03x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Happy Valley". Aired: 29 April 2014 –; present.
Yorkshire-based crime drama centering on the personal and professional life of Police Sergeant Catherine.
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03x04 - Episode 4

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Mate, what am I going to say? Just
say the police were there before us.

Also, we should tell him we took one
of the rucksacks. No way!

STAMMERING: They'll string us up!

What if we just turned up?

Turned up?
Like we found it.

They wouldn't believe us!
They'd know.

Someone gave it to us
in Elland, near the flat.

Someone near the flats, in the
flats, found it, gave it to us,

realised it belonged to us. When?
When did this happen?

Yesterday. This morning.

So why are we only telling him now?
Why weren't we telling

Viktor when he come round and asked
about the rucksacks?

Look, we can't tell him
about the rucksack.

We have to stick to the story that
we never saw any rucksacks

or we're even more dead
than we already are.

Look, if Josip talks...
Say he's lying!

Look, we get rid of it.
We just...

We go back to our house,
get the rucksack, ditch it.

Maybe keep a few pounds

A few hundred pounds each.

Or we run.

We take the money, all of it,
and then we just disappear.

I'm getting married
on Wednesday!

I can't just disappear.
We ditch it.

We fetch it from the house,
we keep a few hundred quid

and we ditch it. We should have
handed it over when we could have.

Yes. Yeah, but we didn't.

Viktor. Viktor, the police
have got Josip.

They were already there
when we turned up.

I'm off, love.

I don't get it.
I sat in a meeting

about this interview strategy
with this Josip lad,

and all they're going to do him
for is false imprisonment

and money-laundering.

What about r*pe,
for God's sake?

And m*rder?

Yeah. Well...

That's a minefield,
accusing him of r*pe.

If she consented to sex
at the time, assuming

they had sex at all, which, of
course, we don't know...

She thought he was
her boyfriend.

That's what the neighbour said.
What, you think they were

just holding hands?
How must she have felt

when she realised
what was going on?

As I say,
nobody can prove that...

And how is it not manslaughter at
the very least?

Well, the thing is...
I know. I've heard it all before.

He didn't intend
that she should die.

So what? She died. Because they were
up to no good in her flat.

OK. So our job is to make
the law work as best we can

in whatever circumstances we find
ourselves dealing with.

And, yeah...it don't always fit the

How can you not know
that if you imprison someone,

they might try and escape, and if
you're on the fourth floor

of a building, it might prove fatal?
How can you not know that?

I agree. I'm right there with you.
But the reality is,

there's no point charging him
with something

we know the defence are just
going to bat away, is there?

They've got to charge him
with something

where we know there's a chance of
making it stick... Yeah, I know.

..and getting a
conviction out of it. You know.

Is this the wrong time,
the wrong case

for you to be starting
your attachment to CID with?


I'll see you tomorrow.

Oh, and then,

all they're going to do about
her falling out the window

is get the Health and Safety
Executive involved.

Yeah, well...
What are they going to do?

Fill in some forms, open and
close a few filing cabinets?

No, the Health and Safety
Exec are very powerful.

They can get people sent
to prison the same as we can.

Yeah, well, they need to get
their fingers out

and get on with it.

Did you give him
that registration number

of that little grey Honda
we spotted?

No, not yet.

Are you sh1tting me?


I thought... Wouldn't it just be
people rubbernecking? Right. What?

Catherine, what?

I had an instinct it was more,
but 'twas ever thus.

Five minutes with CID,
you know more than I do.

Good luck.

QUIETLY: Sarcastic bitch.

QUIETLY: Dozy sod.


# There's a tower block overhead

# And all you got's your benefits
and you're barely scraping by

# In this trouble town

# Troubles I've found

# Stuck in speed bump city

♪ Where the only thing that's pretty
is the thought of getting out. ♪


Hey, down here. Down here.



What is it? Shit!

Don't answer it.

Answer it. Go.


I've spoken to Darius.
I've told him what happened.

He wants to see you.
Darius? When?

This evening. Both of you.

I'll pick you both up at the
top of your road in two hours.

All right?





Come on, we're burying this.


Come on.



TV: I'm telling you, Colonel,
the baron's up to something...

Don't look at me like that.

Go in there.

And for goodness' sake,
take your coat off.

Thank you.

Er, that's £ . , please.

Thank you. See you.

There you go.

Thank you.

That's £ . , please.

