04x06 - Jean

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Call My Agent!" Aired: 14 October 2015 –; present.
Agents at a Paris talent firm scramble to keep their star clients happy and their business afloat.
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04x06 - Jean

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I know, you're busy with work.
But I planned this party ages ago!

You're not the only one who's busy.

Snow White, Cinderella, the Bogeywoman,

they work hard too, you know?

It's not easy
getting the three of them together!

I know, darling, I know...

And so here I am, stuck home alone.

After I've delivered the gifts,
I'll come straight home.

No bar-hopping with your elves.

No, of course not...

- Hurry home to take care of my p*ssy.
- Cut!

- No.
- What's wrong?

- That's not your line, Lolita.
- What?

It's, "Hurry home
to take care of my little feline."

But what kind of line is that?

Has "p*ssy" become a bad word now?

It's a kids' movie.
It could be misinterpreted.

She could say...

the little cat.

Yes! Splendid idea.
Like in "The little cat is d*ad."

Have you read the script?

It's a female cat that grows up
to give birth to kittens.

Yeah! Yes, that's right.

He's right. So, what do we do?

"p*ssy" does seem pretty risqué.

- It is!
- Yes, it's risqué,

but so is my outfit. Sorry,

but the skirt is too short,
the heels are way too high.

I look more like Santa's whore
than his wife!

- f*ck...
- Yeah...

- OK.
- It's hot in here.

Why is there so much lighting?

It's a movie for to -year-olds, Jean!

I'm sorry but I need
maximum depth of field!

And if could you stop scratching yourself,
it's not nice to look at.

- But it's degrees in here!
- Well, that's too bad!

Lolita, let's hurry up.

- All right.
- Yes?

- I'll figure out something. Let's go!
- I trust you.

- Let's pick up at the bar-hopping thing.
- The elves.

- We're back, camera!
- OK, ready!

- Camera, camera!
- OK, ready! Yes?

/ , take , pickup.



- Action!
- No!!

You'll hurry home
to take care of my kitty?

Oh, no! Cut!

- What now?
- Damn it, it's "feline"!

What do you mean, "feline"?
No, it's not possible!

The writers wrote "feline!"

I don't care, I can't perform this way.

- Let's do another take.
- No!

I'm not doing it again.

- The writers...
- I'm sick of this! Enough of this crap!



Leave me alone!

We're not in court yet,
what are you talking about?

- Ask Camille's mother!
- It's a hair salon!

Just ask Camille!

All right! All right! Please!

Panic is not the solution! Enough!

You just told us ASK was filing
for bankruptcy, it's upsetting.

Bankruptcy is a procedure!
It doesn't mean we're shutting down.

Hicham, we've lost / of our talents.

I know! Our cash flow is below sea-level!

Do you have investors? No.
Then we're on a sinking ship.

The Titanic! We won't jump
into the freezing water without screaming!

Jean Gabin isn't acting normal.

No one has more instinct than animals
when it comes disasters.

I have someone.

I'm just waiting for Andréa.
Does anyone know where she is?

She's dropping off Flora with Colette.
She won't answer her phone.

She had an accident.

- Cut it out, Hervé! You're not funny.
- The second brain is the intestine.

Hers is her phone.
If she's not answering, she's in a coma.

What could she have done?

Doors opening.

We sailed straight into the iceberg,
we're sinking.

And the iceberg is named Elise Formain.


- Hi...
- Hi.

This place feels like a morgue.

That's about right...

- Doors opening.
- Well, go ahead, then.

What's your plan to save the agency?

- Hello.
- Hello...

That's your plan?

Just listen to what they have to say.

Welcome to the morgue!

Can we all stop saying that?
Some people are superstitious. Thank you!

Anyway, I'm not staying here.

I won't leave my dog
in this toxic environment.

I love you, you know.

We have an offer to make,
which might help you out.

The offer to help us, wouldn't it be
a solution that benefits you?

It's called an exchange
of friendly services, Gabriel.

Cut to the chase, Mathias, please.

