02x02 - Staring at the Devil

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Mayor of Kingstown". Aired: November 14, 2021 – present.
Crime drama that follows the McLusky family in Kingstown, Mich., where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry.
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02x02 - Staring at the Devil

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Previously on Mayor of Kingstown...

We need a pecking
order inside, gentlemen.

So we have control on
the outside. Okay? Period.

- Get him!
- Aah!

There're no leaders inside, Mike.

Why don't you pick new leaders?

There's no new leaders to pick from.

Get up, n*gga!

I don't wanna go.

They're gonna give you a new identity.

They'll help you get a job.

How's Kyle?

He took a job upstate.


You're lucky there
wasn't drugs on this boat,

you left three guys on deck,
you didn't even frisk 'em.

Everyday, you will choose

whether to study

or wether to blow this off.

Oh! No!

Give it up, you bitch!

I wanna go for a walk.

We can't protect you
if we're not with you.

MIKE: So, Milo... Is he
listed on the Inmate roster?

What'd he do? Mike, what did
he just walk out the front gate?



Wars inside means w*r on the outside.



[g*n FIRING]

MIKE: The only difference is

no innocent victims
during the inside w*r.

Outside, innocent victims
is how you f*ght the w*r.

DISPATCH: , what's your emergency?

I've been sh*t. Everybody's been...

DISPATCH: Ma'am, are you still there?

I heard g*n.

Have you been sh*t, ma'am?

If you can't speak,

simply press any number on your keypad.

Good, is the sh**t still active?

DISPATCH: Do you know how many victims?

Everybody in this f*ck
about to be a victim.

If y'all show up,

you f*ck gonna be victims too.





IAN: Yeah.

Hey, you heading
towards the shots fired?

- IAN: Yeah.
- MIKE: What is it?

Not sure. You on your way?

I gotta drop something off first,

but, yeah, I'll be there.


MIKE: Come on, please answer.

- Come on. Hi.
- REBECCA: Hey, Mike.

What are you doing?

Um, none of your business.

Well, how long are you
gonna be doing that?

REBECCA: Well, the hope is all night.

What do you need?

f*cking come on. All
right, never mind, sorry.

f*ck. Jesus.


MIKE: Come on.

- KYLE: Yeah, what's up?
- What are you doing?

What? Well, I was f*cking sleeping.

What's up?

I gotta drop something
by for you to watch.

KYLE: What you get,
like, a dog or something?

I did not.

KYLE: Well, what is it, Mike?

I'm gonna be there in a minute.

KYLE: All right.

I don't need a babysitter.

No, what you need is
witness protection, Iris.

We all know how that went.

I just need a kind world.

Well, those don't exist.

And all you're doing is

prolonging the inevitable here, Iris.

Kingstown is not a city.

MIKE: It's a town and
nothing stays hidden in a town.

So either you leave or
he's gonna find you, period.

Yeah, same goes for you.




Shit. Okay. You thirsty?




KYLE: Uh, Mike.

- Hey.
- KYLE: Hey.

Uh, can I get a word with you, please?

Go... Yeah. Sit inside.

- KYLE: Come on.
- Yeah.

Who the f*ck is that?

It's the girl from my
office with the three feds

who were m*rder.

- Oh. Shit.
- MIKE: Yeah.

I didn't know we found her.

We didn't. I did.

Look, good for you,

then go hide her at your f*cking cabin.

I can't. I cannot leave her alone.

All right. She's been put
through the wringer by Milo.

Okay, look, and I put her
in WitPro and she jumped it.

KYLE: I don't give a shit.

I can't have her here, Mike,

you know, with my pregnant
wife and our mother.

Are you out of your f*cking mind?

I just gotta put a lid
on a f*cking problem.

Okay. It's just for a few hours.

Problems don't get
bigger than the hooker

in our mother's living room, Mike.

- Come on...
- MARIAM: Michael?

f*ck. assh*le.

KYLE: Yeah.

Sorry it's so late.

We're just looking for a place to...

- Wait, wait.
- Let me go. Let me...

What the f*ck?

- IRIS: Let me f*cking go, Mike!
- KYLE: Woah, easy. Easy. Easy.

Let me go.

- You're a f*cking dog.
- Looking for a safe place...

- IRIS: Let me go! Let me go.
- What is happening?

- IRIS: Huh!
- We have a guest.

Um, we have a spare room upstairs.

Tracy, would you show her where it is?

- TRACY: Sure. All right.
- Thank you.

It's just for a minute. Sorry, guys.

- Hi, I'm Tracy.
- I'm Iris.

