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Christmas Carol (2022)

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12.25 Monday 10:00 a.m.

12.25 Monday 10:00 a.m.
It's true.

12.25 Monday 10:00 a.m.
The water t*nk of the apartment.

12.25 Monday 10:00 a.m.
There is a d*ad person in the water t*nk of the apartment.

12.25 Monday 10:00 a.m.

We don't know whether it’s su1c1de
or something else until police comes to investigate.



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Turn around.

My name is Jo Soon-woo.

I am in charge of consultation.

I will be your head teacher for two years.


Joo ll-woo.

28 years old.

You dropped out of Sung Guk High School.

You live in Sung Guk Dong Apartment with grandma and sister, right?

How's your grandma doing?

Since you are here, your grandma must be alone.

She's d*ad.

I see.

Sorry about that.

If you have nothing to say, let's finish soon.

Personal Information

I have something to say.

It's about your brother, Joo Wo-loo.

You think your brother didn't die by accident.

I know you feel wronged.

Your grandma also

agreed to finish it as an accident case.

How do you know?

You come to Wo-loo's funeral, right?

You are the person who cried that day.

I took part in a volunteering activity.

So I go to your apartment every week.

I met Wo-loo and Wo-loo's grandma.

I taught Wo-loo in the welfare center.

Then you meddle in my affair?

Because you send some instant noodles to my poor family?


I do want to help your family.

Help us?

By sending some photos of some poor guys online?


you can say anything about me.

Don't do it.


You come here to

avenge Moon Ja-hoon, Baek Young-jun, Chae Nu-li and Son-heon.

Am I right?

There's a rumor about you come to avenge because of your brother.

You may feel wronged or the result of investigation is wrong.

Korean police and procurater are not like what you think.

Moon Ja-hoon's parents and procurater are friends.

But he can't make the case ended as he wants to.

How did those son of a bitch run away from this?

Those son of a bitch.

Don't overreact.

Mind your own business.

Today, we have a new member.

You will be together for two years.

Be nice.

Joo ll-woo.

Joo ll-woo.

Have a seat.

Shit, they look like the same.

Moon Ja-hoon, stop talking.

OK, let's begin for class.

Stop him.

Son of a bitch.

I will k*ll you.


Let go of me.


Let go of me.

Let go of me, shit.


Come on, son of a bitch.

I will k*ll you.

f*ck you, Moon Ja-hoon.

f*ck, Baek Young-jun.

f*ck, Moon Ja-hoon.


You are d*ad.


You are d*ad, shit.


It's great.

It works.

It's really...

Hey, it's the psycho.

You are not students but criminals.

You come here because you did something wrong.

Sorry, let's do it according to the law.

Teacher makes order according to rules.

Students should follow teacher's order.

So there are two kinds of students.

Students who follow the order and students who break the rules.

If you know that you made a mistake,

bark like a dog and I won't punish you.

Why don't you do it?

I didn't do anything wrong.

They started the thing first.

Stand up.

Why do you b*at me?

I will call the police, shit.

You can try.

Do you think this is your home?


Senior Class 1

Senior Class 1

Let go of me.

Let go of me.

Let go of me.

v*olence is wrong.

Because v*olence will cause another v*olence.

v*olence will give victims serious wound

so victims will also use v*olence.

School v*olence starts from anger.


criminals choose people who have nothing to do with as the target to release anger.

Punishment is so great.

Joo ll-woo is caught by the psycho.

How dare he come here?

What a fool.

Say it.

Son of a bitch.

You didn't do anything wrong?

Han Chan-woo.

Please stop.

It's his first day.

That's it, please stop.

If only he can follow my order.

He should know about rules sooner or later.

You are useless.

You should be in a seperate room.

You are the same.

Because it hurts.

It hurts.

His name is Joo Wo-loo.

He has mental disorder.

His brain is same as a third or fourth grade pupil's brain.

He acts unusually because he is abnormal.

You think he may die by accident?




Don't you see his face?

Am I the only one who see this?

It's obvious that he was beaten by someone.

You can't blame others.

You should take care of your family.

Shit, who do you think you are?

Let go of me.

How many times have you come to my home?

When you are not home, your grandma and Wo-loo have nothing to eat.

Calm down.

Let's talk outside.


My Wo-loo is painful.

He is painful.

