03x10 - The Better Feeling of My Heart

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Anne With An E". Aired: March 19, 2017 – November 24, 2019.
This reimagining of the classic book and film is a coming-of-age story about a young orphan who is seeking love, acceptance and her place in the world.
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03x10 - The Better Feeling of My Heart

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[Winifred] It takes a lot to astonish me.

Well played. You've managed it.

Since you've been so irrepressibly
cavalier with my heart,

I feel I have a right to ask:

Just how long have you known
that you never intended to marry me?

This is all as confusing to me
as it is to you.


I care about you very much...

But not as much as for a certain someone?

Did she argue bitterly
that some childhood promise was implied?

Did she beg you, weeping?

I'm so sorry, Winnie.

It was never, ever my intention
to do you harm.

I'm just so...

Especially after your talk with my father
the other night and...

God, my mother was so sure,
she's set a meeting with the minister,

she's engaged a decorator
to redo the Paris flat...

It's all so humiliating.

Why on earth did you lead me on
and make me believe you loved me?

Can you answer me that?

You can only know something
when you know it.

Not a minute before.

The minute I knew my heart for sure,
I came to you to reveal it.

Wouldn't it have been worse
if I'd discovered this a week from now?

- Or a year?
- [sighing]


When's the happy day?

I don't have plans to marry.

Now that tops all.

This is the most confounding
piece of information yet.

She doesn't have feelings for me.


I'm being thrown over
for an unrequited love?

You won't even settle for me! My God!

Settle for you?


You are exceptional.

You deserve so much more than...

...being settled for.

Please don't for a minute think
that you deserve

anything less than a loving partner

whose heart and gaze are unwavering.

Swear to me that...

you will tell no one
what has transpired

until I get my affairs in order.

So many people
are expecting our engagement.

I'm going to book passage overseas
so that I'll be far away

from gossip when it breaks.

Can you give me two weeks?

- Will you promise?
- I promise.

♪ First thing we'd climb a tree ♪

♪ And maybe then we'd talk ♪

♪ Or sit silently ♪

♪ And listen to our thoughts ♪

♪ With illusions of someday ♪

♪ Casting a golden light ♪

♪ No dress rehearsal ♪

♪ This is our life ♪

♪ You are ahead by a century ♪

♪ You are ahead by a century ♪

[background chatter and laughter]

You think you passed?
I don't wanna go unless you're going.

I'm counting the hours
till I get out of this backwoods burgh.

- Does anyone have a paper bag?
- [indistinct chatter]

- I don't think I got in.
- The worst thing about going to college...

I can't imagine I passed.
If I do, will you catch me when I faint?

You will. Get in, I mean.

Queens scholars,

I hold in my hand your Queens
entrance-exam test scores.

Regardless of the outcome,

I'm proud of how hard everyone has worked
and how you acquitted yourselves.

You've made a great showing for Avonlea.
And now...

- Storm the castle!
- Oh, my God!

- Let's see.
- Diana got in!

- Oh
- Oh my goodness!

- Diana, you got in!
- You got in!

Gilbert and Anne tied for first!

- [laughter]
- [Girl] That's amazing!

With those marks, I'll just say au revoir,

- because PEI's finest is going to Paris!
- [laughter]

Um... congratulations.

- Thanks.
- Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Want to say? To me?




[miss Stacy] Everyone?

It is with a heavy but proud heart
that I say to you all one last time:

Class dismissed.

- You've been the best teacher, Miss Stacy.
- [excited chatter]

- Potato light bulbs forever!
- Uh, may I visit with you privately,

before I leave for Queens?

I had that very idea. Yes, please.

- [Diana] Anne!
- [squealing]

- Anne, Anne!
- [indistinct chatter]

Miss Stacy, may I have a word?

- In strictest confidence?
- Of course.

I can't fully explain right now,

but I'm not going to be attending
the Sorbonne.

With these marks, I'll make it
at the University of Toronto, right?

- You'd be a very late admission.
- But...

if you were to write
your doctor friend...

Emily? I most certainly will.

A word from you could seal the deal for me
now that I have my transcripts.

I'll send a telegram.
There's no time to lose.

Gilbert had nothing to say.
Not a word to me at all about my note,

or about anything.

I'm so surprised by him.
I thought he was...

Worthy? Lovely? Kind? Apparently not.

But now I have my answer and I am free!

And guess what?
We're going to be roommates!

- We hope.
- We will be!

Oh, Diana, this is a dream come true!
If I could write the perfect ending

to this chapter of our lives,
it would be this!

Two kindred spirits walking arm in arm
towards their destinies!

