10x08 - To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent". Aired: September 30, 2001 – June 26, 2011.
NYPD detectives of the Major Case Squad use unconventional methods to solve crimes.
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10x08 - To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap

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In New York
city's w*r on crime,

the worst criminal offenders
are pursued

by the detectives
of the Major Case Squad.

These are their stories.

- Danielle, sweetheart,

Nobody's gonna take your company
away from you.

- The Gaffneyss have money,

- And we've got brains
and guts.

No trust fund brat
gets to swoop in

and take away
what we've built.

Nice, Rex.

Parker Gaffneys.

Speak of the devil.

- Enjoy yourselves
while you can,

'cause the fun train is over.

You're on notice.

Lawyers have been hired
and they're locked and loaded.

Guys, we can talk about this.

Those who can't do, sue.

Bring it on, Princeton.

You're a thief, Danielle.

- Okay, now I'm starting
to lose my chill.

- A thief in a company
of thieves.

Yeah, take a sh*t.

That'll add, what, another
10 million to the lawsuit?

- Guys.
- Sit down, please.

- Parker, forget it.
- Guys, guys, come on.

Rex, what do you need?

One douchebag escorted out.


- You used to be such
a nice person, Danielle.

You should see yourself now.

I want her company eviscerated.

- Theft of intellectual

is notoriously difficult
to prove.

- That's why your firm
was hired.

- Then I need more than your
word against hers.

I need evidence to put this
over the top.

You bring me a smoking g*n.

- When we started this company,
it was fun.

How did things get so ugly?

- Money changes people,
but not us.

We're still the same, right?


- Look, I don't want
the Gaffneyss

and that whole nightmare
to come between us.

Hey, it's you two!

I love your site.

My fiance really loves
your site.


Thank you.

Do you see?

Us, the company,
it wasn't coincidence.

It was destiny.

And the Gaffneyss
can't fight that.

- A lawsuit is a huge waste
of time.

When you're spitballing ideas,

who's to say who came up
with what?

- That better not be what you
say in your deposition.

If you let this girl
play you for a fool,

you'll be sucking hind teat
for the rest of your life.

That's not the Gaffneys way.

- I'm not sure
she did play us.

I saw the evidence.

It's hardly definitive.

We could spend years
in litigation

wasting time and energy
that could be spent

building our own company.

- You're gonna let
these people screw you

while you smile and say,
"thank you"?

Not my son.

Man up, boy.

Fight or die.

Quit being so soft.

- I keep telling you,
the old man's right.

We got two bodies.
Janitor found them this morning.

The victims are Parker
and Thomas Gaffneys.

- 30.
- Brothers?

Identical twins.

Well, that's a first for us.

That's Danielle and PJ.


It's a dating network.

- You're a subscriber?
- No.

They are Internet legends.

They turned $12,000
into millions.

That's Parker.

Parker looks like
he's got

a s*ab wound through
the jugular.

The khakis, that's Thomas.

Thomas we don't know
about yet.

- Security cameras
in the building?

- Yeah, but they shut it down
at 7:42 last night.

That's convenient.

We'll need the records
on the swipe card access.

Heavy perspiration.

It's an unusual head wound.


You see the bruising
around the edges?


- Brain hemorrhage?
- Could be.

The blood trail leads
over here.

So Thomas' body was dragged
from the area

that he was k*lled.


Lever's bent.

And, uh, it's consistent
to the wound

on Thomas' head.

- He was pushed into
the pinball machine,

maybe during a struggle?


The k*ller might have been

dragging Thomas' body away
when Parker showed up.

The k*ller doubled down.

- I have no idea what
the Gaffneyss were doing here.

They didn't work for us.

- But you knew them?
- Professionally.

They ran
a venture capital firm.

- Were they investors
in Kizmate?


Then why would they be here?

I told you.

I don't know why
they were here.

- Maybe they subscribed
to your dating service.

We're not a hook-up service.

And we're not Facebook.

We're a networking site

to romantic connectivity.

To Kismet.

- Right, fate, destiny,
from the turkish.

- Isn't that how you met
your partner?

