01x05 - Uwe

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Kleo". Aired: 19 August 2022 - present.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a former spy k*ller is set free and embarks on a revenge spree against the people who conspired to betray her.
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01x05 - Uwe

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"Yes, Sven?"

I'm taking the car to the car wash.

"Oh, you're great."

Yes, no, you do what you can, huh?

"Yes, you're just amazing, Sven Petzold."


Thank you, Jenny.

"Bye, Sven."

Forgot the trash.

"Yeah, no problem. It happens."


-Get away from there.

-Get away from the garage.

Away. Far away.


-Are you completely insane?

You trying to k*ll me?

Yes. I said I would.


-Is that a f*cking flamethrower?

Insane. You're totally insane, right?

Sven, I need to know
who I k*lled in the Big Eden.

I'm sorry?

Who did I k*ll in the Big Eden?

It's a bit tricky because,
the fact that you're someone

who can blow a person away
with a flamethrower like it's nothing

if they get on your nerves, I get,
but how does it usually work otherwise?

You dress up, head out,
drink a Campari and orange,

dance a little, then k*ll a guy
without knowing who he is

or why he even needed to die?

Who does such a thing?

An agent only knows
as much as they need to know.

But that's very observant of you,
knowing what I had to drink.



You'll tell me everything
the Crime Squad has on this case.

I want to know why I went to jail.

Honestly, you belong in the funny farm.

You come to my house, you nearly torch me,
and you expect me to help you?


I don't work with assassins, okay?

And I don't work with class enemies.

At least, that's what I used to think.

Times change.


I just saved your life, by the way.

Get me that information.



Insane. Completely insane.

They're criminals, all of them.
Criminals trying to annex us.

But let me tell you something,

it's not going to the dogs here
without a fight.

I didn't dedicate my life
to the service of freedom

just for us to be annexed.

Who else is gonna fix it? Mielke is d*ad.
k*lled by a cowardly criminal.

This is the time
when we have to defend our values.

They find who m*rder him yet?

Those who need to know, know. Now shut up.

Well, it turned out great.

You want more ointment?

Ointment? What kind of ointment?

Where is the thing?

What are you planning to do?

You ask a few too many questions, Maik.


Duty calls.

I see.

So it's an industrial building,
and we want to make dancing an industry.

Movement for the masses.

Dopi's terrified that condensation's
gonna form and ruin his records.

You know these are fly agarics?

Yeah, of course.


Did you know that witches
in the Middle Ages used them to fly?

I've wanted to fly since I was,
I don't know, zero years old.

If you can want anything
at zero years old.

But that is the question,
whether human beings have free will, huh?



-I was looking for...
-For my grandpa, right?

Yes. Is he here?

He's not here.
He's visiting comrades in Cuba.

I'm his granddaughter.
I'm looking after the house.

He didn't mention Cuba at all.

-I'll come back later.
-I was joking.

As if my grandpa would go on vacation.
Please come in.

I really don't want to trouble you.

No. On the contrary.
Grandpa is delighted to have visitors.

Okay, I'll just take your coat.
It's so warm.


Just ignore him.

Have a seat.

Something to drink?

Grandpa has some brandy here.

He's always offended
if I don't offer it to our guests.

It's noon.

That's okay. I'll just hang this up.

Grandpa has kindly
gone to the market garden for me.

It's not far.
I'm sure he'll be back in no time.

Of course, Grandpa is not at all thrilled
about what's happening in our beloved GDR.

Nor am I.


But I will admit,

with all the flowers
that you can now buy everywhere,

I'm starting to reconsider a bit.

I mean, having flowers
from all over the world is great.

Not always carnations
and chrysanthemums either, no.

Privets from Tuscany,

oxeye daisies from Genoa,

strelitzia from Palma,

coppertips from Madagascar.


Away! Get away!

Behave yourself.

They're used
to different things in the West.

The Foreign Ministry spends
200,000 Deutschmarks a year on flowers.

Think of all the things
we could have done with that in the GDR.

Did you know that?

No. But in any case,
I don't understand cut flowers.

Three days, then they wilt.

And all that stale water in the vase.


When will Otto be back?

Oh, I don't know exactly. He's on foot.

Exercise is good for him.

He's finally realized that.

You look very good for your age.

Do you exercise?

A little.

What do you do?

Hiking, gymnastics, occasionally aerobics.

Oh, you're from the West.

-Why do you say that?
-"Aerobics." We call it "pop gymnastics."

