01x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Glory". Aired: December 30, 2022 - present.
A woman lives for absolute revenge against her childhood bullies who destroyed her life.
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01x06 - Episode 6

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[moody, intense intro music plays]

[doctor ] Hello, ma'am.

- Hello there!
- [doctors] Hello, ma'am!

- Hey. Go, Hurry along.
- [doctor ] Yes, ma'am.

- Enjoy your lunch.
- [doctors] Thank you!

[doctor ] Have a good day!

[Dong-eun] But, Yeo-jeong,

I'm not looking for a prince now.

Rather than a prince,

I need an executioner with me

who can help me in the hunt.

[indistinct chatter]

[exhales] Thanks so much.


How is it a lowly fellow
would dare order the director around?

[chuckles] But didn't you have
a nice walk through the park?

- Is that your lunch?
- It's breakfast.

Huh? Ah, come on now. What is this, even?

- I know you're busy, but you have to eat.
- I'm on a diet.

I want to lose four kilograms
and wear a bikini

when I go on my Christmas trip to Guam.

[awkward laughter] Ah, nice.

Thank you.

Mom, I've finally made my decision.

- What?
- I don't wanna teach.

Sure, that's fair.

I want my own practice.

That's great too,

but you just decided that now?

[Yeo-jeong] I knew a while ago.

But I only decided
to tell you about it now.

You're serious?

Yeah, I am.



Honestly, I'm just happy you didn't
decide to stay in the m*llitary forever.

This is a better plan.

Where are you thinking?
Apgujeong? Cheongdam?

Uh, no.

In Semyeong.

The person I'm interested in right now
lives in Semyeong.

You have a girlfriend?

[chuckles] Haven't gotten that far yet.

This is what she's like, Mom.

She's so calm, as if she's a still pond.

But makes me feel like I'm in a storm.

Does she fish?

It's a metaphor, Mom.

So, you're not doing this for money,

or to help out
a medically underprivileged region.

It's for a girl?

- You write all that on your little letter?
- Oh, God.

I'll write a new one, okay?

- [grunts]
- Ow!

You're embarrassing, you know?

Are you sure you just eat salad?

[Dong-eun] Once upon a time,
I believed in all the gods.

[mysterious music playing]

I kneeled in front of them,

praying for salvation.

I was like a patient
with a terminal illness,

latching onto the smallest bit of hope.

I wonder where you are right now

and what you're praying for.

[mysterious music continuing]

[mother] Sew this into Ye-sol's bag
where she won't be able to see it.

Make sure no one touches it.
Do it yourself.

Thank you, Mom.

Did you just find out...

Ye-sol's homeroom teacher

is that b*tch?

You're so incompetent. [disappointed sigh]

You should just go home.

I'll take care of this myself.

Whose son-in-law is it
that works in the Ministry of Education?

Oh, stop that.

What if you provoke her, and that b*tch
starts to tell people what happened?

What if everybody that I know finds out?

I'm so scared, Mom.

Why are you so scared
of a nobody like her?

It's not her that I'm scared of.
I'm just scared for Ye-sol.

If everyone finds out, Ye-sol will, too.

She might not understand now,
but what if she grows up and finds out?

I'm terrified of that.


Look at me.

Remember what I told you before?

Never look back.

You won't find solutions in the past.

They're always in front of you.

That's just what life is like.

Got it?


[suspenseful music playing]

[startup notification chiming]


[Dong-eun] That's when I realized

that God doesn't exist.

We're all just pretending.

So, you know what?

You should pray to me, Yeon-jin.

[menacing music playing]

I'm your only chance for salvation.

[teacher] Wow, he's a handsome guy.

Who's that?


- Can you get us coffee, Mr. Kang?
- [Mr. Kang] Huh?

- Oh, sure.
- I don't need a coffee.

I don't mind.

That's exactly your problem.
You only know when we tell you.

Is there something
you want to talk to me about, Mr. Chu?

No, not at all.
I've heard you're a great teacher.

I just want to share
a cup of coffee. [laughs]

[phone vibrating]


Please call me, ma'am. It's urgent.

[Mr. Chu] Is your boyfriend good to you?

I bet he is, right? [chuckles]

I dunno why, but I just assumed

that you'd be into older men,
instead of some young boyfriend.

[gasps] Oh, unless you have both?

[singsong] Kidding.


- Do you have a girlfriend?
- Do I look like I have one?

You really don't.


Oh, has nobody told you?

Well, I won't say anything.

I can just tell, you're very talented

at saying things that piss people off.

Just like you and creeping people out.


Seriously, Ms. Moon.

You should be very thankful right now
that you're a woman.

