01x01 - Onwards To Victory

Episode transcripts for TV show, "Gloria". Aired: November 5, 2021.
A small town in Portugal becomes engulfed in a web of political intrigue when a young engineer is recruited as a KGB spy.
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01x01 - Onwards To Victory

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Welcome to Radio Free Europe.

The director welcomes you.
It's an honor to meet you, General.

-Thank you. Are you a fellow countrywoman?

Moscow says that Prague
is preparing a counterrevolution,

but our brothers just want socialism

that is more humane,

with more freedom of expression and speech
for the Czech people.

In the name of freedom,
I appeal to Russian soldiers.

If there is an order
to inv*de Czechoslovakia,

do not obey.


…to inv*de Czechoslovakia,

do not obey.

Don't move! Stop the car.

Don't move!

Where's the reel?

-What reel, man?
-The reel!

-What reel?
-You know. The one you're taking to RARET.

The reel!

f*cking take it.


Now what? You pretend you don't know me?

I don't know, João.
I haven't thought about it.

What time is it?

I have to go.


Don't stand around on your own, darling.

You know who's asked
about you twice already?

Who is Dad talking to?

Jaime Ramos, the new head of PIDE.

How can you not know who he is?

When your dad got into power,
he got him appointed.

I don't like him much.

But he's… useful.

And he's proven to be loyal.

Are your bags packed?


-I asked if your bags are packed.
-What bags?

Aren't you leaving tomorrow?

Yes, I am.

Don't worry.

Alcina, there's broken glass.

-He's been having lessons at home.
-That's wonderful.

I'm sorry, sir.

Don't worry, my boy.
You might cut yourself.

It's no trouble.

Please, don't.

I asked a friend of mine
from the conservatory

to play the piano tonight.


-Shall I play now?
-No, not yet. Please.

I would like to introduce you to a friend.
Jaime Ramos.

Alexandre Petrovsky.

-Your last name--
-It's Russian.

My family had to flee…
They had to flee the country

after the communist revolution.

One day, you'll be able to return.

The communist regime won't last forever.

It'll be over any day now…

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

Engineer João Vidal.

I'm the new technical coordinator
for the antennas.

Your ID, please?

I need to search the vehicle
if you don't mind.

Looks like you managed to get here, huh?

How are you?

I'm doing well.

How are things?

I haven't seen you
since we left university.

-You look the same, Gonçalo.

It's good to see you at RARET.
I hope you'll stay for some time.

If they let me in.
I can see that security is tight here.

Well, with good reason.

We don't just play
the Eurovision Song Contest songs.

Elias, are you done snooping?

All good.

Go right ahead, sir.

Thank you. Get in.

You'll like it here.

The setup the Americans have
is pure luxury.

What are they like?

Who cares what they're like?

But the American women
are quite something.

And work?

Nothing like
the National Broadcasting Service.

-It's light-years ahead.
-Yes, I can tell from the antennas.


Each of them has a specific tilt angle
for the receiving country.

But the Russians don't make our job easy.
Not at all.

They're always trying
to jam our broadcasts.

And do you manage to stop them?

Most of the time.

But it's not so bad for us
if the Commies win every now and then.

As long as there's a Cold w*r,
our jobs are guaranteed.

Don't say that too loud.
They might hear you.

Every single year, we expect
RARET to be shut down, you know.

Do the Americans want
to build a relay in another country?

No, they wouldn't be able to. No.

Portugal is at the right distance
to send the signal to the Eastern Bloc.

Shortwave antennas
could only be set up here,

in the middle of nowhere,
in Glória do Ribatejo.

But we keep hearing them say

that the Soviet Union
won't hold out much longer.

But we don't know if this is true
or just part of the usual propaganda.


This is the director's office.
He's waiting for us over there.

w*r's waged with more than w*apon.
That's where we come in.


The whole compound
is like an American city in Ribatejo.

This is where we receive the transmissions
in VHF and UHF from Lisbon.

Some come in reels
from the Maxuqueira Compound,

which is close by.

Do the recordings come in Russian?

Russian and other languages.
We don't understand a word.

