01x08 - Episode 8

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Glory". Aired: December 30, 2022 - present.*
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A woman lives for absolute revenge against her childhood bullies who destroyed her life.
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01x08 - Episode 8

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[moody, intense intro music plays]


Dong-eun! I'm so sorry
we didn't get a chance to talk back there.

[laughing] It's too funny,
running into you out here.

Great seeing you.

Can... we talk real quick? Huh?


This way.

Please spare me.
Please spare me just once.

I've made a lot of mistakes,
and I have no excuses.

I won't ask you to understand.

I'm incredibly sorry.

I've been repenting my whole life,
and I won't stop. I swear, Dong-eun.

Why are you kneeling already?

I haven't even
gotten started with you yet.

This is supposed to be easy.

I was a child.
My family had nothing, you know?

I really didn't want to do it,
but then they all...

[shudders] I didn't have a choice.

And we were all so young back then.

We all make mistakes
when we're growing up, don't we, Dong-eun?

Well, okay then.
Tell me if this is a mistake.

[screams, pants]

[menacing music plays]

I'm a flight attendant!

Are you crazy?

This here is what you call "malice,"
Ms. Flight Attendant.

When you're trying to hurt someone
and you know it.

And you did that to me every day.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I've done something really terrible.

But, please, Dong-eun,

can't you please forgive me,
just this once?

Please don't tell my mother-in-law
about what happened.

Just stop contacting her.

Just until I get married, please.

I've already resigned,
so if I can't make this marriage work,

I won't have any income,
and I could actually die from this!


You tried your best to change your tune,

but it was too fast and too clumsy.

I never planned
on getting anything from you.

Money, or an apology.

Now you try to ask for my pity.

You've tried to thr*aten me.

What's your next great idea?


What do you want?

What now?

What do you want from me now,
you psychotic f*ck?

You lost your phone, didn't you?

[tense, mysterious music playing]

That's it. That's the phone you lost.

It was you?

Myeong-o didn't send me those pictures?

You're crazy!

Just think, huh?

Think about how much more
I know about you after looking at that.


There's only one way to save yourself,
so think about it long and hard.

It's what you do best.

So, I don't have to
meet with your mother-in-law.

I am gonna be on your side
until the day I die, Dong-eun.

What do you want to do first?

First, Myeong-o.

Report the bastard missing.

[man] Hello.

[woman] Thank you.

Look straight ahead.

- [engine turns over]
- [classical music playing in car]

Do you have something to say?

Oh, no. It's just nice
to see kids laughing.

It's like watching some cheesy commercial.

I don't plan on getting married.

Married men get
the short end of the stick.

The same exact things are romance
before marriage, but cheating afterwards.

- Right?
- Watch it, there are kids here.

Wow, you're a great father, huh?

[chuckles] But you're not that much fun.

Ye-sol has such a great sense of humor.

Wonder where she got that.

[menacing music playing]

- Tell me what exactly you're trying to do.
- Oh man, you're so intimidating.

There are kids here, you know?

Well, then.

I have to see an old friend.

Oh, you reach Myeong-o yet?

I don't need to anymore.

I found out the reason why today.

[car door closes]

[menacing music continuing]

[Myeong-o] Can you stand there?

I'll k*ll you if you move your hand.
Stay right there.

Lower your hands! I'm going to k*ll you.

[door opens]

[teacher] Hey, which homeroom are you in?
The bell rang hours ago!

Oh sh*t. f*ck.

I guess you drink a lot of milk, huh?
You can stop drinking now.

[Jae-jun chuckles]

[Myeong-o] I was right, wasn't I?
Dong-eun's boobs are f*cking huge!


[music trails off]

Hey there, Dong-eun.

So it looks like
Yeon-jin's pretty little pet

is her daughter's homeroom teacher now.


I guess Yeon-jin didn't tell you.

I told her that it was not.

If it wasn't a coincidence, then...

that means you've planned everything out

from when we saw you in the gym

to this moment right now.