We left Mediawan...

but we retained the rights to Bastille.

And we created a production company.

Beauvois rewrote the script, added
, extras, gilets jaunes and migrants.

For this project, we've obtained
Asian and American funding.

But we'd need a very well-known actor
on both continents.

Product placement, you mean.

Who do you have in mind?

Jean Reno.

So, Godefroy de Montmirail.

Very good idea.

I've known him since he was .

I loved Leon, I really identified
to Nathalie Portman at the time.

Isn't he a living god in Asia?

Yes, yes, yes.

Actually, Xavier wants to make a movie
about the present.

He wants to film the people. It's more
than a movie on the French revolution,

it's the portrait of a man...


takes foot in the revolution...

guides the crowd...

and ultimately drowns in it. To his death.

And... for this part...

Xavier really wanted a popular actor.

In the true sense.
And when we mentioned Jean Reno...

he loved the idea.

Jean might be interested?

Didn't he leave the agency?

No. Jean is loyal.
A rare breed in this business.

Yes, I think he could be interested.

But why would I ask Jean Reno
to go work for you, Mathias?

He wouldn't be working for me.

Production and a heart condition
don't mix well.


Noémie is producing the film.

There you go.

OK, that way you avoid having
to ask us to do something for you.

Typical Mathias.

And what about Jean-Jacques Annaud's film?

I don't know...
Throwing ourselves into a competition

between two movies that deal
with the same subject is a bit suicidal.

Annaud is out.

Things didn't go well with Igor.

He's tired of actors, he wants to sh**t

- The Bear .
- Hervé!

Yes. How are you?

What's going on? Why?

It's awesome!

How many people get to say
they're a manga character?

Jean Reno.

Send me the address, I'm on my way.

That was Jean...

He's leaving us?

He's ending his career.

My mother always said...

it's at night
you have to believe in the light.


Be realistic, Camille. It's over.

Focus on what you'll do next.

Any ideas?

No. No, I don't know.

Don't give me that!
I'm sure you have a notion.

I'd like to start a young talent agency.

That's wonderful!

It's perfect for you! It's obvious.



Just out of curiosity,
what age qualifies for "young talent"?

I don't know...


I don't know. Would somebody close to

who's never acted before

but had a small part
in Valérie Donzelli's movie

be of any interest to you?

Of course I'd sign you with my agency.

So you've made up your mind?

You're going to be an actor?

I don't know, it's too risky.

Either way, there'll always be a desk
for you at my agency.

Yeah, but I've had it with desks.

We'll talk about it later.

How do you feel?

Shouldn't I be asking you?

I didn't have a heart att*ck.

Are you really going to let me produce
Beauvois's movie?

I've been thinking about it
since the hospital.

I'd rather have told you one-on-one...

Mathias, this isn't a strategy, is it?

It's not a strategy at all, Noémie.

I'm letting you produce the film
because you can do it.

You have all the makings
of a great producer.

Plus, a producer's stress is...
It's no longer for me.

I don't know what to say.

It's a beautiful gift you've given me.

You're going to make a great film.

I hope so.

My real gift is...
you taking good care of yourself.

- Want to go through the cast?
- Yes...


A pastis!

Oh, but Jean, it's am...

And we have to talk.

So we have to be on equal footing.

How many have you had?

This is my second.

It's not like you.


I needed to clear my head.

I'll have another one, please.

Coming up.

There... Now we can talk.

I'm worried about you.

You know me, Andréa...

I'm a simple guy,
I like things that feel real.

Family, land, friends...

Everything in the industry today
is calibrated, marketed...


So when you like simple things,

there comes a time...

when you have to walk away.

Step out of the limelight.

It can be a bit scary, but...

it can also be beautiful.

It's a shame,
I had a beautiful part for you.

A part...

The storming of the Bastille.

Entirely sh*t in chiaroscuro.

, extras behind you...
You're a revolutionary.

Guiding the people...

and drowning in it.

All of this filmed by Xavier Beauvois.

It sounds good, but I'll pass.

