08x23 & 08x24 - Final Approach: Part 1 & 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Wings". Aired: April 19, 1990, to May 21, 1997.
Two brothers, Joe and Brian Hackett, run a one-plane commuter service from a small Nantucket airport.
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08x23 & 08x24 - Final Approach: Part 1 & 2

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Hey, what's
with the smile?

I just came
from a little meeting

over at the airport

and once again,
I walked away

with the Nifty.

The Nifty?

What's that again?

"Nevers Field tenant
of the year award."

Oh, yeah, the Nifty.

"For cleanliness, courtesy
and appearance of booth."

God, you make me hot.

It was a very tight
race this year.

Pilgrim car rental repainted

and handed out
little smiley buttons.

Eat your hearts
out, losers!

Oh, hey, by the way,
while I was down there,

they give me your
lease renewal.


No, that couldn't be.

It's not time
for renewal yet.

I signed a three-year lease.

Yeah, see?
It's up on Monday.

It can't be three years.

Yeah, I know--
time sure flies.

Seems like
only yesterday

I won my first Nifty.

I don't have time

to deal with this
lease thing right now.

What is there
to deal with?

You just sign it.

Well, I don't know.

That's a long time.

Who knows where I'll
be in three years?

What do you mean?
Where else would you be?

Well, I don't know.

Someplace... else

doing something... else.

Like what?

I don't know.

Oh, forget it.

Who am I kidding?

I'll be stuck here
for the rest of my life.

(seabirds calling)

'Kay, Joe, coffee's ready.

Sweetie, could you
come up here?

Where are you?

In the attic.

Come on up, honey.

Well, what are you doing?

Just come up.

I want to show
you something.

Well, bring it down here.

No, you come up here.


It's a surprise,
all right?!

Just get up here,
will ya?!

So what's the surprise?

Well, look,

I couldn't help noticing
you've been a little down

since this whole thing with
you signing your lease,

and I wanted to do
something to cheer you up.

Well, a trip to the attic
always lifts my spirits.

I'm gonna go
fry some eggs.

No, no, no, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

Are you ready?

Come here.



Oh, my God.

My cello.

That's right.

I cleaned it up,
had it restrung.

It's as good as new.

Oh, Joe...

that's so sweet.

But could I ask you
to do one more
little thing for me?

Yeah, sure.

Can you get it the
hell out of here.

Yeah, um, Helen,

I've been picturing all the ways
you might react to this,

and I gotta tell you,

that didn't even come close
to being one of them.

Don't get me wrong, I...

I love that you did this,

but I finally got
free of that thing.

I mean, for years, it
just lured me in,

made me believe I
could have a career.

And just when I'd
get this close,

it would pull the rug
out from underneath me

and I'd fall on my face.

Why would I want to go
through that again?

Well, listen,
I'll tell you why.

Because music
made you happy.

I loved hearing you play,
and I busted my butt

turning this dump
into a practice room.

I don't know, Joe.

No, no, come on, Helen,

just go over there,
sit down.

I'm sure it's gonna
come right back to you.

Joe, I really don't
want to do this.

Okay, well, if you really
don't want to,

then I'm not going
to force you.

Thanks for understanding.

But trust me--
once you get started,

you are going to love it.

And look. Look.

I even made you some tea,
and I put out

some Nutter Butters,
your favorite.

(doorbell rings)

Oh, I'll get that.
It's Brian.

I'll be
right back.

(doorbell rings)

Hey. I got your message.
What's up?

Uh, look, I found some of
your stuff in the attic,

and, uh, I need you to
take it back to your place.

You called me all the way
over here for this?

I was perfectly happy
sitting at home

clipping my toenails,

watching them fly
all over the place,

trying to guess
where they would land.

All right, look, Brian, if you
don't take this stuff,

I'm just going to dump it.

Go ahead. I'm going home and
have more fun with my feet.

I mean it, Brian.

Well, so do I.

That suitcase isn't mine.

Dad left that eyesore
to both of us.

Listen, if you don't
take this stuff,

I swear, I am going
to throw it out.

Throw it out.
I'm tossing it.

I'm chucking it.

How can we
throw this out?

