01x08 - The Dock

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Miss Sherlock". Aired: 27 April –; 15 June 2018.
Female-led adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories.
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01x08 - The Dock

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Calm down.

It's all right.

You're not wrong.

The one to blame is your friend.

She's not my friend. She's a m*rder.

Do you know where she is?

It seems the police can't find her.

Sherlock might get away.

The suspect took a g*n from Sergeant Shibata.

She sh*t and k*lled Toru Moriya hours ago.

There's still no trace of her.

It's likely she's still armed.

Are you really the police's elite force?

You should be ashamed.

Excuse me.

Please let me explain Sherlock's behavior.

You're no longer on this case.

I was against hiring a civilian from the start.

I understand, but...


Say another word and you're fired.

Sherlock is not the suspect.

She had to sh**t him to prevent spreading the virus.

Put her on the wanted list for k*lling Toru Moriya!

You may sh**t if she doesn't cooperate.


Yes, sir!


You're still on her side.

She always ridicules others and shows off.

I had a feeling this day would come.

"Resignation Letter"

Nothing's changed.

Who's playing?

Yo-Yo Ma.


It's a record.

Thank you. Goodbye.

What a wonderful piece.

It's the Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No..

I figured I should welcome you, Akira Moriwaki.

I'm glad you remember me.

I was worried you had a poor memory.

What's your end goal?

Why cause all these crimes?

So there are things even you don't understand.

Miss Sherlock.

I don't understand illogical thinking.

I'm not interested.

Still so full of pride.

It wouldn't hurt you to ask for once.

I wanted to verify my theory.

I'm going to demonstrate it to the entire world.

Especially you.

You're the one who's wrong.

You'll realize that soon enough.

You k*lled people for that?


What's more important than proving my theory?


You don't think lives are more important.

What are you planning to do?

It's a surprise.

It's more fun not to know, don't you think?

What about her?


If I'm alive, Wato won't listen to anyone but me.


Wato will become famous.


I wouldn't do that.

If anything happens to me, you'll never see your beloved friend.

We're not...

Not friends.

{\an}The Last Case Part The Dock

We call this place the Dock.

It's where you train your mind for a new voyage.

This way.

Dr. Irikawa made this place for us.

You'll be reborn here, too.

We're all shocked.

Toru Moriya was one of us.

Dr. Irikawa told us what happened.

A skilled consulting detective k*lled him.

But isn't it weird?

The Japanese police are some of the best.

But she always solves cases they can't.

Thank you.

It really is strange.

It's as if everything was planned out.

The mastermind behind everything is...


Please take care of Wato.

I'm sure everyone at the Dock will welcome her.

{sign on computer}

Don't you hate emotions?

They hamper intellectual productivity.

If that's true, you're useless right now.

Why are you here?

What are you looking for?

The Dock.

Probably some kind of facility. I need to find it.

Is Wato there?


Important data is unhackable and unrestorable.

That's common sense.

Inspector Reimon is off the case.

And Shibata resigned because of the g*n you took.

He joined his father's cleaning company.


Nobody can help you.

I'm not asking.

What is it?

Look him up.

Look who's asking now.

Kunio Sakakibara?

He's connected to Moriwaki's next plan. It's urgent.

Don't get your hopes up.

I'm under surveillance thanks to a certain someone.

Who could that be?

Anyway, just do it.

- I'll take that.- Thanks.


Bring the drums and polishers.



So you did change your job.

Why are you here?

I came to return this.

Are you crazy?

This is exactly what I hate about you.

Don't you know?

What happens to a cop who loses a g*n to a civilian?

Even a kid can figure it out.

So you knew I'd be forced to quit.

Everyone had a g*n then, but I chose yours because...

I'm not cut out to be a cop?

Because it was you.

No matter how many apologies you'd have to write...

Or if you got demoted...

I thought you'd never quit.

Anyway, take this.


What the hell...

Central Government Building #Did you find anything?

Sakakibara was an atomic physicist.

He was arrested years ago for taking nuclear data.

Where is he now?

He died in prison months ago.

He's d*ad?! Which prison?

Kanagawa Medical Prison.

He had a lung disease and frequently vomited blood.

What was he trying to do with the data?

Build a micro nuclear warhead.

A nuclear warhead?!

The U.S. terminated the project in .

But he made a model light enough to carry around.

You mean he completed it?

In theory. But he must've disposed of the specs.

Now it's just an urban legend.

If he had actually completed things...

t*rrorists would have jumped at the possibilities.



Wato will become famous.


Kento Futaba's burner phone's been turned on.

It's in use now.

In the Harue area.

Alert everyone.

Yes, sir.

We traced the suspect's cell phone activity.

Everyone head to Edogawa ward.

That's it. t*rrorists.

Moriwaki wants the specs to make Wato a t*rror1st.

No way.

Where are the specs?

If Moriwaki gets them, there's no turning back.

The police couldn't find anything.

If they existed, they were inside Sakakibara's head.

He died months ago, so they're gone.

They exist. I'm sure of it.

Probably at the prison. Help me.


I can't...help you.


"Sherlock, be patient."

Do I look impatient?

It's Inspector Reimon's message.

"If you run, the police will chase you."

"Come forward and explain the sh**ting of Toru Moriya."

"We'll find Wato afterwards."

- "We need..."- That's enough!