Everything's sent to translators

to make sure
we actually have the correct recording.

We also have a telegrapher

who is in permanent contact with someone
on the other side of the Iron Curtain

to ensure
the signal's properly transmitted.

Who sends the information?

Embassies, agents…
People who are on the American payroll.

You'll like it.

Change it. Change the frequency again.

We'll change it. Wait.
We'll change the transmitter.

Come on!

-We'll change the frequency.
-Transmitter one is out.

-Transmitter seven comes in.
-7255, changing it now.


Bernardino. There's still a lot
of interference in the transmission.

We changed the transmitter.
Transmitter seven, frequency 7255.

-Can you confirm it?
-Ramiro, what's this?

Get another one ready. Where are we?

We have-- One second.

-Prepare this one.

-Okay, we're transmitting.

It will be a pleasure to work with you.

You're the secretary of state's son?

Here, I'm just another engineer.

Very well. Welcome.

Bernardino, pleasure to meet you.

-Glad to meet you.


-Good morning.
-Good morning.

Two coffees, please.


-Come here.

Excuse me.

-Go outside.

Just go. I'll handle this. Go on now.

I'm going to Guinea.

What do the villagers have to say
about the Americans being here?

There's always someone
who complains, right?

You know we have a lot of Reds
here in Ribatejo.

It's the people who work the fields.

But the CIA knows what they're doing.

Most people side with the Americans.

Tell me, why did you decide to leave
the National Broadcasting Service?

Maybe fell out of love with Lisbon.

Do you know Mia?
She's a telegrapher at RARET.

Yes. What about her?

I met her in Lisbon,
at a dinner with friends.

I'd like to see her again.

You've got good taste.

You have good taste,
but you're too late. She left.

-I don't know. She quit, moved on.

It's none of my business.

That's good, thank you.


How are you?
I received some new shaving blades.

-Want to take a look?
-I don't want any of that.

You should. Pour me a drink.

It's a shame Benfica lost
in the final against the British.

But we'll get it next year!
Onward to victory!

Sooner or later,
we'll conquer Europe again.

I need a new blade. I left mine in Lisbon.

Blades are my specialty, friend.

Blades, brushes,
scissors, combs, nail clippers.

If you'd like to come over to my truck,
I can show you my new collection.

Excuse me.

Tomé! Can I have some sauce, please?

Over in the plains, a few miles past
Zé Mudo's service station, there's a shed.

I was asked to give you this.


Don't forget the blade.

-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.




Welcoming committee.
Were you going to bed?

No, I was just tidying some things up.

-João, Doc. Doc, this is João.
-Miguel. Glad to meet you.

No matter what ails you,
the doctor will always prescribe…


Are the nights always this warm here?


This is much hotter
than what you'd get in the Angolan jungle.

The only one who's used to this is Doc,
who comes from the land of the Indians.

He forgot to say there are
no Indians left in Rio de Janeiro.

They k*lled them all.

-What brings you to Portugal?
-Things are complicated in Brazil.

b*mb going off all the time,
people disappearing…

-Can you open this?

Can you believe this guy's luck?
It's like he's royalty.

We would only get a house like this
through marriage.


-Good evening.
-Good evening.

-Hi, Roberto.
-How are you?

Sir, Dr. James asked
that you come by the house.

-Your father called.
-I'll be there soon.

Of course. Have a good evening, gentlemen.

-Thank you.
-Have a good evening.

Go on, go reassure your family.

Okay, so we'll be at the BOQ.
Feel free to drop by.

-See you soon.
-Glad to meet you.

-Hello, Father?

João, we've finally gotten ahold of you.

I've only just settled in.

Did you ask them to put me up in a villa?

Your mother insisted that I ask them to.

Please don't act on my behalf again.

Suit yourself, João. Listen,

stay in touch and behave like a gentleman.

We hold James Wilson
in the highest regard.


…the Soviet Union
next to the Czechoslovakian border

may cause some concern,

even though the Soviet Union claims

they are scheduled m*llitary exercises.

-Let's go.
-Come on, it's three. We have three.

-How many?

-Good evening.
-Three? Five.