It's the last thing
of Dad's we have left.

What am I going
to do with it?

I mean, look at it, it's
burnt, the latch is busted,

the lining is ripped
and there's money in it...

, bucks.

Keep looking.

Maybe Dad left
something for you.

Look, look, look at this.

"There's a lot more
where this came from."

Hey, look.
What's this?

A key.

And a claim check for
a pawn shop in Boston.

Let's go. Let's go.
Wait, wait,
wait a minute, wait a minute.

What if this is just
another crazy scavenger hunt

like the one Dad sent us on
after he died?

And what if it's not?

What if we just never
finished the first, huh?


Care to pay a little visit
to the pawn shop?

Let's collect
our inheritance.

Oh, wait,
let me just tell Helen.

(classical cello music

Listen, Brian.

You hear that?

Oh, man, Helen hasn't
played the cello in years.

Isn't that beautiful?



Okay, we got our
story straight, right?

You know what
we're going to tell Fay?

No reason Fay has
to know anything.

It's just a normal,
average day,

and we're taking a normal,
average flight to Boston.

Yeah, but we're coming home
with and abnormal,

way above average
wad of cash.

And no one
needs to know.

I'm already sorry
you know.

Where are you
two guys going?

Uh, we have a flight
to Boston.

Our normal, average
flight to Boston.

Oh, no. You don't have
to do that.

There are no passengers booked
on that flight.

True, but, uh,

we have to pick up
the passengers in Boston.

Uh, uh, no.

There are no passengers
booked on that flight, either.

You don't have to go anywhere.

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

(both stammering)

Uh... eh.... we still
have that meeting.

With whom?

Um... uh... with old Dutch.

Right. Old Dutch.

(Fay chuckles)

What are you talking about?

Old Dutch died eight months ago.

Uh... yeah.

Uh, well, not-not-not, uh,

not Old Dutch,
uh, his son...

Young Old Dutch.


I thought Old Dutch
only had daughters.

Please, please,
just let us go.

Oh, man.

This thing weighs a ton.

How much do you
think is in here?

Gee, I don't know.

We could find a scale
and weigh the suitcase

and then, figure out the ratio
of pounds to dollars

or we could just open it!

All right.

Prepare to enter a
higher tax bracket.

Yes! We're rich!

What are you talking
about, Brian?

There's nothing in
here but newspapers.

All right, well,
look under the newspapers.

There's more newspapers.

Look inside
the newspapers.

Brian, there's nothing in
here but newspapers.

I'll k*ll you!

You-You-You find some money
in this suitcase!

Would you give
it up, Brian?

There's no money.

We got nothing.

Bless you.

Ah... the old man
sent us on another
wild-goose chase,

and you know why?

Yes, yes. I know why.

Because he was insane.

He was a crackpot.

Sorry I got your hopes up,
made you take this trip.

Oh, well, sorry I took you away
from your feet.

Ah! Stupid!

Hey, what's this?

Looks like some kind
of map of Nantucket.

It's a treasure map!

We're rich!

Well... we're not
really rich.

We're... we're comfortable.

Oh, now, now,
wait a minute, you two.

I want to know
why you went to Boston.

What's going on?

Absolutely nothing.

Okay, you get the keys,
I'll get the shovel.

Think we need
blasting caps?

Couldn't hurt.

You're not going anywhere.

What are you saying, Fay?

You want to make this physical?

I don't have to.

I hid your car keys.

Now tell me what's going on.

All right.
In my office.

Hey, hey, Hackett,
what's going on?


Well, why did you
cancel your flight?

No reason.

Where have you been?

Oh, yeah. Sure.
You win a few Nifties,

and you think you're too good
to talk to the rest of us!

What's going on?

Hey. What's it your business?

So, now we have a map
which shows us

where Dad buried something
on Surfside Beach.

He was just a big kook,
wasn't he?

Okay, let's go.

What? Why do you
want to come?

'Cause it sounds exciting.

Do you have any idea
how dull my life is?

Do you know how dull
ours will be if you tell us?

Look, all right,
Fay, you can come,

but do not breathe
a word of this to anyone.

Well, of course not.

