01x01 - Episode 1

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Rig". Aired: January 6, 2023 - present.
A group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig are due to return to the mainland when a mysterious fog cloaks them and supernatural forces take hold.
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01x01 - Episode 1

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[theme music playing]

[loud rumbling]

[machinery whirring]

[hammering sounds]

[indistinct chattering]

[man over PA] North Utsira,
South Utsira,

South-westerly, three to four, good.


[man groans]

[Baz] f*ck' hell, man!
Ah, shit!

[man] Useless.

[Baz] Who's playin' this?
Me or you?

[Rose] New transfer rota.

- Read it.
- [Baz] Here, Rose,

how comes you never hang in here?

Is it part of the deal with Pictor

that their reps aren't allowed
to have fun?

- [both laughing]
- Baz, it's astounding to me

that you still think all the crap
you talk is "fun."


I'd better still have my window seat
on the chopper!


[wind howling]

[man over phone]
I understand what you're saying,

but you'll be updated on the radio
when the flight is cleared.

You've got to give me more than that.
They need a time.

The Kilscour isn't reporting in.
We don't know how serious it is yet.

Well, when will you know?

- We'll update when first...
- [static over phone line]

Say it again? I can't...

[static] Repeat, stand down...

- [static increases] Repeat, stand down...
- Hello? Hello?

[line disconnects]


That the beach? Did they ask
about the new field analysis?

I know the Bravo's a bit of a bucket,

but if you keep asking about other fields,
I'm gonna start getting jealous.

It's my job to look ahead, Magnus.

As long as you remember
for the guys out there,

this is their home,
it's not a career stepping stone.

- I've just posted the rota.
- That's unfortunate.

'Cause that was the heliport
about a divert.

[sighs] Great. That'll make them happy.

[Baz] Medic, medic... f*ck's sake!

Do we really need all the shouting
and the sh**ting?

- [Baz] Still drying out, Leck?
- I'm not drying out.

Sure, you're not.

Best place for it, is all I'm saying.

Zero temptations and degrees
of clean sea air.

Yeah, coming at you
at miles per hour.

[Baz] Well, if you can't hack it.

Me? Oh, sure, Baz.

'Cause I'm the one who spent
the last two weeks moaning

about getting back to the beach, right?


For your health and our sanity.

Anything else you want me to wear?

[Cat] Yeah. We could probably
make a gag out of one of these.

- Couple of straps.
- [crew laughing]

- Kinky.
- And I thought you were a good Catholic.

I'm also very repressed.

And all these men around. Huh?

How will I cope?

- [Baz] Ahh! God sake!
- [g*n]

Can't a guy fight a w*r in peace?

Oi! I was playing that.

Funny how things change.

- [indistinct announcement on TV]
- Hey, Alwyn. Alwyn. Alwyn?

Something I can help you with?

Yeah, I've got a discipline issue for you.

Ah, well, um, Human Resources
is unavailable at this time.

But you're welcome to make a report
when I'm back on shift.

Oh, when you're next on shift,
I'll be on the chopper.

- Oh, lucky you.
- Are you sure about that, Baz?

- What you on about?
- You're being bumped.

[crew laughing]

Few more days
on the company time for you, mate.

[all laughing and cheering]


- [Heather] But, who's got his space?
- [Leck] It looks like Fulmer.

- Pays to check these things, Baz.
- This is bullshit!

I'm meant to be stagging in Prague
on Friday with my cousin.

- Why is it always me?
- [Heather] It's not our fault.

Some things you gotta
ask the man upstairs.

[indistinct chattering over TV]

[Fulmer] Kinloch Bravo calling Pictor.

Kinloch Bravo calling Pictor.

[radio static]

- Don't leave me hanging, guys.
- Fulmer, briefing room.

Aye, aye, Captain.

[Magnus] And when we're done,
I need the phones fixed.

I just got cut off from the heliport.
We got a divert.

- Again? That'll be popular.
- How's life in the crow's nest?

No complaints.

[Rose clears throat]

[Magnus] Come on.
Let's get this over with.

Did the beach give a time on the delay?
They're gonna wanna know.