That's a pretty name.

IRIS: It's not mine. I made it up.

She in trouble?

Yeah. Yes, Mom.

- MARIAM: What kind of trouble?
- The worst kind.

And none of it is her fault.


When you coming back for her, Mike?

This afternoon, this evening.
And I'll get this done.

KYLE: Okay, well,
the sooner the better.

- Yeah.
- 'Cause I don't need

her trouble to become our trouble.

Yeah, it's kind of already is, isn't it.

Well, you know, f*ck, I love you,

but, you know, God damn.

- I know. Go to bed.
- KYLE: f*ck.


Mike, it's a f*cking mess.
It's just a f*cking mess.

We give your boy a pass and
this is how he treats us.

MIKE: No, no, no. f*cking
Bunny didn't order this shit.

This came from the inside. Jesus.

Thought there were no
f*cking leaders on the inside.

MIKE: There aren't.

IAN: That makes no f*cking sense.

Look, when there's no leaders inside,

everyone tries to play leader, okay?

MIKE: Jesus Christ, Ian.

Tail's wagging the f*cking dog, right?

And this is the result. Jesus.

It's rough in there, Mike.

I've seen it before.

No, you haven't seen this, Mike.

IAN: No, don't throw up
on my crime scene, come on.


MIKE: f*ck.

So, Mikey, you ever seen
anything like this before?

Because I sure as hell haven't.

No, not like this.

DA's calling it a mass sh**ting, Mike.

Well, it's a g*ng sh**ting.
He knows it. We know it.


Well, yeah, it was a g*ng sh**ting

when they drove by and
hosed the f*cking house down.

When that next group walked through,

Mikey, f*cking executing people,

it became... It became something else.

Welcome to national news.

- Sir.
- IAN: Yeah.

We got a m*rder w*apon.

Am I the only f*ck
that called this in?

Mikey, Dispatch was on with one
of the vics when she was sh*t.

He told the patrol units to
f*cking seal off the streets

before they pushed on the g*dd*mn house.

Fearless f*cking police
chief. What can we say?

Yeah, we engaged them over here.

- IAN: All right, let's see.
- I'll show you.

So we pulled up the house.
They were coming out here.

We engaged and they
unleashed f*cking hell on us.


Dipped down this alleyway and took off.

But one of them dropped this.

IAN: That's not a f*cking gangster g*n.

Look at this thing.

Mikey, this thing's got
an added rail system.

It's got... It's got a
f*cking muzzle brake on it.

Great, now they're
f*cking g*n now.

No, they don't know how to do that shit

unless they got it from the Mexicans.

You case this alley yet?

No, sir, they told us to wait for SWAT.

- You got a torch?
- Yeah.


Follow this right here.

f*ck, Mikey, maybe we
should wait for SWAT.

Well, if we wait for
this guy to bleed out,

we're not gonna know
more than we already know.

And we don't know f*cking shit.

Jesus, he's right there.

My name's Mike McLusky.

You know who I am?


MIKE: You know my name?

CRIP: I know who you are.

Can I come over and talk to you

and you not f*cking sh**t me?

CRIP: I can't sh**t you, man.

Dropped my g*n.

All right, I'm coming over.

They start sh**ting
and we start sh**ting.

We run, and my f*cking
stomach just opened up

and everything trying to fall out.

Yeah, a ricochet off the asphalt.

Sliced you as it goes by.

I'm f*cked then.

Yeah, you're f*cked anyway.

There's two dozen dead people next door.

MIKE: All right.

Everything's gone so south, man.

I didn't count on
f*ck doing drive-bys

on bus stops.

f*cking sh**ting people's
grandmas and shit.

That's how they wanna play,

then we gonna f*ck play.

They gonna hit
f*ck churches next.

MIKE: Is that right?
Then what they gonna do?

I'm gonna tell you what
they're gonna f*cking do.

They'll hit the schools

and then they'll find out
where your f*cking mother works.

This only goes one way
until it stops, okay?

It's a lose f*cking lose for everybody.

Ain't no way to make it stop, man.

Head been cut off all the chickens

and they just running
around, bleeding everywhere.

So you all paired up
with Mexicans, did ya?

Bloods tied up with the Aryans.

- I ain't telling you shit.
- MIKE: Oh, is that right?

You've been saying shit
to me since I walked over.

MIKE: Why don't you say some shit to me

that f*cking makes a difference?

Will you get the f*ck out of
here, for God sakes, Stevie.

Come on, how about it?

Say something that makes
a f*cking difference.

They f*cking k*ll my
sister at that bus stop.