You are foolish.

Why are you smiling?

What are you doing?

Is there any painkiller?

Hey, have you prepared?

Hurry, shit.


The way Joo ll-woo looks at us,

isn’t it drives you crazy?

He looks the same as the d*ad.

What a surprise.


Watch carefully.

OK, I will.

The foolish used to be afraid to look into my eyes.

He slavered and trembled.

He said" I am sorry".

How funny, shit.

It is said that Joo ll-woo used to be born in a great family.

He used to live in a rich apartment.

Is he famous?

e should have k*lled the psycho.

Son, are you watching?

Shit, why don't you answer me?


Why are you doing this to me?

You beated my brother to death.

You didn't do it?

I met him that day.

But I didn’t k*ll him.

I really didn't do it.

Joo ll-woo.

Come outside.

Joo ll-woo.

Joo ll-woo.

Don't lie to me.

-Joo ll-woo. -I didn't do it.

-Open the door. -I didn't do it.

I'll k*ll you.

Don't lie to me.

If you didn’t do it, then who did it?

Joo ll-woo.

I didn't do it.

I really didn't do it.

He’s smiling, fool.

Are we funny?

Fool, live your life with your brain.

Should we just k*ll him?

Sure, he's a fool.

Come on.

Do you want to die?


Calm down.

Don't do it.


If you become a m*rder,

what about Wo-loo

and your grandma?

They're d*ad.

Isn't that Joo ll-woo?

He’s crazy.

I will k*ll you.

Son of a btich.

Let go of me.

Son of a btich.

I will k*ll you.

Son of a btich.


Il-woo, stay in the punishment room for one more day.

Listen to me.

You are acting unusually.

What does usual mean?


Stand up.

You k*ll Joo Wo-loo, right?

Joo Wo-loo.

Why do you mention about him?

Shit, he's d*ad.


On Christmas,

Moon Ja-hoon, you and Chae Nu-li

went to that place.

You took him away while he was doing part-time job.

You took him away to b*at him.

And you k*lled him.

You dumped his body into the water t*nk.


We wanted to steal something at the conveniece store.

We were afraid that he would call the police or the owner.

So you k*lled him?


I didn't do it.

Well, I don't think you have the guts.

I didn't k*ll him.

I didn't k*ll him.

But you k*lled Joo Wo-loo.

You treated him badly who always smiled like a fool.

You took off his pants,

took his money,

cut his hairs,

locked him in a toilet,

peed on him

and spat on his face.


was k*lled that day.


I didn't k*ll him.

An San Training Center

An San Training Center oung-jun who is seriously injured was taken to the hospital.

Young-jun who is seriously injured was taken to the hospital.

Students claimed that his tooth were accidentally broken during educational activities.

He is accidentally beaten...

Young-jun also said so.

Teacher Han never be blamed.

He always punish the students immediately.

After getting punished, students won't break the rule for some time.

I don't understand why Joo ll-woo should be sent away.

As his teacher, I will talk to him.

At this place, what Han Ei-sang says is the truth.

While you are in the punishment room,

he suggested that you should be sent away.

While you stay at another training center for two years,

they will get out of this place after six months.

It's possible that you will never meet them.

I am sorry.

I shouldn't have sent you to the punishment room again.

I didn't know Mr.Han will do that.

There's no shop.

I want to ask you a question.

Do you really think that

Moon Ja-hoon, Baek Young-jun, Chae Nu-li

try to escape from the punishment

of k*lling your borther

so they make small accident to get into training center?

On Christmas Eve,

they came to the convenience store where Wo-loo worked.

It was captured by the CCTV camera.

I saw it.

On that day,

I heard them beating Wo-loo

through the phone.

I know their voice so I come here.

Shit, how can it not be true?

The McDonald's where they made trouble is near the police station.

They knew police would come in 5 minutes so they did it on purpose.

One day,

the police said they would reopen investigation into Wo-loo's case.

They said they find the guys who were captured by the CCTV camera.


they suddenly said those guys went to training center so they stopped investigating.

They came here on purpose.

So you did the same thing?

You smashed the coffee shop in front of police station and b*at innoncent people

in order to come here?

Don't do it.

Or you will become like them.

So what?

They will be fine after staying at training center for 6 months.

They won't pay for anything.

Am I right?


