01x13 - Top 3

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Blue Lock". Aired: October 9, 2022 – present.
Yoichi Isagi, an unknown high school football player who is conflicted about his playing style, decides to join the program in order to become the best egotistical striker in the world.
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01x13 - Top 3

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Top ANRI For the second selection, we're using mini fields customized to the number of players.

Top ANRI We're also using mini goals.

Top ANRI Your goalie will be Blue Lock Man, equipped with the same skills as before.

Top ANRI If you win, you steal a player from the other team and move on to the next stage.

NAGI Our Blue Lock Man's white.

BACHIRA It's cyber as hell.

Top ANRI If you lose, you lose a player and go back to the previous stage.

BACHIRA Nice working with you, sir!

Top ANRI It's three-on-three. First to five wins.

Top ANRI The second selection, third stage: Rivalry Battle.

It doesn't matter if our opponents are ranked higher.

I want to test my skills against these guys ranked # , # , and # !

Then I'll win and make Itoshi Rin join my team!

BACHIRA Here we go!

ARYU Tokimitsu, you mark Blunt Bangs.

TOKIMITSU Huh? Um, okay.

BACHIRA The rankings simply reflect the order in which we cleared the first stage, right?

TOKIMITSU Wow! Scissors?!


TOKIMITSU Ah, sorry. He got past me.

BACHIRA I leveled up from that training with Blue Lock Man, you see.

ISAGI Nice, Bachira!

BACHIRA Next up is Rin-chan. You ready, Isagi?


Let's go, Bachira. A one-two pass.

BACHIRA But that's a feint.



ARYU I have arrived.

ARYU I'll stop you, glam-style.

NAGI At this distance and this timing...

NAGI It's within your range, Isagi.

ISAGI Nice, Nagi.

Such a delicately caressed pass.

Focus on the connection. Don't use any more force than necessary.

This is...

my new direct sh*t!

ISAGI Eat it!


BACHIRA Isagi, I think your shots are getting more accurate.

NAGI Yeah, they're very efficient now.

Thanks to that training, I've definitely gone up a level.

Plus, we're launching att*cks made possible because we understand each other's w*apon.

Top,BACHIRA Nice work, Nagicchi.

Top,NAGI It was thanks to your great pass.

We're good enough.

Top,BACHIRA Right? Wasn't that fun?

I mean, we're seriously strong!

Top,TOKIMITSU Oh, man! What do we do?

We can b*at the top three!

Top,ARYU That goal was totally glam.

RIN Okay. I get the picture.

RIN You're operating at such a low level, I might actually die of boredom.

RIN I bet you still think of this act of combat using a ball as a sport.

RIN Seriously, I don't need your sort.

RIN This is a b*ttlefield.

RIN What you're doing right now is turning your back on a soldier with a g*n.

RIN That's why you're not good enough.

Straight from the kickoff?

Holy crap.

NAGI Is that legal?

BACHIRA Yup, totally.

BACHIRA But it usually never comes off.

TOKIMITSU A s-super goal?

ARYU Hey, that was too glam.

ARYU Don't go making plays by yourself without telling me.

RIN Like I said, I don't care.

RIN Friend or foe, you're all half-baked NPCs to me.

RIN Let's finish this quickly.

RIN This is seriously a waste of time.

ISAGI Hey, hold up a minute.

ISAGI We're putting our lives on the line to be here.

ISAGI Just like us, you play soccer to realize your dream too, right?

RIN Dream?

RIN It's nothing as dull and complacent as that.

RIN Losing in soccer means losing your reason to exist.

RIN In other words, it's the same as dying.

RIN To me, soccer is a fight to the death.

TOKIMITSU F-Fight to the death?

BACHIRA Wow, weirdo alert.

ARYU He's nuts.

NAGI This guy sounds like a bother.

RIN Just come at me already, so I can finish you off.

RIN Your halfhearted game of kickabout ends here.

BACHIRA Now you've pissed me off.


Let's fight to the death, then.

Rin might be incredible, but this is a three-on-three team battle.

I'll make him regret underestimating me and my team.

BACHIRA Rin-chan...

BACHIRA I'm not gonna let you touch it.

NAGI So gentle. Nice pass, Bachira.

ISAGI How high?!

BACHIRA sh**t. He saw through it.


ARYU I have descended.

ARYU Your touch might be glam, but if you don't get to touch it, it can't shine.

