01x11 - Episode #1.11

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Tiger & Dragon". Aired: April 15-June 24, 2005.
Revolves around Rakugo, a traditional Japanese comedy that can look back on a 400 year long history.
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01x11 - Episode #1.11

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Dragon, dragon, mugon denwa [prank phone call]!


I've used this greeting that I've learned from my elder apprentice for 3 years now.

Do you remember?

Of Hayashiyatei Kotora, a legendary storyteller.

Yakuza and Rakugo, of both professions,

the man who threw the world of Rakugo into chaos,

and then was suddenly arrested.

As a consequence my Master had to retire from the Rakugo Artists Association,

and us Hayashiyatei family were called a criminal family.

Down and out, truly an ignominious feat.

A comment from Master Donbei!

The comment is Ooba Kumiko! Here we go, Don, don, don!

Is there a plan for the Master to come out and explain to the media?

Explanation, explanation, kaikouken! Opa! Opa!

Damn it, jokes are no use to them.

If you want to become great in Rakugo, I'll say this.

Go to another master.

Don't be so formal.

How can any of us leave after all that you have taught us?

- Donkichi...
- Just as this overweight four-eyes put it!

If it's money, I can MC a game show,

or I'll even be a p*rn star.

- I want to be a p*rn star!
- Donta...

If we can't get on stage, all we have to do is rent a local public stage.

That's right!
We didn't become apprentices to the Association,
we became apprentices to you, Master.

I'm with you till I die, Master!

You guys are all crazy.


So what're you going to do?

It really wasn't possible to say "no thank you" then.

So here I am, three full years after rejoining the rickety Hayashiyatei family.

With your warm welcome, we are still on stage,

and now I am ready to become the Shinuchi [Main], to inherit the title as the 7th Hayashiyatei Donbei!

I'm planning on giving this man, my title.


Are you thinking about that guy?

Well ... it's impossible not to think about it.

But isn't he coming out soon? Are you going to greet him?

Who the hell is going to greet him?

I thought he was going to be something, but in the end, a yakuza is nothing but a yakuza.

think about the damage we took, all because of Yamazaki.

This time you clawed your way to the top,

don't think about him, just take the title.

And so, despite the elder apprentices, I will take on the role of the Big Main today!

This is rather nerve racking.

Tiger and Dragon!

Episode 11: "Ko wa kasugai" A child is a clamp

Congratulations on repaying your debt!

- You?
- Yes it's me.

This yellow hanky for happiness is

- Just you?
- Yes, just me.

You don't really know me, do you?

Well, um, not really. But I was bored.

Did the postcards not arrive?

[Postcard: Dear Everyone. It has been a long time.
I hope you are well. I will leave prison on June 24th after 3 years of incarceration. Yamazaki Toraji.]

I'm sorry, right now we don't have any Urahara T-Shirts.

- We might still have some in the Daikanyama shop.
- Owner, one sec

I'm busy, later ...

for real?

- Wow I'm really surprised! Was it today?
- Yeah. Looks like you're doing real well.

I know, actors and J-League soccer players initially came as a joke,
but then it became a hit.

Or that the times have caught up to Dragon Soda

Cyber Dragon Soda

So Ryuji's debts have

- been repaid, and you got branches in Daikanyama and Shimokitazawa right?
- Yup.

I see

That's good.

What about Ginjiro?

- That's bad, don't mention him.
- Huh?

- They broke up recently.
- Why? They were doing so well.

You'll see in Shinjuku.


He came back here in the end.

- Hey Ginj...
- Welcome home!

After the incident 3 years ago, he officially became the 2nd boss.

Moreover, the boss of the Wolf mercantile group

became Gin-gin's disciple.

Pops retired to Hachioji and left the organization to Gin-gin.

Well, he used to be cute,

but now he's completely yakuza.

Our worlds are different now.

After all Gin-gin is living in Roppongi Hills [where the nouveau riche now live].

I see.

But I am happy that he succeeded his father.