Does our story include a magic potion

I can give my parents
to make them allow me to go?

If I were Puck, I could anoint their eyes
with potion whilst they slumber.

"I'll apply to your eye,
gentle mother, remedy."

And when they awaken, they would see
only the error of their ways.

Oh! We need a new one.

Seven days...

until we spread our wings and soar.

[both] Seven days
until we spread our wings and soar.

Are you sure you don't want me
to come with you?

No need. You'll be able to hear
the screaming from your house.

They love you. They won't deny you
the one thing you truly want.

Good luck. And remember,

it is your future, not theirs!

[Mr. Barry] It's not your future,
it's ours!

If I'd had a son,

things would be different, but we did not.

It then follows without question
that you are obliged to marry well!

Deceitful child!

How could you?!

How could you be so, so selfish?

Oh... Oh, my... Oh, my...

Look what you're doing to your mother!

Why is it that who I am...

and what I want doesn't matter?

Enough of this! You have one job,

one task in life, and you will do it!

You will be finished!

And then you can negotiate
with your husband

for whatever you damn well want!

Well done.

The girl's a treasure.

There's still so much to do
before you leave for Queens,

but we're making a dent!

[Marilla] I've secured a trunk from Rachel
for your clothes and sundries,

and next week we'll go to Carmody
for new boots,

and to Jeannie's shop for hats, blouses,

skirts, and... your first corset!

I confess I have a fervent dream

that corsets will go out of fashion
next year in bright, bold 1900.

They're so uncomfortable!

How have you come by this opinion
since you've never worn one?

I... rely on my imagination.

But perhaps it will help
to contain my butterflies.

Moving away. College!

The great unknown!

But then again,
I hate to leave Green Gables.

I love it so.

It's hard to imagine I'll love
being anywhere else as much as here.

Jerry, we should talk about room and board
for you at Green Gables.

- What?
- [Anne] What?

Well, we'll need more help
now that Anne is gone.

- I'm not d*ad, I'm just going to college.
- [Matthew] Now that I think of it,

Anne may not even return...

once she's graduated
and moved on to a career.

We need to talk about the future,
you staying on.

I... I don't know what to say.

You're... replacing me?

It's a practical decision.

It makes sense.

Think on it, Jerry.

So you're... getting a boy after all.

[Bash] This good old orchard sure has come
back to life these past two years.

[Bash] Just needed a little love.

Let me show you something.

See this here? It's telling me we'll be
ready to harvest in a few days' time.

You're doing so well, Sebastian.

I'm proud of you, son.

- Oh... Mom...
- [tutting]

Can't a person speak their mind
without receiving all kinds of froth?

- [chuckling]
- [squealing]

Ah! Nap time, doux-doux...

[singing softly]




Dear Anne,

since we are parting ways...

perhaps forever,

I feel I must unburden my heart.

You are the fond object of my affection
and my desire.

You, and you alone,
are the keeper of the key to my heart.

Please don't be alarmed.

I don't expect your favor,

but I can't in good conscience...

not reveal myself.

I'm not engaged,

nor will I be,


it's to you, Anne,

my Anne with an e.

It always has been,
and always will be... you.

With love, Gilbert.

PS: Thanks for the pen.
Good luck at Queens.

[horse neighing]

Ah, you didn't need to do that.
I could've fetched it myself.

I know, but I...

- Do you need any help with the milkers?
- No.

There's only one now.
I sold Pride to the Andrews.

Sold her? When? Why?

Practical decision.

We won't need as much milk...
when you're gone.

B-b-but I didn't even have a chance
to say goodbye!

Prejudice is still here.

Did you know about this?

Matthew is adjusting to the fact
that you're leaving...

He certainly is!
Soon it'll be as if I was never here!


[breathes slowly]

Oh, really Gilbert?!

You couldn't even face me?

[yells] World-class!
[paper being torn]


[animal noises]

What if...



"Parting ways...

Don't... Heart...

Queens... Engaged...

Don't love...

Alarmed... Not... alone... forever..."

Diana, are you resting?
I have got breaking news!

That night at the ruins? Forget it.

Turns out Gilbert doesn't love me
after all,

and he wrote me a letter
with my own pen to tell me so!


What's happened?

I can't fly.

What are you saying? You sound...

Do you have a fever? Diana, answer me.

I don't matter.

I can't fly.

They forbade you?

- You can't go to Queens?
- [sobbing]

Oh, oh, oh...

Oh, my poor Diana.

They've clipped your wings.

You've been very quiet today, Anne.