Son of a bitch.

I will treat him the same as they used to treat Wo-loo.

If that makes me become trash,

then I would become trash, shit.


After finishing this, you can get out of punishment room.

I want to give you a chance.

If you make trouble again, you will be sent to another place.

You can't come here anymore.

So there is only one chance.


Son-heon, raise your hand.

Go sit next to him.

Are you all right?

Don't ask, just have it.

This will relieve the pain.


You can't get addicted to it with this amount of pills.

Are you kidding me?


Why are you doing this while he's eating?



No matter what other people say, you are with us.



Just eat.

Let's have lunch.

ould you like to have a drink?

Until last December, I have been wearing this clothes to visit your apartment.

I can't wear it anymore.



I used to volunteer a lot.

I wonder why I do it.

At last, I can't even help Wo-loo.

He must have been waiting for you.


He thought you would come on Christmas.


He’s a kind boy.

He always smiles.

I should have paid more attention to him.

How did this happen?


I thought maybe Wo-loo b*at by Ja-hoon and those guys and he was accidentally k*lled.

Then why did you stop me?

People make mistakes.

You and I also make mistakes.

But that dosen't mean we are born to be evil.

It's because people feel things hard to deal with

or they have no choice.

They have reasons for their mistakes.

So they need people to help them.

So it's necessary to forgive others.

Why do victims have to forgive?

Seeing you like this, I think maybe you are right.

Thinking about how they treated Wo-loo, I can't forgive them.


They don't think they are wrong.

They almost k*lled you when you were in punishment room.

What do you mean?

I want you to do something so I change the consulting schedule.

Go to the laundry room and you can see the laundry.

Bring it to the dormitory.

Do you want to hear me sing Christmas carol?

Look outside the window.

It’s snowing.

Here comes the cigarrette.


Is the amount right?

Did you hide some in the toilet?

I have given you some last time, son of a bitch.

This is all I got.




You are lucky.

Do your job well.

Are you all right?


I am fine.


You seem tired.

No, I am fine.

Then why do you stare at me?

No, I don't.

Yes, you do.

This means you are tired because of me.


Shit, it makes me angry.

You say it with your eyes, right?

Yes or no? Shit.

Your eyes look like Joo ll-woo's eyes.

People like you who live in cheap apartment are all the same.

You make me want to gouge your eyes.

When I give you some money, you run to me happily.

But you still have your pride.


You like to pretend that you are somebody.


Take it off.

Take off your pants.

Don't you get cigarette by pleasing the crazy dog?

Why do you act like you are somebody?

You don't take off your pants?

You don't listen to me?

I will do it.

Take off your underwear, shit.

Can't you understand what I say?

I hate people who live in cheap apartment.

They can't live their life well.

Just because a fool died, he acts like it's a big deal.

Who is that?

What's the big deal about a fool?

Don't you take it off?

I give you three minutes.

If you don't pee, you should know that this is a hell for you until you get out.

Son of a bitch.


You're here.

Are you so desperate for smoking to do that kind of things?

I saw you leave the boiler room.

Drugs are also given by the crazy dog?


Are you willing to do it for those guys?

Why do you follow them to here?

What a fool.

You should stop doing this.

—What about you?

Why do you come here?

What else do you want?

You weren't interested in people like me and Wo-loo , were you?

What the f*ck?

Is that wrong?

You don't like him because he's a psychopath

even if you're twins,and I was in a rental apartment with you, so you don't like me either.

Isn't it?

Shut up if you don't know the details.

How could I not know?

That day, the day when he died.

You had an appointment with him, why didn't you keep it?

At the Lotteria on Christmas Eve.

Don't you even remember it?

f*ck, how did you know about that?

How did I know that?

Because I was with him at that time.

Wo-loo also knew that you hate him in particular.

But, but, but why are you doing this now?

What are you babbling about?

You thought because Wo-loo is a psychopath that he doesn't know anything, do you?

Even if he is a psychopath, he knows who despises himself.

That's why the Wo-loo disobeyed when you told him to wait for you and went to that f*cking shop.

But if you listened to Wo-loo when I was at the Lotteria.

f*ck, what about you, where have you been?

Shit, where were you that day?

Why did you let him go to the store to suffer death when you knew all about it?

Are you happy now as the lapdog of that group?

Shit, shit, shit, shit.