Eight years old. Not
a gangbanger in sight.

I understand.

And you think what you just
did in there is gonna stop it?

Huh? Until the chickens
get their f*cking heads,

every f*cking bus stop,
every mall, everywhere,

just like this. You understand?

No one can leave their house.

I'm dying, man.

Yes, you are.

You ain't wrong.

Who you said is with
who, you ain't wrong.

Hey. Who ordered this?

Look at me. Who ordered this?

Nobody, man. That's the f*cking problem.

Ain't nobody ordering nothing.

f*ck just out
here warring and shit.

Just... Just warring, man.

MIKE: I'm gonna go talk to Bunny.

Mike, you gotta get him to
find the f*cking off switch.

This town's gonna get locked down.

If somebody was gonna shut it down, Ian,

they would've done it already.

This place don't lock down.


Are you all right?

What's goin' on?

This f*cking job, Mike.

I swear to God...

I know.

I know.

And people wonder why I
don't have a boyfriend.

No, I get why.

I mean, you're single because
you're smarter than everybody.

And you let everybody know it.

You see? And you laugh
when you get insulted.

And you feel insulted 'cause you laugh.

f*cking complicated. You're
a f*cking pain in the ass.

Hey, come on. Cheer up, okay?

Look at me.

If it was easy, everyone
would do it, okay?

You're a boss.

Come on.

You know you're single too, Mike?

Yeah, for very different
f*cking reasons.

MIKE: Bunny.

Yo, you know who it is. Leave a message.


Bunny! You f*ck!


What the f*ck?


MIKE: Hey. He here?

Yeah, just be ready.

Mike, this shit getting out of hand.

Yeah, you think?

What the f*ck did I just
walk into on rd Street?

What the f*ck did you do?

It was a f*cking
m*ssacre under your flag!

- No, not my flag. No.
- MIKE: Yeah?

I did not call that. No. I can't.

I can't call that. That
shit came from inside.

I talked to the sh**t, all right?

It did not come from the f*cking inside,

so unless it came from you,

somebody's f*cking cooking something up.

- It's the f*cking guards!
- Oh, come on.

Them f*ck
giving us their backs.

They shank a fool in the back,

leave the body in the cot to rot.

They throwing f*ck out
with the f*cking trash, Mike.

Listen to me. Two things.

You gotta sit everyone
down on the outside.

MIKE: Okay, then you all have to agree

that none of your ships
have f*cking captains,

and until they do, no ships
leave the f*cking port.

You understand the metaphor?

What about the f*cking guards, man?

I'll handle the f*cking guards.

Yeah, we need some
order on the inside, cuz.

Them f*ck guards
need to sit their ass down too.

It takes time to find a leader.

- And right now...
- Yeah.

A leader tries to rise,

and that f*ck
is dead by nightfall.

Okay, look, I'll get the f*cking guards

to take their blinders off.

You gotta manage this
truce like f*cking now

'cause the National Guard is gonna start

patrolling these streets.

And we've seen how they handle shit.

You... You gonna need
to referee this shit.

f*ck I do. I ain't refereeing shit.

You out of your mind?

How the f*ck we gonna have
four f*ck enemies

sit their ass down

and not k*ll each other
without a Sweden?

What, a Switzerland?

I'm not f*cking Switzerland. f*ck that.

Man, kiss my ass, man.

Sweden, Switzerland, crackerland,

whatever cracker-ass country

babysitting the other
cracker-ass country

when y'all f*ck
be blowing shit up.


We need a mediator, Mike.

Otherwise, all this shit is gonna do

is make this w*r worse.

- f*ck.
- You saw that shit.


Okay, okay.

I have an idea.

I'm right here, man. Hit me with it.

All right, you're gonna have to

really f*cking trust me
on this one, though, Bunny,

and I mean really
f*cking trust me, okay?

It's gonna sting, but it will work.

And I promise I will
keep my word to you.

- How bad it's gonna sting?
- Oh, like a f*ck.

And when it's over,

you won't have to hide out in
this f*cking rooftop anymore.


I spent my whole life in
this sorry-ass f*ck.

Every time, somehow,
this bitch get worse.

And just when you think it
can't get any worse than it is,

man, this f*ck find a way.


I'ma trust you on this.

Yeah. All right.


Now I'll see you in three hours.

All right, all right, all right, do it.

- Three hours, okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

Don't be late. Don't
bring a f*cking army.

And just keep people
here for the status quo.

Three hours, okay?



Hey, it's me. You awake? I have an idea.

Two Xanax, three whiskeys.

What's your idea?