- I had developed
an application,

but I didn't know
what it was good for.

Then two years ago,
I dropped my wallet

near the gapstow bridge
in central park.

PJ found it.

He was cute.

He was wearing
a blue knit cap.

But before I could get his name,
he was gone.

- So you used your application
to blast a message to him,

to the boy in the blue cap?


We've been together ever since.

- And then you turned this
into a website?

- PJ and I just wanted
to give others the chance

to make their own happiness.

And now this-this-

bad luck.

Or destiny.

I don't know.

I'm just a geek code writer
who had one good idea.

That's all.

Danielle magee is a thief.

Kizmate was my boys' idea.

They pitched it to her
two years ago.

- We weren't
aware of that.

- Thomas had the idea
to create an application

that allowed people
to trace chance encounters.

He and Parker met with Danielle
to develop it.

My boys.

- We're very sorry
for your loss.

- You fenced
with your son?

Thomas or Parker?
- Uh, Parker.

Thomas enjoyed
more benign pursuits.


Different personalities.


You know, miss magee,

she told us that
she came up

with the Kizmate application
on her own.

- No, maybe the mechanics
of it,

but it was my sons' idea.

Then she ran with it
all the way to the bank.

They were suing her.

- Did you see or speak
with your sons last night?

- I had dinner with Thomas
at the university club.

- Did he mention going
to the Kizmate office later?

- No, but he did get
a phone call after 10:00.

Uh, he said he had to leave.

Some business emergency.

"Business emergency."

Who else would know what
that might have been?

- Their business partner,
samir doss, he would know.

- No, I don't know
what emergency Thomas

was talking about,
and no,

I have no idea
why he and Parker

were at the Kizmate office.

- But you do have an idea
about the lawsuit.

- Two years ago,
we approached Danielle

to write code for our site.

We had a couple of meetings.

She seemed decent, honest...
Very smart.

Six months later,
she launched Kizmate.

Our idea.

You confronted her?

- We asked for a fair share-
tens of millions of dollars

she didn't want to pay.

- Any chance she
might have arranged

to meet with the Gaffneyss
last night

to discuss a settlement?

- Well, I'd like to think
they wouldn't meet her

without telling me first.

- But she knew
that you were suing her?

Most definitely.

Two nights ago,
I was with Parker

and we ran into Danielle
at a nightclub.

He told her our lawyers
were locked and loaded.

That's how Parker talked.

- I didn't say anything
about the lawsuit

because my lawyer said
not to mention it to anyone.

- Uh, no, see,
we're not "anyone."

We're the police,
and the two men

who were suing you were found
m*rder in your offices.


You think I k*lled them
with my bare hands?

- You?
Those two big guys?


- All the same,
where were you last night?

I was at home.

- With me...
From 10:00 on.

We were watching videos
on the net.

You have a cap.

You're the guy in the posters.

My boyfriend, PJ Edwards.

You work here?

- PJ's on our board
of directors.

- So you're a member
of the board,

so you're being sued
as well?

- Come on, you guys
don't seriously think

we have anything
to do with this?

- Thing is,
girlfriend and boyfriend

alibiing each other,
that doesn't impress us.

You and Parker Gaffneys
had words a couple nights ago

at a nightclub.

Parker's a hothead.

What about you, PJ?

Are you a hothead?

What do I have
to do with this?

Well, your girlfriend here

doesn't look like the type
to go to a nightclub on her own.

You probably went with her,

got into it
with Parker Gaffneys.

I was there with Rex Tamlyn.

Oh, who is Mr. Tamlyn?

He's a partner in Kizmate.

Our principal business

- And another name to party
in the lawsuit?

Sorry, vips only.

- We're on the list.
- Guess you are.

- We're looking for
Rex Tamlyn.

Thank you.


Am-scray, ladies.

We need some face time
with Mr. Tamlyn.

- It's okay.
It's all right.

I know what this is about.

The Gaffneys brothers?

Horrible what happened.

- Yeah, you seem really
broken up about it.

Hey, I mean...

I barely knew 'em.

- Excuse me.
But they knew you.

