01x01 - Casino Bar

Episode transcripts for TV show, "Big Bet". Aired: December 21, 2022 - present.
Legendary king of the casino in the Philippines confronts unfortunate events after getting tangled up in a m*rder case.
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01x01 - Casino Bar

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Second Floor, .

Okay, okay. We're almost there.




Help. Help me.


Hey, Moosik.

Do you know the saying,
"there are no permanent flowers"?


It's about flowers.

No flower can bloom for ten days.

Cherry blossoms and forsythia,
they all die in ten days.

That's what it means.

Just look at that.

The flowers have all fallen.

It's not "permanent flowers."
It's "everlasting flowers."

There are,
"There are no everlasting flowers."

It's a metaphor for political power.
You really need to study more, okay?

It means political power doesn't mean
anything in the end,

and neither does life.

That everything's meaningless and vain.
That's what it means.


You're embarrassing. Pathetic.

All right.


why did you bring that up all of a sudden?

Are you trying to tell me something?


No, I'm just saying,
life is just like that.



Yes, Moosik.

I'll go in there alone,
and you wait out here.


Hello, Mr. Cha! How are you?


This way, please.

Your favorite spot.


Usual order?

Looks like a slow day, huh?

Maybe they're all at the beach,
enjoying the sun, sir.

Was there an American looking for me?

No, so far, sir.

Excuse me, I'll just get your order.

He's here.

Come on, hurry.

Hey! Hey, get out!

Get out!

Get out!

- Hey, hey, hey, stop right there.
- Don't move!

Put it down!

Put it down!

Put your g*n down!

Put it down!

Put it down!

-Put it down!
-Put it down!

That's right.

Put your hands up.

Cha Moosik, you are under arrest

for the m*rder of Seokjun Min.


I said, you are under arrest
for the m*rder of Seokjun Min.

You know who I am?

Yes, I know who you are.

This is a f*cking mistake.

No, you're the mistake.

Put handcuffs on him.

These f*cking bastards.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Team two!

Handcuff that man

and get him in the police car!



The number one fugitive Cha Moosik

from South Korea
has been arrested for m*rder.

- He has just arrived...
- He m*rder Seokjun Min.

- Hey, hey, hey--
- You two, why don't... Come out.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Sir, sir!

Sir, why you m*rder Seokjun Min?


Sir, why you m*rder Seokjun Min, sir?

Everyone, please settle down.

Have a seat.

The press conference will begin shortly.

We'll now start the press conference.

Time for questions.

First question.

Yes, ma'am.

Thank you.

Why did you m*rder Mr. Min?

Okay, second question?

Yes, sir.

You two were known to be very close.

Did something happen between you?

And was that the reason for m*rder?

Next question.

Yes, sir.

Do you also admit to k*lling
the three Chinese g*ng members?

Okay, next question.

Yes, ma'am.

There's also an allegation
that you k*lled another person.

Do you admit to that as well?

f*ck this shit.




Let me tell you a bit
about my life so far.

My family was very poor when I was young,

so my mother left me at a daycare.

She said she'd come get me in a month,

but I was already spending
my second spring there.

They never had enough food at the daycare.

- It's seaweed soup again.
- Chew your food well, okay?

Then you can eat the noodles.

I don't like the noodles. It's too salty.

Well, I like it.

Can I have a lot of the noodles?

Just a bit more.

Come on.

Don't you see the kids
lined up behind you?

You can eat that, and if you
still want more, you can come back.

- Go.
- She always says that.

I want the seaweed soup.

I wish I could eat some meat.

If you boil some chicken
and drink the stew...

Have you ever had fried chicken?

You can fry chicken?

Of course!

It's so good when you fry it.

It's like eating chips.

Don't lie to me. You've never had
fried chicken.

I swear I've had it before.

I had some when I went to the town.

They fry it in a big metal pot
and sell it.


But that doesn't matter.
I don't have any money.

How about we catch some f*re ants
and sell them?

The old guy at the herbal medicine store
said he'd give me money for f*re ants.

And where are we
going to find those f*re ants?

You know the tiger's cave down there?

There are tons of f*re ants there.




what if a tiger
actually comes out of there?

Th-There aren't any tigers in there.

I-It's all a lie.

I'm scared, Moosik.

Be quiet and follow me.

Ah! That stings!
Oh, that stings! That stings!

Come on, hurry up!


Hurry up. Get them in the bag. Hurry!

