02x06 - The Price

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Barbarians". Aired: October 23, 2020 –; present.
Three people's fates are interwoven in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D., during which Germanic warriors halt the spread of the Roman Empire.
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02x06 - The Price

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Hundreds of boats.
As far as the eye can see.

Only one day's ride away.

It's a whole legion.

At least 10,000 men.

What about your troops, Marbod?

We can't wait that long
if they're only one day's ride away.

Then we have to
att*ck these ships right away.

And how do we do that?

Can you even swim?

Have you ever seen such a ship? I haven't.

What about Germanicus?

Tiberius won't get involved
in any bargaining.

And he won't keep his word either.

Let's att*ck the camp
before the ships get there.

I like it. Robbing the bird of its nest.

Tiberius convened troops as reinforcement.

If there's no camp anymore,
nothing for them to reinforce...

They'll turn back.

But how, Ari. How?

You said it yourself. We are too few.

Palisades, archers...

Just getting into the camp
is a futile task.

Even if we do get in,
we'll still be outnumbered.

One of us is worth three Romans.

I admire your courage, Thusnelda.

You're a great warrior
and wanna fight the Rom...

I don't wanna fight.

I didn't want this w*r.
None of us wanted this w*r, right?

The Romans brought it upon us.

I would give anything for genuine peace.

But there's no peace if we're not free.

And that's why I'll do anything,
truly anything, for this freedom.

Beautiful words.

But even all of our heads
wouldn't buy us that freedom.

Then we must mobilize everyone
in the tribes.

Even the elders.

Anyone who can hold a sword.

So, you want
to lead your whole tribe into this fight?

I won't have a tribe anymore
if I don't do that.

It is nice to see you again.

To see you alive.

I'll fight
for the Cherusci as well, Father.

I'll do all that I can to...

I can't lose you again.

You're a child.

You're not a warrior.

Not yet.

Children don't belong on the b*ttlefield.

For the Romans, there are no children.

No women or men...

For them, we're all barbarians.

Maybe I can't fight, but...

but the Romans don't know that.

I'll just make sure
they all believe I can.

It might work.

It will work.

Who goes there? Stop!

Don't sh**t. I come alone.

I have information for the general.

I am Segestes.

If you want to survive,
just let me speak with him.

Report to the commander.

Like I said,

I want refuge in Rome
and enough gold for a decent life.

No man does
something like that just for gold.

That's something
only a man with a lot of gold would say.


What have you got to say
before I have you flogged?

They know about the ships.

And Marbod will do anything
to avenge his wife.

They've taken Germanicus c*ptive.

He's an idiot.

He was an idiot.


They are going to att*ck. Tomorrow.

They call you a fox.

A fox's burrow
always has a second exit or even a third.

Even though he doesn't need it.

Twelve summers ago.

In Carthage.

He was a blacksmith.

With a kind face.

I don't remember.

k*lling me won't change that.

Maybe it wasn't even me.

It was!

I remember.

Then what do you need me to say?

I need you to beg for my forgiveness.

And I need you to lick my ass.

He has your lips, Thusnelda.



- Can I hold him?
- We need to prepare.

Thumelicus. Thumelicus.

Of course.

What's going on?

What's happening?

Hey, men!

Silence, traitor!

Preparations are going well.

However, we are not informed
about how many there are.

As long as we secure the camp
for the ships to berth, we will be fine.

As you command, sir.


Any news about Germanicus?

Nothing. But are you sure you don't want
a search party to rescue him, sir?

No one goes in or out.

Not until the ships arrive.

I think you want to k*ll me...


I also think you know
I'm more valuable alive...

than avenging some petty memory.

- Don't tempt me.
- Dido!

Sleep well, my darling.

We need you for battle,
so I'll spare you.

But I promise you
that by this time tomorrow,

I'll have cut off your
filthy little Roman cock

and fed it to the pigs.

Sleep well,

my darling.


Don't run away again.

I wasn't happy last time.

When you left without saying goodbye.

Without a word.

I didn't want to involve anyone else.

Especially you.

It's not as simple as that.

You saved me back then
when I had no one else.


we've always said,

we don't owe each other anything.

You should be finding your own way.


But what if...

the path I find leads me to you?

Tomorrow, we'll fight.


Then we'll both be free.


Why is he not on the other side?

He has the right
to choose his fate. Let him.

It's started!
To the east gate!

To arms! Hurry!

They've gathered in the forest
on the east side.

10,000 barbarians. At least.

When will the ships arrive?


It can't be more than a few hours.

They're trying
to cover their numbers.

Hide how few they really are.

Or how many they are.


Quick, open the gate!

Open the gate!

It's a trap.
They're attacking from the other side!

They're on the other side!

Open the gate!

att*ck again!

Open the gate, damn it! Now!

Where is Tiberius?






I'm sorry. For everything.

He's escaping! He's escaping!
He's getting away again!

No, he isn't.

Folkwin. Hey.


I hated you so much, Ari.

Because I loved you so much.

You have to promise me something, Ari.

Anything, my friend. Anything.


Promise me you'll love Thumelicus

as if he were your son.

You have to love him like you loved me.

Promise me.

Promise me!

I promise.

I promise.

Folkwin. Folkwin.




Nobody saw you anywhere, and...

Get on your horse.

Get on your horse!

A Roman soldier fights until the end!

To the death!

- For Rome!
- A soldier does!

Not the future Caesar!

He must know when a battle
is no longer worth fighting!

My men are fighting!

What kind of Caesar deserts his men?

Germania is one
of many provinces.

And this camp is one of many.

One day you can decide
to burn down all of Germania.

So long as

you get on your horse right now.

For Rome!

It's wrong, Father.


Folkwin? Folkwin?

The three of us were so young
when the wolf attacked.

We thought the world was ours.

But the wolf taught us
that death is always near.

And we promised to protect each other...

...until the very end.

The world is full of men who conquer

and those who stand in their way.

And just when you think

there's nothing else
they can take from you...

they find a way
to draw you into battle again.


What happened?

What happened here?



Thumelicus. Thumelicus.

- What about him?
- Thumelicus!



People talk about glory
and honor in battle.

But there is only life or death.

So much blood was shed.

Theirs and ours blending into the mud.

We bring children into this world

in hopes that it'll be better for them.

Life is found in the gaps between battles.

Only then can love grow.

I don't think that life will still be
like this in a thousand summers.

Maybe those gaps will last longer.

But right now, we are here.

Fighting for the freedom of our people.

For the freedom of our children.

Thumelicus. Thumelicus.

I said I would give anything
for this freedom.


You'd better not, Thusnelda.


he'll be better off in Rome.

Put your w*apon down.

I had no idea what that meant.

I've done my part.

I love betrayal.

But I hate a traitor.

But we had
an agreement with you.

Mother and child
shouldn't be separated.

You are coming with us to Rome.


Only with the gods
at our side, tomorrow we will be free.
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