13x11 - Lost Ones

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Blue Bloods". Aired September 2010 - current.
"Blue Bloods" revolves around a family of New York cops.
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13x11 - Lost Ones

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♪ ♪


GUARD: Pep up the step, let's go.


Do I know you?

My name's Jamie Reagan.

Officer Jamie Reagan.

Sergeant now, yeah.

I figured you could use a ride
back to the city.

There's no way in hell
I'm catching a ride

with the guy that put me
away in the first place.

I don't see anyone else around
here offering you a ride.


A bus works fine.

Is that bus offering a hot meal
and a couple drinks?

So, come on, you want to ride that bus

back to the city or hop in?

Come on.


What do we got? Male, about .

Found DOA this morning.

You know those chess hustlers
that hang out around here?

- Of course.
- Apparently, he was one of them.

- We got a name?
- Shawn Hutchins.

According to the guys
that hang around here,

- he goes by the nickname "Shy."
- Shy.

- Any signs of a struggle?
- None.

All right, we got it from here.

- Where is he? Is that my dad?
- Whoa.

Hey, hey. Who are you?

Eric. Is that my dad?

Please, I got to see him.

(SIGHS) Okay.

It's him. Oh, God.

What happened?

We don't know yet. Was he m*rder?

We don't know that either.

Well, he didn't just crawl

into those bushes
and have a heart att*ck.

Do you know if your dad ever used drugs?

No, of course not.

Are you sure about that?

Yes. He came here
every day to play chess,

not... sh**t heroin.

Can you think of anyone who
would want to hurt your dad?

No. Uh, the way this city is these days,

could've been anyone.

You got to find who did this to him.

We'll do our best.

PASTOR CLAY: Good to see you.

Thank you so much for coming.

Come on, I'll see you next week, okay?

Yes, ma'am. Come on now.

- Always styling. Looking sharp.
- Thank you, Pastor.

God bless you, thank you so much.

- Thank you, Pastor.
- Excellent sermon.

- Talk to you next week. Okay?
- All right, sounds good.

Yes, sir. See you.

Madam D.A.

Oh, please, I'm just
a bureau chief, Pastor Clay.

For now.

(CLEARS THROAT) Well, I-I caught
some of the service.

The sermon and the music
was just beautiful.

Thank you, thank you. But I can assure

I did not have you come all the
way to Harlem for a compliment.

Walk with me?

I've done my research, Ms. Reagan.

And I know the one thing

you might value more than
justice and the law is family.

My family needs your help.

Ten months ago,
my nephew Devon was arrested.


The particulars don't matter.

You'll be able to read
all about it in his file.

What matters is how the arrest

has been tearing my family apart.

What are you asking of me?

To look into it, give us some clarity.

Clarity? Well, that's
something his defense attorney

should be able to provide.

No, I've asked. The public defender.

The lawyer we hired to replace him.

The prosecutor on the case.

Now I'm asking you.

No favors or preferential treatment.

Just some answers.

And in return, your good deed
won't go unnoticed.

I'm sure you've done
research of your own.

I have, yeah.

And so you know I shepherd

one of the biggest
congregations in the city.

That comes with a lot of influence.

You mean voters.

(CHUCKLES) It's not a secret

that you're planning to run for D.A.

If you can shed some
light on the situation,

I would be more than appreciative.


Sir, do you have a minute for Sid?

We already had our morning briefing.

He say what it's about?

He did not.

He seems a little fidgety.


(CHUCKLES): Okay, let's see why.

- Hey, Sid.
- Hey, boss.

Thanks for seeing me.

By the way, that a new suit?


Oh, well, looks new.

(SIGHS) Uh, there's this, uh, thing

I thought maybe you could
help me out with.

It's a woman, actually.

Well, not just a woman,

I mean a detective.

I mean the detective is a woman.

This detective have a name?

Laura Acosta.

I worked with her at the - .

Great detective, tough as nails.

So she's tough as nails and...?

She got hurt on the job
a few years back.

A car crash while pursuing a perp.