Have a good day. Ta-ta.

How do?

Have you been in a f*ght?


I know you're cross.

Give me a packet of paracetamol.

I don't want you and Clare
falling out.

Do you know what he did
to Becky?

That vacuous thug
that you go and sit with?

Yeah, I know that...

Well, I know that...

You know what Clare's told
you. Yeah, and Daniel.

Well, Clare don't know everything,

and Daniel certainly doesn't.

He wasn't much more than a
kid himself when it happened,

so they have their version
and I have mine.

And there are certain facts
and details

that only me and Richard ever knew,

and it was worse than
any of you will ever know,

what he did to her, all right?

And I'm not going to tell you how,
but I'm asking you very sincerely

to trust what I'm telling you
when I say

that that thing is not human.

And I'm asking you not to take
Ryan to see him again, Neil.

He's a black hole.

He's a nasty, negative
nothing who sucks the life

and anything good out of
anything he touches.

I know.

I think I know that now.

Did Ryan bully you
into taking him? No.


But he went on and on.

For weeks.
Just wouldn't let it drop.

And I did say no at the start.

I said no God knows
how many times.

Yeah, so he wore you down.
That's bullying.

Pushing somebody into doing
something they've made it plain

they don't want to do. It wasn't...

It weren't nasty.

The thing is, Catherine...

..he'd have gone anyway.

He'd have found a way.

He's that determined.

At least this way
I could keep an eye on it.

Will you stop?

Promise me you'll stop.

I'll deal with the fallout.
He can come home

if he wants to come home. I'll say
anything that needs saying.

But will you promise me
that you won't facilitate

him going there again?


I've already said I'm not
taking him tomorrow.

What's tomorrow?

Tommy Lee Royce is in court,

in Leeds, for sentencing for that
Gary Gackowski business.

He wanted Ryan to go.
Did he? Why?

To see him. Why?

In court, being sentenced? Why?

Just to see him.

But I told him, I said,

"There's no way you'll
get out of school for that.

"Nobody's going to
agree to that."

And Ryan understood that.

Would you please call Clare?

She's been trying to get hold
of you all day. She...

She's upset.

I don't have much to say
to her, to be honest.



# My girl, my girl
Where will you go?

# I'm going
where the cold wind blows

# In the pines, in the pines

# Where the sun don't ever shine

# I would shiver
the whole night through

# My girl, my girl
Don't lie to me

# Tell me where did you sleep
last night?

# In the pines, in the pines

# Where the sun don't ever shine

# I would shiver
the whole night through

DISTORTED: # My girl, my girl
Where will you go?

♪ I'm going where the
cold wind blows... ♪


Yeah, looking good.

Have a look.



Yeah, sound.

Yeah, man.
Nice, geezer.

Here. Sure?

Yeah. Nice.


Why's Tommy Lee Royce asked Ryan to
go and see him

in court tomorrow? Has he?

Well, apparently - I've just seen

What have you done to your face?

Yeah, well, it's nothing. Why would
you want your kid - a kid -

to go into court to watch you
being sentenced

for God knows how long on top of
what you're already serving

for m*rder? Do you know
there's a woman outside

doing something
to your Land Rover?

Yeah, it'll be Alison.

She said she'd fit me that
new alternator I got on eBay.

Does she know what she's doing?

Yes, of course.
She's a farmer. Well, she was

until I arrested her.
What for? Manslaughter.

Are you
listening to what I'm saying?

Well, is Ryan going?

God knows.
Neil said he's made it clear

that he's not taking him,
but it's not that anyway.

He can go or not go, he can
do what the f*ck he likes.

It's the why. It's the why
would he ask him

to go? It just...


Do you want some tea?

Well, I don't know. To see him.

He sees him when he visits him.

Did you not offer her a cup of tea?

To see him
in a different context.

In a suit.
I didn't know who she was.


Who did she k*ll?

Her son. He'll be wanting
to show off, won't he?

To show off what a hard man
he is,

sticking two fingers up
at authority,

reckoning he doesn't care.

I tell you what, though.
You should go.

If this rumour
that he's...he's fibbing

to protect Darius Knezevic

over that Gary Gackowski
m*rder's true, you should go.


Is it true Chris Oxley
alibied himself

for the date Gary was m*rder?

Of course he did.
It was all bollocks.

It's just Royce trying to
waste police time,

like the w*nk*r he is.

