04x22 - Bad Timing

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Farscape". Aired: 19 March 1999 –; 21 March 2003.
American astronaut John Crichton finds himself thrown across the universe when an experimental mission goes bad.
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04x22 - Bad Timing

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Previously on Farscape.

And finally on Farscape.

Your infantile obsession with
betrayal is misplaced, John.

Scorpius actually said that?

Can you believe the son of a
bitch did actually say that?

Look past my actions,
towards my goal.

Our common goal.

He leads Braca and a damn
Command Carrier here and no,

I have an infantile obsession
with betrayal.

Should you initiate Starburst,
your ship will be crippled.

If Scorpius is harmed in any way,
the Leviathan will be destroyed.

We have Braca sitting on our front
doorstep issuing thr*at with one hand,

and Scarran messages
with the other.

But no, no, no, I'm sorry.
It's not a betrayal.

Do you believe them?

Yes. No. I... Maybe.
I don't know.

Look, I can understand if you...
if you didn't want to,

but it is possible that they're
telling the truth.

Crazy as it sounds,
that the message was...

was intercepted from the
decimated Scarran base on Katratzi.

Our course is set for the wormhole
that leads to Crichton's home planet.

Upon arrival, begin the process
of subduing their defensive forces.

Just tell me the Scarrans
don't know where Earth is.

They'll go.

Crystherium Utilia.
An acquired taste.

Hummingbird feeder.

You know of our delicacy.

Bird of Paradise. Yeah, Mom's
garden. Dime a dozen.

I know they're gonna go. They're gonna go
because I told 'em their flowers were there.

That being the case, perhaps we should
set aside how we feel about Scorpius

and listen to what
he's proposing.

No, absolutely not. No.

He... he's manipulated us,
Aeryn. He manipulates everything.

This, us. From the first moment we met,
the man has done nothing but lie to us.

I know. But what if the
Scarrans are heading to Earth?

What if they really are?

What else did he say to you?

I assure you, I had nothing
to do with this, John.

That said, reality...

presents opportunity, John.

That if I ally myself with the
Peacekeepers, he will...

will see to it that our entire might
is thrown into defending your world.

Well, that's something you
have to consider.

No, I don't.

I can destroy the wormhole.

Seal up Earth.

You can do that?

Yes, no, maybe again.

The knowledge is there, it's
just not in the correct order.

All right, but what if they
make it there before you?

What if they b*at you there?

What happens to your family?

Make a decision, John. You have
nothing to fear from this commitment.

It's a big commitment.

Either one.

So you're...



Of commitment?

Hey, wait a minute. Did she just hesitate
like that, or was that just you doing that now?

What does it matter?
- Well, it matters because if she hesitated like that,

she knows you were
talking about her.

You said what?

What I said.

Like you said?
- What does it matter?

Well if you said it to him like
you said it when you said it to me,

then it means that he knows
that you know.

Now is not a good time to be
talking commitment,

with Peacekeepers.

Earth is not ready.

Will they ever be?

One day.


So you got out of it?

Oh, please.

No, really. Because, uh, if
she paused like that...

I don't wanna talk about it.

So what do we do?

We hope.

We hope that I can figure out
how to destroy the wormhole.

Otherwise, all the
bad things happen,

and it'll be my fault.

Well, I'm with you.

Good job.

Always position yourself so
they have to come to you.

Chiana, this isn't about us.




We are natural allies, John.

The Scarrans will ravage your
planet, and I can prevent it.

Miss Britannica, what kind of
Scarran ship is following us?

A Stryker, John. Swift att*ck.

It's gonna b*at us to
the wormhole?

Utilizing Starburst? Possibly.

What about Braca and
the Queen Mary?


Grasshopper, tell me your plan
for saving Earth.

By a simple declaration
of alliance.

Even infuriated, Emperor Staleek
would be forced to stay his att*ck,

or by its inception, incur a w*r
that he is still afraid of losing.

Your timing is terrible.

It's too late.

Welcome to the nuclear age.

John, see reason.

No, I am no longer
a chess piece.

Crichton, he is not wrong.

You must trust him.

Goldilocks, it's a bad choice.

When you figure that out, call
our 1-800 number for counseling.