She wakes up in pain every day now.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Yeah. Thing is, she needs to retire.

Has to retire, on account of the pain.

And there it is.

But the medical board
won't give her full disability.

They see her going back to work
as a way of disqualifying her.

Sid, full disability is only given

under exceptional circumstances.

As you know.

I know, it's like hitting the lotto.

Six figures a year, tax-free forever.

But I think this is
one of those circumstances.

And I thought maybe you could
talk to the board on her behalf.

This woman pretty?

Oh, come on.

It's a simple question.

Well, you know, she's easy
on the eyes, yeah.

And just how well did you know her?

No, no, y-you got it
all wrong, boss, I swear.

Well, then set me straight.


I knew this was a bad idea.

What was a bad idea?

The thing is, the ask
isn't coming from me.

It's coming from Danny Reagan.

♪ ♪

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This can't be it.

It is.

When I lived here,
this was a liquor store

with bulletproof glass so thick I had to

yell to get Four Lokos.

Now it's... a gin shop?

Tasting room.

That's even worse.

The neon sign,

the flowers.

Is there someplace else
that I can take you?

So, first you put me away and
now you want to be my chauffeur?

I'm not a charity case, you know.

I know you're not a charity case.

But between you and me...

I always felt like the sentencing

that you got was harsher
than what you deserved.

You and me both.

I was a rookie cop, you
were one of my first collars.

Second-degree robbery.

So you want a prize?

You were this close to cooperating

with the investigation.

I should've made sure that
you went through with it.

But instead...

I stood back as you got
railroaded by the prosecutor.

Ten years for being a lookout,
I should've said something.

And instead you racked up the promotions

while I rotted away behind bars.

"Rotted away"? You ran
the biggest card game

on your cell block.

And I have it on good authority

that you traded more resources
than the commissary.

Some would say you ran the place.

Were you keeping tabs on me?

Actually, I was.

So, how about a drink?

you running to, Harry Potter?

You can't move there.

Nope, can't hide there either.


You played too timid,
you got to take more chances.

I'll see you next time.

All right? (CHUCKLES)

Mind if we get next game?

Have a seat.

Thank you. So you must be

- the legendary Saint Nick.
- That's right.

Heard you're the one
who found Shawn's body.


- Yes, Shy.
- Yeah.

It was horrible.

You notice anything unusual before that?

Other than the body? No.

You seem like the mayor around here.

Do you know if anybody else
maybe saw something?

Look, Shy got that nickname
for a reason.

He never talked to nobody.

Even the people he played against.

Hell, I don't even think he talked

to own son for, I don't know, years.

He and Eric didn't talk?

- No, they was on bad terms.
- How bad?

What I hear, Shy wrote
him out of his will.


That's right.

So when I tell you
that no one really knew

what was going on with him,
that is the truth.

No one saw anything,
no one knows anything.


And that's all I got to say to you.


We'll play you next time.


Detective Acosta, sir.



Thank you for the invitation.

Thanks for coming up.
Please have a seat.


Hey, Laura.



years on the job,

made detective five years
out of the academy,

Detective First Grade
ten years after that...

with a pile of commendations
along the way. Well done.

Got lucky with some good partners, sir.

Could you walk us through what happened?

Well, I could limp you
through what happened.

(CHUCKLES) She's still got it.


We were pursuing a perp
Queens-bound on the BQE.

When I hit the lights, he g*n it

and swerved in front
of a tractor trailer.

The truck driver reacted and turned

into us, sandwiching us between
the truck and the median.

My partner walked away from it.

But for me it was six months
before I walked again.

And six more months before
I returned to full duty.

And how is the pain now?

Some days bad, some days worse.

I never wanted to retire
this young, but...

even sitting at the desk for
a full tour has become too much.

Sorry to hear that.

Commissioner, can I ask what,
what exactly we're doing here?

Well, you sacrificed
for this department.

I wanted to hear how.

How or how much?

Just how.

You meet with every detective
who gets injured on the job?

