01x11 - By the Book

Episode transcripts for the TV show "East New York". Aired: October 2, 2022 - current.
Follows police captain of East New York, Regina Haywood, who leads a diverse group of officers and detectives in serving and protecting the people.
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01x11 - By the Book

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- Previously on East New York...
- You were supposed

to be giving me $ ,
as a down payment,

and instead you're giving
me a baseball bat?

Roy Campanella's bat.

The joint's yours.


Play the long game, Regina.

To get done what we both want
to get done.

You need your job, and I need mine.

QUINLAN: I don't want to keep this
a secret any longer than we need to.

What's up, man?


I put that punk-ass partner
of yours in a box myself.


Very much alive.

I recorded his confession.

There's gonna be
consequences behind this.

Am I gonna get fired?




♪ I'm tired of arguing with you ♪

♪ All this makeup and breakup ♪

♪ Look ♪

♪ There's really nothing else to say ♪

♪ I'm through ♪

♪ Psych, you're mine ♪

♪ I know I'm through this time ♪

♪ I think you're losing your mind ♪

♪ Don't trip ♪

- ♪ I'll be just fine... ♪
- You got it?

What do you think?

- I... it's straight finally.
- You sure?

'Cause I'm cockeyed. I can't tell.

(CHUCKLES) No, I can.

Detective k*ll.


Grand opening tonight. For real.

This here's a summons and
complaint commencing a lawsuit

against the two of you
for fraud in the inducement.

Goody, what are you...
What are you talking about?

In lieu of cash, you gave me a
baseball bat to buy this place.

Yeah. Roy Campanella's bat.

Said to have been used by Roy Campanella
in the World Series.


k*ll: And-and it's worth
more than $ ,

that we'd agreed on for a down payment.

I had that bat appraised
for insurance purposes.

Its approximate value...

dollars and cents. (CHUCKLES)

Wait, wait, wait...

It was not used by Roy Campanella.

It was not used in the World Series.

It was a souvenir sold in
a gift shop in Cooperstown,

rendering your purchase of
my establishment null and void.

All right, all right, let's just

- take this a step at a time.
- I have taken it

a step at a time. I've
retained an attorney

who's taken the case on contingency,

so certain he is that I will prevail.

He advised me that there is
no better time to serve you

with legal process than just
prior to your grand opening,

an event you may want to put off

until such time as your reputation

and financial situation
has been rectified.

Unfortunately, I think your
reputation is beyond repair.


Wait, Goody...



All right. Yeah, all right.


What do you think's
gonna happen to Sandeford?

I can't think about Sandeford right now.

Tommy, it was a good faith error.

You thought the bat was the real thing.

You mean when I acquired it,

- thinking it was the real thing.
- (SCOFFS) The fact that you

acquired it the way
you did is irrelevant

to the fraud in the inducement part,

which is what you're being sued for.

Thank you, Counselor.
I feel so much better now.

All right. What do we got, Aziz?

Jane Doe. M.E.'s first impression...

Head trauma received in a fall.

Watch your step. You're good.


k*ll: I don't see a purse anywhere.

MORALES: She got a missing button.

AZIZ: We do have a cell phone.

Have Crime Scene bag up

- whatever's on the ground nearby.
- MAN: You guys have

any idea how long it's
gonna take to restore service?

There's a dead woman, guy.
It'll take as long as it takes.

MAN: Look, I got a boss
asking me when, man.

We all got bosses asking us when.

Bill T. Jones dance performance
at City Center.

Was she scalping tickets?

Why is that the first
thing that occurs to you?

k*ll: She could've
gone through the turnstile

using a card or a phone.

She could have also jumped
the turnstile.

Does that seem likely?

Does it seem likely
she was scalping tickets?

That's all right.

That's who would've bought
these tickets?

Can you give us the name
on that credit card?

Thank you. Much appreciated.

They were student tickets,

bought with a credit card in the
name of KR Dance Experience.

What kind of students?

♪ ♪

TANYA: And five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven. Nice.

Two, three. And lift.


Seven, eight.

Two, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight.


Nice elbows.

♪ ♪

Nice, ladies.

Head melt. Uh-huh!

