01x07 - Episode 7

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Glory". Aired: December 30, 2022 - present.
A woman lives for absolute revenge against her childhood bullies who destroyed her life.
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01x07 - Episode 7

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[moody, intense intro music plays]

I think the left side
should be a little lower than that.

[man] Move it to the left. A little down.
That's right. Looking real good.


[Yeo-jeong] Is it okay if I touch you?

I don't want to startle you.

[gentle music playing]

The button on my sleeve fell off
when I went to the car mechanic's.

Crawling on the floor

like I was crazy.

Aren't they hard to look at?

My scars?

They're injuries.

But if you collapse like that again,

call me so you won't be alone.

I can understand
the burden that anger can be.

I've been there before.

Just wait here.
I'll put a new button on for you.


Just trust me.

My sewing is better than
most tailors out there.

Who was it?

The person you needed me
to help b*at at Go?

[operator] The person you are
trying to reach is unavailable.

There you are.

I thought you weren't home yet.

I'm off to work.

[lighter clinks]

[lighter clinks]

What's this?

Taking a trip down memory lane?

Oh honey, I didn't think
you'd be the one to dig this out.

They're your friends from high school.

[laughs] Before Hye-jeong
got all that work done.

Well, maybe I should get a boob job too.
Do you think I should?

Son Myeong-o isn't in this picture.

Oh, he's not.

But, honey, how do you know Myeong-o?

Do you often see Jae-jun or Myeong-o?


Whenever I have a fitting,
I do it at Jae-jun's shop.

But I haven't talked to Myeong-o lately.

Ugh, oh my God.

Sometimes, he does
some really weird stuff.

Did Myeong-o say anything at all odd?
Did he thr*aten you at all?

What'd he say?

[chuckles dryly]

You and your friends

aren't acting normal right now.

Son Myeong-o comes up,
and you all ask if I was threatened.

Get to work safely.

[door closes]

[mysterious music playing]

[touchscreen input chiming]


Did he and Jae-jun meet up?

[ominous music building]

[Dong-eun] Ha Do-yeong.

At Jaepyeong Construction.

And he's Yeon-jin's husband.

Why are you interested
in her husband, then?

When I finally get my revenge some day,

Yeong-jin will have
nobody who can be at her side.

Not even her daughter or her husband.

She'll have no one left.

No one she has loved left.

So did you win your match?

Yeah, I won,

but because I had a good teacher.


The passcode is seven-two-four, Dong-eun.

[gentle Korean pop ballad playing]

It may take us months or years,

but let's play Go together again.

I'll make a move, and then you can come
whenever you can and make your move.

That way, I'll know you were here.

So then it's okay
if you don't answer my calls.

Just let me know how you are.

That's all I'll ever need.

And then after all of this,
I'll do what you want.

I'll do anything for you.

I'll happily be your executioner.

[gentle pop ballad continuing]


[woman] Please sign in here.

[indistinct chatter]

[tense, mischievous music playing]

Hi there.

Is this unusual,
so many young women here now?

The shaman that good?

I can't really say. First time.

I heard from my friend
who was here before,

she'll solve any problem you bring her.

Any problem, huh?

Who do we have here, huh?

Ms. Kang Hyeon-a?

Ms. Kang Hyeon-a?

Kang Hyeon-a!

Here! I'm here.
That's me, right there. Here.

Do you think you can get it out? It's oil.

Sure, I can.

And I can even sew on
a new button for you.

Oh, just...

leave it like that.

[knocking at door]

[door opens]

[assistant] I sent a plant to congratulate
Dr. Joo on his new practice.

And this is all the mail
that came in today.

Oh, thank you.


You think he's sent his credit card bills?


[mug shattering]

[suspenseful music playing]








That son of a...


That son of a...

[whimpering, panting]

[music trails off]


[low, menacing music builds]

[menacing music intensifies]

One-hundred-eighty-two centimeters.

And 75 kilograms.

[flesh rending, blood gushing]

[sighs heavily]

[menacing music swells, trails off]

[tinny, upbeat religious music playing]

[choir singing indistinctly]


[sighs] Could you
at least try to be more ethical?

Why couldn't you just take my money
instead of meeting in a holy place?

I really like this place.

Makes me think your Heavenly Father
will bless this conversation.

I don't have to count this?


This b*tch right here...

You go off to college and now you think
you're better than everyone?

[zips bag]

I'll be going now, then.

This arrogant b*tch has somewhere to be.

Hey! You won't go to heaven.

But I can still go.

