01x06 - Object Else

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Kleo". Aired: 19 August 2022 - present.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a former spy k*ller is set free and embarks on a revenge spree against the people who conspired to betray her.
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01x06 - Object Else

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Merry Christmas!

Did my father send you?

What did he say?

You can't accuse me like this!

Ms. Straub,
we're merely trying to clarify the facts.

I didn't do anything!

Do you want your daughter
to see us removing you by force?

-Tell my shit father I didn't do anything!
-We're taking you in.

-Let me go! I didn't do anything.
-Right now!


Mommy, don't!

Hello, Kleo.

Do you remember me?

Do you remember who I am?

I'm your grandpa.

You're coming home with me, dear.

I have a beautiful swing in my garden.

You can swing on it all day, okay?


Eat. It's delicious.

What happened to Mommy?

Your mommy?

She left you and our republic.

There is another Germany,
and it's ruled by bad people.

She went there.


The people there made her
lots of promises that they won't keep.

It's all lies.

But your mommy
has fallen for all these lies.

You know,
I'm so glad you're with me at least.

Check this out.

Moss cake.

You like it?

It's my favorite cake.

why didn't Mommy take me with her?

Good morning, children.

My scarf is my pride.

I'm wearing it. Here, look!

I cherish it. It suits me very well.

I wear my scarf wherever I go.



Well! Come on now.

I don't know.

So you didn't learn it.

Yes, I did.


You didn't learn it well enough, Kleo.

Who does know it?

-I wear my scarf wherever I go.

Within it, a bright blue future glows.

It's no big deal. I'm Holger.

It's not good to think about
the past all the time, my darling.

Why doesn't Mommy come back?


got sick in West Germany.

So sick

that the doctors
couldn't help her anymore.


d*ed in the hospital.

You have to be strong now, Kleo.

Like a Young Pioneer.

Like a soldier.

Do you understand?


What is it?

You wouldn't listen.

You didn't want to listen!

This is all your fault.

This is all your fault!

You're it!

Aunt Margot?

Who's that?

Kleo, listen.

You're not a little girl anymore.

You're a hard-working Young Pioneer now.

You are, aren't you?

Yes, of course.

You know that Aunt Margot
is the wife of our Head of State.

And you also know
that I have a special job.


That I keep a lot of secrets

that are very important for the protection
and the security of our country.

Now, about your friend over there.

We really don't know him at all.

His parents
could be enemies of our country.

Holger isn't an enemy.

I'm sure he isn't an enemy.

But children sometimes
talk about things at home,

even if they don't mean any harm by it.

Listen, Kleo.

From now on,

I don't want you
to bring him home anymore.

-What did you promise me?

That I'll be a good Young Pioneer,
and I'll protect our country.

Very good.

You see?

And so we hereby renew our vow

to our beloved homeland
and the Socialist Unity Party of Germany.

We forever pledge the love,
loyalty, and actions

of members of the Free German Youth.

Together with our comrades,
we march on for peace and socialism.



Arise ye workers from your slumbers

Arise ye prisoners of want

For reason in revolt now thunders

And at last ends the age of can't

Away with all your superstitions

Servile masses, arise, arise

We'll change henceforth the old tradition

And spurn the dust to win the prize

So comrades, come rally

And the last fight let us face

The Internationale unites the human race...


Shall we head up
to the River Oder next weekend?


I can't.

Yes, Comrade Straub. No weekend!

But I will submit

a River Oder vacation weekend application
to Stasi Reconnaissance.

In a timely and routine manner, of course.


You Lenin! Stop it, please!

-Everything in order?
-Everything in order. Let's do it.

I'll ask Grandpa.

-Bye. See you tomorrow, Kleo.

Bye, Holger!

Bye, Kleo.

Oh, Kleo.

Aren't you ashamed?

You wear the uniform
of the Free German Youth

and fool around with him.

That was Holger, Grandpa.

If you'd done your research,
you'd know this enemy subversive's family...

-...has applied for exit visas,

one for each member, himself included.

In other words, Kleo,
he doesn't want to live here anymore.