(MUSIC STOPS) All right, take five,

then we'll work on the second phrase.

Can I help you?

Uh, we're detectives from the - Squad.

Can you tell us who might have picked up

or purchased tickets
to see Bill T. Jones?

Yeah. That would've been Kia.

And what's Kia's last name?

Kia Russell.

When's the last time
you saw Kia Russell?

Yesterday afternoon.

Is she a student here or an instructor?

TANYA: She started this place.

It's her school.

Has something happened?

Unfortunately, something has happened.

Kia Russell's body

was found this morning
on the subway tracks.

What do you mean?

We're trying to piece together
how it happened.

If you can provide

any family members
we should be in touch with...

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

What happened, Tanya?

Something terrible, honey.

Our Kia's gone.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

You got some real psychopaths
working here, you know that?

I'm sorry you feel that way, ma'am.

WOMAN: You're sorry I feel that way.

But are you sorry one of
your officers is a bully?

Well, you're gonna be sorry
when Sotomayor hears about it.

And she will hear about it.

- I'll see to that.
- Have a good day, ma'am.

What are you looking at?

What was that all about?

Uh, she was collared
on the late tour for shoplifting

at a convenience store.

According to the... arresting officer,

she put up a struggle
when they got out to the car.

Had some kind of head injury
that the desk sergeant decided

required attention.

Called an ambulance.

EMTs said it didn't require stitches.

So they cleaned her up
and put a bandage on it.

Petit larceny, disorderly
conduct, resisting arrest.

Who's the arresting officer?

Gabe Finley.

I don't get it.

She gets detained for shoplifting,
doesn't put up a struggle,

gets outside and goes crazy.

Maybe she freaked out when
he tried to put her in the car.

What do we know about
the arresting officer?

I don't know that much about him

because, uh, he's on the midnight tour.

Although now that I think of it,

he has a high number
of CCRB complaints against him.

How high?

Precinct top ten, for sure.

Yeah. Yeah, get me his personnel file.

♪ ♪





She was pushed.
She was definitely pushed.

And the M.E. confirms blunt
force trauma to the skull.

There's that missing button.

And what does that tell you?

With a loose thread,
tells me there was a struggle.

Yeah, what, she couldn't have
left her house with a button missing?

Look at that scarf.

A woman who ties a scarf like that

doesn't go out with a button missing.




Someone's trying to use
Kia Russell's credit card.


- Yeah.
- WOMAN: Officer Sandeford here for you.

Oh, sure. Send him in.

Got a minute to talk, Chief?


How are you doing, Marvin?

Good. I think maybe I...

left you with the wrong impression
in the immediate aftermath

of collaring my partner's sh**t.

You definitely left me
with an impression.

I don't know that it was wrong.

It was emotion.

My head was all twisted.

Kept reliving the g*n
and seeing that kid go down.

You're lucky you didn't
k*ll anybody, Marvin.

Given your state of mind,

- that could've easily been the case.
- All due respect,

Chief, it wasn't luck.

I took pains in making
sure that didn't happen.

I thought you said your head
was all twisted. Uh...

- which is it?
- I know it's up to the first dep,

but I also know you carry
a lot of weight with him.

Can you give me
a clue to what's likely to happen?

As of right now,
you're on modified duty.

How long for, to be determined.


Whether anything happens beyond that...

...to be determined.

I-I hope they're gonna let me
keep on being a cop, Chief.

I don't know how to do nothing else.

k*ll: So... (CLEARS THROAT)

you came into possession
of this credit card how?

I found it
on the subway platform, a'ight?

I intended on returning it

- to its rightful owner.
- MORALES: Did you also intend

on returning the pocketbook
you picked up?

I bought a pair of
freakin' sneakers, okay?

You want, I'll return 'em.

Did you speak to the woman
whose bag it is?

I didn't know whose bag it was.

k*ll: Here's what I think happened...

You tried to snatch the
bag out of her hand...


...she put up a f*ght,

so you pushed her off
the platform onto the tracks.

Her body was found on the tracks,

and it's our job to find out

- how it got there.
- And the fact that you're

in possession of her credit card
kinda makes you a...

prime suspect, wouldn't you say?

I would never try to snatch
a bag out of somebody's hands.