Son of a bitch.

Even if you're backed up, I can easily turn you into a lunatic.

Do you think I came here to wipe your ass, bitch?

I know that you are the king of this place.

But for people like us who are scraping by at the bottom, evidence is life.

I have to catch the jokers first.

I need to get close to the gangsters first.

But I made the teacher's documentary.

Son of a bitch.

How dare you thr*at the teacher?


What are you pretending?

I told you there was a documentary about you.


Son of a bitch!


Shit, I sh*t a disgusting thing.

I didn't know they had only recently graduated from secondary school

because children are developing these days so quickly.

What should I do?

What should I do?

Do you want me to upload a video on the platform?

I told you I was here to make money.

Don't take it too seriously.


Let me introduce the new friend.

His name is Go Bang-cheon, a transfer from Chung Joo Juvenile Hall.

He's going to spend a year with you guys afterwards. There's no one in the back row, so go there.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, go to hell.

Room leader, takes him to the health room.

I see.

Roll call ends.

Hey, it's been a long time.


How nice it used to be when Go Bang-cheon was in the Chung Joo Juvenile Hall.

My father and I had him transferred here, and it cost a lot of money.

But I heard that Bang-chean went to Jo Tae-woo's organization and became completely crazy.

Because only a crazy person can undertake the task of k*lling.


k*ll, k*lling? Really?

Did he really k*ll people?


Joo ll-woo would've k*lled it.

But Mad Dog couldn't k*ll him.

You'll see it tomorrow.

If you give enough money, people who are born to pander will contract everything.

f*ck, he just came yesterday, despite the Mad Dog standing next to him and kicked a person.

Did the Mad Dog let him go?

Shit, he didn't say anything.

What? He's so cool.

Cool, huh?


f*ck, he's so cool.

Hey, Bang-cheon.

Hi, Ja-hun.

It's been a while.

I heard you did very well at the presentation yesterday.

It's not a big deal.

But, Ja-hun.

Why do I hear you've done something big? Did you do it?

How could our good J-hun do something so wicked?

What? Do you think I can't do it?

I did it.

I stepped on him, not realising how weak he was, and he died straight away.

Thanks to him, I've had a disciplined six months.

Why did you ask me to come then?

Because I don't want to come with my own hands.

Our Ja-hun has grown up.

Bang-cheon came here to k*ll you.

Why are you acting like this now?

Didn't you stop caring?

Didn't you say I was making a fool out of Joo Wo-loo?

What about you?

Why did you let him go that day?

I didn't know it would turn out that way.

On that day, I went to the Lotteria with Wo-loo.

The day Wo-loo says he'll wait for you is the day they say they' do the shopkeeper a favour.

Doesn’t he answer the phone?

Give me your phone.

Called three times, did you?

What should I do? I've got something at five o'clock today.

I've waited a long time.

No, no, don't send it, don't send it.

What's wrong again?

Il-woo is busy, very busy.

If I said I was waiting for him, he'd be furious.

I'm speechless, here you go.

I had to be at the convenience store at 6 o'clock to sort out

the things that had arrived at the convenience store.

So you need to stay here today because of that?

I have to be there at six o'clock, can't be .

Can you listen to me and not go there?

I won't get paid if I'm absent.

That's what the shopkeeper said.

Hey, I have to go now.

Don't go to the convenience store today and wait here for ll-woo.

What did you say? A good day? Happy day?

Christmas Eve.

Yeah, yeah, wait here because it's a good day, got it? I'm off now.

I have to go, and you're not answering your phone.

f*ck, I'm too busy in the Cheol Goo-chon to pick up the phone.

You knew those bastards were going to make a scene at the convenience store

and you still let Wo-loo go there.

I didn't think they'd really k*ll him either, really.

But he said today.

He k*lled Wo-loo.

Shit, shit.

You're really lame.

I heard from Go Bang-cheon that he's close to you.

He came here to k*ll me.

Let's not go any further.

I will apply for you to be transferred.

If you go to another Juvenile Hall, there's nothing Go Bang-cheon can do for you.

Stay out of other people's business.

Il-woo, I can't let anything else happen to you.

Hmm? Wo-loo would have wanted it that way.

Please mind your own business.

What do you want me to do?

Those who live must continue to live

and what good does it do if you don't get your revenge before you die?