Hey, move faster! Get them in the bag!

We caught some f*re ants.


f*re ants.

Okay, okay.

My god, you idiots!

You could die from getting bitten
by f*re ants!

We're not going to die.

We'll get you some more.

Never mind that. Do you have a death wish?


All right.

Next time, bring me some centipedes.

- Centipedes?
- Yeah.



Let's go.

If you do that...

Hold on a moment.

Let's eat!

See? Believe me now?

Wow, it looks so delicious.

Hey, go away.


You'll chase away all my customers.

We can pay for it.

That's not even close to being enough.

- When they're gone, they're gone!
- Get lost.


Hey, go away!

Do you guys have any money?

We can't buy one with what we have,

so let's play rock-paper-scissors

and give one person all our money.

Okay, deal.

-Rock, paper, scissors!
-Rock, paper, scissors!

I won!

I already won two rounds!

Give me won.


I hope you win.

-Rock, paper, scissors!
-Rock, paper, scissors!

-Rock, paper, scissors!
-Rock, paper, scissors!

Give me won.


Let's bet all the money we both have.

How much do you have?

Are you dumb?

I have won.

If I lose...

I'll catch ten centipedes for you.

You can exchange them for won
at the herbal medicine store.

Really? Can you really catch centipedes?

Of course, I can.

Fine. Let's do it.

Please win!

-Rock, paper, scissors!
-Rock, paper, scissors!

-Rock, paper, scissors!
-Rock, paper, scissors!

-Rock, paper, scissors!
-Rock, paper, scissors!


What a pig.

I can't believe he ate
that big chicken all by himself.

You shouldn't have suggested
pooling the money.

Well, if you're going to eat something,
you should have a good meal.

It's better to not eat anything
if you can't eat all of it.


There's nothing here.



Why is this so hard to chew?

Just eat it.

- And why is it so salty?
- What are you guys doing?

What did you just eat?


What happened to your face?

Hold still.

Those were for the pigs.
Why the heck did you eat them?

When is my mother coming back?

Be quiet.

I don't want you to pass this on
to the other kids. Stay right here, okay?

-Yes, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.

My goodness.

This is all because of you!


No, it's because of you!


I'm going to get out of here.

Where will you go?

To a big town.

I bet there's a lot of food there.

Have you ever been to Daegu?

I heard it's huge.

You idiot, Seoul's even bigger.


Hey, I heard that people get mugged
there all the time.

Don't lie.

I'm not lying.

They mug everybody who's
from the countryside.

No way.



Maybe we have a visitor.

I hope it's my mom.

In your dreams.

Thank you.

Oh, no problem.






I'm a bit late, aren't I?

But it's okay. I'm here now.

Did you miss me?

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, Moosik.

- At the time...
- I'm so sorry, Moosik.

...mothers rarely came back

for their children
that they left at a daycare.

Life was still tough for her...

-...but she must have felt guilty.


Hello there.

This way.

My mother worked hard
to make a living,

doing chores for other families

I can do that.

At the time,
paychecks weren't really a thing.

All she received for her work was
the leftover food

from the banquets.

Wow! Look at that!

- Let's show it to the old man.
- My goodness.

Hold on.

Look at how many you caught.

One, two...

Wow, you caught !

The old woman who lived
at the tile-roofed house

gave me a single won
for each tadpole that I brought her.

I had a lot of fun making money that way.


Bring me some again, okay?



Take this back home.

Go on. Hurry.

Go on!

Aren't you going to say hello?

That's right.

My father was
a pretty famous gangster

in Gyeongsang Province.

People called him the General.

He was always going in and out of prison.

What's up with these side dishes?

Sorry. We don't have a lot of money...

Hey, are you seeing some other guy?


I bet it makes you happy
when I'm not here.


What have you been up to all this time?

Are you cheating on me?

My goodness.

I've been looking after you this
entire time while you were in prison.

What are you talking about?

If I were having an affair,
I wouldn't be here right now.

I would have run away already.

Do you have a death wish?
Don't you dare glare at me.


The teacher told me
to bring you to school.

Your teacher wants to see me?

Did you get into trouble?

No, I didn't.

Then why?

You can go with me.


So for "diligent," you would say

- "lazy," right?
- Yes, ma'am.

Then what about "mountains"?


Very good. How about "in front"?


And what about "narrow"?


Sir, there's just too much

that Moosik doesn't know.

He cannot keep up with the class at all.