'Cause I've been saved,
since I asked for forgiveness.

[chuckles wryly]

God's on your side?


I hope you go there when you die,

'cause you'll be in hell
while you're alive.

What did you mean by that?
What else are you gonna do, huh?

Let go now,

or I'll call your father, the minister,
to bless the exchange between us.

Hey! Hey, stop!

I'm talking to you! Hey!


[panting, grunting]

Ah, shit!

[doors fling open]

[choir stops]

Are we having our session here?

Today, I'm having you take
an assessment test.

Try. That's all you have to do.
But it'll be easy. I'll wait here.

What kind of assessment?

I'm gonna send you to the U.S. to study.

Study abroad?

Something unexpected happened,
so I can't tutor you anymore.

This way, you'll have a better teacher
that you can study with.


Oh, wow.

Why would you make up a lie that now?

How are you going to send me
to study abroad?

Could you afford to?

Yeah. I just got some money.

[phone chimes]

[woman] Come in, please.


[whistle bl*wing]

That was incredible. Nice job, Ye-sol.

Just like Son Heung-min.

But the, uh, kid with the pink socks

really doesn't seem to understand
how to play fair. Somebody could get hurt.

You mean Kim Ji-uk?

Oh, yeah. He always tries
and tackles everyone.


Ah! Daddy, we have
an open class next Friday, Daddy!

It's just for dads.

It's okay if you can't go to it.
I like you when you're busy, too.

No way.

Of course I'm going to go,

even if I'm busy.

Hey, Ye-sol.

Can I ask about your teacher?

Your mom doesn't seem to like her much.
Ye-sol, how about you? You like her?

She's a friend. Why?

Of who?


No, my teacher's a friend of Mommy.

They went to the same
high school together.

[Hye-jeong] Ha Do-yeong?

Since when do you care
about Yeon-jin's husband?

Just curious what he's like.

I've realized I don't know him at all.

He's nice, but a son of a b*tch.

You always see
assholes like him in first class.

They think flight attendants are
just maids who speak little English.

f*ck that.

You know how many applied for my job, huh?

[woman] This is our latest Vera Wang.

This dress has a mermaid silhouette,

meaning it's perfect
for brides with a beautiful figure.

Like it? Look good?

Just my type.

I've got a question.

"Nice son of a b*tch" means what, exactly?
How am I any different from that, huh?

Obviously, you're a shithead.

Do-yeon, on the other hand...

You need to look close to know.

He's not trying to be one either.

It's just he's already
so used to ordering people around.

Ah, I see.

That's why his eyes look like that.

Did you and Do-yeong meet up? Why?

Does he know about you and Yeon-jin?



Even if he knew,
you still wouldn't have a chance.

Take the hint already.

However, that dress looks great on you.

You really should get married.

At your age, you'll never find another
boyfriend who'll get you a Vera Wang.

And make sure to ask your boyfriend
where he had his last wedding at.

Maybe they'll give you a discount,

since he's a regular.


[door opens]

He's not the...?


Would you like to try on
any of our other dresses?

It's the most expensive?

The chest is really f*cking tight,
so you need to fix it!

[tense, mysterious music playing]

[breathing shakily]

That assh*le.

Yeon-jin's is smaller than mine.


So what's wrong?

Snow White chose
to live with seven men, did she not?


Because she knew
they were mining for gold.


[Louis barking]

[phone trills]

[line ringing]

[operator] The person
you're trying to reach...

Ah, shit.

[Yeon-jin] Where are you?
Definitely not at home!

Did you actually meet with Do-yeong?

He had your golf club's address
in his car's...

[phone chimes]



[low, ominous music playing]

[Jae-jun] When you're there,
can you look for my watch?

34-9 Eulseo Road, Jongno-gu.

Don't know his door code.

[phone ringing]


Why the hell are you
not answering my calls?

You ignored my calls first, didn't you?

I was busy. You see the text?

We should meet up. Where are you?

Sure, later.

I'm not in Seoul. I'm at a family reunion.


[tense music playing]


[music turns ominous]

I'm sorry.

But I was so happy to see you.

Don't worry.
I know how to cross the road, too.

It's okay.

Where's Mommy?

Oh I just came to visit you on my own.

Ah, what does Ye-sol like?

Maybe video games? Dolls?

Trading stocks. Samsung or even Kakao.


I'm just joking.

Mommy told me to say that
if anyone asked me.

Ah. [chuckles]

Hey, you're only eight
and you understand a joke like that?

Wow, that's f*cking gre...

You're a very smart girl.