I'm sorry you're so blue
to be leaving without Diana,

but your future is still bright.

And haven't we had fun shopping
for your next big adventure?

Shall we try this on you?

Take heart, dear one.

All is not lost.

This will still be an exciting
new chapter in your life.

There's no two ways about it.

I want to be happy, I just can't be.

Diana is in the depths of despair

and I am desperately worried about her.

Gilbert is marrying the girl of his dreams
and that girl is not me...

- And Matthew...
- Now, don't you worry about Matthew.

He'll be just fine.

That's for sure and certain.
He's already busy living without me.


It fits you well... my grown-up girl.

Shall we try on the dress I made you?

Just imagine all the exciting occasions
you'll be wearing it this coming year.

I don't want to go!

I want to stay here and do my chores
and be a family 'round the f*re

and I want things to go back
to the way they used to be!

- Oh, oh, oh.
- [sobbing]

I did a count of the bushel barrels
for harvest tomorrow.

I think we'll have enough.

[Gilbert] Bash?


I bought it back from the pawn shop.

I have no words to express
the shame and regret I feel.

I apologize for the pain
I caused both of you.

I don't want or need your apology.

And the person who did is gone.

After I last saw you,

I've been sober, working odd jobs,

- trying to get myself right...
- You're not welcome here.

Look, I swear I'm a changed man. I...

I'd like to be part of Delphine's life.


Elijah, I thank you for returning
my father's medal.

But I'm going to ask you
to take your leave.

You had your chance!
You had every chance!

You're not welcome here!


May I visit Mary before I go?

Out of compassion for your mother,
you may visit with her.

And you may sleep in the barn tonight.

As of tomorrow,
I never want to see your face again.

Please forgive me, Mama.

Forgive me.

I'm sorry.

[Marilla] I understand your distress,

They're at that age.

Testing boundaries, talking back...

Disobeying, deceiving...

It's been a tumultuous year
for both of us.


You've had to endure
all that lineage business.

It's disrespectful to all
that you've provided for her.

Just like my Diana.

I felt a bit that way too.

And I was sore afraid of the change...
that might come.

But I learned the hard way...

that the more I held her back,

the less I was included.

By denying her mature needs and wants...

I ran the risk
of losing her altogether.

[miss Stacy and Anne] Thank you.

[Anne] I really said this?

What an incredible day.

Are you excited about Queens?

I should be.

Oh, Miss Stacy,
I wonder if I'm never going to be happy.

[clicks her tongue and sighs]

The quest for perpetual happiness.

It-it-it is absolutely unreasonable

to expect to be happy all the time.

it's neither possible, nor realistic.

You can't know joy...

...unless you've known sorrow.

Those of us who can soar
to the highest heights

can also plunge to the deepest depths.

- It's a balance.
- That's the beauty of it.

I'll remember.

Oh! I almost forgot.

This is the address of my boarding house
in Charlottetown.

I'm hoping you'll write to me.

You see,

I'm so sad to see you go...

yet so happy that I know you.

Hello. Me again. Anything?


Oh, my. Oh, my.

I heard from Mrs. Thomas,

the one who had Anne first.

She says she may have some things
from the Shirley house,

but wasn't certain and was rambling.

Sounds a bit addled to me.

Why are you just sitting there
like a stone?

I hope you're pondering
your insensitivity to our child.

My what now?

Your "practical decisions" and all.

She thinks you don't care, Matthew.

I-I advise you to... smarten up
and explain yourself.

Oh, now...


I know full well you want every good thing
in the world for our Anne.

And... and I know your heart is heavy
as you anticipate living without her,

but Anne does not know these things.

She's hurt... and confused.

She... she wants you to miss her.
Don't you see?

I don't want her to worry about us!

I want her to... step into the shoes
of her own life and...

- [sighing]
- You'd better speak with her, Matthew.

Tell her how you really feel.
Yeah, and be quick about it, too.

Otherwise you'll lose her twice.

[rooster crowing]

[birds chirping]

See you soon, dear Snow Queen.

Just come for the trunk.

[lively music]

[background chatter and laughter]

Welcome, scholars.
I am Mrs. Blackmore.

It is a great pleasure
to welcome you to my home.

I hope you will cherish this place
as much as I do,

and delight in your time here.

Lily will assist you, but please note
that since she is a deaf mute,

you will not be able to ring.

Hello and welcome to Blackmore.

And yes, Lily can read lips.

A prompt arrival at meals is expected,

and curfew is not a suggestion.

I can see that serious students
like yourselves

would never dream of disappointing,

or breaking the rules.