Because if you were a man,
I would have smacked you.

Oh, really?

Well, you do look like
somebody who only fights women.


[singsong] I'm only kidding.

You sounded cute
when you said that before,

so I wanted to try it.

[gentle, mysterious music playing]

[Hyeon-nam] I'm not sure
where Son Myeong-o...

I've lost him a few times before,
when he rides his bike,

but I could usually always find him

by watching his apartment
for a few days or so.

But after this day,
he hasn't been home or at the club.

You last saw him
at the travel agency here?


What if he's back on their side now?

For money, you know?

[sighs] Since he got
the plane ticket that day,

and then he just left the country
the very next day.

I'll check out the travel agency.

Wait until the weekend.

See what happens.


Unless he's been m*rder,
it's not really in our best interest

to disclose that he's gone missing.

If he's actually been m*rder,
you say? What?


So, you really think
he might already be d*ad?

It's definitely possible.

- I'll contact you.
- Hold on!

Um, did you...

by any chance

do that to him?

You're asking if I k*lled him?

Son Myeong-o?

If you did, seriously,

then I should know about it,
so I can prepare for whatever occurs.

No, you don't.

Even if I did,
you don't need to know about it.


The deal that you and I made
at the beginning is a simple one.

You do what I ask you to do,
and I do what you ask of me.

That's all we need to do for each other.

You and I,

we've gotten too close, ma'am.

[door opens]

[car beeping]

[gentle, mysterious music playing]

[engine turns over]

- [barking]
- [door beeping, opening]

[Jae-jun] Dad's home, Louis.


I haven't been home in a really long time.

I know. I'm sorry.


What? Louis!

Oh, shit.

Why are you doing that, huh?

[sighs] I just apologized, didn't I?

So you're mad because I haven't been home.

What is this?

[menacing music plays]


Oh, shit.

What the f*ck?

f*ck, where the hell are you?

Guess that f*ck was right here.

God, that son of a b*tch.

- [Louis whimpers]
- No, not you.

By the way, Louis...

what did you do when he did this?

Did you bite him?

If you just watched it happen,
I'll be really... disappointed.

[menacing music continues]


SCHOOL v*olence


[woman ] How can she expect people
to take her seriously

when she can't even write her own scripts?

Even newbies write their scripts.

[woman ] We have
another Jaepyeong Construction ad.


Oh, what? Did you hear that?

Well, you said it pretty loud.

Well, they do say that truth is
louder in your ears, Yeon-jin.

[laughs heartily]

Hey, is this The Newsroom?
[continues laughing]


You should listen
to our friend over there.

She just said
that my husband gave us another ad.

Don't you understand what that means?

This little station only pays me
. million won a month,

but my husband is giving this place
million won, understand?

I know that you're young.

But how long will that last you?

Until next year?
Or maybe the year after that?

Oh my God, you little...

I'm saying that no matter
how much f*cking collagen that you use,

you will never be able to be like me.

You're just a young b*tch.


So, listen, Su-mi,

I can convince them
not to renew your contract,

so don't tempt me, all right?

Please enjoy your meal.

What about Dong-eun?

Still nothing?

Finding someone's private information,
it's not as easy as you might be thinking.

Pulling up info requires
piggybacking onto other cases.

[phone ringing]


If it were easy, I'd do it.

You know, the world has changed.

It's not the same world as years ago.

That's why I'm not paying you
the amount I did years ago.

I heard you own a motel,
under your sister's name.

A lot of customers?

Thank you for asking.

I meant to condescend.

I've put some men on it.
I'll let you know when I get something.

You seem way too busy, you know that?

Thanks for your concern.

[Seong-hee] I checked Myeong-o's ticket.

He bought a one-way ticket
for Vladivostok, and nothing else.

Then he didn't even board the flight
he got the one-way ticket for.

And I checked the hotel he reserved too,
but it looks like a no-show.

So he definitely didn't leave the country.

[Seong-hee] Right.

So, why'd you ask about him?
Is something wrong?


I'm not sure if the guy's just missing,

or if I need to go get ready
for his funeral.

I mean, you do have
a lot of black clothes.

[chuckles dryly] Yeah. I do.


[Dong-eun] Guess Myeong-o
has been snapped in half.

Well, SD cards are expendable anyway.

[mysterious music playing]

Now, I think

I'll have to look for a real butterfly
that'll flap its wings for me.

And I know a butterfly with silk wings

that will help me

brew up a hurricane, Yeon-jin.

[dramatic music playing]

[worker] The wires are all done!
Let's light them up now!

[lights tinkling]

[crowd murmurs, claps]

- [overlapping chatter]
- [man] Great work, everyone.

