01x08 - Wall

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Lookism". Aired: December 8, 2022 - present.
In a society that favours good looks, a high school outcast leads a double life switching between his two bodies that are polar opposites in appearance.
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01x08 - Wall

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- [female student] Good morning.
- [male student] Morning.

[indistinct chatter]


[upbeat music playing]


[woman gasping]

[male student laughing]

- Look at the passenger!
- [female student ] Huh?

- [male student chuckling]
- [female student gasping]

[male student ] Seriously, who is that?

[female student gasping]
Look at that car!

There's a car like that in Korea?


[male student ]
All right, here we go. One, two, three!

[female student groans]
What the eff, dude?

- You think I'm this ugly? [grunts]
- [male student ] That looks fun.


Come over here
if you want to experience the magic of...

I haven't cut my bangs in three months.

- Four months here.
- [gasps]

We need to see Jang-hyeon
from the beauty class at least once.

- [male student chuckling]
- My heart's already pounding.

- Oh, gosh!
- [male student ] It's all girls here.

- [Jang-hyeon] Which school you from?
- Huh?

- [Jang-hyeon] Jeongui Girls' High School?
- Oh, yeah, uh...

- [chuckles]
- Huh?

Welcome to Jaewon High, huh? [chuckles]




- [chuckles] Uh...
- [Jang-hyeon] Hmm.


Do you like it?

Uh, yeah, sure! [chuckles]

- [indistinct chatter]
- [scoffs]

["Like That" playing]

["Like That" concludes]

We have lots of pretty clothes!
Come take a look! [chuckles]


We're Jaewon High School's
Fashion Design class!


[laughs] Come right this way.

This is the Fashion Design class's
clothing store.

What do you think of this?

- Oh! Just like Doja.
- [both chuckle]

- Huh?
- What about this one?

I think it would totally go great
with that top.

[chuckles] How's it look?

Ah! You could b*at Doja in that outfit.

Oh! So, do I have the approval
of Mickey and Minnie?

- [laughs]
- [laughs]

[male student ] Thank you!
Come by again!

- [sighs]
- [grunts]


- [groans]
- [crowd gasp]

- [indistinct chatter]
- [male student laughs]


[male student ]
Maybe the other guy is just bad.

- Huh? [gasps]
- [Lee Hyeon-do] Hey, Park Ji-ho.

Concentrate, man.

- How many seconds left?
- [Park Ji-ho] Uh, three, two, one.

- Okay, the minute's up.
- [students gasp]

- [bell dings]
- [male student groaning]

[male student ]
He got tired out in just a minute.

[male student ]
Whoa, he must be really good.

Wanna try again?

Oh, no way, man. I'm all done!

- [mic static]
- [male student ] Whoa.

Huh? Oh!

Looks like it's gonna start soon. [grunts]

Win ten thousand won if you can land
a single hit under a minute!

[Park Han-gyeol] Win ten thousand won!

[Jang Gi-seok]
Does anyone else want to try?

It's , won per try!

[Park Han-gyeol]
Five thousand won per try!

- [students gasp]
- Oh, pretty lady!

[Jang Gi-seok]
It's free for pretty ladies.

- [Lee Hyeon-do] Free! [laughing]
- [scoffs]

[ominous music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[somber music playing]

[Park Hyeong-seok]
It's going to start soon.

- It's almost time.
- [Pyeon Deok-hwa] Yeah.

[Park Hyeong-seok sighs] I'm nervous.

I didn't know I'd be singing
on a stage as big as this.

The festival showcase is like
the main event of the night.

I know it'll be all right.
Let's just do like we did in practice.

[breathes deeply]

You practiced especially hard,
so be confident, Hyeong-seok.

Oh. [chuckles]

- Huh?
- [indistinct chatter]

- Um, sorry...
- Huh?

- ...give me a sec. I'll be right back.
- Huh?

- Oh, uh...
- [footsteps receding]


- [male student groans]
- [male student ] Oh, yeah,

you're doing great, Basco!

- You got him!
- [grunts]


- [groans, grunts]
- [crowd cheering]

[male student ] Yeah,
I knew Basco would win!

What did I tell ya!

[Park Beom-jae] Oh, he almost had it.
Okay, any other challengers?

- Hmm.
- [male student ] Basco's the best.