OK. You'd rather end your career
as Santa Claus?


- I'll get it.
- No.

I have to go.

I'll let you ponder over the end...
and its beauty.

A pastis.

I promise you, I won't let up.

Good, keep up the fight.

- See you later.
- Bye.

And Jean Reno?

I don't know if I managed to turn him.
I left him to stew.

I don't have much hope,
but I'm off to the bank.


Hey! Hey! Hey!

Where are you going?

Nowhere, just an errand to run.

When you're shifty like that
you get blurry.

- Literally.
- Yeah...

Of course I am, Andréa!
It's am and you reek of pastis.


Well, now you're not blurry,
you're totally pixelated.

I didn't get that.

No, forget it, she's drunk...

She is?

Meeting with an actor in crisis.

Camille asked me to rush over,
so I... You...

Are you...

No, nothing, I... just a meeting...

- OK.
- Bye!

- See you.
- Yeah.

How are you, sweetie?

If you had me come to the agency,
it must be serious.

No. Serious, no...

- It's just that...
- Don't start acting like the rest of them!

Don't give me some lie like,

"Ozon rewrote the part for some blond
who knows how to skate." sh**t!

I didn't get your contract.

Production says there's an issue
but won't tell me what.

I tried to get some info from Luchini
but he left ASK, so he's not answering.

OK. Well, let's wait.

Let's wait?

How can you stay so relaxed?

Since that business
with the César and Verhoeven,

I try not to get...
too worked up, you know?

As long as I haven't heard "camera,"
it's still a no-go.


How about a drink?

I could use one, I need a break.

It's not for you to cheer me up!

Let's not fall into the old
agent/actress relationship.

- We're better than that, right?
- Definitely!

I don't need a babysitter
and it cheers me up to cheer you up.

Hang on, excuse me, honey...

- Everything OK?
- Yes.

I'll meet you there.

- OK?
- All right.

- Yes, yes, yes.
- OK.

- I was on my way out.
- Yes.

Listen, no, I just...

I wanted to say that...

I didn't mean to, but this morning
I overheard you talking about your...

Your talent agency project.


It's an excellent idea.

I'd like to help.

Dad, I don't need your money.

No, no, it's not about money.


If you agree, I'd like...

I'd like to work with you.

A small family-run agency, no stars...

Emerging talents...

I've seen how you work.

I'm not sure you can change.

I can't turn back time.

I can't give you
what I couldn't give you then.

But I'm here now.

I'd like to help you get started.

It's more...

It's more tangible than...
a recognition of paternity, right?

It's nice of you.


But, uh...

For the time being, I work for ASK.

It's irrelevant for now.

Can we meet tomorrow?

Can't wait to celebrate.

Yes, I love you.

Got to go.

Celebrate what?

Bleeding ASK dry?

No, not that. It's not worth it.

Still, you worked hard at it.

It wasn't difficult.

I like it when you try to be mean,
it's cute.

Look, I didn't come here to watch you eat
your quinoa salad, so... What do you want?

There was a time...

A very long time ago, in ASK's golden age.

you and Andréa formed
the perfect agent duo, right?

She was tough. You were nice.

Bad cop, good cop.

- A winning formula.
- What do you want?

That you come to StarMédia
with your talents.

We can form a team, you and I.

You stop at nothing, do you?

No wait, I get it!

Your dream is to be Andréa,

Do I sense a repressed attraction,
an identity conflict somewhere?

No? Yes? I don't know.

Except you can never be Andréa.

Andréa is... the exact opposite of you.

Not only has she got class,
but she's anything but a closet lesbian.

I wanted to make you an offer.

You know where you can shove it?

No rush, Gabriel.

I'm planting the seed in your head.

Just see if it grows.

Have a nice day.

I'm going to hound them down,
they won't know what hit them.

We'll work it out.

Why? What's going on?

There's a problem with the Ozon.
I might not do it.

Why are you smiling?

I'm happy to see you.

I'm sorry. I'm late.