How do you know my grandfather? From work?


In the broadest sense.

The market garden closed a while ago.

You think anyone here
still sticks to closing times?

Or to anything else?

Thanks very much for your hospitality.

I think I'll come back again tomorrow.

Shall I give Grandpa a message from you?

What's your name, anyway?



Oh man, I figured as much. Look at me.

Okay, you'll live.

Okay, we'll take you to bed now.

Right, let's go.

Okay, one, two, three, up!

And the lady with the ring?

She was from the BND. She won't be back.


She didn't like flowers.

There's a hole inside me.


These flowers have no scent.

I can't move.

Sleep well.

"Sleep well"?

-This is the head office.

Ms. Geike is on sick leave.

-Give your report tomorrow, please.
-As you wish.

Hello, this is Radio Free Berlin
with some breaking news.

GDR authorities have announced
that top government minister Erich Mielke

will be receiving a state funeral.

Margot Honecker,
"The Purple Witch," will give the eulogy.

And now we continue with Volker
and the greatest hits of all time.


I have to go back to the archives.
Work, eh?

I see.


And you, Sven? Working too?

Didn't you quit?



what can I tell you?

Sooner or later in life,
a man's gotta decide...

Hermann sees everything,
but Hermann doesn't care.

I get my pension in two weeks.


I don't understand this.

Why did they drop the case so quickly

when they had no idea
who the guy k*lled was?

Maybe they knew something we don't.

That's even worse.
This whole case stinks to high heaven.

You know what's weird?

-Look at this suit.
-Yes, I already have, okay?

No, look. Notice anything?


-It's brand-new.
-Yeah, well...

Yeah, sure, full of piss and all that.
But look. The material shows no wear.

The pockets are still sewn together.

Dude, even the label's still on it.

I don't know, maybe he didn't care
about pockets and all that.

If you don't care,
you don't buy a suit for 2,500 marks.

Maybe he'd been in a hurry
and had only just bought the suit.

Or he was the kind of guy
who didn't usually wear expensive suits.

Did you notice these numbers?


It's a telephone number.

Could be.

Freddy, it's a telephone number.

There's no mention of it in the files.
They didn't even check it.

We have to find out whom it belongs to.

Buddy, you realize
you're not allowed to take anything?

Yeah. That's why I photocopied them.

Wow. Is that a hammer?


Let him go.

Watch out, she's an assassin.

But you are too, huh?


Let him go.

Stay nice and calm, Kleo,
or I'll sh**t the moron.

Yeah, come on.

-In there.

-Get in there.


You think I'm that stupid?
Don't bullshit me.

Speak German, please.

Where are you going?

To the swimming pool?

I'd prefer it if you took it easy.

Lie down, make yourself comfortable.
I'll cook us something.

Andi, I'm not sick.

Help me.

Oh, leave it.

f*cking dungarees.

You stress me out.

Sick of putting up with you.

What? What did you say?

That swimming relaxes me!

And you're the only thing
stressing me out right now.

Why would you say that?

Andi, I'm not stupid.

Suddenly you don't come home one night.

All the phone calls.
The strange woman from housing authority.

And you didn't come
to bed last night either.

Anja, you know I love you.

Yeah? Then don't jeopardize everything.

f*ck's sake.

Is it broken?

Why don't you pick up when I call you?

Uwe paid me a visit.

What? Did he hurt you?

Oh, he tried to k*ll me.

He took Thilo hostage.

He had a strange garage.
You know where it is.

Hello? Cat got your tongue?

Where's the garage?


I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

I mean, 1987 was ages ago.

And everyone buys
charcoal gray Giorgio Armani suits.

You wrote your private
phone number on the card.

Maybe you'd remember something like that?

Yes, but not every single time.

Then let's go over some of the details.

Six foot four, between 30 and 35.

Slim, short dark hair,

three-day stubble, good-looking.

Yeah, that describes most men
I give my number to, yeah.

Oh yeah?


But often there are people
you don't like as much, right?

I mean, were there any
striking features that you maybe...

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

You gotta be sh1tting me.

What's this?

A camera.

-A camera. I can see that.

Excuse me, but we're a luxury boutique.

Do you know how many people
steal from here?

It's a precaution.

A camera? Hidden behind a mirror?

Okay, we can do this the easy way,

or Freddy and I
can go back to the precinct,

get a search warrant,

come back,

tear the whole shop apart,

all the receipts, all the invoices,

and we'll take
a really close look at the camera stuff.

That's the deal.