Okay, Chiana. Lock down
the Maintenance Bay.

Good riddance.
- You two better grab your helmets.

Captain Braca, here's the deal.

We've attached a b*mb to
Scorpius and we're leaving.

Follow us and the b*mb explodes.

Once we've gone, the b*mb will
shut down. Couldn't be simpler.

Don't bother responding.

We're not listening.

Explain to me the logic
of resisting the Scarrans without allies.

I see.

Reason has fled them all.

So much you misunderstand
about me, John.

Your actions put your
world at risk.

I did this.

I'll fix it.

And live with it either way.

Weak species!

John reconsider!

Otherwise you doom Earth
to destruction!

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut.

Three years ago I got sh*t
through a wormhole.

I'm in a distant part
of the universe

aboard this living ship of
escaped prisoners,

my friends.

I've made enemies.

Powerful, dangerous.

Now all I want is to
find a way home

to warn Earth.

Look upward and share
the wonders I've seen.

Why send a Stryker force
to Earth?

For impotent revenge
against Crichton,

or to separate me
from my lover?

We are political enemies,
you and I.

But Scarrans both.

Do you have the fortitude to
ally yourself for a greater good

than your own advancement?

You destroyed my father.

Your political office, the
bounty of your rank, were stolen.

Just as he took from his
predecessor. You must put that aside.

What does it matter?

The Hierarchy shall judge
us both harshly.

The Crystherium matriarch
is gone.

This region of the galaxy
denied to us.

A partnership.

Your lover, Pennoch, travels to
Earth, Ahkna, because these grow there.

John, at this range, Pilot
could still contact Scorpius.

But after one more
Starburst, he...

No turning back.

I think you should concentrate
on your training with Katoya.

Katoya was a frelling
fruit loop.

Focus on your inner strength.

It's here.

I just can't find the
Rosetta Stone.


Fruit loop.



Sex does it.

For you?
- For everyone.


With you, or with him?




this is hard to say but, ah,

not all of the Peacekeepers are
represented by Grayza's betrayal.

If you make a pact with Scorpius,
I believe they'll honor it.

And then they won't enslave
your planet.


It's not a 12.

It's not 12.

Pilot, how come we
haven't Starburst?

We need Starburst!

Scarran Stryker craft have a
unique propulsion system

that allows them to cover great distances.
- And?

We require three additional
Starbursts to reach the destination.

At our current rate, they
will arrive before us.

Moya and I have discussed
the options,

and elect to employ an
extended Starburst technique.

Extended Starburst?

You look awful.

I can't think.

Oh, this extended Starburst is
much worse than Pilot expected.

Rygel is vomiting continuously,
though perhaps that's not so unusual.

On the other hand,
Stark has passed out,

which is just as well, 'cause
now he can't vomit at all.

Would you leave me alone
for a while?



No thank you.

It decreases the symptoms.

How fares the wormhole?

Can you close one down?

Noranti, would you leave
us, please?

I know of one sure curative
for brain lock.

- Come on.

organic, drugs.
- Please.

How is your nausea, dear?
- Better, thank you.

Good. I can take a hint.

I was looking for you in
Maintenance Bay.

I liked your solution.

Liked that, did ya?


You have any home remedies
for writer's block?

I know you better than that.

I'm gonna fail.

It's a sin, really.

I'm close.

There's just not enough time.

It's always about time.

Yeah. Time.



Love you. Don't ever change.

Pilot, proof me on this.

If I can. Remember, I'm a bit woozy
myself from extended Starburst.

I'll have Grandma whip
you up something.

A wormhole is a disturbance
in space-time.

Immediately before it opens,
a pressure bubble forms.

You can't see it,
but it's there.

I can see it.

You can see the bubble?

Yes. Can't you?

I kinda smell it.

Any-Anyway, you know what
I'm talking about.

The bubble starts tiny and
it expands outward.

When the bubble bursts, the wormhole opens.
- Correct.

All right. Here's my theory.
Stop me if you've heard it before.

I travel down the wormhole
to Earth in my module.

The wormhole closes
behind me, I wait.

Before the wormhole opens, I dive in
at the last moment piercing the bubble.

That collapses the wormhole
in around me,

over and over and over again,
all the way back to here.

The wormhole is sealed
up forever.