I don't know.

Although I didn't know it, a week after Wo-loo's death my grandmother also died

because there was no one to look after her and I was d*ad by then.

It won't take long.

Bang-cheon isn't the type to dawdle either.

Those m the fhst and second rows, stand up.

Removing tne tables

Go in yourself.

Rental Apartments.

Come out.

f*ck, son of the bitch. Get out now!

Ja-hun, get out.

b*at him up. You'll get beaten up if you don't.

Don't come any closer, you'll be gone if you do.

Shit, what's your arrogance?

Dog-eyed bitches.

Can you still be considered delinquent students?

Because of some fools, delinquent students have forgotten the rules.

Because you can't tame a son of the bitch, so he called me.

b*at him!

If you don't, I'll b*at you to death.

Do you want to be beaten? If you don't want to die, hit him as hard as I did.

Hey, Beak Young-jun.


f*ck, don't make me say it again, do you want to die?

Cheer up, cheer up.

Beak Young-jun, cheer up.

Hitting it hard.

Prove yourself a loser when they're all watching.

Especially for that active son of a bitch.

We will return the beatings we received a hundredfold.


Hey, bitch.

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Give me the bat. Give me the bat.

Son of a bitch.

Hurt? Hurt? Hurt? Hurt? Hurt? Hurt?

Shit, son of a bitch, shit.

Moon Ja-hun.


Are you scared? Shit.

How could I possibly let you play the delinquent student game?

You b*at up your own person, how romantic it is.

Il-woo, are you feeling better?

This is all for today.

Let's go out and have a smoke.

Hey, you guys sort it out.

Ju ll-woo, wait, wait a minute.

I... I can't move my arms.

That day, I went with Nu-li to find Jeong Joo, for I was there on the orders of the Ja-hun.

Ja-hon was alone next to your brother.

I ended up meeting with them without finding Jeong-joo.

I asked him how the part-time job was going.

He didn’t say anything and just drank.

I'm sorry, Jo ll-woo.

Listen, Pyo Hyeong-jun.

Are you sorry to Jo Wo-loo?


What is Jo Wo-loo's existence to you?


Why did you call?

I can't answer the phone when guests come in. the phone.

So I don't get sacked.

Hey, don't you hurry up and come out?

Is the shopkeeper not here?

The shop manager hasn't come yet.

Where are you? Bitch.

Who the hell are you to report me?

Told to open your mouth, bitch.

Report, you want to report me?

What the f*ck, did the bitch shopkeeper teach you that?

Are you kidding me, bitch?

Should we k*ll him?

I'm sorry.

Even if he was k*lled, the shopkeeper wouldn't dare say anything.

I'm sorry.

Pull him out.

f*ck, get out of there, bitch!

Jo Wo-loo, where are you, Jo Wo-loo!

Come in, the door's open.

Today's consultation is with Son-heon.

Son-heon can't make it.


Wouldn't the teacher know better?

Please help me.

You let me run errands in the spare room earlier to help me out, didn't you?

To catch Mon Ja-hun, we need to take down Mad Dog first.

It's in a different state now.

Here comes Go Bang-cheon.


You might laugh at me for rejecting you earlier.


I have felt since I was a child that I should protect Wo-loo.

That's all I really have.

Those guys k*lled him.

What do I do afterwards?

I'll never get over it.

I also feel a sense of responsibility for Wo-loo's death.



I also hate them and want to do something.

But you're the only one who will die.

You're the only one who can will be bad.

This is not something done for Wo-loo.

I'm a teacher and an adult who needs to protect you, and I can't keep you from dying.

Aren't teachers nice people?

Not someone who has only taken photos and thrown instant noodles.

You're the one who cares about Wo-loo, didn't you say you wanted to help him?



Wo-loo died in that cold water t*nk.

No one cares for him, shit.

No one.

Only the teacher.

Please help me.

For Wo-loo.

Il-woo, can't you really forgive them?

Can’t we just forgive everyone and start again?

Will I forgive them and be done with it?

What if I forgave them and Wo-loo didn't?

What then?

I think I would have lost if it was any later.



Wo-loo will thank you too.


Where do you hurt? assh*le or cock?

Come on, tell me where it hurts.

Nothing, nothing at all.

It's okay, Wo-loo is okay.