Look, this may be out of line.

If it is, you don't have to answer.


How well do you know Detective Reagan?

We've been in the same squad
for the last ten years,

so... pretty well.

I figured it was his guilt
that brought me in here.

What's that mean?

I covered some of Danny's cases
and picked up some of his tours

when he was taking time
after his wife died.

The case I was on the night of
the accident was actually his.

I never blamed him for a second, but...

I think he always blamed himself.


So, we spoke to a few of the
chess players at the park.

They told us you haven't
spoken to your dad in years.

Yeah. Seven years at least.

That's a long time.

You two must've had a real falling out.

Yeah. Yeah, we grew apart, I guess.

Is that your way of saying that
he wrote you out of his will?

Wait, how did you know about that?

Well, the chess players
didn't tell us much,

but they told us that much.

So, what? That makes me a suspect?

Not necessarily, but you did show up

to the crime scene kind of quick

for someone who's not been
in touch for all these years.

One of the guys called me.


my dad and I had our differences,

but he was still my dad.

So, what happened to you two?

He was an immigrant.

And very religious.

I grew up a New Yorker.

When I started living with my wife

before we were married, he lost it.

Said all sorts of stuff
about her, and me.

Said we were going to hell.

And the two of you never
tried to reconcile things?

He tried.

He started writing letters
to me a few years back.

I never read 'em.

But you never threw 'em out
either, did you?

Eric, would you mind if we took
a look at the letters?


You sure you don't want
to read them first?

What I want is to help
find who did this.


You said those guys in the park
weren't talking?

- Right.
- Let me try.

No. No way.

I've known them since I was a kid.

We still speak the same language.

- I can help.


You want to tell me what's going
on with Devon Clay?

I met his uncle and he thinks
the case is being mishandled.

Pastor Clay's a powerful guy.

You're trying to get on his good side?

What makes you say that?

'Cause you're not the only one.

I went to pull the case file

and I saw that someone b*at me to it.


Manhattan District Attorney
Kimberly Crawford,

aka your soon-to-be opponent for D.A.

So, whatever game you're playing,

she's playing it, too.

What can I get you?

A Vesper martini.

Shaken, not stirred.


Bond martini? Really?

Bond movies were my favorite
to watch on movie nights inside.

I always wanted to try one.

All right.

So, who is this really about?

Washington, Russo or Marshall?

Who said anything about those...?

My gut.


I'm no snitch.

What's wrong?

That ain't right.

Too much vermouth,

not enough vodka, and no gin whatsoever.

I've seen my fair share of Bond movies.

Hey, excuse me. Uh, this drink's wrong.

It's a martini.

We ordered the Vesper.

Yeah, the Bond martini, it ain't
on the menu.

Well, you should've told me that
when I ordered it.

Well, I'm telling you now.

Hey, hey. We got a problem here?

No, no, there's no problem.

We just want you to make the drink.

Sit down or I'm gonna call the police.

Hey, I am the police.

So, can you make the drink or not?


I can handle myself.

I know you can, but you're
not on the inside anymore.

You think I don't know that?

Then act like it.

And have a little
faith in simple favors.

I need to speak with you.

I have exactly one minute

- before my next meeting.
- Uh...

I need the Devon Clay case file.

Doesn't ring a bell.

Pastor Clay's nephew, of Harlem.

The Lenox Tabernacle.

Is that so?

Are you really gonna pretend
like you don't know?

What are you doing, Erin?

I'm looking for answers.

Not here.

Then where? Because you have ignored

my last three phone calls.

I mean, what the hell is going on here?

What's going on...

is that you've made me late for
my meeting with the mayor's office.

ERIC: Mind if I play?

Sure, five bucks, five minutes.

You want white or... black?

I'll take black.

I think you'll need the advantage.

Wow. Eric.

It's been years.

We thought we'd bring
a more worthy opponent

for a man of your skill set.

These detectives say
you know something about

what happened to my father.

That's funny 'cause I told 'em
I didn't know a thing.

