03x09 - I'm Not Leaving

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Mr Inbetween". Aired: 25 September 2018 – 13 July 2021.
Ray is a hitman for hire who makes a life out of balancing his criminal activities with his obligations to friends and family.
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03x09 - I'm Not Leaving

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What about your picture?

You can have it.

I thought you liked
that picture.

I do, but
I've got nowhere to put it.

Well, you might as well have it

'cause, I don't have
anywhere to put it either, so...




Why are you leaving?

We talked about this.

And I'm not leaving.

I'm gonna be, like,
an hour and a half away

and I'm still gonna
see you all the time.

Yeah, but
you're still leaving.

♪ French kissin' in the USA

♪ French kissin' in the USA... ♪

Why is it called
French kissing?

Hmm, dunno.

Did French people
invent it?


Kissing's weird.

Why's that?

Don't you think it's weird?

You open your mouth
and stick your tongue

in someone else's mouth
and then wiggle it around.

Well, when you put it like that,
yeah, it's a little bit weird.


So have you had a pash yet?


- A kiss.
- I know what a pash is.

But no-one says that

Oh, ok. Sorry I'm not up
with the latest lingo.

- So what do you call it?
- Kissing.

Oh, ok. So have you
done any kissing?


How you going, mate?



What are you up to?

Not much.

- Ray: Not a bad spot, eh?
- Yeah.

I'd rather be there
than here.

Yeah, me too.

Bill: Mmm.

Who are you?

I'm your son.

- My son?
- Yep.

This is your granddaughter.

Hi, pop.

I've got a granddaughter.

It's your lucky day, mate.

Well, look at you!
You're so pretty.


Are you Chinese?

No, I'm aussie.

Bill: Oh.


Well, I'll see you
in a couple of weeks.

Make sure you get
the Internet connected.

Yes, ma'am. Alright.

- Love you, darling.
- Love you.

That's one.

There's two.

- See you, darl.
- 'bye.

Gary: Oh, man.

So what are you
gonna do with brit?

Has she been down here?
Has she stayed?

No Internet.

- Oh, gotta have the net.
- Yep.

Gotta have the net.

How's the movie biz?

Mate, it's going great g*n.

I... I might have to
put someone on.

I'm serious.

I tell you what. I'm earning
my f*ck' money, though.

Last week, this couple,
they wanted to sh**t an outdoor vid.

- Yeah? Yeah.
- You know, down by the beach.

So, anyway,
we get down there

and there's all
these people around.

I'm thinking, "this isn't right.
We can't do it here."

But that's what they wanted.
They wanted to do it in public.

- Exhibitionists.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So I managed
to coax them

into doing it in
a more palatable spot.

- Yeah.
- So, anyway,

they're getting into it.

I'm filming away.

Next minute,


They wanted me to join in.

What are you eatin'?

- Dimmies.
- Eugh.

- Want one?
- Nah. f*ck no.

- Don't you like dimmies?
- I've never had one.

Mate, you're not an aussie
if you haven't had a bloody dimmie.

- Mate, I don't understand...
- Mmm?

...Like, how can you
eat something

when you don't even
know what's in it?

I don't need to know
what's in it.

It tastes good.
That's all I need to know.

- Nah.
- Try one.

- No, I don't want one.
- For me.

- No, mate, I've come this far...
- Just for me.

- Please. Please. Try it.
- Alright, I'll have a bite.

I'll have one bite.

Disgusting-looking thing.

It's pretty f*ck' good.

What did I tell you?

Get it in there, mate.
Soy sauce.

- Oh, my god.
- How good is it?

It's incredible.

- Told ya.
- Mmm!

Hey, mate,
I figure you should know...

...Um, you know
that guy, the biker

you were having
that trouble with?

- Alex?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- He's looking for ya.

- Who told you?
- Just a mate.

Does he know where he is?


So it was a flying f*cking saucer,
was it, Raymond?

Look, mate, if there were
aliens about,

we'd know by now.
Think about it.

How the f*ck are you
gonna keep that a secret?

Mate, they don't want you
to know about it.

It's all f*cking
top-secret, right?


Mate, how many planets
have you got in the universe?

I don't f*ck' know.
How many?

- Trillions, ok?
- Trillions.

You got trillions of planets.

You're gonna tell me
out of all those planets,

the universe goes on

this is the only planet

that's got
any life on it?

Come on, mate.

Would you root an alien?

Why would I root
an alien?

Nah, nah, look. Well,
there's no human women about.

You're on
one of those planets

surrounded by f*ck' alien
women who are all, you know...

You know, you haven't had a root
in years.

You give 'em one?

- It depends.
- On what?

If she looked like
E.T., mate,

I can tell ya
it's not gonna happen.

what about... what about...

You've seen that
'Star Wars' film, right,

where that Jab the Hutt Slug,
the big, fat f*ck' thing,

he's got this,

he's got his alien woman
on a chain,

she's dancing around,
she's got the Lycra on,

she's got the,
you know...