What does he think, I'm like
that big, blabbermouth redhead

who's been messing
around with Walter
from the tower

behind his wife's back?

Walter's cheating on his wife?


All right, come on, Fay,
give me the car keys. Let's go.

You didn't lose them, did you?

No, of course not.

I put them with my keys.

I know exactly where they are.

Oh, like you never
lost anything?

Remember the time you came out
of the bathroom at Logan

and couldn't find the plane?

Hey, it was
that one time.

After we put that big,
orange ball on the tail,

it never happened again.

Surfside Beach, please.

All three of you?

It's a company picnic.

You have your own cars.

Why do you need me?

Listen, cabbie,
you want this fare or not?

Take us to Surfside Beach,
keep your eyes front,

and lose the lip.

Boy... and I thought my
company picnic sucked.

You know, in Italy,

when three people
with a shovel

make you drive them

to a place
with soft ground,

well, that's...
that's never a round-trip fare.


Helen, are you home?

Yeah, Casey.


In the attic.

Come on up.

What are you doing?

Just come up.
I want to show you something.

Bring it down here.

No. You
come up here.


Just get your
butt up here, okay?!

Helen, what's going on?

When you didn't show up at work,
I got worried about you.

You won't believe this.

Joe made me a music room.

Oh, that's great.

Can I see it?

You're standing in it.

Oh, you're so lucky.

Joe fixed up my cello,

and I've been
playing all morning.

It's amazing. It's
like I never stopped.

Oh, that's great.

I'm so happy for you.

Are those cookies?

And guess what else?

I went to the store
to get some sheet music

and I saw on the bulletin board

that the New England
Chamber Ensemble

is holding open auditions.

Yeah. So?

Hold onto your Nutter Butter
there, baby,

'cause I got news for you.

I'm going for it.

Is that crazy?

Well, no, of course,
that's not crazy.

Joe calling this Batcave
a music room--

now, that's crazy.

So... go ahead, play.

I'd love to hear something.

Oh, no, no, no.
I'm not ready yet.

Helen, it's just me-- I don't
care if you hit a clunker.

No, really, I'm not ready yet.

You need an audience.

Come on.

Play something peppy
I can tap my foot to.

I don't think you understand...

Come on!

(imitating a cello)

Get the hell out of here

before I b*at you senseless
with this bow.

But thank you for your support.

Airport, please.

So, how was the
company picnic?

Ooh. Looks like things
got a little rough

in the three-
legged race.

We should be able
to get there in an hour.


I've got a good feeling
about New York.


'Cause the cabs there
have glass partitions.

(tires screeching)

Okay. Here's
how it is.

Nobody's going anywhere

until I find out
what's going on.


I'm going to find out anyway,
sooner or later.

This is a small island.

Everybody talks.

Everybody drinks, too,
but that's another story.

It's just a little brandy

and it's not like
it's every night.

All right, all right,
Antonio, I'll tell you,

but you have to promise
not to tell anyone.

Hey, hey, you
can trust me.

When someone
tells me a secret,

I take it to the grave.

For instance, I
never told anyone

that Ernie, the
baggage handler,

slept his way through
the Garden Club.

Fay, weren't you
in the Garden Club?

Oh, yes.

We got our story
straight, right?

A normal, average day.

We're going nowhere.

We know nothing.


where are you guys going?

You guys go ahead.
I'll handle this.

So, what are you guys
going to do with the money?

Okay, so let me
get this straight.

We're going to a locker
in Penn Station

next to... what's this?

Klezewski's shoe repair.

Ah, I can't wait
to hit klezewski's.

These babies need to be widened.

I bought them used.

There's a shock.

Antonio, my friend,
when I come into my fortune,

I am going to buy you
the widest pair of used loafers

you have ever seen.

(frenetic cello music

(upbeat cello music

Thank you,
Miss Chappel.

Come on, come on!

Come on, open it up already.

Okay, boys,
I cracked it.

She's all yours.

Where did you learn
how to do that?

Hey, you grow up
next to a chop shop,

you pick up things.

All right.


Oh... my... God!


There's got to be
something under there!

Give me a hand here.

Huh? There's nothing...
nothing but keys.

There go my brand-new
used loafers.