Come on.

Students come to school to learn.

Why would they come here
if they already know everything?


he's in fourth grade right now,

but he can't even read Korean very well.

Uh, I think he skipped a lot of classes
when he was in first and second grade.

Since we can't teach Moosik

how to read and write Korean

in fourth grade classes...

...the only way he'll be able to catch up

is if you and his mother
teach him to read at home.




Here, read this.

You brat.




- "Woman's."
- "Woman's."

Now, together.

"A woman's."

What's that mean?

A girl.

Yeah, a girl.

A girl's "life."

That's, you know...


So it's about how girls live,
or something like that, okay?

Uh, "author."


You need to read more.

You need to read
if you want to be worth anything.


- Here.
- Okay.

Eat this.

I know you're not educated,

but I can't believe
that you never taught him how to read.

Well, uh, I thought he would learn
at school. I didn't know.

My goodness. Damn it.

You're pathetic.

Oh. Hey.

I'm planning on doing
some business in here,

so don't say a word to anybody, all right?

You understand?


- Come on, come on, come on.
- Huh?

Just hold on a second.

We're in no rush here, come on.

Come on, show us.

-Damn it.

-Hey, just hold on a minute.


Okay, okay, okay.
I need some positive energy.

-Come on, send it!
-Good God.

You never know until you do it.

Shuffle them. Come on, pass them around.

I got it, I got it.

Hey, hey, hey. Shut up for a minute.

Send it, hurry up.


-That one's bad. That one's real bad.
-Damn it.


You f*cking idiot.

I told you to fold on my signal!

-You f*cking idiot. I had a pair of aces.
-You f*cking idiot.

I had a full house, aces full,
so if you were holding a pair of aces,

that wouldn't have worked, you dumb shit.

f*ck, fine.

Man, you're such a f*cking idiot.


Damn it, f*ck! Don't you know how much
money we could have gotten with that?

f*ck, okay!

I had such a good feeling
about this one, though, you know?

You f*cking idiot, you use
your skills to make money, not guts.


If you cheat, then I'll cut your
damn hands off.

You understand?


Now get back in there.

Hey, what are you doing?

This is the right one.
Here. Look, look!

All right, let's do this.

Are you really trying
to pull that right now?

Ouch, that's hot.

Look here.


- Here's your ramen.
- Okay.

Is it stove-cooked?

- Yes, it is. Yes.
- Wow, that looks delicious.

- Enjoy.
- Okay, here you go.

Can I get a Bacchus-D?

Do we have any Bacchus-D?

No, we don't.

Hey, Moosik.

Don't just watch. Get that out here.

Go to Sinjang-ro

- and get me two boxes of Bacchus-D.
- All right, all right...

That's more like it.



Who is it?

It's me.

My goodness.


You're the General's son!

What do you need?

I need two boxes of Bacchus-D.


All right.

My goodness, hey, hey.

I can't believe you're going through
all this trouble so late at night.

Here, take it.

-Thank you, sir.

Bye, now.


That's not fair.

- See? You lost.
- f*ck... I lost.

Come on.

- Thank you.
- Here you go.

Let's see them.
Come on, come on, come on!

- Damn it.
- You can look at them later.

All right, let's go, let's go.

-Why am I only getting shitty hands?
-Here, you can have them all.

Here it is, here it is.

- You, too.
- Oh, right. Here you go.

Take this around.

I call your million and add another .

I got all my money.

It's all right.

Wow, I guess it's my lucky day today.

One more.
I'm not getting any good ones.


Hold on.

Show us, show us, show us...

There it comes, just like that...

Write them down a hundred times each.


That's when I started
to really enjoy studying.

I liked it when my father
taught me things.

But then...

Didn't I tell you to not even
think about cheating? Huh?

Didn't I? You assh*le!

And who the hell do you think you are?

-Hey, you assh*le.
-I'm sorry, Kyungduk!

I told you not to do it, you assh*le!

You f*cking dimwits.

You f*cking idiots.

My father went to prison again
after b*ating people up.

After that, his guests suddenly
stopped coming to our house.



are we going to do now?


My mother and I went to Daejeon

after hearing that my father
was at the prison there.

You know, it's a strange thing.

My father b*at her so many times,

but she went off to take care of him again
while he was in prison.






you've moved up here for good?



We don't have a place to stay.

Can you give us a room
if I work here for you?

Can you do food deliveries, too?

Of course.


