01x08 - The Red Thread

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Smiley". Aired: December 7, 2022 - present.
Spanish romantic comedy follows two men and their friends in Barcelona as they navigate hesitations, hangups and missed connections as they search for true love.
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01x08 - The Red Thread

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Bar Bero?


- Let it go.

- Please, just let me open it.


- Where are you going?

- To find Ramón.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Well, my love,

guess who I saw yesterday? Marco Antonio!

He immediately asked me about you.

And, of course, I told him about

your new status as a lesbian, and all.

And you know what he told me?

That you'd get over it.

Your dad and I

are still laughing about it.

Mom, look. You don't have to tell

the whole town about it, okay?

Honey, if someone asks me about

my little girl, I tell them the truth.

And with my head held high, all right?

- Where's Vero? Isn't she there?

- Vero.

Hey, Yessenia!

Happy New Year, my love.

Thanks. You too.

- Hi, honey. How are you?

- Very good.

I'm doing good.

Everything's great, thanks.

That's wonderful.

And, plus, today we're getting

the keys to the new apartment.

That's a great way

to begin a new year together, isn't it?

Congratulations, my girls.

- Thanks, Mom.

- Thanks.

- Yessenia!

- I'm coming, okay?

Your dad's a real pain in the ass.

More than a toothache.

Kisses, honey.

- Talk to you soon.

- Bye, Mom. Kisses


- When are you meeting the architect?

- Uh, later at four.

Mmm. I don't think I'll make it.

Mmm. Doesn't matter.

I'm just checking that everything's

in order so I can get the keys back.

You don't mind if I miss it?

The apartment will be there.

We'll have to start

organizing the move, then.

Yeah. I can look for movers

a little later on today.

'Kay, thanks.







Good morning, Rosa.

How are you, Diego? What can I get you?

Nothing, I just came to bring you this.

Ramiro asked me to give it to you.

Do you know what it is?

He just told me

that he is leaving Barcelona tomorrow.

Okay, thanks.

Cut it out.

- What?

- That's not what matters.

- What do you want me to do, huh?

- That's enough! Now, look.

Calm down, okay?

If you need something else,

send me an e-mail.

I already have.

I've said I was sorry by e-mail,

by WhatsApp, even in a text.

- What else can I do, Ramón?

- You could leave me alone.

I can't just leave you alone.

We work together.

And even if we didn't Listen, Ramón

Will you listen?

Do you hear me? I'm sick

Look. I understand

that what I did was awful, okay?

That I

I shouldn't ever have been with you

without knowing exactly how I felt.

- I was an idiot.

- And selfish.

Yes. And I am very sorry.

- But

- You don't understand.

I don't know. We could

- This is unbelievable! Enough!

- We could try to fix this.

- We're done discussing this.

- How exactly?

- You're not leaving.

- I really like you, Ramón.

You won't understand, but

I'd like to think

we could maybe still be friends.

You really think

we can be friends now?

- Well, at first it'd be a little

- Look, Bruno.

Friendship is not a comfort prize,

especially not if you're offering it

so you can feel better.

- But

- I thought you were different.

- Painting is booming!

- I really did.

And that's what I liked about you.

- But you were a cliché in the end.

- A cliché? Are you serious?

You spend all day whining

'cause no one loves you

and when someone is willing to

you treat him like shit

because, turns out

you have a crush on a hot guy.

All right.

Maybe that was a little out of line.

So just forget about it.

You're not forgiven,

and we can't be friends.

I've already talked with Núria.

I'm done, for good!


if I could have your attention.

As you know, my son-in-law, Albert,

has decided to leave the studio.

And that means the management position

needs to be filled.

And, uh, after careful consideration

I have decided that, uh

that the best person to fill this role

is our best architect.

And that is Ramón Martínez.

A round of applause, please.

That's what I told Sunyer.

That's what I'm saying to you.

It's about relationships

Hey. What is it?

"If you don't want to listen to me,

at least listen to Juan."

When we were both younger,

your father used to make cassette tapes

with the music that he and I loved.

He would always make a commentary

between songs like he was some sort of DJ.

And is this one of those cassettes?

Well, I didn't dare listen to it yet.