We'll have such fun here together.

Now, without further ado,
won't you please come in?

- [laughter]
- No, no, don't run.

Thank you.

[sad music on the piano]

[distant excited laughter]

[door opening]

[excited chatter and laughter]

Can I be your roommate Anne!

I told you I'll try not to snore!

Mrs. Blackmore's face looks
like it's been through a washing mangle.

- [laughter]
- "Mang"! I christen her "Mang."

Have you girls seen these house rules?

"Curfew at 9:00,
lights out promptly 10:00.

Suitors may only be seen in the parlour,
on Saturdays,

between 2:00 and 4:00."

[all] Suitors?

[Jerry] Miss Cuthbert!

Miss Cuthbert!

It is a letter for Anne.

- All the way from Scotland.
- Mercy me! I...

[Jerry] I wonder what it says.

[Miss Stacy] Gilbert! Gilbert!


You're going to U of T!

[motor rumbling]

Yes!!! Ah!

Bless you, Mama.

Bless you for loving me no matter what.

I promise I'll do you proud.

Son, you and I,

we've butted heads about hard hearts
and... how to raise up children.

But I wonder if...

Well, there's always more to know.

[Delphine fussing]


I have one condition
if you're going to stay on.

You'll need to get to know your sister.
And help raise her... with love,

like your mama raised you.


[Marilla] Well, I say we must
take it to her straight away.

[Matthew] What if its contents
are distressing?

- Then we'll be there to support her.
- She's only just left.

I do not want to be an imposition.

Oh, fiddlesticks!
When will you come to your senses?

We're going tomorrow.

Send Jerry first thing
to get word to Josephine Barry.

Josephine Barry? Why?

Good news or bad, Anne will need
her loved ones 'round her.

- Can this be the right house?
- More like a castle.

[doorbell ringing]

Anne! They're here!

Oh, oh... we must be mistaken.

- Sorry to disturb you.
- Miss Josephine is expecting you.

Won't you please come in?

Matthew! Marilla!
How good to see you again!

[Marilla] Cole!

You look so well!

Welcome, dear Cuthberts.


Hasn't it been an age
since we last met? Hmm?

And how wonderful to finally
meet Anne's beloved mother.


I-I made these for you.

Since you're going to so much trouble
for us,

I didn't want to come empty-handed.

What have we here? Oh!

They're my plum puffs.

[Anne] Famous plum puffs.
[laughing softly]

I was just placing flowers
in your guestrooms,

in case you'd like to stay over.

It's even more beautiful on you
than in my imagination.

[Josephine] Marilla,
you made a lovely dress.

I can't wait to open the letter.

This is an auspicious moment.

I feel as if my entire life
hangs in the balance.

- You're... sure you don't want privacy?
- We could step away.

No, no.

You're all my family.

Let's open it together.

[exhales deeply]

The kirk doesn't have
any further information.

There's no extended family,
and after my parents immigrated to Canada,

there was no communication, so...

that's that.

Oh, Anne, are you upset?

- You poor dear.
- I'm so sorry.

I promise you, I'm fine.

It's regrettable, of course,

but I don't have any less
than I had before,

so I'm fine.

You... were incredibly graceful
about the letter.

Yet I know you well enough to know...

These are lovely accommodations indeed.

I'm very pleased.


- Oh.
- [laughing]

Is there anything you left at home
that you wish you'd brought?

We can always fetch it for you.

Can you bring me Belle
and Butterscotch and Birdie...

This, uh, is for you.

Uh... this is the money from the sale
of Pride... the cow.

It's a travel fund,

so that you can visit Green Gables...

whenever you want.
But only if it's, uh, convenient,

and not a... distraction... at all.

Before you left, I-I-I...

I was afraid to...

show you my feelings,

because I didn't want to hold you back.

But in doing so,

I know I hurt yours.

I'm sorry.

I'll miss you...

every day.

I love you so.

[sobs and laughs]

Oh, Matthew. I love you.

We'll see you soon, my Anne.

See you soon, dear ones.

School begins tomorrow,
so I'm off to explore the city.

To start this next chapter,

I'd better find out
what I'm writing about.

Bye for now!

- Goodbye.
- Bye! Bye now.


[Marilla] Our brave girl.

She was sore disappointed
about that letter,

but she wouldn't show it.

Mrs. Thomas is just a ferry ride away.

- [lively music]
- [background chatter]

- [Marilla] Good day.
- If I know you,

you'd better tell me who and how.

I'm told my memory
ain't what it used to be.

- Are you Mrs. Thomas?
- Oh, I know who I am!