[Park Beom-jae] Five thousand won
for one game of arm-wrestling.

Get double your money when you win!

[indistinct chatter]


Huh? Excuse me!


Hello, you must be here for the festival.

- Who are you?
- Oh. [gasps]

Right! This is the first time
I'm meeting her in this body.

Uh, that I, uh...

Hitting on me by pretending you know me?
So obvious.

- What?
- [scoffs]

- Uh, no. I...
- I guess it's worked for you until now.

But don't act like you're all that
just because you're halfway handsome.

[Park Hyeong-seok]
She's not being as nice as usual.

This whole school
is full of people like you.

Who judge people solely on their looks.


I was going to watch
the performances then go.

But never mind.
I'm sick of all of this. Let's go.

Uh. Oh, no, please wait.

- [groans]
- That's quite enough.

- [Park Hyeong-seok] How is he...
- [Jong-geon] How persistent.

She already explained this.

- [Park Hyeong-seok groans]
- She's had enough of you people.

- [groans]
- [Jong-geon] Step back, pretty boy.

- Don't make me hurt you.
- [groans]

- [groans]
- [gasps]

- Huh?
- Let go of me!

[action music playing]

[Choi Su-jeong]
He shook off Jong-geon's grip?


- You little... [grunts]
- [Park Hyeong-seok] He's fast.

- [groans]
- [Jong-geon] A guard position? I got him.

[Park Hyeong-seok groans]

- [groans]
- [gasps]


- You reacted to my kick...
- [Park Hyeong-seok coughing]

- ...and put your guard up.
- [Hyeong-seok groans]

You've got a good eye. You're interesting.

You're strong and light on your feet.

- Based on your stance...
- [Park Hyeong-seok groans]

[Jong-geon]...you haven't been
properly trained at all.

But you're not without talent.

If it were up to me I'd let you go.

But I have to do
as my employer tells me to...

[Choi Su-jeong] Don't you dare!

- You really don't have to go this far.
- My orders were quite clear.

To make sure no one touches
a hair on your head.

And if anyone does try to touch you,

- to b*at them...
- [Park Hyeong-seok groans]

- ...to a bloody pulp.
- [Park Hyeong-seok groans]

That's just the way it is. Sorry, guy.

- [Basco] Hey, glasses.
- [groans]

- Huh?
- Huh?

[Basco] What do you think
you're doing there?

[dramatic music playing]

[gasps] Basco?

- This your friend?
- [groans]


[Basco sighs] That's right.


I'm his friend.


- [grunts]
- So don't be messing around with him.

Or I'll teach you a lesson.

Teach me a lesson? [chuckles]
Why do you talk like that?

- [chuckles] You're hilarious.
- [gasps]

- [gasps]
- [gasps]

[tense music playing]

- Glasses.
- Huh?

Take off your glasses.

[Jong-geon] My punch had no effect?


- That didn't hurt?
- [sighs]


This school truly is so interesting.

- Now, come on!
- Fine. I'll hit you!

[Park Hyeong-seok pants]

- [pants]
- [Basco] I'm his friend.


- Huh?
- [Park Hyeong-seok pants]

- [gasps]
- [Park Hyeong-seok pants]


[Jong-geon] He stood up
after I kicked him.

Even if you both fight me,
you still don't stand a chance.

- [Choi Su-jeong] Jong-geon!
- Hmm?

Do you want me to say
you're out punching people again?

- [sighs]
- Jong-geon, don't do it.

You have to go back to your old post.

- [pants]
- [pants]

[breathes deeply]

I got too excited.
Been a while since I fought anyone.

- You, "friend," can put your arms down.
- [pants]

- You too.
- [groans]

I'd better start restraining myself.

- Huh?
- [Jong-geon] I need to take

the GED as well.

- The GED?
- [car engine revving]

I'm sorry, you were hurt.

- [sighs, groans]
- Huh?

- You okay?
- [sighs]

- So, who's the guy with the glasses?
- Oh, I don't know.

We just met.

If you and I fight again,
I promise I'll win.

- [grunts]
- Saying that...

I don't think I got what it takes
to b*at Glasses.

[groans] I'm just not strong enough.


[soft music playing]

[sighs, groans]

- Huh?
- Found it on my way here.

Uh. Oh, thanks.