Aren't you glad you just have to deal
with the numbers?

- Numbers are what we're here for.
- And I thought it was the company.

[Kacey on laptop]
I just think sooner is better.

Rip off the plaster.

Is that official life advice
or wife advice?

Both. [chuckles]

Magnus will take it better
than the suits at Pictor.

You have to tell him.


- Hey, Cat, briefing's starting.
- Coming, mate.

Okay. If I can get time with him,
I will tell him.

You promise? I'll hold you to it.

I promise.



- Oh. You're in my seat.
- [Baz] Leave it out.

I've just been bumped.

[indistinct background chatter]

Bumped for who?

Have a guess.

[Hutton sighs]
Favours for the favoured, yeah?

Right. I got this.

[indistinct whispering]


Alright, ladies... and actual ladies.

Sit down and... you know the rest.
[clears throat]

Before we get to today's work plan,

I know some of you've
been waiting for your ride home,

but you're gonna have
to wait a while longer.

[crew groans]

This morning we received
a report of a power failure

on the North Kilscour platform.

How long, Magnus?

Helicopters from our sector
are being diverted to evac the crew

until the power is restored.

This includes the choppers coming
for our changeover.

So, we're sitting tight for a while yet.

I said, how long?

You'll be updated over the tannoy
about any changes

Yeah, but I said how f*cking long?

I get that you all want out of here.
So do I.

But this is the job, it's what we do.

Well, you know the phones are out again.

We can't even call home to tell them
we're not coming.

Fulmer's getting on the phones.

Once they're back,
you'll get time to call.

f*ck's sake.

- Anything else?
- Is that why he's getting off here early?


I've been bumped for Fulmer.

I think we all know why.

A request was made by the company
for an experienced radio operator

to be released for a liaison meeting.

[sighs] I selected Fulmer.

[Baz] Well, it's not right, Magnus.

Yeah, I've, I've got flights booked.
Family occasion.

More like rest and re-stimulation.

[crew laughing]

Was this cleared?

First, I've heard.

Pictor requirements have contractual
priority over the helicopter rota.

- We do pay for it after all.
- Essential requirements.

So, Rose, err...
are you going to this, uh,

"liaison meeting" yourself by any chance?

- I...
- [Magnus] No one is going anywhere

until the Kilscour crew are safe.
So that's a bump for everyone.

Dunlin will review the lists, moving on.

The tail's wagging the dog here, Magnus.

Enough, Hutton. You've said your piece.

Now suck it up,
shut it up and bank the overtime.

Well, that's not fair.

In case you've forgot, some of us
have families waiting on us.

You wanna talk about what's fair,
you come and see me later.

Come on, you all know the score.

Let's stop f*cking the dog, eh?

Until there's a ride available,
we all have work to do.

- [lights buzzing]
- [crew groaning]

[crew member] Not again!

[Hutton] f*cking typical.

- [alarm sounding]
- Okay, okay.

This is not a drill,
this is not a drill.

Black-out recovery procedures
are in effect.

Rose, upstairs with me.

Alwyn, go check the Production Module.

Everyone else, get your grab bags,
get to your muster stations.

Suits on.

[alarm blaring]

What's happening?

[woman] All generators are down,
battery backup just started.

Having problems with the wells.

Resetting the safety sequence on Well .

[woman] No change. It's not working.

[Fulmer] Trying Well .

- [alarm continues]
- [indistinct shouting]

- [Dunlin] Hatton.
- Here!

- [Dunlin] Millson.
- Here!

- [Dunlin] Connelly.
- Here.

- [Dunlin] Tran.
- Here.

- [Dunlin] Brauer.
- Here.

- [Dunlin] Evans.
- Here.

- [Dunlin] Bright.
- Here!

- [Dunlin] Walker.
- Here.

- [Dunlin] Shaw.
- Here.

- [Dunlin] Roberts.
- Here.

- [Dunlin] Garrow.
- Here.

- [Dunlin] Hutton?
- Here.

- Wilson?
- Yes.

- Murphy?
- Here.

- Are we getting in?
- Ladies first.

Oh, you'd better watch, mate,
you'll lose your window seat again.