That's f*cking scary.

I didn't realize that you were like this.

I thought you'd be
playing basketball or something.

Huh. Tell me, why is it
that bad feelings are always right?

[Jae-jun exhales heavily]

I don't think I can avoid this,

and I can't stop you.

Will all this only end
when everyone's suffered?

Like that long rainy day?

[tense music playing]


Hey, so you know how to get angry too?

I wanted to see how much you've grown up.

That's why I'm here.

Oh, right.

You have those scars, don't you?

Did they all get better now?
Don't they feel hot?

Answer my question, okay?

Ah, it's still there.

[disturbing music playing]


Let me make it all better.

[exhales raspily]

I'm warning you.

Don't touch Yeon-jin's daughter

in any way.

So, did you get Ye-sol's toothbrush?

I sent it to you... for urgent delivery.

[Jae-jun scoffs]

That was you?

Let me warn you as well.

Don't you help Park Yeon-jin
in any way, okay?


If you really want Ye-sol,
then I'm your ally.

Not Yeon-jin. All right?

And you might not be aware of this,

but I was somebody's daughter.

Right, Jae-jun?


My mom told me

I should always listen to the teacher.


It was great seeing you.

This is for you.



[panting heavily]

[somber, sorrowful music playing]

[weeping softly]


A parents' day? Today?

Yeah. There were
a lot of dads in the classroom,

but Dad was for sure the coolest one.

Ye-sol! Why do you
keep breaking your promise?

I want to know everything about school,

and everything that your teacher
says or does to you. Remember that?

You should have told me about
something like that, Ye-sol!

I told you when we were
eating dinner before.

I said that all the dads
were coming one day.

Oh, I'm just all over
the place these days. I'm sorry.

Did your dad talk with your teacher
when he was there?

Did they greet each other?

No. They didn't.

Oh, but Dad talked
with Uncle Jae-jun after class.

Uncle Jae-jun was at school?
Why was he in your classroom, though?


I was pretty excited
when you asked me out for a meal.

I mean, I was curious what you wanted.

I must say, this is a surprise.

What do you mean with it?

It doesn't mean much.

It's like a fruit basket.
I didn't want to come empty-handed.

I asked Gyeong-tae for your info and such.

I hope you're not uncomfortable.

I'm not uncomfortable, just nervous.

This is definitely my style, sir.


You know Moon Dong-eun?

- [Hye-jeong coughs]
- [cup clatters]

To be exact, I'd like you to tell me about
the relationship between my wife and her.

Wait, how do you even know Moon Dong-eun?

We play Go together.

Wow. [laughs]

Wow. It's a small world, isn't it?

Does Yeon-jin know you're meeting me?

No, I don't plan on telling her.

There's really not much to say
about Yeon-jin and Dong-eun.

We all went to the same high school,

and Yeon-jin bullied
Dong-eun a lot back in the day.

Was this bullying violent?

It wasn't just violent, okay?
It was way more.

How bad?

Really bad.

[sweeping, dramatic music playing]

We're in the same homeroom,
but we've never spoken.

Right, Dong-eun?

What do you need from me?

You won't say hi back?

Okay, then.

I don't need anything.

Except I really don't like
the smell of bleach, so do me a favor.

Because it's already my turn
to clean the bathroom again.


Wait, what?

[chuckles] You know exactly what I mean.

Does it hurt your pride less
if you don't answer right away?

Anyway, can you just go ahead
and clean the bathroom for me?

Another friend of mine
used to help me do that until last week,

but she transferred.

So-hee transferred?

I guess.


Now I guess we have to find out
wherever that girl went.

[Yeon-jin] Come on, answer me.

I really want to hear your voice,
Dong-eun. Come on.

What will you do if I...

if I say no to you?

[slap echoes]

I like when people answer immediately.

I don't like to wait.

So, what?

You won't do it?

[music swells]


This won't do.

