20x12 - Big Rig

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "NCIS". Aired: September 2003 to present.
The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
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20x12 - Big Rig

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MAN: Torres.

Sawyer? What are you doing here, man?

I thought you were supposed
to be on an undercover op.

- If anybody sees us...
- They won't.

I was too careful, okay? I just
needed to talk to someone.

All right. What's going on? Talk to me.

This op... it's got my head
all turned around.

Being two people, lying all the time,

constantly having
to look over my shoulder.

Hey. (SIGHS)

When was the last time you slept?

I don't know.

The place they got me holed up in...

the trains keep me up all night,

just coming and going.

- Hey, Dale?
- Yeah.

Whose blood is that?

You go too far,
you can still come back, right?

I'm calling Vance, all right?

We need to bring you in now.



It's nothing. We're good.

Sawyer? Sawyer.

♪ ♪

What is the national animal of Scotland?

- The unicorn.
- Correct.

What is the only edible food
that never goes bad?

- Honey.
- Correct.

What is on the top floor

of the U.S. Supreme Court building?

Ooh, ooh, wait, I know this one.

I got it. A basketball court.

- Ah.
- KNIGHT: Ding, ding, ding!

- Correct.
- Damn it, I was gonna say it.

What's with the questions?

Well, our very own Timothy McGee
just found out

that he is going to be a contestant on

Smart Alecks.

Smart Alecks?

Oh, I love that show.

Everybody loves that show.

Wow, what's...? How'd you score that?

Well, it was actually,
uh, Delilah's idea.

Every time we watch at home,

I play along, usually win,

so she encouraged me to audition.

Took an online test, and, uh,

- they picked me.
- When's the show?

Three days. They fly me out
to Hollywood to tape it.

Whoa. I got to say,
I'm impressed, McGee.

(LAUGHS) You nervous?

Ah, not particularly.

Good, 'cause I'd be terrified.

Being in front of all those lights

and cameras, and not to mention,

Smart Alecks is watched
by eight million people?

Mm, I think it's more like ten.

Well, I could never do it, but

good for you for not being nervous.

Well, I'm nervous now.

Tell him it's Agent Torres from NCIS.

It's important. Thanks.

You okay, Nick?

I don't know, man. Sawyer came
to see me last night.

He didn't look good.

Sawyer came to see you?

Aren't the two of you, like,
the opposite of friends?

Well, we had our differences.

PARKER: That's putting it mildly.

You nearly k*ll each other

when we busted
that f*ght club last year.

Well, ever since he took
this undercover assignment,

he's been coming to me for guidance.

But you should've seen him
last night, man.

He was rambling, edgy,
he had blood on his clothes.

I told him to come in,
but he just took off.

Do you know anything

about this op that he's on?
Can you call his handler?

All I know is that
it's a joint op with the FBI.

They're taking lead.

I reached out to them twice, and

they haven't returned my calls.

Do you know where Sawyer's staying?

No, he's deep undercover.

Only his handler would know.

- What's up?
- He said that

the trains were keeping him up at night.

Which maybe means
that he's staying at...

Somewhere near the train tracks.

I got two motels here
near Union Station.

Yeah, I got another two
outside the city.

All right, what are we standing
around here for?

Divide and conquer. Let's go.

Looks like we found the right place.

Excuse me, Officer.

NCIS. What's going on?

One of the guests called in
a car fire not too long ago.

The firemen are putting it out
right now.

What kind of car is it? Ford Taurus.

Hope nothing valuable's in
there because that thing is toast.

That's Sawyer's car.

Captain, was there anyone in the car?

- No.
- You check the trunk?

We were just about to.
Do it now, please.

- Crowbar.
- Mm-hmm.


We're too late.

SAWYER: Can't come
to the phone right now.

You know what to do.

Sawyer's still not answering.

I can think of one reason why.

Well, we don't know it's him.

And what about the car?
You said it was his.

Well, lots of people have the same car.

Doesn't mean anything.
What about his I.D.?

And his prints?

He had no prints. They were burnt off.

Well, then we don't know it's him.