Did I pick it up off the ground
and try to use her credit card?


But I didn't touch anybody.

Well, you might be telling the truth,

but we won't know that until we check

the timecodes on the security
cameras in the subway station.

In the meantime,

you're under arrest for criminal
possession of stolen property.

I'm going over to the
hospital to see Bentley.

Is there anything you want me to bring?

Did you get him
those cinnamon rolls he likes?

Yep. Got 'em right here.

And don't forget... You got to get
the rugs up in his apartment.

I did that before I left for work.

'Cause if he trips on o...

I-I know.


I also got him this.

What is it?

It's called a sock valet. Mm.

Allows him to lie down in bed

and put his socks on
without bending over.

Is that something he's gonna want?

I mean, he's always complaining

about his feet being cold, so I think...

Yes. I-I think

- he's gonna want it.
- Oh, he's gonna love it.

He is gonna love it.

(CHUCKLES): I'll talk to you soon.

YENKO: Inspector.

This is Don Jankowicz.

Union trustee from Brooklyn North.

Inspector, I've heard only good things.

You and I both know that isn't true.

Oh, you got a lot more people
rooting for you than you might think.

You're here regarding Officer Finley?

- They maintain

that the use of force

was proportionate and necessary.


FINLEY: Perpetrator failed
to comply with instructions.

Resisted reasonable efforts
to contain and control

and represented a...
immediate physical thr*at

to myself and others.

Did you memorize that, Officer?

just trying to be precise, Inspector.

I tell him he doesn't
have to worry about

the legal mumbo jumbo... Just be real.

Well, sometimes that is
the hardest part, isn't it?

- Not for me, Inspector.
- The woman refused to get in the car.

Did she give you a
reason for her refusal?

I don't know,

I guess it had something to do
with not wanting to go to jail or...

Officer Finley?

She did not give a reason.

But you did eventually get her
into the car, did you not?

Yes, I did, Captain.
I effectuated a posterior restraint.

Was able to maneuver the
suspect into the back seat.

Did "effectuating a posterior restraint"

cause her to require medical attention?

JANKOWICZ: Oh. That's really a question

for someone with medical expertise.

I think we can still hear
from the officer on the subject.

Can we not?

Notwithstanding that she had a
small frame, she put up a f*ght.

As I'm sure you know, Inspector,

police officers are not allowed
to lose fights.

Uh, you seem to charge a high proportion

of the people you collar with, uh,

resisting arrest. Uh...

I think that may tell us
something about you.

Gabe, would you give us a minute here?

(QUIETLY): Yeah.

What's going on here, Inspector?
(DOOR CLOSES) All due respect.

I'm looking into this
officer's compliance

with the departmental
use of force policy.

All well and good, and maybe
given the ever-changing

definition of "excessive," he's
gonna have to take a rip for that.

But why are we bringing up
this grab bag of unrelated statistics?

Because they're not unrelated.

This is a good guy, Inspector.

Has a wife, a three-year-old.

Been working midnights
for over two years without complaining.

Can we not put this to rest
without jeopardizing

his career by getting
Internal Affairs involved?

Investigation will determine that.

An investigation?

Or a power play against the union?

All right, that's uncalled for.

All I can say is that the union

will be paying attention.

And they will have
something to say about it.



- Yes?
- The mother of the DOA

from the subway's here to see somebody.

She can see me. You can
bring her in now, Sergeant.

Thank you.

My daughter's been dancing
since she was five.

She didn't slip.

She didn't trip.

She knew exactly where her body was

and exactly what it was doing.

Ms. Russell, we don't think
she slipped either.

Somebody pushed her?

We believe so.

Who would do that?

That's what we're trying to find out.


These are Detectives
k*ll and Morales.

They're going to be
the lead investigators

in your daughter's case.

Detectives, this is Bettina Russell.

And we're very sorry about
your daughter, Ms. Russell.

Do you mind if they ask
you some questions?


MORALES: Do you know
if your daughter was out

with anyone last night?

I don't know.

To the best of your knowledge
was she seeing anyone?

The only people she saw were

the people who came to her dance studio.

And this was a dance studio
that was owned by her?

She didn't own the building.

