03x02 - For the Future

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Owl House". Aired January 10, 2020 - present.
Animated series follows Luz who stumbles upon a portal to a magical realm where she befriends a rebellious witch, Eda, Luz pursues her dream of becoming a witch.
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03x02 - For the Future

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We gotta stick together.

I'm sorry. Not this time.


Luz, I'm so happy
I had you as a big sister.



Ah! Ah!

I'm free! I'm free!

Oh, this is the goodest
I've felt in forever and ever.

It's like the whole world
is singing!


Yeah, I wouldn't
call that "singing".

So, tell me about your game,
the Owl House.

You promised you'd teach me
if I stopped the Draining Spell.

Well, it's, uh,
like playing pretend.

We get roles
and go on adventures.

But this is too crazy.

We can't play
if you're freaking everyone out.


What are you doing up there?

What's happening?

I don't know what you are,
but stay away from my nephew!

That's my best friend
you're talking to.

Heads up!



You can't hurt people either.

But they're not hurt.

They're safe and sound
in our new house.

Now, what part do I get to play?

You look fun. Wanna play?


Luz! You were in there
for so long,

we thought you got stuck behind.

Are you hurt anywhere?

I'm... I'm fine.

I saw something, or someone,

but it was probably
just in my head.

Any sign of him?

Oh, come on!

It's not like a swarm of ghosts
will inexplicably appear

if you say his name.

I think.

Anyway, if Belos was here,
he's long gone now.

Well, he better stay
out of our way.

This mama's hungry
for vengeance.

Now that is a fight I'd watch.

Okay, everyone, coast is clear.

Huh? Oh, hello, red grass!

I've missed you!

I can't talk for long, we're on a
mission to save the Boiling Isles.

Willow's back!

We don't have time
for red grass or illusions!

Belos had a head start, so we should
keep moving until we find him.

Don't worry.
I bet we'll all feel better

when we punch Belos
right through the face.

And, yes,
I mean through the face.

Thanks, Willow.

You're always looking out
for us, aren't you?

Well, someone has to.

And it looks like
my job here is done.

Oh, wow!

You kids were really holding
back in the Human Realm, huh?

Maybe a little.

Hello, you gorgeous slime!

Mija, you never told me
how pretty this place was.

The trees, the sky.


Kids, stand back!

Who knows if that monster
is alive or not?

the Titan skull is normal.

Everything else is...


Guys, what's on top
of the skull?

I don't know, but maybe we can get
some answers in Bonesborough.

Wow! Skulls, bones.

I can really see this place helping
you with your taxidermy hobby.

Mama, you're pretending
to like this place, aren't you?


I love the fact that you've been
living on a giant... carcass.

It's sweet of you, really.

But I haven't changed my mind.

After we rescue Eda and King,

I'm staying in Human Realm.


It's for the best.

Wait, let's talk first.

Don't mock me.

I tried to save your soul.

It's your fault
this all happened!

I need... a new body.

What is this place?


to the Owl House.

So this is the Owl House
I heard so much about?

Yeah, but don't worry,

the food's not usually
that spoiled.

Food? Oy...

I need some advice.

First, you have to pluck out
all the dire rat's extra heads.

The tiny ones that line the digestive
tract might still be bitey, so...

I... Ah! No.

I need advice about Luz.

See, she's planning to...

make a very bad decision
for herself.

She's so determined
to make herself sad and...

I don't know how to help.

That reminds me of when I failed
my first school project.

I thought I deserved
to be grounded,

so I ran off to live in a cave

in the most dramatic way

Of course, reliable old Willow
finds me and says...

"Augustus, it's okay to fail.

Look at me.
I fail all the time."

"Oh, yeah?" I said.
"Like when?"

Suddenly, there's this big,
slimy expl*si*n in the distance.

Like tonight. I forgot to chain
up my abomination homework.

They have to chain up
their homework?

Maybe Luz is going through
something like that.

My dad didn't care
if I failed that project,

but I didn't want to fail him.

Oh, man, I hope he's okay.

Don't worry, we'll get him back.

