01x08 - Three of Swords

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Heartbreak High". Aired: September 14, 2022 - present.
Amerie, along with her news friends Quinni and Darren, must navigate love, sex and heartbreak at Hartley High.
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01x08 - Three of Swords

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I can't imagine what you've been through,

but I want to understand.

So are you ready to talk?

Ice in your eye ♪

Assuming that you never come ♪

And that we never feel the same way ♪

Hey, Harps. You got any coins on you?


My bloody bank card's expired

and the idiots haven't sent me a new one.

It's just for milk, Ducky.


Aw, thank you.

Nice one.

Dusty was looking at me.

I swear to God he was

I think my house is haunted again.

Didn't you like just sage it and stuff?

Yeah, well, I don't think it worked.

You need an exorcism. Can I do it?

No, you'd probably conjure more ghosts.


So can I stay at yours tonight?

The fact that you're even asking

is insulting to me.

There's my little eshay,

eshay, eshay.

Plenty of ug-drays.

What are youse gonna do?

Shove it up my vag, mate.

What? It's nature's pocket.

Cool, well, do what you gotta do.

Uh No. I got these.

Dogs can't smell through sunblock.

Drugs and dommies, smart.

Well, you two have fun.

Yeah, thanks.

Are we gonna go in or what?

- Come on.

- Laters.



Stay safe out there.

We gotta stick together, yeah?


But he always comes down

From my loving ♪

Yeah he always comes down

From my loving ♪


- Hurry up.

- I'm trying!

- Piss off.

- Jesus, I'm dying!


Come on, let's go.

- Cheers, biznay.

- Cheers.

Hey. Didn't know

you bitches were gonna be here.

Got enough?

Yeah. Want one?

If you're offering.

He's probably roofied them.

You wish.

I don't trust you or that haircut.

Oh, my God. Fortune teller.

Harps, we're doing it.

Hey, cut it out, yeah?

- What?

- You're totally in love with her.

No, I'm not.

Amerie's amazing.

What's that supposed to mean?

She's too good for you.

Thank you so much.

I got the Lovers

and this one called the Knight of Cups,

it's like a knight in shining armor.

I think it means

I'm gonna hook up with Dusty soon.


You wanna get

one of those chips on a stick things?

No, your turn.

- No, thanks.

- I already paid.

Fortune time, bitch.

The Tower. A crisis looms.


The Hermit. You are alone.

Oh. Three of Swords.

See. Your heart is being pierced

by the Three Swords.

That's grief, loss, heartbreak.

Basically, you're gonna suffer

loss and betrayal

So all good news then?


Something evil clinging to you, you know.

It's following you around

everywhere you go.

Sorry to say,

you're in for some dark times, girl.

Yeah, you know what?

I can help. I can. Really.

Tarot's bullshit.

Hey, what'd you get?

Something about a heart.

I'm gonna fall in love or some shit.

I was looking at mine,

and apparently

it's also about loving yourself.

Which is kinda cool.

Is it a self-confidence thing,

or do I buy a vibrator?

Who's texting you?

Uh, no one.

You shady bitch, who is it?

Let's go.

Oi. You good?

Yeah, I'm f*cking good.

Bloody love you.

I love you too.


This is close to some VIP shit.

Let's drop.

Maybe later.

It's the perfect time.

I think I just want to chill

on the ug-drays tonight.

What, so I just do them by myself?

You don't have to do them either.

Come on, you're the one that bought them.

And I've changed my mind.

You're literally a thief of joy.

What the hell is wrong with you?

That's like a hundred bucks

you just threw away.

- Where are you going?

- Getting another drink.

Amerie! Amerie!


Soil my name ♪

But the sin will stay the same ♪

It's a kid left in the rain

Rosey thorns that cause the pain ♪

If you squish it in your hand ♪

Make it pop, red and white

Tomato soup can ♪

If you need that something

And that's really what you want ♪

Shake, shake, shake it up

And make it fizz ♪

You've got to stir that mixture ♪

Make it really thick

Let it drip all over ♪

Now give the spoon a lick ♪

If you need that something

And that's really what you want ♪

Shake, shake, shake it up

And make it fizz ♪

Do you know where you're going? ♪

When you go where you're going ♪

And do you know where you're going? ♪

When you go where you're going ♪

Ooh ♪

And if you knew, I'd follow you there ♪

And if I knew, oh, I'd go anywhere ♪

Hey, here she is.