Then why did you make that noise?

f*ck, how annoying.

Sorry, I'm sorry, ll-woo.

I'm fine, I'm really fine.

Ah, never mind.

If you're not going to say it, then don’t pretend it hurts.

Wol-woo doesn't hurt, not at all.

How dare you thr*at me?

You son of a bitch!

Just listen to my dad and put someone in the water for five minutes, and they’ll behave.

Just five minutes.

Put it in the water and take it out again.


I'll k*ll them.



Wo-loo got this too?

You know that, right?

I've seen.

Just that morning.

Don't pretend, the bastard who came in the morning.


He comes over every Sunday.

No, he didn’t just come for a visit, right?

Who is he? Who is he?

I don't know, what you're talking about.

I've seen it all.

I saw what the bastard did to you.

I need to go to Lotteria.

I have an appointment with ll-woo, with ll-woo.

Look, you're shaking.

Even if you pretend you don't understand, your body will remember that stuff.

I, I have to go.

I know what you feel, so.

Anywa , when ll-woo comes, you'll tell him what happened this morning, right?

It's Christmas, Christmas Eve.

It's a good day.

I can't talk about this on a good day.

I can't let him worry.

Il-woo is very tired.

Because of me, he's tired.

You're crazy.

He should have said it.

Why did he have to suffer this?

You don't know.

You're not the same kind of person as Wo-loo.

You can lie down as much as you like.

And I'm like you said as the loser.

Still feel scared and shaky on my legs.

Wo-loo should be the same as me.

Even then.

Even then, he should have told me.

Would you say that if you were him?

If this happened to you, would you tell Wo-loo?

Shit, can he and I be the same?

If I had gone to Lotteria,

would he not have gone to the convenience store?

What exactly should I have done then?

Whether you slash him in the stomach or send him to the sea

you'll have to think for yourself about how you're going to get paid.

He's not my dad anymore, why are you calling me When that bitch goes crazy?

Hey, Jo Wo-loo.

Do you have any idea how tired I am?

I don't suppose you have any ideas.

You're lucky to be so happy, shit.

Dad and Mum? What the f*ck?

I'm your father, bitch.

I'm your father, bitch.


Merry Christmas.

Are you kidding me?

Until the end of the year, leaving them without any ideas to party

Did you get it?


What the hell is he saying?

-20 degrees, f*ck.

There's a night shifts today, who's up for it?

Get out, get out, get out. You're such a villain.

We really can't tear down our home.

Why do you poor people spend Christmas? In such a shitty place.

f*ck, f*ck.


Sons of bitches.

Bad man.

You can't, I said you can't.

Give up, shit.

f*ck, f*ck.

No dismantling here.



f*ck, f*ck, f*ck.

Give us a break, please give us a break.

Give us a break, please give us a break.

You penniless bunch, you penniless bunch.

How poor you are, how poor you are.

You're mean, don’t you have any parents?

It's been three years since they left home, bitch.

What smell of piss, just go home.

What about night shifts?

The smell of urine will be in my car, just go home.

No way, I have to go to the night shift.

Didn't you not even pay your bonus today?

Don't you already get paid 100,000 a day, bitch?

Hey, brother.


Thank you.

f*ck it.

Joo Wo-loo, where are you?

Joo Wo-loo, where are you?

Damn it. Joo Wo-loo, where are you? Joo Wo-loo?

I'm sorry.

I didn't want this to happen.



I didn't want this to happen...

One week?

Yeah, we plan it on next Wednesday.

Never say anything to anyone.

Sorry to disappoint you.


Mom is not disappointed yet.

I trust you.

It's alright.

You can do anything.

Mom will take care of it for you.

Just don't be too bad.

Yeah, I will be kind in the future.

Will the teacher come?


No one has any spirit.

So get some quiet sleep.

Crazy. It's in the middle of a class.

When exactly?

That's why I told you to hurry up.

I don't know, assh*le.


I thought you f*cking said no.

What are you gonna do to that psycho idiot?

I'll see what I can do tomorrow, assh*le.

The lunatic was really scared. He spent a lot of money.

You'd do it though, right?

What the f*ck you are insane really...

You think I don't know?

Didn't you fake these like shit?

f*ck. What the bullshit.

A guy who doesn't even know how to use a g*n is rotting away in his cell.