I'll make sure of it.


Stop following me!

Belos could be anywhere by now,
and we're just sitting here!

We should make sure he doesn't
pace himself into the Boiling Sea.

Good call.

Besides, you're probably
the only one strong enough

to drag him back up.

Willow, hold on.

How are you feeling?

Don't worry about me.
You heard what Gus said,

I'm the reliable one.

It's okay to be scared too.

It's not good
if you try to hold it all in.

I'm fine, really.

And I think you'll be fine too.

You and Luz are a lot alike.



Did you think sitting in a nest was
gonna help your Palisman hatch?


But nothing's happening.

Remember what
the Bat Queen said.

To connect with a Palisman, you
need to express your deepest wish.

I never asked,

how did you connect
with your Palisman?

Well, after being
handed the staff,

I said, "I wanna be
a great witch."

Or, duh, I don't know,

"I wanna be an author,
like Mildred Featherwhyle,"

but she wouldn't move
until I admitted

that I don't know what
I'm gonna be when I grow up,

but I wanna choose
the path myself.

And that was enough.

I wanna be a witch

and help my friends,

but doing one always seems
to mess up the other.

Why did this get so complicated?

You just gotta be patient.

This isn't the only reason
you're in here, is it?

I'll find Eda and King.

No matter how long it takes.

It's Eda and King!

They were on that sh**ting star!

How are we supposed
to follow them?

Don't worry.

I'm a safe flyer.


Ooh! Those things
need seat belts.

Ah, hello, sweet earth.

I... I mean, hello, good sir?

Where are Eda and King?

Where is anyone?

Something's coming.


No, it's...



Stop! It's... It's me!
Have you seen Papa? Wait!


Stop right there,

Fear not,
citizens of Bonesborough.

I'm here to stop
this beast's mad rampage.

I believe in you, Collector.

Thanks, best friend.

Light glyph, go!

Oh, hooray.
I'm back to normal.


Who's got a pint of apple blood?
Hoot, hoot!

Ugh, time-out, everyone,

Terra, for the last time,
Eda doesn't sound like that.

She's got more of a...
like a cool aunt vibe

who pretends to be
all coldhearted

but actually cares a lot.

Ugh, you're a real thorn
in my side, do you know that?

I've had it with you
and your stupid little dog.

Ugh, whatever.

All I have to do
is play Eda the Owl Lady,

and I don't get turned into
one of those things, right?

Then, let's just continue.

Oh, I like musicians.

You're not being very nice
right now.



Collector, buddy,
you gotta stop doing that.

Think about what you're doing
to these people.

You are so boring.

I'm just playing pretend.

Even playing pretend
has consequences.

A cranky, old witch
taught me that.

You mean Eda, right?

That's what we need.
The real thing.

A cranky, know-it-all mentor figure.

No substitutes allowed.

Maybe if I ask real nice, I won't
have to turn her into a puppet.

No! Her curse is still,
um, in effect.

But I can check
if she's feeling better.

You promise?

You can trust me, Collector.

- Is that the little King guy you were telling me about?
- Mm-hmm.

Come on, King. Let's go back
to the Archive House.

Wait, no! Not yet!


Uh... Okay, okay.

The eyeballs on the ground
are normal,

but the little space cherub
is the danger?

We should follow them.

Belos is probably trying
to get back to the Collector.

It looked like they were
playing a game.

Yeah, with some kind of
messed up version of my life.

King must have told him
about our adventures.

Do you think everyone who was turned into
a puppet gets locked in the Archives?

If they do,
then that's where we have to go.

never make it. Hmm?

'Cause you guys are losers!

Since the Golden Guard,
I mean, Hunter,

told us about the Emperor's plan
for the Day of Unity,

Principal Bump allowed students and
teachers to camp out at Hexside.

We thought we could
handle whatever the Emperor threw at us

but when
the draining spell hit...

we realized things
wouldn't be so simple.

After the adults recovered...

That's when
the Collector's spies showed up.

The Grudgby team snuck out and
tried to hold them back, but...


It didn't work.