Wakey-wakey, Sleeping Beauty.



Welcome back.

Yeah, hurry up,

'cause I'm starving.

What's f*cking good, bro?

Are you dropping me home?

Yeah, that's what

we're doing, sweetheart.

Just taking a detour.


You lads are too excited, hey.

I think you're going the wrong way.

Come on, baby, smile.

You look better when you smile.

Smile for us, hey?

What's happening, lad?

Grab these, bro.

Five bucks each?



Oi! What the f*ck are you doing?

Oi! Come back!

f*ck. Where is she? f*ck.

Come here. Come here.


Where is she?

Keep looking! Go, go!

Find her. Now!

Come on. Go, go, go!

Amerie. Am.



Please, Am, let me in.

- Who's that?

- Shh.

I worked f*cking hard for this.

You can try.

You can f*cking try.

You can f*cking try!


There's a wolf outside the house,

and he's just walking around and around

and around the f*cking house.

And it wants to come in.

And he wants to take my f*cking things.

And he wants to get inside.

And he wants my milk.

I'll be hiding this too.

There's no way he's f*cking taking this.

This is hard.

It's harder than you think, isn't it?

- Look at it.

- Why, Dad?

Who are you?


It's me.

- Who?

- Ducky.

What? Who the f*ck's that?

Your daughter.

See, I think you are the wolf.

You're the wolf.

You're the f*cking wolf!

f*cking get out of my house!

Get out of my f*cking house, wolf!

Get out!

Get out of my house, wolf!

Get out of my house, wolf!

Come out and face me! Come and face me!

Get out of my f*cking house!

Try it! Come and try it!

Come on! Try it!

Come on!

Come and face me!


Harper? It's the ambulance officers.

Your neighbor told us you might be here.

Do you have any friends

or family you could stay with?



Okay. That's fine.

Now, Harper, your dad's been

involuntarily admitted into hospital.

So while he's there,

I'm gonna organize

some emergency foster care for you.


Now why don't you

pack up a few things in a bag, all right?

Baby, I'll behave ♪

If you let me stay ♪

Please don't think ♪

That I'm begging you for love ♪

Baby, let me stay ♪

When the world is gone ♪

Promise I'll behave ♪

Never right your wrongs ♪

- Is that what you want? ♪

- Is that what you want? ♪

Like the other boys ♪

Ha-ah-ah-ah ♪

Someone you can flaunt ♪

Someone you can flaunt ♪

Like the other toys ♪

Baby, I'll behave ♪

If you let me stay ♪

Please don't think ♪

That I'm begging you for love ♪

I am so sorry.

It's okay.

So I guess you punching me in the face

feels pretty justified right now.

And everything else.

I wasn't trying to punish you.

I really wasn't.

Well, I did mean to punch you in the face,

but everything else

I don't know.

Since that night,

I just haven't felt

in control of anything.

I just kept f*cking things up.

And it's like

the more I f*ck things up,

the more I f*ck things up.

If that makes sense.

It makes total sense.


The cops know about your dad,

but what about the eshays?

They should know.

What are they gonna do? I was drunk.

I drank too much, made dumb choices,

that's why I was in that car.

- That's what they'll say.

- This isn't your fault.

It doesn't matter.

Those guys, they'd come after me

Punish Ca$h.

He's the only reason

I made it out of that car.

Why didn't you let me in, Am?


Spider. He was in my room.


Well, I was really drunk

and upset after our fight,

and I bumped into him

near one of the other stages

and he was really strangely sweet to me

- and, um, we went home together.

- Ew!

See, I knew you'd

never let me live it down.

Why hasn't he been telling

the whole world he took your V-Plates?

'Cause technically, he didn't.

He couldn't get it up.


That explains so much.

Yeah. He was drunk, so whatever.

It happens.

But he's been

such a little bitch about it.

Spider? No.

Dude, it was like

playing pool with a snake, bro.

Thumbing in a doughy?

Full-on whiskey dick, mate.

I just got off the phone to the hospital.

Your dad's awake.

He's asking for you.

Come on. Let's go home.


I'm not ready to see him yet.

- Enjoy your cholesterol injection.

- w*nk*r.

What happened to service with a smile?

When's your break?

Look, I know can be a hard-arse sometimes,

and I've not always been there for you

Stop trying to

have a moment with me.

No, we are having a moment.