You can lie to us all you want,

but you're really gonna sit here,
and lie to Shy's son?

Come on, Nick.

If you saw something,
you got to tell me, please.

You're gonna end up getting
somebody else k*lled,

you know that, right?

Not if you can help us
find whoever did this.

There's been a g*ng...
hanging in the park recently.

Ace Double Treys.

Shook down one of the guys last week.

And I seen 'em out here
dealing more and more frequently.

Shy have any run-ins with them?

Yes. Used to hang out with one of 'em.


What do you mean by hanging out?

Talk and play chess.

He was the only guy Shy would talk to,

or else I wouldn't have noticed.

My dad didn't consort with gangbangers.

How would you know?

Now, I've given you all I got.

No, you haven't.

We need a name and/or a description.

If they find out I been snitching,

I'm gonna end up like Shy.

So don't say another word to us.

Just talk to Eric.

Finally gonna tell me
what the hell is going on?

You should know better
than to try to have

that kind of conversation
in the middle of the bullpen.

Pastor Clay offer you his endorsement?

He offered me one, too.

Smart move.

He's playing us against each other.

That could be so, but no more
talking about this in public.

Unless you want to sink
both of our prospects

of getting elected.

So now what?

Is it "may the best woman win"?

Or are we gonna actually work together

and find justice for Devon?

Man, stepping to me,

talking about who k*lled
his father, whoopty-whoo.

He ain't even talked
to his father for years.

You know what I'm saying? Like...

DANNY: Damien Richards.

And who are you?

Detective Reagan. This is
my partner Detective Baez.

Some very nice colors
you gentlemen have on.

- Hmm.
- BAEZ: Aren't those the same colors

used by the Ace Double Treys?

Ace Treys?


Nah, we're more like a, um...

a men's group.

A men's group?

You know, like drum circles

and talking about our feelings,
you know?

- Mm-hmm.
- That sort of thing.

So you don't happen
to know anything about

the death of Shawn Hutchins?

- Who?
- Shawn Hutchins, also known as Shy.



Hey, you know what? I did know Shy.

He actually helped me out
with my chess game,

he was a really good dude.

I mean, I don't know
who k*lled him, though.

But someone did k*ll him.
Is that what you're saying?

Just a guess.

So you two hung out
and played chess, is that it?

I picked up the game when I was
serving a little time upstate.

So I wanted to get better
at it, and then Shy, he...

I think he just wanted
somebody to talk to.

What'd you talk about?

His son.

You know, I'm guessing
it's just 'cause me and him

were around the same age.

But that dude Eric was nothing
like his father said he was.

Hold on, you... you've met Eric?

Yeah, he came around here
asking questions.

How'd that go?

Well, his dad thought he was so smart.

Truth is, he was really lucky
that me and my boys understand

that family can make you act stupid.

But he might not be so lucky next time.

That a thr*at?

It's the truth.

Now, if you want anything else,
call my lawyer.


We'll let you get back
to your men's group.

Thank you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What are we doing here?

Can't a father buy his soon a beer?

Eh, not this particular father,
this last-minute.

Sid Gormley came to me for a favor.

Ah. Yeah.

Just trying to do
a good cop a solid, Dad.

There's no trap doors here,
it just is what it is.

Yeah, well, why didn't you
come to me directly?

You kind of have a very clear policy

against any kind of hook for any of us.

Well, making Sid your beard
isn't much of a workaround.

No, never had a good poker face, did he?

Yeah. Hope you didn't pay him up front.

Look, whatever policy you think stands

never means that I don't want to
have the conversation with you.


So let's have it. Can you make
this happen for her?

What's this? A do-over?

Yeah. I'm taking a mulligan.

Doesn't work that way.

You know, I don't think...

I've ever heard you mention her before.

She never came up before.

Do you know she thinks you blame
yourself for her accident?


And I may blame myself for a lot
of things, but not that.

There was, uh...

There was a lot of things
going on back then

- with Linda and the boys.
- Yeah.

It's all in the rearview now, Dad.