They were suing you.
Sorry, excuse me.

- Yeah,
completely without merit.

They're just looking
for a payout from Danielle.

It's my job to protect her,
all right?

She's brilliant,
but she's into Kismet.

I'm into cash.

By any means necessary.

We looked you up.

Your last Internet venture

was interactive p*rn?

- Uh, please.
Virtual eroticism.

It's all about packaging.

It was my idea
to have Danielle and PJ

as the poster kids
for Kizmate.

- What better way to prove
that Kismet works?


- Well, here's some
more Kismet.

Two nights ago,
Parker Gaffneys rolls up

on you and Danielle,
thr*at you,

and then last night,
he and his brother

end up d*ad in your office.

- And I'm the only guy
in this city

Parker Gaffneys
had a beef with?

Listen, I-
not to speak ill of the d*ad,

but the guy had a major chip
on his shoulder.

- You know,
we keep hearing that.

What about
his brother Thomas?


Thomas had nothing to prove.

Thomas had made millions
off his own ideas.

Dollars to donuts,
Parker was the one

behind that lawsuit.

- Thanks for the insight,
but we still need to know

where you were last night.

- Right here,
ass on leather.

You can ask Billy the owner.

Hell, ask the girls.
I was here till last call.

Listen, I don't know who k*lled
the Gaffneys brothers,

but it wasn't me.

That lawsuit was nothing.

They had no proof
of anything.

Now, if you don't mind,
I'm gonna hit the dance floor.

Care to join?


- Aww.
Your loss.

- Maybe that's what
the Gaffneyss were looking for-

proof Danielle stole
their idea.

- Maybe what Parker
was looking for.

Under arms.


I'd really like to dance,
you know?

We should call Rodgers.

I was looking out for you.

By lying to the police?

- Well,
I knew you were home,

so why not just stop
the cops right there?

I know where I was.

Where were you?



I'll call the cops right now
and tell them I lied,

and you went along with it.


I'm just trying to keep us
together, Danielle.

- Well, even though
I kick myself

every time I say this,
you were right.

I found Thomas Gaffneys's

on Parker Gaffneys's hands.

Sweat mixed
with antiperspirant.

Sweat from Thomas's armpits?

- So Parker grabbed
his brother under the arms,

dragged him away from
the pinball machine...

The pinball machine
where he k*lled him.

Wha-I beg your pardon?

Twin number one k*lled
twin number two?

We think.

- Well, so much
for brotherly love.

One k*ller down.

One more to go.

I know about
what a kin is able

but someone k*lling
their twin?

According to witnesses,

Parker was the f*re-breather
in the family.

The lawsuit was his idea.

So was probably breaking
into Kizmate.

- Thomas, he got a call
while he was having dinner

with his father
from a no-name cell phone.

That might have been Parker
telling him

what he was about to do.

Thomas went and tried
to stop him.

- And push came to shove
and Thomas ended up

taking a header
into the pinball machine?

Something like that.

Thomas didn't die right away.

- Parker would have noticed
that he was still alive.

He wouldn't abandon
his brother.

- But he didn't want
to call 911

while they were still
in the offices of Kizmate.


So he tried to get
his brother outside,

you know, down on the street,
call for help.

- That's what he was doing
when he ran into

whoever k*lled him.

So you have three suspects.

- Three people who stood
to lose big

if the Gaffneyss
won their lawsuit.

- That's assuming that
the lawsuit has merit,

that this girl did indeed
steal the Gaffneyss' idea.

- That's what we think Parker
Gaffneys was looking for-proof.

- Well, why don't you finish
what he started?

- At our first meeting
with Danielle,

Parker and Thomas
were spitballing their idea

for the site.

Danielle got this excited look
on her face

and started scribbling
in a yellow notepad.

- It's a complex mathematical

she had a moment
of inspiration.

- She tore the page
from the yellow pad,

but her pen left an indentation
on the page below it.

We had a handwriting expert
verify it.

It's proof that she came up
with the algorithm

for the application
during that meeting.

It's not enough.

You needed to prove
that this algorithm

was the basis for Kizmate.