[Park Hyeong-seok] I first thought
it was because he wanted

to use me in some way. That wasn't it.

[Park Ji-ho] He always asks me
to eat lunch with him.

And he never really asks me for anything.

[Park Hyeong-seok] My mother gave him
that to pay for the coffee.


- [chuckles] Thank you. I appreciate it.
- [Basco] Hmm.

If we fight again, I will win though.

[chuckles] Okay, okay.

[Hwan-Jun] Next is Jaewon High's
cutie pie...

- Oh, I'd better get going.
- [Hwan-Jun] ...Kim Seul-beom!

- Hmm?
- [crowd cheering]

[rock music playing]

Wow, look at that.
Kids are so boisterous these days.

- Yeah, they sure are.
- [laughs]

Well, did I put it on right?

[Pyeon Deok-hwa] Wow,
it looks great on you, Hyeong-seok.

[Park Hyeong-seok] Thank you.

For offering these outfits
for our performance.

- [chuckles]
- [Jin Ho-bin] Hey.

- Huh?
- Huh?

- [laughs]
- [Go Jeong-gi laughing]

[Jin Ho-bin] Are your clothes going
to do the singing?

- [laughs]
- [Hwan-Jun] Next is vocal dance class's...

- Well...
- [Pyeon Deok-hwa] Hey!

- [Jin Ho-bin]...it's our turn.
- [Hwan-Jun] ...and Go Jeong-gi.

[upbeat music playing]

Just stay there
and watch how it's done. [chuckles]

♪ Come on! I told you I was coming
I told you to duck when you find me ♪

♪ So shiny, girls stick by me ♪

- ♪ You're so handsome ♪
- ♪ But they freeze... ♪


[Jin Ho-bin] ♪ I'm taking out the junk
For real ♪

- [Go Jeong-gi] ♪ For real ♪
- ♪ Wherever I go, I'm the one who's real ♪

♪ Wherever I go I'm the one ♪
- ♪ I'm the one ♪

♪ It won't hurt, just get out of the way
So the cool guys can come and play ♪

♪ I'm cheeky, so what... ♪

- Oh, I'm in love with this!
- [all cheering]

You're awesome!

- [all cheering]
- Hmm.

- [Jin Ho-bin] ♪ I'm a bad boy, so what... ♪
- [Hyeong-seok] The audience loves it.

Yeah, might be because
a professional songwriter wrote it.

It is a really well polished song.

I don't know if I can still sing.
There's such a big audience.

Just think of someone that you love.

Tell yourself
that you're singing your best

for that one person that you love.
With your whole heart and soul.

And then,
you have no reason to be nervous.

[Park Hyeong-seok] Someone I love.

[crowd cheering]

[crowd] Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore!

Hey, there.

- Our song was freaking awesome.
- [Park Hyeong-seok] Huh?

- [chuckles]
- [Pyeon Deok-hwa] Yeah.


- [crowd cheering]
- It was good.

[groans] Don't pretend
like you're so cool about this, fat ass!

Here's a knuckle sandwich
for your first show!

- [groans]
- Deok-hwa!

[Pyeon Deok-hwa groans]

- What are you doing?
- [Pyeon Deok-hwa coughs]


- [Pyeon Deok-hwa coughing]
- What?

You wanna settle this right here?

[grunts] Huh?

We'll decide who wins with our song.

[sighs] Yeah.

Now, our last song
of the night is... [laughs]

- [groans]
- [Hwan-Jun] It's a rather odd duo.

- [laughs]
- [Hwan-Jun] A collaboration...

- Let's do it, Hyeong-seok.
- [Hwan-Jun]...between the fashion class

- and the vocal dance class.
- Yeah, Deok-hwa.

- Park Hyeong-seok and Pyeon Deok-hwa!
- [crowd cheers]

[female student ] I'm so glad I came
to Jaewon Festival!

[male student ] I'm a guy,
but even I think

he's freaking good looking.

[female student ] Yeah,
he makes the guys who were just on stage...

- Hey, let's watch from the front!
- [female student ]...look so ordinary.


[audience cheering]

Yeah, okay, his look is good.
But this biz ain't easy.

He's gonna need more
than just a pretty face.

[crowd cheering]

Well, you must be that handsome guy
I've heard about.

How did you come to perform today?