I spoke with the motel manager.

He confirmed that
Sawyer was a guest at the motel.

He was registered under
the name Tommy Dugan.

Probably his undercover alias.

- Yeah.
- You check his room?

Yeah. There were signs of a struggle.

Not looking good.

What about the surveillance cameras?

I haven't checked those yet, but...

Well, then let's check them out, right?

Why don't you guys, uh,
go get some statements?

What's going on with you?
They're just doing their jobs.

It was supposed to be me in that trunk.


I was supposed to go on
the undercover op, not Sawyer.

The FBI came to me first.

But I was newly sober, and
I was working on my recovery,

and I turned them down, all right?

I chose myself before the job.

And now you're thinking, what?
This is somehow your fault?

Don't do that to yourself, Nick.

You were taking care
of your mental health.

You couldn't have known
that this was gonna happen.

Sawyer wasn't ready for this.

- He worked undercover before.
- Yeah, but not long-term.

If I would have known
the FBI was gonna ask him,

I would've not turned it down.

Now he's dead,
and I have to live with that.

JIMMY: Our victim here

is not Agent Sawyer.

He's not? What do you mean?

Oh, I was able to extract
some useable DNA and sent it up

to Kasie for analysis,
but then I got to thinking.

I remember one time when I went
out to dinner with Sawyer,

he told me that he'd lost
one of his front teeth

in a f*ght in high school.

He had to replace it with an implant.

So, of course,
I X-rayed our victim here,

and sure enough, no implant.

You guys, this isn't Sawyer.

Back up.

You went out to dinner with Sawyer?

Yeah, you guys are friends?

Well, sure.
We've gone out several times.

I'm telling you,
underneath all that cockiness

and bravado, he's actually
a really sweet guy.

Well, either way,

Torres is gonna be relieved.

Yeah. Well, any idea
who our victim might be?

No, like I said, we're still
waiting on DNA analysis, but

I can tell you that he was sh*t
to death before he was b*rned.

I was able to pull a b*llet

out of his chest cavity.
I sent it up to Kasie for analysis.

So, hopefully, she can
trace that back to our k*ll.


Well, if this isn't Sawyer,

that means that he's still missing.

We need to get a BOLO out immediately.

And reach out to his handler again.

The FBI still hasn't returned
any of Torres's calls.

I'm guessing they will now.

DNA results just came back.

Our victim here... he's an FBI agent.

Greg Parlamis was a good agent.

One of the best we've ever had.

Uh, we're sorry about
your man, Agent McCullers.

Thank you, but I assume
this isn't a condolence call.

You must have questions.

A few. Starting with, uh,
what was Parlamis doing

in the trunk of one of our agents' cars?

Was he undercover with Sawyer?

Yeah. They'd been partnered up
for the last few months.

What were they investigating?

Around six months ago,

a trucker was found sh*t dead
off the I- in Philadelphia.

The contents of his truck were stolen.

We discovered
it wasn't an isolated incident.

A burglary crew had been robbing
delivery trucks

heading towards naval bases
in the region.

What were they stealing? g*n? m*ssile?

That's the thing.

The trucks were just carrying
random, everyday supplies:

military boots, office chairs,
toilet paper.

So you sent in Sawyer
and Parlamis to check it out?

They went undercover as truckers.

We thought we were
making headway, but, uh...


We lost contact with them.

They both dropped off the grid.

When was this?

Three weeks ago.

Three weeks ago?

You didn't think about notifying us?

They were deep undercover.
I wanted to give them time to resurface.

Three weeks is a lifetime
when you're undercover!

If I remember correctly, Agent Torres,

I came to you first,
and you turned us down.

So you're in no position to criticize.

You may be interested to know

that Sawyer actually did resurface,

and he visited Torres last night.

- What'd he say?
- Not much.

But he looked like he was in trouble

and he took off before
Torres could bring him in.

He ran?

Yeah. Maybe his cover was blown.

Maybe that happened to your man, too.

The thieves got to Parlamis first,

and now Sawyer's running scared.

