02x10 - New World Order, Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Order". Aired: March 7, 2019 - June 18, 2020.
University student Jack joins a fabled secret society, the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, where he is thrust into a world of magic, monsters and intrigue.
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02x10 - New World Order, Part 2

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[mystical ringing]

How did Alyssa just disappear like that?

She didn't just disappear.

-She simply slowed time...
-[ringing gets louder]

to her advantage.

Oh, yeah. "Simply."

Alyssa Drake is an accomplished
practitioner, Mr. Morton.

The Vade Maecum
is still in her possession.

She would never try and do
what Coventry did.

It's still a grimoire,

and those spells can be performed
à la carte.

How did you know Salvador was going
to attempt a m*rder-su1c1de?

Alyssa mentioned a quote from Salvador

about Psophis, Lycaon's daughter.
She made the same move.

You saved my life.

Thank you.

Yeah, I mean, thank Professor Benson.

I only knew it because it was on the test.

You actually use silver b*ll*ts.

Unnecessary, I know,
but why take the risk?

You know what you've done?

Cut the head off a snake?

Turned Salvador into a martyr,

galvanized Alyssa against you.

She'll be dealt with.

Look, we were supposed to stop this
before anyone else got hurt.

Praxis has made their intentions
perfectly clear.

Well, I'm not gonna k*ll
a bunch of civilians

that think magicking their way
to a free beer is cool.

You know they are
far more dangerous than that.

Alyssa is not Salvador.

She knows our strengths,

and she knows all of our weaknesses.

That makes her exceedingly dangerous.

Why do you hate her so much?

Mr. Morton, you're relieved
from temple duties until further notice.

-You're benching me?
-Your infatuation has become a liability.

[receding footsteps]

Yeah, well, uh, you're welcome
for saving your life.

I said thank you.

-[Randall] What did you do to her?

I came in and found her passed out
in front of the lockers.

[Randall sighs]

Oh, shit.

She didn't transform.

Was she supposed to?

Give me a hand.

Okay. Yep.

Usually that's how this works.

The hide jumps you,
the hide bonds with you,

then you run off and k*ll something.

Maybe we should take her to Emergency.

Hospitals can't help.

Knowing Gabrielle,

she's just waiting to make an entrance.

She is going to wake up, right?


[echoing] Hello?

Where am I?

Where is everybody?


This isn't funny!

[rustling continues]

-[running footsteps]

Still the baby badass, I see.


And now a werewolf.

-Mazel tov!

The last thing I remember,
I was being attacked by a shag rug.

Oh, f*ck me.

This is all your fault, isn't it?

You dick!

You d*ad dick!

Yeah. Thanks for that.

You were the one who sent me
on that stupid werewolf hunt.

Don't come any closer.

Or what?


Yeah, no magic here.

Not for you, at least.

Welcome to the collective unconscious,
new Midnight.

A werewolf hide jumps me,
and I end up in some Jungian Six Flags?

Oh, my God. Drop the act, okay?

You wanted this.

To be a werewolf?


To belong.

And as the current representative
of Midnight,

the most noble of the Knights,

you have a very important job to complete,

and I think you're going to like it.
I know I would.

You have to take down Silverback,

which means you get to k*ll Jack Morton.


[f*re crackling]

I will miss her.

And I know she'd say,

"This isn't about you, Alyssa."

And she'd be right.

It isn't about me.

Just like it was never about her.

Salvador Grant was brave...



and I will never be
everything that she was.

But I can...

carry her vision forward.

We all can...

by giving magic to anyone who wants it

and bringing down those
who try to keep it for themselves.

So to honor her...

to honor Praxis...

we cast a flame incantation

without sacrifice.

But that might cause one of the eruptions.


Which is why going forward, all magic
we perform will be done without sacrifice.

That's like asking to be turned
into puppies, or inside out.

Or inside-out puppies.

Salvador wanted magic for the masses.

The Order has the spell
that can make it a reality.

So we're going to generate eruptions,

and we'll keep generating them
until the Order gives us what we want.

And if we refuse?

Then go.

If you're afraid...


If you disagree...


There will be no judgment.

No reprisal.

Salvador wanted us all to be free...

to explore magic in our own way,
on our own terms.

But Praxis will always be your home.

And we will always welcome you back.

On the count of three...

we unleash Hell.




[all speak Latin]

[ominous droning]

Now! Run!