[man] We thank you on behalf of the city.

Thank you for staying so late here, sir.
We truly appreciate it.

Honestly, I would call it early, not late.

Oh, yes, that's true. [man chuckles]

Great work with this.

I want to commemorate this
and look around.

[man] Yes, of course.

[mysterious music playing]

[music trails off]

[Sa-ra sighs]

[Sa-ra] f*ck, Myeong-o, come on.

I'm out of ice and grass now.

[Myeong-o] Where are you? Can we meet?

Want to come over?

You wanna see me alone?


[Sa-ra] Come on, read my text.
f*cking read it.

[panicked grunting]

[Hye-jeong] Which ring looks better?

[Jae-jun] The assh*le
didn't come to work again today.

And he stole my clothes and watches.

Can you pick one out of these three?
[Hye-jeong gasps] Oh wow, really?

- Which watches?
- [Sa-ra] Hey, I paid you in advance.

I don't care
that you did something stupid.

Business is business.

[suspenseful music continues]

[music trails off]

Would you like to look at another design?

This stone might be too big.

It could be uncomfortable
when you wear it.

No way.

I vastly prefer the big ones.

I like everything big, you know?

Tae-uk, hi! [laughs]

You're early!
I thought you were going to be late.

I haven't managed to pick one out,
because they're so pretty.

Five minutes, please.

Yo, didn't I tell you
to wear high heels around me?

You know I like it when you look tall.

Even if you wear flats,
I won't look taller than you.

Are you really
that embarrassed of my height

No, my legs just hurt because of work.

- [Tae-uk scoffs]
- I'll wear heels next time.

I'm not going to propose.

You just want a bigger stone
than your friends, don't you?

Here. That's the biggest one.


- Really? Wow!
- [scoffs]

Oh, I love it!
God, it is bigger than the one she has!

Oh, also,

my mom wanted me to tell you.

Don't suggest eating meat to her, okay?

She's vegetarian, you hear me? Hmm?

Yeah, I know. I don't like
eating meat that much, either.

[exclaims happily]

[phone ringing]


[Hyeon-nam] Change directions!
Someone's following your car!

They're right behind you!

[tires screeching]

[intense, ominous music playing]

- What are you doing driving behind me?
- Listen, that's not important right now!

Ugh, I've been doing this every day,

and I never considered
they might send someone to follow us.

I'll just... I'll find a way
to lose them, okay?

No, I'll do it.

Make sure they don't notice you.

[phone beeps]


[intense music continuing]


[music trails off]

[driver sighs]

You have a death wish?

What the hell were you doing
with your brakes?

I'm sorry about this. Are you guys hurt?

Oh, my back. Ugh, my neck.

What are you gonna f*cking do now?

[driver] We're pretty busy people.

So, make your choice between
calling the cops or paying me in cash.

I think you gave me the wrong options.

You're supposed to call
your insurance now, not the police.

If it's a rental car,
call where you rented it.

f*cking shit. Well, aren't you smart.

[frustrated groan]

This is my favorite rental car, okay?

And since you caused the crash,

you should call the cops,

or just give me some f*cking cash now.

'Cause this is crazy.

I'm getting scolded on the street,
next to my broken car.

Since we're both busy,
let's do this in cash.

What's your bank number?

That'd be a deposit.
I want you to give me cash.

Give me your phone number.

- [line ringing]
- [phone ringing]

Meet me with cash when I call you.

[door opens]

- [door closes]
- [engine turns over]



Did you get hurt anywhere? Let me see.

Weren't you following Jung Jae-jun today?

So why were you driving behind me?

Why did you follow me, then?

I mean, why would I be following you?

Are you suspicious of me right now?

I'm just being careful.

Aren't you nervous too?

I could go to your husband now
and tell him you asked me to k*ll him.

I could just tell him
everything, whenever.

I'm sure you must have thought about that.

I saw Jae-jun
in front of the school where you work.

He was watching Ye-sol.

So, I happened to be there
because I was following him.

And then I saw you drive by.

I was so happy. Then I saw those people.

I guess that I could worry about all that.

But I wasn't thinking about that at all.

I really wasn't.

I was too busy with the camera,

and then too busy focusing on driving.

[Hyeon-nam sighs]

Get out with me.

- [sighs]
- [door opens]

The restaurant that Jae-jun
goes to often is inside the market.

I got cabbage and made kimchi.

[gentle, kind music playing]

Eat it soon.

I've been carrying it around.

And, if you think about it,

I could spill your secrets
to a lot more people, okay?

Park Yeon-jin, Jeon Jae-jun, Lee Sa-ra.