- Is Ozon with StarMédia?
- Deliveries are at the front desk.

Ozon, forget it,
he's one of Elise's best friends.

Because she has friends?

Apparently so...

Gabriel, what's wrong?


Will you answer me?

Are we not speaking?

And what about him?

He's not as good as he used to be.

Yes, he's aged a bit.

I think it'd be a better fit
for Grandjean. Good idea.

He's usually quick to decide.

If he hasn't called by tonight
to ask for the script, forget it.

You can pack up your cards.

This project can save ASK.

First, you should have thought
about not ripping it apart.

But you were the ones who fired me.

The first big wave of defecting talents...

is your responsibility.

I stopped being an agent
to become a producer, Andréa, remember?

You're not a producer anymore!

So what are you now?

Just a manipulator?

Isn't it time to change the broken record?

Does it make you feel better
to take it out on me?

You feel less guilty
about letting Elise in the door.


It's Arlette!



- What's going on?
- Are you OK?

I'm not a vet or a dog expert,
but he's ice cold.

I'm sorry, Arlette. He's gone.

My condolences.

He'll be here in minutes.

Keep in mind that he died in his sleep.

It's the best way to die for a dog.

And for anyone, in fact.

I reserved a plot for him
at the dog cemetery in Asnières.

I'll let them know,
they'll come pick him up.

If there's anything I can do for you...

Can you leave us, please?

Of course.

It's with the legal department
so I'll get it back this afternoon.

I'll let you know.

- OK.
- Elise.

Can I talk to you?

I have to go.

Without your guard dogs.

Girls? Thanks.

What's up?


Was that you?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Are you going to hit me?

No. Besides...

I'm not going to give you
any more amm*nit*on to pressure me.

You put that pressure on yourself.

Looks like you care
about your little Sofia!


A part opposite Luchini in Ozon's film...

That won't happen again any time soon.

Is accepting a job as an agent
such a sacrifice?

With you, yes.

It's not going to k*ll you.

It's very formative.

Besides, aren't you tired
of making everything so personal?

Stop acting like a spoiled brat: grow up!


My clients won't leave me.

Even if ASK goes under...

I can open my agency... anytime.
I don't need you.

Yes, I think you're right.

But think about
what your sweetheart will say

when she learns you sacrificed her
for your personal ambitions.

She'll understand.

After what you did to her
on Julien Doré's film?

You really don't know women.

You should be thanking me.
I'm giving you a chance to make up for it.

You'll let me know?

Jean Reno is on his way!

There's a lot at stake,
so everyone gets back to work, OK?

We're in a buzzing agency,
let's knock 'em d*ad!

I mean... We're on f*re.

So... it's like being an extra:

pull out your cell phones
and start calling nonstop,

call the front desk,
the landlines, every desk...

Let's keep it ringing.

This agency is not on its deathbed!

I mean... it's not in trouble...

We're drowning under...
We're swamped with projects!

All right! Go!


Hervé, Camille.

OK, I need you.

You'll hand me a version of the script

scribbled with raving remarks
about Jean Reno.

As if Xavier Beauvois had written it.

All right, go!

- Jean! How are you?
- I'm fine!


One moment, please. ASK, may I help you?

What's going on here?

It's Monday.

- Yes, bring it to me.
- Come.

It's Monday.





It's been ages.

Are you OK?

Jean Gabin is d*ad.

Jean Gabin, yes! He's...


I'll miss him so much.

We all miss him...

He was exceptionally smart.


And he enjoyed simple things...

Yes... Eating...

- Taking a walk...
- Sleeping...

Running after a ball...

That, I didn't know.

Yes, well, in his youth.

But lately...

he was rarely up for it.


I have to go.

Thank you for your support.

You're welcome, Arlette.

What is it?

- Alzheimer's?
- No.

It's grief.

- Noémie is the one who thought of you.
- Yes.

When I read the script,
I pictured Jean Reno! It was...

- obvious.
- Thank you.

Right... Now, Jean,
you have to tell us straight up.

Do you want to do it or not?

