02x10 - Eulogy

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Mosquito Coast". Aired: April 2021 to present.
Based off the best selling Novel, a radical idealist and a brilliant inventor flee the US Government and heads to Mexico.
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02x10 - Eulogy

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Thank you all for being here.

Today we mourn.

We mourn the tragic loss of Silvia.

Fermin and his family invite

anyone who has anything to say to Silvia

or express your words as you want.

Our town was poisoned by
the mercury from the mines.

We had to abandon our
d*ad and our ancestors.

The poison had filtered
into their bones.

Here we found a family who healed
our bodies and nourished our souls.

Silvia always inspired us to
move forward and find our path.

My wife was strong.

Her will to live infused me.

No matter how difficult life would
get, she never showed any worry.

She lived for everyone.


My love.

In the world that we live in today,

it is radical and rebellious
to live like Silvia.


So today, we get to celebrate her

and ask God,

that like her,

he gives us the capacity she had

to overcome our challenges

and to continue, with courage,
to walk towards a better world.

I know Silvia wants us to continue
to strive to find a place of peace.

We thought Casa Roja
would be that place.

Unfortunately, Casa Roja cannot escape

the forces of this corrupt world.

Goodbye, Silvia. Goodbye, Casa Roja.





Hey, it's me.


It's Dina. She left us.

What do you mean, "Left us"?

[ALLIE] It's okay. I found her.


Sit down. Read that. Closely.



[ALLIE] Uh, you texted.

Not you.

I'm sorry.


You should be.


Let's find somewhere
quiet to talk, okay?


That was really mean.

I know.

And, uh, sadly, that
was kind of the point.

And it, uh, backfired.

Weird. Who would've thought
punching someone in the gut

would make them wanna leave?

Honey, I was trying to
get you to understand...

Maybe we just stop with
the teachable moments, Dad.

And let me speak for a minute.


All ears.

There's no life for me here.

[SIGHS] Not one that I want, anyway.


And not one you or...
or Mom would want either,

if either of you were being truthful.

I wanna go home.

- Can I talk now?
- No.

I'm not done.

[SIGHS] I wanna go home.

But the problem is...

I don't have one.

I have a family, but...

I don't have a home.

So, as you like to say,
"What's the solution?"

You can talk now.

I, uh...


I don't have one.

You know, that's such a
better answer sometimes.

So, what do you wanna do?


I don't know. [SIGHS]

And that's okay.


whatever I decide, I
need you to support it.

I can do that.

And the door is wide open. And
I... [STAMMERS] I... I mean that.

No bullshit.

And the door is wide open if you
ever decided you wanna come back.

And all that being said, um...

I don't have a solution to this. But...

I do have an idea.

I'll tell you when your mom gets here.

[RICHARD] Did you bring everything?



I had a plan to try to
get you back to the States.

It didn't work.


I have nothing to offer you now.

Maybe we're out of options.

I think it's time I turned myself in.

What good would that do?

Maybe I need you more
than I thought I did.

It kills me to think that we
couldn't take care of you enough.

That you felt like you
had to do this on your own.

[ALLIE] It's in the middle of
nowhere. It's truly off the radar.

Barely exists on most maps.

Look. Got a mountainous trade
wind shelter on the west coast.

Probably rains on that part
of the island most days.

Perfect for crab cultivation.

Other side, bright sunshine,
more than ample source of lumber.

Fresh water, and the interior drops
off on a downward southern slope.

Can farm on it. Build on it.

Take a shower? You pick a waterfall.

Hungry? Just pluck a mango on the
way. Litchis, bananas, coconuts.

It's paradise.

There's nothing there.

Not yet.

And who builds all this?

- Us. Casa Roja does.
- Oh, my God.

[ALLIE] We move the whole
operation down there.

What's it called?

It's called the same
place we already live.

No. No, it's not.

No cartels. No Zetas. Just us.

True sanctuary.

The Mosquito Coast.

The last stop.

Who owns it?

You do.

We do. It belongs to the Foxes.

I like it.

- 'Cause, I mean...
- No, no, no, no, no.

We're going back.

The three of us or all of us,
but we're going back regardless.

We have to make a decision today.

Or you could stay
here and make Camp Fox.

Good luck with that. But
you're doing it on your own.


We're going home. We're going home.

I'm sorry, and where is that, exactly?

Wherever we make home, but not there!

And what does home look like, Margot?

Oh, yeah, of course. Dina's
a kid who rammed a cop car,

so back home, she'd probably
just get a slap on the wrist.

But you?

Domestic terrorism. m*rder.

- Dad, stop.
- [ALLIE] No.

Why are you being such a shit?

You're not better off
than the rest of us, Allie.

It was you who pulled the plug
on the NSA Sandpiper program.

You sold out, only to regret it.

So stop playing it off like it's some
heroic move. It's not. It's selfish.


Hey, I'm not the one that's
proposing going back to that sh*thole.

Forget prison, the whole country's
surrounded by barbed wire.

The whole f*cking thing's a prison!

Jesus Christ! Shut up!

When do you guys ever
stop for f*cking once...

[STAMMERS] ... to think about us?