Uh, what? Oh, um, well,
my friend over here asked me

to perform a song with him tonight.
So, we've been practicing together since.

So, you two are friends then. Really?

It's like you're an entirely
different species.

[crowd laughing]

[male student ] The emcee is good.

- [crowd laughing]
- [grunts]

- [male student ] So f*cking funny.
- Uh...

[male student ]
I wonder how those two met.

Sir! The short kid next

- to the good looking one.
- Hmm?

- The kid from the other day.
- Really?

He came to audition last time.

I didn't recognize him
because he changed his look.

Someone like that showed up here?

[Hwan-Jun] Okay, let's hear it.

Park Hyeong-seok
and Pyeon Deok-hwa's song called "Fly Up!"

[crowd cheers]




[soft music playing]

[breathes deeply]

- Yeah... [voice cracks, gasps]
- Uh.

- [laughs]
- [laughs]

Uh, I knew that idiot would do that.

- Not everyone can perform on a stage.
- He can't even sing.

He thought his looks would let him coast
through their song.

- [gasps]
- [male student ] What's with him,

is he scared?
[male student ] Whoa,

that's got to be embarrassing.

What was that? Not good.

[scoffs] Poor kid.
Only thing going for him is his looks.

[Park Hyeong-seok] The crowd
is turning cold. I knew I couldn't do it.

I've ruined everything
we've worked so hard for.

♪ Just like that, another day goes by
I'm afraid of tomorrow, but I say hi ♪

♪ I'm put into different situations
By those in front of me ♪

♪ And they only make me feel so tiny ♪

♪ I'm sorry for ignoring myself
Mom, I'm sorry to you too ♪

Oh, wow! He's freaking good! [cheers]

♪ I'll love myself like you do
I know, I'll overcome this moment... ♪

[Pyeon Deok-hwa]
Just think of someone that you love.

Tell yourself
that you're singing your best

for that one person that you love.
With your whole heart and soul.

♪...I'll accept it, okay
Why was it so hard for that cute kid? ♪

♪ I want to sing this to the past me ♪

♪ Didn't know it then, but I was happy ♪

♪ Now I smile
When I think back on the time ♪

♪ I know, Mom, I'm grown
Your son's grown now ♪

♪ It's okay to cry
If that's what you want ♪

♪ Shed the sorrow
That's stored deep within you ♪


[Park Hyeong-seok]
♪ Get rid of all the sorrow ♪

♪ And fill your heart again ♪

♪ I'll stay next to you
And look out for you ♪

♪ Please stay with me ♪

♪ That's right, I feel like I haven't ♪

♪ Treasured this moment as I should have ♪

♪ I forgot ♪

♪ How much my family always loves me ♪

♪ All right, now I know
I wasn't aware of the holes in me ♪

♪ Filled with negativities, TBT
When Mama used to give me hugs, bingo ♪

♪ I already have the answer, love
But I'm dumb ♪

♪ It seems easy now
What was hard is now easy ♪

♪ Make excuses, "I can't help it"
To me, that's a no-no ♪

♪ Live like that and go back
To how I used to be, that's a no-no, no ♪

♪ I can see your eyes
I can see your face ♪

♪ I just want you with me
We can let go up ♪

♪ I can see your eyes
I can see your face ♪

♪ I just want you with me
Coming right back ♪

♪ I can see your eyes
I can see your face ♪

♪ I just want you with me
We can let go up ♪

♪ I can see your eyes
I can see your face ♪

♪ It's okay to cry
If that's what you want ♪

♪ Shed the sorrow
That's stored deep within you ♪

♪ Get rid of all the sorrow
And fill your heart again ♪

♪ I'll stay next to you
And look out for you ♪

♪ Please stay with me
It's okay to cry ♪

♪ If that's what you want ♪

♪ Shed the sorrow
That's stored deep within you ♪

♪ Get rid of all the sorrow
And fill your heart again ♪

♪ I'll stay next to you
And look out for you ♪

♪ Please stay with me ♪

♪ It's okay to cry
If that's what you want ♪

♪ Shed the sorrow
That's stored deep within you ♪

♪ And I can feel full of love ♪

♪ Whoo, I'll stay next to you
And look out for you ♪

♪ It's all right, I'll look out for you ♪

[Park Hyeong-seok's mother hums]

- [instrumental music playing]
- [hums]

[crowd cheers]

[male student ] Who are those guys?
They're amazing.