You were right, Andréa.

I don't want my last part
to be Santa Claus.

I'd like to read the script.

This just came in from Beauvois!

Xavier wanted to make a few adjustments
in case it'd be you.

There. So this is the latest version.

Fresh out of the oven.

People in this business
never cease to surprise me.

Oh my! Wow!

Feel the love!

Yeah, hi...

How are you?

I miss her already.

When she's with you she's a bother,
but when she's gone you miss her.

Damn it, Colette!

Look, I already messed up with the agency,

so if you tell me I'm a lousy mother,
I don't think I can keep it together.

I'm sorry.

I never said you were a lousy mother.

But you know, she never did it with me...

The stress-release crying.

Hey! It's all right. Maybe she never will.

It doesn't mean she's not happy with you.

Man... I really want to see her.

Well anytime you want.
I mean... Anytime you can.


I'll let you know, OK?

OK. All right, good night, bye.

Doors closing.

Hello, Mrs. Producer...

You scared me.


Oh, marvelous.

Long night?

Damn it, yeah.

I studied the project from all angles...

Went over the whole budget again...

sh**ting in Luxemburg, tax credits...

The numbers won't budge,
we're million short.

Did you call Xavier to ask him
to make an effort on the extras?


But he won't give in.

He wants to film the revolutionaries
and without his extras, he's out.

What about Netflix?

He doesn't want
the storming of the Bastille

to end up on a phone screen.

But they have screenings in Venice.

He doesn't want to film
the French Revolution

and have it end up
in front of a bunch of VIPs.

Welcome to Beauvois's world!

What is it?

Well, uh...

I thought of something but...

You won't like it.


I was thinking...

What if I went to see Igor...

And told him Jean Reno is on board.

OK, I'm off.

I'll catch him at Mediawan.

We'll see what we can do.

All right! I'll go get changed!

The tousled hair and wrinkled clothes...
It's very sexy!

Cut it out! I look awful...

You look like a passionate woman.

It's very nice to look at.

My step-daughter! How are you?

Doors closing.

Hello, Camille.


- Claire!
- You lied to me you bastard!

Claire, calm down! Please!

You're not so tough
now that I have this thing.

It's not a thing, it's a César!

What is she doing here?

I don't know. Hello, Noémie.

Is it her?

"Her"? What...

- No, it's just a misunderstanding...
- Is it this bimbo you're screwing?

No, hang on, I am not the bimbo!

Then who is it?

- Who are you cheating on me with?
- Claire!

Claire! Come back down to earth.

Igor is cheating on his wife with you!

So there's no need to make a scene!
What's going on?

It's her problem if she's OK with it.

I'm not OK with it!

I am not cheating on you!

I'm not cheating on anyone anymore.
I'm leaving my wife.

But not for you.

I don't get it.

I'm dumping you.


Her skin is so soft...

Not only her skin, mind you:
she's softness incarnate,

she's kind,

but not mushy...

Looks like she turned the wolf
into a lamb.

I feel myself becoming a better man.

I'm becoming a good person.

And does this angel have a name?

What are you doing here, anyway?

Come on, Justine... Yes...


So, wait... There! Wow!

Hold this, please!

A César can hurt.

Hold on, hold on...

Turn your head towards me, please.


Hold on, move your fingers out of the way.

Out of the way, please!

Hold on.

There. Yes, all right,
thank you, Justine. It's all right.


Coffee, boss?

No. She's cute...

- There! Beautiful!
- Thank you...


I came to talk to you
about Beauvois's film.

When Ozon's film is done,
I want a screening, OK?

To make sure Sofia wasn't edited out.

Only then will I come work with you
at StarMédia, OK?


The things we do out of love, huh?

And out of hate too, you'll see.

I don't get it.

I'd almost managed to convince him
and at the last moment, he said no.

Did he give you a reason?


Silent as the grave.

Well, it's over now.

I could still try selling Beauvois
on Netflix again.


Forget it. You might as well
give CPR to a d*ad guy.