That was good.

Tora-chan kinda looks lonely.

I'm not lonely. I was alone anyway.

- Well, let's celebrate and drink.
- Yeah

- Oh hey why don't we call Owner [referring to Ryu]?
- He can't make it,

He's too busy practicing.

- Why don't you go there tomorrow?
- No, I can't see them.

After all I ruined their name.

Come on, lighten up! Let's drink! Drink up!

That's right let's drink, drink.

- And tonight, you can stay here.
- No!

You can't do that Chibi-T

Liu-san don't be mean!

- Why'd you do that for?!
- No!

- No!
- No!

Saya, want to go take a bath?

- Ryu-chan take her and Taro with you.
- Don

[Person you don't want to sleep with
#1 Jumptei Jump,
#2 Hayashiyatei Donta]

Shit, 2nd place is worse.

- Don, hot, hot, hot!
- What! Jump is on for 5 secs longer than me!

Daddy, how are babies born?

Sex, through sex!

"Think of the child. Could we please get back together again?"

"That makes me happy!

No, forget about me. The child will be so much happier for it.

Without him, we wouldn't have met for the first time in three years"

Take a look grampa, Anpanman. [a famous cartoon character]

Oh this is good.

"Oh I'm the clamp.

No wonder you said that you would hit me with a hammer."


- this...
- Oh no, I had hidden it.

Why do you need to hide it?

- But you get, when Kotora
- Not Kotora, Yamazaki.

When I talk about Yamazaki-san you get angry Don-chan.

I'm not angry! Don't kid around.

- See you're angry.
- What?

I'm telling you, I'm not angry. What the heck, "I'll leave prison on the 24th,"

That's today!

He caused all that trouble, he should come by to at least give his regards!

- Master, Master
- Even if he did come, I'd throw him out.

What the hell does he mean by not coming at all!

- Master, you made Taro cry!
- Me?! What it's not me,

it was Yamazaki that made her cry!

Even Taro hates yakuza,

isn't that right Taro!

Wow, what a miracle!

The children love it,

it goes this way, it goes that way, a wayward ferret!

- What are you doing, Han-chan?
- Kotora!

Who is this?

He used to run an awful Oden shop that I used to go to.

You couldn't come, so I closed the shop.

- So when did you get out?
- Yesterday.

I see.

That's great.

- How is Master? Is he well?
- Yeah.

- Has he said anything about me?
- Um, no...


- Tora-chan.
- Ahead of you, you can see, ...

- Tora-chan!
- Megumi.

What's wrong Megumi-chan?

Sorry, I thought about visiting you in prison,

but a lot has happened here.


- you got married again?
- Yeah.

She's Brazilian. We met through the Asakusa Samba Carnival, we were a pair.

- Hey Anita come over here and say hello.
- After you eat the soba, I'll go.

She's allergic to soba.

But instead, at night, you know...

- Hey are you still going out with Ryuji?
- Yup, we broke up three times and we made up three times though.

What the hell?

Well the first time, I strayed.

The second time, I went on a group date without telling Ryu-chan.

And the third time was when I went to a host club on Christmas.

Oh and the last time was with Tacchan!

That's four times, and they're all your fault.

I don't understand Ryu-chan's boundaries.

It's really a pain.

Its right before his succession ceremony, he must be prickly.


In July he'll be Donbei!

- Damn why'd you tell him!
- Bastard,

why'd keep this from me?

Well, I've heard the issues from Ryu-chan, so I wasn't sure what to do.

Oh yeah, if that didn't happen, Don-chan was hoping you'd succeed him.


This is good.

Damn, all I've said since yesterday is "good."

But it was good for you too. You got out.

No, I dunno about that.

Wait a sec,

if Ryuji is Donbei, then what about Master? You'll have 2 Donbei-s!

Guess it can't be helped.

You go check it out with your own eyes.


Are you surprised?

This is the 2nd Hayashiyatei Kotora, no longer Hayashiyatei Donbei.