She found a vacant space and...

managed to come up with the rent.

Kia had a purpose.

Ever since she was a little girl,
she always had a purpose.

The most important thing
to her was to provide

a space for kids
from East New York to dance.

That was her... her whole life.

HAYWOOD: We're going to find whoever
it was that did this.

I'm... numb

right now.

But I guess I won't
always be numb, and...

whoever took my daughter
out of this world,

I-I want to know why

and I want to see them punished.

Me, too.

I got to let

- some people know.
- Yes.


- Uh, transit just sent this.
- What is it?

Two more subway attacks
at the Van Siclen J platform.

Okay, go.


QUINLAN: Where's my sexy patient?



- Hey.
- ADOLPHUS: Brandy?

This is my dad.

How do you do? Hi.


It's really happening.

I get to go home.

I was afraid there was gonna be

a last-minute complication or something.

No, no complication.

Now he's got a good six weeks of
physical therapy ahead of him.

- But he can do that at home.
- Absolutely, and I can

always drive him, there will
always be someone to drive him.

I can drive him, dear.

Of course.

You work at the same precinct as Andre?

I do, yeah.

I was telling you about her,
Dad. She's who moved into

- the housing project first.
- Ah, yes.

The housing project.

Proof positive that you're both nuts.


SIMONE: We better get going if
we're gonna b*at the traffic.

Yeah. Oh!

Highway's sending an escort.

And one of our neighbors prepared
a welcome home basket for you.

I'm not gonna be going back
to Ruskin Gardens right now, Brandy.

You're not?

SIMONE: We got a bedroom all set up.

Bathroom that's easy
to move in and out of.

And we're there.

You'll come to visit.


- Hey, Marvin.
- Hey.

- How you doing?
- Oh, good, you looking for Tommy?

Yeah, if he's around.

- Thanks.
- I got you.

CORINNE: You could go to jail.

I'm not gonna go to jail.

But you could.

It's a civil matter, Corinne.

All right? Worst comes to worst,

we get banged for money we don't
have and that's that.

When you tell me something like that,

you know what you're really telling me?

That you think I am stupid enough

to believe it. I am not that stupid.

I don't think you're stupid, Corinne.

Tell Goody we want to talk to him.

Just us, no lawyers.

Tell him we have a proposition to make.

All right, what's the proposition?

I don't know yet.

You don't know?




That's who plays the knockout game.

What is that exactly?

k*ll: All right, you
walk up to a stranger

and you hit 'em in the face.

MORALES: I guess you won't be taking
g*ng Initiation Rituals

for your category next time
you're on Jeopardy!

All right, set up a decoy.

Maybe we'll catch 'em in the act.

HAYWOOD: I just wanted
to give you a heads-up.

I have a situation that I may need

Internal Affairs to investigate.

What kind of situation?

One of my cops arrested
a female for shoplifting.

And it seems like he may
have used an excessive

amount of force.

Going to IAB can have

major implications for his
career, but you know that.

Well, if he's b*at up
on collars for no reason,

he doesn't deserve to have a career.

- You're right.
- You know how many

excessive force complaints
my predecessor sent up to IAB?


In six years.

So that says to me
that things were being

swept under the rug, which sends

the message that that kind
of behavior is acceptable.

Do what you got to do.

I have some more digging to do

before I decide how to proceed.
I was just...

keeping you in the loop.

And I appreciate it.




- Where's your head?
- Nothing, I'm fine.

You're not thinking about your boyfriend
in the middle of an operation?

I think it's weird that he moved
back in with his parents.

A big house in Westchester over
Ruskin Gardens is not weird.

Yeah, but don't you think
that says something about us?

That maybe I'm just
his "projects girlfriend"?

Honey, you can't ask me that.
You got to ask him.

Right now you got to put
all of that out of your mind.

Can you do that?

Yes, I can.

What's your distress phrase?

About time.

You got a ghost on the bench.
Transit's ready to stop the train.

And TARU for the cameras.

- All good?
- All good.

All good.

♪ ♪

All units be on the lookout

for two teen males in white masks.

Goody, it's Tom k*ll again.

Can you give me a call back, please?

(GROANS) Still not picking up?