Either way, as long as
we haven't heard back from Jean...

We'll soon find out. He's on his way.

- Seriously?
- Yes!

Everyone! Jean is on his way!


Should we do like the last time?

Jean's on his way!

Don't you ever get tired of this act?

Don't you get tired of lying all the time,
to everyone?

f*ck this...

What was that?

So, should we do a little act,
like last time?

It was a bit too much, no? Yes.

No! Jean's on his way!

Everyone, act normal!

- Bring him to my office, please?
- Yes.

What's "normal" around here?


Are you OK?

What do you want?

Nothing, I just want us to...

I just want us to talk.


the Ozon contracts came in.
Camille and I got worked up over nothing.

It was just a legal hiccup.

I'm happy for you.


It's very intense, powerful...

It's a beautiful script.

I can see why you're having trouble
getting the funding for it.

How is that coming along?

Well, we haven't quite wrapped it up yet.

But it's looking very good.

We're in talks with Netflix,
among other things.


We're millions short.

And the agency has filed for bankruptcy.

If you want guarantees about the film,
we don't have any.

ASK is going under...

and this movie is the only chance
we have to save the agency.

But in my opinion, it won't be enough.

So what we're offering, is...
to go under with us.

But in style.

It feels good to tell the truth,
doesn't it?

It sure does.

I'm on board.

I'm happy to go under with you...

It's what appealed to me in The Big Blue.

My character followed his dream,

his passion to the very end,
ultimately diving too deep and...

meeting his death...

Beauvois's film has a hint of that.

See you soon!

See you soon!


Crisis meeting.

I have good news and very bad news.

I'll start with the good news.

There's a chance Igor might be back
in the loop on Beauvois's film.

That's great...

The bad news... is connected to that?

I have a scoop.

I know why Igor is leaving
his wife and his mistress.

Don't we have other problems
than Igor's sex life?

It's not just about sex,
he's madly in love.

But we often confuse the two, right?

I just spoke with Elise.

She knows we're short millions
for the Beauvois.

Shit. Elise and Igor?

Softness and kindness incarnate...
That was her?

It's the worst global disaster
since Chernobyl.

Please, Hervé.
That's a bit of an exaggeration.

Maybe not global but for film.
Can you imagine their power together?

It's as if Cersei Lannister
were screwing Voldemort.

No! Screwing Voldemort
and having a baby dragon on top of that!


No, you're both wrong.

She's the monster!

Not him.

She's got him by the balls.

And I bet you she gets a huge kick
out of squeezing them hard!

Are you OK?
Do you have other issues right now?


Well... Does anyone have
any sensible advice for me?

I'm meeting with her.

What does she want?

To help us out on the Beauvois.

Yes, I fear the worst.


Before you go,
I have something very important...

to tell you all.

I've come to a decision.

I want to be an actor.

I'm sure now.

It's never been so clear in my mind.

That's fabulous, Hervé. Why the long face?

I didn't know how you would react.

We're reacting well. Very well.

As long as you don't sign with Elise.

I'll never go with that bitch!

I knew it!


It feels good to say it.

Am I meeting you here
to carry your groceries?

I have three children, Andréa.

So, the only time I can talk to you
is when I'm grocery-shopping.

Don't read into it.

You only have one daughter
and you're struggling, so...

Leave her out of it.

What do you want?

The amount of toilet paper
kids can go through! It's crazy!

How many should I take? Two?


So Igor is your new boyfriend

and you're blocking funding
for Beauvois's film, is that it?

Men! The things they'd do for love...

Well, you wouldn't know.

I'm not interested in power struggles
in a relationship. With men or women.

You're wrong.

It opens up some amazing opportunities.

Take Gabriel.

What does he have to do with this?

He's so grateful
that I convinced Ozon to hire Sofia...

that he's coming to work with me
with all of his clients.

Didn't he tell you?

You made me come here to rat on Gabriel?


He's just a stepping stone.

The next to last move
on the path to ASK's destruction.

I'm listening: what do you want?

I want Jean Reno!

