03x12 - Confession ~The Future~

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Mob Psycho 100". Aired: July 12, 2016 - present.
Mob, a school boy with psychic powers, attempts to juggle school life and his job as an exorcist.
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03x12 - Confession ~The Future~

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Oh, man...

It's seriously on its way over here.

What should I do?

I mean, what else can I do?

I guess I'll wait.

His voice was so shaky.

Be careful.

Make sure you stay behind the umbrella.

This is Mob's power?

I don't believe he's doing this willingly.

He must've suffered some kind of shock,
sending his powers out of control.

Serizawa, is that unusual?

Sorry, what?!

I don't think it is.

What's wrong, Serizawa?!

I'm sorry, Reigen.

Let's turn back.

We came this far!
What's gotten into you?!

It feels like my energy is being
stolen away at an alarming rate.

If this keeps up,
I won't be able to protect you.

We need to get away from here immediately.

In that case, go on and head back.


I'll be fine on my own from here on out.

There's no way you'll be fine!

There's something I want to talk
to Mob about alone.

Let me go alone.


(Under Construction)





♫I realized that our youth is gray♫

♫The origin of this uneasiness
Is yet unknown♫

♫Trains of emotions keep running
Through my brain♫

♫Struggling through this adolescence♫

♫Don't disturb my deep psyche♫

♫Who is that behind you?♫

♫Opposing ideas creates distortion♫

♫Exorcise all the sorrow♫

♫So, do what you can now♫

♫My life♫

♫Finally, break it down♫

♫(Want) Both greed
(Young) And honesty♫

♫(Burn) Are growing
() On this chest of mine♫

♫(Trance) I'm not waking up
(Chance) I want to wake up♫

♫(Stance) These two different faces of mine
() Are standing back-to-back♫

♫Taking things as it is♫

♫In this free relation where
We resent each other♫

♫Once these two become one♫

♫That smile becomes one♫

♫And only ""



♫One and only ""



♫One and only ""♫

I can't go to Tsubomi like this.

If she ever saw me like this...

But this form is exactly what
Tsubomi needs to see.

If she can still accept me,
that would make me happy.

Ever since Tsubomi lost
interest in my powers,

Mob stopped using them.

But that was the wrong decision.

You don't think changing yourself
for someone you love is natural?

I don't. At least, not when we're
talking about Tsubomi.

You should try to remember why
you liked her in the first place.

It's because we got along...


Tsubomi didn't treat me any differently
even though I could use psychic powers.

She was kind to the both of us as a friend.

She accepted us.

It wasn't you that fell in love
with Tsubomi...

It was me.


Mob! Hey, Mob!

- That's...
- Can you hear me? It's me!

Master doesn't treat me any differently.

You can stop pretending now.

That man is a liar.


Master has saved me so many times.

That's only because you were worth using.

That man is only interested in
using my powers for his work.

Meaning he gave me more different
and more special treatment than anyone else.

That's all there is between us.

But it'll all be okay now.

No stranger can tame me.

Once he sees my true form, he'll also...

Just look at him. That shocked face.


He's already frightened of me.

He can't even come over here.

Mob... Mob! Come back!

I had no idea...

This is...

This is what you've been
holding in all this time?

And yet, I...

I had no idea...

I truly had no idea!


I'm sorry.




I have something to say to you!

I have to...

Mob, please listen!

Please... I need to...



I didn't want to lose to you,

so I was secretly working out, too!

Just... listen to me for a bit.

No... I can't listen to him.

I've finally been freed.

(Seasoning Park)

I'll be able to see her soon...

Hey, Mob...

There's something I haven't been
able to tell you for a while now.


Does he actually possess this much power?

There's something I need
to tell you right now...

before you go see Tsubomi.

Heya... You seem well.

It's been a while, Shigeo.

(Mob Psycho)


Because you've been waiting
for me deep down inside,

it looks like I wasn't destroyed after all.

And then I was able to come back because
I was drawn into this spiral of power.

Partner, let's hear what Reigen has to say.

I just happened to run
into Dimple over there.

And because of that, we made it in time.

Hey, no time to chit-chat, buddy.

I'm basically giving it my all
right now to literally exist.

Yeah, it seems like it.

Dimple, I know you just saved me and all...

but could you give us a minute?

What? The hell are you gonna do?!

Fine, then.
But don't get into a fight.




I don't...

have any spiritual... or psychic powers...

I don't have any powers!

I never did!

(Seasoning Park)

It was a lie.

It was a lie... from the start.

Oh, excuse me. My allergies.

I lie a lot.

To my customers...

and to you.

The first day that you came to my office...

I lied to you.

I heard you out, thinking I had some idea
of what you were going through.

But you believed me so easily.

That's why...

(Spiritual Consultation)
from that day on until today... I've been...

I've been using you this entire time.

The truth is...
I don't know a damn thing...

about psychic powers.

This is...

the real me.

I'm sorry that I acted like
your master the whole time.

But let me just say one last thing!

This doesn't make you different or special.

Everyone has another side to them.

Even me!

So you don't need to worry so much.

Actually... I guess it's okay to worry.

