01x74 - The Real Monster

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Monster". Aired: April 6, 2004 - September 27, 2005.
Kenzou Tenma, a Japanese brain surgeon in Germany, finds his life in utter turmoil after getting involved with a psychopath that was once a former patient.
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01x74 - The Real Monster

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When Zeus told them of their past, the human race remembered how to place seeds and till fields.

Karl, your pronunciation is wrong again.

I'm sorry.

I'm trying very hard.

But you've gotten so much better.

When you first came here, I thought you were a horrible student.


How is he?

That Japanese doctor?

I heard that he's traveling the world.

I see.

I'd like to see him again some day.

The Real Monster You started working?

That's great.

What are you doing?

I'm an interior coordinator.

I see.

I would suspect that you have a keen eye for home decoration.

I said interior but it's a little different.

I'm a kitchen coordinator.


I know you'll laugh.

Someone like me, who's never set foot in a kitchen before, has this job.

I might ask you to help me with my kitchen.

But a kitchen you design would probably be expensive.

A little.

You haven't been drinking, have you?

No, not even a single drop.

That's great.

Take it one step at a time.

No matter how much you must rush, there is always tomorrow.

That is what happiness is, right?

Tired of hearing that?

Happiness, huh?

He said he was happy just knowing I was waiting at the station for him.

Are you talking about Martin?

People are so strange.

Sadness fades away and only happy memories remain.

People were built pretty conveniently.

That is how we can continue living.

Let me introduce you.

This is Mr.


He is the one who cleared all the charges against you, Mr.


I found out all I could about you.

You were at 511 Kinderheim.

You traveled around the world as an East German intelligence agent who pretended to be a journalist.

After that, you continued your investigation on human rights violations as a freelance journalist You had a lot of material on that subject in your large bag.

But the thing I could never find out was your real name.

Wolfgang Grimmer.

Not only his name.

He left without telling us anything.

Inspector Lunge.

I'm not an inspector anymore, Detective Suk.

I heard that you became a professor at the police academy.

I've been able to have conversations with my daughter.

Not real conversations, I guess.


Even though we're parent and child, we've never really talked.

We've lived our lives without knowing one another.

How much can people convey to others in just one lifetime?

We have so much we want to say while drinking a cold beer.

You're going back to Dusseldorf?


The company I work for is there.

I see.

Are you okay with that?

There are a lot of things there that "You can't ran away.

" "You have to face reality and keep moving forward.

" Right?


Could you dispose of this for me?


Ah, take care.

If anything happens, tell me about it.


Gillen and I are willing to help you at any time.

So is Dieter and him as well.

Send all of them my regards.

Will do.


Tenma's hearing continues.

The truth is still unknown.

Inspector Lunge's testimony begins.

Is this the worst serial m*rder case in all of European history?


Tenma proven completely innocent.

Law authorities express their apologies to Dr.


The motive behind the incidents is still unknown.

What is he true identity of the mysterious young man behind the whole incident?

The Medical College of Munster University offers Dr.

Tenma a position as a professor.


Tenma positively declines.


Tenma joins the MSF.

The articles gradually get smaller and smaller.

People are built conveniently, huh?

Dieter, you've gotten bigger while I haven't been looking.

You've gotten slimier when I wasn't looking, Mr.


You still have a big mouth.


I'm going to soccer practice, so don't follow me any more.

W-Wait up.

Is Tenma back?

He's doing that "Doctors Without Borders" crap to look cool, but it won't make him any money.

I can't get a hold of him.

What if he's home?

After I think about the expenses and the work I put into the job he asked me to do, the payment doesn't seem like it was nearly enough.

Tenma asked you to do a job?

He said I just had to find someone.

But I worked so hard.

I had to steal some secret police documents.

What happens if they catch me?

Hey! Give Tenma this request form.

Tell him that if he won't pay, I'll have him work as a black market doctor again.

Southern France Welcome back.

We haven't seen you here for a while.

I'm going to a foreign nation.

Please enjoy these with everyone else.

Why thank you.

What nice weather.

The leaves are photosynthesing.


Countless genes.

Do you know of Mendel?

Yes, he discovered the Law of Inheritance.

I went to the same college as he did.

Brno University.

In a large city, south east of the Czech Republic, in the Moravian region.

It's a nice place.

I'd love to see it.

Thank you.

Come back anytime.

I always have a good time with you.

I feel great today.

I feel like I can talk about anything.

Even scary stories.

You have something you want to ask me, don't you?

the twins' mother, aren't you?


I loved him.

And that man k*lled him.

It was that man's experiment.

I'll never forgive him.

Even if I die, the children growing inside of me will definitely punish that man.

My hand Don't let go of my hand.

My hand Who is the real monster?

Those kids are alive, aren't they?


They're doing well.

I remembered.

Remembered what?

I might never remember again.

So I have to say it now.

I gave them names.

Their names are Come in.

You really live up to your reputation.

You're late by ten minutes.

I'm sorry, Professor Kronecker.


You know why I've called you here, don't you?

It concerns your graduation thesis.

Come forward.

Yes, sir.

I know a lot has happened to you.

It must be hard coming back to school after taking a break.

But, that's no excuse.

That's right.

Anyways, your thesis is the best.

It's the best paper I've ever seen from any one of my students.

Good work.

I think very highly of you.

Th-Thank you.

What's your goal?

To be a lawyer.

I pray that you will save many people.

You may leave.

Yes, sir.

The court will not allow you to be late, Ms.

Nina Fortner.

Yes, hello?

Will you graduate?

I'll be with you even if you don't.

I look forward to that.

You'll have to console me the next time we see each other.

I can tell by your voice that you made it.

Good job! Congratulations! Thank you.

Although it's going to be even tougher from now on.

Let's celebrate.

Come home.

I can't come straight home.

I have work and I made plans with friends.

What are you saying?

Tenma's coming home.

I just got a phone call.

Although he's got to leave again right away with the MSF.


He's going to be home tomorrow.

So you have to come soon.


About tomorrow's plans Sorry, I have to go.

Tenma I'm going to see Tenma! Bayern State-Run Police Hospital Good afternoon.

Thanks for your hard work.

You've been asleep all this time, huh?

I talked to your mother.

She loves you.

I heard your real name.

You have a name.

There's something I want you to hear, Dr.


That time when that monster appeared in front of me.

Stop! Don't touch them! No! Don't come any closer! This is an experiment.

Which one will I leave and which one will I take?

This is an experiment.

So, which one will I take?

Don't let go.

Don't let go.

Don't let go of my hand.

No! Was my mother trying to save me?

Or did she get my sister and I mixed up?

Which one of us?

Which one of us was the unwanted one?

I should get going.

Yes Gazing at what is known now in this world Yes Your eyes believe in kindness Make it home to your land of harmony Make it home to your land of purity
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