[all shouting]

[nighttime animal sounds]

Why does Midnight want Jack d*ad?

He doesn't.

Silverback's the problem.

He's selfish.

He chooses losers to be his champion,

which explains Morton.

The last time Silverback was unboxed,
he nearly completed the Vade Maecum.

So now it's up to you
to put him back in his crate.

[scoffs] No way.

Jack's basic,
but it's not a k*lling offense.


So then stay here for a few hours
and let Midnight take the driver's seat.

Once Morton's d*ad
and Silverback's in his locker,

then you get your body back.

Midnight's happy, I'm happy,

everyone's happy!

I'm not letting some stupid wolf
take me over.

Well, if you're not gonna listen to me...

how about him?

Another bad choice, I see.


This is what we get
for all our sacrifices.

I'm doing well this year.

You got a on your Ethics exam.

I should've left the money
to your younger sister.

Then it wouldn't be wasted.

I'm trying, Tatay.

I work so hard.

Yet this is the best that you can do.

And when you're done here,

you'll come crawling back home

with nothing and no one.

That's not true. I have friends.

I'm part of something big.

Something important.

You'll ruin that, too.

So needy.

[breathing deeply]

This isn't real.

Hm. I thought for sure
Daddy would have broke you.

You seem the type.

-None of this is real.

It's real.

Trust me.

And this is a fight you can't win.

Bring it.

Disappointment doesn't even begin
to describe you.

I don't even know why
we're wasting time on a loser like her.

I can describe her. Incompetent...

No. [screams]



[sobs and screams]


We love your hair. [chuckling]

-No! No!
-Useless and weak.

None of you are real!

[Randall] We are not waiting any longer.

-It's already been two days.
-[Hamish] We have no choice.

The eruptions are growing more unstable.

Which is all the more reason to go now.

We need to get Lilith out

before those eruptions
make it impossible.

-You're assuming the Order will lose.
-You're assuming they'll win.

We will, when Vera performs
the obquidio niquaedo.

And m*rder God knows how many people.

To save God knows how many others.

You've seen the news.
The eruptions are out of control.

The respondeos aren't working anymore.

No. All Vera has to do is give them
that damn Fors Factoram spell.

This conversation is moot.

We need four powerful practitioners
to get Lilith back.

-We need Vera.
-We've got Nikki.

She's only a magistratus.

We're only magistratuses... eses.

We're werewolves.

A human magistratus isn't powerful enough
to open a passage to the demon realm.

"Open a passage
to the demon realm." What...

What happened to me?
I was gonna be a marine biologist.

Oh, shit! Dude,
you finally figured out your major.

Marine biology, or film school.

That's what the apocalypse needs,
more film students.

There isn't going to be an apocalypse,

because we're going to rescue Lilith and
she's going to help us clean up this mess.

[cell phone bleeps]

And we just found our fourth practitioner.

Who? Who is it?

Out of my way, wench.
I have to find the others.

I already told you, they're coming.

Ju-- They'll be here soon.

I should trust the lies of a witch?

I'm not a witch, I'm a practitioner.
And so are you.

You take that back
or I'll rip your heart out!


She's all yours.

I knew you weren't d*ad.

[Gabrielle growls]

[Randall groans]

Right. You're a werewolf now.

-You're getting sloppy, Greybeard.

Ow. Yep.

So, Gabrielle,

how are you feeling?

I feel fine, Tundra.

It's Hamish.

You look...

You look sturdy.

Do you feel sturdier?

I am sturdy, and strong.

Committed to the cause.

And Midnight, how is he treating you?

With respect,

which is more than I can say for you.


Okay. Look, don't take it personal.
We have been a little distracted.

[Gabrielle] Distracted?

That's an interesting term
for your selfishness.

I'm not selfish.

[Gabrielle] You nearly destroyed
the Knights of Saint Christopher

and all we represent.

And you two yaldsons stood by and let him.


That's an archaic term
for the son of a prost*tute.

Oh. Hey!

[Jack] Okay.

What do you propose?

Your wench apprised me
of Timber's predicament.

Uh, that wench has a name.

We retrieve our comrade,

and we set things right.

[Randall] Damn.

The new werewolf came to slay.


Thank you, Algernon.

I can pour the blood,

but the four of you need to perform
the chant, or the incantation won't work.

-Yeah, just watch out for my sneakers.

On three.