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

When he said, "There's
more where this came from"

he meant more keys

not more money.

Hey, hey, hey, guys.

Don't you understand

what your dad
was trying to tell you?


You're idiots!

Thank you.

Appreciate it.

Hey, Joe.

Oh, hey. Hi, Helen.

Well, Casey told me
about your audition.

How'd it go?

How do you
think it went?

Really well?

Honey, you got to start
paying attention

to the tone
of my voice.

How was your day?

I hear ya.

Boy, they sucked me
back in.

Made me think I had a chance.

Lifted my hopes up

and then,
dropped me on my head.

Just when you think
you're too smart

to ever fall
for it again,

something draws
you back in.

The promise,
the hope...

It's all a scam,
it's an illusion.

You always wind
up a loser.

Why do I do it?
What was I thinking?

Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!


Bet Dad's somewhere
right about now

having a big
laugh about this.



I think I found something
that might interest you.

I'm not sure but this looks like
a key to the locker upstairs.

Oh... oh, locker key!

Yeah. Like that
means something.

Oh, yeah.

Dad left us a
fortune of money

inside a
locker upstairs.

Yeah. Right.

It's been up there
for eight years,

we never knew
a thing about it.

I got a good
feeling about this.

Yeah? How good?

Good good.

Where is it?

Here. Here.

Okay, come on.
Oh, come on.


Come on.

Oh, my God!

What is it?

We're rich!


We're rich!



Okay, all right.

Come on, Helen, just exactly
how rich are we?

Hang on. Hang on.

Okay, the grand total is...



Yeah, that's it.

We're rich.

We're rich.

We're rich!

Operator, we are rich!

Guys, guys, guys,
w-what I can't figure out is--

We're rich!--

where in the world
did your dad get all this money?

You know what?
I just flashed on something.

You remember when we used
to visit him in the sanitarium?

What was that thing
he always said to us?

"Would you please
untie these?"

Yeah. No, no. After that
he said, he said, "I won

"a quarter of a million bucks
at the track

and I'm leaving it
for you guys in a suitcase."

Why didn't we
listen to him?

I'd love to
stay and chat

but I'm going to go buy
a great big... something.

Do you have any idea what
we can do with this money?

Absolutely. Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

Oh, you're damn right I am.

This is going to change
our lives.

I like the sound of that.

First thing we should
do is fix up the plane.

Then we could
maybe lease a jet,

open some new routes,
do some advertising...

Whoa, whao. Whoa.
What are you talking about?

We've got all this money.

You want to sink it
into Sandpiper?

Not all of it.

I plan to go
plenty crazy.

Helen and I need bikes...

...and I've had

my eye on this
corrugated tool shed--

a little something
just for Joe.

What is the matter with you?

This is good-bye money.

Good-bye money?
What do you mean?

You want to leave?

Yeah, yeah, I want to leave.
I'm rich.

I want to go live
on an island somewhere.

You already live
on an island.

I was thinking,
perhaps an island

where the winter-su1c1de rate
isn't quite so high.

So... so...

you're just going to bail?
I mean...

I hate this. I hate this,
all right? I hate this.

Every day I fly the same people
on the same flights

to the same places,
day in, day out...

Yeah, but, Brian, you're flying,
man, you're flying.

Come on.
How many people in this world

get a chance to do
what they love?

Yeah, you love it. Huh?

See, to me, it's just a job.

I'm bored.

Joe, we've got
a huge wad of cash here.

Here's a wacky idea--
have some fun with it.

Don't-Don't patronize me.

It's always been my plan
to build up the airline...

Oh, God, will you just put
the plan aside for once

and be spontaneous?

It's easy to be spontaneous

when there's always
someone to catch you.

Hey, my friend, lighten up!

You grow up.

Okay... listen to us.

We, uh... we get some money.

Two minutes later
we're at each other's throats.

We're a cliché.

Yeah... uh, yeah.

Well, you're right.

You're right,
you're always right.

And we're brothers.

We're blood.

You bastard!

Why don't you just
get the hell out of here?

Hey, don't worry! I'm gone!

Uh... okay.

I've got it narrowed down
to two places.