We are having a moment

whether you like it or not.

I can see you're in pain.

And to be honest,

sad Darren's a hell of a lot worse

than extra Darren.

Just tell me what's going on, please.

I told Ca$h I'd be friends with him,

but that's not what I want.

And before you say anything,

I know you don't like him,

but I don't care.

He's not who you think he is.

Okay, fine. I'll try and separate

those feelings and give you some advice.

- So?

- So what?

What's the advice?

I'm thinking.

Look, love is

Love is sometimes all about the timing.

That is the most lame

Gen X thing I've ever

I'm sorry, I don't believe that.

Okay, what do you believe?

I think I'm a hard person to love.

That is not true.

Why would you think that?

You know, when I was your age,

I thought I was a hard kid to love too.

I was r*cist, sexist, and h*m*,

because in my mind, if I hit out first,

then no one'd come for me.

But they came for me anyway.

But now

I am sitting here with my q*eer, Black,

non-binary kid and it is wonderful.

Look at me. You are wonderful.

You have to let people know

how beautiful you are, Darren.

I really love him, Dad.

Okay, well, have you put it out there?

Really put it out there?

Probably not.

Okay, when you're in love,

sometimes you've got to

do the crazy thing.

That's how I ended up with you.

Break's over, kid.

Wait He's your dad?

She's your boss?


Huh. Makes sense.


It's a long story

going back to our own Hartley days.


Excuse me.

It's all my fault.

Hey, what are you talking about?

Come here.

What are you talking about, hey?

I let her down twice.

When she needed me the most.

No. This is not your fault. Come here.

She's my best friend.

I know. Shh!

This isn't on you.

You didn't know about Justin, right?

- He hid it pretty well. So did she.

- Hmm. Exactly.

She s*ab her own dad,

that's how scared of him she was.

She can't go back there, please.

She won't. Okay?

We are gonna figure something out.

I want them all to suffer.

Him and those f*cking assholes

who put her in that car.

I want

I want them to hurt.

I want them to be scared like she was.

- Hmm.

- They can't just get away with it.

I can't argue with that.

And you say you knew

some of the men in the car?

Just from that day,

or had you met them before?

I go to school with one of them,

the others I know from just around.

Do you know their names?

What's the likelihood

they go to jail if I do name them?

So, Harper, what we'll be looking for

in our investigation

is relevant evidence

that will support your allegation.

The challenge is

they would likely say that

they were dropping you home,

you ran away scared

What the f*ck?

They were gonna as*ault her.

What I'm saying is, without other evidence

apart from your statement,

our task is more difficult.

I just want to manage your expectations.

Yeah. Think I'm done.

No, Harps, come on.

No, I told you nothing would happen.

Did you know

they made the accusation against Jojo?

I had a hunch.

Why did you say it was you then?

Because you had everything to lose,

and I had nothing.

f*ck 'em.

They're like non-binary, but animals.

I think it's a really intriguing process.

So, you're back?


Lots happened, by the looks of it.

Can't believe they're here

after what they did.

They barely

get community service,

yet we're all

probably gonna get suspended.

We did wee in her recycling bin.

There's a lot worse

waiting for her in her filing cabinet.

You two are gonna be the only ones in SLTs

not getting shat on

for our little protest.

Gutted I missed out,

to be honest.


So I guess I'm sorry or whatever.

It's good that you unlocked the door,

but you let them put her in that car.

- I know.

- Why didn't you stop them, Ca$h?

When I saw them

When they put her in, I just froze.

And I knew that if I tried to do anything,

they'd just b*at the shit out of me

and then leave me there.

And then I wouldn't

be able to do anything.

The messed up part is

they'll get away with it.

The system is f*cked.

It's their word against Harper's,

'cause there's obviously no evidence.

Have they done this before?

No. Never.

Will they do it again?

The fact that you still hang out

with them, Ca$h, is absolutely f*cked.

Stay away from Darren. Please.

As teachers, we are meant to teach.

But we are also meant to learn.

And I have learned something

pretty valuable from all of you

in the past week.

I am a slut.

- What?

- Yes.

You're a slut.

We're all sluts.

So, footage from your little protest

has circulated

and the press for our school

has been positive for once.

The Guardian writes,

"The kids are all right,

Hartley High students protest the

resignation of their favorite teacher."

Even have a little photo of

Joan of Bark in there. So that's lovely.

So we're not in trouble?