Yeah, well, if you gotta go over the side
in that, I ain't looking down.

Well, we ain't going anywhere yet.
We stay here until ordered.

I could've handled them.

You shouldn't have to handle it,
'cause you shouldn't have changed it.

- It's Pictor's operation.
- So, keep it operational.

What have we got?

[Fulmer] Power outage across
the Accommodation Block.

- Something must have bl*wn.
- And the back-up?

- [Fulmer] Back-up power's holding.
- Monitor for f*re and gas.

What about the Production Module?

Well, it dipped
but the safeties are kicking in.

- Pressure?
- Holding steady at psi for now.

Alwyn's on his way.

- If it spikes...
- I know what happens if it spikes.

[alarm continues]

[metal creaking, rattling]

Radio the Stand-by Vessel.
Tell them we might need them.

And try and get Charlie Platform,
looks like they're having problems too.

[Fulmer] Bravo to Kinloch, standby.

Bravo to Kinloch, standby.

Bravo to Kinloch, standby.

If we shutdown,
we're gonna be way off quota.

I'm fully aware of the consequences.

Fulmer? I need answers.

SBV, are you reading?

We are in a blackout.
Remote well reset is not responding.

Possible assistance required.

I can't get them. Can't get anything.
Radio's d*ad.

[phone ringing]

Punch up the well deck.

How we looking?

[shouting] Safeties are on here.

[Alwyn over speakerphone] It's kicking
but it's holding steady for now.

- Can she take it?
- It's borderline. Do I push it?

Magnus, there are no tremors this side.

[alarm buzzing]

Magnus, it's kicking big down here!

- Magnus, what am I doing?
- Alwyn, it'll come back...

Push it, Alwyn. Shut it down!

[alarm buzzing continues]

[alarms stop]

- [Fulmer] Power's coming back!
- [Rose huffs] We could have waited.

It's gonna cost us, Magnus.

Good work, Alwyn. Send guys out to check
over the Module then head in.

[breathes heavily] Alright.

I said, the safeties would have held.

It's not your call, Rose.

You want to push your own limits,
that's fine.

But on the Bravo, we stick to procedures,
'cause when we don't, people die.

I know the risks.

- Oh, do you?
- Yeah.

Might've read about it in the manuals
and the reports but trust me,

the calls for help are a lot louder
when they're not on paper.

Is everything back?

Not everything.

[Magnus] Radio?

- [flicks switch]
- [garbled static on radio]

[flick switch]


Well, emergency over.

But until we know what caused that,

I want the stand-by vessel
in a shelter position one mile out

and ten points off wind direction
with the FRC prepped.

They need to be ready
to pick up the lifeboats.

Is there a way to, uh,
signal them without the radio?

Well, I've got some flags somewhere
if you wanna go wave at them.

Or there's this.

Best signals on the helideck.

You think this is linked to the Kilscour?

That's what I'm gonna find out...


[door opens, closes]

[wind whooshing]

You okay?

It's just him, and Hutton before.

I mean, it's ironic.
I used to want to be a palaeontologist.

What, digging up dinosaurs?

Yeah, except it was too much
like living in the past.

So now, so now, I just get to work
with them instead.

[door opens, closes]

[Fulmer over PA]
Attention, all personnel.

Stand down and secure
from emergency response.

All equipment to be stowed back
in cabins and lockers and await debrief.

- Control out.
- [Dunlin] Well, you heard it.

Stand down from muster.

Back inside, folks.

Got myself all dressed up for nothing.


- Must have been a gas pocket, right, Hut?
- That was a drill, mate.

- Hundred percent.
- Didn't feel like a drill.

[Hutton] Look, I've seen it all before.

They just wanted us out
of that briefing room

so we couldn't ask any more questions.

Thing is, Magnus has always
got something better to do

than to talk to lowly c**ts like us.

Isn't that right, Dunlin?

[metal rattling]

Hold on!

[rumbling, rattling]

[rattling continues]

[rattling slows, stops]

[metal creaking]


[Garrow] Got ya, mate.

You seen something like that before?


That's new.