Are you serious?

With Gabriel leaving, ASK is d*ad.

But give me Jean Reno

and I can convince Igor
to fund Beauvois's film,

so you can leave on a high note,
with a very nice project!

Do you believe Jean will accept
to be used as barter?

You're an agent, do your job!
But the other way around.

Convince him to leave you for me.

It'll be fun!

You have one last hand to play,
do whatever you want.

You must have
a really big void to fill inside.

- Hello!
- Hi, ma'am.

So either we give her Jean Reno
and the Beauvois film gets made.

Or we keep Jean Reno...

and the film falls through.

So whatever we do we're f*cked.


We knew it,
but now, suddenly, it's really...

Not producing the film now
doesn't mean I won't produce it later.


Do what you think is best.

I can handle her coming after me...

But you guys...

If that's what's tormenting you...
Speaking for myself...

I'd like to start my own agency.

You see, Andréa, don't worry.
We'll land on our feet.

Any news from Arlette?


She wanted to be alone, watch movies...

I tried calling her
but she didn't pick up.

Me neither...

- Me neither.
- Me neither.

I sent a wreath but...


I liked Jean Gabin.

Every morning, I'd slip him a treat...

What about you, Gabriel?

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

Can you give me minutes alone
with Andréa, please?

Thank you.

I can see you coming a mile away.

You're going to try to convince me
to send Jean Reno to Elise,

so that your girlfriend
can produce the film, am I right?

I could have pulled something like that...

But no. Don't worry.

You see, Andréa...

You and I have always been at it
like cat and dog.

My dirty tricks, my scheming...

You thought it was directed
against you but it was...

I only cared about my own interest.

How do I know that's changed?

This may surprise you...

but I have a lot of respect
for who you are.

So you see...

your esteem matters much more to me
than all of this crap.

Since when do you care about others?

It's so relaxing.

If only you knew...

But you do know, don't you?

What are you doing here?

We were around and I figured
that even if you were busy...

You'd be happy to see your daughter.

Of course...

Come with mommy.

What's wrong with her?

It's stress-release crying, I think...


Don't worry.

- Feeling better?
- Yeah, look!

We stopped crying in unison.

We'd better go.

I was very mad at you.

But I understand why you left.

You had no other choice.

It was all you could do
to make me look in the mirror.

And make me think
about what I really want in life.

What I want for Flora...

with you.



I can never be someone else.

I love you Colette, but I don't want...

to make promises I can't keep.

It's best if we stop now.

And then we'll figure out together
how we can take care of Flora.

You didn't answer me...

Was that a goodbye kiss?

I don't know... It's just...

It's just because you've never been
so honest with me before.

Now that you've told everyone,
you have to get the ball rolling.

I don't know how to, but yes...

Do you think...

you and I could be partners?

You've worked with your mother before.

Summers. To make some money.


It was awful!

I hated it.

You know what she's like.

You know, she stands behind you,
watching you, and just goes: "hum."

And in the end she pushes you over
and does it herself.

But actually...
Looking back, it's a good memory.

She gave you an education.


It taught you to know what you want.

And now you're here.


But I don't need anyone
teaching me anymore.

So working with my bigwig of a father...


I want to learn
how to do this job differently.

I'm the one who needs you.

Besides, I won't always be around.

On my back, you mean?
If I start an agency?

Not only that.

Come on, Dad! You're not exactly !

It's never too soon to start creating
good memories with your father.

Perfect timing.

I have a favor to ask you.

- Sure.
- OK.

I don't have much time,
so I'll be straightforward.

Even if you had the time,
you would be straightforward. sh**t.

Why did you do that, Gabriel?

What did I do?

Elise... Ozon's film...

How did you find out?

Who cares? This is between you and me.

How could you do such a thing?
Why did you...

give in to that bitch for a role?

Because I...

You couldn't miss out on this role,
not because of me.

And because I...

I did it for me too.

So I can look myself in the mirror.

How can you look yourself in the mirror
if you betray ASK?