NAGI That was one sick jump. I'm over cm tall, you know.

ARYU Tokimitsu, pass it to me. Right in front of the goal.

Top,TOKIMITSU Huh? What? What?


TOKIMITSU Ah, you got in the way!

BACHIRA It went thataway.

ISAGI Nice block, Bachira!

If I lose the ball in this situation, it could prove fatal.

For now, I have to be cautious...

What? I was shielding the ball but he still managed to steal it?

From that position?

Usually, I'd get bumped into there and win the foul. Just how long are his limbs?!

Incredible jumps and greater reach than your typical Japanese person...

Aryu... He's another kind of monster!


ARYU On this field right now, I am the most glam of all, for sure.

ISAGI I'm sorry. I never expected him to sh**t from there.

BACHIRA Don't sweat it. Mr. Glammy Long Legs is also crazy, huh?

BACHIRA Which means he's worth beating.

BACHIRA Give it to me, Isagi.

ISAGI How should we att*ck?


BACHIRA If passes aren't getting through to Nagicchi...

BACHIRA I'll slice through 'em myself!

TOKIMITSU Huh? Wait, what?!

BACHIRA Try and stop me, Slanty Brows!

TOKIMITSU Oh no. I've got to stop you. You're coming at me?

BACHIRA I guess. I mean, your feet aren't moving.

TOKIMITSU Ah, what do I do?

TOKIMITSU If I lose here, I'll go back to being useless.

TOKIMITSU I've worked so hard and come so far.

TOKIMITSU I finally gained some self-confidence through soccer.

TOKIMITSU Aw, man. I don't want this.

TOKIMITSU Ah, I'm being negative again. I hate it when I'm like this.

TOKIMITSU I want confidence !

BACHIRA He sped up?

BACHIRA I can still get past him though.

TOKIMITSU I don't like this!

BACHIRA What? But I was already past him.

BACHIRA In that case...

BACHIRA I'll just leave him in my dust!

He stopped Bachira one-on-one?

He was slow to react, too.

His quickness is off the charts!

TOKIMITSU This is no good. I want a goal.

TOKIMITSU Without a goal, I feel insecure.

TOKIMITSU Goal, goal, goal!

ARYU Has he gone crazy?

NAGI Stop him, Isagi.

TOKIMITSU Get out of the way!

Right? Or left? Which way?

Damn it! If I have to foul him, I will!

What is this raw power?

Is he a b*llet made of pure muscle?!

TOKIMITSU Oh, this may work.

What the hell is with this guy?

Top,TOKIMITSU Yay, I did it!

Are these guys for real?

Top,TOKIMITSU Oh, oops. I shouldn't be happy.

TOKIMITSU Oh no. If I get carried away, people will hate me and I'll lose all of this.

New BL Ranking

ARYU Tokimitsu, are you a psycho?

New BL Ranking

So in the new Blue Lock rankings...

RIN Hurry up and restart.

New BL Ranking

...this is how skilled the top three are!

It wasn't just Rin who possessed extraordinary w*apon.

Top,TOKIMITSU Aw, this sucks!

I mean, these guys have only just met, and they don't have an ounce of teamwork.

Top,ARYU That's not very glam of you.

Top,TOKIMITSU What am I gonna do?

They're fighting separately using their individual skills.

Top,ARYU I'm telling you, that's not very glam.

Top,TOKIMITSU I'm totally screwed!

By contrast, we've been fighting together in the same building,

and we understand each other.

So why is there such a gap?

Why is this happening?

Does this mean we're going to... lose this?

NAGI Wow. So there are still players like that out there.

NAGI Soccer really is interesting.

ISAGI Nagi...

NAGI I can see things this way thanks to you, Isagi.

NAGI I promise I'll make it more interesting next.

ARYU Are they having a strategy meeting?

TOKIMITSU Oh no. They'll come at us for real this time. I just know it.

BACHIRA I see. So that's the type of soccer Nagicchi wants the three of us to play, huh?

NAGI Yes. I think it'll be interesting.

BACHIRA I like it! And after all, we gotta do something . What do you think, Isagi?

ISAGI I'm for it, too. That might be the best way to go up against those three.

ISAGI But Nagi, I didn't know you were the type to actively suggest ideas and junk.

NAGI I'm not. This is the first time I've done so.

NAGI I don't want to lose and feel like that ever again.

NAGI It's no fun if I don't win.

BACHIRA Ain't that the truth?