No, you're right. I should.
I should go. And it's tomorrow?

Yeah. I'm not going.

No, you don't need to go.

Why did she k*ll her son?

I went to his mother's funeral.

Tommy Lee Royce's mother's
funeral. That was...

Did you? Yeah. Well, I found her
body, so he decided

that must mean I'd m*rder
her. Went berserk

when he saw me. They had to
carry him out screaming.

Why did you go?
To look at him. I don't know.

To be there if he tried to
escape, I don't know.

It's Alison Garrs.

She k*ll her son
because he was Daryl Garrs.

Wow. Yeah.

You hungry?

Yeah, I've got to
go and get changed.

Is there enough for Alison?

Sure. Sure.

She don't bite.
No, just sh**t people...

Yeah, well, she won't sh**t you.

I've found out
all sorts of stuff about him.

About who?

Darius Knezevic.
And his brother,

Zeljko. There's two of them.

Now, Zeljko's the eldest,
and he's smart enough,

but he's also big,
like a brick shithouse.

And Darius, well, he just...

Just takes everything
to the next level.

Everything he touches.

And between them, that's how
they've become this legend

in their own lunchtimes.

You know, somebody I spoke to

reckons it was Zeljko and Darius

that were on that motorbike when
Ashley Cowgill were sh*t.

Do you remember,
there were reports of two men

on a motorbike? Well...

Yeah. After they pulled that off,

they became proper contenders.

And Darius has something
like tripled,

quadrupled his activities and
simultaneously endeavoured,

and to some not insignificant
degree succeeded,

in cleaning up his image.

I hate it.

I left a message for him. He's
agreed to an interview with me

in his capacity as
a prospective local councillor.

You want to be careful.

I should definitely go to that
sentencing thing in Leeds tomorrow.

What do you think?

Do you like it?

Just bought it.

Nice. Nice.
It's very nice.

It's been on the market
for years.

Probably because of the roof.

Two and a half acres
of asbestos.

Zeljko's here.

Hey, Zeljko. Hey, Zeljko. Idiots.

Hi, Viktor.

acres, the whole plot.

What would you do with it?

C-Car park? Car park?


What would you do with it?

I... I'm...
Yeah, I can't decide either.

Flats is the obvious one.

Nice flats, classy flats -

swimming pool in the basement,
garden on the rooftop.

But I think, what I think...
Darius, we...


f*cking irritating

f*cking f*ck!






Josip won't talk, Darius.

He wouldn't dare talk.

Mr Clement's with him.
I know he won't talk.

But things should never have
got this far.

Have you any idea

how much a lawyer like
Mr Clement costs?

Have you? No, no! They...

We made mistake with Josip.

Huh? They are sorry.

I am so... Why was there
so much money in the flat?

We couldn't move it fast enough.

As soon as we moved one lot
out, even more came in.

It was crazy busy. So you moved some
shit-for-brains in to sit on it?

We thought he was ready to step up.

But we made a mistake with him.


Help him up.

I need to know that you are
going to be smarter than this

in the future.

Yeah, we are. We are, Darius.

What about him?

What about you, Ivan? Huh?

Yeah. I'll... I'll be smarter than
this in the future.



..I've got a job for you...

and it's not difficult,

but it needs doing properly,
at exactly the right time.

What do you think?

Do you think you can rise
to the occasion? Yes. Yes. Yes.

So tomorrow,
you put your best suits on,

and Guzim, not Viktor,
will pick you up

at half past eight.

But then, after the thing,
you'll come back separately,

you on the train,
you on the bus.

Where are we going?



GUARD: Morning.



Sit down there.



Saw your granny last night.

She came into the shop.

And, er...

..me and your Auntie Clare
was wondering that...

..maybe we made a mistake
taking you to see him.

Not a mistake, exactly.

But perhaps...you know.

It was something
you needed to do.

And you have had a chance
now to get to know him a bit.


I don't know.


..we were wondering
that maybe it's a mistake...

..for you to keep going.


Now that she does know. How do you
feel about not going again, Ryan?

Do you want to keep seeing him?

How important is it,
do you think?

That you keep seeing him.
I don't know.

She wants you to go home.
She did say that.

But she does want you
to stop going to see him.

And she did say
that there were things...

..other folk never knew about.

Before your mum died.

The way he behaved, and that...

..it's not very nice, Ryan.

So how would you feel
about that? Mm?