Good evening, this is Juan,

DJ-ing for his dear friend Ramiro.

And you're listening to "En el límite"

by La Frontera.

You always said

that this was our song

because we both lived on the edge

between friendship and love.

That edge separated us,

but I want to do away with it.

I love you, Ramiro. Don't ever doubt it.

But not like I love Rosa.

She is my whole world.

From the moment I saw her,

I knew I'd be by her side all my life.

And I'm convinced that one day

you will find a love

as big as the one I feel for her.

Because nothing would make me happier

than you being in my life.

And in Rosa's and in our son Álex's.




Everything all right?


- Everything look okay?

- Yes.

Yeah. You did a really nice job.

I'm glad you like it.

I just need your signature,

and I'll get outta here.

Yeah. Of course, of course.

- All right, just here and here.

- Sure.

I'm sorry the budget went up so much.

No, that was us.

But everything came out amazing.

Hey, wait. I think that that I saw you

at Bar Bero on New Year's Eve, was it?

Uh, well, I was just there for a minute.

You were there that night?

Yeah. Yeah, uh,

my girlfriend's an owner there.

- Vero?

- Yeah. Do you know her?

Uh, no, we just talked for a second,

but you

I just had no idea.

I mean, you've always handled

the renovation on your own.

Sure. Yeah.

Have you been together for a long time?

- Um, seven years, like the lemon tree.

- Oh

Yeah. On our first date, I planted

a lemon seed in my gin and tonic.

I never thought

it would germinate, but, well,

they say that love takes root

in unexpected places.

Uh, you know what

You know what I love most

about being an architect?



- Renovating apartments like this.

- Mm.

We get all these big projects

at the studio.

Theaters, hotels pavilions, but

nothing is as exciting as

building a home.


Thanks again.

- Great meeting you.

- You as well.

I don't know what I was thinking

when I took it, to be honest.

In all these years,

I've never had a photo of your father.

I hope you don't mind

sleeping with these sheets.

I only have these

from when Álex was little.

Anything is fine.

I've spent years sleeping on a ship.

Well, that's the point.

You need something comfortable.

Well, maybe we can buy some new sheets

and even a new bed later, if need be.

But, nowadays, they just sell cheap ones

that you have to assemble on your own.

Rosa, it'll just be a few days

till I find my own place.

You don't have to set up a new room.

And I'm getting you a blanket.

I turn off the heat at night.

I don't want you catching a cold either.

You know what you've signed up for?

I don't really think I do.

But I promise you now that I'm done.

No more lies.

It must have been really hard

living like that.

Did you ever go out with anyone?

I spent half my life in love with a ghost.

And, before I knew it,

I'd spent 40 years without ever

really loving anyone at all.

What's the point of living like that?


Hey. How is the new apartment?

You haven't told me anything.

Good, good.

Patri says that it's all in order.

Didn't she send you a photo

or video or anything?

No, but, uh, I'll

I'll be there in the morning.

Ah, really, such a lack of enthusiasm.

It's not like you buy

a new apartment every week.

- Wanna come over and see it tomorrow?

- Oh yes!

Yes, yes. And we can organize

a little housewarming.

What? No. There's no parties.

I don't want you

destroying my new apartment, all right?

Well, we'll destroy the old one

and do it before you move, then.

We have to celebrate this.

Long live d*ke couples!

You have a customer.

- Ramiro.

- Hello, Javier.


I thought you were leaving Barcelona.

Me too, but, well, I didn't.

I wanted to come and tell you that

I settled everything with Rosa and Àlex.


Well, that's good.

May I have a tequila?

- A tequila?

- Mm-hmm.

- You don't think it's too early?

- Maybe for drinking, yes.

But for well, for the rest,

I'm actually terribly late.

I don't want to waste any more time.

Neither do I.

And all is bright ♪

Round yon Virgin

Mother and child ♪

Hey. What's all this?

Well, don't get too excited.

It's just grilled chicken with broccoli.

Celebrating is one thing,

but ruining a diet is another.

Okay. But what are we celebrating tonight?

Álex. The Epiphany night.

Ah, well, in my house

we've always preferred Santa Claus.

I mean, shame on you,

just destroying a tradition like that.