ISAGI Yeah. Let's go!

First to five wins.

If they score two more goals, we lose.

Nagi can't move freely because of Aryu's incredible jumping and long limbs.

The same goes for Bachira.

His dribbling w*apon is canceled out by Tokimitsu's extraordinary quickness.

If we fight with these individual matchups, we lose.

NAGI That's why we'll stay within meters of each other, so we won't be isolated,

NAGI and we can use this triangle to chip away at them.

NAGI Bachira's the anchor.

NAGI He'll choose the route that will lead our triangle to the area in front of the goal.

NAGI But we can't hang onto the ball for too long, so Isagi and I will play one-touch soccer.

NAGI This will only work if my touch and Isagi's direct play are pinpoint accurate.

This will do it!

Like Nagi outlined, if we can't win the one-on-ones,

we need to create a situation where it's a three-on-three.

By doing it this way,

we can control the midfield!

TOKIMITSU They're starting to string some passes together.

ARYU I will stop him, glam-style.

NAGI But with Aryu at my back, I'm not the one who'll finish this move.

NAGI That's you, Isagi.

NAGI When we reach the area in front of the goal,

NAGI use your eyes to gauge the right timing and range, then dash to where you'll sh**t from.

I see it! Now!

That's where it's open!

BACHIRA Okay, partner. That's where you want it!

RIN That's some half-baked link-up play.

RIN Did you think I wouldn't be able to see what you see?

Rin? Seriously? He spotted where I wanted to sh**t from?

BACHIRA You're kidding.

TOKIMITSU Ah, he stopped them!

BACHIRA In that case...


A fast ground pass.

But that won't work, since I can't be a part of the triangle now.


BACHIRA That's right. Feel it.

BACHIRA It's a gift from me to you.

NAGI The ball has some crazy spin on it. Interesting. Okay.

NAGI So you're telling me not to k*ll it d*ad.

NAGI That's what I'm sensing.



So this is what happens when talents meet.

This is Nagi and Bachira's chemical reaction!

Flashback/Overlap,EGO Only strikers who dominate the chemical reaction between ego and ego

Flashback/Overlap,EGO will get a ticket to the next stage.

ISAGI Nice one, Nagi and Bachira.

NAGI Right. It wasn't what I expected, though. I didn't know passes like that existed.

With Reo's passes, it was always a case of "do whatever you feel like."

NAGI But that pass from Bachira...

NAGI It felt like it was shoving an idea into my brain.

BACHIRA Addictive, isn't it?

NAGI Yeah. How many more do we want?

We use our triangle to control the midfield, and in the final phase, I initiate a move,

and with Bachira's inspiration and Nagi's intuition to respond to it, we steal a goal.

That's our soccer!

Top,BACHIRA Well, let's get one more to start with.

Top,NAGI Okay, got it.

Then, what I can do now is—

RIN You're having a chat on a b*ttlefield?

RIN Don't you ever learn?

RIN I'm staking my life on every moment here.

NAGI Crap.

TOKIMITSU Yay! Another goal!

What I can do is see the future and sense danger!

NAGI Isagi!

ISAGI I can see what you see, you know.

ISAGI You're half-baked, too, Itoshi Rin.

Their w*apon, their play styles... It's all stored in my brain!

From here on out, I will control the field with these eyes of mine!

Top ANRI Team Red's ball.

Top ANRI Restart with a corner kick.

Bachira's marking Tokimitsu, who's really good at losing people,

Top,TOKIMITSU Please move.

Top,BACHIRA No way!

Top,ARYU All chances exist for me.

and Nagi's on Aryu, who's good in aerial battles.

Top,NAGI You're too much.

The position I should take up is right here, so I can respond to what either of them do.

Occupying this space is ideal if I want to limit the taker's passing options.

We'll get through this crisis and find a way to counter.

I will turn this crisis into opportunity!

So high. A pass to Aryu?

No! It's over our heads?

A vertical spin direct sh*t?!

This guy took a sh*t at goal from a corner kick.

TOKIMITSU Wow, a-amazing.

ARYU You just did something even more glam than me.

BACHIRA That was unreasonable.

NAGI How are we supposed to stop that?

Damn it. Did I misread the situation?

If I'd been standing on the far post, could I have stopped that?

No, that would have left the space I'm currently in wide open.

For me, it was the only logical position to take up.

BACHIRA If they score one more goal, we lose.


NAGI We just need to score three more goals before that happens.