Ah, little genius.

I wonder which parent Ye-sol takes after.

[car honking]

Can't they tell
this is a f*cking school zone?

I'm going to cut off
their g*dd*mn hands. Shit.

Don't you see there's a kid, huh?


I know what I'm going to do.

I've made up my mind now.

From now on, I'll protect you.


I love you, Ye-sol.

[door alarm chimes]

[door closes]

Ugh, that smells.

What happened?

Did he run away or give up half-way?

I can't believe this moron.

He really stole this from Jae-jin?



b*tch, shouldn't you be at church now?

You see, I can pray
anytime, anywhere with this.

I wanted to know who'd come.
Turns out it's Sister Hye-jeong.

You crazy b*tch.
Why do you care who comes or not

Don't you know? The perpetrator will
return to the scene of their own crime,


Oh, f*ck off.

So Myeong-o isn't here?

- Did you make this big mess?
- Mm-hmm..

Just knock,
and the door will open for you.

So I knocked, and it opened wide for me.

Look. My prayers are answered.

Stop. Get it away.

[inhales deeply]

God damn it. I need to see him.

If he comes to my wedding
and shows weird pictures,

I'm going to be screwed.

Why would he try to screw you over?

Because he couldn't have me.

Hey, you know what that jerk told me?

No idea. Look at this.
I think he went on a trip.



Why are you going to Russia?

Ah. You finally decided to be a dog?

A little sled doggy?


He was actually going to Russia, then?

Why didn't he go?

Ah, f*ck me. Was I actually the reason?

- He didn't go?
- You're holding his passport.

- [doorbell ringing repeatedly]
- [screams]

What the f*ck
are you screaming for, p*ssy? Shit.

[woman] I know you're there!
Your lights are on!

Come on, open this door! [banging on door]

Didn't you say you
were in a hurry to leave?

Then why aren't you answering me?
I have people who want to see your room!

What's wrong? What's going on?

- [Sa-ra] He's d*ad.
- [Hye-jeong] See our message?

What are you saying? Slow down a bit.

Myeong-o seems to have gone missing.

We went to his apartment,
and his landlord couldn't reach him.

He was moving out,
and even had a plane ticket, too.

- It's just weird.
- So then, call the police.

You report something like that
to the police, not me.

Report? Don't report?

Why? All we're saying
is that it looks weird.

Yeah, Sara's right.
And besides, I'm getting married soon.

I can't be seen at a police station.

[grunts] Then, why me?

I'm supposed to be at the news van now.

So then,

did Myeong-o not call
either of you guys before he left?

Well, I called him often.

He's Jae-jun's driver.

When exactly did you last talk to him?

I guess sometime around the 19th or 20th.

[Sa-ra] Why are you asking?

[sighs] I got a weird-ass call
from him that day.

[sighs] So I was wondering
if you guys did too.

Like how? Why was it weird?

[Sa-ra] I got a call too.

You did? Tell me. What did he say to you?

Nothing. Kept going on about sending
some stupid gift, so I hung up.

He wasn't making any sense.

[Hye-jeong] So, he gave you a gift?

And I got a f*cking stupid "I love you"!

That son of a b*tch told me he loves me
and asked me to visit him soon.

Does he think I'm crazy or what?

Ugh, I'm getting so pissed off
thinking about it.

I mean, how dare he think he has a chance?

He thinks we're on the same level?

[Hye-jeong scoffs]

[uproarious laughter]

Tell me, what the hell
did you do to Myeong-o?

to have him do something like that, huh?

He's punishing you.

That's so f*cking funny.

I'm going now.

I'll be on the news truck, so don't call.

It now makes sense.

[Sa-ra] I was wondering
how you knew his door code.


[Hye-jeong] And what about you?
How did you know the code?

I've been there a few times. I just can't
even remember how exactly I got there.

I'm sure you two would look cute together.

f*ck you! It's not like that!

[dark, menacing music playing]

[man] Saturday at 3:00 p.m.
Locker number C-7.

Passcode's 48-85.



[somber music playing]


Ms. An Jeong-mi, right?

Yes. It's nice to meet you.

I've heard a lot about you.

I'm looking forward to it.

Me too.

I look forward to it, too.

[therapist] How are you feeling?

I'm feeling pretty good.

I've been sleeping well
and I'm working out.

Someone told me you opened
a practice in Semyeong. Congratulations.

Thank you, ma'am.

I just regret
that I didn't listen to you sooner,

when you said
I should change my environment.

That's good. Are you eating well?

Semyeong has quite a few
great restaurants.