Bump and the adults were turned
into toys and taken away.

We've been hiding here
ever since.

And somewhere along the way I
went from being Mattholomule...

to Mantholomule.


We did a little
redecorating these past few months,

so let me welcome you to...

New Hexside!


This does not smell great.


Heads up!


T-shirts! Get your T-shirts.

Bootleg candy!
Now that your mama's a puppet,

it's time to eat that candy.

I'll save you, father!

Let the blood of your enemies
give you strength!


This is a statue of Principal Bump
who risked his life for ours.

It's so nice to see teachers

getting the respect
they deserve. I think...

- Look who it is.
- Oh, my gosh, it's Amity.

where have you guys been?

Who's tall Luz?

Willow! I'm so glad you're back.

Your orchids have become
sentient and have started a w*r

with a roving g*ng
of kindergartners.

Please, help.

No! Human paper clips are not
a good meat substitute.

Have people been eating those?


Hey, sis!


Oh, my... Titan.

Ed, you're gonna hurt yourself.

I don't care!
I wanna hug my sister.


What happened?

After you and dad
left the factory,

I bravely set off to find you.

Then I was tragically cornered
by one of the Collector's spies.

When he was running away,
he fell into an empty well.

Not empty.
There were rocks at the bottom.

Come here, you weirdos.

No offense,
but this seems a bit...


Yeah, but,
we're just following orders.

From who?


Would Captain Tholomule escort his
guests to the Council Chamber?

And do it now!

Captain who?

Wait, has Tholomule been
your last name this whole time?

Oh, shut up.

There has to be one left.


Boy, oh, boy!
We were gone for a while.

I should probably, uh,
go check on the ol' Owl Beast.

Maybe get her something to eat.

What do mortals eat again?

Rocks? f*re? Gravity?

Welcome home, Collector.

Did you have
a pleasant adventure?

we need to feed the Owl Beast.

Hmm... How about pizza bagels?

I told you before,

I could be much more use to you
than being, uh, Mamadalia.

Maybe we can talk about
remaking the Boiling Isles

into something bigger
and better.



Oh, and one more thing.

Drag those back to the
collection room, will ya?

Kay, thanks, bye!

We've been playing pretend
forever, King.

It is fun,
but what if we switch it up?

We could play capture the flag.

Us versus...
everyone on the Isles.

We could put the losers
on the moon.

Wow, that is... an idea.

But don't you think people would
have a tough time breathing?

So they could
hold their breaths.

Hey, King.

Can you read me a story?



"Collectors live long,
we watch things pass.

To preserve, to observe,
we must amass.

What flies, what swims,
be it predator, or prey,

seal them up so they
may never fade."


No, no!
Don't read the next part.

Skip to where I fixed it.

Uh, okay.
"But playing is more fun,

so I'm gonna
make friends instead.

The others stink. Boo!"

can I sleep with Francois?

Come on. You know I've only let
one other person hold him.

Right. That human.

Can you at least leave him
to watch over me?

I don't like being alone.

Uh, so if we get a group to organize
supplies, we can keep track of perishables

and that way, we won't have
to fight over food anymore.


if I may be so bold...


This would take
valuable resources

away from your guard.

You don't wanna be Collected
like the others, do you?

Good point, Miki. Next!

Oh, my gosh.
It's you guys!

Did she take any of our ideas?

No. Ugh, sorry,

I gotta make sure the kindergartners
aren't hunting down lockers again.

It was a bloodbath last time.

So glad you're alive.

Boscha, we found...

Allow me to introduce
student body president, Boscha,

and her trusted guards,
Miki and Roka.

Welcome to New Hexside.

Home to the future
of the Isles and stuff.

What the heck is going on here?

Yeah. Hexside doesn't even have
a student council.

I would know,
I kept trying to organize one,

but Bump thought
I was too "obsessed," and...

All right, girl, take a breath.

And who are you two?

My little sister and I were
traveling for the Day of Unity

but found ourselves hiding here
after the, uh, incident.

Boscha brought us in, so we helped
her establish order over Hexside.

Now we are flourishing.