[speaks Latin]

[all speak Latin]

-Okay, try again.
-[clears throat]

[Gabrielle clears throat]

[speaks Latin]

-[all speak Latin]
-[ominous whooshing]

[whooshing stops]


It's not working. Why isn't it working?

I don't know.

We did everything right.

[ominous droning]

Everybody out!

Go! Go! Go!


Maybe it was a dud.

That was a Tartarus eruption.

It did something.

[ghostly whispering]


[ghostly howling]


Does anyone remember there
being a vortex inside this thing?

It smells like demon.

Then the spell worked.

Whoa. That's a portal to the demon realm,

but we have no idea
where it's gonna take you.

Hamish is right.

The incantation is supposed
to take you directly to Lilith.

[loud thudding]

That's not good.

The hide locker's the only tether
we have to Lilith.

We need to complete that spell
before that vortex sucks it away.

We can't do anything
until we figure out where we went wrong.

The only person
that did anything wrong is me.

I never should have suggested that heist.

Hey, we all agreed to it.

Vera is the only person
with the power to rescue Lilith.

Vera? No. No way.

What if she says no?
What if she takes away the lockers?

-She won't.
-You don't know that.

Actually, I do.

There is another option.

Are you serious?
After what happened at the gallery?

Look, I have to try. This is my fault.

Gabrielle? What do you think?

I think you're all pathetic.

Cool, good talk.

Last time I checked,
this wasn't a democracy.

I'm going to go get Vera.
You guys, stay here.

I'll work on the incantation.

I'll, uh, secure the locker.

f*ck this.

Classic Silverback.

I thought the respondeos
had lost their efficacy.

Actually, we've been preparing
for the Obcidione Caedo.

You're going through with it.


Miss Drake has left me no choice.

You would know this if you were here,
as ordered.

I got tied up on something.

Something more important
than defeating Praxis?

Actually, yes.

Would you like a drink?

I'm awake, aren't I?

[Hamish] The eruption...

at Praxis headquarters.

That was you.

You k*lled Bennett.

Council wouldn't listen to reason.

So I gave them fear.

Stopping Praxis is the only way
to stop these eruptions.

Or is it the only option you'll consider?

They're asking for something
I can't give them.

Or won't?

Look, I don't have time
for a game of Moral High Ground.

Why don't you just tell me what you want?

We need to rescue Lilith. Now.

What did you idiots do?

[sighs] We attempted a rescue ourselves.

Something went wrong.

And you caused an eruption.

You know how dangerous
these things get.

I don't need my own people
helping along the apocalypse.

We're close to critical mass as it is,
thanks to Alyssa Drake.

-You're welcome.
-[ominous roaring]


[both speak Latin]

[mystical whirring]

-[speaks Latin]

[Vera gasps faintly]

I told you this wasn't over.

[speaks Latin]

[grunts faintly]

-[speaks Latin]
-[ominous roaring]

[speaks Latin]


You know what I want.

Go to Hell.

You first.

[mystical ringing]

[exhales deeply]

[ghostly howling]


[deep chuckle]

I'm gonna tear your soul apart.

Uh, hey, do you know Lilith Bathory?

Typical human.

Of course, I'm from down there
so I know everybody.

[scoffs] Never mind.

What the hell was that?

[Randall groans]
It's another soldier demon.

-[ominous howling]
-Another one?

When did demons start coming up?

Uh, about... [breathes through teeth]

...three demons ago.



Thought it couldn't get any worse.

Of course it could, and of course it did.

And of course it's my fault.

Hey, hey, come on.

Yes, things are really, really,
really, really, really, really bad,

but they're not terrible.

I translated the incantation
using medieval Latin.

I should have used Hiberno-Latin.

I can see you making that mistake.

D-- Randall!

The owl we sacrificed
wasn't supposed to be an owl.

It was supposed to be a witch.

A witch? Like, a real witch?

Like, a practitioner? That can't be right.

This is the only way to rescue Lilith.

We need to give a magical life
to get one back.

[Gabrielle] Have you learned nothing
from your past mistakes?

What is your problem, Gabrielle?

You. This is all your fault.

I know that.

You should have listened to Midnight
when you had the chance.

Yeah, he had great advice.
"k*ll them all, burn them to the ground."

At least you would have known victory.

Instead, what did you do?

A robbery.

A pathetic half-measure, doomed to fail.

What did I always tell you?

Snap and shine?