Or maybe Sawyer didn't want to be found.

What are you getting at?

Maybe Sawyer got in too deep,
crossed the line,

did something he didn't want
to do to protect his cover.

(LAUGHING): Okay, like what,
like k*ll Agent Parlamis?

When you're undercover,

the line between right and wrong
can get pretty blurry.

No way. Sawyer's a good agent.

He wouldn't do that.

Well, let's hope you're right,
Agent Torres.

Hey, Kasie. What's all this?

This, McGee, is a distraction.

To help me cope with all the
heaviness surrounding Sawyer,

I decided I am gonna help
you win at Smart Alecks.

Now, I am convinced the key
to winning is your RT,

or reaction time.

You mean, how fast I can hit the buzzer?

- Correct.

Give this man a luggage set. (LAUGHS)

Okay, Kasie, is there any way
you can just give me an update

on the b*llet Jimmy found?

Oh, I will,
but it's going to be in the form

of a game show.

I'll ask the questions,

and I'll time how fast
you buzz in with the answers.

Okay, but
if you're giving me the update,

shouldn't I be the one asking...?

Let's begin, shall we?



The first category is... Ballistics.

This machine is used to catch
and preserve fired b*ll*ts.

A b*llet trap.

Ooh. Too slow. Also, you didn't
answer in the form of a question.

They don't do that on Smart Alecks.

Well, this is my game show,
so roll with it.

Okay, next question.

This tool is considered the
workhorse in firearms examination.

What is a microscope?

Ooh. The answer we were looking for is,

"What is a comparison microscope?"

- What?
- Sorry.

But your reaction time's improving,
so it's not a total loss.

Next question.

Okay, Kasie, I appreciate
everything you're doing here for me,

but do you have an update or not?

No. Still waiting on ballistics.



Ooh. Was that your computer
or the game show?

Ballistics are in.

- Oh.
- What's wrong?

Were you not able to trace
the b*llet to our k*ll?

No, I was, but...

I traced it to Sawyer's g*n.

Sawyer might have k*ll Agent Parlamis?


KNIGHT: Sawyer? That can't be right.

Kasie checked twice.

The b*llet that k*ll Agent
Parlamis came from his g*n.

That doesn't mean
Sawyer pulled the trigger.

Somebody could've taken his g*n
and used it.

Well, true, except
Kasie found Parlamis's prints

all over Sawyer's motel room.

The same room where
we found signs of a struggle.

Oh, doesn't look good.

Maybe Agent McCullers was right.

Maybe Sawyer crossed the line,
went rogue.

Look, Sawyer's a lot of things,
all right, but a k*ll?

How well do you really know him?

I don't. Hell, I don't
even know if I like the guy.

But last night when he came
to me, he-he was scared.

He was obviously asking for help.

If he had gone rogue,

why come to me at all?

Well, k*ll or no,

we need to find him, and fast,
before the FBI does.

Yeah, seriously.

With one of their own dead,
they're gonna be on a manhunt.

PARKER: Torres, Knight,

track down anyone in Sawyer's family

on the off chance that he might have
contacted 'em.

In the meantime, McGee and I will
retrace Sawyer's steps,

find out more about this case
he was working on.

Way ahead of you.
I pulled up the FBI file.

Trucks that were targeted belonged
to the same trucking company...

Hankamer Transports.

They're here in D.C.

Good. Let's get trucking.

Bobby, let's go.

Finish connecting those air
lines, get her out of here.

We got hauling to do.

Annie Hankamer. You wanted to see me?

Yeah. NCIS. We're, uh,
looking into the truck thefts.

I already told the FBI
everything I know.

What'd they do? Pass me off to you now?

- Something like that.
- Well,

you better catch whoever's
been robbing my trucks.

Another one just got robbed
two weeks ago.

If it keeps going like this,

my company's gonna be in big trouble.

How long you been
running the company for?

About five years now,
since my dad passed.

Business was good.

Till the robberies started?

Yeah. Now half my truckers
aren't even showing up to work.

They're afraid
they're gonna get robbed next.