Tiger, Tiger, arigatiger! [word play on arigato, thank you]


Master, why?

Who knows?

He says that he took the name so that you can never come back.

But that makes no sense.

It's well known that even divorced couples

sometimes try again to make it work for their child

"Separation from child," [another title for ko wa kasugai "A child is a clamp"] eh.

We are, as they say,

"madly in love" we've never even thought of divorcing.

"Excuse me, neighbor. I'm going to the port"

So can you keep an eye on my shop? Sorry for the wait, Mr Clerk.

It's a pain being single, isn't it?

You have to bother your neighbor each time you go out.

Well, that's the easy part.

Even if you are on top of things, the laundry piles up,

as they say, when a woman is widowed she flowers,

when a man is widowed maggots appear.

I guess it's your fault for fooling around.

Still I heard your second was really terrible.

I fell in love with her, and took her out of Yoshiwara.

But it was like buying a bad horse.

She slept in the morning, afternoon, and at night.

In other words she slept all the time.

I'm home!

- Kuma-san, I'm hungry.
- Why don't you do the cooking every once in a while.

No way, I can't cook, that's why I married you.

Make something for me.

I got so angry, I thought about divorcing her, but she left before that.

So I realized that this is no good, and stopped drinking

and am finally saving up money after working hard.

What about your previous wife?

She was ugly but she worked hard right?

Oh you mean her?

She was used to being poor.

She knew how to keep the expenses low.

Didn't you have a son with her? His name was Kame right? How old is he?

It's been three years since then, so he's nine.

I see,

don't you want to see him?

Of course!

Sometimes when I see a child of that age,

I think that's my son.

Just the other day as I was passing by Kashiya,

they were making Manju [big dumplings].

And when they opened the top,

the steam rose and it smelled so good.

When I remembered that Kame loved Manju, I got teary.

I couldn't help but to think,

what face would he make if I gave him some Manju.


- isn't that Kame?
- Hmm?

The big one wearing the kasuri kimono.

he's gotten so big now.

He's moving.

Of course he's moving, he's human.

Go, and say something to him.

I'm going ahead.

Hey Kame!



- You're dad?!
- That's right! It's your dad!

Damn, you've gotten so big in the time I haven't seen you!

- Dad, you got big too!
- How can I get big?

You're tanned and healthy.

- How is your mom?
- Uh...

Does your dad treat you well?

Yeah, wait you're my dad!

Not me, your new dad!

I've never heard of a dad arriving after the child is born!

- You mean it's just you and mom, the two of you?
- Yup,

there's someone for her,

but she said that she had enough of husbands after the last drunkard yakuza.

Damn, that's harsh!


It's the alcohol. Mom always said, dad really is a nice person.

It's true.

Mom still has feelings for you dad.

Neigh, neigh, hey, neigh, neigh.

Hey Jump, don't think you're famous!

If you're Jump, jump over a telephone booth!

Kotora Kotora-san

- Hey, did you become Shinuchi [Main]?
- Not yet,

looks like Kotatsu b*at me to it.

Right now, I'm mostly a gourmet reporter.

- Do your best, since I can't.
- Yes.

Wait! Wait dad!

Dad, aren't you lonely, alone?

Even if I am lonely, even if I am. It's my fault.

My house is right over there. Come on by!

No, no.

I can't see mom.

Here let me give you some cash. Wait one sec.

This much?

- I have no change.
- Take all of it.

- Don't buy useless things.
- Aaa..

Hey, hey.

Boys don't cry.

- You're crying too dad!
- I ain't crying!

I sweat from my eyes.

my eyes. Wait, I not here to listen to your Rakugo!

I'm asking where Kotora-san is!

I'm telling you I met in front of the Theater

He came to see Master's Rakugo!

He's at a friend's place in Aoyama.

Chibi-T's place!


What are you going to do, when you see him?

You still want him back, don't you Master?

Otherwise why would you take on your apprentice's name.

You still don't get it?

