01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Riptide". Aired: 27 December – 30 December 2022.
When Sean disappears during a morning surf, it is not clear if he got caught up in a rip tide or if there is more to his disappearance.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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Previously... I just got an email from Mrs Burrell
and they're not back till next year now, so...

The night before Sean went missing,
you were there. I saw you.

If my dad finds out what I've been
up to... Just calm down.

I gave her a necklace,
like this one.

Please tell me you don't think I had
anything to do with him disappearing.

I don't know anything any more.

Michael. How could it be him?

She has to know that
I didn't do this.

Your dad's OK?
Yeah, he should be out soon.

He's got an alibi.

It's a shame it has to come to this.





Morning. Sleep well?

You don't have to stay. I got this.

It's OK. Cleared my schedule.

Don't do it to yourself.

I just keep hoping there's some
other way of interpreting it.

There has to be.

Yeah. Like, he'll turn up
with an excuse.

Yeah, he will.

Please don't give up on him.

All the same, I think you need to
prepare yourself for the worst.

Hannah, I know you love your dad.

It's been a horrible thing
to get your head around.

But it's been four days now.

Well, so, he freaked out and
needed some time away.

I hope so, for your sake.

But when the police find him,
he's going to be arrested.

I just want you to be ready.

That's all.

Well, I'm not giving up on him.

I can't put this off any longer,
can I?

I know there's nothing I can say
to make this right.

I still can't believe it myself.

Well, obviously, son had no
idea that Michael was involved

in Sean's death. No.

She was too busy trying to blame me.

And I'm really sorry for that, too.

I hope you're helping the police
to find him.

Yeah, if he's not halfway back
to the UK already.

Hannah and I are doing everything
we can to help the police.

And if there's anything I can do
for you guys, anything at all...

Have you given any thought
to the funeral?

It's organised.

So, you really want to do
something for us?

Stay away.

Ethan, that...


I'm, uh, guessing we all got
the same message.

I'm sorry to call you here
under these circumstances.

Obviously we'll catch up properly
at the funeral.

We remember the contents
of the will.

It hasn't been updated
in a while, right?

If there's any contesting, Philip,
we'll retain outside counsel

to keep you out of it.

I'm not here to contest anything.

Actually, Sean did update the
will prior to the wedding.

I couldn't disclose this sooner, but
he ensured you were looked after.

You don't mean the house
and the company?

Those arrangements stand.

It was a small amendment.

Perhaps he was planning to make
further changes.

We'll never know.

Here's what it says.

$3 million? Yeah. In shares.

I can't accept it.

If it wasn't for me, Sean
would never have met Michael,

and he'd still be alive.

I'm the reason he's d*ad.

No, Alison...

Stop that. It's not true.

You can't keep thinking like that.

And I won't even be able to say
goodbye to him properly.

You have every...

You have every right to be
at that service.

No, I can't.

I can't do it to them.
They're in enough pain as it is.

How about you just hold off
making any decisions just yet?

You coming for some lunch?

You can't keep spending all
this time with me.

Don't you think we've come into
each other's lives for a reason?

When Naomi passed, I had so many
good people helping me through.

I want to pay it forward.

Text Hannah, invite her, too.

Actually, don't.


I want to bring lunch to you.


You need to rest. Erm...



I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's OK.

Did someone from the agency
send you? No.

No, no. I'm...
I'm still up the coast. Oh.

I just... I saw your car
out the front.

Have you ever got that feeling that
you might have made a mistake?

Oh, it's working.

I don't want the Burrells coming
back, and then be in the dark.


Yeah, it-it's flickering. Oh.

Well, that's embarrassing.

They'll never hire me again.

What are you doing here?

Uh... just making sure everything's
in order.

I must have left that last time.

I'm sorry, Jenny. I can...

I can see I've really
disappointed you.

No. It's OK. It's just...

I just need everything spick
and span for Thursday.

Thursday? Yeah, the Burrells
are coming back early.

Are you OK?


The truth is...

..when I saw you here...

..I-I didn't care about the lights.



It's kind of inappropriate,
cos you are my boss.


Fancy a drink?

I really like you.

I always have.

Oh... I've overstepped.
No, no, no. I...

I've always liked you, too.

I bet you've got a lot of
inspections this afternoon.

How about you get through
them quickly

and, erm, meet me at the pub?

Yeah, I-I'd like that.

I can stay here and, erm...

..fix that fuse.



Is there something out the front
that you wanted me to look at?

Oh, no, it's OK. Just the gutters.

