such a savage!

Severely injuring the people he was collecting from!

And lately, he's really been out of control!

It's a shame that we lost Ume,

but when I find another pretty girl, I'll send her your way.

So, um, about the money...

Hold on.

After I finish him off.

Hey you...

That's a fine kimono you're wearing, huh?

You're clean, and you have a good complexion.

I bet you always have plenty to eat, and you sleep in a nice, clean bed.

I bet that's all you've ever known.

Living in a house that shelters you from the rain and wind.

Lucky you.

Lucky you!

A guy who has it so good doesn't get to make such a racket.

Sniveling and moaning...

...over one measly eyeball.

No one would help us.

No surprises there.

That was just the story of our lives.

No one ever offered us a helping hand.

It started snowing.

We were never shown the slightest mercy, no matter what the situation.

Why was that?

What happened to "fortune and misfortune are intertwined"?

Both fortune and misfortune should come by turns!

Hey, what's the matter?

You poor things.

I happen to be kindhearted, so I can't look the other way.

That girl is probably going to die any minute now.


I'll give you some blood!

Both of you!

If he chooses you, you can become demons.

Life is a sacred thing.

You should treasure it.

Now then...

can you become demons...

a Twelve Kizuki like me...


and rise up to the Upper Ranks, I wonder.

I don't regret becoming a demon.

No matter how many times I'm reborn, I'm going to be a demon every time.

I'll never show mercy to anyone who has a better life.

I'll always be the Gyutaro who seizes and collects!


if I did have one regret, that would be...


You might've turned out differently than me.

If you'd worked at a better House, you could've become a respectable Oiran.

If you'd been born to normal parents, you could've been a normal girl.

If you'd been born into a good family,

maybe you would've become a well-bred young lady.

Since you have such an impressionable, pliant nature.

Maybe you only turned out this way because I was the one who raised you.

"Take before someone takes from you."

I taught you to collect from others,

and that's why you s*ab that samurai in the eye.

But if you'd done as he said,

you might've followed a different path.

My only regret...

I guess it was you.

What is this place?

Is this Hell?


It's awful here! I don't like this place!

Where are we?

I want to leave! Do something!


Look at you.

Is the exit that way?


Don't follow me anymore.

B-But why?

Wait, Iââ‚

I said don't follow me!

Are you mad about what I said? I'll apologize! So forgive me!

I don't think you're ugly, Brother!

I was just bitter! I was bitter because we'd lost!

I didn't want to admit that we'd lost because of me!

I'm sorry! For not fighting better!

If only I could've been more useful, then we wouldn't have lost!

I'm sorry I'm always dragging you down!

Listen, Brother!

You're not my sister anymore. You're nothing to me.

I'm heading this way,

so you go in the opposite direction,

toward the light.




I'm not leaving you! I'm never going to leave you, okay?

We're always going to be together!

No matter how many times I'm reborn, I'm always going to be your little sister!

No matter what!

Please don't hate me!

Don't scold me!

Don't leave me all by myself!

I'll never forgive you if you leave me behind!

Because we're always going to be together!

How could you? How could you?

Don't you remember that promise we made?

Have you forgotten?

The two of us together can't be b*at!

Being cold or hungry doesn't bother us at all!

I promise you! We're always going to be together!

I'm never going to leave you!


You're not afraid of anything now, are you?

I wonder if they made up.

It's over, huh?

I'm exhausted.

I see.

Six, huh?

That would be the lowest of the Upper Ranks.

Well, Six or not, you still defeated an Upper Rank,

so yes, congratulations are in order.

Right, Six or not.

I don't mind offering you my praise.

Well, not that your praise will do anything for me.

That's right!

You sure took your time getting here!

Y-Y-You took too long to get here!

Way too long!


What are you going to do now that you've lost your left hand and left eye?

How long will it take you to return to duty after battling this lowly Upper Six?

Who's going to fill in for you until then?

I'm retiring.

There's just no way I can still fight.

I'm sure the Master will accept that.

Don't be ridiculous. I refuse to accept it.

As it is, too many of the youngsters are dying on us before reaching their potential.

There's still a vacant Hashira spot now that Rengoku's gone.

Even someone as uninspiring as you would be better than nothing at all.

Battle on until you die.

Nope, there is a youngster who's about to reach his potential for sure.

That young guy you hate.


No way.

Then, he survived?

This battle?

That Tanjiro Kamado?

Is that right?

They defeated it? An Upper Rank?

Good job, Tengen, Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke!

Master Kagaya...

For a hundred years...

For a hundred years, nothing had changed!

But now it has!



Do you see?

This is an omen!

Fate is about to take a dramatic turn!

The consequences will be widespread!

Sweeping up everything around them, shaking them to their core!

And eventually, they will reach that man.

Muzan Kibutsuji!

We will defeat you without fail during our generation!

You, the sole blemish on my family!

Children, go boil some water!

And fetch his medicine and some towels!



- Father! - Father!


The alternate dimension.

The Infinity Castle.

The fact that I was summoned here means...


that an Upper Rank was k*lled by the Demon Slayers!

Oh, damn! This hurts like hell!

But thank goodness, Lord Tengen!


Thank goodness you're alive.

So, it'll be all four of us returning intact, right?

Yeah. Let's go home to a hero's welcome.

And be flashy about it!

Thank goodness!

- We're alive! - Yeah! Yeah!

You guys...

I'm so glad you're alive!

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