I was happy buying those cabbages.

I started to dream, since we've met.

Dreaming about dinner with Seon-a...

[sniffling, crying]

And not a dinner
where you just scarf down your food.

But a proper dinner, with stew and eggs,

where you eat as slow as you want.

That kind of dinner is my dream.

I get so happy thinking about it.

[tense music playing]

So you still have other thoughts, then?


Oh. I guess.



I'm sorry.

Oh, why am I like this?

Because you're a good person.

That was my fault. I'm sorry.

Your dream will come true.

And you're so kind,
but I can't take the kimchi.

[engine turns over]

[Dong-eun] The two of us
mostly call each other "ma'am."

We're still so distant.

But what else would we call each other

as we plot people's deaths together?

[bell clanking]

We know everything about the darkness

that we plan to unleash, Yeon-jin.

We know how dark it'll be in the end.

[music trails off]

[line ringing]

[operator] The person
you're trying to reach is not available...

Is Yeon-jin not picking up?
Myeong-o's not answering, either.

Maybe they're together somewhere.

You don't know if you're the only guy
Yeon-jin's sleeping with.

Watch your f*cking mouth, okay?

I'm just saying,
neither of them is answering their phones.

- But whatever.
- Hye-jeong.

If you want to be a b*tch,
then do it right.

You want to be
a successful b*tch, don't you?

You're so sloppy.


I have to go now. I have a flight.

Hey, you know Yeon-jin's daughter?

- Ye-sol?
- What about her?

Aren't those Yeon-jin's heels?

I bought them for a flight to London.
I didn't know that she also had them.

What about Ye-sol?

Know when her birthday is?

Ye-sol's birthday?

Do you know or not?

I don't know her exact birthday,

but I know Yeon-jin's mother
set a date for her when she got pregnant,

sometime before Chuseok.

She thought it would bring wealth.

Why do you care now?


I wonder if she's my daughter.

Man, you're insane!

[chuckles dryly]

When the sun doesn't sink
below the horizon

in the middle of the summer,

in certain places,
it makes the nights look as bright as day.

It's called a white night.

Yeah, that's right.

It makes it bright all day and night.

Did you know that during white nights,
on the opposite hemisphere,

people have to endure a "polar night"
where it stays dark all day?

I would hate it
if nights lasted that long.

The reason why they call this
a polar night instead of a dark night

is because the nights are so long,
like the polar opposite of a white night.

So, I ask the listeners, were your nights
white or polar during the past week?

I hope you'll get through any tough times
and polar nights throughout the next week.

I'm Park Yeon-jin.

[Kwang-hee] I'm Kwang-hee.

I'm here with everyone's
favorite forecaster, Park Yeon-jin,

for the show Crazy or Bright.

And we've just heard
some amazing stuff from her!

We'll be back after some ads.

[woman] This location has
a very high ceiling,

and it also has a skylight,
which lets in a lot of sunlight.

And it looks even better at night.

This looks great. I'll take this one.

[landlady] It's newly built,
right near a station.

It's very nice, both day and night.

There's a yoga studio and a gym here.

If people hurt themselves working out,
you'll get some new patients.

Your practice would be perfect here.

What kind of doctor are you?

It'd be perfect
if you were an orthopedic surgeon.

I'm a plastic surgeon.

Even better!

I mean, they can get double-eyelid surgery
after their workout.


I definitely want this place.

You sure you're a doctor?

- What?
- You're so eager,

you might be trying to scam me.

[both laugh]

You're very handsome for a doctor.


I don't usually brag about these things,
but my nickname is "Mr. Handsome."

People don't believe
I'm a doctor with this face.

I can't even bring up my Mensa membership,

or that I skipped some grades
back in school.

I liked it better
when you weren't talking.

[landlady laughs]

[assistant] Here's your schedule,
and your mail.

On the very top is
the express delivered one.




[tense, mysterious music playing]

[line ringing]


[operator] The person
you're trying to reach is not available...

Who's here, you said?

[Do-yeong] It's been a while.

Around three years?

At the opening of your father-in-law's
new building, I believe.

Doesn't look like you're here to golf.

I'm very curious what brought you here.

I can't reach Mr. Son Myeong-o.

Do you know where he might be now?

Wow, you're looking for him as well?

I can't reach him either.

Why do you want to know?

[tense music continuing]

Want one?

I don't care for it.

Do you know
of any other way I can reach him?

You didn't... tell me
why you're looking for him.

It's private.

Between him and me.


If you have his address,
names of family members, anything...

You get something from him too?

I bet you did.

What'd you get?

How is he trying to thr*aten you?

Well, what did you get from him, Mr. Jeon?