It's not very Epiphany-like

to have grilled chicken for dinner

by candlelight, is it?

Àlex, don't do that.

Do what?

Pretend you're not excited about it.

It doesn't suit you.

It's just no one's ever cooked me

a romantic dinner like this.

Well, I've never

done this before either.

- Well, come on. It's getting cold.

- Here.

- Have a seat.

- Oh

I wanted to get a roscón for dessert,

but they were all massive.

So I told the pastry cook

to give me a smaller piece

I told her, I'm not trying to ruin a diet,

but I do want to have something

for the surprise.

Sorry, huh?

There's no roscón.

Ah, well, that's okay. I'm not really

I don't have a sweet tooth, I mean.

Well, we'll think of

an alternative dessert.

Hand me your plate.

- What's this?

- Your Epiphany gift.

But I didn't get you a gift or anything.

You didn't have to.

Open it.

A vacation?

- Ibra, this must have cost you

- Almost nothing.

A stewardess friend of mine

helped me get the tickets.

I only had to pay taxes.

- We leave tomorrow.

- I'm working tomorrow. I won't be

I talked to Vero. She said

we can go for ten days, no problem.

I was torn between Mykonos or Ibiza.

But this time of year

there's no parties, so I thought,

- "How about a little nice weather?"

- Yeah, I know, but Senegal?

Well, listen, it's the best time

for us to visit.

Dry season. It won't rain.

We can spend the whole day at the beach.

Don't you like it?

Ibra, I love it. I really do.

Really, I'm really looking forward to it.

I mean, I know that

Senegal isn't the best place for gays,

but we'll be fine.

And, besides,

it would mean a lot

if you could meet my parents.

- Uh, your parents?

- Mmm.

I know we've only been dating

for a little while,

and maybe it's too fast.

But I've never felt like this

for anyone else.

I've never been with someone

so similar to me, you know?

Yeah No, me neither.

I don't want to miss this chance, Àlex.

I think I'm falling in love with you.


What are you still doing up?

What a night, love!

Half an hour before we closed,

this big group of people came in

- and they just wouldn't leave.

- I mean, they just

Even when we k*lled the music,

they didn't get the hint.

Hey, are there any leftovers?

I'm really hungry.

Aren't you gonna ask about the apartment?

You said everything was in order, though.

Is it, then?

I spent the whole afternoon there.

Thinking that

that something wasn't there.

I went over the parquet,

the faucets, the tiles.

Everything's perfect.

Ready to be moved into.


then what's Where's the problem?

It's not a home.


It will be once we're there.

You really think that'll be enough?

That it'll really be a home for us?

- It's not a redecoration?

- Of course not.

Then why aren't we happy about any of it?

- We are happy. Yeah.

- No, we aren't, Vero.

- Yes.

- No, my love.

'Cause we just got the apartment

we've been wanting for years together.

We should be screaming.

Jumping on the bed, like we did

when we got approved for the mortgage.

We haven't even organized the move yet.

Well, because it's been

really tough lately

with the holidays and everything, but

- But we can start planning it tomorrow.

- No. "We can"?

Or I can?

Uh, what are you saying?

You've put everything in my hands.

Uh, well, because you have more time, and

And I don't know about

interior design much, Patri.

Or because we weren't doing it together.

- Not really.

- That's not it.

That explains why you wanted

to go to Ibiza.


Or your determination

to have an open relationship

and everything else that's been going on.

You probably didn't know how to tell me.

Or you didn't even see it all yourself,

really, but I don't know.

But I can see it clearly.


Look at me.

You're not happy with me.

And, if you're not happy,

then I can't be either.

But, Patri, I do love you.

Yeah. And I love you too.

But that's not all it's about.

Love is just the seed.

What's important is the fruit

that it grows.

And what we do with it.

I can't give you

Anything but love, baby ♪

I can't give you anything but love ♪

Of course.

- It was this one.

- No, no.

- Look right there.

- Come on. This was the day we saw

It isn't!

- Hi.

- Hey.

Hurry! Come on, come on.

Well, well. What do we have here?


Love you.

Look what I found at my house!

I found them at my house.

The Three Wise Men left gifts

for me to give to you.

- He's doing great.

- This one says Artur.

- Whoa!