Elias. How are you? Come grab a beer.

I can't. I'm on duty.

Come on, have a beer.

I have a lot of respect for you,
Doctor, but rules are rules,

and some people need a good night's sleep.

Elias is absolutely right.
Rules are rules, guys, and…

That's what I'll say to you
the next time you come to me

asking for prescriptions
for family members

who don't work here at RARET.

Come on. You'll get me in trouble!

-Give me one. No one saw.

This is for when I'm off duty.

Yes, it's for Portugal, Elias.

-Good evening.
-Hello, João.


Come on, go to bed.
Tomorrow is a working day, remember?

-João. A beer?
-That was great, Doc. Really good.

You told him right there.
Yes, sir, I'm proud of you.

"Order is not a spontaneous product
of society."

"It's the outcome
of intelligence and authority."

You've got a silver tongue,
but I need gold.

-Come on, three.
-I didn't come up with that.

So, how many?

It was Prof. Oliveira Salazar.

-That makes sense.
-It makes sense.

Go on, four.

I don't understand.


There are only three reasons
why you'd be doing this.

And it's not money, so there are only two.

Either you're being blackmailed…

or it's out of conviction.

Which one is it?

The comrade who was with me
was taken by the police.

-I just started at RARET.
-We only have one sh*t to get that reel.

Put this on.

Take this.


Don't move! Stop the car.

Don't move!

Where's the reel?

The reel!

-What reel, man?
-You know. The one you're taking to RARET.

The reel!

There was only one reel in the car.

Ursula is our only solution.

We're going to use her already?

You only got close to her
so we could use her

when the time came.

She's not coming today.

There are only two translators
on the job in Lisbon.

I'll handle the other one.


Ursula, it's Franco.

Adam was in an accident.

He got run over just outside his house.

How is he? Is he in bad shape?

His leg is broken.

The problem is
there's going to be a broadcast today,

and it needs to be checked urgently.

I'll need to go in.

You have to. Your car will arrive soon.

Thank you.

-Good afternoon, sir.
-Good afternoon, Guard.

You know the drill.

Would you mind
opening up the trunk, please?

You've stepped up security.

You may proceed, sir.

Transmitters one and two are on.

I'm still not used to this heat.

It must be a big change,

living in Lisbon
and then suddenly coming to Glória.

I like peace and quiet.

It's not always like this.

You still haven't been
to an American party.

Do they usually invite you?

No, but I worked the last Fourth of July.

They had fireworks and everything.

Can I ask you a question?


I was told you were in the w*r.

Yes, in Angola. Why?

What is it like? The w*r?

Sorry for asking,
but my fiancé was just deployed to go…

I'm sure he'll do everything he can
to avoid taking risks.

Good afternoon, Mrs. Ursula. How are you?

Getting by, as you say.

Take a seat. I'll bring you your tea.

I don't have time.
Can you take it to the studio?

Yes, don't worry.

Excuse me.


Your tea.

Close the door, please.


Lenin, unlike all of his successors,
including the current ones,

has never been a hypocrite.
He has never been--

…until the development…

João. You can't be here.


Can you please leave?

I need to work.

I don't care.

-I'm listening.


-Two valves are burnt.
-Be there in a second.

No, you have to come now!

James asked me to pick up the reel.

Who's your boss?

This was the last time.

But which transmitter was it?

Come on, come on…

I have to go to the bathroom. Quickly.

-We'll leave together.

I'll go first.

Take the keys.

Thank you.

Go on, leave.



Can I help you?

I need you to open the door
and give me the reel.


I can take it to the broadcast room.

No, don't worry. James asked me to.

I was instructed to do it,
so I'll take it.


One moment, please.

Mr. James, it's Mr. Bill.


Yes, it's you.

The man dies. The problem dies with him.

Czechoslovakia was invaded tonight
by troops from the Warsaw Pact.

According to the report from Prague,

the t*nk that have taken to the streets
number in the thousands.

Given tonight's invasion,

it seems the country
will be remaining under Soviet rule,

bringing an end to the Prague Spring
and socialist democratization

that Dubček was advocating
against the regime in Moscow.
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