The only way to find that
was by hacking

into their main computer.

- I'm sure that's
what Parker

was hoping
to do that night.

- We'll need a copy
of this doodle.

It's better late than never.

Building security tracked
a swipe card entry

into the Kizmate offices
at 10:12 P.M.

Card belonging
to a Kizmate employee.

One Hildy Whitmore.

- I didn't give my card
to anybody.

I lost it
or somebody stole it.

I don't-I don't know.

Okay, we buy that.

So I can leave?

Not quite.

So you're a secretary
at Kizmate?

I'm Danielle's assistant.

Oh, you're an assistant.

That's long hours,
I bet.

We checked your work station.

You logged off your computer
at 7:36

the night of the m*rder.

- Like you said,
long hours.


You were there all alone

just holding the fort down.

Danielle counts on me.

That's ironic.

It is ironic.

- Ironic,
because six minutes later,

someone turned off
the security cameras.

And since you were
the only one in the fort-

- you think I helped those
Gaffneys creeps

break into our offices?

Why would I do that?

Money, for starters.

You don't understand.

I've worked for Danielle
for a year.

She gave me shares
in Kizmate.

Why would I want
to help people

who want to take down
the company?

I know, right?

That's a good question.

Why would you?

You know what?

I'm not under arrest,
so I'm leaving.

Pants on f*re?


- I don't like it, Rex.
- Trust me.

You keep saying that.


If you know what's
good for you, for all of us,

you will keep your mouth shut.

- There it is, right there
in the Kizmate source code.

The same algorithm that
was on that piece of paper.

- It doesn't look the same.
- Oh, sorry.

Let me express it
as an algorithm.



- I had to patch it together
by breaking down

the Kizmate app and searching
their offline archives.

So there's the proof.

Danielle came up with this idea
in the Gaffneyss' office.

They had a case.

- Danielle had reason
to be worried.

- Danielle and the other
two musketeers,

PJ and Rex.

What if Hildy had
second thoughts

about helping the Gaffneyss?

What if she told Danielle
what the Gaffneyss were up to?

- Danielle might have gone
to her office that night

with her musketeers to deal
with Parker Gaffneys.

- Hildy, I need the p&l
from last quarter.

I got to go.

Miss magee, you mind?

We need a few minutes
with you.

- But I'm in the middle
of a meeting.

We won't take long.

- I don't know what more
I can tell you.

- It's not about telling.
It's about explaining.

- We found the algorithm
in your source code.

So the Gaffneyss,
they weren't lying.

You stole the idea from them.


- You found out Parker
was breaking into your office.

You came here to stop him.

That's not true.

I didn't k*ll anybody.

We need to talk to you.

She's telling the truth.

Danielle was with me
the night of the m*rder.

We were together all night.

Now that's Kismet.

What I said all night,
I didn't mean it in a sexual way.

It's an American idiom.


What I meant was
Danielle and I met

at the cherry Lane tavern
on the lower east side

from 8:00 to 2:00 A.M.

Six hours?

So if you weren't having sex,
what were you doing?

Working on a settlement.

Only Parker wanted
the lawsuit.

I was the peacemaker.

I offered Danielle a deal.

- Why didn't you
tell us that before?

- Because I didn't think
it had anything to do

with Parker
and Thomas' deaths.

- Did they know about
the settlement?


I wanted Danielle
on board first

and then I was gonna
tell them in the morning.

But it was too late.

- I lied about PJ because
I had to keep

the settlement secret.

I was trying to save
my company.

But I swear I was
at the cherry tavern.

Samir is telling the truth.

- He's got about as much
credibility as you right now.

Why would samir lie for me?

- I can think
of a million reasons.

The lawsuit's still on.

If he can keep you
out of jail long enough

to sign off on this settlement,
he stands to win big.

- The settlement I proposed
was more than fair.

The twins and I would receive
15% of preferred stock

and a percentage
of royalties based on sales.

- All right,
which at the current valuation

of the company comes-

$37 million.

A drop in the bucket
for Danielle.

- Right, and worth it
to her to avoid

the bad publicity
of a lawsuit.