About going home.

Not going to Sheffield any more.

Dwell on it, love.

ROB: The thing is, Mum, I might need
you to pick them up

for most of this week,
depending on, you know,

when she chooses to resurface.

Have you rung her mum and dad?

Yes, I've rung her mum and
dad, I've rung her sister,

I've rung her friends,
in inverted commas. ..Teeth!

Teeth, come on. Bathroom.

So today... Which other days?
Er, yeah, definitely today

cos I've got after-school
stuff. And...

..tomorrow and Thursday.

Well, I'll have to shift a few
things round in my diary.

Yeah, well, if you could...

..I'd be very grateful.


All right. Right.
And I'll phone you later.

I mean, she'll probably turn up,
but, you know... All right.

Bye. OK, bye. Bye-bye.

VOICEMAIL: You have one new voice
message and no saved messages.

First new message.


CATHERINE: Hiya, Joanna.
It's Catherine Cawood

from Skircoat Road
Police Station in Halifax.

Er, just to say I've had the
forensic analysis report back

on the pills I took from you,

and I know you're not due
to answer bail

for another two weeks,
but if you want to get it

over and done with, I'm on
duty today until six o'clock,

so...give us a ring
when you get this call,

let me know how you're
fixed, OK, love? Bye-bye.




VOICEMAIL: Hi, it's Joanna. Please
leave your name and number...

We need to be out of this door
in five minutes!


Not more bloody roadworks.

Daddy, I haven't got
my reading book.

Well, we're not going back
now. You can do without it.

I've told you before, you need to
pack your own bag properly.


GIRL: Oh, my God.
What the hell was that?


Dad, don't get out.


Stay in the car, ladies.

What? Who's he calling ladies?

What you playing at?
I had right of way.

What are you playing at?

I thought you were letting me in.
I'm on the road. You're on a drive.

You wait for a space to clear!

And you've gone into the
back of my vehicle,

which, strictly speaking...
We have rules in this country, pal.


We should exchange details.

Driving off like shit off a shovel.

Look at...

Oh, my God. Look at this!

We should take photographs.

Look at it!

HANIYA: I don't like this.
Oh, you want to see my licence?

I'm happy to show you mine.

Oh, my God, that guy
is going to lamp him one.

I need your details.

Yeah, and I need yours. Correct.

Moron! Well, I'm not a moron,

but you need to calm down.
Are you calling me a moron?

No. No, that isn't
what just happened.

Accidents happen. And the best way
to deal with them...

Yeah. Accidents wouldn't happen if
morons obeyed the rules of the road

and didn't drive like
they're trying to break

the land-speed record
just to prove some shit.

As I say, you went into
the back of me,

so... You better be insured, pal.

Are you all right?

Are your little girls all right?

The little girls in the car.

We could show them that this can be
dealt with amicably, properly,

without aggression.

This isn't that bad.
It really isn't.

At worst, it's inconvenient,

and it may affect
your insurance premiums,

but we can deal with it.

Is something else upsetting you?



Are you...?

Are you all right?

Neil said you'd been b*at up.

Yeah, well, you should see
the other fella.

He spent the night in a cell
facing false imprisonment

and money-laundering charges, so...

As long as you're all right.

I were just ringing because

I was thinking about
that woman, you know,

that wife of that Hepworth

that you arrested for illegal
possession of, what were it,

diazepam? Anyway, I've got a group
session today at the mission,

so I just thought about her and
thought it was worth mentioning.

If you happened to see her
or you wanted to ring her.

If she wanted to get in touch,
you could give her the number,

or give her my number.

Or just tell her to pop in,
maybe. Yeah.

Or alternatively, you could shove
your misplaced do-gooding

up your arse.

Well... I hope... That's what I
wanted to talk to you about...

..also. In fact, er...

Neil got back last night,

and obviously you and him
had had a conversation,

and he said that you said

there were things that I never knew

about what happened

before Becky died. Er...

Anyway, we've made it...

We've made it clear to Ryan
this morning that we are not...

We're not happy taking him
any more.

And I am sorry, Catherine.

I can't stand it
when we're not friends.

I hate it. And I'm sorry.
Hang on. I am sorry.

Have you been standing there
all night?

What have you got in there?
Body parts?

Oh, spare uniform,
all to be handed in.

Then, come Wednesday, I'm
having tea with the Chief Con,

and Thursday, you can all
kiss my ample arse goodbye.