You should just walk away
from it, Tommy.

I can't walk away from it.
He's suing us.

MORALES: Right. He's suing you.

And what if he wins?

You rent your apartment.

Your car's ten years old.
What's he gonna get? Your ties?

Look, I don't want Corinne
to go through that, okay?

I don't want her to
have to go back to...

managing somebody else's restaurant.

How many jobs are you working right now?

- What's the difference?
- How many?

I bounce at the other joint
three nights a week,

do bodyguard work for the
guy in Connecticut, and this.

And you don't want Corinne
to have to go back

to managing somebody else's restaurant?

She's my girl.

What can I say?

You ever been to the White Mountains?

No, I can't say that I have.

Went up there with Francine
a couple of years ago,

stopped in Portsmouth on the way up.

Began chatting with this Portsmouth cop.

Where's this going, Stan?

I knew from his personnel file

that Gabe Finley had been
a cop in Portsmouth.

And because I have this habit
of collecting business cards, I had

the business card of this Portsmouth cop

- that I struck up a conversation with.
- Uh-huh.

I called this cop, whose name...

Beryl Garabedian...

I don't know why I remember the name.

He's very forthcoming with
information about Gabe Finley.

Telling me he has a string
of complaints filed

against him for use of excessive force.

Some of which have resulted
in some significant injuries.

How is it that the job didn't

know about that
before he was hired here?

Because his father is a lieutenant in

the fire department up there
and he was allowed to resign.

Keeping it out of his personnel file.

Notify Internal Affairs. He's done.

Oh, here you go.

Half day today? (LAUGHS)

(LAUGHS) And he's a comedian.

- How's it going, Don?
- I'm good.

I just wanted to catch you
before you left.

You going out to your car?
I'll walk with you.

Can it wait?

I don't want to be a pain in the ass,
but I don't think it really can.

Listen, what's the story
with this, uh, Regina Haywood?

What do you mean, what's the story?

Well, I'm sure she's performed
admirably in the past,

elsewise she wouldn't
be precinct commander,

but she's really going after this kid

Gabe Finley like she's
got it in for him.

I know it's your job to make
a case for your member,

but it's possible this guy's a problem.

He's an active cop.
You know what that's like.

Active? I do.

So many guys on the job today...
All they want to do is hide.

But Finley's not like that.

You take a look at how
many collars he's got?

Nobody's saying he's not
doing his job, Donnie.

But we can't have loose cannons
out there, not anymore.

Haywood keeps talking about
community support, am I wrong?

But if she keeps going
the way she's going,

she's gonna lose the
community that matters most.


She's the C.O. of the - .

I'm not gonna interfere with
her going to Internal Affairs

if that's what she wants to do.

But if she goes, maybe
you can, uh, I don't know,

weigh in on what you think is
a reasonable resolution to this.

Let's see what happens.

Let's see what their
investigation concludes.

Hey, all I'm asking. (LAUGHS)

Can I go home now?

The unions are down
the line for you, Chief.

And I appreciate it.

And when they start talking
about possible candidates

for three stars and beyond,

you're on the short list, my friend.

You wouldn't be presenting this

as if it was a quid pro quo,

- now would you, Donnie?
- Not at all.

You show yourself out.



Look alive. Two teen males, white masks,

just entered the platform.


Stay down! Don't move!


What'd I do?!

I was just talking to her!

Now you get to talk to me.

Give me your hands.

- You good?
- Yeah, we're good.

- Where were you two nights ago, Rocket?
- King's Plaza.

Yeah, what were you doing there?

Trying to get a job at Foot Locker.

Where were you two nights ago, Troylen?

My Aunt Shanika's.

MORALES: Who else was there?

TROYLEN: My cousins, everybody.

How can we get in contact
with your cousins?

One of them's in the police academy.

Just ask for him.

k*ll: What time did
you leave King's Plaza?

- When they closed.
- Where'd you go then?

My mom's.

MORALES: Total stranger?
You just punch them in the face?

- What do you get out of that?
- I don't get nothing.

I ain't never done it.

How many times you play
this knockout game, Rocket?