I didn't betray anyone!

This agency is d*ad! Can't you see?

It's over, everybody knows it.

And I'm fed up with being the good guy!

I'm sick of it!

It's my turn to be the bad guy!

Yeah, so I'm going to work
with that bitch, like you said!

And I'm going to watch that pest.

And the moment I can crush her, I will.

Even if it means I have to lose face!

But I like your face.

I like your face too.

I love your face...

Doors closing.

No problem.


Andréa, Jean Reno is waiting for you
in the conference room.

What's all this for?

It's for you all.

To thank you for pushing me to keep going.

I found some good bottles
in the gift room and...

ordered a few things to round it out.

I see.

And... I can't stay,
I'll set this up and go.

Thanks, Jean, it's very sweet of you.

I'm glad you're here,
because I have to tell you something.

I'm quitting.


You're quitting?

I'm quitting.

You said you wanted out
and I'm the one leaving.

Funny, isn't it?

Being an agent must be a dog's life.

I'm quitting but you have to go on.

If the Beauvois goes through.

We'll see.

Do you know Elise Formain?

If you're asking me to sign with her,
my answer is no.

I don't like people deciding for me.

I know that.

I know you.

Let's just say that
she can do a lot for Bastille.

I see.

She'll defend you tooth and nail.

She's fierce.

You know me, Andréa...

What I like is a family atmosphere,
a sense of loyalty,

things I found here with you.

Even if we don't always see eye to eye.

That's what I love.

I'll agree to try her out.

But if it doesn't work for me...

I'll walk away.


Jean, I loved taking care of you all.

But I sort of lost myself along the way.

I'm not strong enough.

I miss you already.

There she is!

What's all this? Who prepared all of this?

Santa Claus.

We wanted to pay
a final tribute to Jean Gabin.

Jean Gabin! He's handsome.

And you're the only one here
who's been here from the start.

We couldn't pay a tribute to ASK
without you.


It's over then?

The agency, yes.


It has been a part of many a success.

Of wonderful films, and sometimes both...

I've learned a lot.

And not just about work...

About life too.

The end of something
is always the start of something else.

Speak for yourself, you're young...

Well, let's drink?

Yes, champagne!

- Darling Arlette...
- Yes?

You know, I'm starting my own agency.

- No!
- What?

With my father.

- No!
- Yes.

- His luck never runs out, does it?
- Yeah.

Way to go!

And... I need someone like you.

So if you want to join us...


What do you think?

You don't have to answer right away.

Of course I want to!

I'll be calling on you, Madame,
now that I'm a producer...

And do you have a name?

Oh, yeah! CAM!

- CAM?
- The CAM Agency.

- CAM? What?
- I love it.

It's not a joke?

- No, it's not a joke.
- Then why CAM?

Camille, Arlette, Mathias!


- I see!
- There.

- It's not my business anyway.
- I don't want your opinion!

What about you, your plans?

I'm sh**ting with Ozon.


So that's great and we thought
we could take a little trip too.

- Not too long!
- Yes, to take a break.

As for me... the future, well...

I'm getting ready...

to live a dangerous and exciting life
as a spy for CAM, but...

- You better!
- But working at StarMédia.

- Good luck with that.
- Yeah...

One person has remained mysterious

about what she'll be doing next.

Apart from no longer being an agent.

I don't know.

No, I don't know!

Real estate?

Well, I don't know, I figure...

apartments can't be
more of a pain than actors.

- Respect!
- Thanks a lot!

Sorry, actors...
I forgot we had actors here with us.

No, I don't know.

Really, not the slightest idea?

Win back my wife...


- Get to know my daughter.
- Beautiful.




I don't believe it at all. It won't last.

While I'm mulling it over,

I could maybe write
a series about talent agents.

- What?
- Who's going to watch that?

All right, a toast!

- Yes!
- Come on!

- To us!
- To us!

- Cheers!
- To this uncertain future...

- May it be glorious.
- Cheers!

Ready to go?

Hey. Come on.

Wait! The lights.

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