Detective Costa, too?


Laura was there for me.

As a friend and as a fellow
detective when Linda died.

There was nothing more to it.

Danny, I'm not saying there was.


I'm just...

trying to do a good cop a solid.

Well, and I believe you %.

You, me and Pop...

we have a lot of things in common

that we worked hard to make stick.


But one thing...


happened to all three of us.

We lost our wives way too soon.



Me and Pop, we...

Well, we made our peace, but...

you were way younger.


Maybe don't follow
our footsteps that way.

What the hell are you thinking?

You went and confronted the
Ace Double Treys on your own?

You trying to get yourself k*lled?

I had to know if my dad
had fallen so low

as to deal with criminals.

When we gave you a green light
to come to the park with us,

it wasn't a green light to go
investigating yourself.

You don't get what it's like
to lose someone like this.

Yes, I do.

Look... (SIGHS)

I know when you lose
someone unexpectedly,

there's a lot of things
you want to go back and say.

But you can't.

Your father wouldn't want this for you.

And he certainly wouldn't
want you to end up d*ad.

I just lost it.

We had our differences,
but I never thought

he would end up hanging
with guys like that.

I mean, my dad, a criminal.

- We don't know that.
- Please.

He starts hanging with gangbangers,

next thing you know he's gone?

It's obviously connected.

Well, if it is, we'll find out how.

In the meantime,

you need to stay out of the
way and let me do my job.


Look, for whatever's it's worth,

you should know that
your old man really loved you.


You read those letters?

- Yes.
- And?

Did you find anything?

I didn't find anything that
could help us with the case,

but maybe there's something
in there that can help you.

You should read them.

Won't matter.


Because it's too late.

Late last year, a man was
attacked on the subway

by a group of kids.

Aside from the victim,
there were no witnesses,

surveillance or leads.

Until, of course, when Devon Clay

walked into a precinct
and made a confession.

What else do you have?

Tell us what you got first.

What, you don't trust me?


As you know, Devon was
a first-time offender.

My investigator and I spoke
with members of the community.

They all agree Devon was...
is... a good kid.

So, you got nothing that
wasn't in the case file?

I reinterviewed the victim.

He said Devon was on the
sidelines for the entire att*ck.

Apparently in tears.

Well, that's contrary
to what was first reported.

We spoke with the detective
that took his confession.

It was a win for them,
so they never looked back.

Their interrogation questions
were a joke.

They didn't even press the kid
to give up his friends.

Then maybe we should.

Press Devon to give up his crew.

Do you want to play good cop or bad cop?

I got an idea which one she'll pick.

I guess I'll see you at Rikers then.


ERIN: You've been here for six months,

It's time you tell the truth.

I'm not interested.

Come on, kid. This is
your chance to come clean.

And if you don't,
my office will throw the book at you.

And that's a promise.

Then do it. I'm not scared.

You know, we've asked around.

We know that you've been running
around with a different crowd.

Your mother said that these kids
didn't go to high school with you.

I'm allowed to have friends.

Are your new friends part of a g*ng?

You're a bad liar, you know that?

That as*ault looked a
lot like a g*ng initiation.

And if it was, we're gonna
add g*ng as*ault

to your current charges.
That's five more years.

Five more?

Unless you tell us
exactly what happened.

Even the victim said you
were in tears at the scene.

We know you regret this.

Tell us what really happened.

They told me...

we were just gonna record
a few pranks for TikTok.

Who did? Give us names.

I can't.

Did they thr*at you?

Your family?

My little brother.

We can protect him.

Okay? It's not too late, Devon.

Let us help you.

DOMINIC: Great job.

Told you I know my way around a car.

Let's check out a later model.

This one runs by computers.

Why don't you go ahead and plug it in?

- I got this.
- Mm-hmm.

A lot... a lot has changed...

Since what? I got locked up?

I can figure this out.

- Well, let me help you.
- I'm not stupid.

We didn't say you were.

Then why do you keep talking
to me like I am?

- Liam, we're just...
- Hey, I got this.