So, what's it going to be?

-Shit, what's he doing now?
-No idea.

-Search warrant, was that right?
-Yeah, it was.

-I've always wanted to say that.

Here you go.

You take

photos of men


No. Only in their underwear.

Sorry, of course,
just in their underpants.

Yeah. I would never take photos
of anyone without their underwear.

And the pictures
are also just for my private use.

I'm a collector.

-I don't do anything with them.

-Yes, that...
-Like stamps.

Yes, they're also very...


That's him.


-May I?

Oh yeah. That was July '87.

It was a really exciting time in the city.

Berlin's 750th anniversary.
The city was full of tourists.

He was a very good-looking man,
but strange.

Why strange? What was strange about him?

He was in a real rush.

He took the first suit right away

even though a size 38
would have fit him better.

And he left his old clothes behind,

paid with freshly printed notes,
hardly said a word.

And then there was
the issue with the suitcase.

What suitcase?

At the bottom of the picture here.
He kept watching it like a hawk.

I tried to push it to the side just once,
but he made a huge fuss.

Who knows what was in it.

-But it was a different time.

It wasn't every day
that East German citizens

went shopping on the Kurfürstendamm.

East German citizens? Why do you say that?

The suitcase was a typical
East German product.

Bright red.
Not just fake leather, but very basic.

Only made in the GDR.

Rubberized on one side,
a rather cheap viscose fiber yarn. Yes.

We have really exclusive luggage
on sale here,

but there was no way
he would part with it.

I wanted to push it away
from the mirror, but he...

Thank you. You're a treasure!


Can I take this with me?



I'd gladly give you my personal number

in case you have
any more questions or whatever.

I'm Merkus.



That's the reason I joined too.

You understand? For peace.

That's why we built the Wall.

Of course we were aware
of examples of political deception.

I mean, beforehand.


Yeah, well, then, okay.


we both just have to see it through, huh?


Tilt your head back a little, like this.


Get down!

Kleo, hey, amazing.

What's going on today?


Come on, we're going home, Thilo.

Look, Halloren chocolates.


Was that meant to be a joke, about the...

-Eyes front.

When I was a child,
I found a shark's tooth on the beach,

and I found it so funny because I thought,

somewhere out there,
a shark's swimming without a tooth.

Did you find anything out?

Yes. Quite a lot, in fact.

So why didn't you call me immediately?
Why'd I have to call you?

Because I have no idea
if I'm officially working for you.

I haven't received a contract or anything.

Okay, the guy from the Big Eden
was likely an East German.

Stasi or foreign intelligence service,
no idea.

He was seen that day with a red suitcase...

Which he didn't let out of his sight.

And where was this suitcase?
Obviously not in the Big Eden.

No idea.

-I made some inquiries about you.
-Oh yeah?

You haven't been
very successful professionally, it seems.


What do you want me to say?

I became a dad at 19,
and that took priority for a while.

And when I wanted to get back in the game,

it only led to the Fraud Department...

Fascinating story.

Kleo Straub has
all the necessary contacts in the Stasi.

She knows faces, she knows names,
she knows the structures.

If anyone can find out
where this suitcase is, it's her.

Earn her trust,

then you'll get your contract.

We'll talk soon.

Shark's teeth grow back.

Your shark with the missing tooth
doesn't exist.

Come on.


That was really close.
I almost got fried by the c**t. c**t!

Listen, how stupid are you
taking the guy hostage?

He'd seen me. I was gonna k*ll him.
Do you know how close she came, Andi?

"How close she came?"
You were supposed to deal with Kleo.

Yeah, I know. She's tough.

I told you, get rid of her.

Stupid moron.
You'll screw up the whole mission.

Any idea what they'll do to us if we fail?

I'm well aware of that, for God's sake!

Yeah. Now what?

Now you have to help me.



Got the place to myself.

I'm a bear.


What did you find?

Can I have some juice?


I thought I made myself
quite clear the last time, didn't I?

What are you doing here?
Why should I work with you?

Because you could go down in history?
How about that?

Yeah, I'm listening.

Good. You were right about
Wieczorek, Blum, and Mielke.

You were also right about them
putting me in jail and my not knowing why,

and the key might lie here.

I know it must have been
a conspiracy of some kind,

something involving the Stasi,
the BND, and probably the CIA as well.

This thing is so big that, to this day,
they've needed to stop it coming out.


A conspiracy involving the CIA,
Stasi, and the BND?

If we work together,
you gotta follow my rules, okay?