Hey, Myeong-o.

You can't even wait one minute?

[Yeon-jin titters]

[Hye-jeong] That was how it started.

It ended with Dong-eun
dropping out of school.


You can hear the rest from Yeon-jin.

It's a pretty searing story.

So Dong-eun wasn't
the first one this happened to?

Sounds like you and your wife
don't talk much. [chuckles]

So, try it out today.

I've got to get going.

Can I ask you for a small favor?

When you see Moon Dong-eun,

can you please tell her
I told you all this stuff?

Thank you.

[mysterious music playing]

Is that the only gambling you do?

One time,
I bet my whole life on something.

Did you win?

I plan to.

[exhales heavily]

[tiles shuffling, clacking]

[bystander] Ah!

Oh, come on.

Don't try so hard to b*at an old man.

You should let him go again.
One more game.

He can redo his last move, right?

[bystander 2] He's very skilled
for someone so young, huh?

[Yeo-jeong] Sure.

Well, sadly, I've lost this match, sir.

[player chuckles]

Here you go.

I have to meet a friend.

There you are.

Let's go.

I'm your friend?

- [bystander 1] Sure.
- [bystander 2] Who's playing?

Please help me out.
I played three rounds against four people.

Does your wife get annoyed
when you come here and play Go?

I'm sure I annoy her often.

Do they still sell those?

Oh. I got an invitation from someone,
so I brought it. I hope she could like it.

[chuckles] You two are adorable.

[Do-yeong exhales]

I guess you have
a real friend you want to hear from.

I have an important call to make.

But I need to organize my thoughts.

Do you live nearby?

Oh, I just moved here, pretty recently.

[Do-yeong] Semyeong is a good choice.

The air is still nice around here.

[Yeo-jeong] Oh, I didn't move here
for any logical reasons.

I need to get revenge for someone.


Revenge in South Korea?

That won't be easy. You can't use a g*n.

Although about half the country
knows how to sh**t one, don't they?

You can use knives, can't you?

You need to get up close and personal,

so you feel it as you go in.

You need to be so close to the person

that you see your eyes
reflected in theirs, and...

[clack echoing]

Oh! I'm sorry!

I've been watching Netflix all day
because I don't have any patients.


I opened up a practice.
You should drop by.

I have a lot of male patients too,
so don't feel uncomfortable.

Best of luck.

[sighs] Just hope I can pay rent.

Your revenge.


I'll definitely need some of that as well.

[Yeo-jeong] He was pretty tall.

About 179 centimeters, and 77 kilograms.

[Dong-eun] You're tall too.

I wish I were the only tall guy here.

His watch, his shoes, his cologne...

They were all just right.
Not too much or too little.

It was like

opening to the 17th page
of the January issue of GQ.

[sighs, chuckles]

So, my mom and dad were always
weird about my birthday.

And it's on January 16th.

They always said it was hard
to figure out what to get me,

so senior year of high school,

they told me they'd pick something
on the 16th page of GQ every January.

Sometimes a book,
sometimes a coffee machine.

And sometimes,
I even got a sports car out of it.

But I still don't understand
why that makes him the 17th page.

When you flip to the 16th page,
you can always see the 17th page too.

Sometimes, you find
something even better on that page.

So, what I'm saying is this.

I was annoyed
because he was so cool, okay?

Making myself look like an idiot.

- [chuckles]
- [Yeo-jeong munching]

Did you get a call?

Not yet. I thought he'd call me
after the parent observation class,

but no, he hasn't called yet.

He probably doesn't like it right now
because he has no control over it.

He just seemed like that type.

I bet he'll reach out on Friday,

after he finishes up with his work,
cancels all of his plans,

and rehearses his questions for you
in his head. Then he'll call you.

So, where have you been all day?
You weren't answering my texts.

Where's Ye-sol?

Don't you know what time it is?

Maybe I should learn

how to play Go too.

You think?

Let me ask you something.