- In business, sometimes you win
by surrendering.

Or lying.

I wonder how much
the shares of Kizmate

would be worth
if the CEO was in jail.

I'm not protecting Danielle.

- Yeah, see,
'cause it just occurred to me

that by alibiing her,
you're alibiing yourself.

Why would I need an alibi?

Twins out of the way.

You gain most
from the settlement.

That's motive.

- What?
I m*rder-

are you insane?

- The jury's still out
on that one.

That's it.

I'm calling my attorney.

- Your company
is worth millions.

You would say anything
to protect that.

- I didn't care about
the money.

I never did.

I just wanted to write code,
be creative,

have fun,
to enjoy my life with PJ.

- The Gaffneys twins were trying
to spoil your dream.

That must have made you angry.

It was all Parker.

He was ruthless.

Not Thomas?


Thomas too.

- I thought you barely
knew them.

I don't.

I was ready to settle.

I would have paid anything

to have my old life back,

to have everything
the way it was.

Just me and PJ.

- You were making
a deal with samir

and you weren't
gonna tell me?

- I was, but-
- I lied to the cops for you!

- Whoa, guys, guys!
Let's chill out, okay?

- You still haven't told me
where you were that night.

- Oh, you're interrogating
me now?

This is ridiculous.
- Oh, PJ!

God, I hate this!
I hate the company!

I hate this life!
- All right, listen!

You guys can bitch
at each other all you want,

but let's not forget why we're
here in the first place, huh?

Kismet, baby!

People believe in it.

So you better keep living it.

- Samir closed out his tab
at the cherry tavern at 11:30.

It proves he was there,

but not necessarily
with Danielle.

Why would he lie?

- He made a deal with her that
could put 40 million bucks

in his pocket.

It's worth nothing
if she's in jail.

- But even so,
if Danielle made a settlement

with samir,
I don't see her having a motive

to s*ab Parker Gaffneys
in the neck.



She had no financial motive.

- Good.
So who did?

Danielle's partners were in
the dark about this settlement?


So which one?

Granola boy
or the ex-p*rn?

The ex-p*rn.

I owe him a dance.

- Uh, yeah,
I mean, I told you guys

I wasn't here that night.

I'm hardly ever here.

Well, you're here now.

Turns out,
your buddies at the club,

Billy and the ladies,
they can't remember

if you were there or not.

Uh, great.

So now I have
to prove a negative?

Well, it'd be a lot easier

if all your friends
weren't cokeheads.

Looks like you have a pretty
nasty habit yourself.

- What are you,
my father?

- No, I'm a concerned citizen
with a badge.

You know that stuff impairs
your judgment, right?

It makes you erratic.


- Also makes you
highly sexualized.

You know Hildy,
Danielle's assistant.

You know, she was here
that night.

- Oh, okay.
Well, great.

Then she can tell you
that I wasn't.

- She's too scared
to say much of anything.

She's pretty good-looking.

Don't you think, Rex?

Maybe you figured you'd have
a go at her that night.

- Maybe you turned off
the security cameras

so Danielle couldn't see
your bare butt

bouncing around her office.

- Where do you guys
come up with this stuff?


- And then after that,
you curled up to have a nap.

- But you were woken up
by a ruckus

and you found Parker Gaffneys
dragging his d*ad brother.

- All that marching
powder up your nose,

you went after Parker.

- With scissors.
That's what the autopsy showed.

Very good.
Very good.

Only problem
is it didn't happen.

Wasn't me.

- Then who, Rex?
Who did it?

- I don't know.
I don't-

but, but all that stuff about
Hildy and the security cameras

is pure fantasy
and I can prove it.

And I'll show you right now.
Come on.

I had the security system

with a secret feature.

Here, you see the cupid,
the bellybutton?

- Let me guess.
It's a camera.

Yes, exactly.

So anytime the system
is shut down,

the camera takes one last sh*t
of the security room.

- It takes a picture of whoever
turns off the system.

Who else knows about it?

Just me and Danielle.

Maybe she told Hildy.

So let's see.

So last Tuesday night.

Here we go.