ISAGI Yeah, it's time to counter.

Our three-man soccer can't end here!


With our triangle, we can control the midfield.

All we need is an idea that can finish off the move.

Earlier, Rin read the final pass to me.

We managed to score thanks to Nagi and Bachira's chemical reaction,

but a goal like that can't be reproduced too often.

I need to create a chemical reaction this time.

What can I do?

RIN How long are you going to pass the ball around?

RIN You call yourself a striker?

RIN Come on. I'll end you.

Don't underestimate me, Rin.

If you mark me that tightly, you're leaving a massive space behind you.

ISAGI Bachira!

Right here!

I'll create the smell of a goal!

RIN Did you spot a good space?

RIN Go find a book on how the human eye works and learn something, you piece of trash.

Huh? What?

I thought I'd totally got in behind him.

Why is he here?

He can't be here.

All I can think is he somehow read my vision.

BACHIRA Seriously?


NAGI Yeah. I'll stop him.

But how could he read it so fast? How did he predict my move—

Did you think I wouldn't be able to see what you see?

Maybe the goal I smelled earlier wasn't a real goal at all,

but I was tricked into thinking it was, so that I'd take up that position.

Was I pulled into the future of the field that Rin created?

This is the worst!

I wasn't controlling the field! He was!

ISAGI Bachira! Nagi!

ISAGI Stop him!

We're gonna lose? No way!

No! I...

Right now, I have no way of knowing how big the gap is between my skills and Rin's.

That's how overwhelming and despair-inducing the difference is.

So why is it that...

Even though we were on the brink of losing,

my eyes and my heart were completely enthralled

by the beautiful arc Rin's sh*t drew in the air.

Top ANRI In the third stage, three-on-three Rivalry Battle,

Top ANRI Team Red wins, - .

ARYU Now, who should we pick?

Top,TOKIMITSU So exciting.

RIN I don't care. It won't make any difference.

Honestly, my brain hadn't even caught up at this point.

TOKIMITSU Um, Aryu-kun, I think we should pick him.

ARYU What a coincidence. I want him, too.

I hadn't realized the meaning of what we could lose.

ARYU Join us...

ARYU Bachira Meguru.

TOKIMITSU Y-Your passes are extraordinary.

TOKIMITSU Our team is only good at individual skills, so if you join us, we'll be even stronger!

TOKIMITSU Oh, I got carried away again.

TOKIMITSU Please don't hate me.

ARYU Assist my glam goals.

ARYU Be my stagehand, Bachira Meguru.

RIN Enough talking, you two.

RIN Let's get moving.

RIN Don't go dozing off, Bob Cut.

RIN Your future is in my hands.

BACHIRA Aw, man. I wanted to be on Isagi's team to the end.

ISAGI Bachira.

BACHIRA Guess I'll go. That is the rule.

BACHIRA But I'm not going to wait for you, Isagi.

BACHIRA If you want me, come and get me.

BACHIRA I'll follow the monster inside me.

From here on, I'll have to chase after what I've lost to get it back again.

In this Blue Lock that's jam-packed with egoists.

Blue Lock


Form a team of and proceed

The Secret Tale Behind the "Top " Team

The Secret Tale Behind the "Top " Team

Top,TOKIMITSU Oh no! What should I do?

TOKIMITSU To clear this stage, I need to be in a team of three?

Tokimitsu Aoishi

Tokimitsu Aoishi

TOKIMITSU No one's gonna want to team up with me!


Aryu Jyubei

Aryu Jyubei

ARYU For a guy who was third to pass the first stage, you're not very glam.




TOKIMITSU What's this long-haired dude on about?

TOKIMITSU Oh, um, I was just wondering who to team up with...

ARYU The top three will obviously form a team!

ARYU It's the glam and noble thing to do.


TOKIMITSU I appreciate the offer, but he's definitely a weirdo.

TOKIMITSU I'd rather not team up with him.


TOKIMITSU I should politely decline.

TOKIMITSU Well, the thing is, I'm not actually that good.

TOKIMITSU I just happened to clear that last stage by accident...

ARYU Hm? Is that true?

RIN Hey, that's enough already.

TOKIMITSU Oh! He's going to step in and help me!

Itoshi Rin

Itoshi Rin

RIN Shut up and come here. You're wasting my time.

He's way worse!

TOKIMITSU N-Nice to meet you.

ARYU Being sensible is glam.

teamed up
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