What if I could get you the
leaders to all four gangs?

Everyone that's at w*r. What
if I can give them all to you?

What's it gonna cost me?

MIKE: Well, I need them
in the pen, not county.

They on parole?

Two of them are.

One isn't. The other one, I don't know.

What's the charge?

Found in possession of firearm.

- That's years, Mike.
- MIKE: Yes, it is.

But here's the catch, Evelyn.

I'm gonna need you to
drop all the charges.

Why charge them at all, Mike?

Because I need them on the inside

to pick new leaders, that's why.

You want me to arrest the leaders

of the four worst prison gangs

so they can reinstate
a leadership structure

inside the prison?


You have any idea how f*cking
insane that sounds, Mike?

Evelyn, you, more than anybody, knows

that the inside runs the outside, okay.

Nobody right now is running the inside.

Look, unless you want to keep meeting

over the body of a -year-old girl

waiting for her boyfriend at a bus stop.

I just don't see it.

Well, I do, okay? I see it.

So you gotta trust me.


All right, look, this
is gonna happen soon,

so be ready. I'll call you.

Hey. Congratulations.

What the f*ck, Mike!

The f*ck, what?

I don't need you sneaking up on me.


I just walked up the middle
of your f*cking driveway.

The door's wide open. Chill out.

The f*ck you doing here?

I heard they gave you the prison.

Well, when wardens lose the prison,

they lose their jobs, it's temporary.

Something I need to show you.

Show me what?

It has an immediate impact
on your new position.

Okay, what's the play?

We need new leaders in Tent City

and we need to pick them.

Only order in Tent City is mine.

Why f*ck with that?

'Cause we need order on the inside

to get order on the outside. That's why.

f*cking let them k*ll each other.

This shit has already
spilled out on the street

in a real f*cking way, okay,

and it's only a matter of time

before they start hosing down
your kids' f*cking schools,

the playgrounds, the churches, right?

We don't want that.

Do I need a w*apon?

f*ck, I have one.

Let me change and get my p*stol.

Oh, hey, who do you got
as your second, by the way?


f*ck, really?

Are you sure he's got the
right attitude for the job?

Yeah, he's got the only
attitude that survives this job.

No, you f*cking survived, Kareem.

I lived. I wouldn't say I survived.

- I'll meet you in the car.
- All right.

MIKE: You talking to anybody?

About what?

Who the f*ck am I gonna talk to?

Who do you talk to for all
the shit you been through?

Ah, I don't talk to anybody, man.

It's, uh... I got nothing to lose.

Who does your brother talk to?

I don't know. Probably his wife.

The f*ck he does.

Yeah, the f*ck he does, right.



You should blend in, Robert.

Yeah, it's about as plain
clothes as I get, brother.

- MIKE: Yeah.
- Stevie's on the roof.

My boys are in that warehouse.
I'm wired into them.

Hey, do you think they have
spies looking out for PD

set on the street?

We already made their
spies. You know me, Mike.

Early bird gets the f*cking worm.

Everything's in place, man.

What are you dragging me into?

You're about to give your
word and you will keep it.

This f*cking guy.

What the f*ck are you doing?

I ain't trying to f*ght fair
with these pieces of shit.

Well, we're not fighting
at all. How about that?

Okay? Keep it down.


Do not f*cking move!

Put your hands on the roof.

Down, man.

Escalade, close the f*cking door.

Hands on the car.

Mercedes, pop the trunk.

Walk around the vehicle to my side.

Put your hands on the hood.

Chop, chop, f*ck, let's go.



I'm a king, baby. King
don't need no sword.

If you were the king,

there would be no need
for this f*cking meeting.

You and only you walk over there.

You, f*ck, back in the vehicle.

Park across the lot, facing me.

Do not drive back until I wave you over.

- Bunny.
- What do we got here?

Woah, angry little peckerwood.

And Uncle Tom.

Good to see you, man. Thanks for coming.

My man, what's good, baby?

How you feeling?
You walking straight yet?

How about I toss you in the f*cking bay

and see if your fat ass can swim?

Shit, you could try.
I'm right here, baby.

- Let's go.
- Keep talking, thug life.

Let's see how far up your ass
I can get the barrel of my g*n.

- Hey. Come on, guys.
- Stop!

Is this how we keep the f*cking peace?

f*cking put that away,
would you, please,

like in the f*cking truck.

- You. Out, out. Only you.
- Don't hurt yourself.

You nosepickers, park across
the lot, facing me.

Do not drive back until I wave you over.

That's good.


- I don't know you.
- I'm in from Grand Rapids.