TROYLEN: If you're asking
why other people do it,

I'd say they do it because it's fun.

k*ll: We have these guys
for as*ault three, but sorry to say,

their alibi for pushing Kia Russell
off the platform holds up.

Twisted little bastards.

Stay open to the possibility that it's

another crew who are equally as twisted.

Got it.

YENKO: Just got word
from Internal Affairs.

They're bouncing back the Finley
case to Borough Investigations.

Our friend Jankowicz from the
union must have gotten to them.

Well, somebody did.


Hey. Um, since Officer Bentley
is out of the hospital, I was wondering

if I might be assigned
to drive him to physical therapy

and whatever treatment he may need.

Got to assign someone.

I'm happy to have it be you,
Officer Quinlan.


What happened?

You get detention?

Yeah. Something like that there.

Where's your badge?

It's called a shield.

No g*n?

No. No g*n.

What the hell? You might as well
be a school crossing guard.

k*ll: Hey, Goody.

Thanks for coming.


Drop by anytime.


CORINNE: Hey. You tell him yet?

No. Um...

We have a proposition to make.

I'm listening.


Take % of the bar back and...

- come run it with Corinne.
- Together.

I used to own %,
and I ran it by myself.

Look, we both know
you weren't making any money.

You were worn out.
You wanted to walk away.

I think you might've changed
your mind about walking away.

I think it can make money.

And I think you liked
having that old saloon

to come to every day.

Oh. So then this would
be you helping me out.

No. We're trying
to help ourselves, Goody.

Okay? But...

but if we team up, maybe
it'll be good for all of us.


♪ Our love is strong ♪

♪ When no one does the other wrong ♪

♪ Our love is lasting ♪

♪ When there are no questions ♪

♪ Just understanding ♪

♪ When love is as sweet as ours ♪

♪ There's no need for questions ♪


♪ When love is... ♪



Everybody, this is...
This is Brandy Quinlan.

She's been assigned to check up on me.

Yeah. Um, how are you feeling?


- I'm feeling good.
- Good.

ADOLPHUS: His mother
confers with his doctor

at least five or six times a day.


You can assure your boss
Andre's on the mend.

I'll tell them.

Well, there's a... There's a whole

spread laid out in the dining room.
Get yourself something to eat.

- Um...
- SIMONE: Carmelina will fix her

- a plate.
- Actually, that's-that's okay.

I'm actually not hungry.

Well, I'll put on some shoes.
We can take a walk.

Please, Andre, don't push it.

- Mom, I'm fine. I'm fine.
- We'll just...

We'll do it another time.

Okay. RJ, hey, can you...
Can you go get her a...

- get her a chair, please?
- I've actually got to run.

You just got here. Go... get the chair.

Well, I mean, they just wanted
me to check in on you,

see if you need anything,
and then get back. So...

do you need anything?

No. I'm all set.


Well, um, I'll check in tomorrow and...

It was very nice to meet all of you.



♪ ♪

Still don't have a suspect
on that subway pushing?

No. We, uh, thought we did.

As of now, nada.

YENKO: Well, Sergeant Kee
brought something to my attention

which may prove relevant.

Well, I happened to see some of what
was collected on the tracks.

One of the things I noticed
was this book.

To The Finland Station?

k*ll: And what is it, a travel book?

YENKO: Classic book on the
history of the Russian Revolution.

It's not a first edition
but it's an early edition.

And it happens to have
been signed by the author.

What are you, a communist?

I happen to know something
about rare books.

- So what's significant about this?
- Well, the value

of a signed edition of this book
in excellent to fine condition

is about $ .

So how'd it wind up in a puddle

- on the tracks?
- Well, I don't know the answer to that,

but you might start by looking
at the East New York branch

of the public library.

That's where it was taken out from.



Hey, I want Finley inside.

Well, I don't know what administrative

jobs are open on the midnight tour.

No, forget the midnight tour.
I want him on the day tour.

- That way, we can keep an eye on him.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You sure you want to do this?

Do I have the authority to do it?

- Of course.
- Then do it.


(k*ll SIGHS)

Well, might be something,
might be nothing.

Either way, it's all we got.

k*ll: We're detectives
from the - Squad.

Here about a book.

Well, you're in the right place.

We need to know who took out
a particular book.