This is going nowhere, so...

Whoever finds him first
tells the other, okay?

Don't you think you'll find him first?

He's your friend, after all.

He's not my friend.

He was my lackey.

[Jae-jun chuckles]

Well, I should be going now.

[overlapping chatter]

[operator] The person
you're trying to reach is not available.

Please record your message after the tone.

Hey, Myeong-o, you son of a b*tch.

So, I guess I'm not
the only one that you targeted?

What do you have
to thr*aten Do-yeong with, huh?

Is it some woman, or...

or something else?


If Ye-sol... is the f*cking reason
Do-yeong and I are lumped together,

I'm going to m*rder you,
you pathetic assh*le.

[indistinct chatter]

[bell rings]

[indistinct chatter continuing]

[exhales heavily]

[mechanic] You can check out the bumper,

and then pick up your key
and make your payment in the office.

- Thank you so much.
- Sure.

[phone chimes]

[Yeo-jeong] I just realized
that we never properly ended our match.

We haven't counted our houses yet.

[meat sizzling on hot plate]

[young Dong-eun wailing]

[dream-like, unsettling music playing]


[young bullies laughing]

[music intensifies]

[young Dong-eun screaming]

[grunt echoing]

[breathing heavily]

[young Dong-eun wailing]

- What's happening?
- What's going on?

[mechanic ] Are you okay?
Is something wrong? Can we help?

Excuse me.

Are you okay, ma'am?

[menacing music builds]

[doorbell rings]


Come inside.

Are you sick? What happened?

Just come in.

I don't have all of my furniture yet.

Uh... let me get you some water.
You can sit here.

[Dong-eun] What is this place?

What's going on?

Did I reach out at a bad time?

Did you move here?

My friend works out here,

and he's making a ton of money,
so I came out here to practice, too.

At least,
that's what I planned on telling you.

[awkward laughter] Is it working?

You want to count houses?

I don't want to lose without a reason.

I had a feeling that'd make you come here.

How clever.

You asked me before

about where I'm headed, right?

and the reason why I'm doing all this now.

It's a long story,

and there's really
nothing pleasant about it.

Wanna hear?

[Yeon-jin] There are
white and polar nights,

and my life has been a white night so far.

It's always been bright.

Yeah, of course.

Why are you...?

[door opens]

[Ye-sol] Wow!

Are you going to a party, Mom?

She's actually going to work.

A super famous fashion awards ceremony.

Wow, that's cool!


[Yeon-jin chuckles]

[Ye-sol] I can't wait to be
just like Mom when I grow up.

I'm going to wear
all the pretty necklaces like she does,

and a bunch of pretty dresses too!

[solem choral music playing]

I want to try this one.

It's so pretty.

[Yeon-jin chuckling]

[Ye-sol] Oh, it's heavy.


Expensive jewelry, expensive watches,

and expensive cars
and handbags are all heavy, you know?

And expensive coats and dresses,

expensive heels,

are all light.

You got it?

I got it, Mom!

Don't worry, Ye-sol.

I'm not going to sink
below the horizon into a polar night...

no matter what happens.

[wry chuckle]



No wonder.

That's why she's so cute.


[dark string music playing]


Excuse me.

- Hello, Hye-jeong.
- Mmm.

Someone from Information
left you something.

- Did they find my phone?
- It's pretty thin.

I don't think it's a phone. Here it is.

- It was a rush delivery.
- [Hye-jeong] What?

[breathing heavily]

[footsteps clacking]

[Dong-eun] I'm betting my whole life

on getting revenge on all those people.

[exhales shakily]

So, you're not going... to stop?

You're a better person
than those people, Dong-eun.

I don't care about that.

I get worse every day.

Once you get your revenge,

you will be ruined as well.


[continues laughing]

I'm jealous of you, Yeo-jeong.

Because your childhood
must have been sweet.

You've grown up,
and you still have dignity.

You can just go live your whole life
spouting cliches.

Have you seen my scars before?

Can you heal them?

How long have you had these scars?

Look at the face you're making now,

after just seeing one arm.

You still want me to stop this?

[tender Korean pop ballad playing]

[Dong-eun] There were
white nights sometimes,

but most of my nights
felt like a polar night.

[breathing shakily]

They did this...

to you?

Did they?

I'm already ruined.

I have no dignity left.

I need to do this.

I want to stay faithful
to my rage and fury.

[exhales shakily]

I'll do it.

I'll be your executioner.

I'll join the hunt.

Just tell me.

What should I do first?

What do you want next?

Who can I...

k*ll for you right now?

[moody Korean pop song playing]

[Korean pop song continuing]
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