Strike first, strike fast, no prisoners.

You'd better watch that hide, Gabrielle.

Midnight can be a real mean bastard
when he wants to.

And Silverback has always let
his emotions dictate his actions.

You can't stop the chaos he causes,
but you can accept responsibility.

Surrender his hide.

Stop him from doing any more damage.

Are you suggesting that I k*ll myself?
Are you serious?

Your death would be a noble sacrifice.

It's not going to happen.

We'll see about that.

[both growling]


What the hell?


Thank God. I thought she'd k*ll you.

Oh, it's far worse than that.

[speaks Latin]

She took your magic?

She's holding it hostage...

until I give her the Fors Factoram.

Devil's advocate. Give it to her.

No, it's far too dangerous.

That incantation turns you...

into the sacrifice.


while you enjoy the pleasure
of easy incantations,

a magic cancer slowly eats you alive.

It may k*ll you in years...

or months.

But if you give it to them,
the eruptions stop,

and Praxis wipes themselves out.

I'd only be paving the way
for a different kind of chaos.

At least you'd have your magic back.

[scoffs] Please.

She has no intention of giving it back.

I imagine she...

like you, finds me a selfish woman.


Vera, I don't think you're selfish.

You're demanding and weirdly ticklish,

but not selfish.

How can you be so sure?

Because of all the times
you could have k*lled us,

but you didn't because
you wanted us to learn, to live.


It's all right to let someone
care about you.

There's no point.

You performed the Fors Factoram?

[ominous droning]

[droning stops]

[man] All right, yeah,
I'll catch up later.



[man] I'll be there in a minute.


-Jack! You're in danger.
-We're all in danger.

No, you idiot. Midnight wants to--


-I will not be denied!
-Denied what, Midnight?

You're smarter than you look, Jack Morton.

And you're a Knight that wants to k*ll
another Knight. Not exactly noble.

The most selfish werewolf in the pack
preaches to me about nobility?

If you were truly noble,
you'd k*ll yourself before it's too late.

[ominous droning]

Too late.

You've finally done it, Silverback.

The world is doomed, and so are you.

[Jack] There's a way to fix this.

You're right. There is.

We find Alyssa Drake and eat her heart.

Vera gets her power back
and she can use it to mend the eruption.

-And Alyssa's d*ad.
-And the Order is back in power.

At least the Order's trying to stop
the magic apocalypse.

Yeah, this time.

It doesn't matter if we're the Knights
of the Blue Rose or Saint Christopher.

Our job remains the same,
keeping the Order in check.

That Tartarus eruption is
as much Vera's fault as it is Alyssa's.

Okay? They both need to be
held accountable for it.

They're also the only practitioners
that are capable of dealing with it.

Well, look who showed up.

An actual Knight.

Where exactly is the real Gabrielle?

Is she okay?

Did she ask about me?

-Oh! f*ck.

[Jack] Vera has the knowledge,

Alyssa has the power.
We have to convince them to work together.

That's your plan?

You have a better idea?

No. Actually, it's a good one.

-Still gonna k*ll you.

Yeah, I got it.

Alyssa won't lift a finger unless
Vera gives her the Fors Factoram,

and that's not gonna happen.

The world is on the brink of destruction,

and you're letting people's feelings
dictate your actions?

None of you are fit to carry my shield,
let alone fight alongside me.

Here's what we're going to do,
plague sores.

Is "plague sores" the plan?

I think she means it as an insult.

We're going with Silverback's plan.

We get the witches
to fix the eruption together.

I already tried to convince Vera.

For God's sake, we're werewolves.

We tell people what to do.

[Randall] Yeah, Hamish, you're...

-You're talking to Hamish, right?
-I'm talking to all of you.

Stop being so damned human.

-It's embarrassing.
-[ominous thudding]

[loud thud]

Whatever we're going to do,
we better do it fast.

[ghostly howling]

What you're proposing is impossible.

Then you didn't hear me correctly.
It's not a proposal.

Watch your tone, disciple.

I won't be powerless forever.

No, you'll be d*ad.

Do you want to take that risk?

'Cause I don't.

What I want is my magic back.

And I'd still have it if you werewolves
had done what you were told.

Get out.



Make the arrangements.


[shuts door]

[faint mystical whooshing]

[speaks Latin]

...Alyssa Drake.

[mystical whooshing]

-[toilet flushes]
-You gotta be kidding me.