[Yeon-jin] Huh?

Are you friends with Ye-sol's teacher?

Is she the teacher
you told me you don't like?


I heard you went to observe the class.

You know, she misunderstood
something about me.

As you probably saw,
she and I are from different worlds.

But we talked about it, and it's fine.
Why? What'd she say?

She should have said something?

[Do-yeong exhales]

How did you talk it out?

You called her a crazy b*tch
when you first told me.

Did you mean she might try to hurt Ye-sol?

So you wanted to send her abroad?


We dated for two years
and have been married for ten.

That's 12 years in total.

And after all that time,

you have to trust me
that everything will be fine.

Don't scold me like that, you know?

No matter what you've heard
or what anyone says to you,

do not listen to them.

[ominous music playing]

You know, whenever you choose something,

you always choose the thing
that's more appealing and shinier,

don't you?

Our marriage is one of those things.

You like my body,

you like my voice,

the jokes I make,

my background.

You like all of it.

So don't try to open a box
that should stay closed up.

I love you so much, babe.

I don't want you
to find out about this, okay?

I'll make sure that nothing inside
that box comes out into the world.

And I'll make sure that Ye-sol stays safe.

So come on, baby.

Can you just let me and Ye-sol
shine like we do now, huh?

Please, honey?

I promise this box isn't shiny at all.

[music intensifies]

[music trails off]

[door opening]

[woman 1] I'm so jealous.

[quirky, mysterious music playing]

[woman 2] I shouldn't even be eating stew.

The shaman told me
to lose three kilograms.

[woman 1] Why? I thought
you just needed compatible fortunes.

That's 'cause you're skinny.

I still haven't found a good guy,
even if I'm skinny.

It must be nice to have
such a good fortune.

Isn't that old guy you matched with,
like, very lucky and fortunate?

Well... I guess it's not that bad.

I have earth in my fortunes,
but I think he doesn't.

[woman 1] So that's important too?
That's so cool.

I wonder what my fortunes are.

[music trails off]

[woman] Thank you so much.

- Hi there.
- Thanks, have a good day.

That scar is taking some time to heal.
It's been a while, right?

Want a new Band-Aid?

Just don't get any more
sponsored products from them.

My feet are getting all scratched!

[phone chimes]

[Jae-jun] Come out.
I'm in the parking lot.

What are you even talking about?

- Just end it.
- Just end what?

Just end it with your husband.

I want to be Ye-sol's father.

And you'll get a new husband.


You're f*cking insane. Is this why
you showed up at Ye-sol's school?

Don't change the subject.

Do you really love him?

You and your husband
can't even talk about Dong-eun.

You don't even know if Do-yeong
will take your side or not.

Oh, or maybe you don't talk about it
because you know he won't take your side.

But I know all about it.

And I've still always been there for you.

Right here.

Isn't this love?

[unsettling music playing]

Is that love to you?


Even if we didn't know it's love.

Don't you think?

I guess.

You know, I've never actually
thought about it.

I love you so much, babe.

I don't want you
to find out about this, okay?

[music intensifies]


Right? So, why don't we...

Oh, I really do, though.

I really love him, you know.

I've loved him all along.


[Dong-eun] If I'm being honest, Yeon-jin,

I find myself smiling recently,

imagining the future.

Myeong-o never left the country,
and nobody can reach him.

Maybe everything happening now

will finally lead to your true confession.

Maybe all this cover-up

is trying to hide something else.

Something that will
make all this even worse.

[housekeeper] Here you go, ma'am.
The hydrogen peroxide is inside.

Have you been hurt?

Just leave it here and go.

Of course.

[Dong-eun] I've been so excited thinking
that maybe by covering up your tracks,

you've now opened Pandora's box.

[phone ringing]


Yes, hello?

Do you have some time tomorrow afternoon?

I have a few things that you asked for.

[music swells, fades away]

[Yeong-jun] I have everything
after she dropped out of school.