They've sold out to the class enemy,
just like your mother.

You will end your relationship
with this... boy... immediately.

Is that clear?


Yes, what?

I'll end our relationship.

Very good.

By the way, that's Jorge,

a comrade from Chile.

He'll be staying with us for a while.

Show him around.

Hi. How are you?

I'm Jorge.


Nice to meet you, Kleo.

I don't speak Spanish.

No problem. I'd be happy to teach you.

You know, Kleo,
your grandpa is a good man.

He knows what's right.

Do you understand?

My grandpa is a good man.

He knows what's right.

This is a declaration of commitment

as an unofficial employee
of the Ministry of State Security.

I've just come from the GDR's
Order of Merit awards ceremony.

Just like you now,

Comrade Ramona
was at a crossroads in her life,

and she decided she wanted to become

a true fighter
for workers' and peasants' interests.

As a mark of his particular appreciation,

Comrade Mielke presented her
with the Golden Makarov.

I have followed Comrade Ramona's
development very closely for years,

and that's why I know
she has a bright future ahead of her.

You have just what it takes as well, Kleo.

You can be just as good.

But you have to want it.

-Good morning.
-Good morning, comrade.

Kleo Straub.

I'm Andi.


Have a seat.

Your grandpa told me a lot about you.

Great guy, your grandpa.

Would you like one?

The Ministry has decided...

I will be your commanding officer
from now on.

In other words, you can come to me
with all your concerns and problems,

whatever they might be.

It's important
we completely trust each other.

We're a team now.

Actually, I don't smoke.


Kleo, in view of everything
I already know about you,

I'd like to ask you
whether you'd be available

to do special missions for the Firm
above and beyond your usual duties.


Comrades, welcome to the "Else Project,"

the Minister's Task Force
for Special Issues.

Here you will be trained as agents
capable of carrying out

diversionary acts
in the area of operations,

individual acts of terrorism,
acquisition of technical items,

capture of individuals, reconnaissance,
destruction, appropriation.

You will learn
how to disrupt and destroy structures,

how to remove people
through acts of hostage-taking,

detention, abduction,

forced flight, disappearance...


...and to eliminate individuals through
sh**ting, stabbing, burning, bl*wing up...


...strangling, b*ating,
poisoning, suffocating.

As a loyal agent, you report directly
to the Comrade Minister.

And if he tells you,

"Go there and sh**t him
in enemy territory," you'll do it.

And if you are caught,
you will stand before the judge and say,

"Yes, I did it in the name
of my proletarian honor."

Any mission
given to you must be carried out,

even if it leads to your death.

Very good.

You remind me of Comrade Ramona,

our best agent.

Ramona? Never heard of her.

The attempted assassination
of President Reagan?

It wasn't a ment*lly ill student,
as they've said.

It was our Comrade Ramona.

Trained by me and passed with distinction.

One question.

If the mission was so successful,

why is the American President still alive?

It was never the plan
to k*ll the President.

Why are you asking?

Are you questioning
the Comrade Major or the government?


Instead of paying tribute
to Comrade Ramona's achievement,

you make subversive comments.

Comrade Straub,

just because

you're Comrade Major-General Straub's

it's not your place
to publicly rebuke your comrades.

You have to toe the line. Is that clear?

-Yes, Comrade Major, sir.
-Repeat it.

I have to toe the line.


I have to toe the line!

You really think you're something special.



What are you looking at?

You've no distinctions.

I'll show you.

Here's Channel One news.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Karl Friedrich Konrad,
leader of the "Konrad" paramilitary group,

was found d*ad in his car this morning.

Initial investigations suggest
Konrad was assassinated.

Konrad's goal
was to establish a n*zi state

in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Good girl.

Dear comrades,

in the name
of the German Democratic Republic,

today I take pleasure and pride
in presenting you, Comrade Kleo Straub,

with the
National Silver Order of Merit medal

in recognition
of your special achievements

in the development of a socialist society

and strengthening
of the German Democratic Republic,

and for special bravery

in operations on enemy territory.




Easy now.

You were pretty lucky.