No. Well, yes, you're gonna have

to get the cleaning bill,

but your civil disobedience

has captured the hearts of Australia,

so well done.

Okay, that's lovely, but Miss Obah

hasn't agreed to come back, Miss.

Well, I wouldn't say that, Darren.

- Hey. Sorry, I'm here.

- You said you would wait there

until I opened the door.

I had to get my folder.

You ruined the whole moment.

I know. I'm sorry.

Hey, I'm back.

Wait, does this mean

we have to keep doing SLTs?

Yes, Anthony.

The program was so successful

that we will be doing it next term

and maybe for the rest of the year.

Isn't that exciting, Anthony?


So, we have covered a lot so far.

Consent, STIs, nudes,

pleasure, and communication,

how to frame your teacher

That was a joke.

Don't do that again.

You know, I could keep punishing you all

for what's happened,

or we could start a new chapter.

I know you might hate this class,

but it's important.

I really hope you'll see that one day.

Also, you all need to

look out for each other more.

These might be

the worst years of your lives,

but they might also be the best.

and I will get my lovely assistants

Dusty, Spider and Ant to help pack up

and prepare for the next lesson.

Wait, wait. So I'm off the hook?

Girl, it's probably best you and I

are never alone in a classroom.

Ever again. Yeah.

Come on, guys, hurry up.

You've already wasted enough of my time.

You got two more. Over there.

Just two more. Yep.

Sorry, miss.

- Yeah, two more.

- Thank you.

Amazing. You did it. You did it.




- Can we go somewhere and talk?

- Nah.

All right, well, I can't stop thinking

about what happened.

I wanted to say sorry.

It's Harper you owe an apology to.

Yep. Um, you're right.

And what? You want us

to tell you you're the good guy again?


What do you want from us?

I just Nothing. Um, I know I messed up.

And I know I have

a lot of work to do on myself.

So I'm trying to start right now.

What about you, Spencer?

Anything you'd like to say to us?


- This doesn't fix things.

- Yeah, I know.

You're dismissed.


It sucks how hot he is, hey?

Yep. Yep.

I feel honored to be part of this ♪

I really appreciate this ♪

I feel so blessed ♪

I figured out your superpower.



You have the power to be in class

one second, and the next

vanish into light air.

I've been looking for you.


I know I haven't been

the best person recently.

I've been a pile of rats

in a trench coat really.

But I've thought about it,

and I know we can make this work.

You think I'll run away, but I'm not.

That's not it.

Yes, it is.

I know you think you have to be alone

or that no one will love you

for who you are,

or what you want or what you don't want.

But I will.

I want this.

I want you more than anything.

I'm in.

Me and you

We should just stop

wasting each other's time.

So that's it? You won't even try?

I can't.

Can't we just try

Don't know how to keep loving you ♪

Now that I know you so well ♪

Don't know how to keep loving you ♪

Now that I know you so well ♪

Don't know how to keep loving you ♪

Are we going into locky-d again?

That's about three years' worth of food.

Nah. I just thought we could use

a backup supply of everything and that.

Plus you go through

a can of baked beans a day,

you gassy bitch.

Keeps me regular.

Yeah, well, there's an extra

loaf of bread in the freezer,

and you know you don't have

to defrost the whole thing, right?

You just cut off a slice at a time.

I'm not a g*dd*mn muppet.

You're always looking after me.

Dougy, who's going to look after you?

I reckon you're going to

outlive us all, Nan.

And I'm just as strong as you.

So I want to ask you

Will you marry me?

I will marry you.

I'll marry you too.

- I accept.

- She's so weird.

She's kind of hot.

I love you.

- Useless. That's what

- Here he is.

How's it going, buddy?


You lose this Cut your little ratty.

Eh, ah?

He'd rather lose his balls.

- Yeah. Get him.

- Over.

- Get him.

- Get him up.

- Hold him down.

- Got him. Hold him. Go.

Got it. It's off.

Where is it?

Come on, come on, come on.


Ca$hy boy,

what are you doing, bruh?

Oh, I'm just having a shit, bruh.


- You scared me.

- Ew.

I wanted to surprise you.

Jayden's world, episode one.

Drunk bitch festival cleanup.

- Hello. Hello.

- Good day, how are you?

Oh, look, she's beautiful, mate.

- Hey, Ca$h.

- What do you reckon, Ca$hy?

- Oi, Ca$h.