I excommunicated him. He's not allowed in this house ever

Then it's the same as me!

He's the same as me. This is the only home he's got!

You're the one that's going to be sorry if you're stubborn.

Ryuji! Dad has his reason for not being able to take him back!

Why can't you understand him?!

If he forgave him, then the Association will be our enemy,

and your Shinuchi [Big Main] might not happen too!

Yamazaki-san is a great person, but he broke Don-chan's promise,

I mean Master Kotora's.

So if Don-chan forgave that Kotora, oh wait sorry, um,

if Kotora-chan forgave Yamazaki-san, argh this is so confusing!

Anyway, the person who is most in pain is Don-chan!

See, he's crying!

A child who makes Don-chan cry is not of this house!

If you make Don-chan cry, I'll smack you with this!

What the? What [Nan] is this?

What [nan]? It's Nan.

Wow, I hate myself.

I got that.

- Since when were you here?
- I was here from the start.

I'm going to make Indian curry today!

- It was curry yesterday too.
- What?

Welcome home!


Bocchan [young master].
Congratulations on your succession as the 2nd Boss.

- Yea, well, take it easy.
- Yessir.

When did you get out?


And today?

He came to ask for a job, even if it's a low level one.

- What?
- Um,

I would like to ask on his behalf too, Hyuga-san.

He and I go way back.


Your faces are too scary!

Be normal! Loosen the muscle here!



Sorry, let me use Aniki here.

You said to me once,

don't do something that doesn't suit you just because you want to succeed.

Yes, I'm sorry.

Back then I thought to myself,

what is he talking about?

He's the one doing something that doesn't suit him.

You were trying to do Rakugo,

even though you weren't funny.

That's why I was really happy when you came with me to Rikio's place and wrecked the place.

You were really cool.

It's been three years now.

I'm doing something that doesn't suit me at all.

Close to thirty yakuza, with scrunched eyebrows,

call me the 2nd, the 2nd.

And I reply "Yeah."

It's not me.

In fact, I'd even want to switch positions with you.

But that's why I'm gonna say this, ignoring my own discomfort.

"Don't do something that doesn't suit you!"

- Yasuo, we're going.
- Eh!

Hey Ginjiro!

It really suits you




You've gotten big.

Who are you?

Don't lie to me!

Why would a stranger give you this much money?!

It's the truth!

- Then tell me who you got them from.
- I can't tell you.

He told me not to tell you. I can't tell you!

What's wrong with you?

Even if I had to skip two meals a day, I've never made you want for anything.

There's not much that can be done now.

Tell me where you got it from

so that I can go and return it.

You're not going to tell me? Fine, be stubborn!

Look at this.

This is dad's hammer that you brought with us when we left dad's place.

Me hitting this, is the same as dad hitting you.

"If you don't tell, I'm going to crack your skull with this hammer."

"I'm telling you, I didn't steal it! I got it! I didn't steal it!

I got it from dad!"

It's not cute...

"You got it from dad?"

"Why are getting closer when I said dad?"

Wait one sec! Did you just say something weird?

I didn't say anything.

- Dinner is ready.
- Oh thanks!

I heard you! You said it wasn't cute!

Shut up, it's because you're not concentrating on your story.

What's this?

- The curry is not ready yet?
- I didn't make it.

You said you had it yesterday.

We have tons of food so eat with the Nan as you see fit.

Gyaan, it's like I'm a mix between an Indian and a Japanese.

So are you going to be ready for the succession ceremony?

If Master will properly teach it.

What're you talking about. I am properly teaching it.

This is awful!

Oh, I can say it?

This is awful!

It's awful!

Do you have any rice?

Actually do you have any curry?

You can't eat this without curry.

- Yeah, you can't eat this.
- That's cruel!

Whaat?! Everyone said it! I just said in order.

Of all the people, I don't want you to say it!

- You used to lick powdered milk!
- I didn't live off the licking.

We're breaking up!

- Isn't this bad? Just apologize to her.
- But this is the 5th one.