The Caymans--

you see,
there's an old buddy of mine

who says I can hang out
on his boat

for, you know,
however long I want to


there's this tiny island
near Bali

where you can actually
get arrested

for not being naked.


What do you think?

My gums are receding.


My hair is falling out.

My cab needs new tires...

and my gums are receding.

What does that have to do
with my travel plans?


"Should I go live on the boat

or should I go be naked
near Bali?"

My gums are dropping faster
than my bank balance.

So who gives a sweet hoo-ha
about your travel plans?

Brian, what's going on?

You're not really going
to chuck everything

and move to some horrible,
hot, bug-infested island

in the middle of nowhere
and live on fish heads

for the rest
of your life, are you?

Yes, I am.

Take me with you.

Please? Please? Please?

Okay, just forget it.
All right?

I'm getting
out of here.

This money's
making everybody nuts.

Uh, so, mm, Brian...

I understand you're leaving.

Are you, um...?

going alone?

Oh, wow.

So, uh, Cochran, uh...

did you figure out your
retirement plans yet?

What are you getting at, Roy?

Let me just lay it
on the table for you.

You do that, and I'll
have the cops here so fast.

What I mean is,
Sandpiper is finished.

The business is dissolving,
so is the partnership.

Now, you can wait around

for Beany and Cecil to
put you out to pasture...

or you can save
your own skin.

And just how
would I do that?

Convince your bosses
to sell out to me.

You do that, and I promise you

there will always be
a home for you

at Aeromass.

Otherwise, there will
just be a home for you.

Thank you. Yes, thank you.


Antonio, guess what?

Don't tell me.

Good news?

That was Klaus Sternberg,

one of the top
cellists in the world.

He was at my audition.

He said the only reason
that I didn't get in

was the conductor gave
the spot to his sister,

and he thinks I
have so much promise

that he invited me to
study with him in Vienna.


Oh, God.

I've got to go tell Joe.

Oh, God, Antonio,
isn't this wonderful?


Thank you, and...

and don't you worry.

I am sure your luck
is going to change.

Is that some kind of rash?

Hey, Joe.


What you doing?

Oh, nothing.

Just, uh, working
on this ad for a new pilot.

"Thriving Nantucket
commuter airline

"seeks experienced pilot

"willing to make
long-term commitment.

Backstabbing ingrates
need not apply."

Oh, that's nice.

So, you like strudel?

The first time I ate it

I went
into anaphylactic shock.

I guess
I must have been allergic

but, yeah, I guess I like it.

Good, 'cause I
know a place

that you can get
all the strudel...

How could Brian
just ditch me like this?

It is so selfish.

Don't you think
it's selfish?

Well, it's... it's "selfish."

Maybe he's thinking that
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

just fell in his lap

and he'd be crazy
not to take advantage of it.

What opportunity?

To drink pina coladas
and work on his tan?

That is not an
opportunity, Helen.

That's called
a vacation.

And why are you
taking his side?

I'm not.

It's just that sometimes
people need changes

in their lives in order to grow.

Grow? What are you
talking about?

He's going to go off
to God knows where

and chase some
dumb fantasy.

Where does
that leave me?

Well, you could do
the same thing.

You could go someplace new

like, um... oh,
I don't know, the Danube?

I can't leave Sandpiper.

Come on, Helen, I've spent
the last years of my life

building this place up.

This is my life.

You know that.

Yeah, I...
I guess I do.

Fay, have you got a minute?

I need to talk to you.


you've been with me
for a long time.


Well, uh...

loyalty is sort of a rare thing
around here these days,

and when I see it,
I want to reward it.

I am giving you
five percent of Sandpiper.

Oh, stick it in your hat.

Do you think I don't know
what's going on around here?

What are you talking about?

Well, the whole place
is falling apart.

What you'd really like
to do is f*re me,

but you don't
got the onions.

Oh, believe me, Fay,
I got the onions.

All I'm trying to say

is that I want to reward you
for your good work.

You mean you're
not forcing me

into retirement?

It's not time for pills
and pudding at the home?

Hey, I'm not a doctor.

All I'm saying
is that you have a job here

for just as long as...
as you can recognize me.

Oh, thank you... Joe.

Oh, Antonio, guess what?