Worked at the factory,
all the way up to Semyeong Elementary.

And it's all clean.
No fines, no unpaid insurance bills.


She's a model citizen.

What about her mother? Where is she?

Jeong Mi-hui?

You need that too?

It worked pretty well in high school.

The poorer you are...

the more harmful your family is.



[somber music playing]


[Yeo-jeong] By the way,
who was in that picture?

I could recognize most of them
after you explained to me,

but I couldn't recognize her.

The woman on the left,
the one who was wearing the red apron?

[somber music continuing]

That's my mom.

You want to know what her picture's
doing there with the perpetrators?

[clears throat] Well,
can I ask you something else?

Uh, do you wash your sheets often?

[Dong-eun chuckles wryly] Yeah.

[Yeo-jeong] Mmm.

Can I ask you a question too?

Ah. So you want to know
something about me now?

Like what?

3-7-2-4. Why is that your door code?

Usually, it's a birthday
or a license number,

or sometimes the day
you first met someone.

But I can't figure out what yours is.

Can I persuade you to ask something else?

[guard] 3724, you have a visitor.

[suspenseful music playing]

I'm very sorry, ma'am.

After staying here for a while,

I've realized I did something terrible,
and no matter how...

no matter how many times I apologize,
I know that my sin won't be forgiven.

And I can't undo what I've done.

I did not know.


I didn't know...

that a m*rder monster like you

had been sending letters
directly to my son

this entire time.

Yes. I was ment*lly unstable, and I...

Didn't manage to withstand
the social pressures

and made an unfortunate mistake?

Don't give me that bullshit.
Your letters all say the same thing.

Yes, I did. [stifles laugh]

I, uh... I'm not very good at writing.

Shut your goddamned mouth!

How dare you? You're messing with my son
to get a reduced sentence, you assh*le.

How could you dare
send him back to that hell?

A man like you will never be forgiven.

So if you ever send my son a letter again...

I will k*ll you.

But you're a doctor.


[suspenseful music playing]

Your family are all doctors.

None of you can k*ll people.

I mean, your husband got k*lled
because he agreed to an oath like that.

[music intensifies]

I'm not doing this
because I want to get out.

I've grown to like it here.

They give me three meals every day,

and I get to have fresh air
and medical attention too.

Then why'd you
send my son those letters, huh?

Because I was bored.

So your poor son really went to hell?


You son of a b*tch!

[screaming, pounding on divider]


[sighs heavily]



[phone ringing]

[ringing continues]



Jongno Station?

Who was it? You? Or you?

Who the f*ck reported Myeong-o missing?!

Maybe Yeon-jin?

She said to report it, so...

She would never do something that stupid.

That leaves you. Was it?

[sighs] I got the call first
'cause I'm his boss, but he's an adult.

They'll categorize him
as a runaway at most.

The special forces
aren't gonna come running

just because some 36-year-old man
isn't picking up his calls, Sa-ra.

So it was you.
You started looking for Myeong-o first.

You think it's me?

What about you? Why are you not a suspect?

It's you.

It was you. [chuckles]
Of course it was, you b*tch.

Should I call the cops and check?

It was me. You're right.

I reported it.

But who cares?

You said he could've d*ed somewhere.

What if he's actually d*ad right now?

Am I really the weird one here
for reporting him missing?

- He lives alone, aren't you worried?
- This f*cking b*tch is crazy.

Since when have you
cared so much about Myeong-o?

Oh, it makes more sense
why he asked you out.

[chuckles] Did you sleep with him too?

Huh? Huh?

What the f*ck are you even saying?

He asked her out?

- [blow landing]
- [Hye-jeong yelps]

Your vag*na has always been
shared property, right?

[Sa-ra] Hey, you did it on purpose,
didn't you? What do you want?

You know I bought dr*gs from him

and got prescriptions under his name
for a few years, don't you?

You're aware of that?

When they start investigating,
I'll be the first one they'll catch,

so why the f*ck did you make that report?