I'm really sorry, I...

I really need your help.

He's a good guy.

I can vouch for him, trust me.

I'll give him a sh*t.

I got the job?


That's a start.




Well, I had that drink
with Danny the other night.

So? What'd he say?

Well, you know him.

Not much you can pin him down on.


Did you expect him
to open up about his love life?

No, not at all.

So what's bothering you?

Come on.

I've known you since
the day you were born.

I guess maybe what I said to him.

You guess? Maybe?

Well, I-I gave him
a piece of advice and...

maybe I overstepped.

I told him not
to follow in my footsteps.

Where getting remarried is concerned.

(CHUCKLES) That'd be our footsteps.

Well, I think I said "our," but I...

I-I wasn't trying to speak for you.

I would've said the same thing.

Actually, I kind of surprised myself.

I thought I had all
that stuff, you know...

locked deep in the archives, but...

In the "regret" section?

No, not really.

I just never met the one
I couldn't live without.

Second time.


What about you?

Well, I was cursed with the roaming eye.

But Betty made all that go away.


she was one in a million.

As for the rest of the million,
I knew that I'd just go back

to being the way I was.

As nature intended.

Go ahead and laugh, but I know me.

Toward the end...

Toward the end, Mary made me
promise I wouldn't be alone.

Even served up a list of candidates.

Sounds just like her.


That means you didn't keep your promise.

No, I did.

Way my life is now...

I'm hardly ever alone.

You're still on the hook
for Danny, though.

He wouldn't have gone to all
the trouble that he has

unless this meant a hell
of a lot to him.

So, what are you gonna be?

His boss or his dad?




Hey, Detective.

What do we got?

Suspect is armed,
holding multiple hostages.

Has he made any demands?

Just one.

To talk to you.

- Okay, I'm... I'm heading in.
- Excuse me?

I'm gonna enter the building.

Absolutely not.

We got multiple hostages
being held up by a guy

who only wants to talk to me.

This is how I'm gonna do it.

♪ ♪



Put the g*n down.

I messed up, man.

Is anyone hurt?

I just came in to ask a question.

- And he-he was rude to me.
- Hey.

- Hey.
- And he wouldn't listen.


And you were wrong, all right?

People do not do simple favors out here.

It's just like it was inside.

It's dog eat dog.

Put the g*n down, Liam.

It's too late, man.

It's not.

We can work this out.

I can't.

I don't want to sh**t you, Liam.

But I will.

You can have a whole new life.

Think about what
you're about to give up.

Give up?

It's what I'm about to get back.

Inside, I know what's what.

Out here...?

I'm lost.

That's not true.

Think about before.

Look around.

There's no "before" for me anymore.

Put the g*n down, Liam.

Okay, so, I held the g*n on the guy

while I emptied the register,
I took the hostages,

that's got to be worth, what,
like five to seven?

I'm not a D.A.

But enough to put me
back inside for a stretch.

I would think so, yeah.


♪ ♪

I, uh, I spoke to Damien

from the Ace Double Treys this morning.

I knew it. I knew it was him.

No, actually, it wasn't him.

Whatever you think about him,

Damien really respected your dad.

In fact, he put his life on the line

to tell me who it was
that sold your dad fentanyl.

Wait... fentanyl?

Yeah. You should also know

that before he passed, your dad
met with his lawyer again.

To change his will.

What are you saying?

I'm saying...

that your dad knew he was gonna die.

He intended to.

He... k*lled himself?

We're not certain.

We're waiting for the
toxicology results to come back

from the M.E.'s office,
but that's the way it looks.


- I'm sorry.
- He was alone.

And his last remaining family member

wouldn't even talk to him?

The guilt will crush you if you let it.

Trust me, I know.

What am I supposed to do?

Your father changed his will.

To leave everything to you.

He loved you.

And he didn't blame you for any of this.

He didn't. It's all here.

You just got to read it.

- I can't.
- You can.

Eric, you should.


It's okay.