I'm almost done.

I've heard enough!

We'll find Wato afterwards.

We need to solve this one by one. I'm on your side.

What's so funny?


Daigoro, relay the whole message.


"We need..."

Don't call the police.

Are you sure about that?

The computer was turned on.

It'd be worse if it hadn't been.

Just have the lock fixed.

Yes. Thanks for your help.

She took the bait.

Can she really find them?

Three of our people searched the prison.

But they couldn't find a thing.

Sherlock will find it.

It's the only way she can find you.

Let's call the police. They'll arrest that m*rder.

We tracked her cell phone signal and searched the area,

but we couldn't find her.


Yes, sir.

Re-examine all of her connections and friends.

Especially her brother, Kento Futaba.

Got it?

Yes, sir!

"We need to solve this one by one."

"I'm on your side."

"Can't help. Being watched."

So Sherlock broke into your office.

And copied important data on your computer.


But you're saying it was a trap?

Yes, to lure her out.

It's my duty as a citizen to help the police.

Where will Sherlock turn up?

I'll show you.

"Kanagawa Medical Prison"

A medical prison?

Why do you think she'll be here?

She needs something here for her next crime.

She should come within a few days.


She might even be looking around now.

Dr. Irikawa.

- Yes?- Now they can catch Sherlock.

That's right.

Sakakibara completed the warhead specs.

He dedicated his life to it.

They would have always been on his mind.

He had a lung disease and frequently vomited blood.

He was dying, so he left them somewhere...

Sherlock, what's going on here?

You ate too many.

It helps me focus.

But not this time.

I wonder when Wato's coming back.You're irritated because she isn't back.

I don't care. It's fine if she doesn't come back.

Pull yourself together, Sherlock!

Do I have to slap you again?


You're both important to me.

Believe in yourself.

I believe in you.

Good work, everyone.

All of this is from our garden.

How great!

The fruits of your labor.

It looks delicious.

You don't have to do work like that.

Once we get the specs, I need you to go to Syria.

You can easily go as a medical volunteer again.

Dr. Irikawa.


that help Toru's...

and your...

Will it help the cause?

That's right.

Will we be able to k*ll Sherlock?

Of course.

Handle the equipment with care!


Wash and put away everything.


- Yamagami?- Coming.

See you later.

Nice view.

There's no reason for you to give me that.

Why are you here?

It's about Sherlock.

As you said, she's a selfish show-off.

I understand why you hate that.

Then why did you ask her to help?

Because she solves cases.

Her knowledge and observation and deduction skills...

They're nothing without our investigations.

I was the one doing all the investigating.

Good morning.


Good morning.


Good morning.


He only had one way to hide the specs here...

It was...


Get her.

Raise your hands and come with us.

Don't move.


is this?

- Put it on the floor!- Huh?

Step back slowly.

Did you catch her? Hey!


What's going on?

Follow her!

- The suspect has escaped!- Shit!

It smells like lavender.


It's just aromatherapy!

Find her getaway route.

Yes, sir!

It can't be!

Are you all right?

What's up with your outfit?

Let's go.

You're welcome.

No need to say it so many times.

I haven't even said it once!

Thank you.

So, what did you find?

Specs for a micro nuclear warhead, written in blood.

He knew he was dying, so he wrote them down.

Knowing that luminol could reveal them again later.

That's disturbing.

I erased them so Moriwaki wouldn't see.

But I've got them right here.

What are you going to do?

I have a favor to ask.


I have what you're looking for.

You've been searching for the specs, haven't you?

And you're dying to know where the Dock is.

Pity you failed.

Come to the Reichenbach Building.

We'll trade.

The Reichenbach Building.


Shibata, unload the drums and polishers.


Where's Wato?

I told you, I'd exchange this for her.

I'll return her once I finish proving my theory.

That wasn't our deal.

It's fine.

The more you wait, the more touching the reunion.


your reunion will be in prison.

I'm sorry, Dr. Irikawa.

I can't go to Syria until I settle this.


I meant for you to go down in history.

But this works, too.

Sherlock will realize her mistake.

Stop! Drop your g*n!

It's all right.

You can do it.


Leading crime is an empty theory.

Come to your senses!

It's no use talking to her. I told you.

If I'm alive, Wato won't listen to anyone but me.



Go ahead, Wato.

I don't mind being sh*t by you.

You're my friend.

My very first friend.

I'd rather you sh**t me than anyone else.



Part of her surface consciousness is resisting.

If it continues, she'll have a split personality.

It's OK.

I'll count to three and then you sh**t.





You'll be free now.


What the hell!


- Sherlock!- No!

Don't push.

Move, please. No photos.

"Illegal clinic searched. Brainwashed patients?"

Going already?


You're welcome to stay.

I can't...

You're going with Sherlock.


Here. Wear this.

Don't tell me what to wear!

You're disturbing my sense of beauty.

I never got to ask her why she's called Sherlock...

It was short.

But the time she spent with you...

Must have been precious to her.

I appreciate what you did for her.

Thank you.


Shouldn't we give her the autopsy results?

Toru Moriya died from the virus, not the g*n.

She's suffering enough already.


Time to head back to work.

Weren't you fired for unauthorized use of the lift?

If I hadn't kept this, you'd be unemployed.


Let's go.


Write up a report for this case.

Yes, sir.
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