Took you long enough to get here.

You knew I was coming?

Salvador taught me some tricks.

Vera ready to cooperate?

She will give you the Fors Factoram
after you help her seal the eruption.


I'll tell them.

You know, everyone else thought that

taking Vera's magic
was a straight revenge play.

We're not interested in revenge.

I wasn't talking about Praxis.

Is there anything else?

Not unless you want to tell me

where Alpha's hide locker is.

It's somewhere safe,
waiting for an appropriate champion.

So not you?

We should go.

That eruption isn't gonna seal itself.

Hey, hey.

I'm sorry about Salvador.

I don't blame you.

But I'm not ready to forgive you, either.

When you are, tell me what to do.
I'll do it.

Just stop talking, okay?

I need you to understand--

I understand, I do.

But I need you to understand that
I really want to hate you right now,

and you're making it kind of hard.

You know, a part of me wishes
that eruption would do its worst...

and the rest of the world
would just disappear.

And then it would just be you...

and me...

in this overpriced hotel room...

for the rest of our lives.

You need to be careful what you wish for.

Time to go.

[door opens]

[mystical whooshing]

[loud thudding]

[faint screaming]

[cell phone bleeps]


Another demon?

Jack and Alyssa are heading to the temple,

and Hamish texted that Vera is on board.

This is it.

We're gonna get her back.


We can't k*ll anyone.

This is our only chance.

Then it should be me.

That's all there is to it.
I'm a witch, so k*ll me.

No, it's not gonna be you.

Well, it can't be you.
We need you for the incantation,

and we have no right to place
this judgment over anyone else.

Nicole, if I sacrifice you,

Lilith will k*ll me.

I'm the only logical choice.

-When the Order invited me to join,

all I could think about was
all the good I'd do with magic.

You know the most altruistic thing
I've ever done?

Fix someone's car.

-We can't leave her there.

And I can't live with
that kind of blood on my hands.

You won't have to.

[mystical whooshing]


Your name is Nicole Birch.

You're a student at Belgrave
and a member of the Order.

You mistranslated the incantation.

The sacrifice needs to be two owls.

I figured out my mistake.


It's supposed to be two owls,
not just one.

-Did I fall asleep?
-Yeah, you did. [chuckles]

And we're going ahead.

Vera and Alyssa are on board.

[chuckles] It's really happening.

I'm on it.

You stay here
and keep an eye on the locker.

We don't want any more demons
getting through.

-It's really easy.

These are all lower-caste demons
we're dealing with.

The second they pop out, you swing.


[people shouting]

What's he doing here?

We're not staying.

Yes, we are.

No, you're not.

It's not safe.

I'm no thr*at to her.

Not anymore.

Is this it?

Fors Factoram.

Congratulations, Miss Drake.

You now possess

two of the most powerful incantations
ever created,

and I pray you never complete either one.


I am begging you.

The Fors Factoram is dangerous.

Only Magus-level practitioners
get to see it,

and fewer still ever elect to use it.

Until now.

You know what this incantation does?

Yes, Vera.

It frees a practitioner from sacrifices.

Nothing frees practitioners
from sacrifice.

You pay now,

or you pay later.

Later costs more.

Let's finish this.

Maddox, let's go.

I hate fencing.

Really? I would have never guessed.

It's not like you say that
after every single class.

I wanna quit.

Well, you can't.
Your dad left very clear instructions.

When is Dad getting home?

I keep telling you he'll be home soon.

Now get in.

f*cking kids.

[tapping on cell phone]

[Kepler yelps]

Aunt Bitsy?

Aunt Bitsy?

Aunt Bitsy?

-[mystical crackling]
-[people shouting]

For this incantation to work...

you have to aim the knife at the eruption
and speak the incantation.

[speaks Latin]

No, listen.

[speaks Latin]

[speaks Latin]


And then you'll slice your palm,

and place your hand on the loom.

That's it?

That's it.

I have to say

I think I'm finally impressed with you,
Miss Drake.

You brought us to the brink of destruction
for a single incantation.

It was never about
a single incantation, Vera.

The Fors Factoram will help us realize
Salvador's dream.

Yes, a world full of magic and wonder.

Now, why hasn't anyone
ever thought of that before?

Oh, that's right.

They have.

[speaks Latin]

[mystical whooshing]

[mystical rumbling]

What now?

Pray the loom works
faster than the eruption.