Naomi and Daniel might want
them replaced.



HE SIGHS Oh, Jenny.

Logan. Logan, wait!

Come back. Why haven't you been
returning my calls?

My parents told me not to.

Please, Logan.

How do you know my dad?

I met him a couple of months ago
through a mate that he worked with,

and we started selling stuff.

Electronics off the back of a truck.
Nothing crazy, OK?

I mean, Dad cut my allowance,
I had no money for anything.

We didn't even realise we both
had a connection to you.

Why were you with him that morning?

It was a last minute pick-up.

He called me when I was on my way
to see you.

I thought you'd done something
to Sean.

I know.

I panicked, OK? I...

That's why I went to the storage
unit, cos I knew I could sell

the stock, make some quick cash.

I-I wasn't thinking straight.

I just... had to get away.

Did you see the body?

No. No way.

No. Someone must have
dropped it later.

Dad's innocent.
You know that, right?

Of course.

I told the police the same thing.

It's just, there's this
whole window of time

that I couldn't vouch for him for.

It's a set-up. It has to be.

If there's anything you can
think of, anything at all

that might be relevant...

Sorry. Hey.

Uh, I burnt the lasagne and
I had to run out and get this.

It's OK. Hannah's not even back yet.

Oh, OK.

More for us, then.

What you looking at?

It's an email from Sean's
business manager.

They want to transfer the shares

I just... I just can't even
think about it all now.

Let me.

What? No, I can't put this
all on you.

It's what I do for a living.

I promise, I'll take a huge

Am I proving Ethan right,

just by taking any of it?

You know, everything he's ever
said about me.

Sean wanted you looked after.
You need to do it for him.

And that baby you might end up
having in the future.

Trust me, Ethan will be relieved
that you're not going for more.

Where have you been?

So, he's into organised crime?

Ugh. Selling a few hot iPads
is not organised crime.

Well, he's hanging out
with dodgy people,

people that might be hiding him.

He's not hiding.

He's not here explaining himself.

Yeah, I don't see how any of this
makes things any better.

Do you not understand that anyone
could have messaged you

from his phone? Anyone.

Probably the person trying
to set him up.

Hannah, it comes down to
your dad's credibility.

Why are you here?

No. Why are you always here?

I'm sick of it. I'm so sorry, Dan.
I'm sorry. Are you two together now?

Is that it?
Oh, don't be ridiculous.


You know there's nothing going on
with me and Dan, don't you?

He's just a friend.

And, yeah, I probably have been
leaning on him a bit much lately

But you're my priority.

Can I stay at Melody's
tomorrow night?

Seriously, Mum, I get it.

He lost his wife, you've got this
whole grief thing going on.

Right. I just... You know, I don't
want you to get the wrong idea.

It's fine. You do you.

Erm... Can I?

Well, I was counting on you
being around tomorrow.

I mean... Yeah, but Dan will be
a much better support than me,

and Melody's mum's already
okayed it.


Hi, Mrs Ling. Yeah.

Yeah, I'll put Mum on now.






I just came to apologise
about Hannah.

Set her straight? Yes.

Yeah. And she says she understands.

Although I think she's maybe just
saying that so I'd let her stay

at her friend's house tomorrow.


But the funeral's tomorrow.


But I think some normality
will do her good.


Uh, sorry.


I'm here for you as a friend.


..don't think I've got other

Thank you. And, no, I don't.

Yeah. I-I don't.

I have a proposition for you.

A drive?

Yeah, erm, just up to a little
property that he rents out.

He wants to check on it.

And I thought a bit of distance from
the funeral will do me good.

You know, out of sight, out of mind.

Will you be back before dark?

Yeah, yeah. Just a couple of hours
there and back.

OK, well, message me when
you get there.

Oh, my charger.

It's all right. I'll get it,
I've forgotten my phone.



What are you doing?

I... was looking for you.


For a second, I thought you might be
breaking in.

How are you, Hannah?

Erm... I'm worried about Mum.

Bit of distance will do her
some good.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Yeah, just so you know, she's not in
the market for a new boyfriend.

Hey, Melody.

Hey. There you are.
There you go. Oh, thanks.

Oh, Mum's on a work call,
but she says hello.

No worries. Give her my love.

Bye. Love you.

Bye, darling. I love you.

I was wondering where she'd got to.

She just asked me to look after you.

That's exactly what I intend to do.

Thanks, Mrs Ling.

Whatever you two are up to,
just drive me home first.

Are you sure it was a tin?

Yeah, it's like a tin
or a small box.