But he took all the money.

You think you can walk out of here with nothing to show for it?

No way.

Think about it.

If you don't keep your end of the bargain, you won't get paid,

and you won't get out of this cell.

Didn't my father tell you that?

It's a piece of shit, you idiot.

You must have had something yesterday, right?

You have.

I don't...don't know.


You don’t know?


You don't forget all of a sudden, do you?

Go out to the bathroom.

Go and have a cigarette and cheer yourself up.

Don't go.

Stay there.

After class, go to the director.

It's your session today, not mine.

Just do it for an hour.

When it's over, it's over.

You...will you...?

Don't be with that guy.

Or you will die.

Even if you come, or my brother come, he'd go to convenient shop.

One, eat this.


But how do I get expired stuff?

The boss said I could take it.

You can give it to Grandma. It's for Grandma.

But ll-woo didn't eat, so busy...

Yeah. Would a fool like you take that?

But worth it, right?

I need to work hard.

I'll get paid at the end of the month.

With that money, we can get water in home.

You can get some water in home.

Well, that's what happens when you get paid.

And he wanted to do something for you.


Fool, I really hate it when he says the same thing over and over again.

I want to hear it now.

All right, let's get those shirts off.

After class on Friday, it's shower time.

Teachers and discipline will not follow into the bathhouse.

CCTV would watch when it goes crazy.

But if there's no trouble, just turn off the lights.

They can't get here early.

No, there's a lot crazier than me.
No, if the last one gets off, you have to wait until the next one.

Everyone is in the bathroom, under cctv.

We'll have about 40 minutes.

A lot.

So 40 minutes, if nothing goes wrong, in the bathroom.

There is no one but the teacher.


What you doing, get your cloths off.

I have a consultation today.



After the consultation, come to the bathroom immediately.


In case you fail, then...


There's no way I'm getting out of there.

If the night shift comes, there's nothing else I can do for you.

Until there's nothing. 40 minutes.

It's gonna be over before then.

Now get in.


God bless us.

Forgive us our sins.

Draw a picture

of your mental state.

All out except Moon Ja-hoon.

f*cking assh*le.

You got to fight in your pants.

It's embarrassing.

I said all out except Moon Ja-hoon.

A man like you could die here.

You k*lled him? Joo Wo-loo.

And you dropped in the water t*nk?

Damn it, that stupid boy.


I really, really feel sick.

Hey, how did that kid end up d*ad? That psycho would've be that way anyway.

You'd better stop whether that guy is still alive.

But why are you so hung up on that ret*rd kid?!


I'm gonna do exactly what you did to him assh*le.

Can you explain why it's drawn this way?

Because I'm a f*cking wimpy guy.


Get out of the way, damn it.

You f*cking assh*le.

Moon Ja-hoon you prick, you assh*le.


Don't go.

5 minutes.

Just wait for 5 minutes.

I didn't k*ll him.

I said it's not me.

I didn't f*cking k*ll him.

Shut up.

You want to know the truth don’t you?

Now it's not necessary.

Trust me.

That night.

I tricked him into going there and beating him. Yeah.

But I didn't k*ll him, really.

He was alive.

I don't know since I got the f*ck out of there.

I don't know who dragged your brother here, really.


Actually that day,

At convenient shop I b*at him.

That idiot is not lucky, he died.

My dad's a lawyer so I dragged him here.

That's why I came here on purpose.

It's not because of your brother.

Be clear, idiot.

In the end, you f*cking k*lled him.

Not me! Damn it!

I’m losing my f*cking mind!

I'm sorry.

I was wrong.

Just give me a break for once.

Just once, sorry.

Please bare me.

It's f*cking late...

You k*lled him...assh*le..

You assh*le..

Save me teacher...

You f*cking prick f*ck.

f*ck, teacher, it's really not kidding.

Save me.

There's something about Wo-loo.

Il-woo, Il-woo.

Would you like to hear a Christmas carol?

Look at the outside of window,
Look at the outside of window.

Snow is falling.

Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Why did the teacher do that?

The dean's presence in other classrooms is also detrimental to the teacher.

Now, there is no possibility

of self-defense during a fight.

- I'm gonna pay the price.

Just leave it as it is,

and sentence it.

The defendant, as a consulting teacher.

He devoted his life to rehabilitating prisoners.

