02x08 - The Trial of Adolf h*tler

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Hunters". Aired: February 2020 to present.
Inspired by true events, this series follows a diverse group of n*zi Hunters in 1977 seeking revenge and justice.
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02x08 - The Trial of Adolf h*tler

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[ON RECORDING] It's Clara. I'm not in.

- Leave me a message.

[JONAH] Clara, it's me again.

I'm just calling to see...

if you'd pick up.


I miss you.


Today is a momentous day...

a historic day as former German
Chancellor Adolf h*tler...

... is set to be tried for
crimes against humanity...

... by an International
Criminal Tribunal.


[NEWSWOMAN] It is the culmination

of a surreal two months

in which dental records

and fingerprints have
proved the veracity of...

Investigations have been opened

as to how h*tler...

... was able to stage his
own death and evade justice.

believed that a group of...

... undercover "n*zi
hunters" were involved...

... in bringing Mr. h*tler to justice.

Only one member of the group
has been publicly identified.

The woman who single-handedly
walked Adolf h*tler

into the American Embassy in Uruguay.


Former agent of the American FBI...

- Millicent Morris.
- Millicent Morris.

Will you tell us how you caught him?

Who else were you working with?

Do you want to see him hanged?

Should h*tler be put to death?

♪ ♪


Hey, you okay?


I wish my Murray was here to see this.

He is here.

He's seeing this.

[MEYER] He owns a toy shop in Manhattan?

[HARRIET] Yes, Heinz Richter opened

The Red Balloon Toy Shop years ago.

He lives alone in Forest Hills.

They... we're very close.

But we need more.

- More?
- [RUTH] Yes, we need more.

We need to be % certain.

- Oh, but Ruth...
- No, she's right. He...

He's a collector, this man.

He has something of his
former life with him.

I can assure you that.

Break in.

- See what you find.
- Meyer, that could expose us.

k*lling an innocent man?

That will expose us to things
we could never recover from.

We're very close here,
but you must verify.

I will see what I can do.

[MEYER] Good.

Ah, yes.

After all these years...

to think that we may have
finally found him is...

Look what we created.

It's great.

It's not the only
thing we created, Meyer.

She was a beautiful girl,

- Naomi.
- My mother's name.

Your mother was a saint.


so I thought it would rub off.

But she was a pain the ass. Naomi.

Precocious, bold.

Like her mother.

But she was also like her father.

She was kind, good.

I wish... oh, I wish you met her.

Oh, I... I wish I did, too.

Look at me, Meyer.


She had your eyes.



I remember.

When he did this to
you in that awful room.

I could feel it, too, I suppose.


on my own heart.

So many scars, Ruth.



What are we but scars?

I'm so glad...

... that I found you.


I've found you.





♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Let him live! Let him live!

Security is on high alert

at the Munich courthouse.

Germany has received credible thr*at...

... of a possible terror att*ck
from white supremacist groups.

An emotional day is expected...

... as spectators include survivors

of the n*zi concentration camps.

Gosh, he looks old.


Authorities are afraid

of an att*ck.

[EVA] And they should be afraid.



[NEWSWOMAN] h*tler will
be tried by five justices:

Boris Federov of Russia,
Marion Jenneret of France,

Archibald Hollings of Great Britain,

Lorraine Collins of the U.S.,

and Chief Justice Wolfgang
Müeller of Germany,

whose objectivity has come into question

due to his alleged ties to the
n*zi regime as a law student.

Justice Müeller has not commented

- on the allegations.
- [MÜELLER] We are gathered here

for the International
w*r Crimes Tribunal

in the name of the people
in the criminal case

against Adolf h*tler.

Many have declared this case

to be the trial of the millennium.

I would offer that in this courtroom,

with this agent of the
court presiding over it,

this will be a trial like any other.

We are simply here to
establish this individual's

innocence or guilt
beyond a reasonable doubt

of the crimes of which he is accused.

Remember, my fellow
justices and I must arrive

at a unanimous decision before
the ruling is considered final.

[COLLINS] Mr. Frankel,
it's the prosecution's case.

Though it is no exaggeration
to say that our case has been

a Herculean task...

to tally the grave
offenses of the accused...

... Adolf h*tler.

The fact is... [CLEARS THROAT]

our case is a relatively simple one.

Given the work of our predecessors

and the precedent established

by the International
Military Tribunal at Nuremberg

and the subsequent trials in the period

immediately after the w*r.

It is therefore our contention

that we will present to you...

... an open and shut,

airtight case.

[HOLLINGS] Thank you, Mr. Frankel.

The defense may now rise
and state their case.

Knock 'em d*ad.

Traitor. Traitor!


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