I only, really, got a glimpse of it.

Well, maybe the police took it
when they looked.

Well, sure likes his mustard.

I never knew he kept these.

You know the only reason he wanted
the extra cash

was so he could be a better dad
to you?

He told me that.

Oh, this is it.

Yeah, yeah, this is it.

Would someone going on the run
leave that behind?

So what if he left cash behind?

Well, all the signs are pointing
to a set-up.

I met up with him right after it was
meant to have happened.

I'm telling you, there's no way
he'd just k*lled someone.

Please, Ethan, you've got to help me
put pressure on the police.

There must have been someone else
who wanted your dad gone.

I looked into every possibility.
There's nobody.

There has to be.

Look, what if it was someone who
wanted to hurt you and your mum, too?


Time to get ready, or we'll be late.

Look, I know you don't want to
believe this is true, but...

If you don't have proof,
I can't help you.


I have a confession.

I haven't been here since
Naomi passed.

Well, I can see why it was special
to you both.

I couldn't come here alone, so...

..thank you.

Listen, I'm just glad I could do
something for you for once.

Service will be starting
round about now.

It's the same drop I brought
around to your house

that night I came over, the one
Sean really seemed to enjoy.

I thought we could have a little
toast before we head back.

You've thought of everything.

Thank you.

This is just beautiful.



To Sean.

To Naomi.

Up to the police now.

They have to do something.

They haven't listened so far.

And there's no point in telling Mum
because she's just going to

ask Dan for his opinion.

Dad wouldn't just...

He wouldn't just leave me like this,
you know? He'd...

He'd find a way to contact me.

I just...

I really feel like something
bad's happened to him,

and he needs me...

And there's nothing I can do
to help him...!

Have you thought about where
you're going to live?

I did have a daydream about moving
back to the UK with Hannah.

Back to your family? Yeah.

I mean, we can't.

Not if her dad's going to be in
prison, or even facing charges.

It's... There's a lot to factor in.

I'm selling my house.

I thought you loved it there.

Yeah. Memories are a funny thing.

On the one hand, they can be...

But on the other hand, they can...

Stop you from moving on.

These past couple of weeks,

being here,

it's made me realise how much
I'm defined by my past.

There's a lot to be
said about a fresh start.


Yeah, I need to think about
my options.


You know, if you invest those
shares wisely,

you could live off the dividends.

That fund I mentioned, it's...

It's high yield.


That's up to you.

You OK? Oh...


I think I drank a bit more
than I realised.


I might have to sober up before
we drive back, if that's OK?


Look, I can think of a lot worse
places to be stuck.

It's cos you were so cool.

You were too cool for me.

That's why I showed the photo
of you to Dex.

And I...

I never said I'm sorry for that.

I am.

Will you stay with me tonight?


Yeah, of course.

Feeling better?

Yeah, better.

Great. Should we get going, then?



I-I can't ask you to. Ask me...

Where did I put my keys?
Ask me what?

Oh, it's just...

Just, the...

That thing that you did with
the wedding bouquet, it was...

It was really beautiful, and, erm...

It just... It got me thinking.

Well, tell me.

OK. When Naomi and I bought
this place,

we planted a tree just down
by the creek,

and I just got this feeling,
suddenly, that I need to see it...

..for closure.

I'm just... I'm not going to find it
in the dark.

I was just going to ask you if you
wouldn't mind staying overnight.

There's two beds.

Yeah. Yeah, of course I can.

Are you sure? Yeah.

Hannah's at Melody's. I've got
nothing to rush back for, have I?

And, actually, I'd really like to
do that for you in the morning.

I'm going to text her,
I'll let her know.

This is going down really well.

It is, isn't it?

So, are you serious about moving?

I want to do it quick.

I'm the type of person that when I
make a decision, I have to act fast.


I believe in signs.

They're everywhere right now.

I really want to make a change.

We could...

We could pack up the cars,

just grab Hannah, and hit the road.

Think about it, what's stopping us?

Well, I don't think Hannah would
give up on her dad.

Then we go search for him.

Part search, part road trip.

You're serious?

I could work from anywhere.

Or even take a break.

That fund I mentioned, it's...
it's totally passive income.

Don't you feel better away
from the beach?

I do.

You'll feel even better on the road.

Away from all those horrible
things that happened.

No anything trying to affect you.
Just us.


We could even stay here for a bit.

I meant it...

..when I said we came into each
other's lives for a reason.

Don't you think?


No. Ali?


Ali. No... Ali!