Navy hasn't pulled their contract yet,

but it's just a matter of time.

How exactly are the thieves
robbing your trucks?

It's always the same.

They pull up while the truck's
in motion and stop it remotely.

If the thieves can hack
into the truck's computer,

they can essentially control the truck.

What happens after that?

The thieves restrain the driver,
then they detach the trailer

and reattach it to one of their
own tractors and drive away.

These thieves...
they are smart and fast.

They're in and out
in less than ten minutes.

You thinking
this could be an inside job?

You tell me. You're the cop.


Mrs. Sawyer, thank you for coming in.

I'm Agent Knight, this is Agent Torres.

Nick Torres?

Yes, ma'am.

My son has told me a lot about you.

Hmm. Any of it good?

Define "good."


Uh, Mrs. Sawyer, when was
the last time you saw your son?

What's wrong?

Something's happened to Dale, hasn't it?

We're just looking
for him at the moment.

I knew it.

The day he came by the house, I
knew there was something wrong.

When was that?

About a month ago.

Dale stopped by unexpectedly,
which is very unlike Dale.

And how was his mental state?

Was he agitated, upset?

He seemed down.

He didn't say much.

But at the time, I thought
it was because that day

had been the anniversary
of Kara's death.

Who's Kara?

Kara's Dale's younger sister.

She died five years ago.

I'm sorry.

We didn't know.

Dale doesn't like to talk about it.

He and Kara were very close.

Her death totally decimated him.

Other than that visit, did Dale, uh,

ever contact you again?

Text, phone?

There was that one time last week.

But it was such a brief call.
Strange, really.

How so?

He called late at night,

suddenly out of the blue,

to tell me he loved me.

Then he said he had to go.

I remember I had trouble hearing him

because there was all this
loud music in the background and

weird noises.


It sounded like an animal.

Like an animal...


KNIGHT: The over-under is

four answers right, no vig,
and there's a prop bet

on what color tie
the host will be wearing.

You in?

Good luck.

What was that?

Is there a betting pool
on how I'll do in Smart Alecks?

This was not my idea.

- I am just the bookie.
- I don't believe this.

Does everyone in this building know

that I'm gonna be on this show?

(LAUGHING): More like everyone

in the entire Navy Yard.

Don't worry.

You are heavily favored to win.

I've got a hundred riding on you, too.

Well, thanks, but are people
actively betting against me?

It's not a knock against you, McGee.

It's just that you are going up against

five-time winner Russell Mishkin,

and he is the Ken
Jennings of Smart Alecks.

McGee's gonna wipe the floor
with that guy.

Appreciate that, Parker.

Where we at on the case?

I reviewed the cargo manifests
from the targeted trucks,

and Agent McCullers was right.

Everything that the thieves stole

was random, innocuous items.

Ah, so maybe they're, uh,
they're turning 'em around,

selling 'em on the black market.

Nah, this stuff wouldn't be
worth the hassle of stealing.

I did find one interesting pattern.

All of the trucks were carrying
B vitamins,

like crates of them.


Okay, what about, uh,
what our truck lady

Ms. Hankamer said?

Could this be an inside job,
someone looking to rip her off?

Possibly. We checked
her company's employee records,

and we found someone
who might fit the bill.

Wade Cutler. He's been
driving for Hankamer

for the past four years.

And before that, he did time

for robbery and grand theft auto.

And get this. Each day of the robberies,
he called in sick.

All right.
So where do we find Wade Cutler?

I may have an idea.

There's a roadhouse off of, uh, I-

called the Triple Deuce.
Popular with truckers.

I'm willing to bet that that's
where Wade hangs out,

and that Sawyer's been there, too.

Why do you think that?

Well, Sawyer's mom.

She said that he called
from a place with loud music

and animal grunts.

And so, I called the
Triple Deuce, and it turns out

they have a mechanical bull
that makes noises.

So, are we going on a field trip
to the Triple Deuce?

We can't. If Wade is our thief,

we can't go in there flashing badges.

It'll tip him off.

It could endanger Sawyer,

if he's still alive and undercover.