Right. Well...

..if and when I speak
to that Joanna, I'll tell her.

Have you heard what I've said?


I love you, and I'm sorry.

Has he gone to school all right?

Has he definitely gone to school?

Yeah. What...

What do you mean?

He's not secretly heading to Leeds

to see that w*nk*r in court?
Oh, right. No, no. Er...


He set off on his bike.

He left the flat same time as me.


I just thought it sounded odd,
the twisted f*ck

asking him to go and see him
in court. I did. I did!

And the bungee-jumping.

What bungee-jumping?

TANNOY: The train now
approaching Platform

is the . service to York
via Leeds.


MIKE: Start again. You think Tommy
Lee Royce is planning to escape

because he told Ryan that they're
going bungee-jumping?

Yeah. So why'd he say that?

He's not supposed to be
going anywhere

for the next years.
So why would he say that?

And he wanted Ryan in court.

Not that he's gone.
He's gone to school, allegedly.

But why? Why?
Why would he want him there

just to see him sentenced?
No, no.

He wants him there so that
when he doesn't turn up,

he's there to witness
the fallout, the disarray.

The big man sticking
two fingers up at the Crown.

And what about me?
I need protection.

Because if he gets out,
he's coming for me.

You need to find out
what sort of escort he's got,

and whatever it is,
they need to triple it.

Do you think you're making
too much of

what sounds like a few
glib comments he's dropped?

Yeah, if it was anyone else,
I might, but it's not.

You do know they'll have done

a risk assessment
at the prison, don't you? Yeah.

But I know more than they do,
don't I?

Sarge. Fella on the phone
asking to talk to you.

He says he knows you.
Rob Hepworth.

Oh, yeah. Right.

I'll make a phone call.

All right? No. You need to do more
than that, because they could have

someone blowing the doors off
the bloody paddy wagon as we speak.


Sergeant Cawood.

Did Joanna come and see
you yesterday?

Er, morning, Mr Hepworth.

Where is she? Joanna?

Have you put her in
some shelter, some refuge?

I don't have the power
to put people in shelters.

They have to go there
of their own volition.

Why would you think that,
Mr Hepworth?


Because I know what you think,
and you're wrong. So...hang on.

Are you telling me that
she's missing?

You left a message!

Yeah, I did leave a message asking
her to contact me, but she didn't.

So when did you last see her?

Yesterday. Morning.

Look, I have a lot to put up
with her, you know.

I know what you think,
but she's...

..hard work.

She's not normal.

And I do do my best with her.

Have you rung around her family
and friends? Yes.

Have you rung the hospital?
No, no, no. She's...

She's done it before.
Done what? Gone AWOL.

And where was she last time?

Her mother's.

But she's not there now.

Well, they say not,
but, you know, who knows?

I bet she is.

And why would they lie?


It's complicated.

And you last saw her
yesterday morning?

Yes. And where was that?
Er, at home, in bed.

She didn't get up.
She didn't get up to help with

the breakfasts and the lunchboxes
and to see them off to school.

You see, that's another thing...
So the children didn't see her

yesterday morning, but you did?
I took her some tea.

Right. So I think you should ring
around the hospitals, and if you

draw a blank from that, then
you need to come back to me

and we'll report her missing.
No, I haven't time! I'm at work!


Well, would you like me to do it?

Huh! You'd be wasting your time.
She'll be hiding somewhere.


Oh, dramatic effect?

She's a vulnerable person,
Mr Hepworth.

Why is she vulnerable?

Because she's possibly addicted
to prescription drugs.

And, as you've outlined,

her behaviour is often erratic
to the point where

she's not taking care of
her own children.

Plus, she failed to respond
to my phone calls yesterday.

I left messages on her mobile
and on your landline.

And so that's enough
to have me worried.



RICHARD: I've got to go. Bye, love.

Ah! Can I help you?

I hope so.

I hope we're not overreacting,
but we're worried

we might need to report
someone missing.

Oh. Can I take some details?

We're not sure how long it's
been since anyone saw her,

but... Yeah. Can I take your name?
My name? Tim. Fielding.

We think it's been at least
two days and possibly a lot more.

It's our daughter.
And what's your address?

She's .
Hockmore Road.

That's Copley.


But she doesn't live with us.

She lives with her...husband.
Er, contact number?

I'll give you my mobile.

It's .

We've rung her sister,
her friends.