♪ ♪

Based on the information
that Devon provided,

my office is working on a deal
to have him transferred

to a reentry program.

So he's free?

Not yet, but soon.

Thank you so much.

You've changed his life,

my family's life, for the better.

I just did what's right.

And what you did is more
than earned my endorsement.

Madam D.A.

Actually, there's someone else
you should be thanking, too.


It's your lucky day.

Two prosecutors for the price of one.

(CHUCKLES) I don't know what to say.

Well, you can start with I'm sorry

for using the both of you
in my little game.

It's not a game.

It's politics.

And my endorsement is worth a lot.

We're not interested.

But we are interested

in the fancy car out front.

Excuse me?

You know that sweet red Ferrari?

That's yours, right?


It's an awfully nice car for a preacher.

I've been blessed.

Yeah, so you claim.

We've actually opened
a fraud investigation

into your latest charity.

there's been some evidence about

misallocation of funds?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Is that so?

'Cause I caught wind of it after talking

to your congregation while investigating

your nephew's case.

But we're sure that,
you know, the car and...

And the jewelry you're wearing.

We're sure it's all been
paid for out of pocket.

But don't worry.

We'll do whatever it takes
to uncover the truth.

That's right.
Which you know now quite well.

I'm sure we will be seeing you around.

♪ ♪




Place is a little fancy
for you, isn't it?

Yeah, it's homey.

I almost got stuck
to the floor on the way in.

Yeah, I kind of dragged some lowlife

- out of here before you walked in.
- I bet.

Um, is Manhattan still your poison?

Sure is.

- Steve, can I have a Manhattan, please?
- You got it.


Been a while since we did this.


It's nice to be seen outside of work.

I thought we should celebrate
your retirement and...

also the fact that you'll be
granted your full disability pension.

You're serious?



Oh, my God.

Danny, that's...

That's amazing,
I-I don't know what to say.

I can't thank you enough.

You don't have to thank me.

It's what you deserve.

And hopefully it'll help you out
with whatever comes next.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

It's going to be so weird not coming in

to the squad every day,

- seeing everyone...
- Well, you'll still see us.

This coming from the guy always juggling

a thousand cases?

I know. Well, you'll see me.

I hope so.

The meatballs are exceptional today.

Thank you, Sean.

Have mine.

Well, I guess not everyone agrees.

No, just not hungry.

Yeah, you haven't been
talking much either.

Yeah, you feeling okay?

Yep, fine.

Well, sometimes when
people say they're fine,

what they really mean
is the acronym FINE.

What are you talking about?

freaked out, insecure, neurotic,

and emotional.


Maybe we ought to leave this alone.


Well, I would say your Sunday best

looks better than usual.


What? I'm just saying that...

- Uh...
- I...

Yeah, you got a hot date or something?


Oh, my God, he does.



ERIN: No... well, I was wondering

why you were glowing.

I'm not glowing, okay?

It's not a big deal, it's just dinner.

That's why I'm not eating.

That's great, Dad.

Thank you.

Well, what's her name?
I want to know everything.

bucks she's in law enforcement.

JAMIE: I'll take that action.

I'm going with medical examiner.

Ooh, macabre.



And maybe it's nobody's business

around this table.

Maybe Danny needs a little privacy.

It's okay, Dad. It's okay.

Her name is Laura Acosta.

Detective Laura Acosta.

bucks, please.

JAMIE: Yeah, yeah.

- ERIN: Pay up, buddy.
- Yeah, yeah.

HENRY: Where you taking her?


Ooh, fancy.

You said it wasn't a big deal.

It's not!

That's a big deal.

Maybe a little.

Want my advice?

No, not particularly.

Strong eye contact. That's the key.

That's weird.

You have to listen.
I mean, really listen.

And don't drink too much.

Or eat too much.

And stay off your phone.

But mostly just don't think about it.

Yeah, simple.

Got it.

Any advice from you?

Take your time and be yourself.

And whatever you do,

lie about how crazy your family is.


- Best advice I've gotten all night.
- Yeah.
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