Mm, so how do we investigate
somebody who we can't investigate?

I know how.

No way.

I go undercover and I get close to Wade.

- No, it's too dangerous.
- MCGEE: No, I agree with Parker.

Going undercover already
got one agent k*ll.

It's the only way to find Sawyer.

Okay, it's got to be me.

I'm the reason why he's
in this mess in the first place.

Okay, I'll get started with
Kasie on creating a backstop.

KNIGHT: And I'll dig up
whatever I can on Wade Cutler.

You sure about this, Nick?

I think it's time to put my job first.


♪ Well, you told me a lie ♪


♪ Now your man done come ♪

♪ Whoa, I love your jivin'... ♪



What'll you have, handsome?

Uh, I'll have a Cran-Apple, plain.

- Friend of Bill, huh?
- Yeah, I just met him.

I got eight years myself.


It's on the house, honey.

Thank you.

So, you got a name to go with
that handsome face of yours?



Everybody here calls me Mama Jo.

- Mama Jo.
- I own this dump.

So what brings you here, Danny?

I haven't seen you before,
and I know everybody.

Oh, I just came up
from the, uh, Panhandle.

Doing some trucking down there?

Yeah, I was driving
an Anteater, pulling doubles,

lots of long hauls,
and, uh, then things dried up.

You and the rest of the country.

I'm actually looking
to make some quick cash.

Heard through the grapevine
that I should come out here

and ask for a guy named Wade.

Where'd you hear that?

Was I talking to you?

You are now.

Who told you about Wade?

Screw you, man. Isn't there a
cow somewhere that needs tipping?


Hey, hombre, why don't you take
that smart mouth of yours

and get the hell out of here?

- Leave him alone, Emmet!
- Wow.



We have a problem here?

Oh, I hope so.

♪ Lordy mama, no need to worry ♪

♪ I love your jivin',
the way you carries on ♪

♪ Well, you told me a lie... ♪



Wouldn't do that if I were you.

(GRUNTS) Nice.

That's five.

- He was asking about you.
- Bastard damn near broke my nose.

TORRES: Yeah, well,
it would have been an improvement.

Here's his wallet.

Well, what do we got here?

Danny Rico from Florida.

What do you want, Mr. Rico?

I need to make some fast cash.

Do I look like I sell lotto tickets?

You got a trucker's license. Use it.

I need something more lucrative.

Something off the books.

I have some issues with the law.

Hmm. You've done time? Where?


Did about a dime for armed robbery.

I bunked with a dude named Foley,

who told me that, uh,
you guys had something going.


Never heard of him.

I know him.

We pulled some scores
together back in the day.

He's good people.

If Foley can vouch for this guy,
he must be okay.

You come in here acting all tough.

How do I know you're not a cop?

I look like a cop?

Actually, yeah, you do.

Check him for a wire.

Get your hands off me.


Nobody step closer, or I'll cut it off!

I'm not playing.


Oh, I like this guy.

Yeah, he's crazier than you, Emmet.


Okay, Danny Rico of Florida.

I'm gonna make a few calls.

If you are who you say you are,

well, then maybe we'll have something
for you in the near future.

So, we'll be in touch.

When? I need cash now.

Don't be so impatient.

It's bad for your health.

I thought you might need a double

after meeting Wade.

His boys can be a real handful.

Yeah, not the word I'd use.

Sorry about the f*ght earlier.

Oh, don't sweat it, handsome.

Emmet had it coming.

Speaking of...


Whiskey, Mama Jo.

- .


Where's your bathroom?

Just down the hall.

What the hell are you doing here?

What am I'm doing here? Looking for you.

You could've blown my cover.

Sawyer, what's going on here?

Everyone's looking for you.

People think
you k*ll that FBI agent...


Oh, man.

You did k*ll him.

I had no choice.

- He was an agent.
- A dirty agent.

He was stealing money from Wade
and keeping it for himself.

When I confronted him at the motel,

he got angry and went for his g*n.

So I sh*t him.

It was self-defense.

Sawyer, did you burn his body?