Her sister's rung round
a few other people.

We've been to Calderdale
Royal and nothing.

And what's her name? We've rung
the GP surgery, but of course

they won't tell us anything.


When did he ring you?
The husband?

Er, last night.
Gone half past eight.

And he was odd.

On the phone.

TIM: He's always odd.
In what way?

Just like... "I don't know why
I'm bothering ringing,

"she's probably
just messing about."

I don't think he believed me
that she wasn't with us.

Anyway, I passed him on to Tim
because I can't be doing with him.

He talks to me like something he's
trodden in. Yeah. He's... He's...

You see...

..they got married
when she was very young.

He was a teacher at the school

and she'd just started
her A-levels. Anyway,

next thing, he's wanting her
to give it all up

so that they can get married.

I mean, we hoped
she'd get in at university.

Well, they were very
persuasive, weren't they,

that it was what they wanted.


Well, she was smitten with him.

And of course, what we've
realised since is...

..that he's a control freak.

We've been cut from the
picture completely.

We've hardly seen those
two little girls, have we?

Since Poppy was born.

And then she's had...

..mental problems.

Has she been on any medication?

Yeah, she was on medication
for anxiety - diazepam.

Only he wouldn't let her take 'em.

What do you mean? Well, she'd ring,
once a flood, usually in tears.

And, yeah, he'd...

He'd flushed them down the toilet.

If anything bad has happened to her,

it's him that's done it.

Do you think
that's a possibility?

I'd just be amazed, you know,
for all her...her problems...

..I'd be amazed if
she left them two little girls.

This is a fella that keeps
a padlock on the fridge.

I just have one more question,

and I'm sorry
if this seems insensitive.

But do you know if it's possible

that she may be seeing someone else?

No. I don't...

No. No.

Not that I'm aware of.

Don't look at me like that.

Am I misunderstanding
the problem?

No, I doubt it.
It's not complicated.

It's the solution
that's complicated.

She said... She said
she don't want a leaving do,

but you're worried that if you don't
organise something, she'll sulk?

Well, no. I mean, she can sulk
till the cows come home

as far as I'm concerned,
because I have tried.

The problem, if you'll pin back
your Jodrells, is

I have been doing a whip-round

and I've been doing it
for weeks, and I have raised

£ , .
How much?

£ , and sixpence.

For her? Yeah.

Who's given you sixpence?

Well, I don't know, folk have
just put their loose change in.

I've had a little box
on the counter on reception.

You've done what?
Well, she's very popular.

People she's arrested
have been in donating.

Well, not all of them, obviously,

cos some of them
are still in prison.

What are you going to buy her?
An island in the Caribbean?

Well, this is the thing.

Do I just slip her an envelope
with the cash in,

like nudge, nudge, wink,
wink, like I'm buying

some skunk off her?

Or do we buy something nice

and have, like, a low-key
presentation on Thursday,

and, like, a few well-chosen
words from you,

in here, and happen a cake?

Or do we organise
a big proper do?

And if she doesn't turn up,

then we just get pissed
without her

and I'll drop the money off
at a later date

when I've recovered
from the hangover.

I don't know. Ask someone
else. Ask Ann Gallagher.

She's thick as thieves with her.

Well, I've asked everyone else,

Er, woman I nicked

for possession of controlled
drugs last week

has just been reported
missing by her parents.

They're downstairs and they've got
the same suspicions

about the husband as I had when I
nicked her. What suspicions?

Coercive control,
psychological abuse.

She's only been missing
since yesterday morning,

but we only have the husband's word
for that.

It was him that rang earlier.

They think she could have
been missing a lot longer.

So I'd like to elevate it
to the Mispers unit.

Bit soon to regard her
as missing if it's only been...

She's an addict.
She's vulnerable.

Her mum and dad have rung
around family and friends.

I can double-check with
the hospitals and her GP,

but she has also failed to answer
a number of phone calls

from me regarding her bail.

And she's got two little girls
that she's abandoned,

which her mother insists
she would never do.

Can I send Sledge
knocking on a few doors

down their road? And then I'd
like to be submitting a report

to Mispers with the enquiries
that we've already made.

I know this fella.
It's Ryan's games teacher.

There's definitely something
funny about him. Sorry.

This is the fella that rang you
just before?

Yeah, but only because
he heard a message

I left yesterday on their
answer machine at home,

asking for the wife to come in
to see me. So suddenly...