[wind howling]

[wind howling continues]

- [Leck] Pretty thick then.
- [Baz] Yeah.

[Heather] Spooky.

So lucky I've got all these rough,
tough men to protect me, eh?


[Hutton] Ah, come on.

I'm not scared of the f*cking weather.

She was talking about me there,

just in case
you were getting your hopes up.

Ha, ha, ha. Shut up.

- [laughing]
- Muppet.

[loud metallic creak]

f*cking hate this place.

[Fulmer] Nobody's gonna be
flying a chopper in that.

No, they are not.

That should brighten the mood.

[Magnus] I can't get anything on that.

What d'you have for me?

Shutdown completed,
pressure on the plant is low.

- Main power and controls are back.
- Comms?

[radio static]

[Magnus] Phones too?

Internal are working.
External are still out.

So, we're stuck talking to ourselves.

What about that shake?
Was that a kick?

Well, not from the plant,
they were already shutdown.

Could it have been seismic?

Well, we keep punching holes in the Earth,
eventually it's gonna punch back.

Doesn't work that way.

- We're not on a fault line here.
- What about Iceland?

Iceland's a thousand kilometres away.

It had to have been residual pressure
from the shutdown.

A seismic event can't happen here.

[Alwyn] Well, think about
what we're drilling through.

This whole sea used to be land.

A vast expanse of grass and forest.

You could walk all the way from Scotland
to Norway if you wanted.

Yeah, and before that, it was covered
in three kilometres of ice,

and before that it was a sea
for millions of years.

I know the geology, Alwyn.
What's your point?

Out here, things that can't happen,
happen all the time.

And when they do, they usually cost lives.

We get regular monitoring reports
from the BGS.

So, there's no data to support that.

No, there never is. Until it all goes arse
over tit and they need someone to blame.

- Just look at it out there...
- [Magnus] Hey, cool it.

What was the weather report for today?

Moderate to good.

- [Alwyn] Doesn't look very moderate.
- No, it doesn't.

Without data from the beach,
we're just guessing.

We need to make sure our comms
is receiving.

You want me to check the tower?

- No. Magnus, in these conditions...
- These are the conditions we've got.

If it's gonna get any worse,
I want to know about it.

Lucky me.

He shouldn't go up alone.

He's not.

[door closes]

[tense music playing]

[Hutton] Oh, this ain't safe, Magnus,
and you know it.

[Magnus] Nothing's safe here.

How the hell are they gonna see
what they're doing up there?

- [Magnus] It's just fog.
- Is it?

You're right. It's a risk.

But no contact with the beach,
no contact with the stand-by,

power-cuts, emergency shutdown...
Those are bigger risks.

And that's on me.

I need to know what we're dealing with.

Baz, you don't have to go up there.

I go up,
I get my chopper seat back, right?

You fix it, you can have mine.

Mum always said
I should've joined the circus.

[Fulmer] Be careful.

Now he tells us.

[Baz hoots]


[scoffs] I love my job.

[Baz straining]

[metal groaning]


Ful, is that you?

[metallic creaking]


D'you hear that?


Come on, Baz. It's better up than down.

- [gull caws]
- [screams]

- [thud]
- [grunts, groans]

You sh1tting, shits!

Did you see that, Ful?

Did you see that?

You taking a break?

C'mon, the quicker we're up,
the quicker we're down...

Don't! Just, shh, don't.

Jesus, have you seen this.

- [Dunlin] As bad as my kids.
- Mmm.

- Half of them are kids.
- Uh, I am right here.

Oh, you're the exception. [chuckles]

- Old before your time.
- Oh, thanks.

That's much better.

I hope you don't say
that to a lot of women.

Wishes he had the chance.

So if we're kids,
what does that make you?

Us? We're fossils digging fossils.

[loud, metallic creak]

[eerie music playing]

[Baz] Massive. Massive, beady eyes, man.

- Eyes can't be massive and beady.
- [Baz] Yeah, well, they were.

Like that Rose, beady.

[Fulmer] She's just doing her job,
like the rest of us here. Hold that.

[Baz] You get on good, right?

'Cause why else would she bump me for you.

