01x07 - Episode 7

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure". Aired: December 13, 2022 - present.
Gudetama, a lazy egg, reluctantly embarks on the adventure of a lifetime with Shakipiyo, a newly hatched chick, who is determined to find their mother.
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01x07 - Episode 7

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What's wrong, Shakipiyo?

We'll never get to see Mommy.

We'll be trapped here forever.

I'm going to mature into a chicken
while trapped in a cage.

Isn't that normal for most chickens?


Let me ask you something.

What exactly are you going to do
once you meet your mother?


I hadn't put much thought into that.

I just really wanted to meet her.

If I do get to meet her,

then I want her to teach me how to fly.

That sounds nice.


Then, I'll fly around
the big blue sky with Mommy.

I'll be free to go anywhere!

I thought chickens couldn't fly.

You can't just assume so!

It's important to believe.

You can't give up!


I'm going to say the same thing to you.

Isn't it too early to assume
you won't be able to leave here?

The boss is here.

The boss?

The head of the Egg Mafia.

I've heard rumors.

They've made countless eggs disappear.

A being whose entire body
is covered in blood.

Oh, just an omelet.

No, not just an omelet.

I'm a Sicilian-style omelet!

We're the Egg Mafia after all!

Anyone who defies the boss disappears.

They become part of the boss.

You've got quite the nerve,
stealing from us.

We didn't steal anything!

You're lying!

What a lousy lie.

Do you know how many eggs I'm made of?

Who cares.

Let me ask you instead.

If we stole the stuff,

where is it now?

That's true.

What the heck?!

Hey, how did you...?

I have no idea.

What's pulling Gudetama?

Oh, I think I know.

It's them...

After 'em!

Follow them, and we'll find
the real culprit.


-We're scared.
-We're scared.

I guess there's only one we can count on.


Then let's do this.

If you find the culprit
and get the stuff back,

all of you will be off the hook.

But if you run away,

I'll find you and make
ingredients out of you.

A nice crispy chicken...

And I'll blend you all up together.

I don't recommend that.

I'm rotting.


Rolling, rolling...

We'll see what happens.

It was around here, right?

According to the tip,
someone saw a moving egg.

I guess so...


Hey! There's something in the rain gutter!

This is a Chinese restaurant!

What is this place?

Don't let down your guard!

I see.

We found the culprits.

Three thousand years
of Chinese cuisine history

birthed a presence darker
than even the Egg Mafia.

I'm going back inside.

Wait right there!


Don't make it so bright in here.

I'm embarrassed
you can see right through me.

They aren't scary at all.

No, these century eggs are
the true culprits who stole the stuff.

Don't be fooled by their looks!


By "stuff," do you mean that?

How calming...

I will... not be back.

Don't tell me you're using that stuff
to make century eggs?!

That's right.


...are important...

...for making century eggs.


This is nice.


If you're in there for days,
you can turn into a century egg.

What? That's longer than the boiling time.

We century eggs are...


We don't want to grow up.

I get you.


Responsibility? Independence? What a drag.


Growing up equates to oxidation, right?


Well, in the end,
I just don't want to work.

"Don't want to work"?


Hey! If we don't get those back,
we're in really big trouble!

Really? Then we'll give it back.

-We'll give it back.
-We'll give it back.


We got it back!

Nice going!

I have a request...

Can I have one?

Huh? You mean two, right?

-Sure, why not.


Now I won't go rotten.

Soy sauce.

I don't know about that.

Those are desiccants.

They protect dry things
like roasted seaweed from moisture.


It won't prevent you from rotting.

We came up with an exaggerated lie.

We sell them by saying
they extend lifespan.


Soy sauce...

Oh, thank goodness!


Why is it working?

Well, they say health is a mindset.

Is it that simple?

See you later, Gudetama. Shakipiyo.

This will be a night to remember.

It doesn't seem
to be working on Mr. Hard-boiled.

We finally found you.


This is it. The moving egg.

What? It's not just an ordinary raw egg?

That's right.


I can finally go home.

Let's get back to the office.


Come on!

Gudetama! No!

Gudetama! No!

Oh no, it's gone!

Mommy's QR code!

Did I...

I must have dropped it back then!

I have to hurry!
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