Tell my story!

Well, first of all, I'd like to
introduce you to my mama, Camila.

And honorary Hexoleo, Hunter!

Long story short,
we're here to help.

We are gonna rescue everyone from the
Archives and save the Boiling Isles.

Not the reaction
I was expecting.

As the leader, the safety of
Boscha's subjects is paramount.

And this is a su1c1de mission.

After the horrors
her own Grudgby team faced.

Ah! Quiet.

I don't need to hear that again.

But Miki's right.
We're staying put.

- But...
- And that's that!

What just happened?

It's been like this ever since
Miki and Roka showed up.

We want to fix stuff around here,
but anytime we suggest something,

Miki thr*at to throw people
into the detention pit.

The what?

Maybe there's another way.

I don't know how to get
into the Archives,

but we may be able to get close

by teleporting directly
into the Titan's skull.

Oh, it's getting tangled.

Wait, wait. Can you, uh,
give me that one?



Eda, come on. Not right now.


You gotta stop leaving
your room!

The Collector thinks
you're still in beast mode.

I know.

I just like visiting Raine.




Guess who King found.

In a moment, Edalyn.

Drink this. I think I
got it right this time.

Lily, it's actually impressive
how the taste keeps getting worse.

But it does work!

Keep it up and you'll put
Morton out of business.

Great. Now, can you do something
about this guy?

Is he okay? Can he hear me?


Can you hear me?

Sequestered at a darkness
like unto death,

the dulcet tones
of an angel wakes me.

Be it you? Hoot! Hoot!

It be! It be!

Hooty, you keep finding new and
impressive ways to creep me out.

Maybe the Collector can release him too.
Like you and Lilith.

No! You are already putting yourself
at enough risk just for us.

Uh, Lily's right.

If the Collector
finds out you're lying,

we could all turn
into puppets for good.

Huh? What's the matter?

I don't know. I just miss Luz.

I miss her too, kiddo.

But she's in the human world now
with, you know, her real family.

Don't say it like that.
You know you don't mean it.

What Eda means to say is we'll find
a way to defeat the Collector.

At least Luz and her friends are safe
and far, far away from this madness.

- Hmm?
- Hmm?

Okay, coast is clear.

This is where me and Jerbo
have been trying to come up

with plans to make Hexside
more livable.

Keep it in. Keep it in.


Plans to convert the gym
into a common space.

Schedules for
rotating guard shifts?

Is that a dinner menu using
veggies from the Plant Homeroom?

Mattholomule, you're actually
a decent leader.

Did you ever have any doubt
in your mind?

Yes. Many, many doubts.

All right. Time to take
a walk down memory lane.

Once, I saw Philip... I mean, Belos
use a glyph to teleport to the skull.

But it may take some digging
to find it.

Remember, Luz.

No schemes. No plots. No ruses.

And definitely no shenanigans.

I'm gonna assume
those are clean.


It's not ready.

Put that one over there.

No, no. Over there.

Making a deal with that
child was a waste of time.

I wish someone
would see my potential.

Oh, yes.

I think you'll prove
to be quite useful.




I think we found it.

Whoa. It's so clear.

We can use this
to get to the skull.

Finally we can get moving again.

Before we go,

look what I found.

We're all gonna miss Flapjack,

but we know he loved you
the most.

And we just
want to let you know,

we don't care
who you're supposed to be

'cause you're one of us now.

Never forget that.

Hunter, are you okay?

I don't know.

Oh, um, I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to make things worse.

I, um... I'll be right back.

I guess this is my fault too.

What? How?

I've known you were a Grimwalker

since the Day of Unity.

I was waiting for you
to bring it up yourself,

but I... I don't know.

Maybe if I weren't so afraid, none
of us would be hurting right now.

Gus, I...

It's okay.
You stay here. I'll find Willow.

Wait. Gus!

Whoa, Gus. Wait up, please!

Trouble with your team,
Captain Half-a-Witch?

Leading isn't easy, is it?

All your time
is spent helping the team.

Keeping people from fighting.

Planning your next move.