To think about what we want.

- Honey, we've always thought about you...
- Bullshit, Mom.

Since we've got here,
all it's been is your plan

and Dad's plan and nothing else.

You haven't asked me
what I thought once.

You haven't f*cking asked
Dina what she thought once.

You're doing the same f*cking
shit that you always f*cking do.

You're making decisions for all of us.

And you're putting ropes on our
necks and f*cking dragging us

like we're f*cking dogs!

Dina and I are powerless.
We sacrificed everything.

What about you, Dad?

Wha... What have you sacrificed
for us? Name one thing.

No questions. No vote.

No f*cking idea what's happening.
What you guys are doing.

I'm so f*cking sick of... of
hearing about what's best for us.

"For the kids."

You treat us like we're
pieces of luggage, or...

or your f*cking puppets.

When do we get a say?

I mean, you're raising us
to be so independent, right?

At what age do we get a say?

Jesus Christ, Mom.

I've spent my entire f*cking life
thinking that Dad was the reason

that we're living like this.

And it was you.

You lied to me my entire life.

To both of us.

I still don't know why.

I don't even f*cking know
how a lie can last that long.

How does it... How does it go that long

before one of you f*cking owns
up and tells the f*cking truth?

Can we start there?

[WHISPERS] I made a mistake.

She's right. We both did.

[STAMMERS] Allie, stop.

You were so small.

You were this big.


before you could even speak,
we... we chose not to tell you.

You too.

And then time passed, and
again, we chose not to tell you.

And then more time
passed. You grew older.

You learned to talk, and...

and again we chose not to tell you.

And then more time passed, and again

we chose not to tell you until it...

it no longer mattered anymore,

until it did.

It does matter.

This secret...


that we kept has been
like a... like a poison.

Sometimes I would look at you
laughing or playing, being silly,

sometimes sleeping.

And I would ask myself, this poison...

when is the right time
to give it to my children?


There is no right time,
so we never gave it to you.

We thought we could start
over. It almost worked.

God, I need a minute. Excuse me.


You know, the truth is,

I think I only know how
to live off the grid.


I'm sorry I left you.

What the f*ck?

No, Dina, don't look.

f*cking Richard Beaumont is here.


What is he doing here?

Charlie, what are you doing?

[ANDREA, IN SPANISH] We made it, Papa.


What we're building is going to make
this hotel look like fourth rate.


[IN ENGLISH] Anyway... Ah, here we go.

Finally. I thought you
went to the wrong hotel.


- Good to see you.
- You too.

- Sir.
- Sir.

Please, let me introduce you.

- This is my daughter, Claire.
- Hi.

[CARTER] The Bautistas.
And this is her pal, Annie.

- I'm the plus-one.
- [ANDREA] Nice to meet you.

- All right, should we do this?
- Let's do it.

- [ANDREA] I am in agreement.

Okay, enjoy yourselves.

So, just wanted you to

- Bye! Have fun.
- Nice to meet you.

- [CARTER] Little bit of a jog, but...
- [ANNIE] I need this margarita.



Charlie, this is crazy.


What's wrong?

I just saw some people I recognize.

From where? Uh, who?


Richard singled them out to me.

Maybe they're just staying here.

Yeah. Let's just...

Let's just get the kids and
get the f*ck out of here.

We're just right in here. [SIGHS]

Oh, excellent. Thank you.

The video conference is ready.
The investors are logging on.

Fantastic. Well, I think you can
tell where we're supposed to sit.

- Why don't you take the middle?
- Oh, thank you.

Put the star in the center. Right?

Yes, of course.

[SIGHS] Okay.

Well, it's exciting stuff.

Three signatures and we are gonna be

one of the biggest
developers in the hemisphere.

Northern and Western.

- Oh, here they are.

- Hello.
- [ANDREA] Hello.

Can you... Can you see us?




Now, you two.

Elevator, corridor, front staircase.

- Conference room entrance.
- Got it.

- You ready?
- [SOLDIER] Yes.

Good. Let's go.


- Where the hell are they?
- I can't find them anywhere.


[ALLIE] Shit. It's one
of Guillermo's guys.

You sure?

I've seen him k*ll a guy with a machete.

What the f*ck is he doing here?

[MARGOT] Allie.


Guillermo's guys work with Richard.

- What makes you say that?
- He told me.

- Who?
- Richard.

- All right, I'm gonna go check the beach.


[DINA] What?

g*n on the third floor.

Secure all guests and points of entry.

you all for joining us.

We'll send the paperwork
over once we sign.

Do you wanna do the
honors and sign first?

- [IN SPANISH] Nobody move!

Hands on the table! You heard it!

You sons of bitches!
Do you know who I am?

[IN ENGLISH] What the hell is going on?

Charlie, what are you doing here?

I saw those guys down there
with g*n come up here.

Is your mum here?

You're a f*cking liar and a hypocrite.

Everything you said before is a lie.

- Answer me. Is your mum here?
- f*ck you.

- Pick up. Pick up. Pick up.

[RABAN] Forget it, lady.


Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

You may not know who I am,

but I sure as hell know who
you are, Carter Albrecht.