Guys, they've activated the loom.


We're ready.

Seems like a lot of blood for two owls.

Randall, how many owls did you k*ll?

I needed to make sure
the spell worked, okay?

-We're not talking about this.

[ghostly voices]


[speaks Latin]

[all speak Latin]

If I don't make it back,

don't touch my stuff.

[mystical whirring]

[mystical crackling]

If this doesn't work,
their blood is on your hands.

It's gonna work.

Last time one of Silverback's
other champions said that to me,

we were betrayed.

Then take it up with that guy.

-One day's heroism...
-Guys, the ropes.

...isn't going to overcome
decades of selfishness, Silverback.

I'm not my hide,
and I'm not your history, Midnight.

-Midnight's a zealot.

Yeah, and still pissed off at me
for breaking up with him.

None of this is personal.

Your first duty as a Knight
is to your mission--

Shut up and start pulling!

Randall, is that you?

Oh, it's Randall!

Guys, on three. One, two, three!

[all groaning]

[mystical howling]

There's no such thing as easy magic!

Seriously? Right now?

The second you complete the Fors Factoram,
your life begins stripping away from you.

That doesn't give you
the right to keep it from us.

[expl*sive roar]

[loud blast]




So, that was hell.

It wasn't Hell.

[groans] It was a trans-dimensional plane.

I was talking about the experience.

-[Hamish] Portal seems to be closed.

I think we're gonna be okay.

You seeing this?

Yeah. We got bigger things to worry about.

It's really good to see you.

We missed you so much.

We're gonna give you guys a minute.

You would not believe

how many incantations we attempted
to bring you home.


This isn't my home.

You took me from my home.

And you need to send me back.


[Randall exhales deeply]

You did it.

We did it.

-[Hamish and Randall groan]
-So, Midnight...

the apocalypse was averted.

Lilith's back.

What's it going to be?

I can't decide if you're the worst
champion Silverback has selected,

or the best.


I'll let you live.

For now.

That's a relief.

[shouts in Latin]


Midnight may let me live,

-but no way he'll let Vera and Alyssa go.

Midnight only agreed to my plan because
it puts Vera and Alyssa in the same room.

And here we are.

The eruption is sealed,

and your plan will fail.

Time will tell.

[scoffs] It already has.

Several times.


if you're going to k*ll me, Miss Drake...

Just not the face.

You deserve to die for what you did.

For saving the world?

Please. You saw
what those eruptions can do.

And if Salvador was
any kind of a real leader,

she would have done the same.

Salvador was a greater leader
than you ever were.

[Jack] Alyssa, don't.

Revenge is never worth the cost.

You're the one that taught me that.

This isn't revenge.

-This is justice.

It's revenge.

This is anger.

Alyssa, I know because I've been there.

Don't make the mistake
you stopped me from making.

After everything she's done,
she doesn't deserve to live.

Well, then neither do I.

If all this is anyone's fault,

it's mine.

And if you have to k*ll someone
to feel better, make it me.

Because once you k*ll Vera,
the Order targets you.

And I can't live in a world
without you in it.


it's always about you, isn't it?

I like being the center of attention.

[chuckles quietly]

Alyssa, you have to go now.

All right? Gabrielle is possessed
by Midnight, and as far as he's concerned,

you're both the enemy.

Return my magic.

Not going to happen.

[breathes deeply]


Goodbye, Jack.



[low growl]


-Alyssa. Alyssa.
-[approaching footsteps]

Vera, help her.

[Alyssa gasping rapidly]

-I-- I can't, I don't--

Alyssa, you have to return Vera's magic.


Alyssa, you have to return her magic.

No. Alyssa!

No. No.

["Talking in Your Sleep" playing]

-♪ I hear ♪

-♪ The secrets that you keep ♪

♪ When you're talking in your sleep ♪

♪ I hear the secrets that you keep ♪

♪ When you're talking in your sleep ♪

♪ You tell me that you want me ♪

♪ You tell me that you need me ♪

-♪ You tell me that you love me ♪

♪ And I know that I'm right ♪

♪ 'Cause I hear it in the night ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ When you're talking in your sleep ♪

♪ I hear ♪

♪ I hear ♪

♪ Oh, when you're talking in your sleep ♪

♪ The secrets that you keep ♪

♪ I hear the secrets that you keep ♪

♪ When you're talking in your sleep ♪
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