That was Wade's idea.
He stopped by the motel,

he got all suspicious,

and asked me why I k*ll him. I...

So you told him you figured out
that Parlamis was an FBI agent

and you k*ll him
because he was being a rat?

I had to protect my cover, right?

This mission is over.

I'm bringing you back in.

We have plenty of evidence
to take down Wade and his crew.

Except Wade's not calling the shots.

He's got a boss, a big fish.

I overheard Wade talking
to him on the phone.

Look, I haven't met him yet,

but I'm getting close.
I just need more time.

I don't know. I think we need
to call the FBI first.

Please, Nick.

I have devoted months to this,

literally given up my life.

You, of all people,
know what that's like.

Let me see this through.

All right.

I'll call Parker and tell him
that we're staying undercover.


No way. This is my mission.

I've got this under control.


You didn't seem that in control
back in the alley.

Look, everything had just
gone down with Parlamis, okay?

My head wasn't screwed on
straight, but I'm good now.

Yeah, well, I'm not taking any chances.


Hey, Parker.

- Uh... might fade too much.
- All right.

- Yeah, let's-let's go with this one.
- MCGEE: Hey, guys.

What you got there, Jimmy?
Buy some new neckties?

Actually, these are for you, McGee.

KNIGHT: We are picking the perfect tie

for you to wear on Smart Alecks.

What's wrong with my clothes?

Oh, nothing. You just need
something that's bold, you know?

Something that'll intimidate
the other contestants.

Mm-hmm. So we came up with the perfect

power color... for you.

How do you feel about...

- chartreuse?
- Hmm.

(LAUGHS) Look,
I know you guys are just trying to help,

okay, but I just want to go
on Smart Alecks and have fun.

All this talk about power colors
and betting pools...

it's kind of got me freaked out
a little bit, so...

- Oh. We're sorry.
- Uh, yeah, we'll stop.

Oh, it's okay. It's all right. It's...


you know what?
This one looks really nice.

It does, doesn't it?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh. I can almost feel my power.

- Mm.
- Where'd you get this one, Jimmy?

Got it from downstairs.

Down? Wait.

You got this off one of the bodies?

Oh, sure. I got a whole
wardrobe down there.

- Uh, they're not gonna miss it.
- No, no, no, no, no. No, no.

Oh, nice tie.
Got one just like it at home.

Anyone talk to Torres since last night?

He called in about an hour ago.

Wade Cutler bought his cover story.

So it would appear that Torres
has successfully infiltrated his crew.

Any word on when they're gonna
pull the next heist?

Not yet, but, uh, Torres is hoping

when they do, Mr. Big will be there.

Uh, I got to be honest.

I still don't like the idea
of Torres staying undercover.

Look, the best thing we can do
to help both of 'em

is just keep working the case.

We need to figure out exactly
what Wade wants on those trucks.

Actually, I might have an idea.

But you're not gonna believe it.

They're stealing the vitamins?

You're right. I don't believe it.

Vitamins... we all take 'em,
we all love 'em.

- They're good for your health, right?
- Yeah, sure.

I used to love the ones that
looked like Fred and Barney.

(LAUGHS) But did you
know that B vitamins

contain trace amounts of a chemical

called gamma-butyrolactone, or GBL?

Now, GBL by itself

is illegal to consumers in the U.S.

because it is
the main ingredient in GHB,

the date-r*pe drug.

(SIGHS) Wade and his crew
are stealing the vitamins

so they can make drugs?

They're not just thieves.
They're drug dealers.

They need a ton of the vitamins

in order to extract
the necessary chemical.

Nice job, Kase.

Th-There's something else.

I wasn't the only one
interested in these vitamins.

Someone else at NCIS pulled the
same chemical analysis reports

three weeks ago.




SAWYER: So, what's the deal?
Wade wants us there

at : p.m. Saturday.
All right, got it.

All right, we'll see you.



Emmet told me
something's going down soon.

- Said he was gonna call us.
- Well, good timing.

I just got off the phone with Parker.

What did he have to say?

Well, Kasie figured out what
Wade and his crew were up to.