You can't eat that.
That's for the customers.

Here, you can eat this.

Also, the granny's grandson is studying,
so you can't be too loud, okay?

Shh! Okay?



All right, pick one, pick one.

Please buy some newspapers.

- Okay, I'm going to make a move.
- Go for it.

-Please buy some newspapers.
-Newspapers for sale.

All right, let's go home.

Huh? Moosik!

Huh? Jonghyun, is that you?

I never thought I'd see you here.

What are you doing here?

What about you?

This is weird. I didn't think
I'd run into you here, either.

Right? It's good to see you.

Why are you so thin?

I ran away from the orphanage.

I was too hungry.

Hey, what are you doing right now?

Are you selling newspapers?

Yeah. If I manage to sell one of these,
what I get is pretty nice.

I get paid for selling them.




All right, how much
for one copy of newspapers?

Seventy won.

Okay. If you bring back won,
I take won,

and you take won.

-Do you understand?
-Yes, sir.

But if you sell less than five copies,

then you'll get smacked once
for every copy

that you didn't sell, all right?

Yes, sir.

Well, go and sell them, then.

Give me more.

Don't be cocky. Get out.

Give me more. Give me copies.


It's already hard to sell five copies.

Are you crazy?

I can sell them all.

I want copies, please.

Please buy some newspapers.

Newspapers for sale.

N-Newspapers for sale.

- Newspapers for sale.
- Newspapers for sale.

Newspapers for sale. Please buy one...

Newspapers for sale.

Newspapers for sale.

Pretty lady,

can you buy some newspapers? Please?

How much is it?

It's won.

Hold on.

I don't need the change.

Thank you!


How come you don't give them their change?

That's the only way
that I'll make a profit.

You should try this too
and tell them that it's won.

What are you talking about?

Newspapers for sale.


Please buy some newspapers.

Pretty lady, please buy some newspapers.





-Where are we going today?

I don't want to go to a billiard room.

Newspapers for sale.

Newspapers for sale.

Honey, you should buy some newspapers.

Here, kid. How much for one?

- won.
- won?

What are you doing?

Please buy some newspapers.


Step aside.

How many do you have left?

Th-Three, sir.

You've been so lazy recently.

So lazy!

Get out!

Damn it.

Hey, put up your damn hands!

Hey, what's up with you two?

Why did you come back so soon?

Where are your newspapers?

We sold them all, sir.

Now you're lying to me?

Hey, you know the type of people
that I hate the most? Liars.

What are you doing?

Yes, sir.

Oh, hello there.

-See you later.
-Yes, yes, sir.

- Where's boss?
- He's in his office.


Yeah, yeah.

I'm back.

Hey, come take a seat.


"Why"? Look at this.
What's happening here?

We're supposed to be making more money.


Don't even start.
You have machines out there,

but you made only . billion won.

The Fiveway g*ng didn't send any money.

Then tell them to send it.

I did. Do you really think that I didn't?

They just cussed me out.

Hey, just don't do any business
with gangsters from now on.

None of those assholes are paying up.

Just don't do business with them.

The Fiveway g*ng?


How much money do they owe you?

They were supposed to give me . billion.

Jonghyun, can you just go after them
and send them a message?

Go after them?

I can't just do that out of nowhere.

Why? They're dealing
illegal gift cards, too.

Can't you just go bust them?

Hey, everyone's doing that nowadays.

And how exactly am I supposed
to go after them anyway, huh?

Come on, you can just find a reason
to go after them. Anything.

I know you can do it. Come on.



Do you think I'm your employee?

You little moron.

You think you can act all arrogant now
because you gave me some money?

I'm not trying to act arrogant.

I'm just asking you
to do something about it.

I'm asking you for a favor right now.

How am I being arrogant?

If I step in,
then they'll come after you too.

Can you handle that?

No, of course, I can't.
That's why I came to talk to you.


If you're that desperate,

then you can go talk to Moosik.


Nobody is better than Moosik
when it comes to something like this.

We're here, sir.

- Oh, we are?
- Yes, sir.

Sir, you forgot this.

Oh, right. Okay.

- Just wait right there.
- Yes, sir.

- Okay?
- Yes, sir.

Don't go anywhere.

Global talent?


"Cha English Academy." Cha...

And don't forget your homework, okay?

- Okay.
- Bye-bye.

The doors are closing.
The doors are closing.


What did you think about the teacher?