Does it still bring you comfort

when you listen
to the sound of tablets dissolving?

This is goodbye, ma'am.

I don't think I'll be back.

It's only a two-hour trip
that you'd make once a month.

Is it too much?

It's not because of how far it is.

I've decided it's time to leave
because you weren't able to fix me at all.

[suspenseful music playing]

[suspenseful music intensifies]

[siren echoing]

[alarms beeping frantically]

[indistinct shouting]

[man] So what kind of shit
did you get yourself into this time?

You assh*le. Don't call it shit.

It's not like that this time.

I have something
that is very small and precious.

- And I wanna take it from someone.
- What do you mean precious?

A jewel?
Are you going around stealing things now?

f*ck you. I'm just trying
to get back what's mine.

Come on, man.

Just hear me out.

Right. I'll get straight to the point.

No way. It's impossible.

- You can't have the kid.
- And why's that?

I'm Ye-sol's father, aren't I?

Biologically, yeah. Not legally.

When a child is born during a marriage,

they are legally considered
to belong to the married couple's.

That means her real father's Ha Do-yeong.


God damn. That's not f*cking fair.

Even with a DNA test?

- A 99% match. Isn't it science?
- Well, would you waste your time on that?

Even if it was 990 instead of 99%,

as long as the legal father
doesn't abandon them,

you'll always be second rate.

Son of a b*tch. Can you at least try
and file a lawsuit or whatever? Something?

I'm saying you don't even
have the grounds to file one.

You're a third party, not considered...

Why am I a third party?
I'm her real father. Shit.

[sighs] What kind of
f*cked-up law even is that?

You might have a chance
for a law suit against them

if it's clear that the legal guardians
were unable to have a child,

like if one of them
was locked up in prison,

or away on a trip when conceived.

Is it possible?


It's not. They're f*cking lovebirds.

Then has the father abused the child?

If he were abusing her,
why would I call you?

I would just call the cops.


in this situation,
your best scenario won't be a lawsuit.

It's the mother getting a divorce.

Child custody would be
a whole different matter.

A divorce?

[Hyeon-nam] I went over
to the shaman's shop,

but I haven't found
anything worthwhile yet.

After I visit a few more times,
I'll get you more info.


So are you about to pull out more eggs?

Oh, not at all!

Hey look, what's that?

So, that rental car?

I think we may actually have something.

[mischievous, dramatic music playing]

After I followed them
from the storage lockers,

they drove down the expressway
for what felt like forever.

But then, they finally stopped at a motel.

And just as I started to wonder
if I should just drive back,

guess who appeared?

Yeah. That's the cop who goes
to the shaman's with Yeon-jin's mom.

They're all working together.

That's huge, right?

Wow, even now, I'm still not scared.

[chuckles] It's been getting me thinking,

If I ever happen to get reborn,

I want to be a spy.

And then I would wear red lipstick
and a cool jacket, too.

If you want, you could put on
red lipstick in this lifetime, too.

- [laughs] Oh, you think?
- But regarding Son Myeong-o,

I don't think he just went missing.

Oh, me wear red lipstick? [laughs]

Wait, you don't think he went missing?

Do you think Son Myeong-o...

That he actually... was m*rder?

Those people might be
Park Yeon-jin's hired thugs

who work outside the law.

Park Yeon-jin doesn't have
an in with the police.

Rather, it's that
they rely on her influence.

Hold on, wait. "Outside the law."
Do you mean that...

Yeah. Son Myeong-o disappeared
because of them.

Myeong-o went off on his own
because he didn't trust me,

and since he bought a plane ticket...

that means he must have met with Yeon-jin.

Then he disappeared.


So what should we do now?

What did you really want
from that Son Myeong-o, ma'am?


But now we're together in the same boat.

Which one of those four k*lled So-hee?

[mysterious music playing]

Park Yeong-jin.


Hold on...

I'm sure Yeon-jin already knows
she's at that hospital.

Do you have proof?
How can you prove she did it?

So-hee has this tag
in her hand when she fell that day.


How do you have this thing?

That day, you there, huh?

And now, you were there with me.

Because we're in this together, right?


Wow, f*ck yeah!

[muffled laughter]

This is crazy.

Hey, so, a billion won?

Call me when you arrange
a meeting with Park Yeon-jin.

And on that day,
I'll give you the name tag.

Not matter the price you give,
that money will be all yours.

I want something else.

What do you want? Tell me now.

Yeon-jin's confession.

If it worked and Myeong-o got the money,

that would've been it.