Great camera work.

- No, it's blocked
by something.


Open-weave pattern
like a sweater, blue.

A blue knit cap.

It's crap.

Have a seat.

Lying to the police
is serious business.

I find it very annoying,


I mean, you don't see anybody
else wearing caps

or hats or anything else silly
in here, do you?

This is one police Plaza.

Have some respect.


Look at this.

The perfect hat rack
for a cap.

Don't you agree?

- I don't know
what you're talking about.

Oh, okay.

I'm talking about this.

Your cap over the camera.

Tuesday night, 7:42.

What were you doing
in those offices

you didn't anyone to see?

- You can't prove
that's my cap.

- I bet she can prove
that it's your cap

and a lot more.

You and Hildy...

Is that Kismet or,
you know, hormones?

You want a soda?

No, I just-

oh, I forgot to tell you.

We asked your friend
to come in too.

Oh, God.

- If you want to say hi,
you can just wave or-

oh, God.

Am I in a lot of trouble?

- Yes, sweetie,
you are in a lot of trouble.

- I'm not a big believer
in Kismet either, you know?

It's bound to fade.

I mean, two people
in a relationship forever

and exclusion with all others,

I mean,
it's against our nature.

I mean,
that kind of possessiveness

is not what assured us
our survival

when we were out there,
you know,

foraging on the Savannah.


What do you think?

You and Danielle
on the posters.

That was a dream,

It's real.

- Yeah, I think that
that woman out there

would have
a different opinion.

Come on, PJ.

What happened in those offices
that night?


Well, I'll just get it
out of her.

Well, that's it.
I got everything.

Oh, God.

So you and PJ?


For the past two months.

PJ told me that he and Danielle
hadn't slept

in the same bed in months.

- You and PJ'd hook up
at the office?

Only when I had to work late.

PJ knew how to turn off
the security cameras

so nobody'd know.

- And Tuesday night?
- Yeah, same thing.

Um, but we left around 8:30.

- Are you sure
about that, Hildy?


PJ wanted to hang out more,


I knew Parker Gaffneys
was gonna be there later.

- You knew because you'd given
him the swipe card?


I had no choice.
He blackmailed me.

How'd he do that?

- He knew that PJ
and I were...

He thr*at
to tell Danielle.

I own shares in the company.

I would have lost everything.

How did he know?

Did he say?

- I don't know.
He just knew.

- I told you,
I didn't know anything

about the break-in.

- You just happened
to have settlement talks

with Danielle that same night

Parker was breaking
into her offices?

- Got to admit that's
a big coincidence.

Maybe so.

I just wish I worked out
the settlement sooner.

- No, see, you're gonna wish you
stopped lying to us sooner.

- I'm sure
an obstruction charge

will impress the investment
banks that you deal with.

All right.

Maybe I had an inkling
of what Parker was up to,

but I advised him against it.

That counts.

- Parker blackmailed Danielle's
assistant Hildy

to giving him
an access card.

Did you know about that?


Parker said his scheme
was foolproof.

- Parker knew that Hildy
was sleeping

with Danielle's boyfriend?


- How did Parker know that?

- Well, I think Thomas
told him.

I have no idea
how Thomas knew.

- I want you to send a text
for me on your cell phone.


See, now I know why you fell
in love on this bridge.

Sure is romantic.

Where's samir?

He sent me a message.

We did, from his phone.

- I see.
I'm leaving.

We know about the affair.

PJ and Hildy.

Hildy told us all about it.

They did the deed
that Tuesday night

right in there at Kizmate.

- That's why PJ turned off
the security cameras,

'cause he didn't want you
to find out

about him and Hildy.

Well, it worked...

Because I didn't know.

- Really?
It was news to you?

She look brokenhearted to you?


Don't tell me how I feel.

You just told me
the man of my dreams

was cheating on me.

- Oh, you mean the romance
of a lifetime?

The fluff that you sell
on your website?

- Apps for saps.
- In caps.

- I don't need to listen
to this.

You knew.

You knew about the affair

and you told Thomas Gaffneys.

He told Parker.