Closed. Finito.

Road gone.

Hmm... That is brilliant,

It'll work.

The math is impeccable.

The quantical relationships
line up perfectly.


Am I sensing a problem? The
Scarrans are on their way, Pilot.

The timing required to puncture
the bubble at its maximum radius,

thereby beginning the chain reaction
you describe, is in the mili-microts.

So, I can't do it?

Even if you could
see the bubble,

your eye-limb coordination
is lacking.

I'm not gonna ask you
another favor,

so I'm just gonna beg.

Commander, I'm sorry.

There's nothing I can do.


All over. Finally.

Outstanding, Pilot.

My congratulations to you
and to Moya.

No sign of the Scarrans.

We b*at 'em.

I'm coming with you.

Aeryn, we got one sh*t at the
wormhole before the Scarrans arrive.

Pilot's explained this
maneuver to me.

He's not very optimistic.

If it doesn't work, we could
be stuck on Earth.

There are worse places.

Not if the Scarrans get there.

Then we'll have to do
the best we can.

What did you imagine
for your life?

Service, promotion,
retirement, death.


This is exactly what I imagined.

And a couple of kids.

Ah, Dominar.

You should do it.

Would you?


But I'm not you.

Allow me to take this
opportunity to say

how pleased I am to have
you back onboard, sir.

Delightful to be here,

Is Commandant Grayza
not joining us?

No. No, she's having a little
difficulty adjusting to her confinement.

Apparently, she's
under sedation.


The next time we
encounter Crichton,

see to it that the older cook
is brought aboard, unharmed.

Do you wish me to continue to
track his movements and pursue him?

Unnecessary. I believe our
reluctant human may soon return...

of his own volition.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut.

Four years ago, I got sh*t
through a wormhole

to a distant part
of the galaxy.

I ended up on this ship,

this living ship,

populated by escaping prisoners

who became my friends.

Curious holiday, Easter.

Religious leader dies,
comes back from the d*ad

and you end up celebrating
like this.

I made enemies.


Not now, you son of a bitch.

This is not... the time...
to be messing with me!

You want me to fail, don't ya?

Quite the contrary, John.

Should your planet fall victim,

I would not wish to reside in
the head that blames itself.

Then why?

I've examined this thoroughly
from my unique perspective.

And I believe your fears
are correct.

I believe you will fail.

After all that's happened, how
do you expect me to trust you?

Well, I think that, like
religion, is an individual choice.

Either you believe and
therefore, bunnies are unnecessary

or you don't, in which case,



Crichton, what are you doing?

Contacting Scorpius.
Change of plan.

- What?

I'm gonna see if I can cut a deal before
the Scarrans get here and avert a m*ssacre.

Are you really sure this is
what you wanna do?

I can't risk Earth. What the hell's
the matter with these consoles?

Why are you doing this? Why would
you sell your own people out?

Because I am proud to bring Peacekeeper
protection to my backward-ass little planet?

Then don't do it!

Pop the frelling bubble.

Make the wormhole collapse.

Pip, I can't do it.
- Yes, you can.

I'm not smart enough.
- Yes, you can.

I'm not fast enough.
I am not alien enough.

And you know what? There are people
in the universe who don't like me.

I'm only human.
- Frell you!


victory over Scarran domination.

To you.

Your bravery.

For resisting the enemy?

For not resisting...
your friends.

Calm down, Pilot.


That's it.

Now, tell me what the
matter is.

Moya and I have never been
at greater odds.

We've never disagreed
so fiercely.

Over what, Pilot?

I haven't been entirely honest about
not being able to help Crichton.

You! Sparky, you selfish, egotistical,
self-centered little Dominar.

Pilot said it was you that
turned him around.

Do you want to pay me back?

We'll see how it turns out.
- Ow! Ooh!

But I love your scaly green
ass, no matter what.

Moya is enormously distressed
by what we are about to do.

Tell her she must be brave.

It's for the good
of the family.

Pilot, how's this gonna work?

Because the Transport Pods are
built of Moya's own elements,

I will be able to live in
one for up to an arn.

But if we are not rejoined by
then, both wounds will scab over,

and our neurological connections
will have no chance of regenerating.