- Thank you, ma'am. Thank you.
- All right. Thank you so much.

- Of course. Hey, Nayun.
- Bye.

- I'll see you later.
- See you later.


You can do it!


I can't believe
that you've opened an academy.

This place is the best academy in Daejeon.

We have the highest number
of foreign instructors.


Wow, this is hard to get used to.

By the way, what are you doing nowadays?

- Me?
- Yeah.

I'm working in IT. You know, computers.

What T?

You're selling T-shirts?

IT, IT. IT is really trending nowadays.

-Hey, there are children here.

Why are you here?

Well, I had a favor to ask of you.

But, uh,

judging by what you're doing here,
I don't think it'll work out.


I have a great opportunity for you.

What the hell are you talking about?

Okay, spill.

Moosik, do you know
how much money we make in a month?

How much?

Our net revenue alone
is over billion won.

On top of that, these machines
are worth over billion won.

I mean, these things are so in demand,
they're selling like hotcakes.

Look. You set the profit rate,

and you're guaranteed regular profit.
It's not even illegal.

The government supports
this industry, too.

So, it's perfectly legal.

All right? You don't need to worry at all.


If I do this,

can you sell me the machines
at their original prices?

Of course.

Wait, wait. Hold on, hold on.

I just got this idea.

You know Mangchi, right? In Busan?


Yes, yes, yes. Mangchi.

He just opened a casino bar in Busan,

and apparently, it's a huge h*t.

-Oh, right, right, right.

He opened a casino bar?

- Yeah. The idea's from Japan...
- Yeah.

...and apparently,
people can legally gamble there.

- Chiyoung.
- What?

I've heard of it, too.

It's pretty nice.

Uh, why don't we go down to Busan
for some sashimi, then?

Sure. Let's do that.


Hey, Mangchi!

Hey, buddy! I hope the drive
down here wasn't too bad.

Long time no see.

Hey, hey, you assh*le.

Huh? What's this?


Wow. Look at this shiny thing.
So you're rich now, huh?


Yeah, yeah.

Uh, go ahead and introduce yourself.
Uh, this is Moosik. He works with me.

My goodness, hello, Moosik.
I've heard a lot about you.

Oh, hello.

-It's a pleasure to meet you.
-Yeah, nice to meet you too.


Let's get you guys inside.

-Follow me.
-Okay, let's go.

Chiyoung, I'll wait here.

Okay, okay.
Don't do anything stupid.

This way. Right this way, please.

This way.


Hey, go somewhere else.
Do you have a death wish?

He said he wants me
to show him some respect.


This is South Korea's first casino bar.


Hey, I won.

Do you have any money?

Wow, it's basically
like what I saw in the movies.

Of course!

Who ordered the coffee?
I have a coffee delivery!

Hey, you did good.

Should we get more money?

Hey, don't cry.


You little b*tch.

No means no.

Hey, it's looking good today.

No, there's a lot already. It's fine.

It should appear any minute now.

A bank?

This place was a bank before?

Oh, sure.

Ugh, don't even mention it.

I got screwed over last time,
so I had to redo everything.

I got new tables and chips and everything.

- Hey!
- Hmm...

You know, the permit for this place
says that it's a bar.

We're supposed to be selling alcohol.

Isn't this illegal, then?


We don't use any cash,
so it's totally legal!

Damn it, today's not a good day.

Hey, what's this game supposed to be?

Have you ever heard of Baccarat?


Here, look. It's easy.

- The banker is on this side...
- Yeah.

...and the player is on that side.

One of them wins.

It's odds and evens. Odds and evens.

Odds and evens?

So, how do we play?

Eh, whatever. Just try it.
You'll learn fast.

Moosik, why don't you try it?


Okay. I'll give it a go, then.

, , .

-Okay, I'm betting.

Banker out!



- Here.
- I got it!

That's right. All right, all right!

That's bad.

Don't you want to take a break?

No, I want to keep playing.

Banker natural nine, banker win.



Did you lose?


-Did you win anything?
-I won.

You won?

Hey, Chiyoung.

I think I got the gist of it.
Let's go now.

Man, I'm tired.


He'll collect his winnings.

Wow, Moosik. You won something?

How much is it?

. million won, sir.

Holy jeez.

Looks like you played
a good first round.

What are these?

They're vouchers. Vouchers for alcohol.

Follow me.

-You want us to follow you?
-Come on.

Thank you.


Come on, follow me.