This time, we're really, really, really through!

- Father?
- Yes.

Taro had this.


What's wrong?

Taro-chan who gave you this?

- A man with a scary face.
- A man with a scary face?

That's Kotora!


- At least wear shoes.
- Huh?

Yours is what? Megumi-chan's.

Hey, it's almost time, Donbei the 7th.

- He wasn't here today?
- Nope, he wasn't here.



Hey, hey, the 7th. There's no need to go straight home.

Stop with that, I don't even want to see it.

Today you'll no longer be Kotatsu.

Let me do something like an elder brother for you for once.

[Bus guide pub: The Peachy Bus]
You're not getting along with Megumi-chan, right?


Yes, coming!

Mr. Boss


- We got married.
- Where is Don-chan?

I'm already 60, you know.

So I left the organization to my son and the younger fellas.

We're now living in Hachioji in retirement.

I see, with her. That's, that's congratulations.

We made you worry a lot, so I want to tell you earlier but he kept talking about "face" and other

That's enough, enough

Anyway, Don-chan,

we're both pretty old.

I would appreciate it if we could start afresh and forget the past?

- Well, if Ken-chan, you're willing to say that, then yeah
- Yes

- Let's start afresh from now on.
- Please.

- Thanks!
- Yay!

So how is Yamazaki?


- He's not here.
- What?

Ginjiro sent him back, so I thought he would be here.

He sent him back?

Ero ero t*nk! Ero ero t*nk! [Sexy Explorers! Phrase from a comedy duo]

It's here! Captain! We've discovered the "Peachy Bus!"

Captain! It's going to be crowded, let's hurry!

I see, as head of the family, you have to defend the family.

That's the same whether yakuza or Rakugo.

- So you understand.
- Yes I do.

So you're saying that Yamazaki isn't your family.

No, Ken-chan.

You're one cold bastard.

Stop it Ken-chan.

Listen Don-chan,

I told you that once Yamazaki pays off your debts, I'll give him to you.

It's true he did cause an incident and had to go to jail.
But he paid his debts to society.

If you're family, shouldn't you have gone to pick him up?
Isn't that what's right?

You call yourself a Master and you can't even do that!

- We're through as of today, you moron!
- You just said that you're starting over!

Let go of me!

I wanted to go greet him!

I wanted, I wanted to go greet him.

I want to go right now!

He was sitting right here!

Until three years ago.
We laughed together and we ate together.
Why is he not here?

It's your fault!

You yakuza

dragged our Kotora, my apprentice, into a stupid fight.

That's why he's not here!

He is family.

He has to be family.

It's painful

because we can't see him when we want to.


I wanted to go greet him.

But I gave him to you. That's why I didn't go. Don-chan.


- Don-chan
- Ken-chan

- Don-chan
- Ken-chan

- I'm sorry Don-chan
- I'm sorry Ken-chan

- I'm always so stubborn
- Ken-chan

- I'm sorry.
- Ken-chan

Well in your case, you have a lot scarier face than you think.

Oh sorry.

Aren't you Hayashiyatei Kotora?

- No, that's not me.
- Excuse us, excuse us.

You're wrong.

Can we have your autograph?

Yo! We were waiting for this, 7th!

Is this seat taken?


- West, East and West.
- Thank you very much for coming to my fellow apprentice Hayashiyatei Kotatsu's succession ceremony

as the 7th Hayashiyatei Donbei.

The 7th is younger than me, but he has been at this longer than I and I have been at this for 20 years.

There was a period when he was lost,

but he has managed to become the main draw.

Gin-chan where is Tora-chan?

I keep getting the answering service,

- I'll call again.
- Ok.

Please be kind to the 7th Hayashiyatei Donbei!

Hiya, this is Donta. Not Bontan [a type of fruit].

Here we go, Don, don, don. Be bop high school.

You're too stiff.

Look old people have bad teeth.

Hey granny? Yo, granny you getting any?