I-I just got a piece
of the business.

I now own
a part of Sandpiper.

I have a wart.

Well, I... hear they're
good luck in China.

Well, what do you think

the words "I'll be
out in a minute" mean?

No, I thought you said,
"Come in in a minute."

Now, why would I ask you
to come in at all?

It's the men's room.

We don't need you in there.

Just tell me why
you won't take me

on your trip with you.

Come on, I'm fun.

All right, look...

Listen, Casey,
just forget it, okay?

Ain't going to happen.

I'll miss you.



you just said something to me.

You said you'd miss me.

Oh, well...

I will.

I mean, who...?

who am I going to,
you know, hang out with

or order Chinese food with

or rent a cheesy movie

when I don't have a date
on a Saturday night with?

Forget it.

Okay, you can go.

What did you say?


No, you said I could go.

How did you hear that?

What are you, a bat?

Brian, did you mean it?

We leave Friday.

Oh, thank you so much!

You will never regret it.

I already regret it.

Of course you do,
but no backsies.

Oh, Antonio.

Antonio, I am so excited.

Brian is taking me
with him to the islands.

My cab just got swallowed
by a sinkhole.

Hey, Antonio,
how are you doing?

Are you okay?

I can't take it anymore.

Everybody's catching a break
in this lousy place but me.

Brian and Casey are
going "to the islands."

Fay's got a piece
of the business.

Helen's going to Vienna
to study the cello.

I just want to die.

Oh, wait, wait,
back up there.

What was that
about Helen and Vienna?

What? What?

I... I can't hear you.

Suddenly, I have
a ringing in my ears.

Helen and Vienna!


and Vienna!

Helen and Vienna!

It's no good!
Wa-wa. Anything?

It's no good!

I can't hear any...

Oh, my God!

(garbling words):
What's happening to me?


Helen, are you crying?

No, I'm just peeling onions.

Honey, those are potatoes.

Then I'm crying.

Oh, hey, hey, what is
all this about Vienna?

Antonio started to tell me,
but he went deaf.


It's not important.

Well, some
famous teacher

heard me audition
and invited me

to study with
him for a year.

It's a chance of a
lifetime, but who cares?

These damn potatoes.

Oh, come on,
that is great.

That's fantastic.

I'm so proud of you.

I told you you were good.

What difference
does it make?

We can't go to Vienna.

Can we?


Oh, what am I thinking?

I mean,
who'd run Sandpiper?

Our lives are here.

Let's just forget
about it, okay?
No, no, wait.

No, wait, let's not
just forget it.

Maybe there's a way
to make this work out.


Like what?

Well, uh, uh...
well, you...

you could go by yourself.

I mean, it's only a year.

Be apart from each other
for a year?

We can't do that.

Yeah, you're right.


Who are we kidding?

This is not going to work.

Okay, wait,
now, wait.

Just let's not give up
on this yet.

Look, if you
really want this,

then we'll find
a way to make it work.

We'll get you
another teacher.

We'll get you the best cellist
on Nantucket.

I'm the best cellist
on Nantucket.

Joe, I love
you for trying,

but it's not
going to happen.

And with Brian going,

if you left, Sandpiper
would just fall apart.

It's okay.

Really, honey.

I have everything I want.

My life is fulfilling
just like it is.

Hey, Chappel,
my burger's lonely.

Where are
them curly fries?

Coming, Roy.

I got to go.

Hey... Hackett,

you got a minute?

Sure, Roy.
What do you want?

I want to make you
a little proposition.

Now don't say no immediately.

Yeah, I'll sell you Sandpiper.
It's all yours.

Please, Hackett,
just hear... what?

If you want it, it's yours.


Oh, boy, there's something
wrong with it, isn't there?

I'm going to get hurt,
aren't I?

No, Roy, there's
nothing wrong with it,

but with Brian leaving
the island,

there's not going to be
anybody around to run it.

Where are you going?

Hold on to your hat.

Helen and I are moving
to Vienna.



No, no, Roy,
the other one.

The one in Austria.


Helen's going to
study cello there.


And what are you going to do?

I don't know.

Then why are you going?

Well, all right...

let's see.