The doctors say it's not serious,
but all the same, you need to rest, okay?

What happened?

The guy you met in the café sh*t you.

If I'd arrived a second later...

Well, I saved your life.
That's what happened.

The red suitcase
belonged to Erich Mielke, the Minister.

Okay, what?

-I've seen the suitcase twice already.

You need rest, I just told you.
What are you doing?

Once at a medals ceremony four years ago,

the man carrying the case
was Mielke's aide,

and he was the one
I eliminated at the Big Eden.

I'm 100% sure. Give me my pants.

Yeah, I...

Okay, but Mielke and his aide
are now d*ad because of you.

Yes, but I saw the suitcase again.

A woman who was walking out
of Reconnaissance HQ

a few weeks ago had it with her,
and I think she was Mielke's secretary.

And I also know where to find her. Shoes.


Has Mielke had his funeral yet?


Kleo, we've got another problem.

What is it?

How did this happen?





I'll take you to the hospital. Hey!


Put the g*n down!

Shit! Kleo? Oh shit.

-You saw Uwe's accomplice?

What did he look like?

-What do you mean?
-And he's still alive.

"Still alive?" Yes, he's still alive.

What do you think I am?
A serial k*ller? Yes, he ran off.

Great. Really great.

What's great about it?

I k*lled someone.

I didn't want to, I...

But if I hadn't, then he'd have...

Was it your first time?

Yeah, it was my first time.

Our agreement still stands. No k*lling.

Who was he anyway?

Uwe Mittig.

An ex-comrade.

An assh*le.

He got what he deserved.
Don't worry about it.

What will we do with him now?

Right, you can't park here. Please move.

Wake up, buddy.

Dear comrades,

dear family,

today we bid farewell to an elite fighter

for the high and noble goals
of the working class and working people.

To our Minister for State Security
in the German Democratic Republic,

retired Army General Erich Mielke.

An anti-fascist from the very beginning,

an avowed internationalist,

a devoted communist.

A great man is leaving us,

but the truly great

always leave us much too soon.

Minister Erich Mielke is d*ad

And we're at his funeral

I'm at the...

My condolences.

Back already? What...

How did our target react
to the information about the suitcase?

Fine. Really.

Yes, I'm afraid
there was a slight problem...

Yeah. I haven't gotten around to it yet.

-I see.

There was a sh**ting in the East.

The victim's name is Uwe Mittig.
Ring any bells?


We met in his garage.


He was an ex-colleague of Kleo Straub's.
She ever mention him?

I would have already told you
if she had. Yeah.

Yes, you would have.


Call me once you've spoken
about the suitcase.

Yes, of course.

By the way,
about my contract, maybe we can...

Our comrade had his life taken from him

as the result of a treacherous m*rder

perpetrated by a dishonorable man or woman
who betrayed our common cause.

I swear to you, great working-class hero,

no, we all swear,

we will not rest
until those who betrayed you,

who betrayed our common cause,

who betrayed the high and noble goals
of the working class,

have been brought to justice.

We will achieve this objective
with g*n in hand if necessary.

Heads up, not hands up.



Aunt Margot.

Well, look at you. On the loose again?

And you, still on the loose.

What are you doing here?

Paying my last respects
to the Comrade Minister.

You see, I don't believe you.

His death smacks of your methods.

Mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs?

You all taught me these methods.

Aunt Margot? Duty calls.

Still ready?

And one, and two, and three, and four.

And forwards, back, to the side.

And one, and two, and three, and four.

That's her.

-Lobrecht, the woman with the suitcase.

Her over there?

Let's go after her.

You tell me you love me,
and what happens? This woman!

Shit, I need to piss!

f*ck's sake, I'm gonna k*ll him.

She's not from the Water Authority.
You think I'm stupid?


The woman's name is Kleo.

Anja, I...

I haven't been security
at Pralina for long.

I know.

You were with the carpool.


I worked
for the Ministry of State Security.


I was a "Scout for Peace"
at Reconnaissance.

Commanding Officer
in Division 18, Special Issues.

I was in charge
of a few unofficial agents.