They're making drugs.


But you already knew that, didn't you?

What are you...?

You ran the chemical reports
three weeks ago.

And don't even bother denying it

'cause Kasie found your log-ins.

I was gonna tell you.

- Yeah. When?
- When I was ready.

I'm still trying
to put the pieces together.

That's not good enough.
You should've come to me sooner.

Yeah, well, this is my mission,

and I don't have to answer to you.

Yeah, you're right.
You don't answer to me,

but you do answer to Vance and the FBI.

You should've at least
given them the heads-up.

- Ah, forget this, man.
- Hey, Sawyer.

What else are you hiding
from me now? Huh?

- Where you going?
- To the head.

Is that okay, or you want
to tag along there, too?


Doesn't feel good, does it?


- Talk.
- What are you gonna do? sh**t me?

For starters,
or maybe I should arrest you

for obstruction of justice, hmm?


I want to know the reason why you've
been keeping secrets on this case.

The real reason.



(SIGHS) It's because of Kara.

Your sister?

She died from GHB.

What happened?

Oh, she was partying too much

and fell in with the wrong crowd.

And... one night she bought
some GHB and overdosed.

It put her in a coma.

You know, she held on for six months.


Those were the longest months
of my life.

I'm sorry.

Did they catch the guys
who sold it to her?


Then, when I took this case

and learned that Wade and his crew

were selling the same
poison that k*ll my sister?

I had to stop them.

That's why you didn't tell
the FBI about the drugs.

So what now?

Look, Sawyer,

I know this is personal to you,

but going rogue is not
the way to go about it.

Trust me.

I know.

When I first joined here years ago,

somebody came after my family.

I nearly lost it, man.

Almost took matters into my own hands.

What stopped you?

My team.

They made me realize I wasn't alone

and that I could
lean on them for support.

But not everyone has what you have.

Your team is special.

What do I got?

Me. You can lean on me, man.




It's Wade.

Looks like it's showtime.

They're pulling another heist?

No. Wade wants to move the drugs

to a new location in a couple hours.

Says the big boss is gonna be there.

That doesn't give us much time.


Hey, Parker.

- PARKER: Where are we at?

After your call with Torres,
we placed GPS trackers

on his and Sawyer's trucks.

Wherever they go, we'll know.

What about the drugs? We have
any idea of their location yet?

Wade wants them to meet

at the roadhouse first
to get the details.

But once they get to the second location

and Torres can confirm
that the drugs are there,

he's gonna text us,
we go in, make the bust.

Okay, good. I want eyes on
Torres and Sawyer at all times.


Where's Wade?

Change of plans.

Wade's gonna meet us at the location.

All right, fine by me. We'll follow you.

No, you won't be needing
your trucks. I'll drive.

But first I'm gonna need
your cell phones.

What for?

The boss likes to take precautions.

You never know who's listening, right?


Hell, you know me.

I don't care.

I'm not giving you crap.

EMMET: Don't make this
tougher than it needs to be, Rico.

Shall we?

Where's the stuff?

Yeah, I thought we were gonna
move some merchandize.

Not today, handsome.


So you call the shots around here?

Don't look so surprised.

You think I made all my money

slinging beers for truckers?

I did. I kinda did.

Hell, I should be the one
who's surprised.

A handsome guy like you
turning out to be a cop.

Uh, okay, I don't...

One of the working girls
who hooks at the Deuce?

She also happens to work
at the motel Tommy's staying at.

She recognized you from the crime scene.

Said she saw you there

with a bunch of cops asking questions.

Got anything to say
for yourself, Danny Rico?

Or should I say Agent Nick Torres?

- Put him on his knees.


All right, hold up, hold up.

There's got to be some mistake here.

Now, Rico's no cop.
My prison guy vouched for him.

Who vouched for you?

I've had my doubts about you the
minute you showed up at the Deuce.

(LAUGHS) So now I'm a cop?

We never had any rats
until you showed up.

Now, all of a sudden, we've got two?

Yeah, it's a hell of a coincidence.