And Titan forbid
you show any weakness.

Everyone else falls apart.

Not now, Boscha.

If you want my advice...

Advice? From you?

You have been nothing but petty

and mean to me since I met you.

What? You want me to give up?

You want me to admit
how stressed I am?

What advice could you
possibly give me?

Actually, I was gonna advise you

to watch your back.

You never know
when your opponent

is gonna strike.

Ugh.They're not coming back,
are they?

You kids
have gone through too much.

Even when we rescue
your families,

there's still so much to fix.

At least we'll all be together
to figure it out.

Right, Luz?

I should tell you something.

Ha! So the rumors were true.

You were trying to stage a coup,

little Mattholomule.

Yeah, we were,
'cause you guys are the worst.

No, not you!

Long time no see, human.


What's that smell?

Sleeping nettles.

Most important rule of Grudgby:

"Always expect the unexpected."

You're not supposed
to move on your own.

How did you break your spell?

The spell isn't broken.

See? You take such good care
of us Coven Heads, Collector.

Keeping us safe in the Archives.

It was the, uh, power
of your kindness

that brought me to life
so I could tell you...

What is it?

You're in danger, Collector.

Ah! What gives, Kikimora?

Are you working
for the Collector?

The days of
Kikimora the underling are over.

I prefer partnerships
such as ours.

We need to establish
our rule now

for the well-being
of future generations.

Okay, I'm still catching up.

What's the little red kitten
trying to do?

She's just copying Belos'

"scare people
into worship" thing

because she has no ideas
of her own.

Oh, I'm going to enjoy this.

You think I'd just drop you in
and walk away?

No. I think
I'll take you out myself.

Boscha, come on.

This is a bit much.
Even for you.


Ah! I don't deserve this.

I... I... I think
I remember the ice glyph.

Mama, wait!

Mama? Ami?

Don't think you've won just yet.


Uh, bruja toss!

N... No!

Luz? Camila?

Are you okay?

Let us go, Boscha.

Oh, Amity. I already let you go.

Many times.

When you stopped hanging out
with the group.

When you left the Grudgby team.

When you disappeared for months.

What are you saying?

I'm saying...

please come back.

- Huh?
- Huh?

The others are gone,
but we can still be a team.

We can rule
New Hexside together.

It'll be just like the old days.
Maybe even better.

We don't have time for this.

I won't let you leave again.

Boscha, you're hurting me.


Gotcha now, Blight.


Cool, right? A little illusion
trick Augustus taught me.

But... ...where's Amity?
She didn't leave, did she?

I can't be who you want me to be, Boscha.
But we can still save your teammates.

Will you let us try?

Hey, Gus. Gus. Gus, are you okay?
Can you hear me?

Gus? Wake up.

Huh? What?


It's okay! It's okay.
It's just me.

What... happened?

I remember smelling
sleeping nettles.

Yeah, and I think I saw Kikimora,
which is definitely a bad sign.

That way is all caved in, so...

This way. Yeah. I'm ready
to kick some New Hexside butt.

Flapjack, everyone's on
edge, and I don't know what to say.

I wish you were here.



Oh, Hunter.

I had a little run-in with
Boscha and got stuck down here.

Gus just surprised me.

What's going on?

I've got it all under control.

Uh, I don't think it's working.

I can do this. I can do this.
I can do this.

I can do this. I can do this.


Me? I'm in danger?

- Good one.
- It's true.

Someone very close to you is
planning their betrayal. Right now.

You don't mean King, right?

I don't know if you've noticed,
but he's my best friend.

And where is he now?

All right, King. According
to these, um, borrowed books,

Titan magic can actually
cancel out the Collector's.

And that's why his predecessors...
Well, uh...

Wiped out all the Titans?

The important thing is that there is hope
to defeat him. Maybe even trap him again.

No! We can't do that!

Hear that?
He's looking out for me.

Well, why not?

'Cause it didn't work!

If we want things to go
back to normal,

the Collector
needs to be stopped for good.

And I think I know
a more permanent solution.

That didn't sound...
very friendly.