I'm Marilla Cuthbert,
and this is my brother, Matthew.

I wrote you a letter?


We're here to speak with you about...
the orphan girl you took in years ago.

Anne Shirley.

The Shirleys...

The Shirleys...

They were Scottish!

Yes, they were.

Can you think of anything else about them?

What they looked like or what...

That damn tree.

It hung over my yard,
and they wouldn't trim it back.

I had to move my tomatoes
to the other side.


- She still have the devil in her?
- Who?

That fool girl...

She used to sit in front of this case...

...and talk to herself for hours.

You mean Anne?

She had an imaginary friend.

That's right!

- A few of their things were inside.
- The Shirleys?

Well, who else would I be talking about?

Nothing much in here now.

I don't bother with it.

- Might we take a look?
- It's locked.

The keys are long lost.

[light hammering]

[Mrs. Thomas] Well, now, that belonged
to my mother.

Oh, I never liked that.
George has terrible taste.

- George?
- He's d*ad! You know that.

What is that? Oh, oh...

I don't remember that.

What does that say?!

"The Language of Flowers."

"For my Bertha, so you can share your love
of the natural world with your pupils.

Love always... Walter."



Hello. Uh, fancy seeing... you here.

You're looking well, Anne.


You look as lovely as ever.
You must be on your way to Paris.

- I see he's told you.
- Well...

not in so many words,
but most of us know.

I can't believe it. He... he promised me!

Come to gloat, then, have you?

- Because if you don't mind...
- Gloat?

Uh... I'm sorry, I don't understand.


Oh, I should've known.

Well... my hat off to you.

You're busy. I'll go.
I didn't mean to interfere.

I was just passing by.

I hope you and Gilbert
have a wonderful life together.

Wait! You really don't know.

[horse snorting]

Gilbert didn't tell you... anything?

Tell me what?

- [background chatter]
- Diana, Mr. Barry,

I didn't know you were on board.

I'm moving seats.
I was too close to the smoking car.

Congratulations on your impending
nuptials, dear boy.

You must be embroiled
in a flurry of wedding plans. Hmm?

My advice:
say yes to everything; it's safer.

Sir, I apologize.
I wasn't permitted to tell you earlier.

But I can now say that I'm not engaged,
so I won't be moving to Paris.

Does this mean
you're going to Queens after all?

Actually, I'll be attending
the University of Toronto.

It'll serve me better for my career.

Well... enjoy your journey.




[Diana] So you simply never bothered
to speak to Anne about any of this?!

Had I had the opportunity to,
I would have. In fact,

- I went over...
- You've had every opportunity!

For years! Admit it:
you've been smitten with Anne

ever since she first came to Avonlea
and smashed her slate over your head!

There have been countless clues!

And you certainly can't deny you were
beguiled by her at dance practice,

even though it turns out you were secretly
courting a mystery debutante,

who you had the temerity to step out with
at the fair with no word of warning.

Then you show up at the ruins after exams,
demand to know how Anne feels about you,

and give her all of 30 seconds
to decide her entire future!

And worst of all, you callously ignored
the letter Anne wrote to you,

even though she told you she loved you!

What letter?

Diana, what letter?

[up-tempo music]


Ow. Uh... I just had to check.

I have a very good imagination,
so... I just had to be sure...

this... is... real.

Anne, I have to know.

Do you truly have feelings for me?

Twelve. I have to go.

But... but y-you just got here.
Where are you going?

Toronto. U of T.

I still have a long way to go
and it's imperative I arrive today.

Alright, then, so...


- Pen pals?
- [she laughs]

Likely you'll recall I happen
to have a very nice fountain pen.

- [neighing]
- Oh, I have to run.

I left my bags on the train.

Diana? [laughing]

- Can I still be your roommate?
- So you're coming to Queens after all!

- [squealing]
- [laughter]

Gilbert! We brought your cases.
Now hurry. You can take this carriage.

Thank you so much!

- [both] I'll write to you.
- [laughing]

- I have follow-up questions.
- So do I.


[Mr. Barry] Cuthberts! Hello!

Why aren't you at Green Gables?

Ah... I... Ooh!

[birds chirping]

[Anne] I can't believe it.

My mother was a teacher.


Oh, look.

Her handwriting looks like mine.



Red hair.

This book is the missing piece
of the puzzle.

You gave me my wish.

My birthday wish. [sniffles]

My lifetime wish.

You are a wish come true
I never knew I was making.

[Anne laughing]

Dear Gilbert...

I look...

like my mother.

- [boy grunting]
- [girl] Ah!
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