We carried out missions
in non-socialist economic areas.

I don't understand.

We k*lled people, Anja.

Unofficial agents
k*lled people on my orders.

Kleo was one of them.

And yes, we were in a relationship.

But it's over.

You are my future,
and you have to believe me.

So what does she want from you?

I still have contacts in the Firm.

I've been trusted
with an important mission.

I'm protecting information which could
change the course of world events.

And Kleo...

Kleo is a danger to this mission.

She's dangerous.

But she'll soon be out of our lives.

Please don't worry.

I'll take care of it.

I love you.


I need some toilet paper.

I'll get you some.

Comrade Lobrecht, better leave that alone.

Where's the suitcase?

I know you.
You were at the funeral, right?


And you were also there when I was awarded

the Order of Merit
for special bravery in enemy territory.

Do you remember?

I knew someone
would come about the suitcase eventually.

Where is it?

The Minister always kept it close by.

"This suitcase must be defended
with your life," he always used to say.

And what the Minister said
was sacred to me.


your boss, the Comrade Minister,

he's d*ad now.

It's not about the individual.

It's about the community,
the cause, and above all,

about the preservation of socialism.


Yeah, I mean,
Ms. Lobrecht, look around you.

The Wall was torn down by your own people

because they wanted freedom,
the Deutschmark, and Western goods.

Trabbi cars are trashed for fun

because they don't mean anything
to anyone anymore.

Gorbachev is already negotiating

with the British,
Americans, and French about reunification.

It must be incredibly painful to accept,

but everything you believed in
and dedicated your life to

will no longer exist in a few months.

There's nothing left to defend.

Socialism is just as d*ad as your boss.

In fact, from the very beginning,

socialism was just
one of history's crazy ideas.

-Sven, how can you say such a thing?
-What? I just... Wait, no!

I swore to the Minister
I would defend the suitcase with my life.

Always forwards, never backwards.


This one's on you.

Oh no.

Sven, help me up.

Help you up? We need to leave.

Help me up!

Okay. I'm coming.

Come on.

Right. One, two, three.

The suitcase!

The suitcase.

Okay, come on, go.

Thanks, Ms. Lobrecht.


Petzold is lying. He's double-crossing us.

The whole thing
seems to be about a red suitcase

the Stasi assassin is after.

But I think Petzold
is in cahoots with her.

We need him.

We need to try and tie him to us.


Yes, that's an extremely valuable
piece of information.

Thanks. I'll stay on it.

We should recruit him.

-Just a moment.

Here's what I suggest.

You come back to Pullach,

we analyze all the information we have,

then we develop a strategy together.


I don't think it would be right
to take our eyes off the two of them now.

Don't worry about that.

Come back and we'll plan our next steps.

Is that a direct order?

Min, please.

"In matters of w*r,
always control, never be controlled."

I'm sorry?

Okay, ready?

Are we really sure
we want to know what's inside?




All this effort just for a few newspapers?

No. It can't be.

Sven, someone must have swapped
the contents.

Perhaps when the mob stormed Stasi HQ.

And put newspapers in it?

Why? It makes no sense at all. It...



Look at the date.

The newspapers
have been in here for years.

Since '87.

Look here.

A few days before your Big Eden job.

This suitcase
was in Mielke's safe the whole time.

But it isn't the red suitcase,
it's just an old red suitcase.

Who had access to it?

Mielke's aide, Frey.

The guy I eliminated at the Big Eden.

He put the suitcase
with the newspapers in the safe

and offered the original one to the West.

The Firm found out,
and I was meant to stop the handover.

You did stop the handover,

but the suitcase
wasn't returned to Mielke.

So, where is it?

I have no idea.

That's it, then.

Our trail ends here.

Whatever's in this original suitcase
must be so expl*sive

that people are still dying for it,

still prepared to k*ll for it.

They'll continue to do so.

What is this...

Oh f*ck, was this all for nothing?

We must have overlooked something.



This is the guy.

The guy with the g*n
who was there when Uwe tried to k*ll you.

Uwe's accomplice. It was him.

Who is this?
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