- Why don't you open that?

And this one says Julia.

- Wow! What is it?

- Let's see.

All right.





Aw! Just like I asked.


Well, that's odd,

'cause you have been naughty this year.

Thank you, Uncle Bruno.

Well, we have the Three Wise Men to thank.


- Come on. Let's play.

- Let's go play.

Wanna try mine too?

And this one is for Ariel.

- Look. For Ariel.

- Aw! Let's see.

- They're just tired. Sleepy.

- Let's see what it is. How cute!

Yeah? You like it?

Look, you can exchange it.

The Three Wise Men left the receipt.

- No, it's sweet, really.

- Yup.

- Huh, Albert?

- Yeah.


- Hello.

- Hello.

To the airport, please.







Sweetie, careful.

Sleep tight, Ariel. Okay.



That's everything. Artur, come on.

Hurry. It'll get cold.

We'll play after.

The number

you have dialed is not available.

Please leave a message after the tone.

Hello, Bruno. It's Àlex.


You must be busy right now.

I'm actually headed to the airport.

I'm going on vacation to Senegal.


And I didn't want to leave without, um

Uh, thank you for the gift

that you brought me.

Because I watched it, and I loved it.

And, yeah, um

Yeah, I just wanted to say that.

Well, no. No. In fact,

I wanted to apologize to you.

- Give me a sec.

- Because I think I was wrong.

Because I shouldn't have let you go

the first night we slept together.

Or, at least, I should have called you

the next morning.



And I shouldn't have offered you

an alcohol-free beer. I should have

offered you the one that you wanted.

But I didn't know

what that was gonna be yet.

I'm sorry I'm telling you all this now

because I know that you're with Ramón

and I'm with Ibra,

and that's all working fine.

And I suppose it's normal.

That you're with your great architect

and I'm with a gym guy,

I mean, cause that's

what others expect from us.

- I've spent my life stuck in this cycle.

- The number you've dialed isn't available.

Look. For years now,

I've gotten up in the morning

and done the exact same thing every day.

- I make my protein shake and

- I'm sorry.

- I'll explain it later! See ya!

- eat something, check Insta, work out.

- And after all that, I go distract myself.

- Taxi!

I'll hang out with a friend

until I have to go to work at the bar.

And, once I'm there,

I'll be cleaning things,

and I always, always, always

end up checking Grindr.

And I'll connect with a guy.

- And we'll meet up and f*ck.

- Come on, come on.

And I always think, "Come on, Àlex."

"This time I'm sure it'll work.

This time I'm sure he's the one."

But I'm wrong. I mess it up,

and it all starts over again.

I've spent half of my life

doing the same thing.

I'm searching, trying to find a guy.

And, now that I've found one,

well, I don't know

if it's really what I want.

Because I feel nothing.

And because I know him already.

Because I don't feel the way

that I do with you.

And I know it doesn't make any sense

for me to say this now,

and I'm sure I already missed my chance.

But I couldn't just go to the other end

of the world without telling you.

I mean, even if it is too late.

And I wish you all the happiness, Bruno.

Thank you. Really.

You can stay here if you want to.

Thank you.

Hey! Are you kidding me?

- You need to pay.

- Sorry, sorry. I know.

Okay, uh, 15 Keep the change.

Here you go. Thank you.

Thank you.

This is a final boarding call

for flight A-298 to Dakar.

Come on, Álex. Come on, come on.

Please, come on.

The number

you have dialed is not available.






You didn't go.

I couldn't.

Not after everything I said.

It's over with Ramón.

I ended it with Ibra.

You're all I can think about,

and dating him was a mistake.

I feel the same way.

Well, that says something, doesn't it?

I mean, look. I know this is absurd.

And that whenever we're together we fight,

and that we couldn't be more different.

You know, Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant.

But But, if they tried,

well then, I don't see why we shouldn't.

And who knows

how our ending will turn out?

But we can have a new beginning.

If you want.

At the airport, I only had time

to write him one quick text message.

If I hadn't seen it,

I wouldn't have gone to his house

to find him that night.

It was a very simple message.

An emoji.

Just a smile.

A smiley.

There was no need

for anything more.

It was probably

the best message I've ever been sent.
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