Because that's also just
a natural thing to do.

Just between you and me...

I absolutely despise
the other side I'm hiding...

But it's because of my lies
that you came into my life.

And you're who you are today
because of your powers, aren't you?

Er... What I'm trying to say here is...

You're fine... just the way you are.

You don't need me anymore.

You'll be fine.

Just go ahead and accept yourself already.

You'll be able to do that
because you're you, Mob.

I know you can!

You heard what Master said.

Are you telling me that
you're going to accept me?

No... I want you to accept me, too.

Just like everyone else did.

And you're okay with that...? Really?

Let's go back to how things used to be.


What if she turns you down?


It'll be okay.

Come on.

Let's go.



(Shigeo Kageyama: %)

Dimple, let him go alone.

Is Tsubomi even waiting for him?

Mob's the only one who needs to know that.

Reigen, what are you gonna do
from now on?

Beats me.

Like you can talk, though.
Your color seems more muted now.

Hey, he's coming back.

I guess she wasn't there.

I mean, who can blame her?

She rejected me.


She was actually waiting there?

She said that she still has yet
to see me in that way...

I see.

But, hey, things like this happen.

Yeah, it's okay.

At least she was actually waiting for you.

Things are just getting started for you.


And you know... We're gonna have
to repair this city somehow.

But don't you worry.
I'm sure everyone will help out.

Oh, I know. That one guy who
fixed your house before.

We can call him over.
You know plenty of other psychics, too.

I'll call Serizawa, too.

Oh, Serizawa?
Yeah, I'm totally fine. No worries.

More importantly, could you come over here?

~The Future~

(Body Improvement Club)


(Get Ready for the Marathon!)
It's time to go running!

(Get st in your grade)
Captain Sagawa's calling for you.

Okay, I'll be right there!

So, yeah... Leave your schedule
open at the end of the year.

I'll be going with you guys this year.

Sure. I'll look forward to it.

I wonder if the UFO will come again.

There's no doubt about it.

It'll come.

Body Improvement!

Fight on! Fight on! Fight on!

Body Improvement!

Fight on! Fight on! Fight on!

Body Improvement!

Fight on! Fight on! Fight on!

It's been six months since you've joined.

Everyone's running a lot better now.

Last year, I'd get anemic pretty quickly,

but I was able to get this far
thanks to everyone else.

So let's all help each other out
when things get rough.


How are things going lately?

Is it rough being the vice president?

I guess it depends on how motivated I am.

I'm starting to understand that the seniors
before us were pretty ambitious.

How are you doing as the vice captain?

We have a lot of members now,
so it's really fun.

Next week, we're going to a training boot camp
with Musashi and the others.

Oh, yeah.

Your younger brother looked like
he had some promising muscles.

Why doesn't he join us, Kageyama?

What do you think?

No, I'm pretty busy with being vice president,
so I'm gonna pass.

You okay?


Be careful!

Thank goodness.

What are you even doing, Brother?

Heya, Kageyama brothers.


It's been a while. Are you heading
over there, too, Hanazawa?

Yeah, let's head over together.

But man, I've been so bored lately.

Want to go shopping again?

I heard the newest addition to
the Hagemon line is out.

Sure, let's go.

What?! He's gonna wear that T-shirt again?!

I need to actually stop him this time.

I need to tell him it's okay
to wear whatever he wants!


Did you want to go check out the
new Hagemon with us, too, Ritsu?

Er, no... I'm busy
with vice president duties, so...

(Spirits and Such Consultation Office)
I really love that T-shirt.



Oh, there he is.

Hey, you three.

Come on in and have a seat.

Here, have some tea.

Thank you for calling
Spirits and Such Consultation Office.

Looks like Serizawa's
gotten used to the job.

Yeah, he's doing great.

Well, he's the backbone of this agency.

It's been six months
since I started working here, as well.

Aren't I starting to look the part?

So how are things going with
you and your girlfriend?

She's not my girlfriend!
She rejected me...

They talk on the phone every now and then.

Oh, excellent.


President Kurata, we're here!

Oh, there was someone else at the entrance.

They might be a client.


Who are they?

I invited them.

Oh, I invited someone I know, too.
That's okay, right?

Hey, Serizawa. How've you been, man?


Hey, Ritsu! It's been a while.

He's coming!

President Kurata, he'll be here any second!

Okay! Okay, everyone! Hide!


Man, I'm wiped.

Yokai, my ass.

It was just some old dude
with a butt chin.

They kept nagging me to do an exorcism,
so I just randomly spread some salt.

Isn't that what you always do?

Huh? The lights are off...

Hey, Serizawa! Tome?

Anyone here?

Happy birthday, Reigen!

(Happy Birthday, Arataka Reigen)

Happy birthday, Master Reigen.


Go on. Blow out the candles.

Hey, your eyes seem kinda red.

You dumbass! Dimple!

What? You gonna cry, Reigen?


Aren't I a capable secretary?
Now raise my pay.

Oh, no! My cake!

Hey! Who just did that?!

Aw, that sucks.
I sorta wanted to see you cry.

There's a client heading here right now!

What? Is there?

You're all going to be helping me!
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