My rule is that you stop k*lling people.

It's not okay.

Your rules?




No more k*lling?

No k*lling.

Then we're a team.

An East German?

With a suitcase.

Why was I supposed to k*ll an East German?

No idea, you tell me.

What's this?

Halloren chocolates.

Okay, right,
what's an East German in a brand-new suit

doing in a West Berlin disco
where he's k*lled by the Stasi?

He must have been a defector.

Why else should I k*ll him?

Okay, so we have an alleged defector who,
shortly before his death,

was seen with a suitcase,
which he didn't let out of his sight.

Maybe the hand off
was meant to take place there.

Of course, the hand off!

Okay, the hand off.

Right, we're in the middle of a spy story.
Secret services, defectors.

What spy story doesn't involve
a suitcase sooner or later? Right? Right.

Our next step must be to find
where this suitcase is and what's in it.

You stupid bastard!

What, Kleo? Wait. Shit!


-Honey, what happened?
-Are you okay?

-Good evening.

Good evening, guys. Petzold from Fraud.

-Where's the woman?
-Where's Mark?

What woman?

We were told
you were being threatened by a woman.

-Where is she?
-There's no woman here.

Where's the woman with the g*n?

Everything's fine. There's no woman here.

-Are you all right?
-Yeah, I'm great.

-You don't mind if we look around?
-I saw her.

No. Excuse me, please.

I'm really sorry.

I'm afraid my wife
has a problem with jealousy,

especially after
she's had something to drink.

I wish it was a joke. It's...

-Have you had anything to drink?

She has. I'm very sorry.
Listen, you've got better things to do.

Thanks for checking.

All right. Thanks very much.
Have a nice evening.

-Goodbye. Have a nice day.


Jenny, wait please.
Jenny, wait. Just a moment!

Jenny. Just let me explain, please.

I'm sick of all this shit. I've had it!

-You're not listening.
-All the time!

No, stop it.

I'll get it.


It's me. I've got new information.
Come to the Tacheles right away.


Late shift tomorrow? All right. Thanks.


A word?

All that police business
was a huge misunderstanding.

Jenny... I mean, my girlfriend,

she thought I was in danger because

you are dangerous.

But I haven't told anyone anything.

So please don't put me
back on one of your h*t lists.

I want us to carry on working together

because I really think we could make

quite a cool team.



Yeah, so, Jenny's thrown me out,


You can crash on the sofa.

On that sofa or...


Pick up.

-It's me, Uwe.

You owe me a new garage, comrade.

But okay,

I know a few things
that might interest you.

What things?

I know why the Firm sacrificed you.

You should've k*lled a guy at Big Eden.
Then mistakes were made.

I also know why Andi
didn't come last night.

How do you know that?

Who are you working for?

You can choose where to meet, Kleo.

Together we can turn things around.


Somewhere where there are a lot of people.

Café International. Now.

Stop knocking, you c**t,
and wait your turn!

-Café International. Club Cola.

What's that all about?

Did you guys f*ck?


I'm asking if you f*cked, you and Kleo.

What's that got to do with you?


I wasn't allowed to f*ck her either.

Doesn't seem to be her thing.

Want some breakfast?
I've got some ready-to-bake rolls.

Where's Kleo?

Just left.


Just left.

Where to?

Café International.

-Why was she going there?
-No idea. She didn't say.

She doesn't like questions or f*cking.

Can you stop saying "f*cking"?

Do you like to party?

You kind of look like you do.

Hey, I might be opening a club soon.


I need a smoke machine.

Do you know
how much a smoke machine costs?

I have no idea.

What word do you use for "f*cking"?

Got a g*n on you?

-Of course. You?

Are you wearing a wire?

Don't be stupid.

Show me.

You want a striptease?

All right.

Show me.


Socialism isn't finished.

We won't be annexed.

We were never friends,
but we need each other now.

"Each other"?

Uwe, what exactly do you mean?

Open your eyes.

-There's no "we" anymore.
-What can I get you?

Nothing for me, thanks.

Club Cola.

Now tell me everything you know.

What mistakes were made then,
and what about Andi?

The GDR gave us everything.

Socialism made us who we are.

We mustn't hide.

We can do lots of things
better than the capitalists.

Yeah, even our Club Cola is better.

All that sugar in Westerners' brains...


You're not really telling me
you don't know who you're fighting for.

You were always first in line,
at the very front.

Right, Kleo? "Always ready," huh?


Oh my God!


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