- 'Cause the company told her to.
- Alright...

Can we do this later?


Cozying up to her ain't gonna help
when they start cutting us loose.

- What?
- Hutton says that's what's coming.

You know you seem pretty interested
in Rose for someone who doesn't like her.

I ain't saying I don't like her.

But she's Pictor. Not one of us.

[sighs] You can sleep on company sheets.

I ain't saying you can't.
But it shouldn't cost me my ride home.

I get enough shit as it is.

If you're tired of getting shit,
maybe you should stop talking it.

There was a meeting. That's it.


[sighs] But the reps never hang
'round for long.

She'll be moving up, moving on,
and you'll be left on your own again.

Why d'you get to decide
who's one of us, eh?

I was just talking, man.
Careful, it's slippery up here.

You're attached!


f*cking touchy, man.

Right, it's working.

Let's go.

Ah! Shit.

You break it, you bought it.
I'm going down.

[gulls squawking]

[device beeping]

[beeping continues]

A bit colder out here
than in your office, right?

I'm used to it.

You used to be used to it.

If you've got a problem
with how I run this place...

- Yeah?
- Keep it to yourself.

- [screaming]
- [metallic thuds]


[gasps] Oh, no!

This is OIM.

[Magnus, on speaker] Medical assistance
required at the Communications Tower.

[Dunlin] Hey!

You gotta put on your kit!

Medical assistance required
at the Communication Tower.

[Cat] Bring the oxygen. Helipad.

[Magnus] Repeat. Medical assistance
required at the Communication Tower.

[Hutton] Can you hear me?
Cat's on her way.

Talk to me, talk to me. What happened?


- [Alwyn] Can you hear me?
- [Hutton] Can you hear me?

- Baz? Baz?
- He was coming down after me.

[Hutton] Baz?

Move. Move, don't crowd.

Okay, Baz, mate. It's Cat.

- Can you hear me, mate?
- I should have waited.

Damn right you should have.

The experienced man
always comes down last.

- [Cat] Okay, I'm gonna turn him round.
- He was right there.

- And his harness is unclipped.
- [Cat] ...on my count. One, two,

- three, okay turn him.
- What the hell were you doing up there?

- Our job!
- Enough! You're not helping, Hutton.

We'll deal with this later.

For now, just back off.


Magnus! He's still alive.

- Baz!
- [Cat] Here we go, Baz.

Just gonna open your mouth,
get a little bit of suction there, okay?

Is the radio working?

[Cat] Wait for the collar.

It is at our end. But...

Find a way to contact the shore.

They won't fly in the fog.

I want them to tell me that.

[Cat] Now we're gonna put you
on a stretcher, okay, Baz?

Second lift.

- Magnus!
- What?

I don't think they can.

[Rose panting]

Look, pipelines have no pressure.

[sighs] It doesn't make any sense.

I mean, we shut down our well

but the line back to shore
should still be pumping

from the other rigs in our sector.

- [computer beeping]
- And it's not?

None of them are.

What does that mean?

[Rose] It means,
whatever cut off communication,

whatever's causing all this,
it's not just happening here.

It's the whole field.

[beeping continues]

Get us back online, Fulmer.
Whatever it takes.

[Cat] So we're gonna start with straps.

- Then we're gonna get cutting.
- [Hutton] Alright, buddy. Alright.

Keep talking to him, mate, yeah?

That's it.

[Hutton] Baz, Baz, Baz.

[Cat] That's it.
Keep talking to him, mate.

Got it, yeah, coming now.

[Cat] That's it. Don't worry, lad,
we're here now, we're here now.

Everybody keep calm, yeah?

And we've got lesions on the right arm.

Injury on the collar bone.
Can we start dressing that ankle, please?


That's it, good work, guys.

You see? He should
never have been up there!

- Hindsight isn't helpful here, Hutton.
- Hold on. Okay.

We need to stabilize him.

[Hutton] Look at him! He's convulsing.

[Cat] That's what
we're giving him these for, mate.

So everybody, stay calm.

That's it, Baz, mate. Don't worry.
This is gonna ease up, alright, mate.

[Cat sighs]

What now? Hmm?