..he realises the police

might be knocking on his door,

so he thinks he better start
looking like he's interested.

Mike Taylor.

Oh, yeah.

Fantastic. Thank you.

Cheers. Ta-ta.

Tommy Lee Royce safely delivered
to Leeds Crown Court.

His convoy has just arrived
and he's inside the building.


MATIJA: Court . Quarter past .

Come on.




I'd better take this.

MAN: Is that Mr Hepworth?

Rob Hepworth? It is. This is DC
Chris Hayes from Yorkshire Police

Missing Persons Unit.

I've just received a missing
persons report from Division

regarding a Joanna May Hepworth.

Are you her husband?
I am, yes.

I need to speak to you
as soon as, Mr Hepworth.

Could I meet you at your
address in half an hour?

Half an hour? I'm at work.
Well, time is of the essence

when someone's reported
missing, Mr Hepworth.

Er, who's reported her
missing, anyway? Because I haven't.

Do you know where she is?

Well, no, but she's not missing.

She's just...

..gone off somewhere.

But you don't know where?

So I'd like to speak to you
at your address

in half an hour.

I believe you're
a schoolteacher?

Would it help if I spoke
to your head teacher

if you're worried
about leaving work? No, no.

No, I can...
I'll sort something out.

What was your name again?





The court will rise.


You know, I hope when she turns up
tomorrow or the day after,

or probably just even
later on this afternoon,

nobody's going to accuse me
of wasting police time.

Come in!
Thank you.

It's true that I thought she
didn't need to see a doctor.

I didn't think she really
needed medication.

I think too many people
take medication

for self-diagnosed
mental health issues

when all they really need to do is
get out the door and go for a run.

But...having said that...

..more recently...

..I have started to wonder
if there was something

more serious going on with her.

You know, like, it's not just
anxiety or depression, but...

..some kind of...

..borderline personality disorder?

It's like she just can't engage
with the real world.

Is it all right with you
if I take a look around?

What would you do if I said no?

I'd have to come back with
a warrant.

Help yourself. If you tell me
what you're looking for,

I might be able to help you.
Oh, anything - notes, receipts,

anything that could indicate that
she was planning to leave.

You won't find anything.
I've looked.

Also, she hasn't taken
her charger.

For her mobile.

She hasn't taken
her toothbrush either.

But her mobile phone's gone?

Well, certainly, I've not
come across it.

Do you know if any of
her clothes are missing?

There might be things
missing, but I wouldn't know.

What was she wearing when
you last saw her?

T-shirt and knickers.

She was in bed.

And where are those items now?

She was wearing this.

Your Honour, had this case
been known at the time

my client's earlier sentence
was passed in ,

then it may be that the court
would have been persuaded

to order it to run concurrently

with the sentences imposed
on that occasion.

So I would ask that, bearing
in mind that the offences

were committed around
the same time

and whilst the defendant was under
the same influences,

that Your Honour takes
a similar view

in light of the totality of sentence

that he already has to serve...

So this afternoon,

I'll access her mobile account
and look for any activity

on her phone. I'll look at
her bank account

and see if there's been
any activity there,

and I'll look at her
Facebook account, too.

What about, er, Twitter?

Anything like that?
Any WhatsApp groups?

No, just Facebook,
as far as I know.

And I'm not sure
she keeps up with that.

Ah, OK.

One last one. Can I have a look
in the garage?


Do you have any luggage,
suitcases, backpacks missing?

No, not that I've noticed.

Does Joanna use the gym stuff?
Er, no, that's me.

What you looking at?
Looking at me?

What? No.

I know you.

No, you don't. Yeah.

You're the nonce
that f*ck his own sister.

You what?


Hey! Come on!



WOMAN: What's that?

Go take a look.

We need more security in here!


Somebody stop him!
Do something!

Lock down.
Lock down the building.

Stop him!
Stop him!

Christ's sake, Ryan.


Police, move!


Unlock the doors!


All units, send backup now!



Come on.




MAN: ..Escaped from the dock.

Suspect is Tommy Lee Royce,
years old...

WOMAN: All units apply
maximum caution.

Royce is extremely violent,
possible access to firearms.

# In this trouble town

# Troubles I've found

# In this trouble town

# Word soon gets 'round

# Stuck in speed bump city

♪ Where the only thing that's pretty
is the thought of getting out. ♪
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