To The Finland Station by Edmund Wilson.


No one took it out.
It should be on the shelf.

k*ll: I'm wondering
if we can verify that.

Albert? Can you take these
detectives to the stacks

and see if To The Finland
is on the shelf?

I'm leaving early today.
Can someone else do it?

First of all, you never cleared
it with me to leave early today.

Second of all, you can still
do what I'm asking you to do.

MORALES: Uh, why don't you
go with Albert? I'll meet you there.

Albert's been a little
high-strung lately,

even for him.

There someplace people
who work here might stash books

they're looking to steal?

Well, Albert, I guess you will
be going home early today.

ALBERT: Whatever books I took,

the library was getting rid of.

Why would they be getting rid of

a signed edition worth
hundreds of dollars?

Because they don't know anything.

And because they don't take
the time to learn anything.

k*ll: This is easy to sort out.

I mean, we'll get a search warrant,

go through your apartment,
see what you got in there.

What, this?

This is a high-priority item

right now in East New York? Really?

I would think that you'd have
more pressing matters to attend to.

Did you take the J train
from the Van Siclen platform

two nights ago, Albert?

I don't know.

MORALES: We're gonna run your card

and find that out.
Might as well tell us.

Anything happen while you were
waiting for the train, Albert?


What, i-is this some sort
of trick question?

It's a simple question.

MORALES: Did you speak to a young woman
while you were there?

I don't recall speaking to anyone.

This young woman.

It's possible I had
some random encounter

with her or someone
that looked like her.

k*ll: What kind of random encounter?

Look, I keep to myself. All right?

I don't bother anyone,
and I don't want anyone to bother me.

What kind of random encounter, Albert?


She asked to use my phone.

She said hers had died
and she had to call someone

to tell them
that she couldn't meet them...

All details I wasn't
the least bit interested in.

But because I thought it would
be easier to just hand it to her

rather than to continue
the conversation,

I reached in my bag
to pull it out and...

somehow the contents spilled out.

She got in the way
of my dealing with that,


I pushed her out of the way.

I suppose she thought she was helping.

How hard did you push, Albert?

I don't know.

Hard enough for her to
wind up on the tracks?

(QUIETLY): Oh, dear God.



HAYWOOD: Sorry to interrupt.
I wanted to tell you in person.

We made an arrest.

Was it someone my daughter knew?

No. Apparently, it was
someone she had never met.

According to what this...

individual told us,

they had some kind of interaction

on the subway platform,
he became agitated and...

he pushed her onto the tracks.

A total stranger?

So it would seem.

Who had no idea who my daughter was.

Didn't know she trudged
around for six months

before she found a space
for her dance studio

that she could afford.

Didn't know she loaned
what little money she had

to her students who couldn't
afford to pay for anything.

When a young woman like your
daughter is taken from us,

we look for a reason.

Sometimes there is no reason, it's...

There are some who say it's the city,

but I don't think so.

The city's also my daughter.

And looks like you're picking up
where your daughter's left off.


Her girls came for class.

Thought it would be a good idea
for all of us to have one.

I won't keep you.

♪ ♪

♪ Rocket in my stocking
like a rat-tat-tat-toy ♪

♪ If you come close,
I'm-a rat-tat-tat-tat ♪

♪ I got backup in the ends
and they want to meet ya ♪

♪ You'd just be saved... ♪

Hopefully between word of mouth
and halfway decent reviews,

there'll be a few more
people showing up.


And it's a weeknight.

(SIGHS) I know. It's just
we've been promoting it

as the grand opening.

I thought there'd be at least a
few people from the neighborhood

showing up to check it out.

It's known as a cop bar, Corinne.

People from the neighborhood
aren't necessarily interested

in checking it out.

(SIGHS) Here, look, sit down.

Those heels are huge.

♪ Queen of the city, queen of the city ♪


This is k*ll's girlfriend
who bought this place?

Yeah. Corinne Moynahan, right.

And... nothing's in k*ll's name?


I've already spoken to him.

He knows it's against
department regulations

to have any interest in
an establishment selling liquor.

He's doing it by the book, boss.

Uh, restaurants are tough.

I don't know that they'll
make a go of it here.

It's fine. It's early.