He's barely breathing.

Cat? What do we do next?

That's all we can do.

His injuries are internal
and we can't open him up in here.

- [Hutton] Whoa...
- Stabilize and transfer.

- That is his best chance.
- You've seen the fog, right?

They're not coming.
You gotta do something.

Yeah, we can make him comfortable.

- And then he, he might pull through...
- Oh, comfortable?

Listen! He needs an hospital, not a medic!

Oh, so, so what he's as good as d*ad
but he's comfortable?

- Yeah! Great f*cking job!
- Whoa, whoa!

f*cking Christ.

[Cat] Let's get some saline
into him, please.

f*cking! f*ck it! f*cking life.


[wind whooshing]

Give Hutton time.

He'll understand.

[Cat sniffs]

Somehow, I don't share the optimism.

Guys like him only feel safe
when they're making others feel small.

Well, he's been out here a long while.

[Cat] Maybe that's the problem.

- Lack of socialization.
- Yeah, maybe.

But once you've seen this place
chew up enough of your friends,

you begin to wonder if you're next.

[monitor beeping]

[Fulmer] Kinloch Bravo to coastguard.

- Medical evac required.
- [radio static]

Kinloch Bravo to coastguard.

Medical evac required.

[radio static]

Kinloch Bravo to coastguard.
Medical evac required.


Repeat, emergency medical evacuation
required from Kinloch Bravo.

Does anyone copy?

- Useless.
- Hey!

Hey, it's okay.

He already slipped going up.

In those conditions,
I should have seen it coming.

He pissed me off, so I left.

You can't predict everything.

I shouldn't have left it like that.

Like what?

He was mouthing off about you.


Saying how the company's gonna
can us all and you'd be in on it, so...

so I got in his face.

He was only up there
'cause I got his spot on the chopper.

That's all he wanted.

Hey, was that your fault? Was it?

No, I did that.

Things happen that you can't control.


Focus on the ones you can.

It's not your fault.

Leave the guilt to the guilty.

[doors closes]

[water running]


[closes tap]


[toilet flushing]

[turns on tap]

How is he?

- [turns off tap]
- Bad.

And without that chopper,
he's not gonna do any better.


No one's expecting you
to be a miracle worker.

You're doing all you can.

[breathing deeply]

I shouldn't even be here.

Me and Kacey we had a plan, but...

I had to push it. [chuckles]

If we don't get back...

We're getting back, Cat.

[turns on tap]

Look, there's probably
a whole building full of people

working out how to do it right now.

All we have to do is wait and trust.

[sighs] You say that like it's easy.

[turns on tap]

[door opens, closes]

[lights buzzing]


- You have gotta fix him.
- f*ck off!

- [Cat grunts]
- [Hutton screams]

Bad knee. It's in your medical.

- I can't...
- Shut up, Hutton.

You don't wanna help,
you just want someone to blame.

And it ain't me.

- [Cat breathing heavily]
- [Hutton coughing]


[Easter] More coffee?
You'll be up all night, mate.

Yep, not because of this.


Very cheery.

Aren't we all.

Dunlin was asking for you.


[eerie music playing]

[Heather] We did our training together.

He always said this was gonna be
his way to see the world.

Make money here
and spend it somewhere else.

I guess he's not going on
that holiday anymore.

I can take over if you need a rest?

Oh, no, I'm fine, darling.

He's much less annoying when he's quiet.


Tell me if he wakes up.

Long as you remember you asked for it.

[door closes]

[Baz gasps]

- [monitor beeping rapidly]
- [Baz gasps]

- [rapid beeping continues]
- [eerie music playing]

- [music fades]
- [beeping slows]

- Where's the chopper?
- We're trying.

- Try harder.
- Hutton, listen...

No, no, no. You listen, this is no time
to be doing it by the book.

Call the f*cking Navy if you have to.

I know he was your friend.
But you saw his injuries...

He went up there for us!
He went up there for you, Magnus.

Ah, Christ, the only other person
you sent up there with him was Fulmer.

It's not like
the two of them get on, is it?

Oh, come on. Don't start!
We don't have time for witch hunts.