Parker blackmailed Hildy
to get access to your office.

That makes no sense.

I didn't tell Thomas anything.
- You did.

'Cause you'd tell the man
you love everything.

The man I loved?

He was suing me.

Parker was.

He was the ruthless one.

You said so yourself.

Thomas was different.

We heard your hesitation...

The way your voice softened
when you spoke his name.

You're wrong.

None of it is true.

You called him that night

after meeting with samir

to tell him the good news about
how you settled the lawsuit.


- You called him from your
no-name cell phone, Danielle.

The one you used so PJ wouldn't
find out about your affair.

- And that's when Thomas
told you that Parker

was on his way to break
into your offices

and that he was gonna try
and stop him.

You were gonna meet him there.

But you were too late.

Thomas probably left
the door open for you.

We couldn't find a card swipe
for your entry,

but you entered that office.

And you found Parker standing
over the body

of the man that you loved.

Isn't that right, Danielle?

It's now or never, Danielle.

Oh, God.

- Danielle, you said
that you'd pay anything

to get back to what you had,

that state of grace,
the innocence that you felt

on the bridge that day.

There's only one way
back there.

That starts with the truth.

Everything got...

So damn complicated.

I understand.

Do you?

You called it fluff.

You don't believe love
is possible?

True love?

I want to believe.

Make me believe.

So that's how you felt
about Thomas?

We were so different.

It didn't seem possible.

But...I loved him.

- Thomas was your real destiny,
your true love.


So you need to help me...

Believe that he was
your true love,

that you would do anything
for him.

I would.

Even k*ll a man?

The man who took his life?

That you were willing
to give everything up

that night for Thomas?

What did you do, Danielle?

I felt...

I'd lost everything.

Parker said it was my fault,

that I turned Thomas
against him.

He came at me.

I had to do something.

I grabbed scissors
from a desk and...

I s*ab him.

I'm sorry.

I have to arrest you now,

But it was in self defense.

- We'll let a jury
sort that out.

I'm sorry.

I was in love with Thomas.

I'm sorry.

True love.

We all want to believe.

You lied to me last week.

I mean, it's okay.
Everybody does.

When did I do it?

- Well, you said
that these sessions

are so that I can get to know
about my own mind,

but that's not what this
is really about.

Because NYPD sent you here?

- No, because NYPD
is paying you

to assess my s*ab,
my temperament, right?

- So what you're saying is that
I can't really be helping you

and evaluating you for that?

When you malfunction,

I'm trying to find out
what happens and when.

Yes, I'm evaluating you,

but I'm also trying
to help you.

Right now, I think the job
is vital to you.

The job gives you structure,
sense of purpose.

But you're convinced that it's
the only thing that defines you.

You think, without the puzzle,
you don't matter.

It's a lie,
but it's the only one

you've chosen to believe.

Consider this.

If everyone lies,

by definition,
that has to include you.

And if that's true,
there's no way

you can trust
your own judgment.

Not when you put
the job before the man.

There's so much more
to you than that.

- Are you gonna
take my job away?

- I'm gonna tell them that you
are more than capable

of holding
down your job and...

That you have anger
and trust issues

that would benefit
from further treatment.

- Yeah, well, I've been
to anger management.

It only managed
to make me angrier.

- But you need to learn
how to curb your anger

to keep your job.

And it's gonna be hard,
but you're smart.

Smart enough to learn
how to game yourself.


I could recommend
a couple of therapists.

- What? Recommend?
What, you're passing the buck?

- No, I didn't mean it
like that.

- No, no, no, no.

I'm not starting
with somebody new.


You've gotten to know me.

You know what
you're getting into.

You'll be fine.

You're gonna be fine.

Come on.

Oh, I'd thought
about the riddle,

the doors, the guards.

- One guards heaven,
the other, hell.

You have one question to ask.
What will it be?

- What will
the other guard say

if you ask him
if his is the door to heaven?

Very good.

Same time next week?



How'd it go?


A call came in.

D.O.A. At a bank
on west 44th street.

The feds are
already on their way,

but I thought we might want
to get there first.

Get there first.

Let's go.
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