...she's got the good rig,
got the horns.

Give her one?

I'd have to be pretty f*ck'
toey, mate, I'll tell you.

Mate, I'd give her one
in a f*ck' heartbeat.

And you know why?
If for no other reason

to say,

that I f*cked an alien.

No, think about it, right?
No, think, think.

You go down the pub,
mate says to you,

"What'd you do

"f*cked an alien.
Like, properly."

Mate, are we close?

Should be on the left.

Are we on the right
f*ck' road here?

Pine Grove Road, .

So that's...

- Well, we've gone past it.
- f*ck' turn around, then.

I'll do a uey up here.

It'll be up here.

Up here, up here.

It's just saying...

Here, Ray.
Right here.


Living underground, is he?

Hi. You've called Freddy.
You know what to do.

Give us a call
as soon as you can, mate.

What the f*ck is that?

- What?
- That.

f*ck! f*ck!

Get up, Ray! Go!

- f*ck.
- f*cking Jesus Christ.



Go! Go!

Go, go! f*ck, move, Ray!


Oh, f*ck!

- You hit?
- No.


Get the semi!
It's in the boot!

Jesus f*ck!








f*ck. Give me the g*n!
Go. Run. Get into cover!



Can't f*ck' breathe.




Mate, you gotta
keep moving!

- Ray, I'm f*cked. Ray, I'm...
- Just give me the g*n.

No! Get to the farmhouse!

Mate, we gotta go.
Pick it up.

Come on, come on!

Come on!
Get in.

Get down, mate.


- Ray... - I'm f*cked.
- Okay.

Don't worry about me.

Okay, you gotta keep
the pressure on that, mate. Okay?

Hey, mate.

Listen to me...

Listen to me.

You look after my little boy.

You look after him.

You gotta promise... promise me.

I promise you.

Don't you bloody
die on me, mate.

f*cking move.


f*ck... you.

...to sing the
Australian national anthem.

Oh, f*ck.


Our national anthem.
It's shit.

All national anthems are shit.

Hmm, not America's.

How's theirs go again?

Well, I don't remember it
off by heart,

- but it shits on ours.
- ♪ Is girt by sea… ♪

"Girt by sea."
What the f*ck does that mean?

"Waltzing Matilda"
should be ours.

Oh, f*ck off.

What's wrong with that?

A song about a thief
who kills himself

by jumping
in a f*cking lake.


Where are you going?

To get a drink.

♪ In joyful strains, then let us… ♪

Jesus Christ, you scared
the f*cking shit out of me!

Mate, I'm sorry.

I am. I had to do it.
I'm-I'm sorry.

I had... I had to do that.
I had no choice.

Now, if I didn't help
set you up,

he was gonna k*ll me.

Rafael and his guys,

they... they...
they were watching me.

They were... watching me at the...
at the restaurant.

They had a... a guy
outside my house

watching Michele.

She here?

She's upstairs.

Like, I-I feel so bad,
I-I haven't slept.

You're unbelievable. You're like a...
You're like a cat.

Nine lives.

Friend of mine wasn't
so lucky.

Oh, mate, I'm sorry.

Hey, if... if there'd been
any other way...

Could have tipped me off.

Hey, look,
I was just...

I was... I was... I was...
I was... I was terrified.

But, yeah, yeah,
you know, you're right.

Yeah, I should have, uh...

Yeah. I should have...
I-I should have done that.

I should...
I should have tried,

but I-I made a mistake,
you know.

Everybody makes mistakes,



Wasn't really a mistake,
though, was it?

Yeah, it was. Yeah.

- Hmm. Hmm.
- It... it was, mate.

I'm the one
who made the mistake.

Ray, I'm so sorry.

Where youse off to?

Christies Beach.

All right, I'll try to get you
as close as I can,

but it's pretty wet
down there, boys.

- Cool.
- Thanks.

How's your night been, driver?

Yeah, pretty good, mate.
How's yours?

- Yeah, not bad.
- Mm.

We was just down
at the clubhouse.


We know a few of the boys.

Had a bit of a shindig,
hey, Jase?

How long
you been driving cabs?

Not too long.

You enjoy it?

Well, it's not the worst job
I've ever had.

What about you?
What do you do?

You know,
a bit of this, bit of that.


Welcome back.

We are halfway through
our classic playlist

as voted by you...

I'll have to drop you here,

We're just around
the next bend.

All right, I'll get you
around the corner, all right?

That's it, mate.

Keep going.

I'm sorry, mate,
we're just a bit further.

Pretty spooky out here,
hey, Dill?

Yeah, it's dark as.

Someone might die
out here tonight.

♪ I am a human being ♪

♪ Capable of doing terrible things… ♪

What do you reckon,


Maybe, eh?

♪ Run ♪

♪ ..I'm awake
and celebrating ♪

♪ Anything that I've become ♪

♪ You people are mistaken ♪
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