Where did he go?

Uh, right here.

Where is he?

Wake the hell up!

Let's work, let's work!

Oh, hello!

Ugh, Jesus Christ.

My god, you reek of alcohol. Ugh.

You've been drinking!

-Here, exchange these.
-Yes, sir.

You assh*le, this thing is worth
thousand won. It's years old!

How much in total?

. million won, . million!

Wow, he won a lot.

I'm going to k*ll you, you little shit.

Here you go.


Follow me.

Goodbye, sir.

All right, right this way.

- Come in.
- Oh, welcome.

Hey. Can you exchange this alcohol for me?


Wow, you brought a lot today.

Oh, so are you doing it like this
because of the restrictions?


If you do it like this, it's all legal.

There's nothing illegal about it.

This right here
is a completely healthy business.

So the house just takes a ten percent fee,
and that's it?

Oh, yeah.

The customers keep the rest
of the winnings.

But if you lose all your money...


don't you worry.

The thing about gambling is,

the house will always win.

No matter how hard they try,

they can never b*at the house.

Here you go.




I'm back.

Oh, you're back!


Ask Moosik if he had fun.

Did you have fun?

- Hey. Chiyoung.
- Yeah.

Let's do this.

I think we'll need a lot of people, then.

We'll need to change the money outside
and exchange it, too.

There's no need
to make things so complicated.

We can just give it to them in cash.

I'll take care of the cops.

You need to go to Jeongseon
and get me some dealers.

How many do you want?

About , and I want the good ones.

While you're doing that,
I'll find us a place.

- Okay.
- Hey, Sangchul.


You know your way around Daejeon, right?

Yeah, really well.

Okay, let's take a look around together.




Stomach, chest, chest, chest!



What are you doing?
Dancing in the moonlight?

Where is the place?

It's on the second floor, right up there.

They're not getting any business here.
No customers at all.

Where should I park?

You can just park right up there.

You want me to park?

No, you can step out. I'll park the car.


Hey, why is this place so empty
at this time of day?

Welcome in.

How does this place make enough
to even afford the rent?

Yeah, these are pretty rough times.

The economy isn't doing well at all.

- Are you the owner?
- Yeah.

Can I talk with you for a moment?

What is it?

Wait, so,

even if you sold this place,

you wouldn't get any entitlement fees,
would you?

Entitlement, my ass.

I just wish somebody would pay
the overdue rent.

What about the facility fees, then?

Nobody's paying facility fees right now.
The economy is slower than ever.

How much is the deposit for this place?

Ten million.

Ten million?


...hear me out.

I'll give you ten million won
for the deposit

and throw in another million to make up
for the money you've been losing.

If you leave everything here
and just walk away,

I'll talk to an acquaintance of mine

and make sure that this place gets sold
for a good price.

Then we can call it even.

How's that sound?

Thirty million won?


Well, if you want to take anything
with you, feel free to do that.

Oh, my.

It's fine. I don't want to take anything.

But can you really give me million won?

Ma'am, do I look like I'm joking?

If you can't believe me, we can sign
a contract right now. Okay?

I'll give you the money up front. But...

you can't complain, no matter
how high of a price I can get

for this place through my acquaintance.


Oh, of course.

Okay, one, two, three!

f*ck, what are we even doing here?


We cleaned out the place.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

-Come here.

-Hey, if you're done with that...

...get me a really good carpenter.

How many carpenters?

Well, we'll need about six casino tables.

Uh, just get as many as you can.

All right.

Hey, Moosik!

I've recruited dealers!

When are they coming?

I told them to come down here
over the weekend.

-Okay. Come over here.

-All right, then.

Now, go and get me

two of the best cooks in Daejeon.

Best cooks?

You know, the ladies who work
at that really famous restaurant.


Okay, okay.

By the way, we don't have a place
for people to sleep in.

Where are the dealers going to sleep?

We can just rent some rooms
at a motel nearby. Don't worry.


I think the dealers will all run away
if we make them work -hour shifts

or something like that.



Excuse me, sir.

- Hello.
- Hello.

-By any chance...

...do you know anybody who specializes
in temporary buildings?

Oh, of course. One of my friends does.


That's great.

I want a sandwich panel dorm
on the rooftop up there.

-It should be able to house

about people.

-Uh, I'll give him a call, then.
-All right. That'd be great.

Sure, sure.

All righty.

f*ck it, let's give this a sh*t.
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