You are a criminal.

You've committed crimes
against humanity and nature.

You avoided a truth countless times
with your corruption and greed.

They're not at the beach.

We're out of time. They're
here to blow this place up.

How do you know?

Because I... I was at his house.

I saw them, limpet mines.

They're not the kind of shit you
source without a... without a purpose.


- [PANTING] Mom, Dad.
- Hey, where the hell is Charlie?

I don't know.

Richard grabbed him, took him.

I knew it. Did he see
you? Was he with anyone?

No, there was a... there was
another group of armed men.

- They have Charlie.
- Where did he take him?

[STAMMERS] I don't
know. Somewhere upstairs.

- Right. Show me.
- Okay.

You're polluting this planet.

You've destroyed it.

You are no better than a m*rder.

So, you'll confess to a worldwide jury.

You and your platforms have tens
and thousands of followers. Right?

So when the media picks up on this
stream, you'll have millions more.


[MANAGER] Excuse me.

A-As a safety precaution,

we're asking all guests to
return to their rooms, please.

What the f*ck is he doing here?

[IN SPANISH] Mister Dad!

Beautiful little sister.

[IN ENGLISH] We got a -minute window.


"My name is Carter Albrecht.

I was born in Montauk, New York.

I ordered my companies to get rid
of million liters of toxic waste

and heavy metals from the mine by
pumping it into the Pasión River.

Which was the largest
mining environmental disaster

in the history of Central America.

I admit my guilt, and I ask that...


... justice be done that is
commensurate with the crime."

f*ck you.

f*ck you.

Get off me! Just... Don't touch me!

Third floor.

- [THUD]
- [MARGOT] What's that sound?

All right.

[IN SPANISH] Stop! Don't move!


[ALLIE, IN ENGLISH] Everybody down!

- What was that?
- f*cking National Guard. I told you.

[IN SPANISH] Stay calm. Hallway.

[IN ENGLISH] We gotta wrap this up.

- No, no.
- We gotta wrap this up now!

No. Continue. Continue. Continue.

"My name is Andrea Bautista."

[GUARD, IN SPANISH] I'm hit! I'm hit!

[GUARD ] You're going to be okay.

[IN ENGLISH] All right, come on.

[DINA] Mom, it's not this floor.

Hey. What are you doing?

I'm gonna sweep the second floor.

If there are devices,
this is where they'll be.

- You don't know who's down there.
- [MARGOT] They've got Charlie.

"I hired a militia to forcibly
remove a village from the property."

[IN SPANISH] Faster, already.





[ALLIE HUFFS] There's a
couple of guys with g*n

at the end of the hallway.

We're in this stairwell,
right off the lobby.

[DINA] There's a second
stairwell that goes up the back.

[ALLIE] Yep, I've seen it.

this whole place is laced.

We've gotta get him out now.
Richard could want payback.


I'm gonna check out that
staircase, see if I can do anything.

- Okay, I'll come with you.
- No, no, no. No. No. Stay.

No sense in all of us going, all right?

What are you gonna do?

[ALLIE] Find another way.

[CHUCKLES] Hurry up.


[SIGHS] "There was a superficial
investigation into the killings,

but $ to the prosecutor
took care of that."

Why is he doing this?



He thinks he's being good.


"Ask only for justice."

[IN SPANISH] Here it is. Justice.

[IN ENGLISH] Sign it.

So I give everything to you now?

Yes, because you don't
deserve it. Now sign it.



Please help. My brother is insane.

He k*lled my mother, and now he's
going to k*ll me and my father too.

- Please help! [CRIES]
- Look, all right.


Rafael Claudio Bautista.

I have fathered fourteen
children by girls

as young as who live on my land.

I've also r*ped the land.

I b*rned , hectares
of the last reserve

of the Scarlet Macaw six years ago."

Sign it!


[IN ENGLISH] Okay, we're out of here.

Give me the detonator.

Please give me the detonator.

Charlie, let's go.

- [g*n]







[PANTING] Oh, shit.

Charlie, go!

Margot, door!


- Dad!
- I wouldn't come closer, kid.

Gotta say, I'm not best pleased
to see you and your family here.

And I'm sorry for sh**ting
you in the back and all.

But you seem inert to
thr*at of v*olence.

- Times up, Allie.

Your death will be slow, but
I'll show mercy to your family.

Charlie, go to your mother.

- Dad!
- Charlie. Charlie. [EXHALES SHARPLY]

[BILL] Don't be like your daddy.


f*ck off, Bill.

Charlie, we have to go now.

[BILL] You ain't faster than a b*llet.

Charlie, go with your mother.


It's okay.

Do it for us.

Come, sweetie.


[CLAIRE] No, stop
telling us to calm down!


[CLAIRE] Please, just let us
through. My dad is up there.

done this process before.

The terrain and journey to get
there will be long and difficult.

Please leave anything
heavy and of no value.


- [IN ENGLISH] How's it going?
- [DINA] Okay.

I remember this.

[IN SPANISH] Let's go.









Grab some stuff and take it over there.


How are you? Welcome. How was the trip?

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