Erm, I don't really know what
happened last night. I think I...

I think I probably drank
too much and...

Well, maybe we both did. And, erm...


I'm not ready for anything yet,

and I'm pretty sure that I won't be
for a while.

You've been so kind, Dan.

But your idea of a road trip
or staying here,

it's just all too much.

Yeah, I'm not ready either.

Are we OK?



I sent you that info on the
share fund. Have a read.

It's just a consent form
you need to fill in.

I think I'm going to have a shower.

Freshen up as best I can.

Are-are we still going to the tree?

Of course.

Have a read.


I wonder if you've seen my colleague,
she was next door day before yesterday.

At Dan's house?
Daniel Burrells, yeah.

Yeah, we manage the property
for him and his wife.

Why would they think Dan's wife is
still alive and they're overseas?


Is that him?


Hello, sweetheart.

Mum, he's not who he says he is.


Dan is lying to you.

He doesn't live in the house
next door to us.

The real owners are coming back
from Europe.

Oh, my God. OK. No...

Naomi Burrell is alive.

Honey, you're not making any sense.

Mum, another woman has gone missing.

You need to get the hell away
from Dan,

or whoever the f*ck he is.

I just... No, I... Hannah.

Hannah, you... Mum, please, you need
to get the hell out of there.

Just keep calm.



DAN: Ali.

You want a shower, too?


Who you speaking to?

It was just Hannah. Erm..

And I also looked over the fund
about the shares.

It's just...
it all seems really sound.

You should maybe get changed,
talk me through it.

Sounds good.


QUIETLY: I'm at 104 Alpine Road.

I'm-I'm going to start driving now.

Hannah. Hannah?




Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Why isn't she answering?

Why isn't she answering...!

Alison! What's going on?

Why are you hiding from me?

Did Hannah say something?

Come on, now.
There's no need to be afraid.



Who are you?

I'm someone who's going to take
good care of you.

What did you do to Michael?

He got in the way.

Did you k*ll him?

Did you k*ll Sean?

Oh, it's...

Well, take it as a compliment.

Who else is going to take on two
husbands for the woman he loves?

No. You don't love me.

Yes, I do.

From the very first moment
I saw you,

I knew you could be the one.

I know you feel it, too.

You did last night.


..put that down.



Oh, my God...

It's OK. Hopefully, the police
are on their way to her, right?

No, Mum! No, no, no...!

It's OK. It'll be fine.
Oh, my God...! Oh, my God...!



HANNAH: Dan's not who he says he is.

I-I don't know what this means,
but something is really f*cked up.

I think he might have k*lled
your dad. I don't know.

Just call me back. Call me back.

Where are you?

You can't outrun me.

Stop, stop, stop, stop.



♪ The sun goes down

♪ And the dark doors close

♪ Leave these dreams

♪ On a cold black heart

♪ Who

♪ Who are you?

♪ Blame these debts

♪ On the jack of spades

♪ Leaving scars

♪ On my friendly face

♪ When the Devil talks, you listen

♪ He'll make you pray

♪ The d*ad keep track of the living

♪ And all your fates

♪ When you're too far south

♪ It's going to cost your health

♪ We're getting stranger now

♪ In a tall black hat

♪ When the Devil talks, you listen

♪ He'll make you pray

♪ The d*ad keep track of the living

♪ And all your fates... ♪

I want to see him.

♪ Who

♪ Who are you? ♪


My dad never did anything to you.

Sean never did anything to you...!

Erm, sorry. Sorry to interrupt.

Have you... Is my daughter here?

I want to know why!

Answer me, you f*cking bastard!

Why did you do it?!

Hannah... Why did you k*ll my dad?!

You f*cking prick!

You wanted a better life.

So did I.

I did love you.

We could have been good together.


You don't know love.

You don't know what love is.

I pity you.

Yeah, I pity you, because I do.

I have known it.

And that's one thing you will
never take away from me.

Still so hard to believe.

You read about these things

these guys who target women.

They get away with k*lling once,
they do it again.

I made a mistake when Sean left us.

Instead of remembering
the good times,

I took every memory and I turned it
into a betrayal.

He loved you.

We need to find a way to move on.

I don't know how.

But we need to find a way.

Still f*cking hate them.


Hi. Hi. Hi. I'm Naomi.

I'm Daniel. We live next door.

Yeah, excuse us. Jet lag.
It's taken us two days to get home.

We've been getting all
these messages,

something about someone
in our house?

Yeah, do you know what's
been going on?


Don't you live here?


No, not any more.
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