He told me that he would record
every single step for me.

Didn't you say that it was
declared as a su1c1de?

Do you think it could change things?

And that's why I wanted
to make her an outcast.

I wouldn't have the legal advantage.

I thought I'd let the world know

exactly what she did
by hearing her confession.

I want her to burn
for the rest of eternity,

oozing pus from her wounds.

She'd never be able to laugh,
and she'd never have peace again.

But can you even get
Park Yeon-jin's confession at this point?

It's not like we can
go looking for Myeong-o's body.

So what now?


We'll have to find him first.

But how?

Please keep still.

[breathes shakily]

What exactly will this exam tell me?

[doctor] It's a 12-panel STD test,
so it will catch most things.

An HPV test was also added here,

so you can be better-informed.

Nothing else, though?

That's all that'll show, right?

Here are the documents you requested.

My family's genealogy map,
my college transcripts,

my OB-GYN exam.

You could've emailed this.

Nobody carries paper copies anymore.

That's fine. I'll look at these later.

- What bank do you primarily use?
- Sorry?

There's no way that I'll be able to stand

looking at a bank account
with so many zeros.

Just give me the name.

I'll take care of the rest.

[gasps] Is that Ms. Moon?

[laughs] Ms. Moon, dear!

Oh! It's so great to see you!

How long's it been?

You're even prettier now!

Choi Hye-jeong?

[mysterious music playing]

You know each other?
This is my son's girlfriend.

Ah, the two of us went to school together.

- Ah.
- [Dong-eun sighs]

I guess I shouldn't make her jealous
'cause I'm friends with you.

No! What are you saying?

What she does has
nothing at all to do with you.

Don't make me cry, dear.

We're getting dinner ready
over at the temple.

If you're available, Ms. Moon,
you should come join us.

I'm sorry, I have plans later.

So you're getting married?


The next time I visit,
I'll try to be here earlier, okay?

Okay, that sounds good. I'll see you.

I really wish she was Tae-uk's wife.

Ugh, I'm stuck with this brat!

How come you didn't go and say hello, hmm?

Ms. Moon looked very happy to see you.

I just wasn't expecting her.
We weren't really that close.

I'm sorry. Just a moment.

Hey, Dong-eun!

I'm so sorry we didn't get
a chance to talk back there.

[chuckles] It's too funny,
running into you out here.

Great seeing you.

Can we talk real quick? Huh?


What the hell have you been doing?

Why won't you pick up your phone?

You have any idea how many times I called?

Seventeen times.

By the way, Yeon-jin,

isn't there something
you'd like to tell me?

Like what?

Why were you and Do-yeong together?

- You really have nothing to tell me?
- Don't change the subject!

Who arranged the meeting first?
You or Do-yeong?

[wry chuckle]

I didn't ask him to see me.

Your Do-yeong came to me first
asking where the f*ck Myeong-o was,

so answer me right now!

You really have nothing to say to me?

To you?

Like how Dong-eun is Ye-sol's teacher?


So, I didn't know that.
I'm looking for something else.

Then say it, would you?

Just tell me exactly what I'm...


Are you crazy?!


You're who's crazy.

How dare you raise
my daughter as Do-yeong's?

Answer me this.

Did you find out she was mine
after you gave birth?

Or you already knew
she was Jeon Ye-sol, not Ha Ye-Sol?

Honestly, I'm just curious.

I just want to know why you stayed married
even though you had my daughter,

why you abandoned me,

if you knew the truth.


you ever love me?


If I burst a blood vein, I can't go on TV!

[overlapping chatter]

[man] Hi, honey!
You having fun? That looks great.

[man 2] Seo-u! Seo-u.

Seeing each other a lot.
[laughs] We'll be friends pretty soon.

Why are you here?

Turns out I have a secret love child.


I'm just kidding.

Just came to see a friend.

I'm not here for you.

[dramatic, suspenseful music playing]

It's nice to meet you all.

I'm the homeroom teacher,
Ms. Moon Dong-eun.


[Jae-jun] We went to the same high school.

Moon Dong-eun. The homeroom teacher.

I heard Yeon-jin went
to the same high school as you.

Yeon-jin told you that?

Those two weren't friends.

But I'm guessing she was friends with you?


Well, you might even say
we could see each other's true side.

I know everything about her.

Huh. Even what she looks like
under her clothes.

Hey, I've been so curious about something.

Have you

ever had something taken from you?

[Dong-eun] Now,
let's begin class for the day.

[dramatic music continuing]

[brooding pop song playing]
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