You have to do it like that. The 7th is my younger brother.

If I were Shintaro [famous writer, current governor of Tokyo],
he would be Yujiro [famous actor, deceased: the two are brothers]

The analogy is too old?

Then if I were Chieko, he would be Mitsuko.

Baisho! [sisters] Baisho! Songai baisho! [compensation]

And so,

please be kind to Shimanto River!

- Here we go, Don, don, don't Chaka Khan!]
- You're doing good Donta,

you'll be Futatsume [Second] till you die!

Piss me off, Soba off! [hara tatsu, soba tatsu]

Thank you very much for a full crowd today.

I am Hayashiyatei Koneko [kitten]

- He called himself Koneko.
- He must be nervous.

This is a succession ceremony,

so even if it is a bit embarrassing,

let me introduce him.

When he was in his mother's womb, he was flipped,

and when he first came out, he weighed 4000grams.

So my lovely wife screamed at the top of her lungs when she gave birth.

You could hear her scream in Shizuoka prefecture.

That story!

So many things have happened.

So many things.

And so we're here today.

I can't vouch for his personality,

but his skill is certainly capable.

But I, Koneko, and others from the Hayashiyatei

will continue to work with him so that he proudly carries on the name as the 7th Hayashiyatei Donbei.

So please be kind to him today and the days after.

- He said Koneko again.
- How was it?

No good. Answering service.

Isn't that?

- Tora-chan!
- Aniki!

It's Kotora!

Despite the shame, I,

Hayashiyatei Kotora came back.


I am the 3rd Hayashiyatei Kotora.

Thanks to Master, the 7th Donbei, I am now here on stage.

You look well.

Don't worry about me.

Of course I do. I mean it's the Peachy Bus.

Yeah. Well, I have to make a living.

Don't you have the

ceremony soon?

Um, yeah. Yeah I do.

But, I'm not up to par.

I mean I wasn't supposed to take on the name Donbei after all.

Master might say,

Why are getting up, when I only just said "Master?"

- Stop it.
- No, I'm not stopping.

If I don't say this now, it'll be like the time I failed to become Shinuchi [Main].

I'm supposed to do Kowakare.

I'm in a bind.

If possible I would like to switch with you.

I want to work at the Peachy Bus.

Arg, this is annoying. Why are you quiet?

You're not doing Rakugo anymore?

You loved it so much!

You're going to stop, just because you went to jail?!

When I had quit, you always told me to do Rakugo.

You should know how I felt back then. It's annoying.

It's really annoying

when someone else tells you to do something that you want to do.

So I understand...

how you felt back then.

I feel better now that I said my peace.

"What? You came forward, just because I said dad."

"What's wrong with you kid,

if that was the case, why didn't you just say so?

So was dad drunk again and filthy?"

"No, he had a lot of money and was wearing a clean coat.

He got rid of that bad courtesan and is now working hard.

Dad was crying, saying that you had a difficult life.

He asked if I could go eat eel with him. Can I go?"

"Yes, go ahead."

The next day, the mother cleaned up her son and sent him out.

She also put make up on her face and nose,

but because she's not sure, she passed by the eel shop four or five times.

Jail has a library,

and you can borrow any book you want.

I borrowed all the Rakugo books I could and I memorized as much as I could.

"Bed," "Death," "Mackerel of Meguro," "Rat,"

"Tool shop," "Tokisoba," "Saheiji left behind,"

"Smith's son," "f*re Drums,"

I memorized a hundred and then I practiced on the people in the same cell.

But the books don't have everything.

For example, "A child is a clamp,"

but what's a clamp?

In the past, Master would have told me,

- but he wasn't there.
- It's the bit

that interlocks between a wooden pillar and another wooden pillar.

- Interlocks?
- So to make sure that they don't fall apart,

you hammer in a small piece of wood.

I've never seen it, so I don't really know.

That why "Last night, you said, 'I'm gonna hit your head with this hammer.'"

That's what it means.

I get it now.

Now I finally got it.