God, TMI, ladies.

- I'm leaving.
- [Hye-jeong] Let go.

Let go now!

Let me f*cking go!

Listen. If any of the cops
start calling me,

then I'm really going to f*cking k*ll you,

you stupid b*tch!


- [Dong-eun unzipping bag]
- What is this? Is it kimchi?

It's not.

[Hyeon-nam gasps]

Deposit the won and dollars separately,
and get proof of your average balance.

What... What is all of this?

Did you get a passport for Sun-a?

Huh? Oh.

Uh, it's here...

Why do you need a passport?

This is for the study agency.
Please sign these papers.

I'm going to send Sun-a to study abroad.


I'm trying to start the rest of my plans.

I'll do what you asked, as soon as
she gets to leave the country safely.

[breathing shakily]

In the United States,

she will hear the news about her father.

[sweeping, dramatic music builds]

[breathing shakily]

I lied to you.

You won't get to have
a lovely dinner together.

You're going to lose Sun-a if we do this.

But I promise that Sun-a will be safe

from her father who beats her

and her mother who wants him k*lled.

That's the reality of what we're planning.

If you want to stop,

then tell me now, please.


Is this really the right address?

This is where she lives?

Yeah. It is.

She was reported to have moved in
before Semyeong Elementary. Why?


This is really the place where...

that b*tch is living?



[tense music playing]

It's right in front of my house.

[music intensifies]

[phone trills, rings]

- [assistant] Good evening, sir.
- A personal matter's come up.

Cancel everything.
Clear my schedule till Tuesday.

And text me if anything urgent comes up.

Yes, sir, right away.

- Do you need anything else?
- That'll be all.

[line disconnects]

[phone trills]

[line ringing]

[line connects]

Where are you?

Let's meet somewhere.

[music trails off]

[footsteps approaching]

[Dong-eun sighs]

How much can I win per house?


You must have a lot of questions.
So, go for it.

Aren't you cold? Your clothes look thin.

I thought your first question would be
if I approached you on purpose.

Well, I wanted to be
unpredictable for once.

What would you have done
if I hadn't called?

Held a parent teacher conference.

What if I'd made a complaint against you?

It's a private school,
and I'm influential.

I know.

I know all about your influence.

I'm depending on it.

The man who taught me
how to play Go was a lawyer who said to me

that I was born holding the black stone,
and it was easy for me.

So I've always held
a certain advantage over others.

But this match right here...

is a tough one.

[low, mysterious music playing]

I have questions for you and Yeon-jin.

But... I want to hear you out here first.

But why?

Because you claim you're a victim.

[menacing music builds]

[chuckles wryly]

[phone ringing]

Oh, are you here already?

Yeah. Unit 301.

How long will it take to unlock this door?

This is illegal, by the way.

If it were legal, you wouldn't get this.

Are you... on TV?

The weathercaster? Park Yeon-jin?

If I was, do you think
this agreement might change?

[dark, intense music playing]

Open it. And then wait here for me.


Ugh, fine.

[door unlocks]

You went to school with Yeon-jin.

So, did you approach me on purpose?


Does that mean...

you learned to play Go on purpose?

That's how it started.

But then I really liked it.

In the game of Go, you're building houses.

I had dreamed of being an architect
until I had to leave school.

Were you also the one who sent me this?

I made sure to pick out
the ones you look good in.

It doesn't look like it.

So, where do you live?

If you approached me,
you must live pretty close by, right?

I've braced myself.

Even if you've done that,

cruelty like this hurts a lot.

I know that well.

[lighter clinks]

[dramatic music playing]

[inhales, exhales]

I slipped up.

I really shouldn't have
bullied that b*tch.

I should have just k*lled her back then.

[music halts]

[resounding click]

[sweeping, intricate music building]

AGE 18

PROCESSED ON 12/15/2004

[music intensifies]

[music trails off]

[dark, brooding pop song playing]
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