You know, the human is here too.

Luz! Why is she back?

Obviously, to help King put an end
to you and your little games.

No! No, no, no! You're fibbing.
You're definitely fibbing.


The Collector is just
a little kid.

A scary, powerful one,
but also sad and alone.

I don't know. This whole time I
was scared of making him mad,

but I think I can relate to him.

Let me talk to him,

immortal being
to semi-immortal being.

It's worth a try if no more
people get hurt, right?

Oh, you're growing up
too fast for me, kiddo.

Come on out, you humans.

You can't hide forever.

My whole plan fell apart.
I messed up again.

What are you talking about?

It doesn't matter.

No, mija, it does matter.

You don't want to leave
the demon realm, do you?

Of course not, but...

You keep messing up?
Messing up is a part of living.

You don't think
I've ever messed up before? Ha!

Okay, well, once I scheduled my wisdom
tooth surgery the day before my wedding.

Oh, then there was
that time I got road rage

and didn't realize I was
cursing out your new principal.

And, you know, I sold energy drinks
for a pyramid scheme for three years!

And, of course, I was convinced
we should move to Gravesfield

to be closer
to that fancy hospital.

You know how that ended.

And worst of all, I didn't stand up
for you when you needed me most.

I forgot
about the Astral Oath.

The what?

The Astral Oath is a promise made
between Captain Avery and his family

to love and protect
each other just as they are...

through supernovas
and solar winds.

Mom, are you a secret nerd?

I had a hard time growing up.
I was afraid you would too.

My biggest mistake was
trying to protect you

by changing this beautiful Good
Witch into something she wasn't.

I think
I just realized something.

I don't know why it took me
so long to figure out.

The only thing
I've ever really wanted...

was to be understood.

Found you!

Gus? Hunter?


I can do this.
I can do this.

I can do this. I can do this.

I can't do this.

I can't control my own magic.
I can't help my friends.

Why have I been
trying to be someone different?

Boscha's right. I'll always
just be... half-a-witch Willow.

You didn't make anything worse.
You didn't do anything wrong.

You guys mean the world to me, and I...
I didn't know how to say that yet.

Just please, don't call yourself
that ever again.

You've been holding in a lot,
haven't you?


Reliable people need someone
to rely on too!

Just let it out. We'll be fine.

I miss my dads!


Hunter, how did you do that?

Do what?

You have magic, dude!

The magic of friendship?

No! The magic of Flapjack!


Sorry! I'm still
getting the hang of this.

- Luz has a staff.
- Why does that make me nervous?

There you are!

I am done playing hide-and-seek!

Yep. That's better.


She's fine.

This is child's play for us.

Whoa. What did I miss?

I missed a lot!

I don't need this wretched
school to start my own empire.

I'll make my own,

and I'll start
by taking you apart,

piece by piece, brat by brat.

Stop right there!

Miki, I can't say
I'm surprised by this.

As for you, Roka...

I know there's been nothing
but chemistry between us.

Be that as it may, I...

That's a robot, Matt.


They'll hold her back.
Let's get to the skull!

Hey, Boscha. Don't think this
means I'm finished with you.

I didn't do this for any of you.

I just wanna do normal things
and look great

and play Grudgby with my team!


I can't tell what you're gonna be,
but thank you, little friend.

This is my empire now.
You have to obey me!

We... We made it!

Oh, my gosh! Ah!

I can't believe that actually worked!

Oh, you really beamed us up,
eh, O'Bailey?

Beam us up!
Beam us up! Beam us up!


Come meet my Palisman.

What kind of magical creature
will it be? A dragon?

A bird?
Oh, an otter!

A spooky bat?
A snake?

You're close.

She's a snake shifter.

Her name is Stringbean,
and she's perfect!


Thanks for what you said back there.
You mean a lot to me too.

Cool. Happy to help.

I can't wait
to show Eda and King.

They'll love her.

Although Hooty might eat her.

King might too.

Eda might three.

What did I tell you? Luz has come to
help King get rid of you for good.

What will you do, Collector?

I think I wanna play a new game.
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