Do it tomorrow on stage.


Are you absolutely sure?

This is your succession ceremony.

Don't fret it.

I'll do "Jugemu" or something.

But Master is, oh?

I thought I'll see it from this side, once in a while.

Yo, we were waiting for you!

Um, well there are others behind me, so let me be brief.

A child is a clamp,

Oh "Separation from child."

No, "A child is a clamp."

When you only do the last third of "Separation from child,"
it's called "A child is a clamp."

Chikuma bunko's 100 Rakugo stories.

It doesn't matter.

- Anyway, when Ryu the clothes shop owner
- We've been waiting for this!

Will you f*cking shut up!

It's been a while, let me talk!

Ryu, the clothes shop owner, met with Tora, a yakuza.

But unfortunately, Ryu's father Nekozo and Tora

were not on speaking terms for three years.

So Ryu tried to get these two to meet.

We're back!

You were out late, where were you?

- Hey what is this?
- Oh crap we've been caught!

This isn't the scarf from our company,

- Where did you get it?!
- It was given to me!

Who, who gave it to you! This is too suspicious!

- I can't tell you that!
- If you don't tell me, I'm going to slap you!

If you don't tell me, I'm going to slap you!

What, what, what's going on?

Father, Ryu-chan is having an affair with another bus guide!

Not a bus guide, a bus guide pub!

A bus guide pub?

This is bad, this is bad, Ryu-chan this is bad!

You're unbelievable! You've got a bus guide right here, and you want another?

This time we're definitely breaking up, definitely!

You got it wrong! Kotora is working there.


"What, he comes forward when he hears the name, Kotora."

Kotora is working at that bus guide whorehouse?

- Whorehouse?
- Not whorehouse, a pub, a pub.


- Sayuri-chan.
- Yes?
- Get me a taxi.

Where are you going at this hour?

Never mind, I'll get it.


Meanwhile, Nekozo puts on some makes up.

Or not, I don't know,

but he's uncomfortable so he passes by the entrance of the shop four or five times.


- You're not going in?
- No, no, don't worry about me.



I heard that you gave him some cash yesterday and that today you're treating him to eel.

So I came by to at least say a word of thanks.

So it was you after all.

I bumped into Kame yesterday.

And he said that he wanted to eat eel, so I said, let's go eat eel.

I told him not to tell you about this.

But children are guileless, so...

I bumped into Kame yesterday.

And he said that he wanted to eat eel. So he told you, eh?

I bumped into Kame yesterday.

And he said he wanted to eat eel

What are you doing there?

This way please!

Thank you for riding with us today.

- Why don't you sit down already?
- No, I can't do that.

I started from here.

If I don't start from here again, I can't take this up again.

Master, please!

Once more, make me a cool and suave man!

What can I do?

In your case, I start from here as well.


Please become my apprentice.

- Master!
- Tora!

- Master!
- Tora!

I'm so glad! I'm so glad!

- I'm so glad!
- Master! Master!

- We've missed you!
- Master! Master!
- I'm so glad!

Sorry! Sorry! They're not gay! Please don't worry!

They're all watching!


Ryuji! Ryuji!

You know what? You piss me off,

but this time I've got to hand it to you.

I get to meet up with this guy, Kotora, for the first time in three years.

Hey Kotora, can I get up? Can I get up?

Uh, Uh...

So how [nan] do you say,

a child is, a child is what [nan] do you say it?

Yeah! How [nan] do you say?

No wonder, you need curry to eat it!

Not that Nan!

Welcome back Kotora!

[whispering: close the act]

[whispering: close the act]

- Tiger, Tiger,
- Gilletiger!

- Tiger, Tiger,
- Gilletiger!

- Tiger, Tiger,
- Gilletiger!

- Tiger, Tiger,
- Gilletiger!

- Tiger, Tiger,
- Gilletiger!

- Tiger, Tiger, Master
- Gilletiger!

- Tiger, Tiger,
- Gilletiger!
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