- Nice!
- [sobs]

[male student ] They're seriously good!

I can't believe Hyeong-seok's
a great singer too.

- Wow, this is amazing.
- Yeah!

- That's our buddy, Hyeong-seok.
- Hyeong-seok, you're so cool! Whoo!

- You're the best!
- Huh?

[female student ]
Deok-hwa's awesome.

Deok-hwa's freaking great too.

- [crowd cheering]
- [groans]


[crowd cheers]

- [camera shutter clicking]
- [instrumental music playing]

Yeah, it's all because of his looks.

We should've won this.
This is Hyeong-seok's fault.

- [groans] Not fair.
- [owner] Nope.

- Huh?
- [owner] They were better than you.

Those two cleaned the floor with you guys.
Wiped you out.

- Uh. What?
- But...

- [gasps]
- But what's going to happen to us now?

- What about the debut?
- [owner clears throat]

- Don't call us. We'll call you.
- Huh?

[owner clearing throat]

- [Jin Ho-bin] Oh, but... but, sir?
- [Park Han-gyeol laughing]

Wow, Hyeong-seok, you seem like a pro.

- [chuckles] I knew you two would win.
- [owner] You!

- Huh?
- [owner] You're the kid

who came to audition last time, right?

Oh, uh, yeah.
Oh, you actually remember who I am?

- Of course I remember.
- [laughs]

And, honestly, you're not that bad really.

I'm sorry for what happened last time.

Oh. [chuckles] No worries.

[owner clearing throat]
Here you go. This is my business card.

- Um, really?
- No way!

It's to my direct line.

Oh, thank you so much!

- [owner clearing throat]
- Oh, what?

[owner] So make sure
to call me, Park Hyeong-seok.


Oh, but what about Deok-hwa?

Huh? Oh, him? He's good, I can't lie.

As long as he doesn't go pro,
he'll do great anywhere.

That's so cold-hearted.
How could you say that?

It's not me who's cold-hearted.
It's the public.

The public only eats when you put
the stuff they like on the table. [laughs]

Anyway, you know you should really sign
with us first, Park Hyeong-seok.

We'll give you a big advance too.

How about it?

I am...

- turning you down.
- What?

What? You...
You're really turning me down?

- [Park Hyeong-seok] Yeah.
- [groans]

- He's crazy.
- [owner] Hey!

You know there's a long line
of kids who'd love to sign with us

but can't, right?

- Hey, let's do an afterparty.
- [gasps]

- Party tonight! [laughs]
- Party tonight! [laughs]

Mi-jin, I'm studying
at your place today, okay? [laughs]

[Lee Jin-seong] I'm in if Mi-jin's going.



[Pyeon Deok-hwa]
I don't know how to give up.


[Park Ji-ho]
There's already , views!

[Pyeon Deok-hwa] Oh, but, uh,
I've been edited out of it.



Well, it doesn't really matter. [chuckles]

It helped me think
of some great new rap lyrics.

So, I'm okay. [chuckles]

- And who cares about looks anyway?
- Yeah.

In that moment
your looks, which had once divided you,

didn't really matter anymore.

That's right.
When you two sang, it resonated with me.

I was so moved.

I think when you were singing,
everyone listening in that audience

could feel the emotion
that you two put into that song.

- [Pyeon Deok-hwa] You came to see us?
- Oh! Huh? No. Uh-uh.

The... the thought just came to me
when I watched this video. [chuckles]

[DG] Hmm. Intriguing!

[driver] We've arrived, sir.


[reporter ] Oh, wait, wait!
Could you look this way?

[crowd cheering]

- [reporter ] DG!
- [crowd] DG! DG! DG! DG!


[crowd] DG! DG! DG! DG!

- [crowd] DG! DG! DG! DG!
- [chuckles]


[Choi Su-jeong] Huh? It's that guy.

He's the one who fought Jong-geon.

It's the song!

How is he singing that song?


[soft music playing]

[Park Hyeong-seok groans, sighs]

[grunts, exhales]


[sighs, groans]



- [soft music playing]
- [groans]

[Park Hyeong-seok chuckles]

[soft music continues]


Later, me.











[soft music concludes]

["Here Together" playing]

["Here Together" concludes]
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