We don't have anyone in Kingstown

ready to represent us
in something like this.

How do I know your people in Kingstown

- gonna do what you say?
- Stop.

When they don't do what I
say, they stop being my people.

Hands on the wheel where I can see them.

MIKE: All right. g*ng's all here.

Mexicans and the
Bloods, hand-in-hand.

How you living, brother?

- Oh, we're brothers today?
- Yeah.

We gonna try, huh.

Man, why you bring that
crazy-ass f*ck here?

He's here to ensure that the
bitter pill goes down smoothly.

All right, any truce, any agreement,

anything that we come up with out here,

has to be enforced inside, okay?

Otherwise, it doesn't
mean f*cking dick-all.

Right? So we can agree upon this.

The interim warden will
patrol the prison again, okay?

And they will intervene
with any and all conflicts.

What about food?

You know what they feed
the f*ck in there?

All inmate work programs
have been suspended.

All food is outsourced.

We don't have a kitchen
or refrigeration,

so until we can move inmates inside,

bagged meals is the best we can do.

That's the price of riot.

So what about the witch hunts, huh?

Y'all guards got all the payback yet

or y'all still got a
little r*pe left in you?

No, I got some left in me, f*ck.

Hey, hey, what the f*ck did I say?

What the f*ck did I say?

What the f*ck is this?

This is the assistant district attorney.

I know. What does she
have to do with this?

She's going to be giving you

the pill you're going to swallow.


This is to keep everybody calm.

Any sudden move will
be considered a thr*at.

And we've all met before

so you know how I deal with a thr*at.

MIKE: You're being placed under arrest

for felonies of possession of firearms.

And when there's peace in
the f*ck valley,

charges against you will be dropped.

For you, that means peace
in the valley for everyone.


So how long they gonna hold us?

MIKE: How long will it take you

to get your house together inside?

Not long.

Wouldn't take me long either.

Ice cold, Mike.

Name another way,
Bunny. Name another way.

Lay on your stomach
with your arms out stretched

to the side and your thumbs up.

No, no, no, you stay where
the f*ck you are, Mike.

f*ck, you stay and watch.

Just get it done, Bunny. Come on.

Come on, boys. Come on.

f*ck you!

Hi, Mom.

MARIAM: Michael.



MIKE: Jesus, Mom. What the f*ck?

- She's gone.
- MARIAM: Gone?

She's not in her f*cking room.
She's gone.

God damn it.

It's going in a .

Yeah, uphill, towing a boat
with a f*cking Jeep Cherokee.

Just pass him.

Come on. Really?



Driver, pull to the shoulder
and stop your vehicle.

Yeah. Yeah, you, pull
over and stop your vehicle.


f*cking assh*le.

What did you call me?

A f*cking assh*le.

The guy's pulling a boat, uphill,

you tailgate him, hit
him with the sirens,

he pushes that shit to the speed limit,

and then you pull him over?
You're a f*cking assh*le.

Lights don't mean speed up, Einstein.

They mean pull over and
get the f*ck out of my way.

Fine, but if we're going to do this,

let me do it right.

Okay, this is not a
g*dd*mn prison riot, okay?

This is just a DUI. Settle down.

I need to run his plate. God damn it.

Can't wait to see how much this
nitwit drank on the lake today.

Morass, wait till I
get into position. Wait.

Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?

[g*n FIRING]

f*ck, f*ck, f*ck. f*ck, f*ck, f*ck.

KYLE: f*ck. Morass!


KYLE: Morass!

Uh, Dispatch, it's two... f*ck!

Dispatch, Alpha .

I got an officer down. Multiple GSW.

The assailant is down
and the other one...

I need EMS to my location.

Copy, Alpha . What's your location?

Uh, it's Highway ,

north of, uh... f*ck. North of...

I need a mile marker, Alpha .

I don't know!

DISPATCH: Use your beacon, Alpha .







I have nowhere to go.

I have no home.


I have no home.

You're home now.


Hop along.


Yo, f*ck off. Move out his way, yo.

Guess y'all must not
pray to God up in here.

'Cause if you f*ck did,

y'all wouldn't be staring at the devil.

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Next time on Mayor of Kingstown...

She just ran away?


This is your new home.

You know Iris? She's trouble.

Tell your boss that I know
he's out, I'm gonna find him.

Down on the ground, now!

You know who my grandson is?

I do, ma'am. Yes, that's why we're here.

It wasn't supposed to happen.

You can't even control your own people.

You don't attack them
while the leaders are inside

working for us.

There's gonna be payback.
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