And, for the past year, every Sunday,

voluntary visits to dysfunctional families, etc.

In the long run, to rehabilitate troubled youths in their area...

I never once thought of k*lling anyone.

It was really something that had to happen.


All the responsibility lies with me.

Please go back.

You can't do that in court.



Does it take long?

Yeah, it's Christmas.


Look at the outside of window, look at the outside of window. The snow is falling...

Even so, thank you.

Thanks for k*lling those idiots.

Thank you for k*lling those idiots, f*ck.

Thanks for k*lling those idiots.

Because of the defendant's sincere repentance.

If there is no intentional homicide,

let the superior refer to the case before making a decision.

A note of judgment.

You are sentenced to four years in prison.

Sorry, ll-woo.

Are you angry?

Forget it, just sleep.

It's Christmas.

It's Christmas tomorrow, ll-woo.

It's eve. What?

Dad, when I was little, Dad..

On Christmas Eve, say Santa Claus will come to give presents.



Dad will put away the presents at this time.

Cheer up, boy. Are you too old to believe in Santa Claus?

Ah for f*ck sake..

Santa Claus gave us a box of Ramen and gone.


f*ck go to grandma to cook it.


But Santa Claus found me..


He said he likes me.

Ah you crazy punk.

Il-woo, ll-woo.

Why again? Why, why.

Would you like me to sing you a Christmas carol?

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, isn't it?

Ah shit, hey...

From midnight on, let's just stop, okay?

The cold wind blows the cold wind blows.

Snow is falling.

The cold wind blows the cold wind blows..

Snow is falling...

Merry Christmas.

I think he already knew.

That's when he came to cry.

I volunteer for interviews every week,

so I go to your apartment every week.

He's a kind kid.

Smile well.

He said he likes me.

-The way he smiles and lives, to other people.

You too.

Me too.

Il-woo, you can't forgive?

Can't we just drop it all and start over?

In the morning, let's wait for Santa.

Isn't grandma at home, wait for granny.

I had so many wishes for Wo-loo that I didn't help him fulfill.


I really loved Wo-loo.

So I did the same to Wo-loo.

It's really painful.

I really wanted to help him.

How the hell did that happen.

That’s when you said you wanted revenge.

I know the answer.

It's all because of those guys.

But I thought I was gonna k*ll those guys before you got here.

My heart hurts so much.

So I want to take your place.

Thought I could pay off Wo-loo like this.

Wo-loo would like my choice, too.

Cause I protected you.

What I did to Wo-loo, I paid it off by saving you.

Now I feel light.

Wo-loo's death..

Was that you?


Didn't you say.

The kid k*lled him.

So they were put on trial.

Because I got my revenge.

I came to the prison, too.

Aren't you free?

So get on with your life.

That's all it takes ll-woo.

Come out, you c**t.

Come out, bitch. Come out.

How did you k*lled him..

What did you do to him..

Sunday, December 24 at 9:57 PM
The cold wind blows...

The cold wind blows..

Winter is coming...

Wo-loo can't be fired. No..

What if dean know...


Ah, cell phone.

I lost my phone, too.

Will be taught a lesson by ll-woo...


The f*ck, damn it.

It's ok, it's ok.


Hey Wo-loo, Wo-loo!

Wake up Wo-loo, wake up!

Wo-loo wake up you kid.

Don't fall asleep, you bastard.

Why am I doing this? f*ck.

What did I do wrong?!

Bad luck. Bad luck. Shit.

Yeah, it's just bad luck, shit.


Teacher is here.

Yeah? Ah, just..

Then you must know Ja-hoon.



Moon Ja-hoon?

His dad had a good time saying hi.

Ok, ok, ok.


If there is a god.

Would he know about that shit?


The whole f*cking death thing?

Damn it, don't believe that stuff.

You might as well trust me on this shit.

But you laugh like Wo-loo.

Ah shit.


Do you want to hear carols?

What? No head, no tail.


Cold wind blows, cold wind blows.

Shut up.

Snow is falling.

What carol..

It's Christmas.

-Cold wind blows, cold wind blows. -Ah lunatic.

Hard winter is coming.

Cold wind blows, cold wind blows.

Snow is falling.

Ah it's really Christmas.


Cold wind blows, cold wind blows...

Hard winter is coming.
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