SAWYER: Are you crazy?!

Are you forgetting
what happened at the motel?

I k*ll one of those rats.

Well, then you'll have
no trouble k*ll this one.

sh**t him.

If you're not a cop, prove it.

NCIS! You're under arrest!


I had a feeling you'd do that.

Which is why we took all of
the b*ll*ts out of the g*n.


Get down!

End of the road, boys.

No hard feelings.


Something funny, handsome?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Can't wait to see the look
in your dumbass faces

when a team of federal agents
just busts through that door.


And, uh, how do you suppose
that's gonna happen, huh?

No one knows you're here.
We took your phones.

And I took yours.

I picked your pocket back at
the bar when I bumped into you,

and I secretly dialed NCIS
on the way here, so, uh,

well, they should've tracked
my location by now.


Son of a bi...

- Freeze! Right there!


- Hands up!
- Hands! Let's see hands!

We got 'em!




Hey, you really improved
since we last fought.

Oh. You, too.

I'm still better, though. (LAUGHS)

- Come on.
- Ow.

- Ow.

Well, I wish you'd let me give
you the full check-up downstairs.

You two look like you've been
in a cage match... again.

We're fine, Jimmy. Thank you.

Yeah, you should see the other guys.

- No, like, seriously.

They definitely need medical attention.


It's just nice to see the two of you

- fighting someone else for a change.
- Yeah.

- Welcome back.
- PARKER: Well,

we got a full confession
from, uh, Mama Jo Dalton.

She gave up the location of the
drugs, accomplices, everything.

Are the drugs off the streets?

They won't be able
to hurt anybody else again.

Hey, Torres, can we, uh...?



Listen, I just wanted to...

Listen, man, no, no, no. No, uh,
reason to thank me, all right?

Told you I had your back,
and I meant it.

Only did
what you would have done for me.

Actually, I was gonna ask

if you could fill out
those action reports.

No use in us both doing 'em.

(LAUGHS) This... guy right here.

(LAUGHS) Hey, I had you, didn't I?

(FAKE LAUGHS) Yeah, I don't even
know why I deal with you, man.

Seriously, though, Nick,

thank you... for everything.

Well, don't be afraid
to reach out next time.

You're not alone.



McGee? What are you doing here?

Yeah, shouldn't you be
on your way to Hollywood by now?

Well, I got a call from
the producers of Smart Alecks.

It appears that five-time winner

Russell Mishkin... was caught cheating.

So they have halted production

while they conduct an investigation.

I knew Mishkin was too good to be true.

I'm sorry to hear it, McGee.

Yeah, we all know how much you
were looking forward to this.

Yeah, just kind of bummed I don't get

to show off my trivia knowledge,
you know?

Not necessarily.

- MCGEE: Milk of Magnesia.

- What?
- KASIE: That's correct.

- Is that for real?
- That's it, yes, that's it.

Okay, next question, for points.

How many hearts does an octopus have?


- Oh. What?!
- That's correct!

Oh, come on!

It's impossible! This guy...

he's like the Terminator of Trivia.

- All right, I'm done.
- I trained him. I trained him.

- Jimmy, you get up here and lose.
- All right, all right.

- Come on, man.
- I'll give it a go.

- Next victim.
- Be nice.

- Brutal.

Thank you very much.

Um, I got it, I got it.


KNIGHT: Come on, Jimmy, represent.

JIMMY: Here we go.


PARKER: I'm pissed, I don't like losing.

Hey, Sawyer. What's up, man?

I was just wondering
if you had room for one more?

But, you know, if it's just
a you-and-your-team thing,

it's cool, I understand.

Well, that depends.
Do you have pepperoni in there?

With extra cheese.

All right, get your ass in here.

All right, we got a new player.



- Hey, Sawyer!
- Hey, hey!

- Hey.
- PARKER: Oh, looks who's rolling in

- with the pizza.
- Oh, yeah.

Want a beer, sir?

Yeah, absolutely.

Gonna put these...

Don't worry, Tim. He's not very bright.

It'll be a short round.
Books are good for something.

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