- We're one crew.
- It was your call.

You're responsible.

I'm responsible for everyone.

But you always think
you could do better, right?

Well, what's your great idea? Come on.

You know best. You tell me, eh! Eh?

No. No, I thought not.

This bark and no bite
is getting real old, Hutton.

Real old.

They should never have gone up there!

[indistinct shouting]

[overlapping chatter]

Where are they all going?

We got a chopper arriving,
no one tell me?

Not that I heard.
Listen, we need to talk about Hutton.

Aye, aye, I strongly suspect
we do. [sighs]

Look go find Dunlin, would ya'?

[Cat sighs]


We need to know if it's safe out there.

Preferably before people start asking us.

Well, I can't get any reading
from anywhere.

The whole sector's messed up.

What about the tremor?
D'you know what caused it?

Fulmer's trying his best
but without speaking to the beach,

I can't say anything for sure.

But you have a theory?

I don't think "we can't say
for sure" is gonna cut it.

Well, that's what I've got.

And you keep making the mistake
of thinking you're my boss.

Point taken.

Does he seem alright to you?


I mean, he's been shaken up
but anyone would be. Why?

Ah, it's just something Hutton said...

You know, you can work beside people
for years out here...

crammed tight, you think
you know everything about them.

But everyone's got something
they hold back.

[clicks tongue]
It's not until the pressure

hits that you really see who they are,

what they believe in,
what they care about.

What they're afraid of?

I assume there's a plan in place
if we're stuck here?

Aye, there are procedures.
We can ration food, fuel, power.

It won't last forever
but that's not the real problem.

There's no work to do, nothing
to focus on except what they're missing.

- Idle hands.
- And short tempers.

Winning combination.

- [pants] You gotta come to the Helideck.
- What is it?

We got a rabble being roused up there.
It's getting animated.

- Hutton?
- Hutton.

[Rose] Mm-hmm.

[Hutton] You don't deserve this.

It's a job, right? Work.
But they've got responsibilities, too.

Most of us were supposed to be
leaving today, right?

Should've been on that chopper.

On our way home to our families.

But we're not.

And our wonderful management
would like to tell you this is just fog.

A bit of bad weather.

Right. They're lying.

They've been lying to us from the start.

Said we'd be home now,
but we're here.

Said they'd be keeping us safe,

but they're just letting Baz die.

Hutton! You're way over the line.

Oh, what line is that?
What, err, oh, this one?

See, you sent Baz up that tower
because you said you had to.

'Cause you were scared of something.

You see, you're telling us
all the time to, y'know, stay calm,

but you don't seem so Zen yourself,
boss man.

What the f*ck is going on out here?

There's no radio, there's no phones.

This fog? These shakes?

Do we even know
if we're ever gonna get off here?

Or what is gonna happen to us when we do?

If you want our trust,
you gotta start telling the truth.

You're just stirring the shit.

f*ck's sake. This is not the time.

Oh, I think it is the right time.
In fact, I think it is the perfect time.

Might be a good idea to start with this.

Or... Or I can read it.

Up to you.

Have it your own way.

"Kinloch Field Decommissioning Phase.

- Full decommission of all Pictor assets..."
- Alright! Alright! Alright!

The truth is we're finished.

The Kinloch Bravo is finished.
It's not just us.

Pictor are gonna junk this whole field.

All their rigs. All your jobs.

And they didn't want me to tell you.

'Cause you'd start quitting before
they're ready to start decommissioning.

So, if we're lucky
and all this passes...

that's what you're going back to.

And I can't change it.
Believe me, I've tried.

But right now,
my job is to get you all home.

And that is what I'm gonna do.

[air whooshing]



No, it's ash.


[air whooshing continues]

Baz? You okay?

It's too late. It's already started.

Cat! Cat!

Baz, Baz, you're alright, mate.
Easy. Gently, gently, gently.

- Okay, steady.
- [Alwyn] We've got you.

[Cat] You're alright, mate, you're
alright. You're here now, with us, okay?

Okay, easy now. Help him down the stairs.
Steady, steady, steady.

[mysterious music playing]

[closing theme music playing]
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