We're gonna be quick. We go,
wormhole closes, we wait.

Before it opens again, we pop
the bubble and we're back home.

If not, my death is assured.

And without Moya.

I shall die alone.

You won't be alone, Moya.

He shall return.

And I'm here. We're all here.

This will help you to relax.


Most life-sustaining systems
are on manual bypass.

Ready as can be.

Then do it, if you're
going to do it.

Cap'n? Pip?

Okay, Pilot.

I really need to hear
this from you.

Captain D'Argo, I remand this
ship to your control.

You may now cut me
free of Moya.

It's not working!

Stop! It's not working!

Stop! Stop!


What's wrong?

He can't take anymore.
He's getting delirious.

Well, what do you expect?
We're cutting him in half

Oh no, not Pilot, the
other one. Listen.

Too much. It's too fast.

It makes no sense. I can't remember.
It's too much sequentially coded. -Mine.

There's too much. It's all
an impossible pattern. It's too much.

Helpless. Help me.

- Help me.

- What is the matter?

It's too much. Too fast.
- Okay, all right.

Chiana, these command sequences must be
performed while I am separated from Moya.

Without them, most regulatory
systems will fail.

Okay, you said... you said
you flew Talyn.

Oh, I did. There.

Sat there. Flew Talyn.

Controlled Talyn. Was Talyn.


Way more complicated.

Four arms. It's too fast.
Too much.

Okay, Pilot, can you slow
it down for him?

There is no time.

All right.

Then show me and I'll
slow it down.

Your eyes.

What did you do?

Your job.

I'm blind.

Tell Crichton we're ready.

Thank you, Chiana.

They're putting Pilot inside
the Transport Pod.

He doesn't look well.

I've fortified him, with
antiinfectious ointment and pain relief.

Though I fear both to be wholly
inadequate in this case.

What is this dren?

Keep the neural circuits moist
till Moya and Pilot are rejoined.

Don't hold your breath.

This isn't even one you
could get odds on.

This moisturizing agent won't
work for long. The ganglia is already drying out.

Wormhole cycle's gonna start
in about 30 microts.

You might wanna grab
onto something.

John. Aeryn.

The Scarrans are less
than an arn away.

Good luck.

Dear God, don't let me
screw this up.


Aah, Dad.


You sentimental son of a bitch.


We're gonna need you
to wake up now.

We need your help.

Come on, John.

There is no way that 500
egghead scientists are strapping on a g*n

as part of their uniform.

So help me out here, Winters.

Make all this crap go away.

I'm coming.


Hey, Dad.

John, where are you?

Serenity Base.

Serenity Base?
- Yeah, the Moon.

Why didn't you make
Earth orbit?

Murphy, Dad.

We've got a little problem.

Worse than a $300 clipboard that you
can put paper in when it's upside-down?

Yes. The Scarrans have
located Earth.

And they're on their way.

What can we do?

Nothing. I gotta do it.

What the hell's that mean?

Why do you have to do it? You've
already done enough, son.

I'm gonna seal up the wormhole.

That'll isolate Earth, but it
should protect it.

Then how do we get into
deep space?

The old-fashioned way.

You build a rocket.

I've left you technology and navigation
information here at your flagpole.

How long do we have?

Not long.

Then take me with you.
Take us all. We're ready.

500 of the world's best.
We can help.

There's no time.
- What do you mean, there's no time?

For Moya to get from the Moon
to the Earth, what's it take?

Blink of the eye? Two seconds?
Come on, son!

We're down to minutes, Dad.

How do you wanna spend 'em?


Listen, the Secretary General
of the U.N. is...

he speaks for the planet on
all space matters now.

We're starting to come
together, just like you wanted.

That's good. Keep that up.

I was looking forward to
going with you, boy.

Well, sometimes things don't happen
quite the way you imagine 'em.

Come on.

Tell Suse and Liv that...
I love 'em.

And I'll contact ya if I can.

Tell everyone.

I will, son.

You tell my grandkids about me.

Ha. That's a no brainer.

They gotta know who my hero is.

You're gonna find...

when you have your own,
you want 'em to pass you.

Be better, climb higher.

I guess if that's the measure,

I'm the greatest dad on Earth.

I love you, Dad.

You're the heart and soul
of my life, son.