No, but...

No, it's early.


% of liquor, food and the door.

What door?

When we have entertainment,
we're gonna charge at the door.

This-this place

- has never had entertainment.
- Yeah, well,

looking into the future,
it's possible there will be.

So you back in, Goody?

Give it a sh*t.


Oh! I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Um... (LAUGHS)


well, hopefully, uh, you know,
business will pick up at some point.


I might be able to do
something about that.

Might be able to do something ab...

Come on.

♪ Hey, ooh, this feel like summertime ♪

♪ I been up in the clouds, number nine ♪

♪ Came fresh to impress... ♪ Hey.

Welcome. Welcome to Goody's. (CHUCKLES)

There's, uh, food in the back.
Just help yourself.

(CHUCKLES) Let's get
you a drink. Come on.

Come on. (CHUCKLES)


♪ Move like a nine-to-five
and get busy, come on ♪

♪ It's comin' tonight, up in the spot ♪

♪ And we comin' in hot, uh ♪

♪ Runnin' the clock
and I'm takin' the sh*t ♪

♪ We up high and now we ready to drop ♪

♪ I'm feelin', feelin' good ♪

♪ I'm feelin', feelin' good ♪

♪ I'm feelin', feelin' good ♪
♪ Yeah, unstoppable... ♪

How's it going, Marvin?

Hey, Chief. I'm holding up.

BARTENDER: What can I get for you?

- Club soda.
- You got it.

You sick of answering phones yet?

Why? You got something else
for me to do?

I want you back in a sector car. Thanks.

You're not messing with me,
are you, Chief?

I convinced the first dep

to chalk up what you did
to special circumstances.

He took my word, based on
how long we've known each other,

that nothing like it
will ever happen again.

♪ Even when it's at night, I'm cool ♪

♪ Like midnight blue,
got a mood ring... ♪

I can't tell you how grateful I am.

♪ Finally made that move,
brighten up the sky... ♪

JANKOWICZ: Well, what do you know?

I don't usually see you

- in these venues, Chief.
- (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Yeah, well,

I like to get out every once in a while.

Seems like, uh, whatever you said

to Internal Affairs about Finley here...

...had the desired effect.

I didn't desire any particular effect.

What I said to them is that I expected

a fair and impartial evaluation.

Which is exactly what we got.

The problem is Deputy Inspector Haywood,

who's neither fair nor impartial.

She took Finley off the late tour
and put him on a desk

without so much
as a whiff of due process.

SUAREZ: Donnie, it's well within
her authority to manage personnel.

And it's well within
your authority to manage her.

I'm with you till the last dog dies.
But that's me.

The police unions are watching
how you're handling this.

Don't take their support for granted.

♪ ♪




Hold on.

Oh, excuse me. I'll be right back.


Hey, Chief.

- Regina.
- Chief.



- Finley's got to stay on the late tour.
- Sorry, what?

You can have the late tour
platoon commander monitor him,

but, uh, you can't move him.

HAYWOOD: This come out of your
conversation with Jankowicz just now?

It comes out of my determination
of what's right.

And that union trustee
has nothing to do with it.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions.



GOODY: Hello. Uh, this on?


This on? (k*ll CLEARS THROAT)



All right then. (LAUGHS)

I want everybody to raise a glass

to the official reopening
of this establishment

and the official
partnership between myself

and Ms. Corinne Moynahan.

Come on up here, young lady.


CORINNE: So, uh, according to
State Liquor Authority records,

there's been a bar
in this location since .

(MURMURING) Now, I wasn't here then

and Goody wasn't here then...
Sure about that?

(LAUGHTER) I'm kidding!

But we are here now,
so, cheers, everyone.

Thank you all for coming. (CHEERING)

Ah, look who else is here!




MORALES: Bentley, yeah!

GOODY: Welcome back, young man!

MORALES: Bentley!




Oh, okay!

♪ Ain't no big thing... ♪

This gonna be a problem,
them working the same tour?

I don't know, Stan.

Right now I've got bigger problems.

♪ Oh, I ♪

♪ Got a feeling ♪

♪ That I am losing you ♪

♪ But what's the use? ♪

♪ Why worry? ♪
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