- Come on, mate.

What do you reckon, brother?


The women's arms are capable,

muscular, determined.

But even so,

it takes their combined strength

to sever their victim's head.

And we are enraptured by it.

This picture of sisterhood,

of two women

doing something extraordinary,

I'd imagine

Gentileschi was likely influenced

by her own story with this work.

She painted Judith Slaying Holofernes

after she was as*ault by her teacher.

Artemisia took revenge with

the only w*apon she had, a paintbrush.

And she began a revolution

that would still be felt 400 years later,

giving voice to the rage of women

who have been silenced.

- Malakai?

- Yep.

- Harper?

- Here.

- Darren?

- Here.


Any information

you can give us about his whereabouts.

I told you he's not here.

We need to ask him

a couple of questions.

Isn't that clear?

It's kind of

a little hard to believe.

g*n it, boyo!


A tale of black dogs

With golden leashes ♪

All my friends are hurting

But we dance it off, laugh it off ♪

Scars inside our shoes

But we just tap it off, clap it off ♪

Watch me coat in rainbow

As I fade into the black ♪

And see, I switched myself to plastic

Don't know how to change it back ♪

I want to be your number one ♪

You'll hold me to the sky ♪

I'd like us to

complete the following sentence.

No wrong answers, okay?

"Some people might choose

not to have sex because"

They're fugly.

For the love of God,

someone other than Spencer.

Oi. It's Ca$h.

I didn't say

you could leave your seats.

Everyone please sit

Better late than never.

What did you do?

I love you, Darren.

I've loved you since Year 8.

And the only good thing

about coming to this sh*thole every day

is seeing your face.

Are you serious?

Aw! Darren wants Ca$h's eshay baby.

Shut the f*ck up, Spider!

I love you too.

I've been missing

Your stawberry kisses ♪

Cuz nothing's as sweet

The taste still drives me crazy ♪

- Oh, my God!

- It's okay, Darren.

I love you. I love you, Darren.

Okay, I'm going. I'm going, okay?


I've been wishing my strawberry kisses ♪

Could fly through the wind

To you from me ♪

I don't get it.

Chook was in the car with them.

Why isn't he in jail?

They let him go.

'Cause he wasn't in the footage.

Jayden just filmed me,

Ca$h, and that other guy, Tiller.

He's probably got

a good lawyer too, the dog.

I hope Chook dies.

And I hope that when he dies,

he reincarnates into something super shit.

A Miner bird.

- Intestinal worm.

- An ear infection.

One of those bugs that stink.

Stink bugs?

Yeah, those ones.

I hope Ca$h gets out soon.

Right. We need to cleanse ourselves.

Uh, I'm not doing any more threesomes.

What? Too soon?

In the ocean, you idiot.

It's like three degrees right now.

Come on, quickly.


Let's go, people!

Ready? Three

- Two!

- Two!

- One!

- One!

Just know that I want you ♪

I'll take the fall and the fault in us ♪

I'll give you all the love

I never gave before I left you ♪

- Baby ♪

- Just know that I want you back ♪

Just know that I want you back ♪

Oh, shit, I left my bloody socks

on the beach, didn't I?

There you go.

I don't want your filthy socks.

You love my socks, remember?



I'm gonna go this way.


See ya.


There you go.


Hey, can I've some of yours?

It's the same.

Yeah, but it looks better.

That's 'cause I'm holding it.

- f*ck!

- What?

It's Chook's car.

You got me, yeah.

Yeah, they're all in slots.

Every one of them.

Jayden'll get a few years, easy.

He's a frequent flyer.

- Yeah

- Okay. Come on, let's go.

Harper, come on.

What are you doing? Hurry up.


Yeah, I am gonna do all the drops myself.

Yeah. All right,

speaking of, I gotta take a shit.

Harper! Harper!


It's always around me, all this noise ♪

But not nearly as loud

As the voice saying ♪

Let it happen, let it happen ♪

It's gonna feel so good ♪

Just let it happen, let it happen ♪

Come on, Harper.

Hold on.


Bearing down on my shoulders ♪

I can hear an alarm, must be morning ♪

I heard about a whirlwind

That's coming round ♪

It's gonna carry off

All that isn't bound ♪

And when it happens, when it happens ♪

I won't be holding on ♪

So let it happen ♪

Come on! What the

Harper! Come on!

There's a car on f*re!

What the f*ck?

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