Um, all I've ever
really wanted to do

is fly, right?

And I've gotten
to do that a lot.

Well, now Helen
has a chance

to do what she
wants to do

and I'd like to
give her that chance.

It's her turn.

I don't get it.

What's in it for you?

The satisfaction
of giving the person

that I love most in
the world... her dream.

If you don't want
to tell me, that's fine.

Okay, I'll have
the papers drawn up

in the morning,

Hey, Cochran,
break's over.

Get your can back
behind this counter.

You know, I like
to think positive.

I believe every cloud
has a silver lining.

Maybe Roy will keel over

and I'll like
the new guy better.

All set?

All set. Ernie's loading up
the bags now.


this is a big deal

us moving halfway
across the world.

I want you to know

if you want
to back out now,

I swear to you,
I'll understand.

Back out?
Are you kidding me?

No, I'm really looking forward
to getting to Austria.

You know, the more
I think about it,

the more I am really
looking forward

to just not knowing
what I'm going
to do tomorrow.


Yeah, I'm cool.

Or as they say
in our new hometown,

"Ich bin cool."

Thank you, Joe.

Oh, Brian, thank you.

Thank you so much
for everything.

Yeah. Yeah,
it was nothing.


You had my car hauled
out of that sinkhole.

You paid for my
dental work.

You held my hand

while I had
my ear drained.

Thanks to you,
I'm a new man.

I'm going
to kiss you now.

Oh, no, no, no.

No, no, no.

I got to. I got to.

Oh, Casey, the
flight's about to leave.

Where the hell
have you been?

Oh, God, having
the time of my life!

How often do you get
to tell people

exactly what you
think of them?

First, I told
off my boss,

and then I hit
the dry cleaners

a couple of restaurants,
you know,

anybody who ever
gave me a hard time,

and then I just
sat in the park

for hours flipping
off people at random.

Oh, that reminds me.

I have to go talk
to Walter in the tower.

May I have your
attention, please?

Aeromass announces the departure
of flight to New York

boarding through gate one.

I need a shower.

Okay, boys, come on.

Here we go.

It's time.

Time to tear down
that lemonade stand

and put up a real business.


See ya.

All right.

Casey, let's go!

Okay, Hackett, come on.

Sign the paper.

We got a deal.
Come on.

Funny, uh...

my hand doesn't
seem to want to move.

No problem, I'll
move the paper for you.

That's what I did

when mom didn't want
to sign her will.

I can do it myself.


Uh, damn it!

Hey, hey!
What's going on?!

Here... no!

We got a deal here.
Not! Not!

We're not selling.

No deal.

Brian, what
are you doing?



I said "go."

I'll stay.

I'll run Sandpiper.

For a year.

One year.

When you come
back, it'll be here.

Brian, you know you
don't want to do this.

Look, just agree
with me, okay?

And quickly.

I don't know how much
resolve I have in me.

I don't understand
why you're doing this.

Let's just say
it's your turn.

Hmm, you know...

I just got a... taste
of the satisfaction

that comes from
personal sacrifice...

and it's pissing me off.

Fine. I didn't want
your lousy plane anyway.

It's, it's, small
and it's dinky,

and... it's just


I love you.

You ready?


Let's go.


Oh, come on now,
no time for good-byes.

You'll miss your flight.

I'm going to miss you.

Oh, no, mister...

you're getting
a kiss.

Oh, and another
thing, Walter--

that toupee?

It's a joke.

It looks like you're wearing
a prune Danish on your head.


Okay, let's get
to the islands, mon.


Casey, trip's off.
I'm not going.

Yeah, right.

No, no, really.

Brian's going to stay
and run Sandpiper.

But, but... but you
can't do that.

I told off everyone
on the island.

I quit my job.

What am I supposed
to do for work?

Well, I happen to know
where there's an opening.

Oh, God, no.

That's what I said
on my first day,

but you get
used to it.

Bye, Casey.

Bye, Casey.

So, uh...

guess I'll see you
in a year.

Yeah, in a year.


Let's do it.

Attention all passengers--

announcing the reopening
of Sandpiper Air.

Our : p.m. flight
to Hyannis Port

will be departing on schedule.
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