I love you.


Stark, can we move the ship?

Moya seems too dazed to respond
to anyone but Pilot for navigation.


The Scarrans will be
here momentarily.

No, no, no! Scarrans!
Scarrans t*rture!

Scarrans k*ll! t*rture, k*ll!
t*rture, k*ll!


I think I'm okay now.

Emperor Staleek.

The wormhole has reappeared
as we approach.

Scans show Crichton's Leviathan
sits nearby,

though it makes no attempt
to flee or defend itself.

- Ignore them.
- Continue on to Earth.

Fulfill your mission.

They're here! Everyone brace!

I have crippled their ship.

Up, Pilot. Now.

Come on, Pilot, up and at 'em.

You got billions of
lives to save.

Did I... did I miss it?
- No.

Did I let you down?
- No, you did not.

All right, listen up.
Right there.

- Right there.

It's gonna be a wormhole back to Moya,
and just pop the bubble when it's...

when it's time.
- At its apex.

Yes, Commander.

You know what scares
the hell out of me?

From the first moment
I laid eyes on you,

I could never see the end.

What scares me is
I always could.

All right Pilot,
time it right.

I see it, Commander.

The bubble preceding your
wormhole is forming now.

Beginning acceleration sequence.

Wormhole in quatro...



Please... work.


I don't know if this is gonna work.
- Scarrans!

Disengage. Disengage!

Uh! Son of a bitch!

Emperor, Crichton has turned
the wormhole against us.

We will not...

Damn baby, you're alive.

You did a good thing
today, Pilot,

for which the goddess
always rewards.

Float on memories, and time will heal your wounds.
- Empty...

And should you ever need
to leave again,

don't hesitate in calling on me.
- Discharge...

I was your worthy successor.
I was!

You ask Moya.

When the Scarrans sh*t her, I
seized control and saved the ship!

I know you're proud.

Troubled Stykera,

float on memories, and perhaps
time will heal your wounds.

...discharge... pumps...

Head down.


Yes, yes, Pilot.

D'Argo has switched on
the pumps.

Any water seepage will
be expelled.

Thank you.

Now, allow the minerals in
Qujaga's sea to soothe Moya,

and you rest and regenerate
your connection to her.

How many fingers?


- Hey, whoa! Oi!

- Tralk!

It's not gonna go away.

I'm gonna be blind forever.



That Diagnosan that we
found near here,

that is the first stop that we
make when this is over, I promise.



What's going on?

Crichton's got Aeryn
in a boat.

What's he doing?

We have some
unfinished business.

Yes, we have.

A year ago, we let a coin make
our decisions for us.

Not again.

Call it.


I have a question.

Can I go first?


When I was on the Command
Carrier, I went to see a surgeon.

I was really worried about what
the Scarrans did to me.

The fetus has been released
from its stasis.

So I'm having a baby.

You okay?

And the baby?

It's yours.

I just wanted to tell you.

Hope it doesn't change anything.


Well it changes everything.

We're gonna have... a baby!

Yeah! Frell you!

We are gonna have... a baby!

Wha... what's going on?

Now, John seems very,
very angry.

We're having a baby!

Come sit down before
you fall down.

Ah, ha!

Are you all right?
- Yeah. Oh.

Are you happy?
- Yeah.

What was your question?

Oh, God. Um...

Crichton's gone down
onto his knees.


I think he's hurt himself.

Will you marry me?



What's he doing?

Uh, the boat's sinking.

The ring.

He's putting some sort of...

looks like a ring
on her finger.

A ring?

A... A ring.

You frelnicks.

Didn't you watch any of those...
th-th-those Earth movies?

Crichton just proposed.

Hmm? Proposed what?



Idiot! Oh!

John! Aeryn! Get inside!

D'Argo, do you know what it is?

I have no idea whatsoever.
Just come back inside!

- Give me a break.
- We're in a boat!

Tracker Scouts were correct.

One Leviathan,
partially submerged.

Two invaders have exited
their ship.

Request orders.

Are they gonna make it?


Do you have target acquisition?

Positive. I scan no armaments.

Neutralize invaders
for analysis.


Neutralization run, beginning.

Hatch doors are open! Hurry up!

You and your timing.

I love you.

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